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Boss FAQ by PlatinumRachet

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 08/22/06

Ape Escape 3 Boss Faq
Written by PlatinumRachet.
Version 1.0

Hi, and welcome to my Ape Escape 3 Boss FAQ. 
My name is PlatinumRachet, and this is my first FAQ I've ever made(With
hopefully more to come).
I decided to write about Ape Escape 3, since it's a very funny game,and not
that many guides were wrote about it.
I made a boss faq because there was no faq about the bosses and because I
find the bosses very fun to defeat, and thinking of new strategies to defeat
them is fun to do too. I don't really think that there's is anyone who
REALLY has trouble with the bosses, but for those who do, this is the faq
for you. Also I wrote about Morphs, Characters and Monkeys, 
so it's not all about bosses.Enough talking, read the FAQ!




History of this Faq
26th of July; Version 0.7: Started the guide. 
I made the Chapter about Morphs, characters, and all the bosses except
Red Monkey, Tomu/oki, and the Specter battles.

18th of August; Version 0.8: Minor changes. 
I was on holidays so I didn't had the time to write (sorry). 

21th of August; Version 1.0: Finished the guide! 
Yay! Hope gamefaqs accepts it...

22th of August; Version 1.2 Gamefaqs didn't accept it! So I changed the FAQ
to their wishes. Hope they accept it now... Oh and I also put 
shadowthiefo's strategy on Red Monkey in it.

>_> >_> >_> >_> >_>
{Table of contents} 
>_> >_> >_> >_> >_>
Use Ctrl+F or Command+F on Mac browsers 
and type the code next to the chapter to go to that chapter.

A.Morphs  	 Code: (transform)
	1a Fantasy Knight
	2a Wild West Kid
	3a Miracle Ninja
	4a Genie Charmer
	5a Kung Fu Master
	6a Gotchaman/Cyber Ace
B.Characters	 Code: (heros and villains)
	2B. Monkeys
C.Bosses 	 Code: (defeat the bad guys)
	1.C White Monkey
	2.C Blue Monkey
	3.C Yellow Monkey
	4.C Red Monkey
	5.C Tomu/oki
	6.C Specter
	7.C The Final Boss
D. Contact me	 Code: (mail me)
E. Legal stuff	 Code: (Copyrights and stuff)
F. Thanks to	 Code: (Thanks for all)
{ Morphs.}  (transform)
Morphs are new to Ape Escape. When you use a morph, 
you morph into a "persona".
Persona's give you new clothes and powers. 
There are 7 different morphs and they all have different powers.
I will talk about every one of them, and I will give my opinion about them.
I will use this form:

Looks: How it looks.

Abilities: Which abilities (and attacks) the persona has.

Coolness: How cool I think the persona looks.
I will give it a score out 1 of 5 
and tell why I gave it that score.

Ape-catching abilities: 
How good the persona can catch monkeys, in my opinion. 
Again I will give it a score, and tell why i gave it that score.

Uses: It maybe sounds confusing.
Basicly I will tell how many times 
in the game you will HAVE to use the persona. (I won't give it a score, 
that would be weird).

So here it is:

1a {Fantasy Knight}
Looks: For the boy, he morphs in the "typical" knight. Shield, armour and
a sword. 
The girl is more of a witch/sorceress, carrying a magic circle that acts 
like a shield, and a magic staff.

Fantasy Knight has a lot of attack power with his sword/staff.If you rotate
the right analogstick, you will start spinning your sword/staff in the air. 
After you've charged enough, stop spinning to bash the ground with your
sword/staff, which will release a shockwave, 
which will be larger if you've charged up longer.Also, the shield or magic
circle will block any attacks. Also it will block fire, so you can pass
safely trough all sorts of fire. You can press R3 to make a magic circle 
appear which will catch all monkeys around you.

Coolness: 2 out of 5. They look quite cool, 
but the problem is; The other ones look cooler.Also it is freaking slow, 
which doesn't helps it coolness.

Ape-Catching Abilities: 2 out of 5. 
Not that good in this category, in my opinion.
Running around trying to catch a blue monkey with this is not fun. The
best way to catch monkeys in this persona is relying on the strength of
the fantasy knight. Use your sword/staff to stun them, then use the magic
circle to catch them. This persona would have been much better if the
Magic Monkey catch circle didn't sucked so much. However, the shield makes
black monkeys REALLY easy. Just walk to them, block the shots, stun them
and catch that primate.

Uses: Apart from using it to dodge fire, and to catch black monkeys, 
its uses are limited. Of course, if you like to use this persona, do as
you please. I won't stop you.

2a  {Wild West Kid}
Looks: You morph into a cowboy or cowgirl, armed with two revolvers. 
They can shoot pellets, guided shots and a monkey net.

Abilities: As the Wild West Kid, you can use your revolvers to shoot
normal shots (which works like a machine gun of some sorts), 
a strong guided shot and you can shoot a monkey net.

Coolness 3 out of 5. Cool. 
If you like westerns, you'll like this one a lot. Its really cool shooting 
the teleborgs and monkeys with your guns.

