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Collected all trophies
In for the Long Haul
Reach 10 hours playing time in a single savegame
Breakneck Bankruptcy
Reach a negative balance on your very first day
Financial Independence
Pay back an entire bank loan
Peak Profits
Own a bank account with 1 million ingame money
Help a Fella out
Complete a task for another farmer
Farmers' Favorite
Help each farmer at least once
Score a three-point field goal in basketball
All That Glitters...
Find all 100 gold nuggets
Preparation Is Key
Cultivate 10 hectares
Into the Soil
Sow 10 hectares
Make 'em Grow
Fertilize 10 hectares
Bumper Harvest
Harvest 10 hectares
Cut down a tree
Cut down 50 trees
Breed 20 cows
Sweet Dreams
Breed 30 sheep
Oink Oink!
Breed 50 pigs

Originally Contributed By: KeyBlade999

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