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by Krystal109

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Guide and Walkthrough by Krystal109

Version: 1.55 | Updated: 01/28/2014

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Author: Krystal K. - krystalnexus [at] yahoo [dot] com

Current Version: Ver 1.55 - Jan 28, 2014


Firstly, I hope everyone enjoys this guide to Assassin's Creed: Revelations!

This guide is intended to walk you through the gameplay, while finding all secrets and collectibles. It includes all side quests, such as the rebuilding of Constantinople, Templar Dens, Den Defense, recruiting assassins, Mediterranean Defense, Challenges, all secret locations, equipment stats, shops, multiplayer info, and Desmonds Journey.

If you want me to add something or notice a mistake, please email me at the above address with the correct information.

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Firstly, thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this. If you find yourself using my guide and found it to be handy, please consider sending a donation to support the time and effort I have put forth to make a comprehensive and useful guide.

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If you have played previous Assassin Creed games you should have no problem with the controls, but as a refresh:

Xbox 360PlayStation 3Description
L StickL AnalogMovement and Directional Attacks
R StickR AnalogCamera Movement
D-PadD-PadQuick Inventory
BORelease in climbing
YTriangleSecondary weapons attack
XSquarePrimary attack
RTR1High Profile actions
Blocking in combat
RBR2Weapon Selection Menu
LTL1Activates combat and lock on
LL3Eagle Sense
RR3Center camera

Game Objectives

As with the previous games in the series, Revelations begins with some linear events that will introduce you to gameplay concepts and teach you all the abilities.

Story Chapters

Like the previous games, there are chapters to Revelations. Each chapter consists of Memories that you must complete to progress the story. These memories are the core of the game, but there is a lot of side events you can do.

Core Memories

Core Memories are the sequences' that progress the story. While you can do these and go straight through the game, you will be missing a bunch of the fun part of the game.

Secondary Memories

Secondary Memories are events that are optional to the main story. They will flesh out the gameplay and make your experience that much more enjoyable.

Other Optionals

Like the previous games, you will eventually unlock the ability to invest in the society you interact with by restoring and unlocking bonuses.

Full Synch & Memory Replay

All Memories have Full Synchronization conditions that you must fulfill in order to get 100%. If you do not complete the memory's condition you will only get 50%. You can always replay a memory to try and get 100% though. Ezio will then be transported back to that event, with all his current weapons. This means that previously hard missions may be easier later on.

Health & Desynch

Ezio's health is indicated by the horizontal gauge at the top left corner of the screen. Pure white blocks represent health, while grey ones are damaged health. Damaged health will regenerate. Empty blocks are health that is gone, these can only be recovered by a doctor or drinking medicine. Red filled blocks indicated damaged armor slots that need to be repaired at a blacksmith. In order to gain more health bars you will need to buy armor and equip it.

Aside from enemies, you can lose health from falling damage.
8 meters or more = 30% of your health
12 meters or more = 50% of your health
16 meters or more = 75% of your health
20 meters or more = Desync

Desynch occurs under certain conditions and will cause you to have to replay the sequence you are on.

The following will cause a desyn:
Fail an objective
Running out of bounds
Acting against Ezio's normal behavior, such as killing allies, etc.

Random Encounters & Events

There are a bunch of random of events in Revelations that can occur at any given time. Some are good and some are bad.


Stalkers are marked on the mini-map by a dagger. These guys run behind Ezio and try to kill him. You have a brief moment to attack him before he stabs you. You should always chase the fleeing Stalkers, since letting them go increases the Templar Awareness 25%.

Templar Couriers

Templar Couriers are carried over from the previous games and will run at the sight of you. Be sure to tackle or leg sweep them, but do not kill them. Killing them will increase the Templar Awareness meter.

Civilian Encounters

Sometimes you will notice a black dot on your mini-map. These are civilian events that Ezio can do for money and ingredients. They can be anything from beating up a guy, to helping them carry supplies to the docks.

A Sort of Homecoming

Run along the shore until you see Subject 16 and then follow him. After a short scene he will disappear. Step into the portal nearby to begin your first memory.

Memory 1: The Hangman

This is your introductory tutorial of the game. Follow the instructions and you should be done in no time.

Memory 2: A Narrow Escape

100% Synch RequirementKill a Byzantine Templar with a counter kill

Time to learn about free running and climbing. Follow Altair to reach the roof to perform a Leap of Faith to reach the foot of Masyaf's keep. Counter kill the Byzantine Templar and run along to kill some more before talking to the man by the door.

NOTE: Make sure you loot the guards as you will get items used to make bombs later.

Masyaf's Keep is the Assassin stronghold from game 1, in case you all forgot.