Ape-Catching Abilities: 5 out of 5. 
Once you get this one catching monkeys becomes MUCH easier. Have a 
pesky blue monkey who just keeps running away? Keep shooting him, 
so he'll stay in one place, go closer to him and shoot the monkey net. 
This works with almost every monkey, just make sure you keep shooting 
when you run up to him. Also the machines(the UFO, the Tank, etc...) become
much easier to defeat. Just keep shooting them with pellets and you will
destroy the machines within seconds.

Uses: You NEVER in the entire game are forced to use this Persona to
catch a monkey. NEVER. You can do Blue Monkey without it. There's one
switch in the Western town which must be done with this persona 
(the one in the last area, the one to lower the bridge). But you could
also jump into the canyon and go up the rocks there, which will bring
you to the other side of the bridge.So you never MUST use this persona,
but it makes the game a LOT easier.

3a  {Miracle Ninja}
Looks: You morph into a ninja, armed with your sword and ninja skils.

Abilities: You can just use your sword to attack, you can walk on walls
with footsteps on them, you can walk on ropes, you can make two clones
of youself (And you character will say something weird...I think (s)he
says:"Nimpha" or something)
so your sword attacks work better, you can use some weird powers to 
catch the monkeysand you can glide over gaps with Squirrel Glide.

Coolness: 10 out of 5. THIS IS SOOOOOO COOL!!! Running around with two 
copies, walking on walls, awesome attacks, cool music,what more do you want?

Ape-Catching Abilities: 3.5 out of 5. Can't decide if it is a 4 or a 3.
While ninja is my favorite morph, catching monkeys is not that hard, 
but not as easy as some morphs(Wild West Kid, for example). The ninja
"catch" move is good, but not that good. Some powerfull or fast monkeys
can keep avoiding it. That's annoying.

Uses: You'll have to use this persona alot trough the game, 
so get used to its music >_>
No, really, even in the later levels you will find ropes for the ninja.

4a  {Genie Charmer}
Looks: You morph into a dancer with two clubs. Also, as the name suggests, 
a weird genie appears next to you and follows you around.

Genie Charmer can attack normally or shoot a monkey net. The genie 
can dance, and all the monkeys and teleborgs around dance too,so you can
catch them easily. Also the Genie can go trough Genie Jars, which will
let him teleport to another genie jar, so he can scare the monkeys there.

Coolness: 3 out of 5. 
The genie looks funny, so it gets extra points for that.

Ape Catching abilities: 2 out of 5. 
Sometimes power isn´t the way to go in ape escape. If you see three
monkeys standing next to each other, who will run off to different 
directions immediatly when they see you, then chasing them all around with
Fantasy Knight isn´t fun and very time consuming. So you let them dance, 
and while they´re dancing, you´ll catch them one by one. Easy! However, 
this almost never happens and although it sounds very good, it really isn't.

Uses: Sometimes you need to use it for a genie jar, but further, 
you never must use the genie. But it is quite good for catching some monkeys.

5a  [Kung Fu Master]
Looks: You transform into a Kun Fu Boy or Kung Fu girl, armed with two...
thingies.They look like some sort of mini-shields.

Abilities: You can use some punches and kicks, focus your energy to boost 
attack power, and catch monkeys in your net.

Coolness: 4 out of 5. Very cool. 
Punching everbody away and crumbling rocks rulez!!! Also it has a very
cool music, in my opinion.

Ape-Catching abilities 4 out of 5. 
The catch net from the Kung Fu Master catches monkeys really easy. 
Nothing else, just that awesome net.
Uses: You´ll get this one late in the game, but from that point, a lot 
of objects must be broken by the kung fu master. So you will still use 
this one quite frequently.

6a  {Gotchaman/Cyber Ace}
(I will call him Gotchaman, 
since I own the europeon version)
Looks: The Gotchaman looks like a power ranger if you chose the boy
(Gotchaman Thunder), and you will look like sailormoon if you chose the girl
(Gotchaman Fairy).

Abilities: You can dash in the air two times, use electric bolts, and 
do a dash attack.

Coolness: 10 out of 5: VERY AWESOME! Dashing trough the air and trowing
energ bolts at everything that moves is very cool!
Ape-Catching Abilities: 4 out of 5. Just dash trough a monkey, and you´ve 
caught it. Easy.

Uses: You almost never HAVE to use this persona, however, why shouldn´t 
you use a very cool and strong character?

The last morph
No, I´m not gonna spoil the last morph to you. Bad luck dude.

2. {The characters} (heros and villains)

The good Guys:

The Boy and the Girl(Saturu and Sayaka or in the american version Kei 
and Yumi): The main characters of the game. You choose the boy or the 
girl at the start of the game. They don't have a background, except 
that the girl is a popstar and has fans all over the world; Some monkeys 
are fan of her too! They will just stand there when the girl walks to them,
for an easy catch.

She's the one who tells that you've done it great at the end of a stage. 
She's your aunt, by the way. She also gives you new gadgets and Persona's. 
She also seems to know Docter Tomu/oki, I wonder why...

