Accepted Answer

  1. Money Lending and Other Sins - I

    Herr Strauss needs some help getting money from delinquent debtors.

    Prerequisite: Americans At Rest

    Gold Medal Requirements
    • There is no Gold Medal associated with this quest

    This mission is not available until after you complete Americans At Rest. Once you do, you will be able to talk to Herr Strauss in camp. He has already started off his money lending business successfully. Too successfully, it seems, because he's already got a list of debtors that aren't repaying the money he lent them. He thinks someone like you (a.k.a. someone that looks murder-y) might inspire these folks to pay back their debts more rapidly, so he hands you a list and asks you to pay them a visit. Inspect the document in your satchel to get a list of their names, and their icons will appear on your map so you know where you need to go to.

    The closest target is Mr. Wrobel, who is almost directly west of Horseshoe Overlook. Check your map to find the icon, and then grab your horse and head on over to pay Mr. Wrobel a visit. He is located on top of a little hilly area and he lives by himself. Feel free to burst your way through the door and say hello. Mr. Wrobel unfortunately doesn't speak any English, but he does speak PUNCHING HIM IN THE FACE. Threaten him, intimidate him, and when that doesn't work start punching him in the face. He'll eventually break down and tell you that you can take whatever you want in the house to settle the debt. Shove him out of the way of the cabinet he's guarding to find a gold ring, and then make your way around the rest of the house and pilfer what you can from his cabinets. Keep on going until the debt is settled, and then go some more if you feel like it. You can even go out to the barn and take the poor man's horse. Once you're done, check them map and move on to your next target.

    You actually have a choice here, as you can go back into camp and deposit what you have or you can move on to the other debtors. The rewards are better if you keep on going, so it is advisable to go to the next nearest target. However, if you are done at this point you can go back to camp and put what you just obtained into the camp funds. If you plan to continue harassing the other debtors, you will continue right into Money Lending and Other Sins - II.

    Source: Suprak the Stud's Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide