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Speedrun Guide by Slateman

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/03/2017
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Document:   Resident Evil VII Speed Run Guide
Games:      Resident Evil VII: Biohazard
            Biohazard VII: Resident Evil
Platform:   Sony Playstation 4
            Microsoft Xbox One
Developer:  Capcom
Publisher:  Capcom

Author:     Slateman (slateman@godflesh.com)
Version:    1.0
Date:       3rd February, 2017

Table Of Contents

I:     About
II:    Notes & Instructions
III:   Speedrun Guide
	   A:   Enter The Guest House - Find Mia - Defeat Mia
	   B:   Dining Room -- Jack Encounter -- Main Floor Exploration
	   C:   Processing Area -- Chainsaw Jack -- Exit The House
	   D:   Trailer -- Old House -- Marguerite Fight
	   E:   Lantern Scale -- D-Series Arm -- Return To House
	   F:   Back To The House -- Keycards Get!
	   G:   Testing Area -- Make Serum -- Final Jack Fight
	   H:   Wrecked Ship Part I
	   J:   Mia Tape
	   K:   Wrecked Ship Part II
	   L:   Back to the House -- Final Battle
IV:    Credits
V:     Legal Stuff


Revision Notes
1.0    First document
To Do (Since I was really just focusing on time)
       Focus on more item collectibles in the beginning perhaps.
       Get proper room names in some cases.


Section I:   About

As a long-time fan of Resident Evil / Biohazard, I welcomed the change in style
and focus for RE7.  It captures a lot of the essence of the original RE while
also feeling modern.  It helps that I found it utterly terrifying too for my
first playthrough.

That first playthrough took over 12 hours as I scoured every area for items and
I soaked in the brilliant atmosphere Capcom created.  My second playthrough 
clocked in at 3 hours and it is with that run I crafted this guide.  

I must give massive credit and kudos to uhTrance as his speedrun (currently
at 1:33) gave me helpful tips and cues on how to reduce my own time.  You 
can see his current World Record video here:


Section II:   Notes & Instructions

This guide is an overly-detailed description of how to beat Biohazard/Resident 
Evil VII with utter haste.  You'll be able to complete the game in far less 
than the four-hour requirement for the <<Just Get Me Outta Here>> 

Some basic notes for the outline of this guide.

Speedrun-Only Guide (therefore)

   1)  Play on Easy.

   2)  RUN.  
   3)  Inventory management is mostly up to you.  I'll note if items are needed.

   4)  Avoid almost all enemies.  Some you can't help fighting.  But the 
       typical Molded can be sped past in almost all cases.  
   5)  <<Resource Manager>> Trophy/Achievement
       Use the Item Box no more than 3x.  I've laid out how this can be done, 
       but that's entirely optional.  Just plan your inventory accordingly.
       Note that doing the end of the game without a handgun can be challenging
       but by no means impossible.  

   6)  <<Walk It Off>> Trophy/Achievement
       Heal no more than 3x.  This is your call, really.  You can do it.  I 
       didn't on my speed run.  I'll try next time when I get 100% of the 
   7)  Speaking of...Antique Coins, Mr. Everywheres or Files aren't listed here.

Notes On Time

   1)  Pausing the game stops the clock.

   2)  Almost all cut scenes are un-skippable and add to the time.
   3)  One cut scene at the end is skippable as are the end-game movies.

   4)  All other menus (inventory, item boxes, saves, death) add to the time.

This guide assumes the following:

   1)  You've beaten the game at least once already.  
       (You can use the Albert 01-R and the Secrets Of Defense.)

   2)  You're at least somewhat familiar with the paths, though this guide is
       quite detailed.

   3)  You're familiar with the bosses.  I will not be giving boss strategies
       for the most part.

I will be as detailed as possible in as many instances as possible.  Sections 
are divided by portions of the game and referenced by letter/number combinations
which may help you out.  

Some quick notes:

--ITEMS--       Capitalized and surrounded by dashes.
[ROOM NAME]     Capitalized & in brackets.
<<Trophies>>    Or achievements.  Only mentioned a few times.
Start Time      I give a reference for my 3-hour run.  Remember that's an hour
                to spare.  

Good Luck!

Section III:   Speedrun Guide

Part A:        Enter The Guest House - Find Mia - Defeat Mia
Start Time:    [0:00]
	  It's not hard to blaze through the initial section.  
	  Mia can be defeated with just the axe, but some head shots speed up
	  the process.

A01:  Exit car and run ahead down the path.
A02:  Make a quick left once you see the house ahead of you.
A03:  Zip past the van, through the gate, and continue the winding path.
A04:  Crouch under the next gate, hop down the ledge and run into the house.
A05:  Down the hall, through the [KITCHEN] and make a right
A06:  Go past the staircase and take the 2nd door on your right.
A07:  On the left wall is the fireplace.  Pull the hidden handle.
A08:  Enter secret tunnel & descend the ladder.
A09:  Follow path through sewers and past Mia
A10:  Get --BOLT CUTTERS-- & free Mia.

A11:  Follow her around until she lies down. 
A12:  Move to the adjacent room and wait for her abduction.
A13:  Head through newly-opened door and upstairs. 
A14:  Check the [BATHROOM] & locked door and return to the stairs.
A15:  Mia crawls upstairs.  Enjoy this encounter.  She'll knock herself out.
A16:  Head around ([BATHROOM] or down the hall), then return to Mia.
A17:  She'll toss you into the next room. Pick the --AXE-- up and defeat her.
A18:  Return to the phone when it rings.
A19:  Pick up the --AXE-- and go back through the door that opens.
A20:  Head through the [KITCHEN], use the --BOLT CUTTERS-- to open the cabinet.