Memory 3: A Journal of Some Kind

100% Synch RequirementDo not fail a single tail

Follow the man to the nearby door and interact with it. Follow the waypoints, killing enemies that get in your way and when you reach the roof jump and deploy your parachute to reach the town. Simply follow any one of the yellow cursors to its location without being seen for the 100%.

NOTE: Take a moment to go upstairs into Al Mualim's study and view familiar objects from the previous games.

Memory 4: A Hard Ride

For the first part of this memory you need to avoid the dangers by using the left analog. When the rope frays you will need to get above the damaged spot by holding up on the analog. The second half of the memory will require you to destroy a carriage and then stay alive against the captain's carriage. In order to do this, you need to ram the enemy carriage into the rough terrain on the ground to cause damage, while avoiding the rough terrain yourself.

NOTE: It is best to ram the carriage just as you reach the pits in the ground and not too early, as you will be pushed away after a little bit. This can cause you to be pushed away into a pit of your own.

Memory 5: The Wounded Eagle

100% Synch RequirementKill at least 5 guards from a haystack

After a short fight with some guards, infiltrate the village. Ezio is wounded, and can't climb now, so you will need to use blend and other ways to hide, but you can also just kill the enemies. Look for haystacks to use to kill guards and try and get the 5 kills as you follow the captain's path, using Eagle Sense.

NOTE: There are only three guards that walk near haystacks, so you will need to lure more nearby to a haystack by letting their indicator blink red and then jump into a haystack so they will investigate. If they are in full pursuit causing you to jump out of the hay, you will have to lose them.

Haystack suggestions:

The first guard after stealth killing the guard once you reach the village can be killed by waiting for him to walk to the right and running to the left of the carriage. There is a haystack behind this.

If you have not got your five kills by the time you reach the fight past the gate, you should run right along the wall to a haystack (after killing the initial group of enemies). Lure more guys to this haystack to get the 5 kills.

When you have all 5 kills in a haystack you can head to the waypoint. Climb the wall, while avoiding fire and kill the captain.

The Crossroads of the World

Head into the portal for a scene with Ezio writing to Claudie as to why he must head to Constantinople.

Memory 1: A Warm Welcome

100% Synch RequirementDo not wander far from Yusuf

Talk to Yusuf to start this memory and then follow him. Stick close even when you run into trouble. When you reach your location, interact with the door.

Memory 2: Upgrade and Explore

You can now run around to an extent. I suggest getting the nearby viewpoints to start filling in the city.

Once you are ready, head to the blue marker on the map to buy new armor.

Memory 3: The Hookblade

100% Synch RequirementPerform every hookblade move successfully at least once

This shouldn't require much instruction, just use O to get off the lamps as you swing on them to perform the jumps and make sure to HOLD O for the Hook and Run move.

Memory 4: The View From Galata

100% Synch RequirementClimb the tower in under 60 secs

In order to get the 100% synch you will need to move quickly. Follow Yusuf and keep moving. Use the UP and X to up higher and O to grab with the hookblade for areas that Ezio won't ascend on his own.

Memory 5: Advanced Tactics

100% Synch RequirementPerform a zipline assassination

Follow Yusuf and when he performs a zipline assassination it will be your turn. Wait for the guard to reach the downed guard and head down the zipline. When you get close, press SQUARE to perform an attack.

Memory 6: On The Defense

Time to learn about Den Defense. This is the best opportunity to get the achievement/trophy for not using a cannon attack that accompanies Den Defense. Since the action will pause, allowing you to learn the controls, but the morale will continue to increase, you have a great opportunity to amass a huge income to buy troops. Simply let the morale increase to 50 each round and you should have plenty of troops to take out your enemy.

At the start of the defense, use the R analog to direct Ezio's view and the L analog to move the cursor. Place the Leader and two crossbowmen on for the first wave.

Wait for the morale to reach 50 and then place a barricade to the left of the archway across from Ezio and three more archers.

Now place a leader to the left of Ezio's location and place three gunmen at the furthest distance from the entrance on that rooftop.

Whatever you do, DO NOT FIRE THE CANNON. Let your assassins take them all out.

When the wave is done, upgrade your barricade to the max level, place another behind it, and fill the roofs with riflemen. The siege engine should only make it through two barricades at the most.

NOTE: Templar Awareness will now be in effect. Similar to Notoriety in the previous games, this will fill up based on Ezio's actions. When it is full, you have a chance to have your Den attacked again.

From now on you can freely renovate Constantinople. See Rebuilding Constantinople for tips.

Memory 7: On The Attack

100% Synch RequirementDo not create any conflict in the Imperial North District

After the initial battle, follow Yusuf. Eventually, you will be asked to throw a Cherry Bomb. Follow the on-screen instructions and then continue to follow Yusuf. When you get control again use the zipline for an assassination and head to Yusuf.

