Which is the best stat for healers in fflogs?

  1. I'm an AST main and I don't have a static but some people from raid finder posted my performances on the fflogs for omega savage so i started to get quite curious about these stats. I noticed that unless you are one of those best healers in the game, you won't be able to get high percentile in both DPS and HPS. One of them will be very high while the other will be amusingly low.

    I'm not very good at DPSing (only around 50-60%), but I'm in the top 10 for all AST in my server for O3S in terms of HPS. Also because I'm only a decent healer, my DPS and HPS difference is not as high as heaven and hell. Been trying to DPS more when I used WHM but I got worse HPS as a result.

    So I'm trying to improve my stats for the next raid tier and what do you think is more important? Is it better for me as an AST to try to dish out more damage or should I just do adequate DPS while being careful not to overheal too much?

    User Info: HymmnosMea

    HymmnosMea - 1 year ago

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