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    FAQ/Walkthrough by BNii

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 01/28/18 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Earth Defense Force 5/Chikyu Boeigun 5 FAQ/Walkthrough
    Version 1.01
    January 28, 2018
    By Brian Nii (bnii at hawaii dot edu)
    Table of Contents
    Version History
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Getting Started
    1.  Today's Schedule
    2.  Escape from the Dark
    3.  288 Base Crisis - Preface
    4.  288 Base Crisis - Part 2
    5.  Broken Tranquility
    6.  Unidentified Flying Object
    7.  Quiet Threat
    8.  Monster Attack
    9.  Wedge of Ruin
    10. Escape
    11. Flame in the Sky
    12. Spreading Disaster
    13. Turning Point
    14. Extermination
    15. Big Ship Destruction Strategy
    16. Isolation
    17. A Causative Evil
    18. The Secret of the Cave
    19. Annihilation Plan
    20. Return Encounter
    21. Night Raid Strategy
    22. Outpost Base Reconnaissance
    23. Mountain Wedge
    24. Descending Ship Attack
    25. Readvance
    26. Artillery
    27. Sniper Unit
    28. Red Machine
    29. Iron Wall
    30. Outpost Base Destruction Operation Plan A
    31. Outpost Base Destruction Operation Plan B
    32. Cave Invasion Operation 1st Stage
    33. Cave Invasion Operation 2nd Stage
    34. Cave Invasion Operation 3rd Stage
    35. Stationary Ship
    36. Slaughter who Dances in the Air
    37. Planetary Destruction Plan
    38. Crashing Plain
    39. Plain Before Me
    40. A Ferocious Battlefield
    41. Outpost Attack Charge Strategy
    42. European Relief Strategy 1
    43. European Relief Strategy 2
    44. Flight Disinfection Strategy
    45. An Empty Circle
    46. Second Big Ship Destruction Strategy
    47. Survivor
    48. Disc Diffusion
    49. Prior Descent Operation
    50. Next Descent Operation
    51. Fleet Attack Plan
    52. Trap at the Bottom of the Earth
    53. Soldier's Surprise Attack
    54. Black Curtain
    55. Lurker in the Net
    56. Thread Predator
    57. Cruel Battle in the City
    58. Hidden Threats
    59. Barrier Rush
    60. Mountain Survey Strategy
    61. Large Disk Shooting Down Operation
    62. The Creeping Magical Ball
    63. Industrial Area Recapture Strategy
    64. Wing Corps
    65. Just Under the Huge Ship
    66. Rain of Balloons
    67. Knight of a Different Star
    68. Falling Big Tower
    69. The Great Stranger
    70. Aircraft
    71. Anchor Destruction Plan
    72. Fierce Battle of Thick Fog
    73. Light Citadel
    74. Sky Army
    75. Battle Invasion
    76. Captured City
    77. Queen of Dusk
    78. Monster Removal Control Plan
    79. Base 228 Recovery Operation Stage 1
    80. Base 228 Recovery Operation Stage 2
    81. Base 228 Recovery Operation Stage 3
    82. Base 228 Retreat Operation
    83. Arkels Destruction Plan
    84. City Big Tower
    85. Larva Attack
    86. The Secret of Darkness
    87. Rushing Balloons
    88. Trapped in Thread
    89. Flight Type Devastation Strategy
    90. Distressed Area
    91. Sparkling Abyss
    92. Airship Group Attack
    93. Trap Covering the Peak
    94. Time of Bloodly Battle
    95. Falling Point
    96. Monster Land
    97. Trapped in the Iron Thread
    98. Defensive Battle at the Border
    99. Fierce Battle at the Bottom of the Earth
    100. The Greatest Last Clash
    101. Collapsed City
    102. Forcibly Rushed Strategy
    103. Whirlwind
    104. Ruined Wheel
    105. Demon's Feast
    106. Those Who Die
    107. Invader Great Rally
    108. Inferno Earth
    109. The 11th Ship
    110. That Person
    Weapon Farming
    - Mission 62 Gatchapon Madness
    - Mission 87 Gatchapon Madness Part Deux: Gatchapon Harder
    - Mission 101 Spray and Pray (or Spin to Win)
    Weapon Lists
    |Version History|
    Version 1.01 (January 28, 2018) - Made some corrections to the weapon lists for
    some weapon names and/or levels. Added mission 101 to the weapon farming
    section. Expanded strategy for missions 62 and 87 in the weapon farming 
    Version 1.0 (January 21, 2018) - Completed walkthrough. Added trophies section.
    Updated enemies section. Added mission 87 to the weapons farming section. Large
    update to weapon lists and made adjustments so some of the weapon categories 
    more closely match up with the order that they appear on the lists in game.
    All I need to do now is to keep farming weapons on inferno to see if I missed
    Version 0.2 (January 14, 2018) - Updated walkthrough up to mission 65. Added
    weapon statistic descriptions to the Ranger and Wing Diver weapon sections for
    Version 0.1 (January 10, 2018) - First version. Walkthough up to mission 10.
    |Frequently Asked Questions|
    Q: What is this game?
    A: Earth Defense Force 5 (also known as Chikyu Boeigun 5 in Japan) is a sequel
    to Earth Defense Force 2025/4.1. It is a third person shooter where you battle
    alien forces that are trying to take over the earth and destroy humanity.
    Q: Is this game out in the N.A./Europe/etc.?
    A: Currently this game is only out in Japan.
    Q: When is this game going to be released in the N.A./Europe/etc.?
    A: Currently there are no announcements to localize this game as of yet from
    any publishers. There's a good chance that it will eventually get localized as
    the previous games in the series (2025 and 4.1) have been localized.
    Q: Can I play the Japanese version on my NTSC/PAL PS4?
    A: Yes. PS4 games are region free so you should have no problems running the
    Japanese version on your system.
    Q: How do I get this game?
    A: You can order it from online import stores (such as Play-Asia) or download
    it from the Japanese PSN store. If you're going to download it you will need a
    Japanese Playstation account. You will also need a Japanese account if you want
    to download any of the DLC for the game.
    Q: How different is this game compared to 2025/4.1?
    A: Honestly, while there are a few changes the game feels like for the most 
    part an expansion to 4.1 rather than an entirely new game. One of the enemies
    in the game is even a re-skin of an enemy that was previously in 4.1.
    Q: So is the game good or bad?
    A: If you're a fan of the previous games in the series you're probably going
    to enjoy playing EDF5. If you're new to the series I highly recommend trying
    out EDF 2025 or EDF 4.1 first.
    Q: So should I get the Japanese version or should I wait for the localization?
    A: Good question. Personally I'm both impatient and a hardcore EDF fan so
    getting this took little convincing on my part. Just be aware that the game is
    about $70 and with expedited shipping (standard shipping takes about a month)
    you're going to be paying close to $90. Otherwise, if you're patient you can go
    ahead and wait for the localized version when it (hopefully) comes out.
    Q: Do I need to know Japanese to play this game?
    A: While the weapons/equipment screen has a ton of Japanese, actually playing
    the game doesn't require any knowledge. Even if you don't read any Japanese 
    this FAQ will give you the bear minimum to understand how to navigate the
    menus and get into the game quickly.
    Q: So what are the changes from 4.1?
    A: Here's a rundown of what's new in EDF5:
    - 110 Missions as opposed to 89 in EDF 4.1. Note that online skips the first
    tutorial mission and has an additional 2 exclusive missions.
    - Rangers have a new dash move (hold L3) and Wing Divers have an emergency
    evade (hold the L stick in a direction while pressing L3).
    - Classes now have auxiliary equipment they can use. Rangers and Wing Divers
    get one slot while Fencers get two. Air Raiders don't get auxiliary equipment
    but have an additional weapon slot.
    - Weapon pickups now give weapons for all the classes rather than the one you
    are currently using. Priority is given to the class you are currenly using.
    - Picking up a duplicate weapon has a chance of increasing the weapon's
    capabilities such as increasing its ammo, damage, rate of fire, range, etc.
    - Armor pickups apply to all classes rather than just the one you are currently
    using. However, the armor gain is not equalized as only the class you are 
    currently using will obtain the full armor value.
    - You will keep a certain percentage of armor and weapons picked up even if
    you failed the mission. The percentage is as follows: Easy 100%, Normal 75%,
    Hard 50%, Hardest 25%, Inferno 0%.
    - Classes now have an alternate costume (civilian). You can change outfits
    freely once you've finished the game.
    - Hardest and Inferno difficulty are initially locked from the start. You need
    to finish the game before these two difficulties become available.
    - All classes can now heal allies by picking up first aid.
    - New enemies and redesigns of some previous enemies.
    - Some missions will have weather effects (such as rain, fog, etc.).
    - Helicopters now have a fuel gauge which limits how long they can stay in the
    - New alien blood effects that splatter over the environment like paint.
    |Getting Started|
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Japanese games use the O button to select and the X button to 
    cancel, as opposed to western games that use the X button to select and the O
    button to cancel.
    (Please push any button.)
    You will get a message saying the game uses auto save and not to turn the 
    system off while the game is auto saving. Press O.
    Create a game save in one of the slots.
    [Split Screen]
    [Deploy] -> Here's where you select your mission and difficulty.
    [Army Branch Select] -> Where you can change your class.
    [Battle Records]
    [Game Options]
    [Return to Title]
    [Ranger] -> [Weapon 1]
                [Weapon 2]
                [Auxiliary Equipment/Vehicle]
                [Color Select]
                [Armor Adjust]
    [Wing Diver] -> [Weapon 1]
                    [Weapon 2]
                    [Plasma Core]
                [Color Select]
                [Armor Adjust]
    [Air Raider] -> [Weapon 1]
                    [Weapon 2]
                    [Weapon 3]
                [Color Select]
                [Armor Adjust]
    [Fencer] -> [Weapon 1] Set 1
                [Weapon 2]
                [Weapon 3] Set 2
                [Weapon 4]
                [Auxiliary Equipment 1]
                [Auxiliary Equipment 2]
                [Color Select]
                [Armor Adjust]
    [Sound Effect Volume]
    [BGM Volume]
    [Voice Volume]
    [Screen Vibration] <- Recommend turning off.
    [Swing Speed] <- You might want to adjust this a bit higher.
    [Turn Speed] <- Ditto.
    [Vertical Control]
    [Horizontal Control]
    [Camera Director] <- Highly recommend turning off. It's annoying.
    [Online ID]
    [Return to Default]
    [Character Operation] <- Changes control schemes for classes.
    [Chat Shortcuts] 
    [View Manual] 
    PAUSE MENU (Press Options during gameplay)
    [Return to Game]
    [Restart Mission]
    [Game Options]
    CONFIRMATION MENU (Returning to Title/Restarting Mission/Etc.)
    Do you want to X?
    [Hai (Yes)] [Iie (No)]
    POST MISSION RESULTS SCREEN (Displayed after a mission)
    The first four names will be in grey and indicate the armor gain for each 
    class. This assumes that you are playing as the Ranger. If you're playing as
    a different class that class will be at the top and the remaining order will be
    shifted accordingly. The next color coded names indicate which class obtained
    weapons during the mission and whether or not the weapon is new or upgraded.
    [Ranger] Armor Gain (Current Class)
    [Wing Diver] Armor Gain
    [Air Raider] Armor Gain
    [Fencer] Armor Gain
    [Ranger (Red)] Weapon
    [Wing Diver (Blue)] Weapon
    [Air Raider (Yellow)] Weapon
    [Fencer (Green)] Weapon
    Initial Armor: 200
    Armor Gain Per Box: 0.64 (2 Boxes Per 1 Point)
    L Stick: Move
    L3 (Hold): Dash (hold R stick to move left and right while dashing) 
    R Stick: Aim
    L1: Zoom (for weapons with zoom feature)
    L2: Jump (L Stick + direction for evasive roll)
    R1: Switch Weapon
    R2: Fire Weapon
    Square: Reload
    O: Enter Vehicle
    Weapon Data (left to right)
    Assault Rifle - Shotgun - Sniper Rifle - Rocket Launcher - Missle Launcher -
    Grenades/Grenade Launcher - Special
    Auxiliary Equipment/Vehicle Data (left to right)
    Auxiliary Equipment - Combat Vehicle - Helicopter - Bike
    Dash: Rangers can now dash to get from point A to point B faster. While dashing
    a circle will appear around the Ranger. Items will automatically be picked up
    when they enter this radius. Note that dashing has a start up period to get up
    to speed, and there is a delay where you slow down at the end of a dash (which
    you can mitigate by performing a roll at the end of a dash). While this is good
    for moving long distances you turn very slowly while dashing. If you need to
    move diagonally (or backwards) quickly it's better to use a roll instead.
    Auxiliary Equipment: The Ranger can equip an auxiliary equipment with various 
    Vehicles: In lieu of an auxiliary equipment, the Ranger can call a vehicle 
    Initial Armor: 150
    Armor Gain Per Box: 0.4 (3 Boxes Per 1 Point)
    L Stick: Move
    L3: Emergency Evade (hold L Stick for directon) 
    R Stick: Aim
    L1: Zoom (for weapons with zoom feature)
    L2: Fly
    R1: Switch Weapon
    R2: Fire Weapon
    Square: Reload
    O: Enter Vehicle
    Weapon Data (left to right)
    Short Range - Med Range Power - Med Range Elec - Med Range Pulse - Long Range -
    Range Attack - Homing - Special
    Emergency Evade: Like the Ranger, the Wind Diver can also perform an emergency
    evasive move.
    Plasma Core: Instead of an auxiliary item, the Wing Diver can change their
    plasma core. Each model has various bonuses or penalties.
    Charge Weapons: Some of the Wing Diver's weapons start out with no energy.
    Instead you must charge the weapon first (by holding down R2). The weapon power
    increases with the amount of energy charged.
    Initial Armor: 200
    Armor Gain Per Box: 0.64 (2 Boxes Per 1 Point)
    L Stick: Move
    R Stick: Aim
    L1: Activate (detonate weapons or activate turrets)
    L2: Jump (L Stick + direction for evasive roll)
    R1: Switch Weapon
    R2: Fire Weapon or Throw/Put Down Device
    Square: Reload
    O: Enter Vehicle
    Weapon Data (left to right)
    Req Artillery - Req Gunship - Req Bomber - Req Missile - Req Satellite -
    Limpet Gun - Installation Weapon - Support Equipment - Special
    Vehicle Data (left to right)
    Combat Vehicle - Vehicle - Helicopter - Combat Frame - Special Weapon
    Request Reloads: Certain requests such as the gunship no longer require points
    but automatically reload.
    Automatic Reloads: Certain devices such as the ZE gun turrets no longer need
    to be equipped to reload.
    Initial Armor: 250
    Armor Gain Per Box: 0.8 (2 Boxes Per 1 Point)
    L Stick: Move
    R Stick: Aim
    L1: Use Right Weapon Ability (deflect, boost dash, boost jump)
    L2: Fire Left Weapon
    R1: Use Right Weapon Ability (deflect, boost dash, boost jump)
    R2: Fire Right Weapon
    Triangle: Change Weapon Sets
    Square: Reload
    X: Jump
    O: Enter Vehicle
    Weapon Data (left to right)
    Hitting - Close - Shield - Machine Cannon - Artillery - Missile
    Auxiliary Equipment (left to right)
    Booster Reinforce - Shield Strength - Enhance Artillery - Skeleton Reinforce
    Auxiliary Items: Like the Ranger, the Fencer can equip auxiliary items. 
    However, the Fencer can equip two items rather than just one.
    Yep. The ants are back. They're still pretty much the same, except now they
    show battle damage when shot. They bite at close range and shoot acid from a
    A much stronger version of the black ant that appears on Hardest or higher
    Red ants can take a lot more damage than black ants. They lack the acid attack 
    and can only bite.
    Like the gold ants, purple ants replace the red ants on Hardest or higher
    Similar to black ants, except they move much faster and do a lot more damage.
    There is a small variant that is exactly the same as the regular version
    except for its smaller size, making it much harder to hit.
    Still the same as before, the queen ant fires a veritable ocean of acid.
    A new edition to the game, eggs release ants when shot open. White eggs release
    black ants, while red eggs found later in the game release red ants.
    No changes here, except like ants they also show battle damage. They attack
    by shooting threads.
    A much tougher spider variant appearing on Hardest or higher difficulties.
    Yep. No changes here. Just a big spider.
    DANGO WORMS (aka Pill Bugs)
    This enemy is new to EDF5 and is particularly horrifying in appearance. It
    rolls into a ball and bounces around like a super ball on crack. On a side note
    dango refers to a round Japanese rice dumpling.
    Aside from the name, these large spiders are exactly the same as the retiarius
    from the previous games. Like their predecessors they fire a web that
    immobilizes you and pulls you closer. If you deal enough damage to the alanya
    it will release the web. The web still goes through buildings like before, so
    be careful.
    Aside from the fact that they're now flying frogs, tadpoles are exactly the
    same as the dragons from EDF 4.1. Like the dragons they breath fire from the
    air and chomp on you at close range. There is a smaller version that is green,
    but aside from its size is exactly the same as the regular versions.
    A larger version of the regular tadpole that's purple. It can take 
    significantly more damage than the regular versions.
    Not the bees! All jokes aside the bees are pretty much the same as the last
    game. They shoot a cluster of stingers from a distance.
    Bees that are red and a bit tougher than regular bees.
    Still the same. Fires a large quantity of stingers.
    These replace the quadruped walkers from 4.1. They are quite literally a
    walking fortress. You'll need to remove the outlying weapons around the base
    before you can have a clear shot at the underbelly, which is its weak point.
    Thankfully it's much easier to target than the quadrupeds from the last game.
    It's still a tough target though since it carries like a bazillion guns.
    They may look different, but shield bearers are pretty much unchanged since
    EDF 4.1. While stationary they project a field that deflects all missile 
    attacks, but allows alien attacks to pass through. The field shrinks in size
    when the shield bearer is in motion, but it's still active you you'll need to
    get close in order to take it out.
    The colonists are the new hectors of EDF 5. They are large bipedal frogs armed
    with various weapons. Unlike the hectors, colonists are more evasive and 
    perform actions like side stepping and climbing over obstacles. You can 
    actually shoot off their legs to immobilize them or their arms to disarm them,
    but only temporarily as they will regenerate their limbs. Their weak point is
    their head and a strong long range weapon shot to the head can take them down
    rather quickly. They are usually armed with an energy rifle but some are
    equipped with a long range bombardment cannon. There is a red variant that is
    armed with an energy shotgun that is devastating at close range.
    Possibly one of the most dangerous enemies in the game, cosmonauts are heavily
    armed and armored bipedal aliens. You will need to shoot the armor off their
    body before you can actually damage them. Underneath the armor they appear as
    the stereotypical gray aliens with creepy black eyes. What makes cosmonauts so
    dangerous is they use much more sophisticated tactics than the other aliens
    such as supressive fire, flanking, taking cover, and overwatch. Most are armed
    with an energy assualt rifle, but they also use close range shotgun type 
    weapons and energy cannons that fire a continuous beam from a long distance.
    Like colonists, cosmonauts can regenerate limbs and their head is their weak 
    point, but you'll need to shoot off their helmet first.
    Similar to regular cosmonauts, heavy cosmonauts have much thicker armor which
    can absorb far more damage than the armor that regular cosmonauts have. They
    are also more heavily armed. Some carry gatling style weapons with a huge rate
    of fire, while others carry rocket launchers. A few even carry flamethrowers
    that are especially dangerous at close range.
    You know em. You love em. Aside from their new design, deroys remain relatively
    unchanged. They still fire an explosive plasma ball at range, while at close
    range they strike with their long legs while shooting with the lasers on their
    legs. One new trick they picked up in the interim is that a few variants can 
    now fire a missle barrage. Due to the odd shape of their head it can be a bit 
    harder to hit them here at a distance.
    These take the place of the bug nests of the previous game. These large tower
    like structures fly from the sky and imbed themselves into the ground. From
    the large crystal like structure at the top enemies are teleported into the
    area. This is also their weak point so shoot it quickly to stem the tide of
    aliens entering the battlefield.
    Similar to the regular anchor, except they're much larger in size and can
    spawn multiple enemy types at once. They are also far more durable.
    An even bigger version of the anchor. It can spawn huge numbers of enemies. Not
    surprisingly it's also far more durable than even a big anchor.
    These objects appear embedded in the rock in a few underground missions late in
    the game. Like the anchors they spawn enemies continuously until destroyed.
    Pretty much the same as the last game. Continuously spawns bees. It seems to
    be a lot more durable than it was in EDF 4.1.
    TRANSPORT SHIP (aka Teleportation Ship)
    Aside from their different appearance, they are pretty much the same as the
    last game. They deploy aliens from their underside while the hatch is open,
    which is also the only time they are vulnerable.
    These transport ships look like flying six-packs and carry colonists or 
    cosmonauts into battle. They are invincible and have no offensive capabilites.
    Don't bother trying to shoot the passengers while they're in the ship as they
    are also invincible until the hatches open.
    Aside from their appearance, drones in EDF 5 are pretty much the same as they
    were in EDF 4.1. Due to their shape they're much easier to hit from below, but
    more difficult to hit from the side. They fire a laser burst.
    Stronger variants of drones appearing on Hardest or highter difficulty.
    Like their EDF 4.1 counterparts, red drones are much stronger and faster
    versions of regular drones. They are extremely difficult to hit while moving,
    but they tend to remain stationary while firing. The problem is that they tend
    to fire from a very long distance away, meaning that they can "snipe" you
    while you're occupied with other enemies.
    Stronger variants of the regular drones. They fire two scatter beams. What
    makes them particularly annoying is that they tend to fly fairly high while
    bombarding you with energy blasts. Long range weapons are a big help with
    dealing with them.
    Stronger variant of the type 2 drone. And when I say stronger, I mean if a type
    2 drone is a sardine, an imperial drone is a tiger shark. These things are a
    serious threat when they appear and should be engaged with caution. They fire
    an energy barrage than can do serious damage even on normal difficulty and can
    take a ton of damage before being destroyed. They may look like regular type 2
    drones from a distance, but you can tell them apart by their ominous black
    The Elginus makes a guest appearance, but surprisingly he's not the star of
    the show this time. It has the same attacks as before: charging, stomping,
    shooting laser breath, etc.
    The new star of EDF 5, the Arkels is a kaiju type monster whose main shtick is
    rolling around like Sonic the Hedgehog and firing nodules from its body that
    Note: This walkthrough assumes that you are playing on Normal difficulty. On
    Easy difficulty the enemies take far less damage to kill and the allied EDF
    forces are much stronger. On Hard difficulty the opposite is true. On Hardest
    and Inferno difficulty some of the enemies may be replaced with stronger
    variants, and more enemies (including stronger boss types) may appear in 
    addition to the regular enemies.
    Enemies: Black Ants
    Note: This is a tutorial level. The enemies here will never kill you and
    unless you kill yourself with an explosive weapon during target practice you
    cannot fail the mission. This mission does not appear online.
    After the initial dialogue move your character with the L Stick, look around
    using the R Stick, and then finally jump with L2 (Rangers/Air Raiders) or X
    (Fencers). If you're using a Wing Diver you'll be asked to fly instead (hold 
    L2). An acknowledgement screen will pop up. Just press O to continue. While
    you're in this room Wing Divers can fly as much as they want until they leave
    it, whereupon they are forced to walk (very slowly). Air Raiders can now roll
    but oddly Rangers cannot.
    Follow your friend out the door and down the long hall as several EDF soliders
    and tanks go by. When you reach the door on the left the lights will go out
    and you'll turn on your flashlights. Cross to the opposite side as several
    combat frames go by. When you reach the next door a black and will come out and
    kill the security guard. You have no way to defend yourself but don't worry as
    several Rangers will appear nearby and kill the ants for you. If you're lucky
    they may drop an armor box or better yet a weapon box. Once the ants are all
    dead after a short dialogue you will be taken to weapons practice.
    Your first goal is to destroy four targets. Target the targets closest to you.
    The weapons you get depend on your class.
    Rangers: Assault Rifle, Rocket Launcher
    Wing Diver: Raiper, Plasma Cannon
    Air Raider: Limpet Gun, ZE-GUN
    Fencer: Gatling, Blast Hole Spear
    Rangers can easily destroy the four closest targets with the assault rifle. The
    same goes for the Fencer and the gatling, but remember that the gatling has a
    start up time before it starts to fire and has severe muzzle climb, so fire in
    short controlled bursts. The Wind Diver's rapier weapon has a very short range
    so you might want to get close to the targets before firing. The Air Raider's
    limpet gun fires in an arc so you might want to get a bit closer to the target
    as well. To detonate the limpet mines you'll need to press L1. Don't get too
    close or you'll end up blowing yourself up.
    Once the first four targets have been destroyed you'll be asked to reload 
    (press square) and then switch your weapon (press R1). Use your second weapon
    to destroy the remaining targets. For the Ranger remember that rockets explode
    so don't get too close. For the Air Raider the plamsa cannon must be charged
    first before you can fire it. Hold down R2 to charge the weapon and release it
    to fire. The greater the charge the more powerful the shot will be. For Air
    Raiders you need to toss the ZE-GUNs on the ground (R2) and then activate them
    with L1. And finally for the Fencer simply destroy the targets with the blast
    hole spear, which has an extended range so you can take them out from a 
    Once all the targets are destroyed you will be asked to perform a specific
    action depending on your class. Rangers will need to do an evasive roll (L2 +
    L Stick) and dash (hold L3). Wing Divers will be asked to do an emergency
    evade (L3). Since Air Raider's didn't get anything new they get a free pass.
    Fencers will need to use their secondary abilities (just press R1 and then L1).
    Once you're done with all of that just follow the EDF soliders up the ramp and
    the mission will end.
    Enemies: Black Ants
    For this mission you can actually select your weapons, but if you're just
    starting out you'll have the training weapons from the previous mission by
    default. This is a fairly easy mission as all you need to do is follow your
    EDF allies through the base and kill the black ants as they appear. If you
    get separated from the group a handy line of flashing arrows will appear to let
    you know where they are.
    This will probably be the first mission where you manage to obtain some armor
    and weapon boxes (unless you lucked out in the tutorial mission). In the post
    mission screen you will see several classes and numbers at the top in grey.
    This is the armor gain for each of the classes. Next you will see several names
    in different colors. These are the weapon gains. Red is Rangers, Blue is Wing
    Divers, Yellow is Air Raiders, and Green is Fencers. New weapons will be
    indicated by the yellow NEW mark. Sometimes when you obtain a duplicate weapon
    it will increase the effectiveness of that weapon (indicated by the green UP
    mark). Weapon categories can be upgraded by a maximum of the number of stars
    next to that category. If the star is hollow it means that statistic can still
    be improved. If the star is full it means that the statistic has reached its
    maximum value. These improvements can include increased rate of fire, increased
    damage, increased range, faster reload time, increased accuracy, etc. These
    improvements can be significant, so don't be afraid to replay levels and get
    duplicate weapons.
    Enemies: Black Ants
    Once you exit the base you'll find the EDF forces under attack by black ants.
    Help them clear out the area. A second wave of ants will appear to the north.
    Once those are taken care of a third wave will appear from the east. Finally
    a very large wave of ants will appear from both the north and east. 
    Fortunately, the combat frames will activate and help you out with the oncoming
    swarm. In fact if you're playing on easy or normal you might want to just
    ignore the ants completely and just run around picking up the armor and weapon
    boxes scattered about while the combat frames mow down the enemy.
    4. 288 BASE CRISIS - PART 2
    Enemies: Black Ants, Anchors
    Two anchors will drop out of the sky and imbed themselves into the ground. 
    These tower like structures act like the insect nests from the last game as
    they will continuously generate enemies until they are destroyed. Aim for the
    glowing crystal at the top to destroy them. Once you destroy one of them a
    third will appear. Destroy the remaining anchors and mop up the remaining ants.
    Several dozen anchors will then appear. Don't worry about it as the mission 
    ends at this point.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Anchors
    Follow the tanks down the street towards the first anchor. Note that if you
    have a long range weapon it's possible to take down the anchor long before the
    ants get in range. Keep going towards the second anchor and destroy it as well.
    Once the tanks get in the center of the area a third anchor will drop from the
    sky and destroy them. Depending on where you are at the time you may be trapped
    between the anchors in front and back. Take out the anchor in the street, and
    then go for the remaining anchors. During this time the mothership will appear.
    Don't worry about it as it doesn't do anything but look intimidating. Once the
    anchors and ants have been destroyed the mothership will start to release a
    large number of drones. The mission will then end shortly afterwards.
    Enemies: Drones
    You'll be facing nothing but drones in this mission. A lot of drones. You might
    not want to bring explosive weapons here as the drones tend to get up in your
    face and debris will be flying everywhere. Not much in the way of strategy here
    except to shoot like crazy against the drone swarms. Note that after launching
    a few waves of drones the mothership will deploy and activate its gennocide 
    gun. While it's actually possible to destroy the three focus arrays around it,
    it will make no difference as the gun will fire regardless.
    Enemies: Drones
    You might want a long range weapon here. The drones swarming about are
    initially non-hostile (blue) but will quickly become hostile (red) if shot at
    or a drone is destroyed nearby. Fortunately, they tend to come in small groups
    rather than in one massive swarm like the last mission. Take your time and take
    down the drones piecemeal. If you have a homing weapon so much the better.
    Enemies: Spiders
    The grape jelly filled spider monsters are back. Not much to say about this one
    except follow the EDF squads and help them take down the groups of spiders as
    they appear. A transport ship will appear later in the mission but you can't
    destroy it. Focus on clearing the spiders it drops out.
    Enemies: Spiders, Anchors
    Marvel at the new EDF weather effects, and then head into the city to help the
    EDF clear out the spider spawning anchors that appear. Just another bug hunt
    for the EDF.
    10. ESCAPE
    Enemies: Red Ants
    You'll start out in a river canyon and will be attacked on both sides by waves
    of red ants, so you'll definitely want to bring close ranged weapons. Stay away
    from explosive weapons as the ants will definitely be getting up close and
    Enemies: Black Ants
    You'll be following a group of EDF soldiers down a road clearing out groups of
    black ants. Once the ants are dealt with the Air Force will launch an attack on
    the transport ships nearby. Once that's over the transports will start dropping
    ants into the area. Don't bother trying to shoot the transports down as they 
    are invincible during this mission. Help the Rangers mop up the remaining ants
    and the mission will end.
    Enemies: Spider
    This mission has spiders. A lot of spiders. Transport ships will deploy waves 
    of spiders throughout the mission. Again, don't bother trying to shoot the
    transports down. Just focus on the gobs of spiders. You'll have help from the
    various EDF soldiers in the area.
    13. Turning Point
    Enemies: Black Ants, Transport Ships
    This is the first mission where you can actually destroy the transport ships.
    In case you didn't know transport ships are only vulnerable when their lower
    hatch is open (usually while deploying enemies). It makes a distinct sound
    while doing so, so you can tell whether or not it's open while you're near it.
    After the extremely long dialogue you're free to hunt down the transport ships
    in the area. Make sure to bring a long range weapon or you won't be able to hit
    the ship's weak point from the ground.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Red Ants, Spiders
    You'll have the assistance of a squad of Wing Divers for this mission. It's
    basically a bug hunt with a twist. During the mission some of the enemies will
    come up from the ground in ambush. The have a moment of invincibility frames as
    they come up from the ground, so be mindful of that when you attack.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Drones, Colonists
    This mission introduces the new colonist enemies. But first you'll have to help
    the EDF take out the drones and black ants in the area. Once they've been
    cleared out several new ships will appear. They look like flying six packs but
    they're definitely not here to bring you refreshment. Each ship will deploy six
    of the new colonist enemies. Colonists are the new hectors of the game, and
    resemble giant bipedal frogs. Unlike hectors, colonists are much more evasive
    and can do things such as side step your shots and take cover behind buildings.
    It's actually possible to shoot off their limbs. Shooting their gun arm off
    will disarm them, while shooting their leg will force them to crawl. They do
    regenerate their limbs after a short period of time. Their weak point is their
    head, so if you have a long range weapon try to aim for that. Once the first
    wave has been taken care of a second, much larger wave will appear. Don't worry
    about it as at this point the mission will end.
    Enemies: Colonists
    This mission continues off the last one, where you'll play a game of cat and
    mouse (or is that frog and mouse?) with the colonists in the city. There are
    some EDF soliders you can recruit, but it might be a better idea to try and
    do this mission solo. A few pointers for this mission. First, try to take them
    on one at a time if at all possible. If you do take on multiple colonists at a
    time, try to funnel them in one direction. Make use of cover and play peek a 
    boo frequently. Colonists tend to fire in bursts even when you're behind cover.
    Wait until they stop firing, and then pop out with return fire of your own. As
    long as you take them on one at a time or in small groups you should be okay.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Red Ants, Colonists
    You'll begin the mission on top of a parking structure with a large number of
    ants and a few colonists in the distance. Try to take out the colonists first.
    Once you open fire the entire swarm will make a beeline towards you ala 
    Starship Troopers. Keep shooting until they get close to your position. At this
    point you may want to head to the lower level of the parking structure and
    fight from there. Once the initial area is clear, the rest of the mission is a
    basic clean up of the rest of the city.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Red Ants, Spiders, Colonists
    The first thing you'll notice right off the bat is that caves are no longer
    pitch black as they were in 4.1. From the start head down the tunnel where
    you'll come across a group of Rangers fighting off some black ants. Recruit
    them and continue. The next area is a Y shaped branch. Black ants and spiders
    will come from both tunnels, and if you fight there you'll have to deal with a
    pincer attack. You might want to hang back in the tunnel before that and let
    them come to you rather than having to deal with enemies coming in from two
    directons. Once they're dealt with keep heading down the tunnel to the right
    where you'll find a colonist and some spiders.
    Keep heading down the tunnel where you'll find some Wing Divers fighting some
    black ants. Help them out and then recruit them. Head back out the tunnel to
    find more spiders. After that is a small tunnel leading to an area with red
    ants and some colonists. Try to funnel the enemies into the small tunnel for
    an easier time. Past that you'll find some Fencers to recruit. The final area
    seems easy enough. There will be a colonist and black ants in a large cave.
    Killing them all will cause a second colonist to appear from the nearby tunnel.
    At this point an extremely large swarm of black ants, red ants, and spiders
    will start swarming out of the tunnel the colonist came from. To make matters
    worse an large number of enemies will start popping out of the walls as well.
    There's not much to say here rather than shoot everything and try to survive.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Elginius
    Keep shooting the black ants until an ominous theme starts playing. Yep, that's
    right. It's your old pal Elginius making a guest appearance from 4.1. At this
    point start unloading all your firepower on it. It has pretty much the same
    attacks as it did in the previous game. Keep shooting it and eventually a
    large number of EDF troops and tanks will appear to help out. Continue shooting
    Elginius until it decides to leave which ends the mission.
    Enemies: Red Ants
    EDF fans will probably recognize this mission as a remake of the infamous
    Crimson in 2025/4.1. You'll be facing three large waves of red ants. The first
    wave will appear on the beach. The second will appear from the mountains. The
    third and final wave will appear both from the north and south ends of the map.
    Fortunately, at this point the Air Force will show up to lend a hand with an
    aerial bombardment.
    Enemies: Red Ants, Spiders, Colonists
    This mission is kind of a stealth mission at night where you'll be taking out
    colonists in a refinery. There's a group of Wing Divers here, but as before
    in the mission Isolation you might want to do this solo. Carefully take out
    the colonists, making liberal use of the structures in the area. Later you'll
    come to an area with red ants milling about. Try to take them out first as they
    will be a nuisance while you're trying to take out the colonists. Past that is
    the last group of colonists. This one is surrounded by a large group of 
    spiders, which will immediately start heading towards you when you open fire.
    Destroy the spiders, and then mop up the remaining colonists.
    Enemies: Drones, Black Ants, Huge Outpost Base
    You'll be fighting mostly drones here. In fact you're probably not going to
    notice the ants here at all. See that big ominous thing shooting a bazillion
    lasers at the far end of the screen? Stay away from that. Concentrate on 
    shooting the drones. As the mission progresses the volume of fire from the base
    will start to drastically intensify. At this point start moving backwards, all
    the while shooting drones. While you can actually destroy some of the weapons
    on the base with a long range weapon, at this point it's rather pointless to
    do so. Keep falling back and shooting drones until the mission ends.
    Enemies: Red Ants, Spiders, Colonists, Anchors
    Bring a long range weapon. This mission will have you going down a road while
    taking out anchors along the way. The sooner you take them out the better. At
    the end of the road you'll come across a path that turns into a valley. When
    you enter it a large number of enemies will attack. Again, try to take out the
    anchors ASAP.
    Enemies: Colonists
    This mission will have you fighting a large number of colonists. Try not to
    stay in the middle of the street as the transports will drop the colonists in
    multiple areas and getting caught in a cross fire is very easy. This mission
    introduces the red colonist, which is exactly like the regular colonist except
    that it carries a powerful shotgun type weapon.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Red Ants, Spiders, Drones
    This mission is pretty much a slugfest. You'll face three waves of enemies, 
    each accompanied by a group of drones. First will be a wave of black ants,
    followed by a wave of red ants, and finally a huge wave of spiders.
    26. ARTILLERY 
    Enemies: Colonists
    You'll be fighting colonists armed with long range bombardment guns, similar to
    the artillery hectors in the last game. They can fire them from a considerable
    distance and are uncannily accurate. Counter with some long range weapons of
    your own. Be aware that reinforcements will appear during the battle behind you
    so watch out for a crossfire.
    Enemies: Spiders, Colonists
    You'll be facing mostly waves of spiders here with a few colonists in each
    wave loitering in the back. Try to take out the colonists first, and then the
    spiders. The final wave is rather tough as the enemies will approach from
    opposite directions to sandwich you.
    Enemies: Red Drones 
    The red drones are back, and they're just as annoying as ever. Try to focus on
    them on at a time. They tend to move very fast, and even guided missiles have a
    hard time hitting them. The only time they ever stop is to open fire at you.
    Guided weapons weapons are useful here, as are any weapons with accurate fast
    hitting projectiles.
    29. IRON WALL
    Enemies: Colonists
    This is a rather tough mission. You'll start out on a rooftop overseeing a
    large central area. Waves of colonists will approach from multiple directions.
    Use a long range weapon and attack from the roof. Eventually some colonist
    "snipers" will appear on the nearby buildings firing long range bombardment
    cannons. This will most likely knock you off the building. When they appear
    make them a priority target. As the battle progresses more colonists will 
    appear from new directions. The sheer number of them will make the battlefield
    rather chaotic as you and the EDF desperately try to whittle their numbers
    down. Try to focus on one group at a time so you're not broadsided from
    multiple directions. If you're lucky one of the colonists will get stuck far
    off into the distance (happens often), which means you have plenty of time to
    collect the tons of weapon and armor boxes scattered about the area before the
    mission ends.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Spiders, Drones, Colonists, Transport Ships, Huge Outpost
    This mission takes place during a sandstorm which will drastically limit your
    visibility. Follow the tank convoy through the storm and take out the black 
    ants and drones that appear. Eventually you will arrive at the huge outpost 
    base that you encountered back in mission 22 along with several transport
    ships. There are colonists in the area along with spiders that appear later.
    Focus on taking the colonists out first, and then take down the transport
    ships. Once the transport ships have been destroyed a second wave of colonists
    and spiders will appear. At this point the outpost base will rise up from the
    ground, revealing that it is in fact a mobile fortress. Ignore the fortress and
    concentrate on destroying the remaining enemies.
    Enemies: Drones, Colonists
    Oh boy. This mission can be rather confusing at first, but all you need to do
    is destroy the drones and colonists that appear. You cannot destroy the huge
    outpost base. You can, however, destroy the weapons on it with a long range 
    weapon. On the plus side it cuts down on the beam spam that it throws out. On
    the minus side the outpost has so many weapons on it that it will take a
    considerable amount of time to whittle them down to managable levels. The
    outpost alternates between deploying drones and dropping colonists. Homing
    weapons can be useful here, as are long range weapons. Keep destroying the
    drones and colonists and eventually the mission will come to an end.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Red Ants, Spiders, Colonists
    This is a very long mission so I hope you have a drink and went to the 
    bathroom prior. From the start help out the Rangers and Wing Divers fight the
    black ants and colonist. Head left to a large open area with spiders and a
    colonist. Head up the long winding ramp to the top. The tunnel leads to a large
    area filled with ants. Rather than charge in, draw them back into the tunnel
    where you can funnel them into a killzone. When their numbers have thinned down
    head into the large cavernous area and kill the remaining ants. There are
    several colonists at the bottom of the area. Once you've killed everything
    head through the tunnel at the bottom. Follow the path and take out the red
    ants, spiders, and colonists along the way. Remember that it's easier to deal
    with enemies by drawing them to you (preferably into tight, confined areas) 
    rather than you coming to them. After a small group of black ants you'll enter
    into a very large area where you'll fight against black ants, red ants, 
    spiders, as well as colonists. Kill all of them to complete the mission.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Spiders
    This is another long mission but it's kind of interesting. You'll be escorting
    a group of Rangers through the underground, fighting off black ants and spiders
    along the way. If you get separated from the group a handy line of arrows will
    direct you back towards them. Not much to say there other than follow the group
    and take out the enemies as they appear. At the very bottom you'll be able to
    recruit the Rangers. Do so, and then with a long range weapon snipe at one of
    the spiders in the distance. This will cause all of them to charge towards you.
    Immediately pull back from the edge of the cavern and let them come up towards
    you. This is much easier than fighting them at the edge where they can approach
    from multiple directions. Once this last group of spiders is destroyed the
    mission will end.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Red Ants, Colonists, Queen Ants, Eggs
    You might want to bring along a powerful weapon. There are a whopping five
    queen ants in this mission. Start off by recruiting the Rangers and Wing Divers
    in the initial area. There are several black ants milling about in the 
    distance. Once you've gotten their attention a few colonists will pop out as
    well. Make your way slowly forward and you should definitely see the queen ant
    in the distance. Unload your heavy weapons into it. There's actually a second
    queen ant not far from it, and hopefully it doesn't come after you while the
    first one is still active. Keep going foward slowly. If you're good at sniping
    you can take out most of the black and red ants before they can even reach you
    since the cavern is rather large and open. Behind a large rock outcropping is
    a small circular opening where the third queen is waitng. Unload into it, and
    don't be afraid to fall back while reloading. Return to the circular opening.
    Beyond you'll encounter several large eggs. These eggs contain black ants, and
    will release them if their shells are broken. Nearby is a fourth queen ant.
    You'll need to be careful as the fifth queen ant is right behind it, and having
    two queen ants come at you at the same time is problematic. After the last two
    queens ants are killed you'll enter an area filled with eggs. You will need to
    destroy all the eggs (and ants that are released). When you start shooting the
    eggs on the ceiling eventually all of the remaining eggs will automatically
    open. Kill all the ants to end the mission.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Red Ants, Spiders, Drones, Colonists, Transport Ships,
    Huge Outpost Base
    The goal here is to destroy all of the transport ships in the area. 
    Fortunately, as the title of the mission implies, the ships remain stationary
    throughout the mission. Follow the Rangers foward across the river to
    destroy the black ants and the first ship. While you're doing so the nearby
    drones will probably activate and you'll have to shoot them down as well.
    Keep going forward and you'll end up in the same area as mission 20 near the
    beach. Hop down the beach and start destroying the ship and enemies nearby.
    As you destroy the ships the huge outpost base from earlier will appear in the
    distance and start making its way across the beach. A group of Wing Divers will
    also appear on the beach at this point. Try to stay off the beach while the
    outpost is moving through, as it will be firing its weapons indiscriminately at
    anything nearby. Keep focusing on the remaining ships and enemies nearby. You
    might want to save the ship on top of the hill for last. Once there is only one
    ship remaining and the outpost has cleared the beach, go ahead and start 
    collecting the various weapon and armor crates littered about the area. 
    Afterwards, make your way to the top of the hill and destroy the remaining 
    transport ship.
    Enemies: Bees
    Not the bees! All jokes aside, this mission marks the first appearance of bees
    in the game. As you clear the bees from the map several units of EDF soliders
    will appear nearby. By the time you recruit most of them a very large swarm of
    bees will appear and fly to a corner of the map. You shouldn't have too much of
    a problem dealing with them as long as you take it slow and not engage all of
    them at once.
    Enemies: Elginus, Arkels
    Bring heavy weapons with you for this one. Elginus will only start taking
    damage until after the EMCs start firing, so hold your fire until them. Once
    Elginus is active unload all your weapons into it. Keep firing and eventually
    Elginus will go down. Once it does, a new kaiju type monster will appear.
    Meet Arkels. Arkels main attack is to curl up into a ball and roll foward like
    Sonic the Hedgehog. It can also fire nodules from its body that explode like
    timed mines. Go ahead and loot Elginus' body while Arkels smashes up the EMCs,
    and then concentrate your firepower on it. After you deal enough damage to it,
    Arkels will exit the area and the mission will end.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Spiders, Drones, Colonists, Queen Ants
    This mission is similar to the hector plains mission in the prior game, except
    instead of massive amount of hectors, you'll be dealing with massive amounts of
    colonists. Thankfully, there aren't any shield bearers this time around. You'll
    definitely want to bring a long range weapon here. From the start the Air Force
    will bombard the first wave of incoming colonists. Clear out the remainder and
    a second wave of colonists will appear. Followed by a third. And a fourth. Each
    wave is also accompanied by smaller enemies such as black ants, spiders, and
    drones. Focus your firepower on the colonists as they are the biggest threat.
    Fortunately, the EDF is packing some serious firepower in this battle, so many
    of the lesser enemies and a good chunk on the colonists will end up getting
    killed by your allies. The biggest threat will come near the end of the battle
    where several queen ants will appear. Obviously these should be your priority
    target when they show up. As long as you focus on the colonists first and
    foremost you shouldn't have any problems with the battle.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Red Ants, Spiders, Bees, Drones, Colonists, Transport 
    Ugh. I remember this mission from 4.1 and it still sucks here. Your goal here
    is to eliminate all the stationary transport ships in the area. Make sure to
    recruit the Rangers as they will be a big help keeping the small fry off your
    back while you take down the transport ships. The transport ships are fairly
    low to the ground, so you'll need to get rather close to them to target their
    weak point. What makes this mission annoying is the constant drone attacks and
    the various colonists milling about the area. It's a slow slog through the
    fields. Try to work your way from one end of the field to the other so you
    don't have to take on too many enemies from different directions.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Red Ants, Spiders, Drones, Red Drones, Colonists, Queen
    Ants, Transport Ships
    A ferocious battlefield indeed. It look me a while to figure out how to do this
    mission without it turning into one giant clustertruck of a slugfest. The key
    is fairly simple. From the start take control of the Rangers nearby, and then
    turn around immediately and run down the street as fast as you can. If you stay
    in the initial area you are going to get swamped by tons of enemies. When you
    reach the T-intersection take a right and run down the street until you reach 
    the end of the map. Then turn around and prepare to make a last stand. Your 
    goal is to kill enough enemies for reinforcements (the Grim Reapers, an elite 
    Fencer squad) to show up. The drones will probably reach you first, followed by
    the black ants and red ants. Colonists with long range bombardment cannons will
    also show up. Spiders will later appear on the far end of the map opposite of 
    your position and slowly make your way towards you. If you had stayed at the
    initial location you started out at you would have had to deal with all of
    this coming at you from all directions. From this edge of the map it's much
    easier to deal with the enemies as they are all coming at you from one 
    Once the Grim Reaper squad shows up recruit them immediately. They are all
    armed with blast hole spears and can quickly take down most enemies fairly
    quickly. At this point the transport ships will open up and start deploying
    enemies. Also several red drones and a queen ant will also spawn in. Take out
    the queen ant as soon as it shows up and you've pretty much won. All that
    remains is to take out the remaining transport ships one at a time. The Grim
    Reapers have a ton of health, and even if they do start to get low on health
    there should be a ton of first aid boxes all over the place. They do seem to 
    have issues with hitting the red drones, most likey as the red drones tend to
    stay far out of blast hole range, so you might have to help them take them out.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Drones, Colonists, Huge Outpost Base (Boss)
    The goal in this mission is to actually destroy the huge outpost base that has
    been terrorizing you throughout the game. Make sure you bring a long range
    weapon or you're going to be in a world of trouble. Start the mission by first
    taking out the colonists nearby. Once they've been dealt with help the EDF
    forces systematically destroy all the cannons on the base. You can pretty much
    destroy all the cannons on the base. Try to target the large cannons first,
    followed by the medium and small cannons. The base will occasionaly deploy 
    enemies. Target colonists when they appear, and continue circling around the
    perimeter of the base targeting all the canons. Make sure not to get too close
    to the base as the Air Force will deploy an air strike against it later on, and
    yours truly ended up getting killed by it.
    Once you've destroyed a certain number of cannons on the base the second phase
    of the battle will begin. The outpost will rise up from the ground, revealing,
    you guessed it, more cannons. Try to destroy as many cannons as you can, but
    your main goal is to destroy the outpost by shooting at its weak point at the
    bottom. This weak point is only open while the outpost is deploying enemies.
    When the hatch is open unload as much firepower as you can into it before it
    closes. While you're waiting for it to open again try to remove as many
    cannons from the underside as possible, as it will make things a whole lot
    easier for you in the long run.
    Enemies: Spiders
    You will be fighting an astronomical amount of spiders in this mission. At
    first it won't seem too bad, but as the mission progresses the number of 
    spiders will increase until you'll be practically swimming in them. Be aware 
    that a wave of spiders will pop out of the ground near the fountain area during
    the battle.
    Enemies: Red Ants, Spiders, Drones, Huge Anchors
    You will be facing a large number of huge anchors during this mission. Huge
    anchors are just like regular anchors except that they're, well, huge. They
    are far more durable than regular anchors and can deploy multiple enemy types
    at the same time (like ants and drones). It goes without saying, but try to
    destroy the anchors ASAP so that you don't get too overwhelmed by the large
    number of enemies.
    Enemies: Bees, Red Bees, Queen Bee
    The first two waves of incoming bees will go down fairly quickly. The EDF are
    packing some serious anti-air firepower for this mission. It's the third wave
    that will be problematic, as it consists of bees, red bees, and a queen bee.
    This last group will quickly destroy the combat frames and come after you next.
    Keep moving and firing to avoid getting overwhelmed by the flying bee mob.
    Obviously, the queen bee should be your primary target.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Red Ants, Spiders, Colonists, Transport Ships
    Yet another mission from the previous game. A large number of transport ships
    are circling the area and you need to take them all out. Ideally you'll want to
    get into the path of the circling ships and travel clockwise while shooting
    them down as they approach. Fortunately, the bottom hatches on the ships are
    always open so you can open fire as soon as they get within range. Several
    colonists will be deployed while you're shooting down the ships, but focus on
    taking the ships down before you go and engaging them.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Red Ants, Colonists, Cosmonauts
    Resist the temptation to open fire on the enemies from the top of the parking
    structure. Instead follow the Rangers down the ramp to the ground level. There
    will be two combat frames and three railgun tanks on the street. Wait for 
    everyone to get into position and the open fire on the colonists and black 
    ants. Once they've been annihilated move on to the next area. Again, wait for
    the troops to get into position and then open fire on the colonists and red
    ants. At this point a new enemy will drop from the motnership: the cosmonaut.
    Cosmonauts are extremely aggressive enemies. They will charge your position
    while firing their assault rifles and use tactics such as moving into cover and
    flanking your position. They wear protective armor that must be destroyed first
    before they start taking damage. Hard hitting weapons such as the Ranger's G&M
    series assault rifles or shotguns are effective. Your goal however is to simply
    survive the onslaught. You might think hiding in the back alleys is a good
    idea but it's actually not, as the cosmonauts will quickly flank and surround
    your position. Just keep running away down the street while popping into cover,
    using supressive fire while falling back. Survive long enough and the mission
    wll end.
    47. SURVIVOR
    Enemies: Cosmonauts
    This mission is similar to mission 16, except instead of colonists you'll be
    fighting cosmonauts. Try to engage them one at a time if at all possible. There
    are several surviving EDF soldiers scattered about the area that you can 
    recruit to assist you. Take your time, use your radar, play peek a boo, and
    don't be afraid to just flat out run if things quickly go south.
    Enemies: Drones, Type 2 Drones
    This mission introduces the type 2 drones, stronger variants of the regular
    drones you've been facing so far. What makes the type 2 drones annoying is that
    they tend to fly much higher than the standard drones, so you'll probably want
    to bring a long range weapon here.
    Enemies: Deroys
    Ah, deroys. They're just as lovable here as they were in the previous game.
    Aside from their new look they're pretty much the same as before. Bring a long
    range weapon and aim for the head.
    Enemies: Deroys
    You'll be fighting deroys again here, except they start out in an inactive
    state and won't attack until you wake them up. Several more appear during the
    mission. Take advantage of their inactivity by scooping up the boxes in the
    area before taking on the next group. A new deroy will appear in the mission
    (I think it's called type b?). You can identify it from the fact that rather 
    than firing lasers on its legs it instead fires slow moving homing missiles.
    Enemies: Red Ants, Bees, Arkels, Transport Ships
    This is a night mission at the refinery where your targets are the transport
    ships in the area. After you destroy two of them arkels will make an 
    appearance. Keep shooting at it until it goes away, and then proceed to
    destroy the remaining ships.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Spiders
    Yet another mission from the previous game. The key here is not to stay in the
    initial area as enemies will come at you from all directions. Head towards a
    tunnel and keep moving and shooting. That way you only have to worry about
    enemies coming at you from the front and behind rather than from all 
    Enemies: Colonists, Cosmonauts
    Another cat and mouse mission involving mostly cosmonauts with some colonist
    escorts. Since they tend to stay in groups while patrolling and standing
    guard, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to fight them one at a
    time. Try to snipe at them from as far as a distance as possible. Trying to
    get up in their face is not recommended unless there's only one and you can
    play tag with them from around a building. Note that some of the cosmonauts
    are carrying a continuous beam weapon which fires a stream of energy. This
    hurts quite a bit so make sure to find cover if you see its telltale beam
    coming out.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Cosmonauts, Queen Ants
    Take out the cosmonauts first, followed by the black ants. There are a large
    number of queen ants in the vicinity, so taking out the small fry beforehand
    will help. You will want to take out the queen ants from as far a distance as
    possible. It is not recommend to try to hunt the queens in the city, as you
    will more than likely trigger multiple queens to attack you at the same time.
    Fortunately, their large size means you can see them from a mile away. Snipe at
    them one at a time to draw them out from the buildings.
    Enemies: Alanya
    They may go by different names, but the alanya are exactly like the retiarius 
    from the last game. And like their predecessors they can fire their webs 
    straight through buildings, which is very annoying. Bring a long range weapon
    and start sniping away. You can free several EDF soliders from the webs at the
    beginning, but they won't be much help here. Some of the alanya will attack
    from the sides, but you can track their location from the web strands they
    shoot out.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Red Ants, Spiders, Alanya
    Another annoying alanya mission, this one has you fighting in a street wile
    alanya attack from both ends. To make matters worse, enemies will spawn from
    underneath the ground as you're fighting them. As I mentioned before, alanya
    webs can go straight through buildings, so taking cover is rather pointless.
    Pick a side from the start and try to clear it out quickly so you don't get
    sandwiched by alanya from both sides.
