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Filthy Rich
Collect a total of 20,000 gold pieces to synergize your assets for maximum profit!
Complete the game 20 times
Piercing Pest Control
Destroy 150 Sharkopede Grubs
No Time to Bleed
Heal a total of 250 HP
1000 Bullets
Kill 1000 Goblins
Pest Control
Kill 2500 Goblins
Slavehunter Hunter
Kill 50 Orc Slavehunters
Kill 75 Orc Grenadiers and 25 Orc Minethrowers
Oozing Bombshell
Recruit Camille
Gentleman Sniper
Recruit El Cazador
Operatic Arsonist
Recruit Presto
Berserk Barmaid
Recruit Stabbygale

Originally Contributed By: KeyBlade999

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