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  1. I decided to start off with Dynasty Warriors since that's my favorite franchise of all the options we were given...I only just recently learned that each of the 3 characters fighting for the throne have 4 different franchises allied to them each. I've read in a couple articles and websites that you are restricted to only having characters in your faction unlocked throughout the entirety of the story mode, I'm really hoping this isn't true considering my dream team consists of William from Nioh, Marie Rose from DOA, and Tokitsugu from Toukiden who are all in sperate factions...anyone willing to fill me in on unlocking separate faction characters before I have to find out the hard way?

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  1. There's actually only three, the fourth could be referring to the true ending but thats a branched path that can be reached through any of the factions. All factions are actually available from the start as well, the faction being chosen based on the character you start with(ie, Zhao Yun is in Tamaki's faction, so you start the game there, and so on)

    Yes, it is true that you only have access to characters in the respective faction TO AN EXTENT. This game has 15 different endings, and the true ending route will unlock all characters unrelated to you starting faction, although this is very late in the game.

    Answering the various path requirements is a little spoilery but dont worry, you can actually find out what requirements can achieve branching battles and paths by the "battle rumors" option on the world map.

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  2. You start off with 3 characters and unlock more with "hero battles"
    While there are hero battles for most characters you only get some depending on who you start with. This will include some characters associated with other factions but not others.
    I started off with Hayabusa and got all the Shiki characters and 7 for characters from other factions (but not Marie-Rose nor Tokitsugu).
    Note that you do need to complete story battles and recruit other heroes to unlock the hero battles.
    These seem to be fixed with the other characters on the opposing side in story battles.

    If you fulfill the requirements for the other story (see battle rumours) you will get all the characters (including the cat trio but not neccesarily Opoona) -so you will then be able to use any character combination you like for the generic battles and the remaining story battles (there may be a few left from your starting faction plus a number of battles in the newly unlocked story).

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