Where is the stone hatchet location from GTAVOnline?

  1. Has anyone found/bought the Rockstar social club stone hatchet that was apart of gta v online? I have the double action revolver but I have no clue how to get the hatchet

    User Info: King_Eamos

    King_Eamos - 10 months ago
  2. Do you mean the ancient tomahawk?

    User Info: TheSilverKnight

    TheSilverKnight - 10 months ago


  1. It is in an indian ceremony ground in the very centre of the circle. i'm unable to post a link due to being a new user, but you can find it on youtube - just serach 'ancient tomahawk location'

    User Info: LawlaffTV

    LawlaffTV (Expert) - 9 months ago 1   1

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