Use Eagle Sense to identify the captain. When he walks off, head to the left building and take out the gunman. Use the Throwing Knife to kill the gunman across the way. Jump down to where the second gunman was and select the poison darts. Hit the captain and then move out of sight. Climb up the tower and light the signal.

Lost and Found

Back at Animus Island you can listen to more dialogue before heading back inside. You now have free reign or Imperial North District.

If you want to do some optional stuff, continue. Otherwise, scroll down to Memory 1.

Faction HQ Mission 1: Unfortunate Son

100% Synch RequirementUsing a Thief group, lure the benefactor from his security zone before killing him

Head to the Thief Guild to accept this and then head to the waypoint and hire the Thief group. Use them to lure the nearby guards away. Use Eagle Sense to identify the snitch and then follow via the rooftops. When he finally stops, you should get a scene. Hire the thieves nearby and have them lure the benefactor away. As soon as he leaves the restricted area, kill him however you want.

Faction HQ Mission 2: Loose Lips

100% Synch RequirementFree the captured Mercenaries without being detected

Head to the Mercenaries Guild to accept this and then follow the mercenaries until you reach the green search area and then hit O to make them hold their position. Climb to the top of the buildings and use Eagle Sense to locate who you need to save.

There are many ways to get this 100%, but a fun one is to stand on the roof where the south road slits north and when you see an Ottoman patrol stop at the corner, throw a bomb in the north alley between the two groups and they will fight. Kill off the enemies with ranged attacks and then have the mercenaries finish off the rest. Pick up the kid and head for the waypoint. Keep near the kid and make sure no one bothers the doctor.

The Impaler'S Tomb

100% Synch RequirementComplete the level within 7 minutes

Find the Hidden Tomb marker on the map, in Sophia's house, to locate a book that will mark The Impaler's Tomb on the main map.

Note: This is part of the special edition content.

Once inside, free run on the short course directly ahead and to the left. When you reach the upper level, take a right and then left. Swing down to the lower level and continue west until you reach an opening on the south wall (by climbing on a box). Follow the route and bypass the locked gate and perform a side jump from the ledge to reach the platform to the right and ride the zipline down. In the next area, follow the path to reach an opening in a wall (by using the boxes to get higher and making your way around and back jumping to a platform) and swing via the pole to reach the lower level.

Use the boxes to get on the upper area and follow the path and execute a long jump (hit O after jumping) when you get to the hanging fixture to reach a balcony. Perform a Leap of Faith from the perch and swim to a ledge to follow the tunnel (watching out for pits) until you come to a room and past it, a staircase.

Climb over the gate and then head west to reach a large room. Climb the north wall and use the ledges and platforms to get to the large arch to the south. Side jump to the ledge nearby and then to the platform. Follow the path and jump onto the suspended cage and move to the left, around a corner, and climb to the top via the door.

Next, climb the shaft via the drain and jump over the sewer opening to the south and climb on the wooden beam above. Now, jump over the north and ascend until the camera angle changes to show you where to go. Use the wooden framework to the south to begin the last part of the climb to reach an opening to the north. Back jump from the chain to get to the balcony and run down the steps. Loot the stone container to get Vlad Tepe's Sword.

NOTE: If you see any plain black dots on your mini-map, these are the new random civilian events. They can be as easy as carrying supplies to the docks and get you some decent cash.

You should probably check out Piri Rei's. You will be going here in a while to do his tutorials.

Memory 1: The Prisoner

100% Synch RequirementPickpocket the guard to retrieve the key

The guard you are looking for is a short distance to the east. When you reach the area, hop into the water and approach from the side. Check the stairs to the right and if it is clear, climb the wall in front of you. Use Eagle Sense to spot the guy you need to pickpocket. You can either rush up to him by holding Fast Walk or hide in the group nearby and wait for him to start walking away before trying this. Run back to the water and make your way back to the prisoner now.

Memory 2: The Sentinel, Part 1

100% Synch RequirementUse your Assassin Signal at least 1 time

After your apprentice tells you what is going on, head for the waypoint. Kill the guards however you see fit, but make sure that you use your Assassin Signal (L2). Go to the haystack and talk to your apprentice. Head to the man on the bench the game indicated and use Eagle Sense. Go to the next green area with Eagle Sense to see the massive bloodstain. Run after the guy and then fight alongside your apprentice.

NOTE: You can now send assassins on missions via Mediterranean Defense, but first you need more. You should spend some time liberating all the Templar Dens so you can begin Recruiting Assassins.

When you recruit your assassins you can level them up and gain access to the Master Assassin Missions.

Memory 3: Guild Contracts

The second part of this is as simple as heading to a pidgeon coop and being introduced to the Mediterranean Defense.

Memory 4: Bomb Crafting

Do as the tutorial instructs for this chapter and you should be okay. After the scene, leave the den and head for Piri Reis.

NOTE: You now have access to Piri Reis Missions by looking at the pictures on the wall near him.

Memory 5: A Familiar Face

Head inside and meet Sofia and then use Eagle Sense to find the hidden passage.

Memory 6: The Verebatan Cistern

100% Synch RequirementDo not be detected

Once your reach the first area with Templar's you need to be careful. If you head left and kill the two guards, the captain should patrol over to check the corpse of the guard who was sitting. Kill him and you will get the cistern key. Head up the rafters via the boxes to carefully take out the rest of the guards.

In the next area with guards, kill the two nearby guards before dropping down. Killing the pacing guard in the middle should make the far guard come examine. Kill the two guards on the right by the gate carefully and run past them to kill the mining guard (watching out for the guard on the upper level to the left). Next you should take out that upper guard by hiding to the left of the boxes. The captain can't see you, but you also can't target him. Go up the stairs to get to the upper level. When he isn't looking, target and kill him.

The guard blocking the gate shouldn't pose much of a problem, so kill him and make your way to the waypoint.

Stay on the upper level as long as possible to take out as many guards as you can before dropping down in a safe place.

Use Eagle Sense to find the hidden door and receive the Masayf Key.

Memory 7: Quid Pro Quo

This will happen when you leave the cistern and talk to Sofia. Leave her shop afterwards.

Memory 8: The Mentor's Keeper

100% Synch RequirementSave all citizens under attack

Returning to the Assassin HQ and heading to the marker will trigger a memory of Altair. In order to get the 100% you much kill all the guards marked with a black dot on the mini-map (they will only appear when you are anonymous).

Make your way to the target without being detected by climbing the wall to the right of the gate. Kill the guard at the top and then head right instead of down. Kill the guard and climb the wall at the dead end and continue along the path. Use the pole at the end to swing down and target the captain and kill him.

Memory 9: Curse of the Romani

100% Synch RequirementPoison all of your targets while blending with the Romanies

Firstly, make sure you have enough poison. Head to the waypoint and hire the Romanies. Use the Romanies to blend as you walk around. When you reach your destination, line up a Poison Dart and hit the target. When the guard picks up the chest, follow him until he stops and then shoot him. Do the same for the last guard and then grab the chest and head back to the Romani HQ.

Memory 10: The Sentinel, Part 2

100% Synch RequirementDo not be detected while you search for the prisoners

In order to get the 100% in this you will need to be tricky. Hire the Thieves on the rooftops and use them you lure the guards outside the first assassin. After this, I suggest you use bombs to lure guards together and then kill them. Afterwards, head back to the Assassin HQ. Chase the sentinel around until your apprentice kills him.

The Uncivil War

You can actually do these in any order, but I will be listing them in the DNA order.

Memory 1: The Prince's Banquet

100% Synch RequirementBeat Yusuf to Topkapi Palace

Yusuf is pretty slow, so just keep up with the other assassins and you should beat him there. Once there, jump down and bunch the annoying and "oh so familiar" minstrels. Dump them in the hay and head to the next group. If you stick to the left wall you should have no problem taking out all three groups. I can't get over Ezio's outfit.

Follow the games on-screen instructions to get inside and head for the waypoint. Use Eagle Sense to spot your target and then move to the designated spot and perform to catch the crowd attention, allowing your assassins to take out the target. Do this again for the second target.

In the next area, do the same as you did before three more times. Once you do, you will see a cutscene. Rush forward and kill the assassin before he kills the prince.

Memory 2: An Uneasy Meeting

  • 100% Synch Requirement: Do not be detected.

Instead of heading straight for the target area, turn around and head through the archway to climb to the roof. You should easily be able to get around without being detected.

Memory 3: The Worth Part of the World

  • 100% Synch Requirement: Get in and out of the port without being detected.

The easiest way to get in and out is to hug the right wall and take the small alleyway toward the water. Don't worry if the indicators start to flash, just run for the water and jump in. Swim around to the far side of the boat and climb the bow. From here you should be able to take out the two guards onboard without being detected. Search for the scroll with Eagle Sense and then pick it up with O. Go back the same way you came and you should be fine.

Memory 4: Signs and Symbols, Part I

Getting to this memory is most of the fun. Once you are at the top, use Eagle Sense to identify your target. Do a Leap of Faith to get down and head for the waypoint.

Memory 5: Galata Tower

100% Synch RequirementComplete the level within 6 minutes

Beating this in six minutes is really hard on your first try, but if you want to, follow this.

Descend the staircase and leap over to the platform. Guide Ezio as he falls and when you get control switch sides of the mechanism and climb up the back side. Continue to climb and then perform a back jump to one of the ledges. Head to the right and jump to the platform. Take the nearby zipline and head through the open doorway.

At the end of the tunnel, climb the wooden surface to your left (marked by a wheelbarrow of sorts) and then perform a long jump via the lamp. Cross the wooden beams and then right around the corner to back jump to a pole and swing. Head across the beams to the zipline.

The next part is pretty linear and the camera will show you where to go. Keep going for two more ziplines and then climb the wooden planks on the wall. Climb up until you can't anymore and then turn right and jump. After the cool little Unchartedesque scene, ride the zipline down.

Do a Leap of Faith and then get out of the water and follow the obvious path to your right, making sure to do a long jump from the lamp. Just keep climbing up and then to one side or the other when you can't go up anymore. You will eventually reach another zipline or three. When you reach the bottom, use Eagle Sense of the far right door.

Memory 6: The Mentor's Wake

100% Synch RequirementDo not lose more than 3 synchronization points

Head for the waypoint and enjoy the conversation. After the scene you must disarm seven assassin. Altair will automatically drop it, so don't hit any directional keys and kill someone on accident. After another scene, you must make it to Abbas before the Apple kills him. Use the wooden platforms to reach a ladder and then climb the tower. Be careful, the Apple can cause you to fall when the pulse goes off.

Heir to the Empire

Memory 1: The Janissaries

100% Synch RequirementDistract 2 guards with bombs

Once you use Eagle Sense to identify Tarik, use the crowds to blend in and follow him. When he reaches his first destination outside the bazaar, hide in the nearby hay cart because he is going to turn around. Continue to follow him. When a scene mentions making sure he's not followed, use some Cherry Bombs from a blend spot to distract the guards. Keep following him and when you see a set of Romanies, hire them. At the first guard position, send the Romani to distract them. Continue to follow and when you see the Thieves, use them on the nearby guard station as well. When Tarik walks through the arch, head for the rooftops. Make sure to kill any sentries up there as you follow. Eventually, you will get a scene.

Memory 2: The Arsenal Gates

100% Synch RequirementMake sure 40 or more rioters survive

Bribe the Heralds, as the game instructs and then head for Yusuf. When you have control again you will face two waves of soldier. I suggest you have all 3 assassin signals ready and a Crossbow or Throwing Knives full. When the first wave comes, call an assassin signal and shoot guards from a distance. On the second wave, make sure you call an assassin on the Janissary since he will kill civilians extremely fast. You should have no problem, if you call assassins and use ranged attacks.

Memory 3: Arsenal Infiltration

100% Synch RequirementPerform an Air Assassination from a zipline

Use Eagle Sense to follow Manuel's trail through the conflicted area. When you reach a building with a large archway, away from the main fighting, take to the roofs. Head for the wall and follow it towards the waypoint. If you keep moving, the guards attention you get at the gate should leave you alone when you run out of view. Head back down to ground level when you reach the green zone.

After the scene run straight ahead across the poles in the water. Use Hook and Run to bypass the guard and then climb the tower. Use the zipline to do an air assassination on the boat and continue on.

NOTE: You now have access to this area that was blocked off. You should have treasures in here to get and a waypoint.

Memory 4: Portrait of a Lady

100% Synch RequirementSteal the painting without the merchant spotting you

This is an easy memory to complete with 100%. Simply head to the waypoint and use Eagle Sense to identify the thief and beat him up. Next, head to the shop owner. You can steal this many ways without being caught. You can draw him away from the shop by pickpocking him and then beating him up or you could use a Smoke Screen bomb. The choice is really yours, but afterwards head to Sofia.

Memory 5: Signs and Symbols, Part II

Do the same thing you have been doing for all the other Polo Symbols.

Memory 6: The Forum of the Ox

100% Synch RequirementDo not take any damage

This area is mostly a free running challenge and is fairly straight forward. Head across the poles to get to the dock and head to the left, toward the flaming torches. From there, free run ahead and across some broken archways. Keep going and make a long jump at the lamp. When you have control, keep going. Follow the path, making long jumps when needed. When the camera turns to show you a way, follow it to a zipline. Make another long jump and continue. After the scene where they blow up the bridge, head across the burning poles and continue. Luckily, these guys are horrible shots. Keep going to another zipline and air assassinate them.

When you get control, draw your sword and guard. Use counter kills to take out the guards so you take no damage. Now use Eagle Sense on the wall behind you to locate the hidden door.

Memory 7: A New Regime

Follow Maria to meet with Abbas. When you have control, you can fight or run. Head for the upstairs part of the library to the large shining window to jump through it. Head for the next waypoint and meet Darim. Now make your way through the village, using Throwing Knives to kill anyone who gets in your way.

NOTE: Sequence 06 should start you near Duccio. Find and beat him up for a achievement/trophy.