    Enemies: Cosmonauts
    This mission is a straight up slugfest between the EDF and a ton of cosmonauts.
    The cosmonauts tend to target the person that shot them last, so before you
    open fire make sure you have some cover to move to when they return fire.
    Enemies: Spiders, Alanya, Deroys
    There will be a thick fog during the mission, which will significantly obscure
    your vision. The spiders aren't a big threat, but the deroys and alanya are
    another story. The alanya can hit you from a block away, and the deroys can
    be right on top of you and you wouldn't know it. The only indication you get of
    their direction is when you get snagged by webs, or when you see the large
    glowing purple plasma balls heading in your direction. Move with caution.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Red Ants, Cosmonauts, Shield Bearers
    One of the most annoying enemies in the game, the shield bearers make their
    appearance in this mission. Bringing explosive weapons is usually dangerous
    when shield bearers are around, as the sudden shift in the shield perimeter as
    they move can cause your weapons to explode right in your face. Remember that
    the energy shield blocks all your attacks, but lets cosmonauts freely shoot
    through. For that reason taking out the cosmonauts first is a priority.
    Enemies: Bees, Red Bees, Queen Bees
    This mission involves accompanying a group of Rangers up the hillside to
    survey a large insect nest. You will be fighting nothing but bees in this
    mission, so homing weapons will be useful here. Once you're on the other side
    of the hill a large number of bees will come swarming out of the hive. You just
    need to keep shooting them and survive until the mission ends. A queen bee will
    also appear, but it's not necessary to kill it to complete the mission.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Red Ants, Spiders, Bees, Transport Ships, Arkels
    The goal here is to destroy all the transport ships in the area. The Air Force
    will actually destroy the first transport and will take out a second one later
    on. About halfway through the mission you will hear an omnious sound of
    gigantic footsteps approaching. Yep, it's your good old friend Arkels. It
    wouldn't be so bad if it was just him, but his appearance will also trigger a
    group of red ants and bees to attack as well. You need to deal enough damage
    to Arkels to drive him away. While it's rolling towards you, you can actually
    stop it in it's tracks by dealing enough damage to it. Once Arkel has had
    enough it will leave the area, leaving you free to take down the remaining
    transport ship.
    Enemies: Dango Worms (aka Pill Bugs)
    For a foolproof way to clear this mission, see the weapon farming section 
    below. If you're going to try this the old fashioned way, you're going to be in
    for some fun. Dango Worms attack by rolling into a ball and jumping at you.
    Even Wing Divers aren't safe as they can bounce into the air a considerable
    distance. Their primary weakness is the fact that they cannot fit into small
    places (such as say, a parking structure). This is the primary exploit for 
    farming them for weapons in this mission (and later on in mission 87).
    Enemies: Colonists, Cosmonauts, Deroys, Shield Bearers
    This is another sneaky night mission in the industrial area. It's best to take
    advantage of long range weapons and snipe the enemies from a distance. Since
    there's a lot of structures in the area they will have a hard time drawing a
    direct line of sight to you. There will be a lot (and I mean a lot) of
    reinforcements dropped during the mission, but thankfully they only seem to
    deploy two or three enemies at most rather than the full six they usually 
    64. WING CORPS
    Enemies: Colonists, Tadpoles
    The EDF will be shooting at retreating colonists from the start of the mission.
    Shortly afterwards, a new enemy type will appear. And when I say new, I mean a
    re-skinned enemy from 4.1. These flying frogs are exactly the same (and I mean
    exactly) as the dragons from the previous game. Once the initial group has been
    destroyed a second group will appear. This group will fly in a large swarm like
    the sentinels from the Matrix. They will circle around the city in a counter
    clockwise circle and come around from the left. If you have a fast firing 
    weapon you can gun them down as they pass by in a line. After mopping them up
    a third and final wave will appear. This group will fly past in two lines
    coming from both directions along the tracks. Thankfully, these tadpoles aren't
    too durable so you and the EDF forces should not have much of a problem
    destroying them.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Red Ants, Spiders, Dango Worms, Type 2 Drones, Cosmonauts,
    Shield Bearers
    Oh boy. I had problems with this mission initially. First of all bring a long
    range weapon. You're going to need it when the type 2 drones start coming out.
    Second, stay away from the mothership when it fires its genocide gun. You can't
    stop it from firing, nor can it be destroyed. While you can destroy the three
    focusing arrays that surround it (they drop items) it does not stop the gun
    from firing in any way. The basic strategy here is to take out the enemies on
    the periphery first. The genocide gun has a lengthy start up time before it
    fires. If you see it glowing get away from it as far as possible. The Grim
    Reaper corps makes another appearance here. When they appear on the radar be
    sure to go get them. They will rather helpful with dealing with the ground 
    enemies, but not even they can withstand the genocide gun blast. They also
    aren't much help with the type 2 drones that start coming out of the ship.
    This is where the long range weapon comes into play. If you don't have one it
    will take forever and a day to get rid of them.
    Sooner or later you will have to make a break for the area underneath the
    mothership to get rid of the remaining shield bearers. The ideal time for this
    is when the genocide gun goes back into the ship. When this happens you will
    have a limited time to act before it comes back out again and starts firing.
    Once you destroy a certain number of shield bearers underneath the ship, the
    mothership will thankfully depart. If you have the patience you can spend some
    time collecting the armor and weapon boxes strewn about the area before 
    finishing off the remaing enemies on the map.
    Enemies: Dango Worms, Transport Ships
    This is a rather annoying mission as you're tasked with taking out three
    transport ships in the area. What's annoying about it is that they are
    constantly moving around the map and dropping off dango worms constantly.
    You'll need to watch your radar to see if any dango worms are incoming before
    you try shooting the ships down, as they will constantly knock you down 
    otherwise. Fortunately, the transport ships never close their bottom hatch as
    they move so it's a bit easier to take them out. It's possible to use this
    mission to farm items by leaving one ship alone and killing the dango worms as
    they drop, but it's probably a lot faster just to use mission 87 if you're just
    trying to get weapons (see weapon farming section for mission 87). 
    Enemies: Cosmonauts, Heavy Cosmonauts
    After you destroy the initial cosmonauts in the area, a new heavy cosmonaut
    variant will appear. These heavy cosmonauts wear armor that is much more
    durable than the standard cosmonaut. They also carry heavier weapons such as a
    gatling style beam cannon similar to the ones the hectors used in 4.1. Some are
    also carrying missile launchers, so not even being in cover is safe as the
    explosion can still get you behind corners.
    Enemies: Red Ants, Spiders, Dango Worms, Bees, Red Bees, Tadpoles, Big Anchors
    This is a race against time to destroy several big anchors in the city. Big
    anchors are far more durable than regular anchors, and can spawn much larger
    numbers of enemies. Try to take them down ASAP with long range weapons or
    you'll be overwhelmed by the sheer number of enemies coming at you.
    Enemies: Spiders, King Spiders
    You'll face king spiders for the first time in this mission. Try to take them
    down from as long a distance as possible, as the webs they spew out can deal
    gobs of damage. Be careful around buildings as they can appear suddenly without
    warning from behind them.
    70. AIRCRAFT
    Enemies: Imperial Drones
    Oh boy. This mission introduces imperial drones, black variants of the type 2
    drones. These enemies command respect, as the energy bombardment cannons they
    are packing can kill you in seconds, even on normal difficulty. They can also
    take quite a bit of damage as well. If at all possible try to take them on one
    at a time from a distance. Like their regular brethren, imperial drones have 
    the annoying tendency to fly rather high out of range of most weapons. Here's a
    handy tip: when using a weapon with a laser sight the aiming reticule will
    turn red when the target is in range.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Tadpoles, Colonists, Anchors, Big Anchors, Arkels
    Another anchor hunt mission. Fortunately, a large number of EDF troops will be
    in the area offering support. As you get to the center of the city arkels will
    appear to join the battle. Focus all your firepower on it until it runs away,
    and then destroy the remaining enemies. An interesting fact: once you've dealt
    enough damage to arkels and it runs away, not only does it become immune to
    damage, but it will not damage you even if you're trampled by it.
    Enemies: Colonists, Cosmonauts, Heavy Cosmonauts
    This battle takes place in the city under thick fog conditions. The first few
    enemies aren't too difficult to deal with, but at the center of the city you'll
    have to deal with several cosmonauts roaming around a parking lot with no
    cover nearby. Since your visibility will be severely limited you'll probably 
    have to blind fire your weapons a lot. Once they've been alert to your 
    presence, run away behind some cover. One will have a continuous beam weapon
    that is particularlly annoying. You can use the direction of the beam to gauge
    the direction they're in. You can also use the muzzle flash of their weapons
    and use that to help pinpoint their location. The last group of enemies to
    appear tend to cluster up in the same area, and once the fireworks start 
    chances are good that the whole group will come a running. Make sure you fight
    from the alleyways as fighting in the streets puts you at a disadvantage.
    Enemies: Bees, Spiders, Black Ants, Red Ants, Anchors, Shield Bearers
    And yet another mission from the previous game, except instead of blowing up
    underground tunnel nests you'll be destroying anchors. It goes without saying,
    but you should probably try to destroy the anchors ASAP to limit the swarms of
    enemies that will come at you continuously during the mission. Oh, and don't
    bring anything explosive as there are shields everywhere.
    74. SKY ARMY
    Enemies: Drones, Red Drones, Type 2 Drones, Imperial Drones,  Bees, Red Bees,
    The first part of the mission starts out as a sadistic fishing game. Swarms of
    drones of all types will be flying about the area. If you want to take it nice
    and slow pick off the drones in the following order: drones, type 2 drones,
    red drones, and then finally imperial drones. Having homing weapons will help
    a lot with the drones and red drones. The type 2 and imperial drones will
    probably require long range weapons as usual.
    Once all the drones are destroyed the second part of the mission begins. A
    large swarm of bees and tadpoles will appear. While it's hard to tell from a
    distance, some of the tadpoles are the larger purple variants that are much 
    tougher than the regular versions. Again, having homing weapons can help
    speed things along here.
    Enemies: Deroys, Spiders
    Bring a long range weapon (600+ meters is good) as you'll be facing an army of
    incoming deroys. You'll start out on top of a building which gives you a clear
    view of the battlefield (aside from all the electric towers in the area). As
    you destroy the deroys a second wave will appear from the left and right sides
    of the map. Chances are good that you'll be so preoccupied with the deroys in
    front that you'll be knocked from the building by an incoming bombardment from
    the side. A few of the deroys will be type B deroys. These deroys fire slow
    moving homing missiles instead of lasers (you can tell them apart by the bulge
    on their leg) and are a bit tougher to take down than the regular deroys.
    There are spiders here too, but chances are that you'll be so occupied with
    the deroys that you won't even notice them.
    Enemies: Dango Worms, Red Ants, Spiders, Alanya
    Another annoying alanya mission. The enemies here are more of an annoyance than
    a threat, but there are a large number of alanyas everywhere that will snipe
    you from a mile away (through buildings as usual).
    Enemies: Bees, Red Bees, Colonists, Cosmonauts, Death Queens
    You're going to be facing primarly bees in this mission, with a few colonists
    and cosmonauts scattered here and there. Oh, and death queens. Lots of death
    queens in fact. Bring a powerful long range weapon for dealing with them as
    they appear.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Red Ants, Dango Worms, Bees, Arkels
    This mission starts out as a standard monster hunt. Follow the EDF forces and
    help them clear out the groups of enemies as they appear. Eventually arkels
    will appear (yet again). You know the drill by now. Focus all your attacks on
    arkels until it runs away (yet again).
    Enemies: Black Ants, Red Ants, Spiders, Tadpoles, Colonists, Cosmonauts,
    Heavy Cosmonauts
    The first part of the mission is a desperate battle in a ravine against a
    group of black ants, red ants, cosmonauts, and heavy cosmonauts (some of
    which have flamethrowers). You will want to keep firing while moving backwards.
    The biggest threats are the heavy cosmonauts as they can take a serious 
    pounding without even breaking a sweat. Once the initial rush is over the
    mission is all downhill from here. Go up the hillside and help the EDF soliders
    fend off the colonists, cosmonauts, and other assorted enemies.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Spiders, Dango Worms, Tadpoles, Colonists, Cosmonauts,
    Heavy Cosmonauts, Anchors
    This is an all out assault on the EDF base that was taken over at the very
    beginning of the game. Use a long range weapon and take out as many of the
    anchors as you can from a distance. Fortunately, there are quite a bit of EDF
    soliders here to help deal with the oncoming rush of enemies. A large number of
    colonists and cosmonauts will advance from the base towards the firing line, so
    you might want to break off attacking the anchors and snipe them before 
    return your attention to the anchors. If you're feeling reckless, there's
    actually a combat frame you can use parked on the base (even Wing Divers and
    Fencers can use it). This combat frame is quite effective at destroying the
    nearby anchors with its revolver cannons, and can also deal a lot of damage to
    the colonists and comsonauts as well. However, be aware that once it's 
    destroyed chances are good that you will most likely end up getting killed by
    the tons of heavy cosmonauts in the area.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Red Ants, Spiders, Dango Worms, Colonists, Cosmonauts,
    Heavy Cosmonauts
    This is a straightforward mission inside base 228. You'll be fighting various
    enemies as you make your way through the base. The good news here is that all
    the EDF soliders with you are elite forces, meaning that they can pretty much
    take care of themselves throughout the entire mission. Here's a pro tip: there
    are usually a ton of enemies that will appear whenever they open a door. There
    are actually two vehicles inside of the base that you can use. The tank that 
    you first come across is of limited usefulness, but the combat frame is another
    story entirely. Make good use of its revolver cannons to clear out the
    enemies as they approach. Once you reach the final room with the balga (EDF 5
    version of the balam from EDF 4.1) all your allies will end up getting killed 
    automatically. Move backwards while firing your weapons until the enemies are
    eliminated. The lights will turn on, your  allies will mysteriously revive 
    themselves, and the mission will end.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Colonists, Cosmonauts
    This is the balga's tutorial mission. Wait at the balga's feet until the
    glowing circle appear, and then enter and go to town on the approaching
    colonists. The L1 and R1 buttons do a left punch and right punch respectively,
    while the L2 and R2 buttons do stomps. The stomps are pretty much useless, so
    focus on attacking with punches. Once the colonists are destroyed a wave of
    black ants will appear. Like 4.1, the balga might have some difficulty hitting
    the ants. Fortunately, your allies nearby will help take them out. In fact, you
    might want to exit the balga and deal with them using your personal weapons.
    Once the ants are destroyed a wave of cosmonauts will appear. You can take a
    moment to exit the balga and collect the nearby item boxes if you wish. 
    Re-enter the balga and take out the advancing cosmonauts. Once the comsonauts
    numbers are down to one or two, you might want to exit the balga and start
    collecting the numerous items boxes. The cosmonauts tend to target the balga so
    you can collect the item boxes in relative safety.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Arkels
    This is it. The big showdown between you and arkels. Of course, you'll have
    the help of the balga (and a few nearby EDF troops). The balga has various
    combos that it can pull off listed below:
    L1, L1, R1: Left punch, overhead slam, power swing. (recommended)
    R1, R1, L1: Right punch, straight punch, double scoop.
    L1, R1, R1: Left punch, right punch, power swing. (recommended)
    R1, L1, L1: Right punch, left punch, double scoop.
    L3, L1: Rotation punch.
    L3, R1: Haymaker.
    The power swing is probably the most effective move the balga has, as it has
    a huge range and does a lot of damage to arkels. As the fight progresses, a
    wave of black ants will appear. Leave the ants to your allies and focus your
    attacks on arkels. You may want to start your combo attacks early before arkel
    gets within range, so that by the time he gets close the power swing will deck
    him when it comes out. Once arkels is down for the count all that remains is
    to clear out the remaining ants in the area. Before you do so, pay your
    respects to arkels by looting his corpse.
    Enemies: Spiders, Bees, Dango Worms, Black Ants, Red Ants, Drones, Big Anchors
    Another big anchor hunt in the city. There are a lot of big anchors here, and I
    do mean a lot. Quickly take them down with long range weapons ASAP as the
    number of enemies they can put out is truly frightening.
    Enemies: Tadpoles
    Not much to say about this mission except that you will be fighting a whole lot
    of tadpoles. Fighting in the open gives them the advantage, so you might want
    to use a long range weapon to pull them towards town where they can get caught
    up between the buildings. There's even a parking structure nearby that you can
    use to take cover using the same method you used on the dango worms way back in
    mission 62.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Red Ants, Bees, Teleport Device (?)
    At first I had problems with this mission since I didn't know what was going
    on. Long story short, you need to destroy the odd devices embedded in the walls
    as they will generate an infinite amount of enemies. Here's a pro tip: make 
    sure not to fall off the path. Unless you're playing as a Wing Diver it will
    take you forever and a day to get back up. Follow the Rangers up the path,
    destroying the teleport devices as you go. Some of them are off to the side.
    Once all the devices are gone, the central pillar of the cavern will sprout
    about a dozen new teleport devices. Destroy them all and clear out the
    remaining enemies.
    Enemies: Dango Worms
    Another exploitable mission where you can reap an amazing number of item boxes
    with minimal risk. For more details see the weapon farming section below. If
    you're doing this the hard way, there's not much to say except you'll be
    facing off against a whole ton of dango worms.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Red Ants, Spiders, Alanya, Anchors
    Another fun mission involving both alanyas and anchors. Try to take out the
    anchors first, but don't let that stop you from taking down alanyas when you
    have an opportunity to do so.
    Enemies: Bees, Red Bees, Death Queens, Hive (Boss), Anchors, Black Ants, Drones
    This is an all out assault on the hive that you encountered earlier way back
    in mission 60. Let your allies deal with the bees while you pour all your
    firepower into the hive. As the hive takes damage a group of bees will appear
    from behind including a death queen. Keep blasting away at the hive until the
    death queen gets closer, and then focus on taking down the death queen as it
    will seriously mess up the EDF soliders while its around. Once the death queen
    is dead continue assaulting the hive. Two big anchors will appear and start
    deploying more enemies. Take both of them out ASAP. Eventually another swarm of
    bees will appear along with a second death queen. Keep focusing on the hive
    until it's destroyed, and then clear out the remaining enemies.
