Improved arrows?

  1. Where do I get the improved arrows? I heard you get it anywhere after chapter 2. I'm on chapter 3 and haven't seen them anywhere. And then small game ones too?

    User Info: tj90788

    tj90788 - 2 years ago

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  1. Yeah, go to the Fence store all the way east, in the city of Saint Denis. The other fence is unusable until completing a certain mission and also for whatever reason your purchased recipe for Game arrows will not count until you buy them at the fence and then also open your Satchel and physically read them. Also, when you go to craft, select show all because the recipe will be invisible if you are missing components.

    User Info: Scarlet__Jester

    Scarlet__Jester - 2 years ago 17   7


  1. I haven't seen them in a shop so not sureyou can but they can be crafted by either resting or sitting by a campfire. You need an arrow and flight feather for each improved or small game arrow you make. Flight feathers are obtained from birds that fly by plucking them at a kill.

    User Info: Frosty0ne27

    Frosty0ne27 - 2 years ago 6   4
  2. You need the recipe for anything you want to craft, the fence sells all of them also they are scattered around the map so if your strapped for cash that might be the best way. I recommend getting the small game arrow ASAP as it's the only way to get prefect pelts from certain animals. Hope that helps you fellers.

    User Info: Hawk194

    Hawk194 - 2 years ago 4   5

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