Memory 1: Into the Shadows

100% Synch RequirementAssassinate a target from a hiding spot

The Janissary you seek is in the south of the search area. The key to getting the 100% sync is a cherry bomb and the haystack that is on the ground to the north of the target. The ottomans will not detect you if you don't do anything bad, so stand next to the haystack and when the patrols pass, use the cherry bomb on the haystack and hop in. Hopefully, the target is within range and will walk over. Grab him for the 100% and memory end. If other patrols come with him, target him and grab him before they catch you and you will be okay. Detection after the kill is okay.

Memory 2: Honor, Lost and Won

100% Synch RequirementPerform an Air Assassination on Tarik

Follow the Janissaries and punch out the civilian who throws rocks at you. Once you reach the camp, you must stealth your way to the north section of the camp. While Janissaries will leave you alone, the Elites will not. Use blend spots and tents to make your way north undetected.

Head into the tent on your left and out the back. Use the walking Janissaries to get to get past the guard post.

On the other side, head for the tent on the right. Use the well, the haystack and the tent to kill all the guards over here. Now head for the tents on the left, going back the way you came. You should kill the guard near the scaffolding before trying to kill the one that walks by the first tent. You should easily be able to climb the scaffolding without being detected now.

In the third area, wait for the coast to be clear and head for the waypoint asap. When play resumes, use the walking Janissaries to head toward the wall on your left. You will need to time a trip across open area to get to the group next to the wall. When all guards are facing away from Ezio, free run up the boxes against the wall to the end and head right. You should eventually be directly above your target. When he walks close, air assassinate him.

Memory 3: Bearer of Mixed Tidings

100% Synch RequirementDo not kill anyone

This will activate as soon as you enter the restricted area around the palace. Getting to Suleiman is actually easy, since there are plenty of Romanies around. Get out the same way you came in or another way, if you wish.

Memory 4: A Little Errand

Head to the waypoint and then follow the florist. Staying out of his sight is easy. When you reach the location, pick three tulips and head for Sofia.

Memory 5: Signs and Symbols, Part III

Do what you have done for all the previous signs and symbols.

Memory 6: The Maiden's Tower

100% Synch RequirementObtain the Masyaf Key without falling into water

Head to the waypoint and interact with the sewage drain and then head to the next drain to get into the lower chambers. Most of the puzzles down here are timed levers. Pull the lever near you and head up the wall to your left and to the next switch. After the cutscene, jump to the ledges on the block and head down, back jumping to the ledges below and shimmy around the corner to back jump again. Take the obvious path to another lever.

Pull the lever and climb the wall to Ezio's right and back jump to a pole and swing to a ledge. Perform a long jump and follow the path to activate the next lever and another cutscene.

Head to the next waypoint and another lever. Climb the wall that Ezio is facing and swing down to the next level to take a right. Take another right and use the stone arches to get to the ledges on the column. When you climb to the top, perform a back jump and shimmy around the corner to do another back jump. Now head to the other lever and another scene.

The next lever is right in front of you now. Use it and jump to the ledge on the hanging black. Shimmy around the side and when the camera indicates, back jump to a ledge. Run along it and swing to a ledge and shimmy right to perform a side jump to a beam. Head across the beams and then swing to the mechanism in the middle. Now use the obvious path, look for ledges in the black weights, to make your way to the key.

Memory 7: The Mentor's Return

100% Synch RequirementDo not kill anyone except Abbas and his captains

Follow the assassin and when you have a chance, walk between the two captains for a double assassination. Follow the next captain and avoid killing anyone except him. The next captain will not bother you so simply walk past him and into the courtyard. After the scene, you can use assassin signals to attack anyone who comes after him. This will cause you to fail, so disarm or punch out anyone who comes looking for trouble as you head for Abbas. When you have control again, shoot him.

NOTE: You can use Eagle Sense to see some of Altair's past when you see imagine of Maria, but these are just for fun.

Memory 8: Setting Sail

100% Synch RequirementDo not kill anyone with blades

NOTE: Before going after this memory I suggest you finish up any secondary memories in Constantinople. You will also not have access to your assassins for a while so send them out on Defense missions. Because you will be gone for a long time, I suggest you invest in any buildings you haven't as the revenue will build up while you are gone.

After a conversation with Yusuf, head for the waypoint and hire the Romani group nearby to distract the guards. Run straight for the chain and interact with it before you get detected. After a cool scene, run past the guards and head straight for the canon waypoint. Use this to burn all the ships in the area to proceed. Follow the waypoints and you should make it through the memory just fine. Ignore any guards on your way to the ship.


After a quick conversation at Animus Island, head back into the portal for sequence 07.

NOTE: Cappadocia is an underground city that you can only visit in sequence 07. You will need to replay the 1st memory to return here.