    Enemies: Spiders, Deroys, Dango Worms, Red Ants, Tadpoles
    This mission is pretty much a deroy hunt in the middle of the city with various
    enemies about. Try to take out the enemies nearby before you start to engage
    the deroys, which start out inactive until disturbed or enemies are destroyed
    Enemies: Dango Worms, Black Ants, Cosmonauts, Teleport Devices
    Pro tip: do not, I repeat, do not fall off the path. If you do you're going to
    regret it. At the far end of the path a teleport device will generate a large
    number of dango worms that will come at you along the path like an inverted
    game of Donkey Kong. Fortunately, most of them don't handle curves well and
    will usually end up falling off. If by chance you do fall off the path you
    will end up at the bottom of the cavern with a ton of dango worms rolling
    around you. Unless you're using a Wing Diver it will be an incredible pain in 
    the ass to get back up again. A few cosmonauts will also appear out of the 
    tunnel. Take them down, and then destroy the teleport devices in the wall.
    Once those are taken care off, all that remains is to mop up the remaining
    enemies (who are probably all below you at this point).
    Enemies: Bees, Tadpoles, Drones, Type 2 Drones
    You'll be fighting nothing but flying enemies here, so a homing weapon will be
    very useful. Also bring along a long range weapon for the pesky type 2 drones
    that also make an appearance.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Red Ants, Spiders, Alanya, Anchors
    This mission reminds me of another mission in 4.1 that was super annoying.
    Thankfully there aren't any hectors anymore. Unfortunately, we have alanyas
    here. Surprisingly, while the alanyas are annoying, they're not the biggest
    threat here. The threat are the anchors in the area that continuously spawn a
    stream of enemies at you. The gigantic web that covers the area might block
    your line of sight to some of the anchors, but don't bother trying to destroy
    it as it's invincible.
    Enemies: Cosmonauts, Heavy Cosmonauts, Black Ants, Spiders, Tadpoles, 
    Colonists, Anchors
    This is a tough mission, as you will face off against large waves of enemies.
    The biggest threats are the heavy cosmonauts, so focus on them when you see 
    one. About halfway through the battle those sneaky aliens will use transports
    to deploy cosmonaut "snipers" on the tops of the buildings. Take them out
    ASAP as their weapons can hit you from a mile away, and they tend to focus
    their shots on you for some reason. Near the third half of the battle two
    big anchors will appear. Focus your fire on them until both are destroyed. At
    this point the battle becomes a war of attrition as you engage the remaining
    Enemies: Black Ants, Red Ants, Spiders, Dango Worms, Bees, Deroys, Big Anchors
    You'll be destroying big anchors across a wide map, with the occasional deroy
    wandering about. If you've been playing so far, you probably don't need me to
    tell you to take out the anchors ASAP.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Red Ants, Cosmonauts, Queen Ants, Eggs (white/red)
    You'll be fighting primarily ants in this mission, with a few cosmonauts and
    queen ants scattered about. There are also a ton of eggs here you'll need to
    destroy. The red eggs are new, but the only difference between them and the
    white eggs is that they hatch red ants instead of black ants. There's a combat
    frame here that you can use with combat burners (flamethrowers) and missile
    pods. It's good against regular ant enemies, but you'll probably not want to
    use it against the cosmonauts and queen ants. As you destroy the eggs several
    waves of ants will appear in the distance, but other than that you won't find
    any real opposition other than the queen ants in the area.
    Enemies: Spiders, Alanya, King Spiders, Big Anchors
    Another all spider mission. Not much to stay here other than to make the
    alanyas, king spiders, big anchors priority targets as they appear.
    Enemies: Drones, Type 2 Drones, Imperial Drones, Colonists, Cosmonauts, Heavy
    Cosmonauts, Tadpoles, Transports
    This is a large scale battle on the beach against enemy forces deployed by the
    mothership. You'll initially face drones with colonists and cosmonauts 
    appearing shortly afterwards by dropship. As you fight the mothership will 
    deploy several waves of type 2 drones. The second wave of deployed type 2
    drones will also have imperial drones mixed in, so be wary of them.
    About halfway through the battle an allied balga will show up to assist you.
    Unfortunately, two transport ships will also appear along with additional ships
    dropping off heavy cosmonauts. The transports will spawn in tadpoles, but the
    heavy cosmonauts are actually the bigger threat here. Take them out first and
    then destroy the transports.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Spiders, Dango Worms, King Spiders, Big Anchors
    Follow the underground passage clearing out the black ants and spiders along
    the way until you reach a large underground chamber with a big anchor. Destroy
    the anchor and dango worms will begin coming up the spiral ramp towards you. 
    Make your way to the bottom of the area and through the tunnel nearby. A
    second anchor is in this area spawning dango worms, and it's protected by a
    king spider. Eliminate the king spider, then the anchor, and finally mop up
    the remaining enemies.
    Follow the tunnel out to a group of black ants. As you loop around back to the
    area you just came from a new group of spiders will appear. Follow a tunnel up
    above to reach more ants and another anchor. Eliminate the ants and follow the
    radar to the new group of enemies. You will enter a very large cavern filled 
    with large number of anchors and two king spiders. Note that the anchors
    start out in a passive blue state until alerted whereupon they turn red and
    start spawning in enemies. Focus on the king spiders, and then destroy the
    Enemies: Black Ants, Red Ants, Spiders, Bees, Colonists, Cosmonauts, Shield
    Bearers, Elginus, Arkels
    The battle starts out with two elginus leading the charge, followed by a large
    group of colonists and cosmonauts. It's up to you to either engage the elginus
    or the colonists/cosmonauts, but it's far more likey that you'll be targeting
    the latter as they will most likely be the ones firing at you. Spiders will
    appear followed by more colonists and cosmonauts. Following that a large group
    of elginus will show up, with yet more cosmonauts and shield bearers from 
    behind. On top of that a large swarm of bees will make an appearance. It can
    be tough to decide on who to target first with all these enemies on the field,
    but you might want to get rid of the shield bearer sooner rather than later as
    it will seriously mess things up in the long run.
    Eventually a large number of arkels will appear along with tadpoles, colonists,
    and comsonauts. Obviously the arkels are the biggest threat here. Thankfully,
    shortly after the arkels appear a group of allied balgas will appear as well.
    An unpiloted balga will also be dropped off as well for you to use. Chances are
    good that at this point in the battle (at least on normal) you may not even
    have to use it. If that's the case you might want to just focus on picking up
    the dozens of item boxes strewn about the battlefield while the allied balgas
    mop up the remaining arkels.
    Enemies: Green Ants
    This mission introduces a new enemy type: green ants. Green ants are extremely
    fast and usually come in large swarms. Fortunately, they are rather fragile so
    they die rather quickly to weapons fire. They come in two different varieties.
    The regular green ants are the same as black ants. There are also smaller
    bright green ants that use a charge attack to knock you down. Since they're
    smaller in size they can be a bit harder to hit, especially since they move so
    quickly. Note that a Wing Diver with a high efficiency EN core can simply fly
    above the mob of ants and blast them to kingdom come with explosive attacks.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Red Ants, Green Ants, Spiders, Bees, Cosmonauts, Heavy
    Cosmonauts, Shield Bearers, Anchors
    This is an anchor hunt mission in the beach area. Like mission 73 the anchors
    are all protected by shield bearers. Fortunately, the shield bearers are all
    stationary for this mission. One important thing to note is that as you move
    into the hill area a wave of green ants will quickly come at you from the
    beach. This will happen twice during the mission.
    103. WHIRLWIND
    Enemies: Black Ants, Red Ants, Spiders, Dango Worms, Colonists, Tadpoles
    Considering this is a late game mission, this mission is surprisingly easy.
    You don't have to worry about waves of enemies being spawned by anchors or
    being attacked by tons of enemies from every direction. It's pretty much a
    simple enemy hunt through the hillside. The only notable thing about this
    mission is that you will be attacked several times by groups of tadpoles as
    you progress.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Bees, Dango Worms, Tadpoles, Cosmonauts, Transports
    This mission is similar to mission 45 as you'll be surrounded by a large
    number of transport ships flying around in a circle dropping enemies. And like
    mission 45 your best strategy is to get under the flight path of the ships and
    destroy them as they come to you one at a time. The biggest wrinkle in this
    plan are the dango worms that will constantly knock you about, and the 
    cosmonauts that will be dropped off during the battle. You'll usually have to 
    break off attacking the ships to take care of them when the appear.
    105. DEMON'S FEAST
    Enemies: Black Ants, Green Ants, Spiders, Bees, Tadpoles, Colonists, Queen 
    Ants, Death Queens, King Spiders, Elginus
    As if you can't tell from looking, this mission is going to be a real bitch.
    There are a large number of strong enemies in the distance, and obviously 
    trying to take them on all at once is suicide. First things first, you might
    want to remove the colonist sniper on the right standing on top of the building
    nearby. Do not, I repeat, do not target the one on the left yet. The queen ant
    is the closest and probably the easiest to bait away from the group. A second 
    queen ant is to the left. Attacking it will also draw some of the bees away to
    attack you. Next up is the king spider on the right. The death queens in the 
    center are problematic, as attacking one will inevitably cause the other one to
    come as well. There is a railgun tank nearby that you can use to help take down
    the death queens.
    With the center and right areas cleared, go ahead and take out the remaining
    colonist sniper. This will trigger an elginus to appear. Once the elginus is
    defeated all that remains is to take out the remaining king spider and queen
    ant to the left. Note that as you're fighting the last enemy a large wave of
    green ants will appear. This will most likely end up killing all your allies
    so don't worry about them and focus on the ants.
    106. THOSE WHO DIE
    Enemies: Bees, Tadpoles, Dango Worms, Spiders
    This mission is basically a survival horde rush. Start out by helping the
    Wing Divers in the distance against the bees that are attacking them. As you
    come to their aid a large group of bees, tadpoles, dango worms and spiders will
    move in to attack. Eliminating this wave causes a second wave of enemies to
    appear from two directions. After this comes a third wave of enemies in two
    directions. The final wave comes in four directions.
    Enemies: Drones, Dango Worms, Spiders, Bees, Type 2 Drones, Colonists, 
    Cosmonauts, Heavy Cosmonauts, Shield Bearers, Transports
    This is a large scale transport ship hunt with tons of enemies in the area.
    The cosmonauts are the biggest threat so focus on them first. Once there are
    about three transports left the mothership will begin to deploy type 2 drones.
    Enemies: Black Ants, Red Ants, Spiders, Dango Worms, Bees, Red Bees, Tadpoles,
    Cosmonauts, Type 2 Drones, Imperial Drones, Deroys, Big Anchors, Huge Anchor, 
    Queen Ant, Death Queen, King Spider
    This mission is total insanity. The game will throw just about every enemy it
    has at you in this mission. You'll start off against some deroys and type 2
    drones. These will soon be followed by cosmonauts, spiders, dango worms, bees,
    tadpoles, and a death queen. Shortly after all that a large number of big 
    anchors and a huge anchor will drop in. At this point the game will start 
    spamming you with every enemy type in the game (including imperial drones). I'm
    sure there's a kitchen sink running around somewhere as well.
    109. THE 11TH SHIP
    Enemies: Black Ants, Spiders, Dango Worms, Drones, Type 2 Drones, Tadpoles,
    Colonists, Cosmonauts, Heavy Cosmonauts, Transports, Mothership (Boss)
    This is it. The final battle. And oh boy is it something. If you thought the
    final boss in 4.1 had laser spam, it's nothing compared to this one. Don't be 
    afraid to turn the difficulty down to easy for this mission, as the final
    boss is particularly tough. Also, bring along a long range weapon with a range
    of at least 600+ meters or you won't be able to hit the final boss at all.
    You'll initially be shooting down the transport ships in the area. Gather all
    the EDF troops in the staging area and start hunting down the transports.
    The colonists and the cosmonauts are probably the biggest threats. Leave the
    small fry to the others. Once all the transports are down the real fight 
    The outer shell of the mothership will split into a large number of blocks that
    will rotate arond the ship and fire at you. Your goal is to eliminate the
    blocks that are powering up the shield around the mothership (indicated by the
    distinctive field around them). Wing Divers with a continuous beam weapon such
    as the closed laser will have a field day here, as it's quite easy to destroy
    the blocks as they move past with it. Other classes will have it much rougher.
    While it's not necessary to destroy all the blocks, destroying as many as you
    can will help in the next part when all hell breaks loose. Actually now that I
    think about it, it's probably best that you hold off on destroying the key
    blocks that power the shield until you destroy as many other blocks as you can.
    EDIT: Okay. After playing this mission several times it's highly recommended 
    that you destroy as much of the ship as possible before destroying the key
    As you shoot down the blocks the mothership will start sending down tadpoles 
    and transports with cosmonauts to harass you. Gun down the cosmonauts and
    pick up the first aid to keep your allies healthy, and then continue shooting
    away at the blocks as they present themselves. Once the key blocks are gone
    the real fun begins.
    Once the shield drops the remaining blocks will start to open fire with 
    powerful energy blasts and the ship will start to release type 2 drones. The
    biggest threat are the spiral shaped blasts coming out of the mothership.
    These do insane amounts of damage so try to avoid them if at all possible 
    (which you probably can't since they hit such a wide area). Focus on destroying
    the remaining blocks around the ship before attacking the weak point underneath
    it. The mothership will eventually close its hatch and send out more type 2
    drones. A few dropships will also arrive to deploy some cosmonauts for you to
    play with. If you hadn't bothered to destroy the blocks beforehand you would
    be fighting them while getting blasted to kingdom come by all the blocks
    rotating around you. Eliminate the cosmonauts first, and then focus on the
    drones until the bottom hatch opens up again. Continue assaulting the hatch
    until the mothership explodes. Congratulations! You've won the game! 
    Or have you?
    110. THAT PERSON
    Enemies: ???
    I won't spoil who you're fighting here, but he does look rather familiar. The
    battle will proceed in three stages.
    Stage 1
    The boss has two attacks here. The first (signalled by a pink glow) is a
    continuous energy beam. The second (signalled by a green glow) is a series of
    explosive tracking lasers. When the boss moves its hands in a circle it will
    summon several cosmonauts. The boss will spin frequently in the air to avoid
    your attacks. Note that if you deal enough damage to its arms you can shoot
    them off. This will prevent it from using energy attacks, but the arms grow
    back fairly quickly so it's only a temporary reprieve.
    Stage 2
    The boss has all its previous attacks with a few new ones thrown in. It will
    now fire several explosive pink energy balls from its back. When it rises into
    the air it will fly forward surrounded by an energy field. It also has an
    attack where it flips in the air with its leg on fire and smashes the ground in
    front of it with a kick. Like the arms you can shoot off the legs off the boss,
    but it doesn't seem to do anything as it can still do the downward kick attack
    even if it's missing its legs.
    Final Stage
    The boss has all the attacks from the previous stages, plus a new final attack.
    It will signal this by rising up into the air with its hands up. Shortly
    afterwards a number of meteors will come crashing into the battlefield.
    Once the final boss is defeated it will drop a large number of boxes like an
    alien pinata (about 50+). Congratulations! You've beaten EDF 5! Enjoy the
    ending. On a personal note I think the ending theme for EDF 4.1 is way better 
    than the one for EDF 5. But still, a victory is a victory.
    Beating the game unlocks Hardest and Inferno difficulties. You can also change
    your classes appearance between civilian and solider clothing by pressing the
    triangle button on the class select screen.
    |Weapon Farming|
    Mission 62 - Gachapon Madness
    What you need: A powerful short range weapon and a long range weapon (about 
    600+ meter range). No explosive weapons.
    Ranger Setup: Highest level shotgun (or monsoon if you have it), highest level
    sniper rifle (600+ meter range minimum), detector (highest level, makes
    collecting items around the perimeter easier).
    Wing Diver Setup: Highest level short range weapon (rapier, phalanx, 
    power/dragoon lance, spark vine/whip), long range weapon (600+ meter range,
    closed laser or volt shooter).
    Air Raider Setup: Highest level limpet gun, Highest level ZE-GUN or FZ-GUN,
    ZE Sniper or a long range weapon (AH Cruise Missile, AH High Speed Missile 
    Fencer Setup: Highest level spear type weapon, Highest level hand gatling/
    gallion cannon/dexter shotgun/revolver, highest level hand cannon/heavy
    cannon (long range weapon), muzzle stabilizer (optional).
    What you get: Level 9~15 Weapons (Normal), Level 23~31 Weapons (Hard),
    Level 54~62 Weapons (Hardest), Level 52~80 Weapons (Inferno) + Armor
    This is probably one of the easiest weapon farming areas in the game, as there
    is very little chance of getting hit, much less killed, by the enemies here.
    Start out by heading down the street and taking control of the Fencers. Then
    turn around and head back up the street until you reach the parking structure
    on the left. Turn around again and start sniping at the dango worms (aka pill
    bugs) that are terrorizing the civilians at the far end of the street. Try to
    kill as any as you can before they start coming towards you. At this point head
    to the center of the first floor of the parking structure. As long as you
    remain on the first floor away from the outer edges of the structure the dango
    worms can't touch you. Switch to your close range weapon (I use a shotgun,
    preferably a monsoon, but any high powered shotgun will do) and blast away
    with impunity as the dango worms try fruitlessly to get to you.
    Once the first group has been dealt with go and collect the weapon and armor
    boxes scattered around the perimeter (if any) and then head back out to the
    street. A second group of dango worms should be at the far end of the street
    where the first group was. Take your long range weapon out and fire a single
    shot at them. This should trigger the entire group to come heading your way.
    Beat feet back into the center of the parking structure. At this point just
    sit back and blast away at the waves of dango worms as they come towards you.
    Yes, it's scary and yes, they are terrifying to look at, but as long as you 
    stay in the center they will never, ever be able to touch you. Staying in the
    center also encourages the Fencers with you to hopefully stay in the parking
    structure and not walk out and get killed like idiots. Not that you need them
    or anything, but it will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling if they survive till
    the end of the mission. Anyway, keep blasting away until the red dots on your
    radar disappear. 
    Once the dango worms in the immediate area have been wiped out one of two 
    things will happen. In the first scenario you will have miraculously wiped out
    all of the enemies on the map, in which case you have roughly a minute to run
    around outside and pick up as many weapon and armor boxes as possible while the
    operator is still talking. The second scenario, and one which is more likely,
    is that a few enemies will have gotten stuck behind some buildings during the
    mission. In this case take your time and pick up all the weapon and armor boxes
    strewn about the perimeter of the parking structure before heading off to
    hunt down the stragglers on the map.
    Note that on rare occasions a dango worm from the second wave will get stuck
    somewhere and prevent the transport ships from dropping off the rest of the
    dango worms. In this case you'll have to go out and hunt them down, and haul
    ass back to the parking structure as the rest of the dango worms start spawning
    If you play as a Ranger (like I do) I highly recommend farming for the 
    following weapons on this mission (on Hard) during your first playthrough of 
    the game:
    Assault Rifle
    Level 29 G&M - A23 LS
    A semi-automatic weapon, but its power is amazing. It can kill regular enemies
    in one hit and more durable enemies (like red ants) in two. It is also very
    effective against larger enemies such as Queen Ants, King Spiders, Death 
    Queens, and even kaiju class enemies such as Elginus and Arkels. If you pull 
    the trigger rapidly it will also stun colonists and cosmonauts at close range.