The bad guys:

Docter Tomu/oki AKA Mr.Afro:
Tomuki is a human who joined Specter for some reason... He plays a role 
in the storyline, and has a weird afro, that's why the boy keeps calling 
him "Mister Afro". He and Specter have a secret plan. I'm not gonna tell you
what it is.(Hey, it's a secret plan. Don't wanna spoil the game for you. 
Play the game to find out...)

The smartest(and the most human-like) monkey. Always releasing monkeys, 
planning world domination , conquering the world and stuff like that, 
he's just the villain of this game. He and Docter Tomuki have an evil
(but secret) plan, but because it's secret I can't tell you about it. 

The Freaky Monkey Five!!!:
These guys really are freaky. They make a comeback from Ape Escape 2. They
all have a boss battle, and since this is a Boss faq, I will tell you some
more about them:

White Monkey:
Ah, poor guy. In ape escape 2, he was the fourth boss. Now he's the first 
boss. He's the mad scientist guy, making evil and insane machines the 
whole time. In the Ape Escape 2, he made an evil machine that resembled 
the main character in Ape Escape 2. (But it still was an easy boss) 
He has a really funny voice (in the europeon version), but he doesn't has 
much lines to say in the game (pity). He comes after a Knight level, 
so you might already know what his machine is this time...

Blue Monkey:
He now isn't the first boss anymore. He is now after than white monkey, 
and before the other three. He's the speed maniac monkey, always riding on
that one-wheeled bike of him. In Ape Escape 2, he was sooooooo easy.
He's still easy now, but his coolness increases because he now is a cowboy
kind of boss. He also makes a confession in this part; he has a secret love:
Pink Monkey.(lol)

Yellow monkey:
He also gets an promotion, now being the third boss you fight instead of
the second. Yes, Yellow Monkey is an "he". Creepy, I know. I still prefer 
to say "it". "It" is a weird monkey, being a sumowrestler/dancer of some 
kind. "It" can be discribed by one word: Freaky.

Pink Monkey:
Promotion for Pink too, now she's the fourth boss you fight. She's 
probably the funniest of the Freaky monkey Five. She's a popstar, 
singing all the time about weird monkey stuff. However, Pink also has 
an darker and EVIL side... (O_o).She's just plain creepy. 

Red Monkey:
He's still the last Freaky Monkey Five boss you fight. He's the head of 
the freaky monkey five. He's a fight and boxing dude. In Ape Escape 2, 
he was only a boxing dude. Now they've made a very weird connection, 
giving him also the...uuuhm...power of farts. Yes, weird, i know.
I have no idea why, but he has it. Well it ads some extra freakiness 
to this Freak Monkey Five Member.

B2.  The monkeys:
Ah, the monkeys. The funniest dudes in the game. I didn't placed the 
freaky monkey five here, because they're more evil than monkey. 
Monkeys have four stats: Alert(how alert the monkey is which will 
determine how fast he will see you), Speed(How fast the monkey can run),
Temper(how frequently he will attack, and how fast he will go into 
"I am a pissed of monkey now" mode.In pissed of monkey mode, the monkey will
keep attacking you, its attacks will be stronger, but it will also be easier
to catch because it will not try to dodge your net.) and attack (how strong
and (like temper) how frequently the monkeys attacks are) 

Yellow Pants Monkeys:
The standard monkey. Nothing special here, a plain monkey. They usually do 
what they like to do, like making a movie or riding a car. Their stats 

LightBlue monkeys:
The shy monkey. Usually hiding somewhere, and usually prefer running away 
above fighting. Generally they have medium to high alert stats, 
normal speed, low attack and low temper stats. 

Blue Monkeys
Like their boss, Blue Monkey (of the Freaky Monkey Five), they're speed 
devils. Annoying, fast, and almost never attack, these dudes are a pain 
to catch without morphing. You probably should use the dash hoop against
them if you can't morph in someone likeWild West Kid or Miracle Ninja. 
Medium alert stats, Very high speed, low temper and attack stats(Almost 
identical to the LightBlue Monkey, but the very high speed is very annoying)

Black Monkeys
The "gangstas" under the monkeys. All armed with a gun (usually 
a machine gun), also armed with sunglasses. Those shiny sunglasses make
them look more cool, but it doesn't helps its aiming. They shoot everywhere.
Litteraly. However, this does makes it hard for you to run away or jump. 
Fantasy Knight blocks the bullets so you can walk up close, stun them and 
use your magic circle to catch them. Medium to high alert stats, 
medium speed, medium to high attack and high temper stats.

White monkeys:
These guys are a bit blind, so they are very easy to ambush. However, 
some of them have quite strong (or weird) weapons. Very low alert stat, 
medium speed, medium to high attack, normal temper.

Green Monkeys:
These dudes are very annoying and strong. They have ultra-vision glasses, 
so they can spot you before you can say: "Monkeys love bananas".
They also have human-seeking missiles which will really do some damage. 
Ultra-High Alert, medium Speed, medium temper and very high attack.
Morphs like Genie charmer or Wild West Kid work good.