There are a few things to note about the city while you are here:

  • Templar Tax is in place with a 10% tax on everything except Black Market purchases.
  • The following items can only be obtained in Cappadocia
    • Afghani Khyber Blade
    • Byzantine Arming Sword
    • Byzantine Mace
    • Prussian Long Sword
    • Digenes Akritas
    • Cronica
    • Tirant Lo Blanch
    • Bibliotheca
  • There are also 12 Animus Data Fragments and Treasures.
    • Luckily, Memory has an open-ended start that you can replay at a later date to get the above items.

Memory 1: The Hidden City

100% Synch RequirementDo not get detected

Head up the hill to the waypoint. The enemies in the area will only be aggressive if you do something to provoke them, like being on the rooftops or attacking them. In order to get the 100%, simply be careful. Your objective is to climb the large column structure in the middle of the city. When you reach the top, sync the viewpoint and perform a leap of faith to get down. Use Eagle Sense to identify Tarik's spy and then follow her.

Memory 2: The Spy Who Shunned Me

100% Synch RequirementDo not kill anyone

The steps to the prison are restricted area, so wait until there are no soldiers around and run up. After the scene, use the upper beams to leave the area the same way you came in. Head to the green zone and locate your target. Walk up behind him and lock onto him and then pick his pocket. Quickly run away so you aren't caught and head for the next waypoint.

There are now guards outside the restricted area, so you can either take the upper path we left on earlier or use a bomb to get past. Once inside, head for the waypoint to free the woman.

Memory 3: The Renegade

100% Synch RequirementDo not let Janos lose more than half his health

The first thing you need to do is kill the four gunmen around the area. Free run across the tops of the broken pillars to hang on the one above the nearest gunman to air assassinate him. Then follow the path onward, killing the gunmen as you pass.

Walk out onto the cross to air assassinate Shahkulu below. In the following fight, fight the guards and Shahkulu like you would any normal fight with a Janissary type enemy.

Memory 4: Decommissioned

100% Synch RequirementDo not take any damage

NOTE: Starting from this memory onward, you will not be able to explore the city anymore. Make sure you have finished everything you want before starting this.

Follow the waypoints up the central column and across to the restricted area. This is where it gets dangerous. You should use bombs to take out the groups of enemies (I personally like sticky bombs in case the templars move). If you find yourself in a fight, use Caltrops or Smoke Bombs to incapacitate the guards and kill them that way. Loot the chest for the grenades and continue to the next waypoint.

Memory 5: Last of the Palaiologi

100% Synch RequirementDo not take any damage

Getting 100% in this section can be easier than it sounds depending on the AI and enemies that are attacking you. As a general rule, you want to avoid the henchmen and follow Manuel. If you get unlucky and get shot, restart the memory. Eventually, you should get to the part where a scene shows the gate being shut behind Manuel. Ignore the guards and head for the gate, climbing it and continuing on. When you take on Manuel, a simple counter attack will kill him.

Memory 6: Escape

100% Synch RequirementDo not lose more than half your health

The 100% should be no problem for those who are good at counter kills, but the trick is that it says Ezio's meter must not drop below 50%. This means you can heal yourself with medicine as much as you want, as long as the meter is never below 50%. As you run through the city, Ezio will gradually lose health and the smoke will become dense. You will need to use Eagle Sense to see where you are going and heal yourself regularily.

Memory 7: Passing the Torch

This is an easy chapter, simply escort your men to the gates and kill any enemies by holding down the attack button to unleash the power of the apple.

NOTE: This is your last opportunity to do secondary memories until the end of the game.

Please check the following things and make sure you have completed as much as possible:

Memory 1: Discovery

100% Synch RequirementIf attacked, kill 5 guards in close combat without getting hit

Head to the back of the building and examine Yusuf's body. After the scene, drop down to street level and head inside the arsenal. You have infinite Assassin Signals, so use them whenever you want. To get the 100% can be a pain due to the other assassins, but there will be plenty of fight opportunities to get it. Head for Ahmet for a scene.

NOTE: The Ottomans are on high alert and will attack you without warning. Try to avoid them or take the tunnel entrance to your next memory.

Memory 2: The Exchange

100% Synch RequirementRescue Sofia before she loses 50% health

Travel to Galata graveyard and watch the scene. Head to the waypoint to meet up with Ahmet. When you have control again you will need to climb Galata Tower in the given time. Experienced climbers should have no problem climbing it in half that. After the scene, jump off the ledge and head for the next waypoint. Avoid the bullets by veering left and right and when you get to Sofia save her.

Memory 3: End of the Road

100% Synch RequirementKill 20 guards

You have already done a carriage section before, so take the same principles and apply them here. When you reach the areas where only one carriage can pass safely, time your hits to occur just before you reach them. When a scene occurs, pay attention to the screen and when prompted open your parachute.

Now you must use the directions to avoid buildings while you guard Sofia by killing Templars on horseback. You can attack them all individually or grab and throw them into other Templars to kill two. Keep doing this until you reach the next scene.

