Why does the Scythe and Harvester reset exp and Runes?

  1. So this is my first time paying through this game so not sure if this is normal, it doesn't seem normal, but I very clearly had my Scythe levelled up once with 1 Rune. Bought the Harvester, level stayed (I know some people been saying it doesn't or a chance it might) and then levelled up the Harvester once during the Twilight Cathedral run. Just beat the Greiver, got the Tremor Gauntlet and Mercy and now both my Scythe and Harvester have 0 exp and no Runes.

    Kinda wondering what the heck happened here. I'm sure this is a bug and that no patch will be released to fix it but does anyone know what the cause of this is? It's very annoying to have this happen when trying to go for the Trophies...

    User Info: JohnathanHyde

    JohnathanHyde - 2 months ago

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