Red Monkeys:
Like the Red Monkey (of the Freaky Monkey Five), Red Monkeys are boxing 
and fight monkeys, usually wearing boxing gloves. They usually stay in 
one place, waiting until they spot you. If they do, they make it one big 
brawl, trying to punch you all the time. Normal alert, normal speed, 
high attack and very high temper.

Multi-color Monkeys:
The funny primates, multi color can be anything. Usually they're camaeos 
from movies (ape vader and stuff) or games (APE RATCHET!!!). They're all 
different, but the most powerfull apes belong to this category. Their stats
can be anything, from very low to very very high. They're just plain funny.

{The Bosses} (defeat the bad guys)
Ah, the heart of this faq. Enjoy!

I will use this form:

Description: The description. Duh.

The Surrounding: My drawing of the area.

Attacks: The attacks of the boss.

Special attack: The special attack of the boss. The one with the gigantic
face of the boss in the middle of the screen.

Strategy: The strategy.

1.C White Monkey Battle: Monkeys and Dragons
	   Difficulty: 2 out of 5
Description: A giant dragon, with White monkey in the cockpit.
The surrounding: 
(#########)     #########
(  #####  )       #####    = White monkey/ Dragon
(    #    )         #
(         )
( R  R  R )
(         )         *= Your starting point.
(         )
(    *    )         R= A Rock. 

Attacks: He can trow teleborgs at you, which you can kill,or wait until 
he uses his special move, which will kill al the teleborgs. Also he will 
trow mini fireballs at you, which will almost never hit, but if it does, 
Fantasy Knights shield blocks it. Also after you hit his head, he will blast
you away with a gust attack.

White monkey goes freaky and tries to flame you to doom. The dragon will 
start spewing fire. He begins at the right, then moves to the left.
Dodge this by jumping, By hiding behind a rock or with Fantasy Knight's 
shield. After this he's vulnereble for attacks.

Strategy: Morph into Fantasy Knight imediatly, and try to keep Fantasy 
Knight on you the whole battle. Those Teleborgs will drop morph energy, 
so grab it! After he used ROAST CHICKEN DELUXE!, his head will fall to 
the ground. Hit him with Fantasy knight's attacks. Repeat this a couple 
of times, and White Monkey will fall to your awesome power! And remember 
that the teleborgs drop Morph energy!

*Revisit* If you redo this battle with all your morphs, it gets much easier. 
Gotchaman will make very short work of him, just keep shooting energy 
bolts in the air. You will dodge the fire and do massive damage. 
Also Miracle Ninja can use Squirrel Glide to fly over ROAST CHICKEN DELUXE, 
then attack him with your clone help for good damage.

2.C Blue Monkey Battle: The western duel  
	Difficulty: 3 out of 5
Blue Monkey riding on his bike around the area, 
while he tries to shoot you with his Banana-Revolver.
The Surrounding:
              (        )
              (    #   )
______________(        )_____________
[                                    ]    
[    ________            ________    ] #   = Blue monkey 
[   (        )          (        )   ]
[   :        )          (        :   ] H   = The "Houses".
[   (    H   )          (    H   )   ]
[   :        )          (        :   ] *   = You.
[   (________)     *    (________)   ] 
[                                    ] :   = The teleborg's

Attacks: He can shoot you. 
Also, there are holes in the two "Houses",
 which will spawn (Morph Energy carrying!) Teleborgs.

Blue Monkey will trow 3 times 4 bombs at you. I was laughing when I first 
saw this move. But the true power of Bombs away lies in the fact that 
the bombs explode all at once. That means if three bombs hit you, you will 
lose THREE COOKIES!!! That's some serious raw power there.

Strategy: Morphing into Wild West Kid is a VERY good idea in this battle. 
You can do two things: 
1. Attack him with your normal shots the entire time or 
2, use a charged shot to knock him of his bike and then shoot him, 
then repeat. They both work great. Remember that the Teleborgs drop 
Morph Energy (and Cookies). If you jump on the "houses" you will encourage
Blue Monkey to use BOMBS AWAY!, so don't forget that.
After that, Blue monkey is quite angry and will say: 
"Allright! It's a duel!". So on we go to...

Stage 2

Blue monkey is angry now and he will man a giant machine gun...
The Surrounding:
  (   #   ) 
 (         )
(           )   # = Blue Monkey
(           )   
(           )
(           )
(           )
(           )
(     *     )   * = Your starting point

Attacks: He can shoot you with his machine gun. 
Nothing else.

Strategy: Easy. Just run to him and start bashing him with something. 
Stun Club, Fantasy Knight, Wild West Kid... It's just easy as long as
you're fast enough. If you take too long, you get transportated back to
stage 1, so destroy this guy fast.

Revisit: when you have all the morphs and revisit this area, just waste him
with gotcha man. Easy.