    As long as you don't mind the semi-automatic nature of this weapon, it can be 
    an effective primary weapon for most of the game.
    Level 24 Monsoon
    Another amazing weapon you can get here. In fact, once you get this you can use
    it to farm more effectively in this mission as well as mission 87 (which I'll
    be covering shortly). The weapon itself is a decent shotgun, but what makes the
    monsoon (and its higher level versions) so amazing is its incredible fast
    reload time. Where most shotguns take anywhere from 5 to 8 seconds to reload,
    the monsoon can reload in about 2 seconds. If you're expecting a mission with
    enemies getting up close and personal, the monsoon makes an excellent choice
    for a primary weapon.
    Sniper Rifle
    Level 27 Dunkel N213
    This sniper rifle has an amazing rate of fire, and can be used as an erstaz
    G&M assault rifle with a longer range. 
    Mission 87 - Gachapon Madness Part Deux: Gachapon Harder
    What you need: A powerful short range weapon. No explosive 
    Ranger Setup: Monsoon Shotgun (Monsoon M3 is better, Monsoon MZ is the best),
    Detector (highest level you have).
    Wing Diver Setup: Rapier (highest level).
    Air Raider Setup: ZE-GUN (ideally ZEXR-GUN level 79, FZ-GUN (ideally FZ-GUN
    level 88).
    Fencer Setup: Hand Gatling (highest level) x2, Muzzle Stabilizer (highest 
    What you get: Level 15~20 Weapons (Normal), Level 33~42 Weapons (Hard),
    Level 61~69 Weapons (Hardest), Level 64~91 Weapons (Inferno) + Armor
    Once again we have a mission where we can exploit our friends the dango worms
    to their fullest. From the start turn right and follow the river to the
    waterfall all the way at the end. Optionally, you can kill one or two Fencers
    on the bridge before doing so, but it doesn't really make two much of a
    difference in the long run. If you're using an Air Raider (or Ranger with a
    detector) you should probably ignore the soliders on the bridge and just head
    straight for the waterfall. At the waterfall you should see a small group of
    rocks to the right. There is a small crevice here that you can wedge yourself
    into. This is where you'll be hiding when the dango worms come a calling. On a
    side note, there is a rather funny glitch that occurs after the dango worms
    have killed all the EDF soliders on the bridge and start coming after you.
    You'll notice several dango worms shoot high up into the sky in the distance.
    This is your cue to get into cover in the small crevice.
    Once the dango worms get to your position all you need to do is to start 
    blasting away at them. You may need to adjust your aim up or down depending on
    their position. If you're a Ranger just blast them as they appear with the
    monsoon. If you're a Wing Diver spray them with your rapier as they come by.
    If you're a Fencer hose them down with your hand gatlings (having the muzzle
    stabilizer helps). When one runs out of ammo simply fire the other one while
    the first one reloads. The Air Raider requires a rather different technique.
    You will need to toss your first set of turrets out in front of you on the
    right rock. Activate the turrets when the enemies approach, and while the
    first set of turrets are blasting away go ahead and put the second set of
    turrets out in front in the same position. When the first set of turrets run
    out of ammo activate the second set. While the second set is blasting away wait
    for the first set to reload and then toss them back out. Alternate between the
    two sets of turrets so that one set is always firing while the second set is
    reloading and/or ready to go when the first set runs out.
    Once the crowd dies down to about one or two you can probably stick your head 
    out (collecting all the boxes that have conveniently stacked up in front of 
    you) and blow away the remaining enemies. If you're a Ranger with a high enough
    level detector you probably won't even have to leave your position. A second 
    wave will appear shortly after the elimination of the first one. Just repeat 
    the process. This mission is actually easier than mission 62 to farm weapons 
    and armor as in as all the item boxes will be in front of you rather than 
    scattered about the area.
    Note: On Inferno difficulty you can obtain weapons as high as level 91 on this
    mission. The only two weapons (that I know of) that require a higher level
    mission are the Wing Diver's Dragoon Lance ZM (level 92) and Phalanx ZT (level
    Mission 101 - Spray and Pray (or Spin to Win)
    What you need: Varies by class (see below).
    Ranger Setup: Magma Cannon (level 83), Reverse Shooter X (level 78), Detector
    Type 5 (level 66).
    Fencer Setup: Hellflame Revolver (level 82) x2, Muzzle Stabilizer S Type (level
    76), VZ Skeleton (level 85)
    What you get: Level 18~21 Weapons (Normal), Level 40~46 Weapons (Hard),
    Level 65~73 Weapons (Hardest), Level 70~95 Weapons (Inferno) + Armor
    This is the mission you want if you're trying for the elusive last two weapons
    for the Wing Diver. There are many variations on how to do this mission with
    other classes, but this is the one that I use. Note that unlike missions 62 and
    87 there is a very real chance of getting killed as you are out in the open.
    Ranger Strategy
    The general strategy here is to use the magma cannon to eliminate the wave of
    green ants while using the reverse shooter x to restore your allies when you
    reload the magma cannon. From the start move forward in front of your allies,
    and then use the magma cannon to take out the first wave of green ants that
    approach from the northwest. You should be able to take down the first wave
    without reloading. The second wave appears from the northeast. This wave is
    bigger than the first so you're going to have to reload mid wave. When you 
    reload the magma cannon, immediately switch to the reverse shooter x and shoot
    it at your feet. Then switch back to the magma cannon and continue blasting 
    away when it reloads. The third wave comes in from the northwest. You will have
    to reload twice during this wave. This wave is bigger than the first two waves
    and you will have to spin around in a circle while firing to keep them off your
    back. The fourth wave somes in at the northeast, followed shortly by a second 
    group coming in from the southeast. This group is very huge so you are 
    definitely going to have to spin in a circle and fire as they surround you. As
    with the third wave you're going to have to reload at least twice. The fifth
    and final wave comes from the southwest and west, shortly followed by a third
    group from the northwest. Spin constantly while firing. As before you should
    need to reload twice.
    Thanks to the short range of the magma cannon and the type 5 detector, 
    collecting all the boxes during the battle shouldn't be much of a problem.
    Unfortunately, the majority of the weapons you can get here (99%) are stuff
    you can get from mission 87. Consider yourself lucky if you should happen to
    get anything higher than level 90+ here.
    Fencer Strategy
    Before you start go into the game options and set the swing speed (6th option
    from the top) to about 150. The Fencer strategy for this mission takes the 
    whole concept of spray and pray/spin to win to whole new levels. Basically
    you're going to be spinning around shooting the hellflame revolvers. The
    nice thing about packing two hellflame revolvers is that you don't have to
    worry about reloading as you can just fire the second one as the first one runs
    |Weapon Lists|
    Note: This is definitely a work in progress. Also the names are probably not
    100% accurate.
    Statistics on Weapon Screen
    [Rate of Fire (per second)]
    [Reload (seconds)]
    [Range (meters)]
    [Bullet Speed (meters/second)]
    [Zoom (x amount)]
    [Laser Sight (yes/no)]
    0  PA-11
    0  PA-11 LS
    1  Minion Buster
    1  Slugger NN1
    2  G&M - 21S
    3  M1 Raven
    5  PA-11 SLS
    6  T1 Stoke
    7  G&M - 22S
    10 Minion Buster Burst
    12 M1 Raven LS
    14 T1 Stoke S
    16 G&M - A23
    19 T1 Stoke LS
    21 Minion Buster MK2
    22 M2 Raven
    23 T2 Stoke
    24 Slugger NN2
    26 T2 Stoke KF
    26 M2R Raven
    29 G&M - A23 LS
    31 T3 Stoke
    31 M2RER Raven
    34 Slugger NN3
    36 T3 Stoke Burst
    39 Minion Buster MK3
    42 MXR Sirius
    44 G&M - 24S
    47 Slugger NN3 LS
    49 Minion Blast
    51 T4 Stoke
    55 M3 Raven
    57 X400 - Orchid
    58 T4 Stoke AE
    62 Slugger NN4
    64 M4 Raven
    67 G&M - A25
    69 T4 Stoke MK2
    71 X500 - Orchid
    73 M3 Raven SLS
    75 T5 Stoke
    76 Minion Buster MKX
    79 G&M - A29
    82 M5 Raven
    84 TZ Stoke
    PA/Stoke Series: Balanced type.
    Slugger Series: Short range, high power.
    Minion Buster Series: Explosive rounds.
    G&M Series: Semi-automatic, high power.
    Raven Series: Rapid fire.
    Statistics on Weapon Screen
    [Rate of Fire (per second)]
    [Reload (seconds)]
    [Range (meters)]
    [Bullet Speed (meters/second)]
    [Laser Sight (yes/no)]
    0  Slaughter E20
    2  SGN-7
    4  Slaughter E20 LS
    6  G1 Herring
    9  Slaughter E21 LS
    12 D35 Breecher
    14 Slaughter E22
    17 SGN-8
    21 Slaughter E22 GA
    24 Monsoon
    29 D55 Breacher
    31 Slaughter E22 TS
    36 Slug Shot 1
    40 Slaughter E23
    43 SGN-K9
    46 Monsoon M2
    50 Slaughter E23 DA
    52 SGN-10A
    55 Slug Shot 2
    60 Monsoon M3
    65 SGN-11A
    68 Slaughter E23 SAS
    72 D79 Breecher
    74 Slug Shot 3
    77 Monsoon MZ
    80 D110 Breecher
    82 SGN-K12
    85 Slaughter EZ
    Slaughter Series: Balanced type.
    SGN Series: Semi-automatic.
    Herring Series: Full automatic.
    Monsoon Series: Fast reload.
    Slug Shot Series: Solid slug ammo.
    Statistics on Weapon Screen
    [Rate of Fire (per second)]
    [Reload (seconds)]
    [Range (meters)]
    [Bullet Speed (meters/second)]
    [Zoom (x amount)]
    [Laser Sight (yes/no)]
    0  KFF 50
    2  NP3-A
    4  Prototype Lysander
    6  KFF 50 LS
    10 MR98 Fang
    12 Dunkel N202
    14 Eagle G1
    17 NP3-B
    19 Lysander
    23 KFF 51 LS
    25 Flounder
    27 Dunkel N213
    30 Eagle G2
    32 KFF60 LS
    34 MR99 Fang
    37 Terminigan HA1
    41 KFF60 RE
    45 Pylon A1
    47 Dunkel N224
    49 NP3-C
    52 Penetrator
    56 Dunkel N235
    62 Lysander F
    66 Terminigan HA2
    72 Flounders FS
    75 NP4-SA
    77 Penetrator F
    80 KFF 70
    82 Lysander Z
    84 Terminigan HAZ
    90 MR100 Fang
    KFF Series: Balanced type.
    NP3 Series: Burst shot.
    Lysander Series: High power & range, slow rate of fire & reload.
    Fang Series: Single shot.
    Dunkel Series: Semi-automatic.
    Eagle Series: High power & precision.
    Statistics on Weapon Screen
    [Rate of Fire (per second)]
    [Reload (seconds)]
    [Explosive Range (meters)]
    [Zoom (x amount)]
    [Laser Sight (yes/no)]
    0  Grant M31
    2  Leopard Guided Rocket
    5  Goliath D1
    8  Grant M32
    10 Cascade 1
    11 Grant M33
    13 E9 Hornet
    15 Volcano 6
    18 Leopard Guided Rocket M2
    20 Grant M40
    23 Goliath D2
    24 E10 Hornet
    25 Volcano V12
    28 Leopard Guided Rocket M3
    30 Cascade 2
    32 Grant M41
    35 Goliath D3
    37 Ibis Guided Rocket
    40 E11 Hornet
    41 Grant MA50
    45 Leopard Guided Rocket M4
    50 Cascade 3
    55 Grant M42S
    58 Volcano W20
    63 E12 Hornet
    65 Leopard Guided Rocket M9
    70 Goliath DMX
    73 Grant MT51
    74 Cascade FA
    76 Leopard Guided Rocket Type 0
    78 E20 Hornet
    79 Volcano W30
    80 Goliath ZD
    81 Grant MTX
    Grant Series: Standard performance.
    Leopard Series: Laser guided.
    Goliath Series: Single shot, wide explosion.
    Cascade Series: High rate of fire.
    Volcano Sereies: Multiple rockets.
    Hornet Series: High rocket speed.
    Statistics on Weapon Screen
    [Rate of Fire (per second)]
    [Reload (seconds)]
    [Explosive Range (meters)]
    [Lock-On Distance (meters) + # of Targets]
    [Lock-On Time (seconds)]
    0  ME1 Emeraude
    0  Air Tortoise 01
    1  MLRA
    3  ME2 Emeraude
    4  FORK-A15
    7  Air Tortoise 02
    9  MLRA-2
    15 ME3 Emeraude
    21 MLRA-30
    23 Prominence M1
    29 FORK-A20
    35 ME4 Emeraude
    43 Air Tortoise ME
    47 MLRA-TW
    52 ME4R Emeraude S
    61 Prominence M2
    68 FORK-X20
    75 MLRA-TF
    77 MEX5 Emeraude
    82 Prominence MA
    Emeraude Series: Balanced performance.
    MLRA Series: Multi-lock.
    FORK Series: Single shot.
    Statistics on Weapon Screen (Grenades)
    [Explosive Range (meters)]
    [Detonation (contact/timed)]
    [Detonation Time (seconds)]
    0  MG11
    0  MG11J
    2  DNG1
    5  MG12
    8  MG13
    12 MG13J
    14 MG14
    17 MG14J
    21 DNG2
    27 MG20
    38 MG21J
    44 DNG3
    52 Bound Grenade
    79 DNG9
    Statistics on Weapon Screen (Grenade Launchers)
    [Rate of Fire (per second)]
    [Explosive Range (meters)]
    [Detonation (contact/timed)]
    [Detonation Time (seconds)]
    [Bullet Speed (meters/second)]
    [Reload (seconds)]
    0  Grenade Launcher UM1
    2  Grenade Launcher UM1-J
    3  Volatile Napalm
    5  Stampede M1
    7  Grenade Launcher UM2
    11 Grenade Launcher UM2-J
    15 Grenade Launcher UMPA
    19 Grenade Launcher UM3-J
    22 Splash Grenade
    25 Sticky Grenade Prototype
    28 Grenade Launcher UM4
    31 Triple G Launcher BRUTE J
    34 Flame Geyser
    38 Splash Grenade Alpha
    39 Volatile Napalm D
    41 Triple G Launcher BRUTE
    43 Sticky Grenade
    46 Grenade Launcher UM5
    48 Stampede M2
    52 Double G Launcher CRUMBLE
    54 Volcanic Napalm
    61 Sticky Grenade Alpha
    67 Grenade Launcher UMAX
    69 Flame Geyser DA
    71 Stampede XM
    79 Volatile Napalm ZD
    91 Grenade Launcher UMAZ
    MG Series: Standard grenades.
    MG J Series: Timed grenades.
    Statistics on Weapon Screen (Acid Gun)
    [Rate of Fire (per second)]
    [Reload (seconds)]
    [Range (meters)]
    [Bullet Speed (meters/second)]
    0  Acid Shower Prototype
    20 Acid Gun
    38 Acid Shower
    53 Wide Acid Gun
    58 Super Acid Gun
    Statistics on Weapon Screen (Flamethrower)
    [Rate of Fire (per second)]
    [Reload (seconds)]
    0  Burner
    5  Flamethrower
    29 Flamethrower Alpha
    56 Fire Cannon
    83 Magma Cannon
    Statistics on Weapon Screen (Firecracker)
    [Explosive Range (meters)]
    [Detonation (contact)]
    4  No. 1 Bullet
    18 No. 2 Bullet
    25 No. 3 Bullet
    42 No. 4 Bullet
    54 No. 0 Bullet
    Statistics on Weapon Screen (Bound Gun)
    [Rate of Fire (per second)]
    [Reload (seconds)]
    [Range (meters)]
    3  H88 Bound Gun
    10 H89 Bound Gun
    33 HL90 Bound Gun
    59 HS Bound Gun
    73 HX50 Bound Gun
    Statistics on Weapon Screen (C Bomb)
    [# Deployed]
    [Explosive Range (meters)]
    [Reload (seconds)]
    1  C20 Bomb
    16 C21 Bomb
    33 CX Special Bomb
    46 C30 Bomb
    66 C70 Bomb
    Statistics on Weapon Screen (Impulse)
    [# Deployed]
    [Range (meters)]
    [Detection Range (meters)]
    [Reload (seconds)]
    0  Impulse Y8
    3  Y9 Air Impulse
    8  Y10 Impulse
    13 Y20 Anti-Aircraft Impulse
    21 Y10 Wide Impulse
    30 Y11 Impulse
    43 Y11 Anti-Aircraft Impulse
    48 Y20 Impulse
    63 YDX Anti-Aircraft Impulse
    71 YDX Strike Impulse
    76 Y21 Impulse
    Statistics on Weapon Screen (Reverser Spray)
    0  Proto - Reverser
    1  Reverser
    21 High Cycle Reverser
    28 Reverser M2
    42 Reverser M3
    51 High Cycle Reverser D
    70 Reverser X
    81 High Cycle Reverser ZD
    Statistics on Weapon Screen (Reverser Gun)
    [Range (meters)]
    [Zoom (x amount)]
    [Laser Sight (yes/no)]
    13 Reverse Gun
    36 Reverse Shooter T1
    48 Reverse Bomber
    63 Reverse Shooter T2
    78 Reverse Shooter X
    0  None
    0  Lightweight Protector
    Walking Speed 110%, Speed 120%.
    1  Liquid Armor
    50% speed decrease when hit.
    1  Solid Protector
    Destroy obstacles while dashing.
    5  Hybrid Protector
    Walking Speed 110%, Speed 120%, Destroy obstacles while dashing.
    7  Lightweight Liquid Armor
    Walking Speed 110%, Speed 120%,  50% speed decrease when hit.
    11 Under Assist
    Speed 150%, Acceleration +40%, Turning Speed +25%, 50% speed decrease when hit,
    Destroy obstacles while dashing.
    16 Lightweight Protector E2
    Walking Speed 125%, Speed 130%, Acceleration 200%, Turning Speed 125%
    20 Perfect Liquid Armor
    0% decrease in speed when hit.
    30 Hybrid Liquid Armor
    Walking Speed 110%, Speed 120%, Destroy obstacles while dashing.
    35 Explosion Proof Suit
    No knockdowns by explosives.
    37 Hybrid Protector E2
    Walking Speed 125%, Speed 130%, Acceleration 200%, Turning Speed 125%,
    Destroy obstacles while dashing.
    42 Under Assist E2
    Speed 175%, Acceleration +70%, Turning Speed +50%, 25% decrease in speed when
    hit, Destroy obstacles while dashing.
    47 Lightweight Liquid Armor E2
    Walking Speed 125%, Speed 130%, Acceleration 200%, Turning Speed 125%
    55 Lightweight Protector E3
    Walking Speed 130%, Speed 140%, Acceleration 300%, Turning Speed 150%
    60 Hybrid Explosion-Proof Suit
    Walking Speed 125%, Speed 130%, Acceleration 200%, Turning Speed 125%,
    Destroy obstacles while dashing, No knockdowns from explosions.
    67 Under Assist E3
    Speed 200%, Acceleration +100%, Turning Speed +75%, No decrease in speed when
    hit, Destroy obstacles while  dashing.
    73 Lightweight Liquid Armor E3
    Walking Speed 130%, Speed 140%, Acceleration 300%, Turning Speed 150%
    82 Hybrid Protector E9
    Walking Speed 140%, Speed 150%, Acceleration 400%, Turning Speed 200%, Destroy 
    obstacles while dashing.
    Lock On/Radar
    3  Multiple Lock On Device L
    Multiple lock on to single enemy.
    9  Radar Support System
    Lock On Speed +50%, Lock On Distance +25%
    17 Multiple Lock On Device L2
    Lock On Speed +50%, Multiple lock on to single enemy.
    32 E2 Radar Support System
    Lock On Speed +100%, Lock On Distance +50%
    40 Multiple Lock On Device L3
    Lock On Speed +100%, Multiple lock on to single enemy.
    57 E3 Radar Support System
    Lock On Speed +200%, Lock On Distance +75%
    70 Multiple Lock On Device LX
    Lock On Speed +200%, Multi lock on to single enemy.
    78 EX Radar Support System
    Lock On Speed +300%, Lock On Distance +100%
    Ally Assist
    2  Relief Support Equipment
    Ally recovery with first aid +10%.
    15 Relief Support Equipment 2
    Ally recovery with first aid +25%.
    35 Relief Support Equipment 3
    Ally recovery with first aid +50%.
    62 Relief Support Equipment 4
    Ally recover with first aid +100%.
    80 Relief Support Equipment 5
    Ally recovery with first aid +150%
    Item Pickup
    Note: This equipment will create a permanent radius around the Ranger that
    picks up items regardless of whether you are dashing or not.
    1  Detector Type 1
    Item acquisition range +100%.
    13 Detector Type 2
    Item acquistion range +200%.
    27 Detector Type 3
    Item acquisition range +400%.
    45 Detector Type 4
    Item acquisition range +600%
    66 Detector Type 5
    Item Acquisition range +1000%
    6  Blacker E1
    10 Epsilon Self-Propelled Rail Gun
    12 EMC
    19 Epsilon Self-Propelled Rail Gun M2
    30 Menace Self-Propelled Rail Gun
    41 Menace Self-Propelled Rail Gun M2
    55 Menace 4D Self-Propelled Rail Gun
    62 EMCS
    69 Epsilon Blast Proto Rail Gun
    84 Epsilon Blast Self-Propelled Rail Gun
    87 EMCX
    11 N9 Eros
    15 FF 31 Nereid
    17 HU04 Brute
    36 EF31 Nereid 2
    38 HU04 Brute Hell Flame
    56 EF31 Fire Nereid
    63 HU04 Brute D7
    70 EF31 Nereid S
    81 HU04 Brute SA9
    83 EF31 Nereid Angel
    3  Free Jar 1
    17 Free Jar G1
    28 Free Jar Mad Custom
    41 Free Jar 2
    57 Free Jar War Custom
    61 Free Jar Type X
    63 Free Jar Hell Custom
    76 Free Jar Type Z
    Statistics on Weapon Screen
    [Fire Speed (per second)]
    [Range (meters)]
    [EN Consumption]
    [Charge (seconds)]
    0  Rapier
    0  Phalanx
    0  Power Lance
    0  Spark Vine Y3
    1  Dragoon Lance
    3  Spark Vine Y6
    4  Phalanx W1
    6  Power Lance LD
    9  Dragoon Lance DA
    10 Spark Whip
    11 Double Lance
    14 Phalanx M2
    16 Rapier G
    19 Dragoon Lance LE
    21 Spark Furet Y6
    25 M2 Rapier
    26 Double Lance LD
    31 Phalanx U1
    31 Spark Vine YA6
    34 Dragoon Lance M2
    37 Power Lance FD
    39 Phalanx M3
    42 M3 Rapier
    44 Spark Whip W3
    49 Dragoon Lance M3
    51 M4 Rapier
    54 Triple Lance
    56 Phalanx M4
    58 Spark Furet Y8
    61 Dragoon Lance M4
    64 Phalanx W2
    67 Spark Whip W5
    69 M5 Rapier
    73 Twin Lance
    74 Star Rapier
    76 Dragoon Lance Tri
    78 Spark Vine Y12
    81 Power Lance ZA
    84 Phalanx M5
    86 Rapier Nova
    86 Triple Lance ZD
    90 Spark Whip ZY
    92 Dragoon Lance ZM
    95 Phalanx ZT
    Statistics on Weapon Screen
    [Fire Speed (per second)]
    [Range (meters)]
    [EN Consumption (EN/second)]
    [Charge (seconds)]
    0  Mag Blaster
    3  Dest Blaster
    5  Mag Blaster A1
    11 Mag Blaster A2
    12 Dest Blaster 2
    14 Reflectron Laser
    17 Mag Blaster V1
    19 Spine Blaster
    22 Mag Blaster B1
    24 Mag Blaster B2
    27 Spine Blaster E2
    28 Mag Blaster DA
    32 Reflectron V Laser 
    35 Mag Blaster G1
    39 Mag Blaster G2
    42 Dest Blaster F
    44 Mag Blaster DN
    46 Reflectron Laser D
    49 Mag Blaster G3
    52 Spine Blaster E3
    54 Mag Blaster BX
    59 Mag Blaster W
    64 Mag Blaster SP1
    66 Dest Blaster W
    69 Reflectron 5 Way Laser
    71 Mag Blaster SP2
    74 Mag Laser ZA
    76 Spine Blaster ZM
    79 Mag Blaster DX
    82 Dest Blaster FE
    82 Reflectron 5 Way Laser ZD
    84 Mag Blaster ZM
    Statistics on Weapon Screen
    [Fire Speed (per second)]
    [Bullet Speed (meters/sec)]
    [Range (meters)]
    [EN Consumption (EN/second)]
    [Charge (seconds)]
    0  Lightning Bow
    1  Volt Gun
    5  Lightning Bow M2
    7  Thunder Bowgun
    12 Volt Gun A1
    17 Lightning Bow M3
    22 Thunder Bowgun 2
    25 Volt Gun RA
    29 Lightning Rapid Bow
    36 Thunder Bowgun RA
    40 Lightning Bow M4
    43 Thunder Bowgun 3
    48 Volt Gun A2
    50 Thunder Bowgun W
    52 Lightning Bow M5
    57 Volt Gun RB
    61 Lightning Rapid Bow T2
    67 Volt Power Gun
    71 Thunder Bowgun DZ
    75 Lightning Bow GD
    77 Volt Gun AZ
    81 Thunder Bow Gun WZ
    82 Bolt Maximum Gun
    85 Lightning Bow ZA
    87 Thunder Bowgun RZ
    Statistics on Weapon Screen
    [Fire Speed (per second)]
    [Effect Range (meters)]
    [Range (meters)]
    [Bullet Speed (meters/sec)]
    [EN Consumption (EN/second)]
    [Charge (seconds)]
    0  Pulse Machine Gun
    2  Pulse Machine Gun R
    6  3 Way Pulse Machine Gun
    12 Pulse Rapid Gun
    17 4 Way Pulse Machine Gun
    20 Stardust Cannon
    23 5 Way Pulse Machine Gun
    25 Pulse Machine Gun M2
    29 Pulse Buster
    35 6 Way Pulse Machine Gun
    37 Stardust Cannon Type A
    42 Pulse Machine Gun M3
    48 Pulse Buster Alpha
    50 Pulse Rapid Gun DE
    55 8 Way Pulse Machine Gun
    59 Stardust Cannon D Type
    65 Pulse Machine Gun M4
    70 9 Way Pulse Machine Gun
    75 Pulse Machine Gun M5
    77 Pulse Buster Beta
    79 10 Way Pulse Machine Gun
    85 Stardust Cannon F Type
    87 Pulse Machine Gun ZDM
    Statistics on Weapon Screen
    [Fire Speed (per second)]
    [Bullet Speed (meters/sec)]
    [Range (meters)]
    [Zoom (x amount)]
    [EN Consumption (EN/second)]
    [Charge (seconds)]
    0  Closed Laser
    2  Volt Shooter
    7  Closed Laser M2
    16 Volt Shooter 2
    18 MONSTER
    22 Closed Laser M3
    25 Closed Laser MA
    30 Volt Shooter RA
    36 Raijin
    40 Closed Laser MSA
    45 Volt Shooter 3
    50 Volt Shooter DA
    57 Closed Laser MX
    65 Closed Laser MZ
    70 Volt Shooter RF
    75 Closed Long Laser
    77 Volt Shooter ZF
    82 Closed Laser F
    85 Raijin A
    Statistics on Weapon Screen
    [Bullet Speed (meters/sec)]
    [Range (meters)]
    [Explosive Range (meters)]
    [EN Consumption (EN/second)]
    [Charge (seconds)]
    0  Plasma Cannon
    0  Blink Ball
    0  Grit Shot
    1  Plasma Big Cannon
    3  Plasma Fall
    4  Plasma Burst Cannon 2
    6  Plasma Cannon B Type
    8  Splasher
    10 Plasma Big Cannon M2
    12 Split Ball
    13 Grit Gun
    15 Plasma Heavy Cannon
    18 Plasma Fall F6
    18 Blink Ball B
    20 Plasma Burst Cannon 3
    26 Plasma Cannon C Type
    27 Grit Shot W10
    29 Blink Ball C
    30 Plasma Fall DA
    33 Grit Gun MA
    35 Triple Plasma Cannon
    38 Plasma Cannon CR
    41 Blink Fork
    43 Plasma Burst Cannon 2D
    45 Plasma Fall F10
    51 Splasher AZ
    52 Plasma Big Cannon M3
    53 Blink Ball D
    55 Plasma Great Cannon
    57 Plasma Cannon D Type
    60 Double Plasma Cannon
    62 Grit Shot W15
    65 Split Ball AT
    66 Plasma Cannon E Type
    69 Plasma Burst Cannon 4D
    75 Plasma Cannon F Type
    78 Blink Ball FZ
    80 Plasma Burst Cannon 4Z
    85 Plasma Fall F20
    Statistics on Weapon Screen
    [Explosive Range (meters)]
    [Lock-On Range (meters) + # of Targets]
    [Lock-On Time (seconds)]
    [EN Consumption (EN/second)]
    [Charge (seconds)]
    0  Mirage Zero
    2  Geist
    5  Rapid Mirage
    8  Mirage 5 Way
    13 Geist 2
    18 Mirage 5 Way B
    21 Ghost Chaser
    25 Mirage Rumble
    28 Mirage 15
    31 Sai Blade
    36 Geist 3
    43 Mirage 15S
    53 Fenrir
    56 Mirage 5 Way S
    60 Sai Blade Alpha
    63 Geist D
    68 Ghost Chaser DA
    76 Mirage 15 WR
    83 Fenrir 3 Way
    Statistics on Weapon Screen
    [EN Consumption (EN/second)]
    [Charge (seconds)]
    2  Diffuser
    5  Grape Neel
    7  Vorukeinia Crackers
    7  Starburst
    8  Thunder Cluster
    13 Diffuser Anti-Aircraft Custom
    16 Grape Neel Beta
    20 Alpha Diffuser
    24 Heaven's Gate
    26 Sai Cluster
    34 Diffuser Ground Custom
    41 Sai Cluster Alpha
    48 EX Grape Neel
    51 Heaven's Gate 10
    56 Thunder Cluster Alpha
    63 Diffuser Surface to Air Custom D
    71 Heaven's Gate D10
    81 Grape Neel Alpha
    84 Diffuser Ground Custom D
    87 Thunder Orb
    88 End of the Earth
    0  Plasma Core
    1  Turbo Core
    2  Plasma Core B
    5  Rush Core
    7  V2 Plasma Core
    12 V2 Plasma Core B Type
    15 V2 Turbo Core
    18 Loading Core
    20 V2 Rush Core
    22 Jet Core
    23 Big Core
    24 V2 Plasma Core C Type
    27 Reverse Core
    29 V3 Plasma Core
    36 V3 Turbo Core
    38 V3 Plasma Core B Type
    41 V3 Rush Core
    43 Sky High Core
    47 V3 Plasma Core C Type
    51 V4 Plasma Core
    55 Bird Core
    58 Return Core
    61 V4 Plasma Core B Type
    63 Loading Core B Type
    68 V4 Plasma Core C Type
    71 V5 Plasma Core
    73 VA Rush Core
    76 V5 Plasma Core B Type
    78 Big Bang Core
    80 EX Bird Core
    83 VM Rush Core
    85 VM Jet Core
    88 VZ Plasma Core
    Plasma Core Series: Basic performance.
    Turbo Core Series: Increased boost speed.
    Rush Core Series: Fast charge speed.
    Loading Core Series: Large EN capacity but lower flight speed.
    Jet Core Series: High boost speed but high EN consumption.
    Big Core Series: Extremely high EN capacity but poor flight performance.
    0  Light Mortar
    6  Mortar
    10 Howitzer
    12 Cannon Gun A
    15 Mortar Intensive Operation Tactics
    20 Cannon Gun B
    23 B1 Mortar
    32 Large Grenade Cannon
    35 B2 Mortar
    39 Cannon Gun C
    45 B3 Mortar
    45 B3 Mortar Intensive Operation Tactics
    55 Cannon Gun D
    60 B4 Mortar
    68 Reinforcing Howitzer
    77 Gigantic Grenade
    80 B9 Mortar
    83 Cannon DZ
    0  150mm Single Aircraft A
    0  Machine Cannon A
    0  105mm Rapid Gun A
    2  Rocket Cannon A
    3  120mm Suppression Gun A
    3  150mm Single Weapon B
    4  180mm Cannon
    5  105mm Rapid Gun B
    7  Rocket Cannon B
    10 Machine Cannon B
    13 120mm Suppression Gun B
    15 150mm Lapis 1
    17 Rocket Cannon C
    19 Machine Cannon C
    21 105mm Rapid Gun C
    25 150mm Single Cantilever C
    27 A1 Minigun
    28 120mm Suppression Gun C
    30 105mm Flash Gun
    35 150mm 3 Gun Cannon
    38 A2 Minigun
    40 Rocket Cannon D4
    43 105mm Rapid Gun D
    47 150mm Single Gun Lapis 2
    50 105mm Successive Crushing Rapid Fire Gun
    55 190mm Cannon
    58 120mm Suppression Gun D
    62 105mm Rapid Gun Y
    64 Vulcan Cannon M1
    67 T1 Rocket Cannon
    70 150mm 4 Gun Cannon
    77 120mm Suppression Crush Cannon
    81 Vulcan Cannon M2
    82 150mm Cannon D
    84 105mm Rapid Gun Z
    86 T2 Rocket Cannon
    87 150mm Gun V Lapis
    0  Battle Bomber KM6
    1  Reconnaissance Bomber
    3  Battle Bomber Kamui
    6  Heavy Bomber Westera
    9  Battle Bomber KM6 Plan 3
    14 Heavy Bomber Phobos
    17 Battle Bomber KM6 Plan X2
    20 Heavy Bomber Phobos Plan 2
    21 Heavy Bomber Westera B
    23 Battle Bomber KM6 Plan W2
    24 Battle Bomber Kamui B
    27 Heavy Bomber Phobos Plan 3
    32 Battle Bomber KM6 Plan X4
    33 Battle Bomber Kamui B2M
    38 High-Speed Bomber KM6 F1
    43 Heavy Bomber Probos Plan 4
    46 Heavy Bomber Westera B Plan X2
    48 Battle Bomber KM6 Plan X9
    50 High Speed Bomber KM6F2
    52 Battle Bomber Kamui C1
    56 Heavy Bomber Phobos Plan 10
    58 Heavy Bomber Phobos BX
    60 Battle Bomber KM6 Plan W3
    61 Phobos Cluster Bomb Heavy Bomber
    62 High Speed Bomber KM6 F2 Plan W2
    66 Heavy Bomber Westera C Plan W2
    71 Heavy Bomber Phobos Z
    75 Battle Bomber KM6 Plan X5
    77 Battle Bomber Kamui CX
    80 Battle Bomber KM6 FX
    84 Heavy Bomber Westera DA
    86 Battle Bomber KM6 Plan Z4
    88 Heavy Bomber Phobos Z Plan 4
    2  AH Cruise Missile
    7  AH High Speed Missile Group
    13 AHM Cruise Missile
    16 Lionic U20
    17 Tempest A1
    25 Lionic U30
    32 Tempest A2
    37 N5 Cruise Missile
    43 Lionic UA35
    57 N6 Cruise Missile
    72 Tempest A3
    75 Tempest AT
    80 Lionic UA45
    83 N6AT Cruise Missile
    87 Tempest ATS
    4  Bulge Laser A
    7  Bulge Laser B
    8  Sprite Fall A
    11 Bulge Laser C
    18 Bulge Laser D
    22 Sprite Fall B
    26 Bulge Laser R1
    30 Sprite Fall Shooting Mode Beta
    35 Bulge Laser R2
    40 Sprite Fall C
    45 Bulge Laser Irradiation Mode S
    54 Sprite Fall R
    60 Bulge Laser Irradiation Mode D
    63 Sprite Fall Power Mode
    66 Sprite Fall Shooting Mode Beta2
    70 Bulge Laser Irradiation Mode F
    72 Sprite Fall Maximum
    76 Sprite Fall Destroy
    83 Sprite Fall Shooting Mode Beta3
    90 Bulge Laser Irradiation Mode Z
    0  Limpet Gun
    1  Limpet Snipe Gun
    2  Limpet Gun D
    3  Limpet Snipe Gun A2
    8  Limpet Gun M2
    12 Limpet Snipe Gun D
    15 Limpet Splendor
    22 Limpet Gun M3
    26 Splendor Shot
    31 Limpet Chain Gun
    33 Limpet Snipe Gun A3
    38 Limpet Detector
    43 Limpet Shot
    47 Buster Bomb
    52 Limpet Splendor ME
    55 Limpet Snipe Gun F3
    61 Limpet Detector ME
    65 Limpet Gun MA
    67 Limpet Snipe Gun ME
    78 Limpet Gun MT
    85 Limpet Splendor ZD
    87 Limpet Snipe Gun ZD
    89 Limpet Chain Gun ZD
    0  Robot Bomb
    12 Assault Beetle
    18 B Type Robot Bomb
    28 C Type Robot Bomb
    38 Patroller
    42 Assault Beetle DA
    53 D Type Robot Bomb
    60 Stag Beetle
    62 Speed Star
    82 Patroller DA
    Turret Weapons
    0  ZE-GUN
    6  ZE-GUN 2A
    11 ZER-GUN
    19 ZE Sniper
    26 ZE Launcher
    35 FZ-GUN M2
    46 ZERA-GUN
    52 FZ-GUN MD
    68 ZE-GUN 10
    72 ZEX Launcher
    79 ZEXR-GUN
    88 FZ-GUN MX
    ZE Series: Machine gun.
    FZ Series: Flamethrower.
    Sniper Series: Long range.
    Launcher Series: Rocket shells.
    Laser Guidance
    1  Laser Guided Equipment
    6  High-Speed Laser-Guided Equipment
    34 Laser Guided Device T2
    57 Laser Guided Device T3
    81 Laser Guided Device T4
    2  Guided Beacon Gun
    14 Guided Beacon Gun M2
    40 High Power Beacon Gun
    51 Guided Beacon Gun M3
    64 Power Beacon Gun
    77 Guided Beacon Gun MA
    Life Equipment
    0  Life Vendor
    0  Life Vendor M2
    11 Life Vendor M3
    36 Life Vendor MA
    50 Life Vendor MH
    77 Life Vendor ZD
    19 Life Spout Gun
    27 Life Spout Gun M2
    61 Life Spout Gun M3
    79 Life Spout Gun ZM
    Power Equipment
    10 Power Post
    25 Power Post M2
    58 Offensive Territory
    84 Power Post ZM
    2  Power Assist Gun
    35 Power Assist Gun M2
    66 Power Assist Gun MG
    Guard Equipment
    1  Guard Post
    17 Guard Post M2
    31 Zone Protector
    64 Guard Post M3
    75 Zone Protector ZM
    5  Guard Assist Gun
    42 Guard Assist Gun G
    0  Electromagnetic Pillbox
    8  Decoy [Green]
    13 Anti-Aircraft Protection Pillbox
    21 Wide Wall Pillbox
    29 Decoy [Blue]
    32 Electromagnetic Pillbox M2
    40 Personal Shelter
    56 Electromagnetic Prison
    63 Decoy [Yellow]
    69 Anti-Aircraft Protection Pillbox ME
    72 Electromagnetic Pillbox GH
    78 Borderline
    82 Decoy [Black]
    88 Electromagnetic Walls
    89 Absolute Pillbox
    Suppress Guns
    2  Suppress Gun
    14 Suppress Gun B2
    31 Suppress Gun GA
    60 Suppress Gun MH
    78 Suppress Gun MH2
    0  None
    6  Blacker E1
    7  Blacker A1
    12 B651 Titan
    16 Blacker E2
    17 Blacker A2
    18 Meltbuster
    24 Blacker SPC
    25 Blacker E2D
    32 B651 Titan M2
    40 Blacker A2D
    48 Blacker E3
    53 Blacker SPS
    58 Blacker A3
    62 Blacker E3G1
    71 Blacker E3G2
    78 Blacker E4
    83 B651 Titan M3
    86 Blacker A9
    87 Blacker E9
    2  Armored Vehicle Grape
    6  Caravan Armored Rescue Vehicle
    6  Negling Self-Propelled Missile
    8  Armored Vehicle Grape M2
    16 Armored Vehicle Grape AP1
    18 Caravan Armored Rescue Vehicle CS
    21 Negling Self-Propelled Missile XM
    32 Armored Vehicle Grape M3
    37 Armored Vehicle Grape RA
    39 Caravan Armored Rescue Vehicle M2
    43 Negling Self-Propelled Missile D1
    50 Armored Vehicle Grape AP2
    58 Caravan Armored Rescue Vehicle Turbo
    65 Negling Self-Propelled Missile D2
    66 Armored Vehicle Grape M9
    76 Caravan Armored Rescue Vehicle S Turbo
    77 Armored Vehicle Grape RZ
    80 Negling Self-Propelled Missile XEM
    11 N9 Eros
    22 N9 Eros Bercher
    37 N9 Eros Blaze
    68 N9 Eros Vulture D
    79 N9 Eros Vulture ZA
    85 N9 Eros Sigma
    2  Combat Frame Nix A
    5  Nix Grenadier
    7  Combat Frame Nix A2
    10 Nix Red Body
    16 Combat Frame Nix B
    20 Nix Battle Cannon
    27 Combat Frame Nix C1
    35 Nix Missile Gun
    45 Nix Red Shadow
    57 Combat Frame Nix C3
    75 Nix Destroy Cannon
    80 Nix Red Guard
    83 Nix Grenadier EZ
    87 Combat Frame Nix ZC
    1  Depth Crawler I
    11 Depth Crawler Flame
    19 Depth Crawler II
    28 BMX Proteus
    31 Depth Crawler Heavy Custom
    46 Gigantic Unloader Balga
    46 Depth Crawler III
    52 Depth Crawler S Range Custom
    53 BMX10 Proteus Burst
    66 Gigantic Unloader Balga G Type
    67 Depth Crawler L Range Custom
    77 Depth Crawler IV
    80 BMX10 Proteus Gamma
    85 Depth Crawler IV Custom
    87 War Balga
    0  Vibro Hammer
    1  Vibro Hammer F3
    2  Force Blade
    4  Vibro Roller
    9  Vibro Hammer FA
    11 Force Blade D
    13 Vibro Hakken
    15 Volcano Hammer
    19 Dynamo Blade
    30 Vibro Roller D2
    35 Vibro Hammer FV
    39 Force Axe
    41 Quake Hakken
    43 Volcano Hammer D
    46 Vibro Hammer D3
    50 Dynamo Blade M2
    54 Quake Hakken ZD
    56 Volcano Hammer ZD
    61 Force Blade MA
    66 Force Axe G2
    69 Finest Hammer
    76 Force Axe G3
    79 Vibro Roller D9
    83 Dyna Force Blade
    0  Blast Hole Spear
    3  Flashing Spear
    6  Jackhammer
    11 Spine Driver
    16 Blast Hole Spear M2
    20 Blast Twin Spear
    22 Flashing Spear M2
    26 Jackhammer M2
    31 Spine Driver M2
    35 Flashing Spear M3
    41 Blast Twin Spear M2
    44 Blast Hole Spear M4
    46 Jack Hammer M3
    50 Spine Driver M3
    51 Flashing Spear M4
    55 Blast Hole Spear M5
    59 Jack Hammer M4
    63 Blast Twin Spear M3
    67 Blast Hole Spear M6
    69 Spine Driver M4
    77 Jack Hammer MA
    78 Blast Hole Spear MS
    80 Blast Twin Spear M4
    81 Flashing Spear M5
    84 Spine Driver MA
    0  Deflection Shield
    0  Ion Mirror Shield
    2  Tower Shield
    5  Deflection Shield 2
    7  Ion Mirror Shield 2E
    13 Deflection Shield 3
    17 Tower Shield 2E
    21 Deflection Shield 4
    25 Ion Mirror Shield 3E
    27 Reflector
    34 Deflection Shield 5
    37 Tower Shield 3E
    39 Deflection Shield 6
    47 Ion Mirror Shield 4E
    52 Deflection Shield 7
    57 Tower Shield 4E
    60 Ion Mirror Shield 5E
    64 Deflection Shield MA
    68 Powered Deflector
    71 Declection Shield MGX
    75 Ion Mirror Shield MG
    79 Master Shield
    85 Great Shield
    0  FG7 Hand Gatling
    0  Gallion Lightweight Cannon
    1  Dexter Automatic Shotgun
    5  Flame Revolver
    7  FG8 Hand Gatling
    10 Gallion Rapid Fire Cannon
    12 Dexter Automatic Shotgun D1
    17 Flame Revolver D
    19 UT1 Hand Gatling
    21 Gallion Lightweight Cannon M2
    23 Disruptor
    27 FG9 Hand Gatling
    32 FGS Diffusion Gatling
    35 Dexter Automatic Shotgun D2
    37 Gallion 3 Blast Cannon
    40 Flame Revolver DC1
    42 UT2 Hand Gatling
    45 Gallion Lightweight Cannon M3
    50 Dexter Automatic Shotgun G
    52 FG10 Hand Gatling
    57 Gallion 3R Burst Cannon
    60 Flame Revolver DC2
    62 Power Disruptor
    65 FG20 Hand Gatling
    68 Gallion Rapid Fire Cannon Gun M2
    70 Dexter Automatic Shotgun ZA
    72 UT3 Hand Gatling
    75 Gallion Armor Gun
    76 Maximum Disruptor
    77 Dexter Automatic Shotgun ZG
    80 FGZ Hand Gatling
    82 Hellflame Revolver
    0  NC101 Hand Cannon
    1  30mm Gaaria Heavy Cannon
    2  Powerdyne
    6  NCS1 Cannon Shot
    10 30mm Gaaria Heavy Cannon M2
    16 25mm Lightweight Canister Gun
    20 NC102 Hand Cannon
    28 NC103 Hand Cannon
    33 30mm Gaaria Heavy Cannon M3
    40 NC104 Hand Cannon
    45 NCS2 Cannon Shot
    51 NC201 Hand Cannon
    58 30MM Canister Cannon
    65 NC202 Hand Cannon
    70 35mm Gaaria Heavy Cannon
    75 NCSS Cannon Shot
    78 NC290 Hand Cannon
    82 35mm Battle Cannon
    0  FH10 Lightweight Mortar
    4  YH1 Shot Mortar
    9  FHD1 Heavy Mortar
    12 YH2 Shot Mortar
    15 FH11 Lightweight Mortar
    18 FHD Double Mortar
    28 FH12 Lightweight Mortar
    33 FHD Triple Mortar
    38 FH21 Lightweight Mortar
    42 YH3 Shot Mortar
    53 FH22 Mortar
    62 FHER Heavy Bomb Mortars
    78 FH29 Mortar
    83 YH7 Shot Mortar
    87 FHEZ Super Heavy Mortar
    1  Armhound
    2  Bloodstorm
    3  Leviathan
    8  High Tile Multi-Stage Missile
    13 Arcane Six-Missile
    18 FG01 High Altitude Assault Missile
    22 Phoenix
    29 G2 Armhound
    30 High Tile Multi-Stage Missile M2
    32 M2 Bloodstorm
    34 Leviathan MA
    38 FG02 High Altitude Assault Missile
    43 Phoenix 2
    47 Arcane Six-Missile G2
    51 High Tile Multi-Stage Missile
    55 G3 Armhound
    58 Wild Leviathan
    63 Phoenix X
    66 Arcane Six-Missile GA
    71 FGX High Altitude Assault Missile
    80 GX Armhound
    81 High Tile Multi-Stage Missile WX
    84 Phoenix WX
    86 Arcane Six-Missile GX
    0  Nothing
    0  Nothing
    1  Ad Booster
    Boost x2, Boost Speed 110%
    2  Dash Cell 1
    Dash x2
    11 Ad Booster 2
    Boost x3, Boost Speed 110%
    17 Dash Cell 2
    Dash x3, Dash Interval 92%
    20 Multi-Charger 2-2
    Dash x2, Boost x2
    27 Ad Booster 3
    Boost x4, Boost Spped 130%
    35 Multi-Charger 2-3
    Dash x2, Boost x3, Boost Speed 115%
    40 Dash Cell 3
    Dash x4, Dash Interval 86%
    45 Multi-Charger 3-2
    Dash x3, Boost x2, Boost Speed 120%
    55 Multi-Charger 3-3
    Dash x3, Boost x3, Boost Speed 125%, Dash Interval 90%
    62 Ad Booster 4
    Boost x5, Boost Speed 140%
    67 Dash Cell 4
    Dash x5, Dash Interval 80%
    72 Ad Booster 5
    Boost x6, Boost Speed 150%
    77 Dash Cell 5
    Dash x6, Dash Interval 80%
    82 Multi-Charger 3-4
    Dash x3, Boost x4, Boost Speed 130%, Dash Interval 86%
    87 Multi-Charger 4-3
    Dash x4, Boost x3, Boost Speed 135%, Dash Interval 86%
    0  Deflect Cell
    Shield Exhaustion 65%, Damage Cut 20%, Knockback Cut 25%
    3  Shield Protection Armor
    Shield Endurance: 200%, Shield Defense Angle +20 degrees 
    6  Barricade System 1
    Shield Exhaustion 180%, Damage Cut 75%, Knockback Cut 60%
    10 Deflect Cell A2
    Shield Exhaustion 50%, Damage Cut 25%, Knockback Cut 40%
    22 Barricade System 2
    Shield Exhaustion 160%, Damage Cut 60%, Knockback Cut 80%
    31 Shield Protection Armor B Type
    Shield Endurance: 400%, Shield Defense Angle +30 degrees 
    37 Deflect Cell A3
    Shield Exhaustion 35%, Damage Cut 30%, Knockback Cut 85%
    42 Barricade System 3
    Shield Exhaustion 140%, Damage Cut 95%, Knockback Cut 100%
    52 Shield Protection Armor F Type
    Shield Endurance: 600%, Shield Defense Angle +40 degrees 
    62 Deflect Cell AX
    Shield Exhaustion 20%, Damage Cut 40%, Knockback Cut 90%
    78 Barricade System X
    Shield Exhaustion 150%, Damage Cut 100%, Knockback Cut 100%
    81 Shield Protection Armor Y Type
    Shield Endurance: 800%, Shield Defense Angle +60 degrees 
    5  Muzzle Stabilizer
    Recoil Reduction 40%
    12 Muzzle Stabilization Device 2 Type
    Recoil Reduction 60%
    30 Muzzle Stabilization Device 3 Type
    Recoil Reduction 70%
    43 Muzzle Stabilization Device 4 Type
    Recoil Reduction 80%
    57 Muzzle Stabilization Device 5 Type
    Recoil Reduction 90%
    76 Muzzle Stabilizer S Type
    Recoil Reduction 100%
    0  V1 Skeleton
    Movement Impact 70%, Turning Inertia 70%, Walking Speed 110%
    7  V1 Leg Skeleton
    Movement Weight 50%, Walking Speed 130%
    15 V1 Arm Skeleton
    Inertial Weight 50%
    32 V2 Skeleton
    Movement Impact 50%, Turning Inertia 50%, Walking Speed 120%
    47 V2 Leg Skeleton
    Movement Weight 25%, Walking Speed 150%
    53 V2 Arm Skeleton
    Inertial Weight 25%
    65 V3 Skeleton
    Movement Impact 25%, Turning Inertia 25%, Walking Speed 130%
    70 V3 Leg Skeleton
    Movement Weight 0%, Walking Speed 170%
    79 V3 Arm Skeleton
    Inertial Weight 0%
    85 VZ Skeleton
    Movement Impact 0%, Turning Inertia 0%, Walking Speed 150%
    Note: For the achievement trophies, just completing all 110 missions will not
    earn you the Achievement 100% trophy. In order to get 100% completion you must
    clear all missions with all classes on every difficulty level. You can view the
    completion rate on the mission select screen by pressing triangle. Note that
    completing a mission on normal or hard will count as having completed the
    mission on the prior difficulty levels. Completing a mission on inferno,
    however, will not count as completing it on hardest, so the last two
    difficulties must be earned separately.
    All Complete (Platinum)
    Obtain all other trophies.
    Achievement 5% (Bronze)
    Complete 5% of missions.
    Achievement 10% (Silver)
    Complete 10% of missions.
    Achievement 15% (Bronze)
    Complete 15% of missions.
    Achievement 20% (Silver)
    Complete 20% of missions.
    Achievement 25% (Bronze)
    Complete 25% of missions.
    Achievement 30% (Silver)
    Complete 30% of missions.
    Achievement 35% (Bronze)
    Complete 35% of missions.
    Achievement 40% (Silver)
    Complete 40% of missions.
    Achievement 45% (Bronze)
    Complete 45% of missions.
    Achievement 50% (Silver)
    Complete 50% of missions.
    Achievement 55% (Bronze)
    Complete 55% of missions.
    Achievement 60% (Silver)
    Complete 60% of missions.
    Achievement 62% (Bronze)
    Complete 62% of missions.
    Achievement 64% (Bronze)
    Complete 64% of missions.
    Achievement 66% (Bronze)
    Complete 100% of missions.
    Achievement 68% (Bronze)
    Complete 100% of missions.
    Achievement 70% (Silver)
    Complete 70% of missions.
    Achievement 72% (Bronze)
    Complete 72% of missions.
    Achievement 74% (Bronze)
    Complete 74% of missions.
    Achievement 76% (Bronze)
    Complete 76% of missions.
    Achievement 78% (Bronze)
    Complete 78% of missions.
    Achievement 80% (Silver)
    Complete 80% of missions.
    Achievement 82% (Bronze)
    Complete 82% of missions.
    Achievement 84% (Bronze)
    Complete 84% of missions.
    Achievement 86% (Bronze)
    Complete 86% of missions.
    Achievement 88% (Bronze)
    Complete 88% of missions.
    Achievement 90% (Gold)
    Complete 90% of missions.
    Achievement 92% (Bronze)
    Complete 92% of missions.
    Achievement 94% (Bronze)
    Complete 94% of missions.
    Achievement 96% (Bronze)
    Complete 96% of missions.
    Achievement 98% (Bronze)
    Complete 98% of missions.
    Achievement 100% (Gold)
    Complete 100% of missions.
    Master Ranger (Bronze)
    Reach 1000 armor with the Ranger.
    Master Diver (Bronze)
    Reach 550 armor with the Wing Diver.
    Master Air Raider (Bronze)
    Reach 1000 armor with the Air Raider.
    Master Fencer (Bronze)
    Reach 1250 armor with the Fencer.
    Rescue (Silver)
    Revive 5 players in cooperative play.
    Super Rescue (Gold)
    Revive 50 players in cooperative play.
    Medic (Gold)
    Revive another player in cooperative play.
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    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright 2018 Brian Nii

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