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by ItchyOliver

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ItchyOliver

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/18/13

Unholy Heights


by Christian Colde


The following is my all-to-brief FAQ on the Playism game Unholy Heights. Available for 4$ at http://www.playism-games.com/games/unholyheights/ , Unholy Heights is an Apartment Management simulator/Tower Defense game where you lure monsters to your apartment, charge them rent, and use them to defeat the human horde.

Presently, this FAQ only contains three sections:

1. The Bestiary, containing all the monster cards, adventurer cards and boss cards. I've included annotations on how to help lure the monsters to your apartment and help their stay, tactics to defeat each enemy and even tips on which room is strategically best for each monster.

2. A short section on monster jobs and possible promotion paths. In Unholy Heights, the job a monster holds helps define the maximum limit it can pay in rent before defaulting. Higher rent means more money, more money means better furniture, better furniture means happier monsters and happy monsters are strong monsters... In other words, the whole "Apartment management" aspect of the game is one very elaborate system to boost the stats of your monsters. And then again, you can only raise their attack strength, their physical defense and their magical defense.

3. A Walkthrough as complete as I can manage. You'll have the mission name, difficulty setting in star rating, the exact adventurers in the order in which they appear with their strength level, the rewards (I've found that the gold rewards for intermediate waves tend to slightly vary) and a short strategy section. Missions are seperated by apartment levels (and yes, I call the ground floor the first floor), with green missions separated in their own sub-section. That's because green missions are unlocked upon gaining enough reputation with a certain monster set, and not by the size of your apartment.

Will I add more sections in the future? Depending on comments and how many questions I receive, certainly. Right now, this FAQ is mostly concerned about the Tower Defense portion of the game rather than the Apartment Manager simulation, as the workings of that half of the game appear to be far more arbitrary.

The Cheepies

"These monsters look like young chicks. Their impression of the Devil increases or decreases based on the satisfaction of the residents."

Melee Attack
Life: EWalkSpeed: CAttackSpeed: S
Attack: EPhysDEF: EMagicDEF: E
This breed of cheepy tends to be poor,
so they'll often be behind on rent.
They have an unusual love for cigarette
butts, and will gain strength in
direct sunlight.

Cheepies need nothing for them to rent a room. Optimal position: Unimportant. They aren't good.

The weakest monster in the game is still a solid match to the enemy Villager... but not by much. You need to nurture/use them to access the higher level of Cheepies but low health/defense makes them hard to use. Gains stats under sunlight. Might be used as a harrier, much like the Wolfguy.

Long-ranged Magic
Life: DWalkSpeed: CAttackSpeed: C
Attack: BPhysDEF: EMagicDEF: C
Cheepies who have mutated into diligent
students! They need rooms with study
materials on hand.

By "study materials" they mean a bookshelf and a desk. Yet a simple orange crate and a rack is enough to satisfy these criterias. Total cost: 10G. Optimal position: Middle rooms of second floor

Excellent witch killers, especially if you trap a witch between the staircase from the second floor. Any time an enemy group begins with a witch, think about tanking (that's right, tanking) with the Studeepy instead of say, a zombie.

Mid-ranged Attack
Life: DWalkSpeed: DAttackSpeed: B
Attack: EPhysDEF: AMagicDEF: C
These militaristic cheepys don helmets
and throw piercing knives that hit
multiple foes.

Helmeteepy seem to need nothing for them to rent a room. Optimal position: Room 202, or further upstairs if you have something better.

Although listed as a mid-ranged attack, it seems Helmeteepys cannot attack an adventurer from behind a melee monster. However, when used as the first monster in an attack, the Helmeteepy's knives strikes multiple adventurers.

Mid-ranged Attack
Life: DWalkSpeed: CAttackSpeed: B
Attack: EPhysDEF: EMagicDEF: A
These cheepyes have mutated into
millionaires! They only accepts the finest
In battle, richeepys do what they do best:
throw cashmoney at people.

Richeepys need something like tier 3 furniture for them to rent a room. Optimal position: Room 201 or 301

This is a true mid-ranged attack, which seems to be exactly the same as the merchant's money attack. It does crap damage but unless you have access to Flamen, you won't have anything better at such range.

The Undead

"These creatures are the walking corpses of dead citizens. These gross monsters will respect The Devil more with each victorious battle."

Melee Attack
Life: DWalkSpeed: CAttackSpeed: B
Attack: EPhysDEF: DMagicDEF: E
The undead spawn of fallen heroes,
boneletons remain formidable foes with
high physical defense.
Despite being skeletons, Boneletons live
a healthy and active lifestyle.

Boneletons need nothing for them to rent a room. Optimal position: Boneleton deal poor damage but are great damage soaks. Place them one room to the left of magic users.

A perfectly cromulent first row of offense (read: tank) during the early game unless you plan to gain the favor of Abyssals, in which case the Fishy Ones are strictly better. Boneletons pay better rent, though.

Melee Attack
Life: CWalkSpeed: EAttackSpeed: C
Attack: CPhysDEF: DMagicDEF: E
These living dead residents are strong
and hearty, but kind of gross. They heal
by eating their enemies' flesh.
They may be decaying corpses,
but zombies adore cooking.