3.C Yellow Monkey Battle: Ninja versus Weirdo
  	Difficulty: 2 out of 5
Description: Ah your fight against "It". 
"It"'s trying to hit you (Key word: trying), while you are just killing him.
The Surrounding:

(     >>>>>>                   ) T = The Teleborg spawn point.
(     >>>>>>            YYY    )
(     >>>>>>           YYYYY   ) !!! = You can run on the wall here.
(     >>>>>>            YYY    )
(     >>>>>>                   ) >>> = You can't walk up here.
(  X  >>>>>>                   )
(     >>>>>>                   ) * = Your starting point.
(     >>>>>>                   )
(     >>>>>>                   ) X = Yellow monkey Jumps to here.
(     >>>>>>        *          )
(     >>>>>>                   ) YYY= Yellow Monkey starting point.
(     >>>>>>                   )

Attacks: He can do some kind of rush you. If you hit him, he will usually
use his move where he keeps body-slamming the ground and makes mini 
shockwaves. Also teleborgs continuisly get spawned out of the spawn point
(Free morph energy!).

O...MY...GOD... This move is SOOOO pathetic. He's aiming at you, 
but if you jump or just keep moving it won't hit much. It's hard to get hit
even if you want to get hit. He jumps up to the elevation (The X on the map), 
and starts trowing ninja stars at you, which are connected to ropes
(It's kinda hard to explain.). You can walk on those ropes with Miracle Ninja, 
to get to him. Yellow Monkey will then jump back to the normal arena, 
but because he didn't practice his landing abilities enough, he falls on
the ground face-down, with his back completely exposed. If you're smart, 
you walk on the wall ( "!" on the map). A huge... thing will then come
crashing down to do Yellow monkey a LOT of damage. 
Oh, by the way, if you touch the stars while they're still in the ground, 
you will get damaged, so try to avoid that.

Strategy: Morph into Miracle Ninja, and keep slashing him. Avoid his 
pathetic attacks. Kill the Teleborgs for free morph power, coins and maybe
a cookie. If he uses NINJA TROWING STARS, do the above mentioned. 
Yawn. Booooooring. Next please.

Revisit: It's already easy the first time, it's even easier the second time. 
BTW, hitting him with energy bolts of gotchaman while he's trowing his stars
will make him jump back.

4.C {Pink Monkey battle: The Fall Of A Popstar 
	Difficulty: 4 out of 5}

Description: Pink is singing her newest song, 
while you are trying to catch her. 
Fun but possibly hard battle.
The surrounding:
(          P           ) === : You can jump up the stage here.  
(                      )
(                      )
(ES   T           T  ES)  P : Pink's starting point.
(                      )
(                      )  * : Your starting point.
(                      )
(ES   T           T  ES)  T : Here dance the Teleborgs. 
(                      )
(          *           )  ES : Evil statues.

Attacks: She teleports around the room, has Teleborgs and the heart rays. 
If you get hit by the heart rays you'll be stunned for a bit, wiggle your
control stick to snap out of it. Also, if you hit her, she will be 
seriusly pissed off and will rush at you with an evil electric shield. 
It hits you suprisingly often.

Special Attacks: None... Yet.

Strategy: You could get totally confused in this battle and try to attack 
her while she's teleporting around. DON'T DO THAT. Instead, DANCE! 
With the Genie Charmer I mean. If you use the Genie, Pink won't teleport
anymore and you can hit her. Watch out for her evil shield attack after you
hit her. Hit her about four times and she will fall to your power... 
and she will blast you of the stage. (Of course you already know that the 
Teleborgs drop Morph energy and Cookies, so I don't have to tell you.)

Phase 2
(          P           )  === : You can jump up the stage here.  
(                      )    
(                      )    
(ES   T           T  ES)   P : Pink's starting point.
(                      )     
(                      )   * : Your starting point.
(                      )
(ES   T           T  ES)   T : Here dance the Teleborgs. 
(                      )
(          *           )   ES : Evil statues.

Attacks: Whoa! This is pink's darkside! She's basicly blasting you all the
time with fireballs and teleporting around the room (But not as fast as
in Phase 1). She also has her special attack.

"I'LL TEAR YOU TO SHREDS!" : HOLY BANANAS! She uses her telekinetic powers
to attack you. The evil statues will bounce on the ground, trying to 
completely kill you. She almost never does this, but if she does WATCH OUT! 
It's quite strong. It almost never hits you though. However, she is very
vulnerable when using this move, so... HIT IT!

Strategy: Uh-Oh. Aaaaaangry Pink. She's invinceble if she has that 
electric shield around her. So don't attack her then or you'll get hurt. 
She's vulnerable while she uses her fireballs, but it's quite hard
(and dangerous) to hit her while she does this, because she teleports around
a lot(and you may get hit by her fire attack). After some time she'll blast
you off the stage and phase 1 will begin again... But she's probably VERY
damaged now, so hit her a couple of times and she will fall to your mighty
dance power(And you let her get away! Believe me, you WILL regret that
someday, fool!)!

Revisit: Not that much difference, Genie Charmer still works the best.

	5.C {Red Monkey Battle: 
Smell you later!   Difficulty: 3 out of 5}

Description: O NOES IT'S A FARTING MONKEY!!!1!
Surrounding: (This one was hard to draw, so don't blame me on that >_>)
(!!!!!!!!!/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\!!!!!!!!) R  = Red Monkey's starting point.
(!!!!!!/¯¯            ¯\!!!!!!)
(!!!!!/         R       \!!!!!)
(!!!!/                   \!!!!)
(!!!/                     \!!!)
(!!/                       \!!)
(![                         ]!)
(!!\                       /!!) !  = Spinning blades on the ground.
(!!!\                     /!!!)         (Don't jump on them,  
(!!!!\                   /!!!!)       or you'll take damage)
(!!!!!\         *       /!!!!!) 
(!!!!!!\___          __/!!!!!!)                             
(!!!!!!!!!!\________/!!!!!!!!!) *  = Your starting point

Attacks: Red Monkey really likes to use his special move, so look there
to see what to do with it. He also shoots... farts at you, which stun you
for some time. You can (just like Pink's heart rays) wiggle the control
stick around to snap out of it. Also, he uses his farts as a jetpack 
of some kind and hovers around the area. Stand under him and you'll get
stunned like with the fart attack. And he will also block a LOT of your
moves with his weapons.

"YOUR FINAL RESTING PLACE!": As stated above, he REALLY likes this move
and won't hesitate to use it whenever he can. Basicly he swings his weapons
around, then stops for a very small moment, and makes another swing, 
waits again, another swing, waits again and so on. When he has done about
eight swings he will say something like: "Too much spin..." and will be 
left wide open for attacks. As long as you don't stand next to him when
he starts or don't walk away from him, you won't get hit much. I believe
you can hit him while he's doing this move, but I'm not too sure.

Strategy: We are supposed to be afraid of a farting monkey? Nah. However, 
farting monkeys with swords and stuff like that IS kinda scary. BUT that's
not the point now is it? No, it isn't. Anyway, the only attack that can
harm you is his special move which is quite easy to avoid. But you'll
probably get hit by it a few times anyway. The farts are easy to avoid by
running and the hoverfart by not getting in his way. Hit him a couple of
times with the Ninja, Kung Fu Master, Cowboy or maybe even Fantasy Knight.

Area 2
(!!!!!!!!!/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\!!!!!!!!)   R  = Red Monkey's 
(!!!!!!/¯¯            ¯\!!!!!!)       starting point.
(!!!!!/         R       \!!!!!)
(!!!!/                   \!!!!)   X  = The "Thingies" 
(!!!/                     \!!!)       ("NOOOOOOOOOO!")
(!!/                       \!!)
(![ X                     X ]!)
(!!\                       /!!)   !  = Spinning blades on the ground.
(!!!\                     /!!!)      (Don't jump on them,  
(!!!!\                   /!!!!)       or you'll take damage)
(!!!!!\         *       /!!!!!) 
(!!!!!!\___          __/!!!!!!)                             
(!!!!!!!!!!\________/!!!!!!!!!)   *  = Your starting point
Attacks: No changes here.


Strategy: The only difference is that´s quite dark. Not that dark, 
but not bright either. If you want, you can hit the spinning wheels(Noted
on the map as the thingies) to light things up a bit. Not worth the time,
IMO. Just use the same strategy as before and on we go to...

Area 51 (Oh, wait, I meant 3)
(!!!!!!!!!       !!!!!!!!!)   
(!!!!!!!!!   R   !!!!!!!!!)   
(!!!!!!!!!       !!!!!!!!!)   R  = Red Monkey's starting point.
(!!!!!!!!!       !!!!!!!!!)   
(!!!!!!!!!       !!!!!!!!!)   !  = Spinning blades on the ground.
(!!!!!!!!!       !!!!!!!!!)
(!!!!!!!!!       !!!!!!!!!)
(!!!!!!!!!       !!!!!!!!!)   *  = Your starting point.
(!!!!!!!!!       !!!!!!!!!)
(!!!!!!!!!       !!!!!!!!!)
(!!!!!!!!!       !!!!!!!!!)
(!!!!!!!!!   *   !!!!!!!!!)
(!!!!!!!!!       !!!!!!!!!)
Atacks: Idem Dito.

Same move here too.

Strategy: Your not far away away from victory. Dodge his Special move with
something (Miracle Ninja's squirell glide, the sky flyer or whatever you
like), and beat the monkey! That's the end of the freaky monkey five! 
(But where's Pink?)

Here's a strategy written by my friend, shadowthiefo. 
He even made his own map! All credit goes to him!

		   Red Monkey: King of Gas   
map: stage 1 and 2
	       _| |_
	     _|	 !  |_		
 	   _|    _    |_		
	 _|    _| |_    |_		
       _|!   _|  ×  |_   !|_
     _|	   _|         |_    |_		
   _|	 _|   T      T  |_    |_ 
 _|    _|                 |_    |_      
|_ !  |_ O               O _|  ! _|
  |_    |_               _|    _|
     |_	  |_  T      T _|    _|
       |_!  |_   ø   _|  ! _|
  	|_    |_   _|    _|
 	  |_	|_|    _|
 	    |_	     _|
 	      |_ ! _|
ø= where you begin
×= where red monkey begins
!= the sharp blades that spin.
O= spinning wheels in stage 2
T= teleborgs spawing point. 

map: stage 3
	|	|  ×  |	     |
	| !	|     |    ! |
	|  	|     |	     |
	| !	|     |    ! |
	|	|     |	     |
	| !	|     |    ! |
	|	|     |	     |
	| !	|     |    ! |
	|	|     |	     |
	| !	|     |    ! |
	|	|     |	     |
	| !	|  Ø  |    ! |
	|______	|_____|______|

This guy was sooooooooo cool in ape escape 2 picking up dinosaurs and stuff. 
Now in ape escape 3 he isn't so cool anymore and he has the power of FARTS. 
Yes, that's right, farts.I guess the gamemakers thought they where funny or
something. He attacks in three stages.


Red Monkey isn't that hard in the first stage. He uses a normal hitting 
attack, his special (YOUR FINAL RESTING PLACE) and somekind of farting 
projectile wich is easy to avoid Also when he takes to much damage 
he will use the power of farts to fly to the other side of the stage. 
His farts will stun you just like pink monkeys hearts did.Just smash him
to teeny tiny bits with miricle ninja or karate master (I prefer the ninja). 
Make sure to don't miss the cookies when you defeat him.


Pretty much the same as stage 1 except that it's dark now and that there
is less teleborgs spawning. There are spinning wheels on the sides I
believe they can make the room lighter but I could be wrong.Red Monkey can
also block your stun club now (and the slashes of miracle ninja too, except
when those copies hit himby the sides). Try to hit him with ninja or 
cowboy kiddie. Watch out because he uses his special ALOT now. Again be sure
not to miss the cookies (and those morph things of course).


Well this is the last stage and it ain't that hard (okay, harder than
stage 1 and 2 but not that hard) He doesn't blocks as much as in stage 2.
Nope, now the only thing he does is his special.Try to shoot him from a 
distance with cowboy kid or go for a allround psychial attack with your
ninja. This is not recommended but you can avoid his special with squirrel
glide. A good thing is that he has less health than in stage 1 and 2.

lOl! Actually, there isn't a stage 4, but it looks nice. 
Red Fartie just lies there with confuse things above its head.

Thanks a lot, shadowthiefo!

	6.C  Mr. Afro battle!!!  
	Difficulty: 1 out of 5 

Description: A bit of a boring fight. Tomu/oki is in his evil robot, 
and you need to defeat him with a robot of your own. BORING!
Surrounding(This map is kinda pointless... So I didn't made one.)

Attacks: He has two normal attacks: 
Missiles and Rifle. Missiles makes targets appear on the ground 
to show where they going to fall. Avoid by not standing near one of the
targets. The rifle attacks makes him shoot machine gun bullets everywhere. 
Jump over them or hit him to make him stop.

Makes one or more lasers appear around him. While performing the move he
turns around to hit the entire arena. Jump (By pressing R3 and L3 at the
same time) over it to avoid it.

This battle could have been cool if they would let you fight tomu/oki
himself. But noooooo, they need to give you a crappy robo-battle. *sigh* 
In my opinion, this battle is easy and boring as long as you learn the
controls a bit. Just keep hitting him, and avoiding his attacks to defeat
him. Usually, your real enemy is the camera. It's quite hard to keep facing
the robot. Except that, he's not hard, more annoying. NEXT BOSS PLEASE!

	6.C  {SPECTER!: The evil monkeymind!
	 Difficulty: 2 out of 5}

Description: First you must defeat a evil robot(deja vu), and once you've
done that, defeat the primate lord himself!

Surrounding: I'm not gonna do the robot, that would be stupid.

Strategy: Okay, the first part of the battle is easy. You start on the
Flying Turtle, and you'll need to dodge the lasers he fires 
by avoiding them or using Fantasy Knight's shield. After that, 
you must jump/duck over/under three blue lasers, 
or use fantasy knight's shield. Now, his hand will grab the flying turtle. 
Hit them with anything to let him lose his grip, while avoiding the 
rockets fired from the robot. Now your ship gets bombarded with Teleborgs, 
and YOU have to destroy a key-thingy with ranged attacks; That means or 
Gotchaman, Wild West Kid or the catapult. After that you must jump (or block)
over three more lasers, and destroy another key-thingy (yawn). Morph into 
the Knight to dodge the evil blue lasers. When your ship gets close, watch
out for the jetpack fire and the rockets, and destroy the next Key-thingy.
On we go to...


	(     KK HHHHHHHH KK	)  H: The Head	  
	(     KK HHHHHHHH KK	)  K: The Key-Thingys
	(	  HHHHHH	)  G: The missile-firing guns
    XXXX(	   HHHH		)
    XXXX(  GG		    GG	)
    XXXX(  GG		    GG	)  X: Your ship picks you up here,
	(			)     after defeating the head.
	(			)
	(	    *		)
Strategy: Easy and short. The head tries to keep his eyes on you, but you
move faster than he can turn. So run to his left or right side of the head
while avoiding the missiles, and then run to the opposite side of the head 
and hit the key-thingy to destroy it. Now destroy the other side on the same
way. Now specter will pop out. Give him a whacking he won't soon forget to
move on to stage three.


