Man with a board on level 4 ?

  1. On level 4 first game there is a man with board, everytime I go on the platform he barges me off, won't spin or anything... can anyone help please

    User Info: Sandcha

    Sandcha - 2 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. best method I've found is to jump to the platform with the enemy on it but stay a bit away from him, then when he starts moving towards you, jump on top of him and he will raise his shield, then you are free to move around him for a second or 2 to spin him or just avoid.

    User Info: LightningWalker

    LightningWalker - 2 years ago 4   2


  1. Jump above him with a lot of height, then spin.

    User Info: Maxtrollduke

    Maxtrollduke - 2 years ago 2   1
  2. This particular enemy is a bit odd in this version, but what you have to do it jump on him so he'll raise his shield, then spin.

    User Info: matty397

    matty397 - 2 years ago 2   2

    User Info: rywarywa

    rywarywa - 2 years ago 0   3

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