In the unconventional fight that follows, follow the on screen prompts to defend and attack Ahmet.


Enjoy the scenes as you load into sequence 09.

Memory 1: A Homecoming

Walk with Sofia to the entrance of the underground. Continue on until you reach the library entrance. When you reach the door, interact with it to bring up the entrance puzzle. Use Eagle Sense to see the puzzle in its true form and solve it. The constellation you must complete is the top right one. Use the keys and rotate them to follow the lines already there.

Head into the library, automatically lighting the torches as you walk by. Approach the shining chair in the middle to trigger the next memory.

Memory 2: Lost Legacy

Follow the same path you just walked, but as Altair. If you wish, you can stop and listen to the dialogue. Head for the waypoint to hide the apple and then head to the chair and sit down.

Memory 3: The Message

Head to the back wall and find the apple. Watch the scenes and enjoy the credits. Afterwards, you will be in a pre-sequence 08 state where you can finish any missions you need.

Rebuilding Constantinople

Though you can make it through the whole game without taking part in these side story quests, they will endow you with the money for your equipment and upgrades.

The ability to renovate buildings and businesses is unlocked as early as Sequence 02, when Ezio receives his first payment. Although you start the game with once building of each type, it will quickly become a hassle to go all the way back to the same one.


  • The sooner you invest, the better.
  • Only buildings in areas free of Templar control can be invested in.
  • Banks cost more, but they will also increase the maximum vault capacity.
  • Shops provide the best cost to reward ratio for opening them, but each succession costs more. The other bonus is having a vendor nearby.
  • Restoring Empty Faction Buildings has a bonus of letting you choose a faction to inhabit it. Once you choose one, you will then be able to hire that faction in the nearby area.
  • Landmarks have the worst cost to reward ratio, leave these for last.

Renovation Bonuses

Each building gives you a certain bonus in money for restoring it.

The following table will show you the exact bonus you get per building type:

Renovation TypeIncome Bonus
Book Shop275
Faction Buildings150
LandmarksSee Below

Landmark Restorations

Renovation TypeCostIncome Bonus
Gul Mosque38,100+600
Myrelaion Church45,600+600
Hagia Eirene40,000+600
Hagia Sofia60,000+1,100
Grand Bazaar42,350+800
Galata Tower27,000+350
Column of Marcian28,700+350
Valens Aqueduct49,750+1,100
Forum of Constantine29,750+450
Forum of OX32,300+450
Fatih Mosque35,000+450
Zeyrek Mosque33,450+600
Little Hagia Sophia44,400+800
Bayazid Mosque37,250+800

Shop & Building Restorations

BlacksmithsDoctorsTailorsBook ShopsBanksFactions

Templar Dens

Liberating Templar Dens is the only way to enjoy some of the best parts of Revelations, including the 12 Master Assassin Missions.

As with the previous games, you must kill the Templar Captain in a restricted area surrounding a Den and then light the signal flare before you can conquer an area. Now not all captains are the same, some are cowards and will run at the sight of Ezio. Other captain types are bold and will fight Ezio to the end. Some captains are marked when you enter a restricted area, but some will remain unmarked and must be identified with Eagle Sight.

Captain Type: Bold, Marked
Strategy: This is automatically taken over at the end of Sequence 02. This does not mean you can keep it forever, as the Templars can take it over at any time after Memory 4 in Sequence 03.
Captain Type: Bold, Unmarked (there are 2)
Strategy: The Marksman booths make it hard to approach the Den head on. A good plan is to use the tunnel entrance to reach the South Port destination and approach from the southwest. Climb the building nearby and kill the sentry on the rooftop. Take the ropes and use Eagle Sense to watch the path to the north. The hidden captains will pass by this position. Kill them with Poison Darts.
Captain Type: Coward, Unmarked
Strategy: Approach the Den from the south and stand on a rooftop. There may be a gunman up there. The captain will pass below you with a bodyguard. Identify him with Eagle Sense and then drop down and take him out before he can get away.
Captain Type: Coward, Marked
Strategy: Approach from the southeast corner of the area and climb a building nearby. There is a group of four Templars nearby that you may need to distract or go further north. Kill the gunman without getting sighted and then wait for the captain. Another option is to take a Leap of Faith and hide in the hay and wait.
Captain Type: Coward, Marked
Strategy: The captain can be found on the rooftop in the south and he walks around a lot, making him hard to catch unaware. For this reason a direct attack is probably your best option. Your best option is to wait for assassins to be able to perform an Arrow Shower.
Captain Type: Bold, Unmarked
Strategy: Approach from the east and kill the sentry and Templar to reach a zipline. Ride it at full speed and assassin the individuals at the end. One of these is the captain. There is a possibility that some other enemies may walk nearby and Ezio will target them instead.