Surrounding: A circle. Which is hard to draw, so forget it.

Attacks: He'll use rockets on you, a laser (blockable with Knight's shield), 
a attack that makes two copies of him, one being the real (and vulnerable)
Specter. However, the Specter's all shoot bullets at you, so take care. 
If you hit him while he's in the middle of the arena, he'll scream:
"Get out of my sight!". GET THE BANANA OUT OF THERE! Or prepare to take 
a beating. Also he can rush at you with that forcefield, which hurts too, 
but is blocked by Knight's shield.

"NO REST FOR THE WICKED!": He'll use that robo head to create some
shockwaves. Not strong, but not weak either. Dodge by jumping.

Strategy: This is the real fight, he's actually trying to kill you now. 
Avoid those annoying missiles. If he creates those copies, hit one and hope
it's the real one. Try another one if you have the time. If you hit the
real one, he'll fly to the middle of the arena, dizzy. Hit him now! Keep
hitting him with anything, until he says "Get out of my sight!". As stated
above, run or get hit. The ForceField rush attack is blockable with the
knight's shield, do so if you can't avoid it normally. The "NO REST FOR THE
 WICKED!"-attack is more annoying than powerfull, and leaves a cookie or
morph energy behind, your only source of both in this battle. When he's 
flying around without a shield, hit him with Gotchaman. Or this battle is
long and kind off boring, or it is furious and short. It depends on
Specter's behavior and if you're agressive enough. 

Now, enjoy the ending. Bring some tissues, just in case. *sniff* Poor guy...
But cheer up! You've done it! You have beaten the game! If you however
continue your game you'll discover that...O NOES! Pink freed all her 
monkey-friends (Told you you would regret letting her get away someday! 
Fool!) And you have to catch all the remaining monkeys too! OMG! (Ape escape
keeps the tradition in honour!)

You'll get a new morph when you'll start a level! YAY! It really owns in 
boss fights(obvious sarcasm)!

Go catch those primates!

Anyway, after catching all monkeys, there's still one left... 
Are you ready to fight Specter again?

7.C {THE FINAL BATTLE!: You're almost there!  
	Difficulty: 4 out of 5}

Description: He's back! And he's ready to defeat yo... HE SURRENDERS! WTF!
Well, good for him. (Watch the screens behind him; He's so very sorry!). 
The two prove they're very naive, and trust him. WHAHAHAHAHAHA! FOOLS!
(Watch the screens; Actually he lied! Stupid Humans!) That's called a 
strategy! Stra-tuh-gey! AAAARGH! Well, anyway enough talking, get escaping!

Surrounding: Again, a circle, which is hard to draw. Also there's water
beneath the arena...

Attacks: Every attack he had in the previous fight. He can also let the
platforms at the sides sink, which will destroy your morph if you fall into

It seems like he took the robot head with him as a souvenir or something,
coz he still has it!  Exactly the same move, except than that the platforms
sink in the water while he uses it, which will destroy your morph, but saves
you from getting hit (As long as you're under water, you can't get hit by
the move)

Strategy: Escape from the cage with your stun club spin attack, before 
you get an shocking experience! Almost the same battle, except for the 
fact that he can screw your morphs up by letting those platforms sink.
Also he won't use his copy move attack anymore. You need to hit him with
something while his force field is down, then hit him while he's 
on the ground. Gotchaman is prefered to hit him of his chair. Keep it up,
and you will be victorious! (Quite easy for the last boss, dontcha think?.)

CONGRATULATIONS! You've beaten the game! Now play the mini-games,
get everything from the shops, and get the gold medals with time trial! 
Only then you will get 100%, my friend. Good luck! And catch those secret
monkeys! (If you have the american version, poor you, cause I can tell you,
ape ratchet rules!)

D. Contact me (Mail me)
Have any corrections? Strategies? Hints? Tips? Mail me! At:


However, please put ape escape 3 in the subject,otherwise I will just 
delete them, without knowing that it was about my guide. Oh, and don't
post about spelling mistakes, I'm from The Netherlands, so my English is not
THAT good.I will also deleteall spam. Any mails like:
Are deleted after I laught about how pathetic your life must be.

E. Legal Stuff (Copyrights and stuff)

Copyright 2006
This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without my permission (And I won't give it, so don't
ask). Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
display is strictly prohibited and a violation of copyright. 

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This guide was posted on Gamefaqs, and no where else. I don't give my 
permission to any other website except gamefaqs.

Thanks to  (thanks for all)
ShadowThiefo, for his strategy on Red Monkey. And for being a very good 
friend, and for being a worthy opponent in Super Smash Brothers Melee ^_^

Sony Entertainment, for making this game.Anyone who helped in making this
game for that matter.

Also thanks to Square-Enix for making awesome games.

And no thanks to Ubisoft, who's responsible for delaying Kingdom Hearts 2 in
Europe so long.(It's still not out!)

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