Zombies need nothing for them to rent a room. Optimal position: Room 204, right next to the staircase. They're efficient but slow, so good placement is a must.

Great health and the ability to heal themselves by dealing damage makes them one of the best tank classes you'll ever get... Just keep them away from magic damage.

Melee Attack
Life: DWalkSpeed: CAttackSpeed: B
Attack: APhysDEF: BMagicDEF: B
Undead soldiers from the fields of Japan,
They value expensive furniture and the
dual sword technique.
They may be all bones,
but they take life seriously.

Boneymushas are quite demanding in terms of furniture, to the point I found it easier just to give them previously furnished rooms, transfering the old occupants upstairs. Off the top of my head, tier 2 furnishings are required for them to rent a room. Optimal position: They serve the same purpose as Zombies but are much more mobile. You can use them effectively from the third floor.

On paper they're a strict upgrade to the zombie, however you'll miss the zombie's class C health and health replenishing attacks. Think of them as melee DPS that can also tank.

Super-ranged Magic
Life: CWalkSpeed: BAttackSpeed: C
Attack: BPhysDEF: SMagicDEF: E
These ghosts are tricksters. They have
strong melee and physical defense, but
they're very weak to long range magic.
Funtoms enjoy being outside both
during the day and at night.

Funtoms aren't that much demanding than Boneymushas. I've had some success with a mini-stereo and the usuals from a third floor room. Optimal position: Irrelevant, just pack plenty of 'em. They're that good.

Funtoms have a very specific role in the game, as the only ranged monster that can withstand those Adventurers who deal damage to multiple monsters. Pirates, ninjas; with one exception, they all deal physical damage and would destroy your normal ranged monsters in seconds. Funtoms are also great against your run-of-the-mill physical melee adventurers, as long as you don't mind them running away as they still behave like ranged units. For this reason, Funtoms are definitely worth having in multiple families.


"Lovers of nature and healthy living, Elementals despise Abyssals, and love an apartment full of plants."

Long-ranged Magic
Life: EWalkSpeed: DAttackSpeed: D
Attack: DPhysDEF: EMagicDEF: E
These water spirits are about one cup's
worth. Early in your game, watermin
provide much needed long range support.
Because of what they are, watermin
tend to be stronger when it rains.

Watermins need nothing for them to rent a room but will immediatetly complain about the heat upon moving in. Buy them an Electric Fan. Optimal position: Keep a good melee class as their neighbors. If Watermins are forced to walk to battle, they'll start shooting from as far as they can, preventing other long ranged magic users from shooting the enemy as well. This is especially problematic when you have a family of Watermins.

Your first magic users but second place to the Eggeye in terms of dealing magical damage. However the watermins have fewer requirements and therefore will be easier to please.

Super-ranged Attack
Life: EWalkSpeed: DAttackSpeed: D
Attack: DPhysDEF: EMagicDEF: E
They prefer to consider themselves
flower spirits, but they look more like
weeds. They will only move into rooms
with valuable furniture.
Their seeds hit multiple units.

Flowery are somewhat demanding in terms of furniture: tier 2 objects seem to be a must. If you have trouble getting them to rent, give them a tenant's previously occupied room by switching the tenant to an empty room, then switch back again and furnish until the Flowery is happy. Optimal position: room 201 or 301.

A dud, best described as an easier to manage but not as damaging Maihome. Very fragile long ranged shooter. Their shots hit further than the Maihome, and do a better job of damaging adventurers in the back than the mortar attack. Excellent in multiples.

Mid-ranged Magic
Life: DWalkSpeed: CAttackSpeed: B
Attack: BPhysDEF: CMagicDEF: D
These fire spirits are hot-blooded to
a fault. Despite specializing in long
range magic, they never run away.
Flamen are unfortunately poor,
but they get stronger in sunlight.

Flamen need nothing for them to rent but will immediately complain about the room being too cold. Buy them Heated Floors. Optimal position: room 203

Flamen compare favorably to the Richeepy, trading magic armor for superior short-ranged firepower. A family of Flamen can do a lot of damage in a hurry. I also do believe that they damage melee Adventurers that engage them, making Flamens your very own Red Witches. Gains stats under sunlight.

Melee Attack
Life: CWalkSpeed: DAttackSpeed: C
Attack: EPhysDEF: SMagicDEF: S
This creature's thick skin gives them
strong defense. They prefer expensive
furniture that won't break.
Their furniture gets good use, as they
live a sedentary lifestyle.

Cragmax need something like tier 3 furniture for them to rent a room. Optimal position: one family on the first floor, another higher up.

Your tank par excellence, works very well with Flamen back-up. Add Flowery if you don't have Bearers yet and you can do all your killing through Elementals! Because they are so effective, they work best at ground level, tanking on whole armies by themselves.


"These messenger from beyond hate Elementals. These fishy creatures can improve their impression of The Devil by offering a prayer."

Fishy One
Melee Attack
Life: DWalkSpeed: CAttackSpeed: B
Attack: DPhysDEF: DMagicDEF: D
The children of humans and abyssals.
Most tend to be painfully poor, but
their prayers attract other abyssals.
Fishy Ones gain considerable strength
when it rains.

Fishy Ones either need very cheap rent (lower than default) or an Altar already in the room for them to move in. Optimal position: Middle rooms, as you can use Fishy Ones both to ambush spell casters (D class MagicDEF goes a long way in keeping them viable) or as a straight tank.

It's easy to miss out on Abyssals considering how eager their Watermin counterpart are to enter your apartment. One practically needs two playthroughs to enjoy both competing monster classes. Abyssals will be a pain to collect rent from but are great melee fighters. Gains stat boosts in the rain.

VERY IMPORTANT: Fishy Ones are the only monsters in the game that pray to Altars, which is the only way to raise your impression amongst Abyssals and gain higher ranked Abyssals. For this reason, you always want at least a family of Abyssals in your apartment.

Melee Attack
Life: SWalkSpeed: EAttackSpeed: C
Attack: APhysDEF: EMagicDEF: E
These gross and dirty creatures are
actually demigods made from jelly.
Watch out! They congeal in the cold!
Pul-Pymesys are always happy to
pay their rent, but they stink!

Pul-Ps need nothing for them to rent but will immediately complain about the room being too cold. Buy them Heated Floors. Optimal position: room 102 or 103.

Can't help but feel that they're something of a dud. They require a huge monetary investment in their demand for Heated Floors and it takes forever for them to heal up after a fight. Zombies make for better melee tanks. They're like great big punching bags though, so I use Pul-Ps on the first floor to ambush soft targets waiting to go upstairs.

Melee Attack
Life: CWalkSpeed: DAttackSpeed: D
Attack: SPhysDEF: CMagicDEF: B
These dark gods actually come from
beyond, where they reign as kings. Our
earthly magic holds no power over them.
Like Fishy Ones, they get stronger
when it rains.

Dagyons complain about the heat upon renting the room unless you buy them Perpetual Snow. Optimal position: room 104?

Hard to figure out, the attack animation doesn't exactly show what's going on when the Dagyon strikes: the male Dagyon spins and flails, the female turns her back and... splashes her opponent with her tail? It's an S class attack, so I assume it hurts more than one foe... but in practice it doesn't, nor does it feel particularly "S Class". I'm gonna call this the best Witch Killer monster because of its high health, great Magical defense and for allegedly hitting like a truck. I use it on room 104 to ambush those adventurers waiting to go up the stairs. Gains stats during the rain.

Long-ranged Magic
Life: CWalkSpeed: DAttackSpeed: D
Attack: SPhysDEF: DMagicDEF: S
An interdimensional bloody throne with
a dark magic wielding puppet king. They
require a room fit for a throne.
The king may rule its dimension,
but the throne rules the king.

Th'rones need something like tier 3 furniture for them to rent a room. Optimal position: Second floor

An incredibly difficult monster to obtain, with draconian requirements simply for it to visit the apartment. All for something that's like a super-Succubus, or a slightly-less powerful Frigideer. You need about 3 to 4 families of Fishy Ones with Blood Altars to summon the entry mission. Recovery Pods help augment praying frequency as Fishy Ones mainly pray at full health.


"Human-like, Demi-humans hate Demons. Demi-Humans will automatically come to like The Devil. However, when a resident dies, their distrust grows."

Mid-ranged Attack
Life: DWalkSpeed: AAttackSpeed: C
Attack: EPhysDEF: EMagicDEF: E
These generous creatures have afros.
Their specialty is shooting arrows,
and they love expensive furniture.
Due to their generosity, they're
rarely late on their rent payments.

Horsaurus seem to require a 200G investment in a room for them to be interested. I've managed to succeed simply by adding a CRT TV to a basic first floor room, and an unmodified second floor room will suffice in getting them to rent. Optimal position: Irrelevant; their speed means they'll reach the desired spot of the battle in a jiffy.

A mid-ranged attack means you can place these guys behind a melee user and still benefit from the long-ranged monster behind them. Otherwise, magic users usually walk until they're at their furthest from their targets, preventing other long-ranged magic users from shooting the target. Horsaurus are weak to everything: if you force your main tank to retreat, they won't last long under the assault either. A lone Horsaurus makes for a great harrying tactic, they'll attack and retreat before being damaged much as long as there's no monster to block off their escape.

Melee Attack
Life: DWalkSpeed: CAttackSpeed: A
Attack: DPhysDEF: CMagicDEF: D
These demi-humans hail from the far
east, and are known for their rapid and
lightning-quick attacks.
Fortunately, they have great jobs so
they always pay their rent on time.

Suman apparently need nothing for them to rent a room. Optimal position: Room 101 or 102

Suman are harriers, not tanks. After an army has past the first floor of your apartment and been blocked on floor two, you can unleash your Sumans on their rear guard for some quick damage. Used in conjustion with ranged monsters, you can build a two pronged assault that spans multiple floors.

Long-ranged Magic
Life: DWalkSpeed: CAttackSpeed: C
Attack: SPhysDEF: EMagicDEF: C
These creatures live among the frozen
peaks, have developed ice magic, but
they quickly get sick in the heat.
This matriarchal tribe rejoices when a
boy is born.

Frigideer need nothing for them to rent but will immediately complain about the room being too hot. Buy them Perpetual Snow. Optimal position: Room 201, and anywhere else you expect heavy fighting. They're that good.

Your long ranged offense of choice. They work real well with Flamen on the second floor, killing trapped Adventurers right quick.

Melee Magic
Life: BWalkSpeed: AAttackSpeed: C
Attack: SPhysDEF: AMagicDEF: A
These half-machine angels are built with
lost tech and strong shock weapons, but
spend all their cash on extra batteries.
Their backup solar power cells allow
them to grow in strong during the day.

QPDs apparently don't need anything for them to rent a room, but are averse to paying any real sums of money. They are remarkably poor. Optimal position: front floor, first in line for battle.

In my opinion, the best monster in the game. The low rent tolerance isn't even a problem at this point since all missions give you tons of money. And as great as they are, they're even better during day time. Notice how they deal melee magic instead of melee attacks.


"These denizens of evil love the darkness, and hate Demi-humans. Their respect for The Devil increases each time a resident dies. However, they get bored when the dying stops."

Long-ranged Magic
Life: EWalkSpeed: CAttackSpeed: C
Attack: DPhysDEF: EMagicDEF: D
These evil eggs have a single googly
eye, use long range magic and resist
magic, but despise cheap furniture.
Despite hating cheap furniture and
having jobs, eggeyes hate paying rent.

Like the Horsaurus, they don't have a favorite type of furniture, though I've noticed Desks and PCs to figure strongly in their list of demands. Optimal Position: They have the same problem as Watermins in that they start shooting from as far as possible, preventing other Eggeyes from joining the battle. Next to their sacrificial tenants, perhaps?

Eggeyes are basically demanding Watermins. Killing off tenents isn't necessary to get them to join your apartment, that's for raising your reputation. Once you build your extension, keep a room open for sacrificial tenents and/or use kitting tactics where the lead monster is an expendable ressource.

Long-ranged Magic
Life: DWalkSpeed: DAttackSpeed: D
Attack: BPhysDEF: DMagicDEF: B
This demon is the object of every erotic
fantasy. Contrary to popular belief,
they're not always female.
As one would expect, they're most
motivated at nighttime.

Succubi join your apartment easily enough but complain immediately upon entering. No matter what the problem is however, the solution seems to be to buy them an AC System. Even after complaining about feeling cold, I bought them an AC system and they were fine after that. Sick Succubi? AC System! Optimal position: Room 203 or third floor.

Your witch killer of choice, better than the Studeepy. If an adventuring group is lead by a Witch, put a Succubus on the front line and the witch won't retreat behind the melee class, holding the whole army up. Gains stat bonuses at night.

A Succubus's ability to pay rent reduces drastically once it enters a relationship and even more so once it raises a family. Succubus are also the creatures most likely to enter a relationship. Despite being satisfied with their room, paired succubus will often default on their rent.

Melee Attack
Life: BWalkSpeed: CAttackSpeed: B
Attack: BPhysDEF: CMagicDEF: C
If you are indeed what you eat, then
this butcher must eat way too much pork.
They can often be heard shouting
"pork is a virtue." Words to live by.

Gluttons also need an AC system in their room or else they'll get sick. Unlike the Succubus, they're much more upfront about their need. Optimal position: room 204, or anywhere you need a hard tank.

Gluttons make great all-purpose tanks for blocking the enemy on upper floors, like a Boneymusha except with health instead of defense stats. But defense stats are easier to build through monster satisfaction, so I rank the Glutton slightly higher.

Melee magic
Life: DWalkSpeed: BAttackSpeed: B
Attack: APhysDEF: BMagicDEF: B
This demonic noble love expensive
furniture. They suck blood to gain
While very weak during the day,
they're invincible at night.

Draculala need a room with at least tier 3 furniture for them to move in. Optimal position: Third or fourth floor

As stated, Draculala are mainly night warriors, but even under the best of circumstances you shouldn't have them rush towards an enemy that posseses ranged damage as these monsters have poor health and die in a hurry unless in actual combat. Unleash them in battle when the enemy is close by. And at night. Remember that it's magic damage that get's converted back to health, so the Draculala gains far less health against adventurers with high magical defenses.


"These monsters are essentially mutated animals. Chimarae gain or lose respect for The Devil based on the satisfaction of the other residents."

Melee Attack
Life: DWalkSpeed: AAttackSpeed: A
Attack: CPhysDEF: EMagicDEF: E
The bipedal canine is a loyal fighter,
and loves working out, so make sure to
give them lots of gym equipment.
Unfortunately, Wolfguys tend to be
rather stingy, especially with money.

Buy a Jump rope for their room and they'll move in. They require some sort of sports equipment. Optimal position: Room 101 or 102. Unleash them on passing magic users!

Your earliest harrier unit, meant to attack from the backsides in a pincer attack. The problem is that in addition to their poor defense, they take a long time to recharge their health as they're always exercising... which decreases their health further! If you depend on Wolfguys, you'll find yourself depending on Vitamin Drinks as well.

Super-ranged Attack
Life: DWalkSpeed: EAttackSpeed: E
Attack: SPhysDEF: EMagicDEF: E
These monstrous snails are incredibly
slow and fragile, but they can launch
devastating mortar attacks.
They unleash their true potential
during humid summer rainstorms.

Maihomes need nothing for them to rent a room. If at first you don't succeed, furnish their room with a happy tree. Optimal position: room 104 or 201. Read player notes for more.

Maihome's mortar attack (which looks more like a missile) damages the front enemy and up to two more enemies to a lesser extent. However, since few monsters can sustain a combined assault from both melee and ranged attacks, the Maihome is best used as a support class only against groups of melee users. And because space is sparce between your melee guys, long ranged guys and the row of enemies you want to simultaneously damage, Maihomes do their best work from the bottom floor where there's sufficient space for everyone. Then again, unless you have a superior super-ranged monster like the Frigideer, the Maihome can serve in a pinch on the upper floors as long as they're far away from the actual fighting. Gains stats during the rain.

Melee Attack
Life: CWalkSpeed: AAttackSpeed: S
Attack: APhysDEF: DMagicDEF: C
These originally amphibious felines
have powerful tails to kick enemies
with incredible power and precision.

Sealynx apparently need nothing for them to rent a room. Optimal position: Room 101.

Try this strategy: put your Sealynx in the first room of your apartment and as soon as the Warning siren hits, sick your Sealynx upon the enemy. Odds are, unless you're fighting Martial Artists or some other fast moving foe, you'll block off most of the enemy army from even appearing on screen! They'll also outrun ranged fire once you need a speedy exit. Regularly equip their room with Vitamin Drinks (a cheap investment by this time) and they can pull double duty, striking the enemy's rear guard after they've passed the first door of your apartment!

Super-ranged Magic
Life: DWalkSpeed: CAttackSpeed: D
Attack: SPhysDEF: CMagicDEF: D
These terrifying teddy-like creatures
specialize in dark magic and have a
predilection for expensive furniture.
Supposedly that's cotton protruding
from their bottoms.

Bearers need a room with at least tier 3 furniture for them to move in. Optimal position: Room 102

Treat Bearers as upgraded Maihome, damaging three at a time as the enemy army walks in or harrying their troops after they've passed their room. Use in conjuction with the Sealynx strategy for best results.

Adventurer's Cards

Please note, all Adventurers and Bosses come in five different strength level. Here they are, in order of weakest to strongest.

Unskilled < Trained < Talented < Famous < Legendary

Higher levels indicate more health, more attack and more physical and magical defense appropriate to the Adventurer's base stats.

Adventurer's Cards 1

Melee Attack
Life: DWalkSpeed: DAttackSpeed: B
Attack: EPhysDEF: EMagicDEF: E
These villagers are skilled laborers,
making them tough to kill, but largely
unskilled in combat

In a fight between a Villager and a cheepy, the cheepy will win... by a hair. Practically non-factors in battle.

Melee Attack
Life: DWalkSpeed: CAttackSpeed: B
Attack: DPhysDEF: EMagicDEF: E
Thieves, Vagabonds, Thugs.
On their own they don't pose much of a
threat, but they can be a force to be
reckoned with in large groups.

Slightly more damaging than a Villager but just as weak. Maybe a few of them together will force you to cycle tanks.

Blue Witch
Super-ranged Magic
Life: DWalkSpeed: CAttackSpeed: E
Attack: CPhysDEF: EMagicDEF: E
These magic-using trainees wield
rudimentary ice magic.

Chasing them away with a melee monster will be to the monster's advantage. Their extra-long range makes battles between your own magic users not to your favor.

Melee Attack
Life: DWalkSpeed: CAttackSpeed: B
Attack: CPhysDEF: CMagicDEF: E
These heroes are natural soldiers, and
come armed to the teeth with a sharp
sword and thick armor.

These can quickly become a problem so make sure you have some magical back-up to quickly take 'em down.

Melee Attack
Life: DWalkSpeed: AAttackSpeed: A
Attack: CPhysDEF: DMagicDEF: D
Thieves won't think twice about stealing
the watch off your arm, or the bed from
your house.
Their weapon of choice is a knife.

Isolate and quickly eliminate those dangerous melee users. They'll force you to cycle early melee monsters.

Long-ranged Attack
Life: DWalkSpeed: BAttackSpeed: B
Attack: CPhysDEF: DMagicDEF: C
Female warriors hailing from the Forest
Kingdom, the archer's individual arrows
don't do much damage, but they deliver
them in devastating succession.

Hard to deal with as they deal good damage, even as they're running away. Isolate against a staircase or attempt pincer attacks whenever possible.

Red Witch
Super-ranged Magic
Life: DWalkSpeed: CAttackSpeed: E
Attack: BPhysDEF: DMagicDEF: E
Wrapped in red cloth, the aptly named
red witch fights foes with fire magic,
and protects herself with powerful
defensive magic. Don't get too close,
or you'll get burned.

Yes, they do damage melee monster who engage them. Use magic resistant spell casters whenever possible, engaging at a distance.

Long-ranged Attack
Life: DWalkSpeed: DAttackSpeed: B
Attack: APhysDEF: EMagicDEF: E
Highly trained in the medical arts,
doctors are weak to both physical and
magical attacks, but their scalpels always
strike true.

Like the ultimate glass cannons: you'll either kill them in seconds or they'll kill you in seconds. A strong offense is your best defense.

Adventurer's Card 2

Sword Master
Melee Attack
Life: DWalkSpeed: CAttackSpeed: B
Attack: BPhysDEF: CMagicDEF: D
Hailing from the southern islands, these
female swordsmen always aim for a
monster's weak points, and repel attacks
using both their swords as well as magic.

Like more dangerous warriors, but keep to the same strategy as with warriors. Quickly shoot them down with mass magic.

Martial Artist
Melee Attack
Life: DWalkSpeed: BAttackSpeed: S
Attack: BPhysDEF: CMagicDEF: B
These monks may not do much damage with
each individual punch, but their fists hit with
relentless repetition.
Their natural fortitude afford them
considerable resistance to magic.

Never mind what the card says, Martial Artists are quick, very tough and very damaging. When dealing with multiple martial artists, use Maihomes and tank tactics to bring the group's health down as soon as possible. Only slightly less dangerous than Doctors, but a fair deal more resistant.

Black Witch
Super-ranged Magic
Life: EWalkSpeed: CAttackSpeed: E
Attack: SPhysDEF: EMagicDEF: A
These experienced and talented magic users
are the most lethal of the bunch
able to wield any type of magic they choose.
They don't just wear black for fun.

Unlike other witches, these witches have EXCELLENT magical defense. They still have terrible health and horrid attack speeds, so chasing them away with melee monsters is the way to go.

Super-ranged Attack
Life: DWalkSpeed: EAttackSpeed: E
Attack: SPhysDEF: EMagicDEF: D
Armed to the teeth with mobile artillery,
gunners move slowly, but can lay down
devastating area mortar fire over
long distances.

Engage using one melee monster at a time, with sparse long-range back-up (or Funtoms). Gunners don't just wreck your front line, they wreck ranged monsters behind the front line as well. As against doctors, your best defense is a good offense, so kill them quick with ambushes as they pass by your apartment doors.

Melee Attack
Life: AWalkSpeed: EAttackSpeed: D
Attack: SPhysDEF: EMagicDEF: E
These scallywags of the sea are known
far and wide as peerless swordsmen.
True men of the sea, they refuse to
defend themselves and instead depend
on area attack strikes for survival.

Although melee attackers, Pirates have a deceiving range that can even damage monsters standing behind them. Treat them like very slow ninjas, as adventurers that damage multiple monsters and that are therefore a threat to your ranged troops. You can also bounce them, striking an isolate pirate from ranged in a pincer attack so that it doesn't know which monster to strike as you disengage whomever is being chased by the pirate.

Mid-ranged Attack
Life: DWalkSpeed: SAttackSpeed: B
Attack: BPhysDEF: AMagicDEF: B
These natural enemies of pirates have put
aside their differences for the greater good.
They're nimble enough to dodge magic,
and counter with powerful shuriken attacks.

Probably the most dangerous of the non-boss adventurers for its ability to deal gross damage to multiple monsters at range. Although Funtoms act as hard counters against Ninjas, you'll need to isolate and quickly eliminate Ninjas unless you have access to them. Do not engage them in a conventional manner; think of them as Doctors that strike multiple monsters!

Melee Magic
Life: CWalkSpeed: CAttackSpeed: C
Attack: APhysDEF: BMagicDEF: B
Trained with a blade and imbued with
magical talent, spellblades wield both
powerful attack spells and a sharp sword.
They also wear armor with powerful
magic resistance.

Notice how they deal MAGIC damage at melee range, not regular physical damage. Spellblades and the Princess are the only adventurers who do that. But here's the deal: at this point of the game, most of the monsters you've set for tanking purposes shouldn't particularly suffer for the difference. So it really is business as usual against a slightly more resistant enemy.

Mid-ranged Attack
Life: DWalkSpeed: BAttackSpeed: C
Attack: EPhysDEF: BMagicDEF: B
These traveling traders from foreigns lands
haul a sturdy cart that can resist
considerable amount of damage, but they
themselves don't dish out that much damage.

Their poor damage means they really aren't a threat to your monsters. Eliminate other troops first. (They're real slow and seem to have a ton of health; have their life and walk speed rating secretly switched?)

Boss Cards

Thief Chief
Melee Attack
Life: CWalkSpeed: CAttackSpeed: C
Attack: DPhysDEF: EMagicDEF: E
The head honcho of a nearby gang of thieves,
Thief Chief's methods are brutal and
merciless, but he secretly has a soft spot
for squirrels.

He looks more intimidating than he is. You only need one melee tank to engage him and the rest of your monsters can surround him and pick him off.

Melee Attack
Life: AWalkSpeed: EAttackSpeed: C
Attack: CPhysDEF: SMagicDEF: D
These tall and powerful creatures have
almost been driven to extinction.
Their hides are tough and highly resistant
to damage.

Because of his slow speed, he's real fun to kite. Engage him with your long-ranged monsters from early on, repeatedly breaking off and cycling your magic users. He'll be at half health by the time he reaches your apartment!

Melee Magic
Life: CWalkSpeed: CAttackSpeed: C
Attack: APhysDEF: BMagicDEF: B
The beautiful flower of the Kingdom,
the princess rides into battle with the
Knights of the White Lily at her back.

Notice how her card gives the exact same stats as a Spellblade. That's what she is: the Spellblade boss. In fact, she's hard to tell from a visual standpoint too.

Super-ranged Magic
Life: BWalkSpeed: DAttackSpeed: E
Attack: APhysDEF: BMagicDEF: B
A magically reanimated ancient weapon
discovered deep within the ruins of an old
civilization, the golem shoots penetrating
magical beans that are just as dangerous
as they are dazzling.

Here it is: the one enemy that deals dangerous ranged MAGICAL fire. Whereas Funtoms will be your crutch against all the adventurers with multiple hitting (physical) attacks, the magical bolts from the Golem will tear through your ghosts like proton streams. Luckily, Golems are rare, slow and can easily be isolated by anti-magic specialists.

Golden Thug
Melee Attack
Life: BWalkSpeed: CAttackSpeed: B
Attack: SPhysDEF: EMagicDEF: S
This legendary hoodlum carries a big sword
and exudes a golden aura that boosts his
magical resistance.
He will continually resurrect when defeated
or until his money runs out.

His ridiculous magic defense is a definite problem due to how you'd want to bounce him between ranged foes. I've found Sealynx to be good at cutting Vongole's health to size, but you'll need more than one. Sometimes bouncing the foe with Funtoms is the best way to go, despite the staggering magic defense.

Melee Attack
Life: SWalkSpeed: BAttackSpeed: B
Attack: SPhysDEF: SMagicDEF: S
The hero has become rather serious
about stamping out your residents, and
has taken to using his favorite sword.
He once asked for the princess' hand in
marriage, but was flat-out denied.

You'll only get this Boss card if you fail on the final mission! Defeat both forms of the Hero with Funtoms, engaging at range and bouncing the unmounted form with bolts coming from both sides. Without Funtoms... None of your troops will last long against him, so cycle monsters regularly. Tier 4 monsters are a must.

Job list

Occasionally, your monster will get a promotion. Regardless of how satisfied a monster is with his room, there is only a set amount that it can pay before it defaults in its rent. The monster's job gives a rough indicator to the upper limit of what it can pay, regardless of its satisfaction towards the room. Higher tier monsters most often start out with higher paying jobs and can therefore offer more rent money, although there are exceptions. Sometimes even a tier 4 monster starts out as "Unemployed", the lowest form of rent tolerance a monster can possess.

Sadly, there's no way to help your monsters get a promotion. The following is a tentative list of what jobs pay better than others using the < sign as I recall all the promotions I've noticed throughout my playthroughs. Some jobs require additional furniture: for instance action figure designers need a television set, painters need an Oil Painting kit... Check up on your monster after he receives his promotion to see if he needs any additional equipment. You at least know that you can safely raise its rent...

Entomologist < Librarian

Window washer < Personal trainer

Amateur boxer < Personal trainer

Window washer < Construction foreman

Proofreader < Unpopular Cartoonist < Programmer < Pro Gamer

Game Tester < Programmer < Crackerjack Hacker

Game Tester < Action figure designer

Action Figure Designer < Pro Gamer

Cat Burgler < J the ripper < Black market jeweler < Assassin

J the ripper < Mafia Don < Assassin

Undertaker < Exorcist

UFO Fanatic < Exorcist

Psychic Medium < Famous Fortune Teller

Dating Site Shill < Hostess

Potter < Popular Painter < Mystery Writer

Taco Stand Owner < Vegetable Connoisseur

Lumberjack < Circus trainer

Farmer < Circus trainer < Mushroom Expert < Dog Trainer

Food Reporter < Competitive Eater < Gourmet

Competitive Eater < First-class chef

Hamburger Chef < First-class chef

Bondage Master < Pimp

Make Up Artist < Pimp < Supermodel

Extra < Street Performer

Stage Actor < Ballet Dancer

Pro Wrestler < Pro Baseball Player

Neurologist < a black market surgeon

Office Clerk < Ad Account Executive < CEO

Middle Manager < CEO

Mission Walkthrough

The list of missions available in Unholy Heights, found on the Quest Board outside your apartment. Red missions unlocks the main story, green missions unlock new monsters and yellow missions unlock new furniture. All missions are formatted with mission name followed by difficulty level (in star format, where more stars equals higher difficulty) with the description from the game written underneath. Missions consist of 1 to 4 waves of adventurers; this FAQ will give you the name of the wave, the type of adventurers from each level along with their skill level. Every wave before the final one gives some level of reward, the amount of which could be in doubt.

The strategy given to each mission is merely designed to be helpful and should not be seen as a strict "follow-to-the-letter" cheat sheet to victory. Especially with monster placement depending on the player's whim.

One floor apartment missions

1. Devil's Trial (red) (no stars)

"Get to know the flow of battle by fighting a passing adventurer. Don't worry if they get away."

Village Watch: Unskilled Villager
Witch Patrol: Unskilled Blue Witch

Reward: 5G, 100G. Completing this unlocks the following missions: Monsters of the Village (red), Treasure Protection, Magic Lab.

After you complete Devil's Trial, the Quest Board will read that you are currently progressing through the mission None. If you aren't already in a mission, lone adventurers will occasionally attack your apartment, usually on a weekly basis.

2. Monsters of the Village (red) (no stars)

"There are rumors that monsters living in your apartments. Curious villagers are coming to investigate."

Gossip Guild: Unskilled Villager
Village Mob: Trained Villager
Search Party: Unskilled Villager, Unskilled Blue Witch

Reward: 5G, 5G, 250G

Strategy: The first two rounds can be easily won with pincer attacks and/or support from magic users. Versus the blue witch, seperate her from the villager then divide and conquer. By this time, each of your rooms should be occupied by a monster.

3. Treasure Protection *

"Some ne'er-do-wells have caught wind that your apartment is packed with treasures. Repel the raid!"

Racketeering Club: Unskilled Hoodlum
Team Racketeer: Unskilled Hoodlum x2
Thieves Guild: Unskilled Thief

Reward: 10G, 20G, 400G. Unlocks mission Dealer of the East

Strategy: Hoodlums strike harder than villagers while thieves have better offense and defense than hoodlums. You'll want more than one tank to take on these enemies, cycling between them as their health go down.

4. Magic Lab *

"Witches from the nearby academy have decided to practice their magic on your building, thinking it's abandoned!"

Teen Witch Club: Unskilled Blue Witch, Unskilled Hoodlum
Academy Hiking Team: Unskilled Blue Witch x3
Magic School Elite: Unskilled Red Witch

Reward: 18G, 24G, 500G

Strategy: If attacked by a melee user, witches will run away until trapped either by another monster, a staircase or the edge of the screen. Seperate the last assailant from the first two groups then gang up on the lead enemy before finishing off the straggler. The red witch falls quickly enough under a pincer attack.

5. I am Vongole *

"An aspiring hero has decided he wants to be the greatest hunter in the world, and he's starting with you!"

Wannabe Guild: Trained Hoodlum

Reward: 200G

Strategy: He falls quickly enough to gang tactics. Maybe do this mission early on if you're in quick need of money.

6. Dealer of the East (yellow) *

"A caravan full of goods from the Far East is passing through town. Lure it in and get that treasure!"

Dealer Tonerico: Unskilled Merchant

Reward: 150G. Unlocks "Mr Stone Statue" (furniture).

Strategy: Lots of HP but can't deal that much damage. Even easier than I am Vongole.

7. Birth of The Prophet *

(unlocks after completing other missions)

"A kook insists he received a message from God: "Wipe out The Devil!" He's decided to build an army!"

Misguided Sheeple: Unskilled Villager x3
Misguided Sheeple: Trained Villager x2, Unskilled Villager x2
Misguided Sheeple: Unskilled Hoodlum, Trained Villager, Unskilled Blue Witch, Trained Villager

Reward: 15G, 30G, 800G. Unlocks mission The Revenge of Vongole

Strategy: Much harder than the star rating would indicate. Cycling tanks may not be enough, you might need to to buy Vitamin Drinks to save your tenants. Definitely save before doing this mission. For the third wave, concentrate on taking out the witch then isolate the rest of the individual elements.

8. The Revenge of Vongole *

(unlocks after completing other missions)

"Vongole has returned, this time with a new bag of tricks. Put him out of his misery."

Wannabe Guild: Trained Thief

Reward: 500G

Strategy: Much harder than his first incarnation as he now has solid defense. Then again, he's only one guy: gang up on him and win.

9. Wanted: Gang! (red) **

"The village employed thieves to ransack your building. (Finish this mission to expand your building)"

Gang Recon: Unskilled Thief
Gang Team Scheme: Unskilled Hoodlum, Unskilled Villager, Trained Blue Witch
Gang Leader: Talented Thief Chief

Reward: 36G, 23G, 1200G. Unlocks mission Hotel for Adventurers, but only until you expand your building.

Strategy: Isolate the witch and you'll find that the villager can't deal enough damage to save her. As for the boss... treat him like you would treat Vongole: gang up on him and win.

10. Hotel for Adventurers *

"Someone put up a sign: "Come, heroes! Put up your feet and relax at Unholy Heights!" (This quest is repeatable)."

Newb Party: random pair of 2 Unskilled adventurers
Random Party: random Trained adventurer.

Reward: random (around 16?), 400G

Strategy: Excellent money farming mission. Great way to afford some extra furniture and boost the happiness of your tenants. Expanding your building will seal off this repeatable mission.

Expanding your building brings forth a surprise attack from the Legendary Hero, Sieghard. Even with the best of troops, this Knight is far too difficult to defeat at this stage of the game. Although they say he's out to kill the Devil, he loses all intent to kill upon reaching your room. Simply leave him be and you will suffer no consequences.

He apparently can be killed at this point, possibly if you have a whole ton of really strong zombies present. Beating Sieghard unlocks Free Battle mode, where the game decides on how your monsters should behave in battle. It is by no means an efficient way to do battle. The game continues as normal, and you still have to defeat the final boss again.