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FAQ/Walkthrough by DomZ Ninja

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/06/17

             Winner of the GameFAQs FAQ of the Month for May 2017

                                   _  _       _
                            |   |  |  |  |   |
                            |   |  |  |  |   |-
                            |_  |  |  |  |_  |_

,-.             .---.  .-. .-. _____ ,-.      _    _     .-.___   .-._   ,---.
\  \    |\ .-. / ,--.\ | | | |'-. .-'\  \    / |  / \    | .--.\  | ,-' / |`-'
| |\\   || | | | |  |/ | | | |  | |  |   \  /  | /   \   | |  ||  | |   | |
| | \\  || | | | |     | |_| |  | |  | |\ \//| | | /\ \  | |  ||  | |_  | |
| |  \\ || | | | | __  | .-. |  | |  | | | / | | | | \ | | |_,'|  | .-'  \ \
| |   \\|| | | | |'-.\ | | | |  | |  | | | | | | | |_| | |    _/  | |     \ \
| |    \ | | | | |  || | | | |  | |  | | | | | | | .-. | | |\(    | |      | |
| |    | | | | | |  || | | | |  | |  | | | | | | | | | | | | \\   | |      | |
| |    | | | | |  \_|| | | | |  | |  | | | / | | | | | | | |  \\  | |      | |
| |     \| |_|  `.__,' | | | |  |_|  | | |/  | | |_| |_| |_|   \| | |_ .-./ /
'-'                    '-' '-'       '-'     '-'                  '---'`---'


                              LITTLE NIGHTMARES

                         Copyright (c)2017 DomZ Ninja


 Author: DomZ Ninja
 E-mail: domzninja[at]hotmail[dot]com
 Updated: 07/06/17
 Version: 1.0

 NOTE: This guide does contain spoilers!


                              TABLE OF CONTENTS


See that series of numbers to the right of each section? If you want to find 
a specific section in the FAQ, press CTRL + F to open a search box. Type in 
the series of numbers for the desired section that you're trying to find and 
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 [1] VERSION HISTORY.................................................. [0100]
 [2] CONTROLS......................................................... [0200]
 [3] WALKTHROUGH...................................................... [0300]

      The Prison...................................................... [0301]
      The Lair........................................................ [0302]
      The Kitchen..................................................... [0303]
      The Guest Area.................................................. [0304]
      The Lady's Quarters............................................. [0305]

 [4] COLLECTIBLES..................................................... [0400]
      Nomes........................................................... [0401]
      Statues......................................................... [0402]
 [5] TROPHIES......................................................... [0500]
 [6] THANKS/CREDITS................................................... [0600]


[1] VERSION HISTORY                                                     [0100]


FAQ/Walkthrough #76

 Version 1.0 (05/17/17) - FAQ/Walkthrough complete and submitted.


[2] CONTROLS                                                            [0200]


|  D-Pad                      |  N/A                                         |
|  Left Analog Stick          |  Move                                        |
|  Right Analog Stick         |  Look Around, Lighter (Click)                |
|  Touch Pad                  |  N/A                                         |
|  Options                    |  Pause                                       |
|  Triangle Button            |  N/A                                         |
|  Square Button              |  Sprint                                      |
|  Circle Button              |  Lighter                                     |
|  X Button                   |  Jump/Throw                                  |
|  L1 Button                  |  N/A                                         |
|  R1 Button                  |  N/A                                         |
|  L2 Trigger                 |  Crouch/Slide                                |
|  R2 Trigger                 |  Grab                                        |


[3] WALKTHROUGH                                                         [0300]


| THE PRISON                                                          [0301] |

  Nomes: 3
  Statues: 2

 A young girl, only distinguishable by her yellow rain jacket and lighter,
 wakes up in a damp and dark room. Open your lighter with either Circle or
 R3 to offer some illumination and plod down the passage on the right. With
 your lighter lit, approach the [LANTERN] to light it and save your progress.
  TIP: Lanterns (and candles) save your progress when lit, but are not
       necessarily save points. If you die you often restart at the beginning
       of your most recently-visited "room/area", but definitely light any
       lantern you come across so you can eventually unlock a Trophy.

 Walk towards the hatch door and hold down R2 to grab the handle, then step
 backwards to pry it open. Crouch with L2 and wiggle into the duct. Keep your
 lighter on as you navigate through the vents. Once you drop out of there, run
 up the flight of stairs. Search the alcove in the background to find a geisha
 [STATUE]. Pick it up and subsequently throw the statue to shatter it.
  TIP: It seems rude, but destroying all statues rewards you with a Trophy.
       And remember that you have to break them; sometimes it'll take more
       than one attempt to break it.

 Continue to the right and crawl under the wooden boards to enter a cabin. You
 can exit on the far end through the hole above the bed.
  TIP: Jump on this bed several times for the "Highly Sprung" Trophy.
 Climb onto the box to get up onto the bed, then jump and grab the ledge with 
 R2, holding the button down to keep your grip. Drop down into the next room 
 for a not-so-pleasant sight - just one of the many grim encounters during
 your hellish journey.
 You can move the chair by walking up to it. Push it up against the door and
 hoist yourself up to the door handle. Flip on the lighter and slowly search
 the room. Walk over to the messy fridge and grab a hold of the handle to yank
 it open. You may have spotted a little creature scurry off at this moment, so
 give chase.
 To the right of the fridge is a small hole in the wall. Crawl through to
 enter a tiny closet, where you'll find the small denizen next to a [LANTERN].
 Light the lantern, then press R2 next to the [NOME] to give it a big hug. How
  TIP: Nomes are the second of the game's collectibles, and you'll come to
       recognize their triangular heads and distinct, gurgling vocalizations.
       Nomes are skittish and typically run away at first opportunity, but do
       not worry if you see one flee from you. This usually means you have to
       go searching for and/or corner it first. And just like with breaking
       the geisha statues, you must physically pick up and hug the Nome in
       order to "collect it".

 After spreading some positive cheer, return to the open refrigerator and
 climb up the shelves. Filthy leeches drop from the ceiling onto the wooden
 catwalks where you stand. Don't let them touch you or else it's instant
 death. Remember to hold down Square to sprint. At the end of the path, climb
 up to the handle on the wall and activate the metal doors.
 Jump across the gap (hold R2 to grab onto ledges if the gaps are too wide)
 and go through the door only for it to slam shut behind you. This appears to
 be a dead end, but you can rip off the wooden boards to provide an escape
 Chase after the Nome in the next room until the floorboards give way, sending
 you into a pitch-black chamber. Quickly open your lighter and sprint to the
 right: a horde of leeches begin squirming towards you from every angle! Keep
 running to the right and try to jump over any directly in your path, then
 push over the wooden door to free yourself.
 Make a running jump across the broken bridge and light the [LANTERN] before
 climbing to the second level. Approaching the bucket nearby causes the Nome
 to scamper off again. Carefully walk across the plank (crouching helps here)
 and up the stairs.
 Things get really dark the higher you go, so keep that lighter handy... there
 is no consequence to leaving the lighter on at all times. Follow the walkway
 up another flight of stairs and back to the left to reach a crank wheel. Grab
 it with R2 and rotate the wheel to open a door and shed some light on you.
 As soon as you let go the door will begin to close, so sprint forward and
 make the jump, then slide under the closing door (to slide, press L2 while

 Continue through the next room until you catch a glimpse of the horrifying
 subhuman known simply as The Janitor. Once he leaves, climb up the sheet rope
 to the hatch and drop down. Light the [LANTERN] under the sink and slip
 through the open door.
 An electric fence halts your progress out of the bathroom. Close the door you
 just went through to reveal a switch on the wall. It's a bit too high up, so
 grab the container of toilet paper and drag it underneath the switch. Jump up
 and pull it to turn off the power to the entire vicinity - the fence is
 powered off, but so are the lights.
 With the power off, quickly squeeze between the bars of the fence into the
 next room. This area is pretty big, but is of no importance, so sprint to the
 right to bypass the second electric fence. If the power gets switched back on
 before you get past the second fence, you can use the seesaw and the dresser
 to return to the bathroom.
 Down the passage is a large room with an active searchlight in the center.
 The robotic eye will rotate from side to side somewhat slowly. Wait for the
 light to shift before making any moves, and also use the large objects as 
 cover. Stay out of the light at all times or else you'll suffer the same fate
 as the other children that tried to escape and failed.
 Safely cross to the right side of the room and climb up on the low cabinets.
 Activate the [LANTERN] and use the cage fronts to scale the tower of
 cabinets. Instead of climbing onto the upper level, cross the cabinets and
 drop down to the rightmost one to scare a Nome into the next room. Crawl
 through the open cage into a small storage room. Light the [LANTERN], then
 hug the [NOME].
 Return to the previous room and climb to the upper level. Now that you're
 above the searchlight you can move without hesitation. Enter the open bedroom
 to the left to spot a [STATUE]. Exit and go through the open door on the far
 right side of the searchlight room.
  TIP: Oddly enough, jumping on the bed in the bedroom would not trigger the
       "Highly Sprung" Trophy for me. Feel free to give it a shot yourself,
       but know that you may also not have any luck.
 You won't get far before a gust of wind closes the door behind you. Quickly 
 hide underneath the nearby bed and wait... The Janitor enters the nursery, 
 gives a quick look-round, then exits behind you. Run out of the nursery and 
 climb the cages to find a ventilation shaft you can crawl through; jump along
 the shelves to reach it.
  TIP: If you are doing a speedrun, don't waste time waiting for The Janitor
       to enter the room. As soon as you enter the nursery, sprint through and
       you should be outta there by the time he enters.
 Hunger strikes as you reach the outskirts of the mess hall. Stumble forward
 until a mysterious individual tosses you some scraps. Pick it up to fill
 your stomach and regain your movements. Climb up the stack of crates and
 squeeze through the bent bars along the fence. Run past the showers into a
 wide area with another electric fence blocking your way.
 You'll have to shut off the power once more. Scale the cabinets and cages
 along the back wall (press X to jump behind you when climbing objects). At
 the top is a [LANTERN] and a swinging crate. As the crate ever so slowly
 swings back and forth, wait for the right moment before leaping onto it.
 Begin climbing up the supporting chain until you see a ledge you can get
 onto. On the ledge, scale the cages to reach a lever and a switch.
 Yank the wall switch to raise the chain and hoist the metal crate up to your
 location. The lever tilts the room to cause the crate to move in either
 direction. Pull the lever right so the crate slams into the platform you
 stand on. The next sequence involves pushing the lever to the left to shift
 direction and quickly jumping on the crate as it swings to the left wall.
 Jump up to the ledge and enter the office on the left. Some of the filing
 cabinets can be pulled open to create makeshift steps, allowing you to reach
 the lever on the wall. There's no timer this time, so there is no need to
 Pass through the deactivated fence on your left and light the [LANTERN] on
 the opposite end. Behind the lantern is a caged [NOME] that is looking to be
 freed. Rip open the cage and follow the Nome back into the office, where it
 lies sandwiched between the wall and filing cabinets. Give it a big squeeze
 and return back left.
 Push the weighted box off the ledge into the center pit to crate a pulley
 system that brings you back to the first fence. It's not the most... upbeat
 means of transportation, but it gets the job done! Proceed right, through
 the now Leech-infested showers, to the fence. Past the fence is a second
 searchlight area.
 This room is a bit more spacious than the last one and also features a
 janitor's utility bucket that wheels back and forth. The searchlight tracks
 movement of large objects such as this, so it'll stay honed in on the trash
 can when it's in motion. Wait for the opportunity to hide behind the can and
 follow its movements to the open doorway on the other side.
 Step onto the metal bridge in the next area. The bridge then begins to
 retract, so sprint and jump to the second half as it begins to slide into the
 wall on the right. Jump on top of the box for leverage and then grab onto the
 walkway before you loose your footing entirely. Close call! Walk through the
 dark room as the exit ominously opens in front of you.

| THE LAIR                                                            [0302] |

  Nomes: 3
  Statues: 2

 A series of incredibly tall staircases greets your entry into The Lair. Go
 inside the open hatch atop the first flight. Upon entering the office, a Nome
 escapes somewhere to the right. Time to pursue...
 First, swing open the closet door all the way, then grab hold of the chair
 next to the desk (which a [LANTERN] also lies on top of). One of the floor 
 tiles is actually a hidden switch that opens a secret compartment inside the 
 closet. The switch in question is the tile covered in black stain, so drag
 the chair on top of it to keep it compressed. Enter the hidden room.
 Jump on top of the control panel and hit the switch to open the all-seeing
 eye - doing so gives you a glimpse into various rooms on The Maw. Oh yeah,
 this game takes place on a boat if you haven't figured that out yet. And it
 is given the pleasant name of The Maw. So there's no real importance of this
 other than giving more insight to the game's setting. What you really should
 do is search behind the control panel to scare the Nome back out of here.
 Back in the stairwell, chase the Nome up the second flight of stairs and
 corner it at the top. The poor thing is quivering behind some boxes, so give
 it a nice big hug! Ascend the stairs to the third floor and climb through the
 open window.
 A pair of Nomes hit the road upon arriving in the cramped living quarters.
 The right wall looks oddly out of place, and upon further inspection you can
 push it open to reveal a doorway. Do so, but don't go through just yet. Pull
 the suitcase undernear the wall switch and use it to lower the fold up
 mattress. Use it to reach the dressers and climb to the top. Leap to the
 other dresser and then onto the shelf with the toilet paper. Pick up and
 chuck the [STATUE] down to the ground. Now set your sights on the table.
 Pick the key off of the table and toss it on the ground. Hop down and bring
 the key through the opening so you can unlock the padlocked door. In the next
 room, take the toy monkey and throw it at the elevator button on the wall.
 Your character has a pitiful throwing motion, but if you stand in the right
 spot it automatically travels in the right arc to reach the button. Wait for
 the elevator and bring the monkey with you inside, repeating the same process
 to ride it down.
 Your belly starts growling as you exit the elevator. Walk and crawl through
 the tunnel until you reach a slab of meat lying inside an open cage. Doesn't
 seem like the smartest idea, but you cannot go on in your current state. Step
 inside the cage and chow down as the door closes you in...
 You awake in a dark room where you are lined up with other caged children,
 some of which get dragged away by nothing more than a set of long arms. It is
 not recommended that you follow the same path as those unlucky rascals, so
 try to free yourself from this situation. Move back and forth to rock the
 cage onto its side and create an opening.
 Next, drag the cage with one of the imprisoned children underneath the
 hanging lever and use the poor scamp as a stepping stone to open the door to
 safety. Now the door will close when you let go of the lever, so hold on and 
 rock to the left and right to begin swinging. Let go once you have enough 
 momentum to escape the room. It's a dog-eat-dog world down here! 
 You wind up in what appears to be a dead end, but you can climb up the side
 of the door that just closed behind you. Emerge through the hole in the
 ceiling and light the [CANDLE] next to the bathtub. Exit the room.
 The Janitor resides in his workshop, where he performs vague, yet clearly
 grotesque and unspeakable acts of horror.
  TIP: A few things to note about The Janitor: first, his abnormally long arms
       means he can reach in crevices and under objects unlike other
       assailants. Secondly, he is blind and therefore unaware of your
       presence unless you make noise.
 The Janitor stays at his workbench unless a disturbance is made. Stay on top
 of the paper to keep the sounds of your footsteps low. Your best bet,
 however, is to hoof it past him and towards the hole in the wall next to the
 locked door. Slide through the hole into the dark room and stay put, since
 he should lose interest and not follow you.
  TIP: Remember to use the Right Analog to pan the camera so you can see
       things out of frame - handy for cat and mouse scenarios like this one.
 Once the coast is clear, pick up the wooden handle in the middle of the room
 and insert it in the triangle hole on the support beam. Use this handle to
 crank open the hatch door on the floor; doing so causes The Janitor to rush
 into the room, but by then you should already be making your way down the
 Make your way through the vents, stopping at the [LANTERN] midway. There is a
 hidden ladder to the right of the lantern (behind the suitcase) that you can
 climb to encounter another [NOME]. Follow it through the vent to its abode.
 After the hug, drop down the hole and get out of the vent.
 You are eventually dumped into a gigantic pit filled with thousands of
 disposed shoes. Jump into the shoe pit and trudge towards the suitcase
 "island". Some unseen presence begins chasing after you about halfway across,
 like a shark's fin cutting through water. Hurry up onto the suitcase to save
 yourself. Continue across the shoe pit while using the suitcases to avoid
 whatever the hell is lurking down at the bottom. Exit to the right.
 You wind up in the room where you were initially captured. Enter the tunnel
 for The Janitor to jump down and chase after you. Run through the tunnel and
 slide under any annoying pipes to get to the elevator. Hide inside the
 overturned box to hitch a free ride to the top of The Lair. Wait for The
 Janitor to leave, then wait a few seconds and follow after.
 You may notice a wobbly floorboard here in the small room. Push the large
 box off of the board and stand on it to flip underneath and wind up below
 the floorboards. There's a Nome down here that'll keep its distance as you
 infiltrate the attic. Up here is where The Janitor stores all the toys left
 behind from his countless victims.
 Head to the far right where the area opens up in the back and walk into the
 back alcove with your lighter on: there is a [STATUE] back here. Smash it,
 then think about heading to the surface (wait for The Janitor to be on the
 right side of the room).
 Use the ladder to get above the floor and get The Janitor's attention by
 knocking over the toy monkey. When he runs to search the area, crawl through
 the hole and run to the set of drawers along the right wall. Climb them and
 push the box out of the way at the very top to reveal an escape route.
 Go through the vent to wind up in a room with several clocks; just out of
 reach The Janitor climbs through a hole in the ceiling. Walk through and push
 open the door to topple the whole thing over along with a grandfather clock.
 This gets his attention, so immediately hide between the wall and the base of
 the clock while he feels around with his creepy arms.
 Eventually all the clocks in the room go off and send The Janitor into a
 stunned state. While he is incapacitated, run past him and pick up a shoe.
 Stay on the carpeting and slowly approach the sealed door. Wait for the
 clocks to chime once more before throwing the shoe at the button to open the
 door. This is pretty easy so long as you use the outside noises to mask your
 movements. Run through the door and down the hallway to another room.
 The Janitor's study is filled with stacks of old books. Fortunately he isn't
 here, so you can breathe easy for the time being. Go over to the desk on the
 opposite end and crawl underneath to find a [NOME]. It flees in the direction
 of the entrance, so head back to the doorway and look behind the first tall
 stack of books to spot it. Hug it.
 Climb up the bookshelf behind the desk and ignite the [CANDLE] up here. Jump
 onto the hanging piano, then use it to reach the bookshelf opposite.
  TIP: Run along the piano keys lengthwise until you trigger the "Six's Song"

 You'll find The Janitor at the top of the study (who fortunately does not
 notice you). Make note of the triangular groove on the support beam here,
 meaning that a handle is somewhere nearby.
 Creep behind The Janitor into the hall and climb up the book stack. Light the
 [CANDLE] up here and carefully go across the walkways so not to knock any of
 the clutter down onto the ground: that'll only attract your pursuer to your
  TIP: There's a [CANDLE] down on the floor in the middle of the hall but I
       wouldn't recommend going out of your way to light it. You'll find out
       much later that lighting all lanterns/candles is not necessary.

 Maneuver across the upper levels of the hall until you reach a nook leading
 into a small room containing a TV. Drop down and you'll discover a wooden
 handle next to the television. First, turn on the TV and pick up the handle
 while hiding behind the suitcase. Wait for The Janitor to come inside and be
 distracted with the TV. Stay put until he is positioned directly in front of
 the tele - this is your cue to book it.
 He should be too enthralled by the TV not to follow you, so you can safely
 scurry back to the previous room and insert the handle in place. Crank the
 piano up another level (which will in turn set off The Janitor), then leap
 onto the piano. Make a second jump to the other side, light the [CANDLE], and
 climb through the hole.
 A laundry cart cushions your fall. Use this cart further to your advantage by 
 pushing it along the track on top of the broken pipe. With the cart blocking
 the hot steam, you can climb across to the other side. Now pull the cart to
 the end of the track and use it to reach the door handle.
 Enter the ventilation duct ahead and light the nearby [LANTERN]. Be wary of
 the slits in the vents, because after passing the first one a familiar pair
 of arms smash through and try to grab you. Crouch and pass by when the hands
 are away from you.
 Another chase scene begins after you exit the vents; sprint down the hallway
 towards a closing door, which slams on top of a cage. With the cage keeping
 the door open just a teeny bit, you can slide through. The opening is large
 enough for The Janitor to stick his lanky arms through as he blindly feels
 around for you.
 Inside the laundry chute is a stack of cages and a laundry cart. Alternate
 between climbing these as the hands try to find you. The hands usually search
 one at a time, so if one gets too close jump to the other elevated area. Pay
 attention to the movement patterns before taking action.
 When the time is right, jump down to the cage stuck under the door and grab
 it to rip off one of the supportive bars. This part can be tricky because
 oftentimes one of the hands starts to move towards where you are, so you
 either have to stick with it or let go and retreat (this was probably the
 hardest part of the game for me, speedrun-wise). Ripping off two metal bars
 causes the door to collapse and sever The Janitor's arms. Hooray! With that,
 go through the newly opened hatch to the level exit.
| THE KITCHEN                                                         [0303] |

  Nomes: 3
  Statues: 3


 Provide some light after you wake up in the ventilation duct, then ascend the
 ladder to a conveyor belt with hanging meat hooks. Grab a hold of one as it
 whisks you off to a new region (during which you catch a sight of one of the
 ship's dastardly chefs).
 Six, your character, lands in a pile of (assumedly) body bags. After taking a
 few steps forward you are struck with another bout of starvation. Stumble
 through a couple rooms until you come across a rat stuck in a trap... free
 Yeah, pretty disgusting. Anyways, you are raring to go now. Climb over the
 laundry bins (again, don't think there's laundry inside 'em) until you reach
 a blocked path. The bins are too high to reach, so instead get on top of the
 smaller ones and push the metal lid over to create a ramp. Jump down on the
 other side to come to a pair of double doors leading into the kitchen area.
 Don't go through the doors just yet; there is a hole in the ground up against
 the laundry bins (concealed by one of the lids) that leads you down to a
 shrine of sorts. Pick up and smash the [STATUE] before taking the ladder back
 up to the previous room.
 Proceed through the double doors and push the cart up against the wall so you
 can squirm inside the pantry.
 The sinister sound of knives sharpening should give you the indication that 
 you are not alone. Pass through the pantry and crouch through the hole in the
 wall. Creep past the chef as he prepares some meat and enter the main
 kitchen. You'll probably see a pair of Nomes running about as you enter.
 The kitchen is fairly large and contains several hiding spots and some
 objects that can alert the chef (cans, ladles, oven doors). It's a large
 space for one chef to cover, as he spends time in the prep room and here in
 the kitchen. Also keep in mind that the chef's stubby arms are nowhere near
 as long as The Janitor's... doesn't mean that he is completely incapable of
 catching you though.
  TIP: At this time, you can gather some ingredients and toss them into the
       boiling pot in the middle of the kitchen for the "Kitchen Hand"

 Pass through the kitchen towards a locked door on the right, then climb up
 the white cabinet nearby. Light the [LANTERN] and jump onto the rafters
 overhead. The chef obviously cannot reach you up here, but be careful when
 walking the tightropes or else it's a big fall down. Use the cages on the
 left side to reach a hole leading into a bathroom.
 A Nome runs away as soon as you enter. Jump on the toilets and then up to the
 [CANDLE] on the shelf, then follow the Nome into the next room. Chase the
 lil' sucker down the hall into the bedroom where the second chef is sleeping.
 Why of course, one wasn't enough - these are the Twin Chefs! Make some
 commotion to wake him up, then subsequently crouch underneath the bed as the
 second chef flips the lights and leaves (along with the Nome).
 With the threat gone, jump on top of the radiator to spot a key hanging on a
 pole. Jump up and grab the key, then swing back and forth to free it. With
 the key in hand, return to the bathroom and hug the [NOME] in the corner,
 then use the elevator to return to the pantry.
 Make a quick pit stop in the pantry - you probably saw a Nome head that way.
 You may notice a jar lying on the ground that wasn't there before... break it
 open to reveal a defenseless [NOME] just waiting for a hug! Pick up the key
 and begin your trek to the locked door. It's just as easy as the last time
 since it is just the one chef down here with you. Unlock the door and pass
 through the following room to an area with a meat grinder.
 First off, look under the table (shine your lighter here) to find a huddled
 up [NOME] that is in dire need of some love.
 Get up onto the table with the grinder and pull the handle to open a hatch,
 causing a slab of meat to fall in the grinder. Churn it up to create a
 sausage link. From the table, run and jump into the small cubby in the wall
 to take a ride to the fridge above.
 To begin, jump up to the open duct on the right wall to enter a small
 chamber with two cooling fans. Near the fans are a [LANTERN] and a [STATUE].
 Climb back through and jump onto the shelf near the lift. Push the chunk of
 meat off the shelf and drag it over the hatch on the ground. Return to the
 lower floor and repeat the process to drop the meat in and grind out another
 sausage link.
 Make your way back to the fridge and climb up the cabinet in the left-hand
 corner. Hop onto the first hook and swing over to the meat dangling on the
 second hook. Your weight will yank the meat off the hook, where you can drag
 it over the hatch. Crank out a third sausage link and use this meat rope to 
 swing your way to freedom.
  TIP: If you are on a speedrun, immediately ride up to the fridge and push
       the two meat slabs next to the third one on the hatch - do it all in
       one shot instead of making repeat trips.
 Follow the chute to another meat locker and continue right to an elevator and
 a locked door. Pull the switch to activate the elevator, but immediately run
 back to the last room and hide in the box. The elevator, occupied by the
 second chef, stops as the grisly freak patrols the region. Wait until his
 back is turned before making a run for the elevator. Ha ha!
 Now of course the chef will pursue you, so once the elevator stops get out
 and hide in the vent. When the chef arrives on your floor, wait for him to
 open the door on the left and slip inside.
  TIP: Remember to use the Right Analog to stretch the camera to get a better
       glimpse of your surroundings.
 You emerge in another kitchen somewhat similar to the one on the first
 floor. As the chef chops up some food, sneak behind him to the opposite end.
 In here is a garbage disposal that, when turned on, will surely get the
 chef's attention. Press the button and go through the hole to the right of
 the garbage disposal. Due to the loud noises, you can freely make a beeline
 for the key on the food prep table. Grab it and return to the elevator, then
 open the door. 
 You're not out of the woods yet, so hide in the metal bin and wait for the
 chef to pass through. He unfortunately shuts the door behind you, leaving you
 with seemingly no exit. Climb onto the bin and jump onto the black chute
 door to pull it open. If you are doing a speedrun, you can open the chute and
 go through before the chef can enter the room.
 Drop down and leap inside the chute to be unceremoniously dropped in a trash
 heap. Look for a [STATUE] in the bottom-left corner, then climb up the rails
 on the bottom right corner to reach a drainage pipe.
 You wind up in the piping underneath the part of the kitchen where the Twin
 Chefs do their cleanup. Even evil maniacs have to do chores! This area is
 filled with mops, sinks with overflowing soap suds, and piles upon piles of
 dirty dishes. This is a two man job, so both of the twins are here patrolling
 the area.
 Your destination is the right side of the area, but the openings in the drain
 are only on the middle and left sides... meaning you'll have to reveal
 yourself in order to get there.
 Pop out of the drain near the center sink and quickly run into hiding on the 
 right. Once the Twin Chefs have their backs turned, continue running into the 
 side room on the right. Pull the lever on the wall so that the conveyor belt
 on the ceiling switches direction (it now moves from left to right).
 Immediately hide under the counter, then sneak back into the main area.
 Your goal is to get up onto one of the hooks dangling from the conveyor. The
 two main ways of getting up there are by climbing the stack of dishes in the
 central sink or by going to the cupboard on the left side and climbing the
 rows of pots.
  TIP: There's no real preference, but if you are going for a speedrun then
       the first option is faster (however more dangerous).

 You'll most certainly be noticed by the Twin Chefs, but there's not much
 they can do as you ride past the lever into the next room. One of the chefs
 is waiting for you here, so make sure to let go before he snatches you off
 the hook. The second one begins chasing you down the hall, so slide under the
 table and run towards the edge; jump on the crates and back onto one of the
 hooks as you make your grand escape. 


 So this part of the game is where the developers made a pretty annoying flub.
 Even though the Trophy "The Kitchen" should have unlocked for you, you still 
 technically aren't done with the chapter yet. As you drop down on the huge 
 metal pipe, spin around and crawl through the hole on the left to run into a 
 [NOME] and a [LANTERN].
  TIP: Now this Nome technically counts as a collectible for Chapter 4 (The
       Guest Area), but we are currently in an awkward intermission between
       the two chapters. You cannot replay this portion of the game by
       selecting "The Guest Area" in the chapter select menu, so if you happen
       to miss this Nome you have to replay "The Kitchen" in its entirety.
       It's stupid that finding a collectible in Chapter 3 counts for one in
       Chapter 4, but whatever. Just don't miss this one.
 Run along the huge metal pipe and climb the ladder at the end towards the
 beam of light.
 What a sight! Here you get a great exterior view of The Maw as unpleasant
 guests board the ship in the distance. Jump onto the chain and climb up the
 side of the ship. During your ascent the camera pans out to create a more
 spectacular shot... definitely the high point of the game, from a cinematic
 As you enter an opening, tiptoe along the metal beam as you walk parallel
 with the boarding guests. Welcome to The Guest Area.

| THE GUEST AREA                                                      [0304] |

  Nomes: 4
  Statues: 2


  TIP: Remember that you already got one of the Nomes in that weird
       intermission period, so from this point forward you should only find
       3 Nomes in this chapter.

 After taking a big fall, rip off the wooden panel covering the pipe
 entrance. Follow the pipes to a bridge where more guests are piling inside.
 Begin climbing up the side of the gate and you'll notice the geisha woman
 from your dream watching from above. 

 Jump across the chandeliers onto the balcony and proceed through the sliding
 doors. Up ahead is a series of dining halls where the guests can engorge on
 whatever atrocities The Twin Chefs whipped up. The first few obese guests
 don't notice or particularly care for your presence, but one of them will
 lunge out of his seat and begin chasing after you. Scamper off as the cretin
 chases after you on his belly like a slug.
  TIP: This is a great place to try and grind out the "Elusive" Trophy. It is
       still unclear what the exact requirements are, but it most definitely
       involves getting chased by the game's enemies and the checkpoint begins
       immediately before encountering this fat goon.

 The large man cannot get above the step, so you are in the clear (for now).
 Here, climb onto the table and scale the tower of dishes as the two guests
 try to grab you with their Vienna Sausage-like fingers. Grab a hold of the
 paper lantern above the woman's head and swing through the open window.
 You enter a bar with more disgusting denizens stuffing their faces. Stay
 grounded at first and move to the right, following the Nome that reveals
 itself. Chase it over to a wall and push the stool out of the way to reveal
 a hidden entrance. Hug the [NOME] in his home and also illuminate the
 [LANTERN] here.
  TIP: The "Light Up Your Life" Trophy popped for me here, so you do not need
       to light every single lantern or candle in the game.

 Back at the bar, jump onto the low stool and pull yourself onto the bar.
 Weave past all the wandering hands as you cross the bar and up onto the box.
 Jump towards the wall and grab onto the wooden rails as you make your way up
 another level.
 Jump off on the swinging platform and then down to the balcony. You'll see a
 Nome run past, but you cannot get him. Walk to the right and hop the fence in
 the background towards the hungry guests. The trio at the long table all
 stumble over to try and catch you, so sprint to the left and up the ramp
 onto the paper lantern. Swing across the gap.
 Enter the next dining hall and move forward until a guest cuts you off. Put
 on the brakes and run back the way you came as he relentlessly pursues you.
 Sprint under the shelf so that he gets his head stuck, then climb on top of
 his back and jump past him. Brains over braun! He'll spin around and go
 after you, so keep on running and slide through the hole. 
 Squeeze through the metal bars to end up in a hallway with an elevator. It
 automatically sounds and one of the chefs makes a repeat appearance! Hurry
 down the hall into the bathroom and hide in the overturned crate next to the
 door. The chef enters and promptly leaves when he cannot find you.
 Pick up the fallen can and use it to shatter the mirror, revealing a secret
 compartment. Climb the crate to reach a series of pipes leading you out of
 the bathroom. Follow the pipes towards the elevator and drop down on the
 stack of boxes in the corner so you can reach the [STATUE]. Break it, then
 take the elevator.
 Once the elevator stops, get out and look on the left wall. There is a small
 gap between the sliding doors that you can squeeze through. On the other side
 is a [NOME] standing next to a sleeping guest. Give it a big hug and quietly
 exit. There's a [LANTERN] near the dresser that you can light, but otherwise
 continue to the right.
 Thus begins a very long chase sequence. A group of guests emerge from their
 room and crawl after you, and more and more appear to create almost a
 singular, nightmarish mass of people. Just follow the path and keep on
 running at all times, sliding under tables and climbing over fallen dressers.
 At the end you'll have to sprint across a table and jump onto a paper lantern
 that carries you to safety.
  TIP: During chase sequences, try jumping while running to gain an extra step
       on your pursuers. Do not spam this action because it will tire you
       down faster, but it is definitely useful for speedruns and generally
       for situations like this.

 As you slip through the door, Six deals with another hunger issue. Lumber on
 into the next room, where a friendly Nome presents you with a sausage. Yummy,
 right? Well...
 Yeah, I don't like this game anymore.
  TIP: If you didn't yet unlock the "Little Lost Things" Trophy at the last 
       Nome, you'll get it here. 
 Climb onto the box in the corner and exit the room, then climb the ladder. In
 the distance you see the mysterious geisha woman enter an elevator. Once the
 coast is clear, pull yourself up and search the dead end on the left for a
 [STATUE]. Search the room for a throwable item - a can lies in the corner -
 and use it to trigger the elevator. Don't worry, nothing is waiting for you
 on the other side. Ride the elevator up to The Lady's Quarters.

| THE LADY'S QUARTERS                                                 [0305] |

  Nomes: 0
  Statues: 1

 The quiet, calm feeling surrounding The Lady's Quarters is a contrast to
 earlier chapters. Run to the right to encounter a locked door, so instead
 take the stairs to the top floor. You can hear the faint singing of the
 geisha as you go higher and higher.
 As you enter The Lady's bedroom, the eery singing gets louder. The Lady is
 not one to be messed with, so having light feet is of the essence here. All
 it takes is for her to look at you to spell your doom, so tiptoe during your
 search of the bedroom.
 Walk past the closet and sneak past The Lady as she combs her hair in the
 broken mirror. Approach the bed and climb up onto it in order to reach the
 dresser. Push the vase off the dresser to find a key inside... the singing
 The Lady is gone. No investigating, no chasing, just... gone. Carry the key
 with you through the room and drop it once you reach the broken mirror where
 The Lady once stood. Pull the chair up and climb up to the [STATUE] next to
 the mirror. Break it to unlock the "Rascal" Trophy, then bring the key down
 to the foyer.
 A gust of wind closes the door behind you, trapping you in the storeroom.
 Suddenly, The Lady appears behind you! Sprint forward and slide through the
 hole. Proceed down the hallway to enter a large chamber filled with
 mannequins. Equip your lighter and head for the back right corner to find a
 boarded-up doorway. Remove the wooden planks and go through to find a small
 mirror lying on a counter. Take it with you to the previous room.
 The Lady is here.
 The lights go out, except for a single spotlight that hovers around the room.
 When it stops, enter the ring of light and wait for The Lady to slowly
 approach. While holding the mirror, face The Lady to blind her with light.
 She'll shriek and disappear. Follow the spotlight and do the same thing once
 more. Keep it up - The Lady mixes things up by throwing in some juke moves to
 trick you, but keep that mirror fixated on her.
 Blind her five or six times and she'll be fully incapacitated. With her face
 down on the ground, creep towards her. Someone's getting hungry again...
 Watch the following scenes, then strut down the hallway, through the door,
 and up the staircase. That's a wrap! Great game... definitely ambiguous at
 most times, but nonetheless an enjoyable one.
  TIP: The gameplay officially ends when you go through the open door and up
       the staircase. You know, for speedrun purposes. This is where the timer
       should stop.


[4] COLLECTIBLES                                                        [0400]


 There are two types of collectibles found under the deep in The Maw. During
 your travels you will come across fragile geisha statues that can be broken
 with a simple throw. Finding the statues is not enough; you must pick up and
 throw them until they shatter.
 Second, cute little creatures are found inhabiting the maritime vessel. These
 small friendlies with pyramid-shaped heads are called Nomes. Nomes are
 skittish in nature and will run away when confronted, but will hide when
 cornered. Approaching a Nome and hugging it with R2 will "collect them".

| NOMES                                                               [0401] |

| The Prison |----------------------------------------------------------------

 1st Nome
 In the room with the refrigerator. Opening the door causes the Nome to scurry
 through a small hole in the wall. Follow it into a secluded closet and give
 it a big hug.
 2nd Nome
 Found in the first searchlight area. Navigate to the right side of the room.
 Climb up the cages to reach the top of the cabinet stack, then follow the
 tops of the filing cabinets to the right wall. A Nome inside a cage runs to
 the right, so drop down and enter the cage to reach a tiny storage room. Now
 you can give the Nome a hug.

 3rd Nome
 Found to the left of the office after shutting down the power a second time.
 It needs to first be freed from its cage and will run back into the office
 after you do so. Look for the Nome hiding between the wall and the filing

| The Lair |------------------------------------------------------------------

 1st Nome
 Found on the second floor of the stairwell at the start of the chapter. Scare
 the Nome out from under the desk, then open the closet door on the right.
 There is a hidden door inside the closet that opens by triggering a floor
 switch (the tile with the black stain). Pull the chair onto the switch to
 open the door, then enter the secret closet doorway.
 You wind up inside a control room. Look behind the panel to find the Nome,
 who runs away again. Follow it to the stairwell and up to the third floor,
 where is stays and hides behind some boxes. Approach it for a friendly hug.

 2nd Nome
 After escaping from The Janitor in his workshop and dropping down the hatch
 door, go through the vents until you reach a lantern. Climb the hidden
 ladder to the right of the lantern and follow the Nome into its little hiding
 spot, then give it a hug.
 3rd Nome
 This Nome is located in The Janitor's study after making it through the
 clock-filled room. Crawl under the desk on the far right side to scare it
 out of hiding, then head back left and hug the Nome crouched behind the giant
 stack of books.

| The Kitchen |---------------------------------------------------------------

 1st Nome
 The first Nome is running around in the bathroom above the kitchen. It first
 runs out when you enter the bathroom, so follow it down the hall into the
 bedroom. Once the second chef wakes up and leaves the room, return to the
 bathroom to find the Nome next to the toilets.
 2nd Nome
 After claiming the key from the chef's bedroom and taking the elevator back
 down, return to the pantry. You'll near the sounds of a Nome hiding inside of
 a jar. Pick up the jar and throw it several times until it breaks, then give
 the little thing a hug. Just be careful during all this, because your antics
 may cause the chef to investigate the pantry.
 3rd Nome
 Upon entering the room with the meat grinder, turn on your lighter and check
 underneath the table to find the Nome just sitting there. No chasing

| The Guest Area |------------------------------------------------------------

 1st Nome
 This Nome is technically found at the very end of Chapter 3 (The Kitchen) and
 cannot be accessed by selecting "The Guest Area" in the chapter selection
 screen. So if you missed it the first time around, you have to replay all of
 Chapter 3 over again in order to reach this point.
 After escaping from The Twin Chefs via the hooks, drop down on the large
 metal pipe and crawl through the hole in the wall on your left. You'll
 stumble upon a Nome and a lantern in a little hidden compartment.

 2nd Nome
 Found in the bar area sort of near the start of the chapter. Walk under the
 bar stools and follow the Nome as it runs through a small hole. Push the
 stool out of the way to access the hole and hug the cornered critter.
 3rd Nome
 After escaping from the chef and riding the elevator up, squeeze between the
 two sliding doors on the left. Inside this room is a Nome standing next to a
 sleeping guest. Tiptoe up to the Nome and quietly hug him.

 4th Nome
 The final Nome is unmissable and you "hug" him during the chapter's hunger

| STATUES                                                             [0402] |

| The Prison |----------------------------------------------------------------

 1st Statue
 Found near the beginning of the game, after exiting the ventilation duct. Go
 up the stairs and walk down the dark hall, then investigate the back alcove
 at the top (near the crates and broom) to locate the statue. 

 2nd Statue
 On the upper level of the first searchlight area, enter the bedroom on the
 far left to spot the statue lying in the corner.

| The Lair |------------------------------------------------------------------

 1st Statue
 Located in the small living quarters at the top of the stairwell. Drag the
 suitcase under the switch so you can reach it and pull out the fold up
 mattress. Use the mattress to reach the top of the dresser and go across the
 dressers to the left corner of the room. Jump up to the shelf with the toilet
 paper to find a geisha statue behind the rolls. 

 2nd Statue
 Found in the toy room, when stuck underneath the floorboards. Go to the right
 side of the area and search the background (with your lighter on of course)
 to find the statue tucked away.

| The Kitchen |---------------------------------------------------------------

 1st Statue
 After eating the rat and regaining your energy, proceed to the right until
 you come to a set of double doors. From here, turn back around and look for a
 hole in the ground near the large bins. Drop down to enter a geisha-inspired
 shrine containing a geisha statue.

 2nd Statue
 This statue is located in the fridge above the meat grinder. Ride the lift
 into the fridge, then run and jump towards the open hatch on the right wall.
 You'll be brought into a room with some cooling fans - check behind the front
 fan near the lantern.

| The Guest Area |------------------------------------------------------------

 1st Statue
 Once you reach the elevator room, one of the evil chefs emerges from the
 elevator and chases you into a bathroom. Once he leaves, take the metal can
 and throw it at the mirror. Climb through and up to the pipes near the
 ceiling, then follow the pipes back towards the elevator. Drop down on the
 stack of boxes and throw the statue onto the ground.

 2nd Statue
 The final statue is at the very end of the chapter, upon witnessing The Lady
 enter the elevator. Inspect the left side of the room to find the statue at
 a dead end.

| The Lady's Quarters |-------------------------------------------------------

 1st Statue
 The final geisha statues lies on the dresser in front of the broken mirror
 The Lady is gazing into. Enter her bedroom and break the vase to get her to
 leave (and to find the key), then climb onto the dresser to reach the statue.


[5] TROPHIES                                                            [0500]


| BRONZE TROPHIES                                                            |

| Elusive |-------------------------------------------------------------------

 Hey sneaky rat, how do you keep slipping away?
 - There seems to be some debate on what the criteria for unlocking this
   Trophy is. It certainly has something to do with the game's enemies and
   escaping their grasp in cat-and-mouse situations. Some reports state that
   you have to *just barely* escape from an enemy when it's grabbing at you,
   and other reports suggest that you must escape from enemies six times.
   Either way, I unlocked this at the start of Chapter 4 (The Guest Area) on
   my first playthrough.
   There is a checkpoint very early in the level when you are first attacked
   by an aggressive guest. As he stumbles from the table, dawdle around and
   jump as he tries to grab you (the save icon should appear). As he chases
   you to the next room, stay close and bait him into lunging at you so you
   can escape. If you haven't gotten it by the end of the sequence, reload the
   checkpoint and keep trying. 

| Highly Sprung |-------------------------------------------------------------

 You'd jump even higher if you knew what slept there!
 - You come across a number of beds from beginning to end. Simply climb up on
   a bed and jump up and down until the Trophy pops. I'm not sure what beds
   are eligible for this Trophy, because I tried it on the bed in the
   searchlight area in The Prison and it did not unlock. To save yourself the
   potential headache, just unlock it using the bed found at the very start of
   the game.

| Light Up Your Life |--------------------------------------------------------

 Not all lights can be trusted, but these should be quite safe!

 - There are numerous lanterns and candles in The Maw that you can light using
   your trusty lighter. You don't have to light every single one in the game;
   lighting the majority of them will suffice. There are roughly 22-23 of them
   in the game, and I got the Trophy after lighting around 20 of them.
   Nevertheless, the walkthrough covers enough of 'em required for the Trophy.

| Little Lost Things |--------------------------------------------------------

 Kindness will be your undoing!

 - This is achieved by finding and hugging all of the Nomes (13) in the game.
   Remember that you must HUG them - encountering them is not enough. The
   final Nome is story based and I actually got the Trophy when I hugged the
   one prior. Check the walkthrough and Section 4 for more details.

| Rascal |--------------------------------------------------------------------

 Little vandal, little beast, The Maw will punish you at the feast.

 - This is unlocked by finding and breaking all of the geisha statues (10) in
   the game. Sometimes it'll take more than one throw to break a statue. Check
   the walkthrough and Section 4 for more details.

| The Guest Area |------------------------------------------------------------

 Little fox among hungry wolves!
 - Complete Chapter 4 (The Guest Area) to unlock this Trophy.

| The Kitchen |---------------------------------------------------------------

 The Chefs will miss you!
 - Complete Chapter 3 (The Kitchen) to unlock this Trophy.

| The Lady's Quarters |-------------------------------------------------------

 A storm is coming. That coat should come in useful.

 - Complete Chapter 5 (The Lady's Quarters) to unlock this Trophy.

| The Lair |------------------------------------------------------------------

 Little lost things sometimes find their way home.
 - Complete Chapter 2 (The Lair) to unlock this Trophy.

| The Prison |----------------------------------------------------------------

 Look how the canary has flown its cage!

 - Complete Chapter 1 (The Prison) to unlock this Trophy.

| SILVER TROPHIES                                                            |

| Kitchen Hand |--------------------------------------------------------------

 The recipe is complete, the feast will be divine.
 - The vague descriptions don't offer much help, but this Trophy requires you
   to throw 3 food items in the pot of boiling water in the first kitchen (in
   "The Kitchen"). When you first arrive in the pantry, there will be some
   veggies on the ground and shelves. Move into the next room past the chef,
   then into the large kitchen. In the back of the room near the middle is a
   large black pot over the flame. This is the aforementioned pot.
   All you need to do is carry three food items, one by one, to the pot and
   chuck it in... all while avoiding the psycho chef. Now it takes a bit of
   patience due to the lurking chef and the fact that the game's throwing
   mechanics are not very good.
   It doesn't matter what items you choose so long as it is food of some sort.
   There are carrots and turnips in the pantry, a fish head under the table
   near the pot, a block of cheese on top of a crate next to the fish head,
   some bread and more fish pieces up in the rafters (also the chef sometimes
   carries around a sausage that you can get him to drop on the ground). Pick
   any three and create your own lovely concoction. Needless to say, you need
   to get all three in one go without getting captured.

| Six's Song |----------------------------------------------------------------

 So many keys, yet none to unlock your cage!
 - During Chapter 2 (The Lair), you come across a hanging piano in The
   Janitor's study (near the end of the chapter). Jump onto the piano, then
   run lengthwise down the keys until you get the Trophy.

| GOLD TROPHIES                                                              |

| Hard to the Core |----------------------------------------------------------

 What's different about you? Why are you so brave?
 - Now this is the one Trophy to rule them all. Most of the other ones were
   freebies, but this Trophy requires you to beat the game in under 1 hour AND
   without dying! Truly a hardcore speedrun, although with enough practice it
   isn't as infuriating as it may sound on paper.
   For starters, make sure to get enough practice by beating the game several
   times. Do some dry runs! Also make use of the chapter select menu if you
   want to replay specific chapters that you may find difficult or that you
   want to memorize better. Know what rooms you can skip over and obviously
   ignore any collectibles you come across. Other tips:
   1. You should not have to, but if you get stuck you can restart a
      checkpoint - it won't count as a death (but obviously adds time to your

   2. Sprint when you can. At times, jump while sprinting but do not abuse
      this method because it tires you out and becomes detrimental. Note: I am
      not suggesting to sprint at all times, because there are some sneaking
      sections and tricky platforming spots where sprinting is not advised.
      With enough practice, exercising proper judgement should be enough.
      Nothing like falling off a walkway in Chapter 4 to screw things up...

   3. Know when you run past enemies and when to sneak. Sometimes you can
      sprint past them without catching, and other times running and hiding
      wastes more time than crawling undetected. I provided some tips in the
      walkthrough where running is more useful than sneaking, but you'll find
      others during your travels.

   4. There is some wiggle room with this Trophy. Even if you think you have a
      slow run but haven't died, follow through and finish it anyways. I have
      seen people get the Trophy at around 1:03:00, so those extra couple
      minutes may not matter in the end.


[6] THANKS/CREDITS                                                      [0600]


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a shoutout to everyone who made this FAQ possible:

 CJayC: For being an awesome host of an awesome site.

 Eternal Czar Smapdi: For being the best co-author anyone could have, and for
                      being yourself.

 FESBians: Because you're cool.

 You: For reading this FAQ.


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