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  1. A youtube video discusses this. The main story line yields highest revenues.

    Here are some other revenue scores for me have included:

    $8-15 for pocket watches found on dead bodies. Discovering gang hideouts provide opportunities for clusters of bodies to be looted.

    $2-50 looting houses

    $50 - $150 robbing the gun shop poker game in St. Denis. This becomes available at random after helping free an escaped convict from his leg shackles.

    $60 killing and selling the legendary bear skin. This is the first mission with Hosea, although its more fun to use this legendary pelt to craft unique outfits.

    $25-40 stealing wagons to fences. Not immediately available.

    $25 gold nuggets. I found two at random from saddle bags of NPCs I had killed, like a brawl with other gang outlaws.

    There is also a stranger, nearly homeless, camped out along a river bank (i think near the river between valentine and strawberry). My first interaction yielded no result.
    My second interaction was at night, and he was sifting gold from the bank of the water. If you are patient, the end of the dialog results in him finding gold. You can choose to lasso or kill him and rob him of the gold. I also shot his horse and discovered an additional gold nugget from the satchel.

    In total I netted, three gold nuggets and a bag of gems valued at $25 each ($100 total) but only could be sold at a fence shop. Just prior to return to camp, 4 or 5 bandits attacked me to try and get the gold nuggets.

    Trying to make money from gambling and hunting is a grind.

    User Info: BrianBunuelo

    BrianBunuelo - 1 year ago 1   0

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  1. I made some money by looting bodies and doing missions at first. Im at 25% now and i found a guy in the camp that allows you to rob homesteads. Saw that a few missions ago when i had to rob a home for a mission. But i havnt done any of those side quests yet. I seem to get decent money for the camp if i loot bodies and donate the valuables to it (rings, belt buckles, etc) and keep the cash for myself. Missions can give big money too. Got around $200 from a mission that i had to rob a bank coach for.

    User Info: Bmh7279

    Bmh7279 - 1 year ago 0   0
  2. I think all story missions award money but story missions (well, chapter ending ones at the least) can lock out certain sidequest opportunities.

    User Info: Syrant

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  3. The Jack Hill Gang Treasure Map stranger quest line yields $1,000 via 2 gold bars that you can sell for $500 apiece to your fence. All That Glitters is the official quest title for that quest if you all want to look for that particular quest to get rich quick. I just did it to max out all the camp's upgrades myself a little bit ago. It's a nice little bit of money to use and it's a good ride around and takes you through a legendary animal area also if you're looking for those also.

    User Info: Cy_Gogetenks

    Cy_Gogetenks - 1 year ago 0   0
  4. Find Limpany on the map. A burned down town South of Valentine, North of Flatneck Station, near the Dakota River.

    The sheriff's office has a desk. Underneath the front desk is a chest. Inside the chest is a single gold bar worth $500. This is enough for you to upgrade your weapon, horse and buy some new boots, enjoy!

    If you see a white letter inside the box, and you want to acquire at least $15,000, watch the video on youtube from "Dat Saintsfan" about a glitch in the game which allows you to repeatedly grab up to 30 gold bars which you can sell at the fence, you greedy b*stard!

    And yes, you can repeat the glitch for more than 30 bara if you want to buy everything in the game, setup your own brothel, upgrade the camp, and make lots of friends with wealthy land owners.

    User Info: BrianBunuelo

    BrianBunuelo - 1 year ago 0   0

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