Accepted Answer

  1. A Fisher of Men

    Arthur does a favor for Abigail and takes Jack out on a fishing trip.

    Prerequisites: Pouring Forth Oil - III, A Quiet Time

    Gold Medal Requirements
    • Arrive at the river, catch a fish within 1 minute 30 seconds.
    • Complete within 7 minutes 20 seconds.

    This will be one of the final missions in Chapter 2, as it requires you to both finish Pouring Forth Oil - III and A Quiet Time. After that, when you get close to Abigail in camp she will come up to you and ask for a favor. Her son, Jack, is feeling down and apparently John is a good for nothing deadbeat dad. She asks if you can do something with him as a way to cheer him up. Follow the marker to find Jack, and after talking to him for a bit, you'll suggest that the two of you go fishing.

    This missions serves as an introduction to a couple different aspects of the game. The first, obviously, is fishing. However, on your way there Jack will comment that he lost a storybook near the old camp and wishes he could go get it. This will likely be one of the first companion requests you get in the game. These occur from time to time, where a character in your camp will ask you to do something for them or find something they need. A full list of these is included in the Camp subsection of the guide. For now though, just remember that Jack wants that storybook as there's really nothing you can do about it for now.

    Climb up your horse and trot over to the river with Jack, following the path that the game lays out for you. When you reach the edge of the river, the game will teach you how to fish which will be quite handy as we will likely be doing a fair bit of this in the future. Equip your rod using the item wheel, and then go back into the item wheel and select whatever bait you want. Throw out the rod using the on screen prompts and then wait until you get a bite. Small nibbles don't mean anything, but when you feel a hard tug you want to reel it in. The fish will alternate between fighting and resting. While it is fighting, pull the rod in the opposite direction that the fish is swimming in. When it rests, reel it in as quickly as you can by rotating the right stick. Keep doing this until the fish is close and you'll pull it out of the water. Arthur will remark it is a small one, so you should toss it back to give it time to grow. You can keep it if you want, but tossing it back improves your morality.

    Jack will get bored and go off to pick flowers, but you can't leave just yet. You actually need to catch a second fish, so throw out your line and repeat the same process as last time. Jack will come back and talk to you while you're doing it. Since you've already done it once, you should have the hang of it a bit more now and this one will probably be easier than the first. Either keep the fish or toss it back depending on your mood.

    At this point we'll get an unfortunate visit. The Pinkertons have caught up with us, and are salivating to try and get to Dutch. They make you a deal to leave you alone if you bring them Dutch, but Arthur doesn't particularly care for these terms and lets them know it. They leave, but it is definitely a testy interaction. They look like they might be trouble later in the game, but for now you're free to return to camp. Climb back on your horse and ride back in following the same yellow trail you used last time. Once you're back in camp, you'll drop Jack off and then go tell Dutch about the Pinkertons being back on your trail. For now he suggests you all just stay put, and once the conversation is over you will complete the mission.

    Source: Suprak the Stud's Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide