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    FAQ/Walkthrough by oldschool312

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    Welcome to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. The walkthrough was written based on a play through Normal difficulty. The only exception is the Anti-Registration portion was written on a new game plus play through on Legendary difficulty. Use the Table of Contents on the side to "warp" to any section you want to examine. My method of writing a guide is to provide factual information. I describe what methods I used to move though a level, defeat a boss, or find a collectible. Are these the best ways? Maybe. Maybe Not. The only thing I know for sure is that it works. The great thing about games like this one is that there is not one right answer. MUA2 lets you take a team of your favorite (even if they may not be the best in the game) heroes and work your way through missions set in the Marvel Universe. My guess is the majority of people playing this game will get through it without ever having to look at a guide. Those that do come are most likely looking for one specific piece of information (a collectible, an upgrade...). No matter what the reason hopefully you find the information here useful.

    Version History

    • Version 0.99
      • Walkthrough complete
      • Character section mostly complete need to add notes finalize some tips
      • Fusion chart formatted need to finalize
      • Collectibles listed but need to add locations in chart
      • Team Boosts listed and mostly complete need to add a few locations
      • Trivia Complete
      • Simulator missing a couple mission descriptions
      • Need to add tips to Trophy section

    General Tips

    • This game provides you the ability to heal any character so long as you have a healing token available. Do not forget to use these especially during boss fights.
    • Targeted Fusions work great against bosses. They will take large chunks of health away. They should be a staple of any strategy when facing a boss.
    • There is not a perfect team. The fun is using the characters you like.
    • You can equip up to 3 Team Boosts. Don't forget to use them to give you an extra edge.
    • Character's power and ability points can be added and removed anytime you want. Don't like the power you maxed...Change your build anytime.
    • Just because you start a mission with a four person team doesn't mean you have to stick with them. You can change out any member at any time.
    • Having trouble finding your way? Press R3 to activate the navigation system. An arrow will point you toward your next objective.
    • You can change out the characters on your team at anytime. So if you are in a boss fight and need a Targeted Fusion go to the menus and grab a different hero.
    • Performing a high-scoring Fusion will spawn a healing icon this can be very important during boss fights. Hit the boss with a Targeted Fusion and get some health help if needed.
    • At the end of the Basic Training Simulator Mission, you can spawn up to three groups of enemies. This is an excellent place to complete the Heroic Deeds that required multiple kills from a single non fusion attack. It is also great for completing the Deeds that require high scoring Fusions that are Guided or Clearing. Also since you have unlimited Fusions you can use this area to achieve every one of the possible Fusion combinations.



    Urban Warfare

    The Alliance begins in Latveria loosely based on the Secret War (not to be confused with Secret Wars) comic. Nick Fury is a NPC teamed with Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Wolverine. After the opening cinematic the team finds themselves attacked by Latveria military on a bridge. There are two meters surrounding the icon for each character in the upper left corner of the screen. Red is the amount of health the character has. Blue indicates how much energy for super powers the character has available. They will both regenerate over time or by receiving orbs dropped by defeated enemies. The first thing we need to do is clear the bridge by defeating the guards using a variety of powered and/or non powered attacks. There are quick attacks (X) and strong attacks (Circle). The strong attacks can be charged by holding down the button until you see a quick flash then release for more damage. Super powers are used by holding down R2 and hitting another button (Square, Circle, X). If you want to switch the hero you are controlling use the Directional Pad to select another character.

    When the wave of enemy troops are defeated head off the bridge and into the streets. Nick Fury will call out some gunners ahead. These guys have sniper rifles (note the laser aim). Fury recommends taking these guys out first in a fight. Continue fighting down the street. Fury cannot reach Bravo team. Fortunately Black Widow has left an intel drop nearby. The navigation system, activated by pressing R3, displays arrows that will guide the team to the drop site. At the bottom of the next set of stairs a short cinematic has a team of Latverian guards appear. A gate closes behind them trapping the guards for the heroes to dismantle.

    Once the Latverians are defeated destroy the barrier and get the Dossier in the alley to the left. The drop point is just ahead. Before getting there we pass through a healing token that looks like a plus sign with wings. Two of these can be stored. They are helpful to heal damaged heroes or to revive those that fall in battle. To use a token hold R1 and press the corresponding face button (X, Circle, Square, or Triangle) for the hero you want to receive the heal. In the next courtyard we arrive at the drop point. Here the team runs into an ambush. Numerous enemies appear but the heroes learn to use Fusion attacks. These attacks are powerful combination attacks where two heroes use there powers simultaneously to put out some serious damage. The meter in the right corner will dictate if a Fusion attack is available. It will fill as you attack the enemies. You can save up to two attacks. Once the meter is full, hold L2 and press the button for the teammate you want to attack with. Different combinations lead to different attack types where you will need to press on screen buttons to maximize the attacks effectiveness. Try out a couple fusions on the Latverian bots then listen to the audio tape. Black Widow reveals a large power source exists in town. Find and destroy it to make the team's subsequent progress easier.

    Drop from your position. At the next ramp going up defeat the two enemies and move to the left to find a Team Boost (Team Tactics I). At the top of the ramp defeat the enemies and Fury will warn the team to watch for broken electrical lines that can cause damage. Drop below and use the ramp ahead to find another Team Boost (Resist Crush I) across the bridge. Move to ground level and continue the search for the power source. Another big fight occurs at the Doom Monument (destroy it for a trophy). Use a fusion (Cap and Wolverine works well) to take out the guards. Grab another Team Boost Resist Electric 1

    At the end of the street is a church that seems to contain the energy source. As the team approaches a group of bots exit the building. Defeat the bots and enter the church to find Electro. Despite what Electro says I doubt the following preview of his abilities will be free of "charge", otherwise you would just be fighting Max Dillon. Electro uses his ability to control electric currents to his advantage in this fight. Controlling Spider-Man use his targeted Fusion with Wolverine for very good damage. When a Fusion is not available attack with Caps' shield bash or Wolverine's melee powers. As Electro's health decreases he will attempt to recharge using the capacitors in the room. When he begins to heal destroy the source of his recharge then continue the fight. Wolverine can quickly destroy the source of Electro's healing. These capacitors though can not be destroyed until Electro tries to use them. With Electro blacked out, exit through the door in the back.


    The cinematic has some background for why the team is even in Latveria (for more read Secret War). Around the corner is a small group of enemies. After defeating them look to the open area at the bend of the curve for an Audio Diary (Electro's New Suit) and Dossier (Black Widow). The enemies ahead have a turret they think will help. Destroy the automated gun then the operators. Bust through a gate to find some shield wielding enemies. The shields can be removed by initiating a grab with Square then repeatedly tapping the button until the shield is removed. Defeat the guys with shields and bust through the gate entering the woods.

    Ahead the path forks but the heroes can only go left. A helicopter with a lot of fire power is at the edge of the cliff. Push forward using block (L1) when necessary while trying to avoid too much damage. The helicopter will fire grenades that do not explode upon impact. Pick a couple up and hurl it at the helicopter to bring it down. One direct hit should suffice. Alternatively fire some ranged attacks at the helicopter for a more heroic defeat. At the top of the next path sits an elevator guarded by a large group of enemies. A clearing fusion will take out several in one attack (Iron Man and Wolverine). Once the Latverian guards are out its time for the first user defined dialogue point. Your choice will effect the types of bonuses received. The top choice is generally Aggressive. The bottom choice is Defensive. The middle is somewhere in between (Diplomatic).

    At the top of the elevator Fury says go left, instead move to the right to pick up a Dossier (Electro), Team Boost (Destructive 1), and an individual Body Upgrade. Return to the elevator and do as Fury initially asked. Ahead will be some enemies with shields and a turret on either side of the bridge. Take out the turrets with a ranged attack then defeat the guards only for one to escape and activate an energy force field to block the path. Push the large metal object conveniently placed on the left into the force field's path. Move into the room and defeat the single enemy. Press the button on the console to deactivate the force field. Ahead is another battle against a large number of enemies. The game recommends guided Fusions for scattered enemeis. Switch to Wolverine or Cap and combine their abilities to eliminate lots of Latverians with a guided Fusion.

    At the end of the hall the team will be bombarded from above by explosive attacks. Avoid them while defeating the soldiers. Grab the Team Boost (Fire Proof 1) and continue foward. The final two turrets from the objective unlocked earlier are on either side of the bridge. Ahead you may be able to see Wizard and Scorcher standing in front of a gate. They are the ones that were attacking with the explosives. The next open area before them though, the team faces another large group of enemies. Cap and Iron Man's Fusion takes these bots out quickly.

    Scorcher is first up in this mini-boss fight. (I say mini-boss because these two aren't exactly top tier super villains). Wizard will stay in the background and attack from a protected distance. Focus on Scorcher with melee attacks (Cap's shield/Wolverine). Once enough damage is done to Scorcher he retreats and Wizard enters. Wizard will also bring numerous bot friends to aid his attacks. They can be ignored. Focus on Wizard and use Wolverine-Spider-Man's targeted Fusion for a great deal of damage. Wizard will be fairly incapacitated. Finish off Wizard
    or attack some of hit bot friends to build up another Fusion. Once you are able to eliminate Wizard, Scorcher reenters the fight. A few more bashes from a shield should take him down for good. The door they were protecting is sealed tight. It is rigged to open only with Wizard's guantlets. Approach the door and press square to exit. The cinematic will take care of the rest.

    Castle Doom

    Wolverine and Spider-Man are sent off to find Bravo team. Now more characters are available (Cap and Iron Man are locked out). Select your favorites and enter the battle. Fight your way down the ramp and up the next one to the two shield projectors. Move to one then press and rapidly tap Square. Repeat for the second projector. Once their protection has been removed smash them. Enter the castle and fight your way down the hall and exit to the outside again. Here the team encounters a stronger version of the Latverian soldiers but they are still no match for this super hero team. Fight off the large group of enemies (try another/new fusion) and reenter the castle picking up the Team Boost (Draining 1). Inside the team needs to clear out the security control room. Defeat the enemies and destroy the two consoles on either side of the room. Exit and move down the hall to the right.

    The new objective is to disrupt 3 radio jammers. First move the large cylinders in the room over the lit up cirlces. Doing so will disable the force fields allowing you to pick up your first M'Krann Crystal Fragment. The other gate leads to a fight with more soldiers. Fury will mention the inreased abilities of the enemies and that taking out the enemy leader will be of benefit. Pick up the Dossier (Lucia von Bardas). The next hall has intermittent lasers blocking the path. When the green beams in front of your hero disappear move forward. As the team proceeds over a bridge you can see the Alpha Team (Cap and Iron Man) fighting soldiers below. Use the cylinder in the next room to open a gate on the right to find an Asgardian Rune and Audio Log (Lucia von Bardas Profile). Exit to the outside. Destroy the crates and weapons at the end of the hall to reveal a Dossier (Doctor Doom). The jammers are in the clearing ahead. Remove the plating then destroy them. Clearing Fusions work well at the jamming site to eliminate the numerous enemies that spawn. There are some missiles on the left side of the area with the jammers. Attack them and they blast off revealing a Dossier (Latverian Soldiers). Exit via the elevator.


    Move forward and grab the Strike Upgrade in front of the Tinkerer. The next room has a short cinematic that reveals enemies being activated. Clear the room and grab the Dossiers (Scorcher and Wizard) on either side of the steps you used to enter the room. As the team descends the spiral stair case Black Widow states that 3 Capacitor Locks have been identified and must be activated. Attack either side of the lock until both curved portions lower. Inside the room with the first set of capacitor locks the team can also begin a optional objective. In the
    corner of the room is a Cyborg Prototype encased in glass. Attack the glass to release the enemy then defeat him. There are 8 such Prototypes throughout the Reactor area. Two more Prototypes and a Focus Upgrade are located in a side room to the site with the second set of capacitor locks. At the final capacitor lock room a Prototype is in the corner as well as two in a side room near the Gamma Regulator (to unlock Hulk).

    With all three Capacitor Locks dealt with exit and move down the spiral stairs. At the bottom there should be an easily found Team Boost (Inferno 1). Use the controls to the right of the door to enter the next room. Inside you will find the last two Cyborg Prototypes, a Dossier (Latverian Cyborg), and Audio Log (von Bardas and Tinkerer). Use the door controls to enter the next room and a discussion with the Tinkerer. Clear the room of the Tinkerer's minions and exit. This room contains plenty of bots to attack. Fight off as many or as few as you like. The goal is to deactivate the Reactor Shielding. Move to either side of the reactor and pull out the blocks to open it for destruction. Once both blocks are pulled from the wall attack the center of the core. The objective is complete its time to leave...

    Except for the giant Tinkerer bot that enters. He will fire missiles and a laser as he moves around the room. If you get too close he releases fire radially below him. The key to defeating Tinkerer is to target the legs of the robot. Targeted fusions can work well for destroying each leg. There will be enough bots in the area to build additional Fusions as needed. Once each leg is destroyed Tinkerer goes down and the team arrives at Stark Tower.

    Stark Tower 1

    There are no enemies to fight in Stark Tower. Instead the Tower is considered a headquarters that presents alternate activities to pass the time. The Simulator located near Black Widow allows the team to replay old missions or try Challenge discs. A review computer will let you read Dossiers, view Art/Movies, and Listen to Audio Logs. The Triva console will have questions that can be answered for XP and Trophy awards. Located inside a headquartes will also be numerous colletibles to find. In fact Stark Tower has 2 Sim Discs (Basic Training and Command), a Latverian Art Bundle, 2 Dossiers (Stark Tower and Tinkerer) , and an Audio Log (New Warriors TV Promo). There is also a secret Teamwork upgrade only available by using Iron Man. Select Iron Man for your team and activate a secret button on the column to the left of the stairs leading to the platform opposite the site of the Simulator. Finally, there are several heroes around the Tower: Thor, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Wolverine, and Justice. Find each one and discuss a few topics to gain bonuses based on answers (Aggressive, Diplomatic, Defensive). Special conversations exist between Daredevil-Black Widow and Wolverine - another X-man (Gambit, Storm, Jean Grey, Iceman). When ready to move on go to the center of the room to find the Next Mission console.

    New York City

    Missing Marvel

    Move straight ahead and push the train car to knock down the boards blocking the path. When the path turns right look straight ahead and destroy the boards blocking the path to find a Focus upgrade. With the Focus upgrade in hand take the first right after defeating the enemies. You can push another train car into a missile cache for a few quick kills. Behind some crates across from the outhouses is a M'Krann Crystal Fragment. Continue forward to find a Dossier (New York City) at the next turn. The power supply for the force field is just ahead. In front
    of a train car before the power supply is an Audio Log (Ms. Marvel Field Report). The power supply is guarded a few enemies (nothing any team can not handle). Move to the source of
    the force fields power then press and rapidly tap Square. This will remove its protective covering. Attack the power source to disable the force field. This will provide access to the door. Before returning to the door pick up the Gamma Regulator in the side room by smashing through some boards.

    Once back at the previously blocked door enemies flood the room. Clearing Fusions work very well to defeat a great number of enemies quickly. Once every one is defeated you can grab a Boost (Super Tough) down the path to the right of the now open gate. Head through the open gate and fight your way to enter a room with a partially opened door. Inside the team finds Ms. Marvel was captured by Shocker? (He must of had some help). Use a couple of Targeted Fusions to take out Shocker then release Ms. Marvel. To repay your kind deed Ms. Marvel agrees to join the team. Before exiting pick up the Boost (Deflection 1). Along the path out numerous bots fall from the ceiling. Once the robot Ambush is repelled move to the elevator that leads to the factory. Ms. Marvel is now unlocked as a playable character.

    Factory Floor

    Exit the elevator and get the Asgardian Rune behind you. In the right corner as soon as you enter next room you find a Dossier (Shocker). The Factory floor houses weapons caches that the heroes must destroy. A total of 6 can be found between the floor and upper areas of this room in the factory. Move to a cache and hit it 2-3 times. It will be consumed with fire and explode. The resulting blast will kill nearby enemies and possibly damage the heroes so move away after the blaze begins. Once the munitions are destroyed drop to the ground floor and fight of the invading bots. Use the navigation system to locate the Tech Criminals. Grim Reaper stays to fight as Shocker and Diamondback flee.

    When Grim Reaper is on the move, darting around the area spinning his blades he is invincible (as noted by the change in tint of his health meter). Stay away from him during that time to avoid his attacks. A Targeted Fusion does some good damage just make sure he is not invincible at the time of use. Grim Reaper is mostly a melee attacker with a good charge move. Attack from a distance when not using your fusion. Robots will enter the fight at times, they are little more than a minor annoyance that can be used to replinish the Fusion Meter. Pick up the Ice Strike I boost from the defeated villain. Before leaving grab the M'Kraan Crystal in the boss fight room.

    After the fight use the ramp to reach the upper level. Unfortunately a couple of goofballs are rolling explosive barrels down it. Avoid the barrels and enter the next room. The floor is boarded up. The team can move to the platform above the floor and attack the console to release the crate or if someone on the team has a ground pound type move (Thing, Juggernaut, Ms. Marvel) you can bust through the floor. Before moving through the floor look for the Grim Reaper Dossier in the corner. The next two rooms contain lots of enemies and 14 different pieces of Latverian technology that can be destroyed to meet a bonus objective. Twelve of the pieces of technology are in the first room. The last two are in a room accessed via a walkway above ground level (have a flier on the team). Inside this room there is also an Audio Log and a boarded up floor. Bust through the floor to find a Gamma Regulator. Use the console to open the door and encounter Diamondback.

    Diamondback is accompanied by Lucia Von Bardos, four Cannons attacking the city, Scorcher, Wizard, Shocker, and a few lesser enemies. The Super Villains are manning the cannons. First move to each cannon and destroy the green lights at its base. When all three lights are out the villain inside exits. From this point the easy thing to do is defeat the displaced villain before moving to the next cannon. Alternatively, you can destroy all cannons and fight all four villains at once. If you fight them all at once a guided Fusion can be of great benefit. Upon the defeat of the four villains Bardos takes control of them and has them circling around her in green orbs. When a green orb disappears from a villain move to there and attack. Bardos will then remove the other enemies from the battle field and attack. Use targeted Fusions on her to deplete her health quickly. Once 1/4 of her health is gone she returns to the center and the villains circle her again. Attack the enemy without the green orb until von Bardos attacks. Focus on her until she returns to the center. This sequence will repeat a total of four times before Lucia is eliminated.

    Stark Tower 2

    This is another headquarters that has several collectibles and conversations. The available heroes are Songbird, Iron Man, Captain America, and Ms. Marvel. Captain America has a special conversation with Iron Man and surprisingly enough Iron Man has a special conversation with Captain America. Have one on your team then find the other and switch out after the discussion. We also find an Audio Log, Breakout Simulator Disc, Countdown Simulator Disc, and Lucia Von Bardos (cyborg) Dossier.

    Washington D.C.

    Capitol Offense

    The team is dropped in front of the Capitol Building in D.C. Defeat the invading enemies to protect the Capitol. Before continuing down the intended path search out an Audio Log, Dossier, and Strike upgrade in the area around the steps. The path ahead is littered with bombs. Just run by them and watch for the helicopter to crash ahead taking out a couple of NPCs. Mercenaries will rush the crashsite. Fight them off and a mini-cinematic shows some enemies firing rockets at the heroes. Move to their location and ask them to stop. They will likely decline so in reality its best to just eliminate them. There are a total of 6 rocket wielding mercenaries to take out. Additionally the mercenaries have four munitiion caches in the area (at the base of the steps, near the central statue, across from the Mercenaries large van, and beside some police cars on the side opposite the stairs). Find the munitions first because once the last rocket carrying enemy is gone the next fight immediately begins. Enjoy the Deadpool cinematic.

    Ready for a boss battle suckers? Deadpool is not too formidable a foe. He will attack with guns and katanas as expected. If you have two Fusions built up they will work perfectly here. Utilizing two targeted Fusions will deplete his health to at least half. From this point use your favorite/most powerful powers to convince Deadpool to join the alliance. After the fight grab the Boost (Focused II) next to the stairs and enter the subway.

    Underground Politics

    Straight ahead are two collectibles, a Fusion Star Boost and a Body Upgrade. Try to avoid the mines and take the stairs down. Fight off the enemies as the subway wrecks. At the top of the next set of stairs grab the Dossier (Washington DC) on the right. Defeat the enemies then move up the stairs on the left side. Here we encounter a cinematic where a mercenary has taken an elected official hostage at Titanium Man's request. Clear the room of enemies then exit through the door near the explosion. Fight your way down the hall, through a break room, and into a scenic park(ing) garage. Once in the parking garage look in the right hand corner to find a Dossier. Take the first set of steps to the left to find a M'Krann Crystal Fragment and Audio Log. Fight your waythrough to the end of the garage and face Titanium Man. A couple of targeted Fusions will make short work of the boss. You do not have to eliminate all of his health. He eventually flees. If you do not have a Targeted Fusion available use a combination of ranged powers and melee powers. When you run out of energy switch to a different character and keep the attacks coming. When Titanium Man flees the senator is rescued. Deadpool believes the government official looks familiar but I'm not sure why. Deadpool is now a playable character.

    The heroes meet back up with Titanium Man near the Lincoln Memorial. Titanium Man will attack using a mixture of melee and ranged abilities. The annoying part of this battle is the disc he throws that slows down the heroes movements. There will also be times his health meter turns silver making him invincible. Do not waste a fusion during these periods. Titanium Man now will show his ability to disappear. When he is invisible watch for where the attacks are coming from. Move to that area and use an area/crowd control attack to make him appear. After approximately 1/4 of his health is gone Titanium Man will move to the front of the battle ground and create a couple of turrets to do some of his dirty work. From this point on Titanium Man will use a full arsenal of attacks. The heroes will face a mixture of his slowing disc, multiple energy shot, melee attacks, turrets, invisibility, and armed guards. When he only has about 1/4 of his health remaining Titanium Man will move to the center of the battle field. Use any fusions you have to take him and his minions out. If no Fusion is available continue to use powers (direct melee punches are not very successful) until Titanium Man is down. You receive the boost Reserves I for obtaining victory. The following cinematic sets the stage for the Civil War split among the heroes.

    Stark Tower 3

    The SHRA is on its way. Cage and Reed are arguing about its merits. The team must meet with both sides to discuss each groups views on the act. Also Bishop and Spider Woman are present to explore the intricacy of the decision a little further. Before or after the coversations be sure to get the Dossiers and Audio Logs scattered about. Special Conversations include Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic,

    Once you have made up your mind move to the central console and activate it. The SHRA comes into effect immediately. Move to the lift the S.H.I.E.L.D agent arrives on to make your choice. Maria Hill is on the floor below and has the paper work required for your registration. Talk with her then decide to Register or Rebel. If Registration is the answer walk toward Maria Hill otherwise head toward the door. Depending on your choice you will continue the walkthrough immediately below for Pro-Registration or skip down to Anti-Registration.

    Pro-Registration: SHIELD HQ 1

    Patriot is distraught about your decision and enters the room. Hill gives you your first assignment as "legitamite" heroes: convice Patriot to register or take him down. Patriot will attack with a melee shield uppercut and a ranged attack with ninja stars. Stand back and attack with ranged powers. Use a targeted fusion when available for massive damage. Four against one should be a fairly easy fight. When Patriot is officially under arrest Reed enters and you have unlocked Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, and Songbird for use. The team arrives in familiar surroundings. Find the collectibles lying around, answer the new trivia questions, and converse with your fellow Pro-Registration sell outs. Special conversations include: Iron Man - Maria Hill, Mr. Fantastic-Iron Man, Iron Man/Invisible Woman - Mr. Fantastic, and X-Men - Bishop.

    Pro-Registration: Hide Out Raid

    Dock Work

    Cap's team may be receiving a shipment to aid their fight, Bishop's idea is to destroy the cargo before it can be used against the Pro-Reg side. The ship contains five pieces of cargo that need to be destroyed. They are not hard to find nor difficult to destroy. Be sure to get the Team Boost on the left end of the ship. When the cargo is destroyed exit the ship and move through the newly opened gate. Defeat some White Star soldiers and watch for the truck to exit the garage and explode. Move around the corner to the wrecked vehicle and fight your way to a meeting with Black Widow. She plans to infiltrate the base while your team uses a less stealthy method of entry. Continue the fight (now the soldiers have grenades) until you see Spider Woman flee. Look in the right corner of this area for a M'Krann Crystal Fragment then give chase to Ms. Drew,

    A set of stairs leads to the hideout entrance and just below those stairs is a Focus Upgrade. Once through the door clear the initial room and exit to the next. A cinematic shows a White Star truck leave and Spider Woman steps to the foreground. She says that she has sealed the base and the only way in is through her. Spider Woman is a surprisingly easy opponent. Her main attacks are her venom blasts used from a distance. It is quite easy to get close to her with a melee powered hero and attack. Iron Man and Reed both have quality up close and personal powers. Fusions work really well too. Once Spider Woman realizes she is close to defeat some White Star soldiers appear only to allow your team to build up another fusion. With Spider Woman in custody pick up the Ionic Attack I Boost and the Dossier (Patriot) up the stairs in a side room before you bypass the sealed door thanks to a path found by Black Widow.


    Defeat a few enemies in the next room only to have the wall explode and more enter. At least we have an easy path out now. Grab the Spider Woman Dossier under the stairs and continue. Once through the broken wall fight your way to the stairs on the other end of the room. At the top there is a hall with severalWhite Star soldiers. Destroy the nearby crates to find a Gamma Regulator. At the end of the hall activate the switch that will open the door to a large fight in a break room/cafeteria. The next room (seems to be a kitchen) has a Strike Upgrade on the right side. Press forward defeating more enemies but this next room's exit is guarded by two turrets on either side of the door. The team passes over a bridge connecting two buildings in search of a way to deactivate the force field protecting the blast door. The blast door force field is controlled by a console with four panels. The panels must be activated in proper sequence to turn the barracade off. From left to right, activate the panels in this sequence: 1, 3, 2, 4. The shield is now down.

    Exit the force field control room only to have the bridge destroyed. Defeat the enemies below then grab the Boost (Overload I) next to the large truck. Destroy the generators on either side of the door and it will open, so to speak. Now just defeat all the White Star soldiers until you reach the end of the road. The team has now entered the Anti-Registration base. Fend off the initial wave of guards and Black Widow will open the path to the left. Defeat more enemies and the path is opened again. Along the way a multitude of robots will attack in a small corridor. Defeat them and grab the Audio Log and Body Upgrade in the side room on the right. At the end of the path activate the console to the left of the stairs to open the door. Inside the room is some office space and a Dossier. Exit to the garage. Follow the path to a point where a cinematic has Bishop leaving the team. After the cinematic exit via the elevator to move further into the Anti-Reg hideout.

    Inner Base

    The entrance to the Inner Base is guarded by several White Stars and couple of turrets. They are no trouble. One of the doors is stuck open. Enter and watch for the flames from the sides of the wall. At the end of the next walkway the team gets a glimpse of Hercules. He hides behind a sealed door so enter the room on the left. Lots of bots will enter from either side of the room. They are at worst two hit kills right now. Move down the hall and enter the next room. Grab the Hercules Dossier then the first of two security switches. While crossing the clear bridge ahead the heroes will be attack by guards above with grenades and face a frontal assault on the bridge. Ignore the grenades and defeat the foes in front of you. Cross another bridge with flames shooting out from the walls and the team will encounter Hercules for a fight this time.

    Hercules begins the skirmish by tossing missiles towards your team. Avoid them while rushing his position. As you get close a cinematic shows Hercules locking the door for the fight (his mistake). Hercules is a formidble hand to hand combatant. His strength lies in drawing his enemies close and crushing them with his strenth. He has a strong ground slam with radial effects and a bull rush move. Stay at a distance and hit him with Fusions and ranged attacks. I had a Femmes Fatales team of Ms. Marvel, Jean Grey, Invisible Woman, and Storm. Ms.Marvel's Radiant Beam does good damage. A targeted Fusion is preferred against bosses but the clearing Fusions with this team also worked fairly well. A side room to the Hercules fight contains a Power Pip and a Strike Upgrade. Use the console Hercules activated to close the door as the second security switch. Pick up the Boost (Striker II). Now we're closing in on Cable.

    Exit through the newly opened door and cross the higher clear bridge. In the next room obtain an Audio Log and Focus Upgrade. The next room contains several White Star guards and Cable. Save your Fusions if possible for Cable. Defeat the soldiers while working your way to the highly protected Cable. The cannons on either side of his location keep his shield in tact. Move to the side of a cannon (where it can not fire on you) and attack it. Repeat the process for the other cannon. When both are destroyed Cable comes out to play. Cable's primary method of attack is ranged. He also has the ability to teleport around the map. Still using the Femme Fatales team, I found Sue's Crushing Force very useful. Once Cable is close to defeat he returns to the central console and activates numerous turrets. As the turrets appear, Cable's shield reactivates. Take out the turrets to nulify the shield. Continue the attack on Cable using your team's best Fusion/Powers. Do not use melee attacks though, they are practically worthless. When Cable is down pick up the Team Boost (Deflection) and move to his computer to stop as much of the data transfer as possible.

    Pro-Registration: SHIELD HQ 2

    Back at the headquarters, gather all the collectibles and have the desired conversations. The special ones are Iron Man - She Hulk, Iron Man/Daredevil - Black Widow, Iron Man/Mr. Fantastic - Songbird, Mr. Fantastic - Iron Man.

    Pro-Registration: Guard Duty

    Hit 'Em High

    There are 7 munition piles scattered throughout the map. The munition piles look like several boxes of missiles piled up on a large wooden palette. The goal is to destroy each one. Defeat the first group of enemies on the roof top. Here is where we see our first munition pile. Attack it and after the blaze goes out its destroyed. Acquire the Team Boost (Conductive II) and Gamma Regulator hidden in the water towers at the back. On the ground to the left of the water towers is a Power PIP hidden behind a wooden palette. Head up the steps and defeat the White Star guards at the second munitions pile. Once it is destroyed your attention (via the camera) is shifted ahead to a new group of enemies incoming. As you fight your way remember that its along way down for any enemies thrown off the top of the roof (gravity = easy kills). Head towards the enemies we saw with the missile launchers. Duck behind the cover on either side to avoid direct hits from the missiles. Take out the White Stars with the launchers. On this roof top we will fight two groups of enemies that will be dropped in via helicopter.

    Go down the stairs and grab the Focus Upgrade around the corner. The third munitions pile is on this roof. The next section of roof top houses several White Star guards. A helicopter will appear at the end of the roof and fire at the heroes. Move toward the helicopter and pick up one of its bombs. Quickly toss it back at the helicopter to destroy it quickly. Now its much easier to clean up the guards. Munition pile number 4 is at the corner of the roof near where the helicopter was attacking. Destroy the pile and Venom will appear on a distant building and "build" a bridge for you to cross.

    The other side of the "bridge" has several enemies to defeat. The next two munition piles are also located on this roof. Defeat the enemies and get the Audio Log (Speedball News Report I) hidden in the water tower at the bottom of the screen. A couple of White Star soldier will open a path in the gate above. Prodigy flies in on a helicopter and wonders why we are teaming with Venom. Enough talk its time for a fight. Prodigy fights mostly at close range with melee attacks. A unique skill he has is some sort of flash bang that brightens the screen basically blinding the heroes. Do not fight him in hand to hand combat. Instead stand back and blast him. Ms. Marvel's Radiant Beam worked wonders for me. As Prodigy's health diminishes, White Star grunts appear. Ignore them or clear the area with Fusions, either way the primary focus should be on stopping Prodigy. Upon his defeat, Prodigy drops the Attributes I Team Boost. A White Star rocket creates another bridge for the team to cross. Here we find the last of the 7 munition piles. A test of the Pro-Reg's control of Venom is performed.

    Road Work

    After the cinematic, grab the Audio Log (Pro Reg Radio Spot) and move down the tracks. A Teamwork Upgrade is next to the fallen portion of crane. Move down the tracks and clear the High Line by defeating all the enemies. Black Widow believes the path is now clear for the convoy. Unfortunately a White Star helicopter appears and attacks.The team now moves to the street level for more action. The goal is to defeat four White Star Robots. This is not really a problem they just have a bit more health than the normal White Star enemies. A Team Boost (Laceration I) is located near the large White Star truck at the point where you first enter the street. A Dossier (Prodigy) is behind a car near the first robot. Once a robot is defeated another will appear until all four are destroyed. During the fight the area will regularly be flooded with White Star agents as well. Eliminate these enemies as needed to build up the Fusion Meter. This is a good place to get some of your high scoring fusion combinations for unlockables. Once the last of the four robots is destroyed Multiple Man appears.

    Multiple Man's main ability is, of course, making multiple copies of himself. Use clearing or guided Fusions to take out the copies and cause him to flee. The path is blocked by a large truck. Fortunately, Thing appears to help and scolds us after moving the truck. Before the conversation can continue White Star reinforcements arrive. Get the Team Boost (Critical Pain I) in front of the nearby truck. Once the White Star units are pushed back Multiple Man makes another appearance. He is a little stronger this time due to some of his copies carrying rocket launchers. Use guided/clearing Fusions again to defeat Multiple Man, multiple times with ease.

    Traffic Jam

    Cap has freed Hercules and Cable. They are attempting to escape on the roof across the street from your team. Move forward (grab the Asgardian Run) and fight of the White Star units impeding your progress. Pass through the building with a broken wall, grabbing the Dossier (Multiple Man), only to find the Anti-Reg escapees onthe other side. Cap's group jumps off the roof only to be caught by Goliath. If only we had a clone of Thor on our team, this fight would go much quicker. Avoid Goliath's fist as he punches. His arm will remain stationary for enough time to blast it a couple times with a good ranged attack. Hit his arms enough and the big guy becomes disoriented. This is a good time to try out a Fusion. After enough damage has been done Goliath creates a hole in the wall to the left. Move through it (grab the Body Upgrade) and Molten Man will appear to assist the team. When on the other side of the building the fight is more of the same. Avoid Goliath's punches and blast his arms until stunned then perform a Fusion. The last stun put Goliath's head on the roof for the final blast. The big difference is some White Star units will arrive on the roof as well. They can mostly be ignored. Just keep your primary focus on the big guy.

    Pro-Registration: SHIELD HQ 3

    Here we find some collectibles: Simulator Disc Pinned, Simulator Disc Heavy Metal, Concept Art, Audio Log Speedball's New Costume, Dossier SHIELD's Nanite Officers, and Dossier Goliath. We can also have conversations with Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man, War Machine, and Maria Hill. Special Conversations include Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic. When ready move to the center console and proceed to the next mission.

    Pro-Registration: Ambush


    Our goal during this mission is to capture 5 unregistered heroes. Head down the ramp and grab the Dossier (Cloak) on the right, near the fork lift. Defeat the White Star units at the circular platform with the rotating center then move up the winding ramp. At the top Multiple Man makes another appearance. Just as before defeat him using clearing/guided Fusions and radial attacks. This time when he is defeated he drops a Team Boost (Reserves II). We have just captured the first of the five required unregistered heroes. There is green fluid spewing everywhere on the path ahead. The heroes can not pass through. Activate the console near the entrance to the walk way to release a blue barrel. Throw the barrel onto the source of the green liquid to neutralize it. At the next site of White Star Units there will be an Asgardian Rune and Audio Log (Reed's Notes on Nanites) to the left behind a pipe. Just ahead the bridge is destroyed taking out several incoming enemy units.

    Press forward defeating the robots that climb onto the bridge. Ahead the door is sealed. There are three valves to the right. Move to each one the press and rapidly tap Square to pull them loose. After the third valve is removed the pressure causes the door to pop. On the other side Patriot and Firestar are waiting. Patriot seems to prefer melee combat. Firestar has radial fire attacks that she brings from the sky or she will blast from her hands as she rotates. I took out Firestar first with ranged attacks. At this time I was using an X-men team. Iceman's Ice Pillar is a nice move to use for eliminating these heroes. As with all boss fights a Targeted Fusion when available is a good strategy. With Firestar out of the way Patriot will fall without much trouble. Firestar drops the Ice Strike II Team Boost while Patriot provides the Patriotic Team Boost.

    A nanite controlled Goblin appears to help the team. Two more heroes are captured. Take the elevator up a level to continue. It leads to a group of White Star Agents. Take them out then destroy the two cylinders nearby. This reveals a Power PIP and Dossier (SHIELD Helicarrier). Traverse the fire bridge and fight through a couple more groups of enemies. The enemies will include two large robots that have more health then the normal adds we are eliminating. The team will arrive at another elevator (its protected by the second of the two robots). Ride it up to a fight against Colossus and Dagger, the last two of the Anti Reg heroes to arrest. Dagger is more annoying than difficult because she has a variety of energy daggers that seem to drain her targets stamina. Colossus as one would expect is a melee fighter with lots of strength and HP. Standing toe to toe with the Russian is not impossible but not the best strategy. Fusions work well against either opponent. I took out Dagger first then focused the Fusions on Colossus. Immediately after defeating Colossus and Dagger a cinematic takes the team on an elevator trip in search of more Anti-Registration combatants.


    Captain America is on the run (or at least it appears so). As you follow the path White Star units will climb onto the walkway. Defeat them until a cinematic shows Cap. Follow Captain America watching to a void any trapshe sets along the way. When you reach him he says, "This is the part in whichyou will wish you hadn't caught me." Cap will attack with a Shield Throw, a Bull Rush, a Shield Swipe, and normal melee attacks. Do not engage him in hand to hand combat, he will just evade practically all of your attempts. Instead use powers to deplete his health. Once he loses approximately 1/4 of his health Cap escapes through a hole in the wall.

    Chase Cap to the outside and onto another walkway. A couple of White Star units try to interject. Make quick work of them and proceed. When the team gets to the bridge you find out a little too late that the chase was a set up. Luke Cage tosses an explosive barrel knocking out the bridge. When you are back in control the Pro-Reg team faces off against Cap and Iron Fist. Make Iron Fist the initial priority. His powers are primarily melee with a radial effect added to one attack. The primary reason to focus on Iron Fist initially is his ability to heal Cap, wasting your teams attacks/time. With Rand out of the way the fight then turns back to Captain America. Now he stands on the outer portion of the area tossing his Shield and occassionally uses a bull rush. Adding to your teams peril is a chance of fire raising from the floor. Avoid the fire by avoiding the circular vents. Bash the Super Soldier with powers until his health is reduced to half. At which point Cap flees again. This time Iron Man is waiting at the edge of the platform. They both tumble over the edge.

    Iron Man is laying in the middle of the battle area while your team takes on Cap and Luke Cage. Cap will rely on the same strategies as the previous two stages of the fight. Cage though is a massive damage dealer with his melee attacks. Focus the attacks this time on Cap. If he is defeated the fight ends even if Cage has health remaining At the end of the fight Iron Man confronts the Anti-Reg Leader who then escapes.

    Anti-Registration: Secret

    SPECIAL NOTE: The Anti-Registration portion of the game was played on Legendary Difficulty after defeating the game and selecting Pro-Registration. Therefore some characters mentioned may not be available at the times they are mentioned. If thats the case substitute their ability/power for one that is similar. For instance if Captain America's Shield Swipe (a melee based power) is referenced, Thor's Mighty Swipe (a melee based power) is an alternative (or upgrade).

    Just move toward the door to rebel against the SHRA. Once the resistance is started the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are now the enemy. Clear the room to continue. After the cinematic the team ends up at the Anti-Registration Base.

    Anti-Registration: White Star HQ

    Seek out some conversations with Hercules, Cap, Patriot and Spider-Woman. There are also plenty of collectibles to find. Special conversations include Captain America and Patriot, Captain America and Hercules, Captain America and Spider Woman, Luke Cage and Captain America. When ready move out for the first mission as a fugitive from the law.

    Anti-Registration: Base Defense

    Safe Harbor

    Once the mission begins some S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents flood the room. Clear them and exit. Once outside the team will meet more resistance. These agents are nothing to worry about. After they are defeated, Spider-Woman appears and lowers the plank to the ship. The Pro-Reg forces are attempting to disrupt you ability to gather supplies. They have placed bombs on 5 pieces of cargo on the ship. The team has 3 minutes (plenty of time) to remove the bombs from all 5 pieces of cargo and toss them away. While seeking out the cargo there will be plenty of guards to fight. Clear them away as needed but stay focused on the bombs. Once a bomb is removed from the cargo it doesn't necessarily have to be thrown off the ship. As long as it explodes while not connected to the important supplies you will have saved that set of cargo. When the last piece of cargo is no longer in danger a short conversation between your team and Spider-Woman takes place.

    A gate will open ahead releasing three enemies. Grab the Power PIP. Remove the enemy's shield then take the trio out. Move through the gate. A crate will open to the right releasing enemy robots destroy the attackers then enter the crate for a M'Kraan Crystal Fragment. Continue down the predetermined path after a couple of minor skirmishes a helicopter appears firing missiles at the team. Move to its location and attack (return its grenades or ranged powers) to make it leave. More soldiers are ahead and the helicopter may return. Defeat them and Cable opens the gate. A Dossier (SHIELD) is located inside the large blue metal crate. Move through the gate to encounter more S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. There will be a Body Upgrade among the crates on the left side of this path. In the next open area another (who knows it might be the same) helicopter appears. Return the grenades to their sender then enter the building through the hole in the wall created by the downed helicopter. Black Widow is inside.

    She is agile and is skilled at using weapons (guns and grenades for this fight). Her stealth and spy skills will not help her against a team of super heroes. I simply bashed her skull with Cap's shield several times. Basically you can defeat her by going full melee attacks and powers. Whenever health runs low she will call for reinforcements but they will not pose much of a threat either. If you do feel outnumbered/overwhelmed don't forget that Guided or Clearing Fusions are great for thinning out large groups of enemies. Before exiting use the steps near the entrance to grab an Asgardian Rune and be sure to pick up the Team Boost for defeating Black Widow.

    Push Back

    Inside the base the team is moving in behind the invading agents. Move cautiously forward avoiding the mines. Ahead are two large robots with more than average HP. Destroy them as they are trying to gain access to the base. If you run into trouble during the fight a Targeted Fusion can make the difference. Be sure to stay away from the destroyed torso. It will explode and can cause significant damage. Cable opens the path to the right and needs us to bring the turret defenses back on line. Go through the large door that opens. Cable says to find someone or SOMETHING that will be able to move across the electrical field to activate the turrets. Move to each of the robots on either side of the entrance to the controls. Activate one and it will move into the room, neutralizing the electric current. If you activate the second it will follow you through the level and provide assistance during fights. If you number the controls from left to right 1, 2, 3, 4, the sequence to bring the turrets online is 1, 3, 2, 4. There is a Power PIP in the corner of this room near the entrance. During the cinematic Spider-Woman radios in for help.

    Move through the door to the right, entering an office/lab. Pick up the Audio Log (HYDRA Training Tape) and Dossier (HYDRA) then back track to find more agents blasting holes through the Base's Defenses. Repel the incoming forces only to have another portion of the base attacked. Before moving to this new point of attack look behind the large red crates for a Team Boost (Experienced I). This time robots are prying open the security doors in the garage. Move to the robots and destroy them to stop the flood of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Grab the Dossier (SHIELD Agents). A second door is being opened. Stop this robot then clear the room and War Machine enters.

    War Machine, as one would expect, has plenty of fire power. He will mostly attack with his suit's ranged arsenal but does have a charge attack where he flies through the air into your team. I mostly used close range melee powers (Cap's Shield Swipe/Thor's Mighty Swipe) then finished him and his reinforcements with a Guided fusion. Pick up the Team Boosts left by War Machine. As you leave the battle area look to the right and find a car lift. There is a Gamma Regulator located there.


    When the elevator stops, exit and defeat the agents in the next room. A few more will enter through the door in the back, take them out and proceed by activating the console next to the door. The next room houses a power terminal that Cable needs destroyed. Bash it, clear the room, and proceed. While crossing the clear bridge, robots will attack. Fight them off and enter the second power terminal room ahead. Destroy the power terminal and clear the room. The third power terminal is directly ahead. Destroying the terminal this time though does not destroy the robot powering up. Instead bash it and use a Guided/Targeted fusion if necessary.

    Exit the room and follow the path to the left for an Audio Log. Continue forward defeating the agents and avoiding the fire blasts coming out from the walls. After traversing a second hall with fire shooting from the walls the team encounters two large robots with higher than average HP. Use a Targeted Fusion or or a Guided Fusion to make the fight easier. Cross another clear bridge to find Bishop.

    If you are a collector be sure to grab the Team Boost (Overload II) and Dossier (War Machine) in this initial room before attacking Bishop. Once about 1/4 of his health is gone he leaves and you can not return to find the item without replaying the level from the Simulator. Captain America is a staple of my team usually when possible. His Shield Swipe does decent damage against Bishop. The mutant's main ability is energy attacks and absorption. Bishop will not be harmed by energy attacks, so remove any hero that primarily uses energy attacks. He will fight with a ranged energy blast (do not stand in front of him while he is preparing this attack), a bull rush with some sort of energy shield, a radial attack where he brings his surroundings near him and pushes them out, and a barrage of bombs. All his attacks will likely be unseen in the first room but trust me he has them. The room Bishop flees to has a Power Terminal that can replinish his health. Be sure to get the Power PIP on the side of the room before doing anything. When he is using the terminal attack it. This creates a surge of energy knocking Bishop away from the terminal onto the ground and does damage to his health. Any time Bishop is prone on the ground get in a couple of attacks for increased damage. Bishop will then exit to an area where there are three similar terminals. When he is activating one move to the other two and attack the yellow tubes in the back to stop his recharge and damage his health. Once Bishop is near defeat he will move to the center of the three terminal and draw energy from each. Move to all three and destroy the yellow tubes in the back. The resulting energy blast is too much even for Bishop and he goes down in defeat. The Team Boosts are provided automatically without picking them up.

    Anti-Registration: White Star HQ 2

    Here you can converse with Firestar, Captain America, Iron Fist, and Prodigy. Be sure to pick up the collectibles as well: Audio Log, Dossier (Bishop), Concept Art and Sim Disc. Special conversations include: Luke Cage and Captain America, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, Captain America and Prodigy, Captain America and Iron Fist, Captain America and Firestar.

    Anti Registration: Convoy Strike


    Six anti-aircraft guns are preventing the Anti-Reg forces from attacking the convoy by air. The objective is to destroy all six weapons. They are placed in the open (no searching required) but are somewhat heavily guarded. Destroy the enemies surrounding the weapons then the weapon itself. The first gun is just ahead. Look at the back wall and destroy a wooden pallet for a Dossier (Ryker's Island). A Gamma Regulator and a Power PIP can be found by destroying the two water towers in the back ground. Move up the stairs to immediately find the 2nd gun. The long roof ahead will have a big robot at the end. Try to avoid their missiles as you close in on their location. Take out the big guy first. This would be a good place for a Guided or Clearing Fusion due to the sheer number of enemies that will be on screen. The third gun will likely be destroyed in the commotion.

    Move down the steps to take out the fourth gun. There will be another big robot to defeat at this location as well. Before moving forward grab the Body Upgrade on the ground next to the water tower. The next roof will lead to the appearance of an enemy helicopter. Take it out with its own grenades and destroy the 5th gun on this same roof top. Once the next to last anti-aircraft turret is destroyed, an Anti-Reg helicopter passes by destroying an antennae creating a bridge to cross the street. A couple of rocket launcher wielding enemies are protecting the other side so move across the make shift bridge quickly. On the other side, the roof is swarmed with bots.Though its not necessary, a good Clearing Fusion will thin the herd dramatically. Once the majority of the bots are scrap metal a couple S.H.I.E.L.D agents create an opening in the fence. Destroy the water tower in the fore ground to get a Team Boost (Frosty II).

    Defeat the agents and Songbird arrives. Songbird is not a fan of hand to hand combat. She relies on ranged attacks as opposed to melee. Targeted fusions perform a good deal of damage. If you have fusions built up unleash them in successsion to deplete her health quickly. After the fusions are gone move in close and attack with melee powers. Once she is defeated the enemy again opens the path ahead. Cross the bridge and defeat the soldiers then look to the left for an Audio Log (Anti-Reg Radio Spot). Destroy the last anti-aircraft turret and this part of the mission ends. A crane delivers the team to the next phase of Convoy Strike.


    Look to the right behind the fallen yellow structure for a M'Kraan Crystal Fragment. Defeat the soldiers ahead and destroy the first anti-aircraft gun. There are two more turrets along the path. Destroy them then watch as the team ends up on the ground. The goal now is to disable the S.H.I.E.L.D. transport vehicles. There are three in the area. Each is guarded by numerous troops. Move to each vehicles location and attack. Once the third is destroyed Lady Deathstrike makes an appearance. If you did not clear the area of enemies before destroying the third vehicle you may be overwhelmed by the large number of enemies and Lady Deathstrike. If your team does die here the game will reload at a checkpoint against Lady Deathstrike but without the large number of enemies.

    Lady Deathstrike is a very powerful close range enemy. Her melee attacks can slice through any individual hero quickly. Stay back and attack with your best ranged powers. Only go toe to toe with strong charcters and saved health packs. Save your fusions because once Lady Deathstrike is injured Thing will come out and clobber her (but she will return). S.H.I.E.L.D. interrupts your discussion with Thing. While the robot is out explore one of the alleys to find a Dossier (SHIELD Cape Killers), a Teamwork Bonus, and a Team Boost (Jackpot I). The boost is hidden under the red van beside the Teamwork Boost. Defeat the guards and the giant robot saving your Fusions (if possible) for the return of Lady Deathstrike. This time she brings three of the large robots to aid her cause. You have two options here focus on Lady Deathstrike or the robots. Attacking the robots makes it easier to defeat Lady Deathstrike but they can be formidable foes themselves. If you have a team with a strong Targeted Fusion and have at least two available for use just use both of them on Lady Deathstrike immediately. This severely reduces her HP. Once she is defeated the bots are destroyed as well. I had a team of Spidey, Luke Cage, Cap, and Wolverine in this battle. Spidy has a targeted Fusion with each of the other characters. With the super villain defeated we get the Team Boost automatically.

    Jacked Up

    After the fight Thing agrees to join the cause. Iron Man though is on his way. Somehow the team ends back up on the rooftops and needs to keep pace with Iron Man. First though turn around and grab the Dossier (Lady Deathstrike). Now continue foward on the roof, as you make the first turn Iron Man flies by. A few bots climb up and attack. Defeat them then enter the building ahead. Grab the Asgardian Rune and the Team Boost (Experienced II) then exit. Iron Man appears with a large friend, Yellowjacket. Pym will attack with a fist slam. Dodge (L1) out of the way and then attack his hand as it will stay in place for a brief time. Continue to attack his hand until he appears stunned (leaning against the building). While stunned activate a Fusion to send Pym into a rage. He opens a hole in the building to the left. Enter, grab the Focus Upgrade, and exit on the other side but with some additional assistance, Firestar. Yellowjacket will continue to attack in the same manner. Avoid his hits then attack the hand. Once he is dazed use a fusion. After this Fusion some bots appear. Use them to regain fusion status but keep your eye on the big guy. One final fusion and the fight is over. The Team Boost will be obtained automatically.