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Can someone send me the main folder digimails? Main Quest
How rare are Snakeheads? Side Quest

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How to track wins? Tech Support *new* 1 2 days ago
How to Raise Discipline? Main Quest *new* 1 3 days ago
Can i change the region of my save? Tech Support 2 1 month ago
how can I get omegamon alter-B? Main Quest 1 1 month ago
How do I make my characters Hungry without using the gym? Tech Support 1 2 months ago
How do i cure my sluggish digimon? Main Quest 1 4 months ago
How do i digivolve angewomon in to ophanimon ? Main Quest 1 4 months ago
Why I'm running out of MP? Digimons can't use normal attacks instead of magical attacks ? Build 3 4 months ago
How to increase Lifespan and How to defeat Samudramon and Kuzuhamon? Main Quest 1 6 months ago
Isn't it the pooping system disturbing? Build 2 8 months ago

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