A21:  Return to the 2nd doorway past the stairs (fireplace room from A07)
A22:  On the panel on the right wall, insert the fuse.
A23:  Leave the room for the third Mia encounter.
A24:  Head upstairs & hit the button to lower the stairs.
A25:  In the first room, you'll find --GUN--, --HG AMMO-- & --FIRST AID MED--.
A26:  In the next room, ascend the ladder and then descend quickly.
A27:  Defeat Mia. 
      [Stand clear of the falling ladder.  Get some hacks in as she drops!]
A28:  Wait for Jack to knock you out.


Part B:        Dining Room -- Jack Encounter -- Main Floor Exploration
Start Time:    [21:00]   

	  Avoid Jack at all costs, obviously, with the exception of B03!

B01:  Go straight ahead to the [KITCHEN] and through the door on the left.
B02:  Make a right and follow the path around.
B03:  Jack will be at the table.  Grab the --HATCH KEY-- quickly!!!
B04:  You might get hit, that's OK.  Turn around (Down + Circle/B on consoles)
B05:  Return to the [KITCHEN] go through to the room with the hatch.  Unlock it.
B06:  Go around to the left and through the basement area and ascend.
B07:  Unlock the door and answer the phone. Get --ITEMS-- from box.
      [I suggest the Albert 01-R and Secrets Of Defense, your call]
      [If you're going for <<Resource Manager>>, this is the first box opening.]
      [You are obligated to use it 2x more.  Skip this if you want an easier
	   time later on.  Use it if you want an easier time now.]
      [You can save in this room too.  Your call]
B07:  Exit through the door you unlocked.
B08:  Head straight, turn right at the end and see the main hall door.
B09:  Return where you came and speak to the Deputy.
B10:  Descend the stairs and open the garage door with your new knife.

B11:  Bid adieu to the nice Deputy.
B12:  Get the gun and the keys and enter the car.
B13:  Defeat Jack and head up the ladder.
B14:  Move the staircase to the right, and get the --OX STATUETTE--.
B15:  Jump down, head back up the stairs and turn left. 
B16:  Follow the hallway to the [MAIN HALL] door, enter the --OX STATUETTE--.
B17:  Go across the hall to the clock and get the --PENDULUM--.
B18:  Return across the main hall and upstairs
B19:  Follow this around to the door on your left with Eveline before you.
B20:  Turn left & go past the snake door and enter the door to the right.

B21:  Turn left and left again.  Open the book and get the --BLUE DOG HEAD--.
B22:  Return to the same door and exit.  Head straight and to take a right.
B23:  Open the door at the end of this hall and drain the tub.
B24:  Retrieve the --WOODEN STATUE-- and here's Jack...again!
B25:  Evade him by running left around the tub and out the door.
B26:  Make a quick left and jump down the stairwell on the left. 
B27:  Make a quick right and enter the door on your left.
B28:  Run through the [DINING ROOM] to the [LIVING ROOM].
B29:  Place the --PENDULUM-- on the clock.  Grab the --WHITE DOG'S HEAD--.
      [Jack will likely be in the door you just entered.  Go to the right.]
B30:  Escape through the kitchen and make a right.  

B31:  Jack may burst through the wall here.  
      [If so, shoot him and try to stun him.]
B32:  Continue down this hallway and into the [MAIN HALL].
B33:  Across the way is the Eagle Puzzle.
B34:  Enter the secret passage.
B35:  In the deer room, make a left and enter the door on your left.
B36:  Exit the door to the right and then the next door, also to the right.
B37:  Zip past a Molded and head down the hall.  
B38:  The [SCORPION DOOR] is ahead.  Turn right.
B39:  There's a save room if you need it or head downstairs.


Part C:        Processing Area -- Chainsaw Jack -- Exit The House
Start Time:    [33:00]   

      I suggest going through the method below.  The Jack chainsaw battle is 
      not overly difficult.  However if you're concerned and want the 
      --SHOTGUN-- for this battle (i.e. if you don't have the Albert 01-R), 
      reorganize the following steps:

      * Place steps C16 & C17 before C07.
      * Return to the --MAIN HALL--. 
      * Perform steps C23-29
      Just remember the --BROKEN SHOTGUN-- and --SHOTGUN-- each requires 2 
      inventory slots.

C01:  Take the left fork and follow the path around
C02:  Pass the Molded and sneak into the door on your right. 
      [This is a white door, it's easy to miss.]
C03:  Open the 3rd and 5th doors, then the first.
C04:  Grab the --DISSECTION ROOM KEY-- and escape. 
      [You can do this without fighting any the Molded.  Be hasty!]
C05:  Exit through the same door, head straight then make a right.
C06:  You'll enter the door on your left here.
C07:  Continue around, past the Molded and open the door to the [BOILER ROOM].
C08:  Unlock this door with your key, while avoiding the Molded.
C09:  Head downstairs and follow the path around. 
C10:  This will lead you to the --RED DOG HEAD-- and the third Jack encounter. 

C11:  Defeat him as quickly as you can and chainsaw your way out the door.
C12:  Follow the path around through the door and to the left again. 
C13:  This will bring you back to where you entered the [DISSECTION ROOM].
C14:  Blaze through the [BOILER ROOM] and the molded room.
C15:  Go up the small set of stairs.
C16:  Open the blue/green door on your left here (the one you have to slide).
C17:  Go past the door to your right.  Get --SCORPION KEY-- in the next room.
C18:  Turn around and unlock the door you just ignored (now on your left).
C19:  Follow that, make a left and head upstairs.
C20:  Pass Eveline on your left and make a right.
C21:  Open the door at the end with the --SCORPION KEY--.
C22:  Put the three --DOG HEADS-- to open the door and head outside.

[40:00] With no shotgun.

If you're going for the shotgun...

C23:  With your back to the door, head up the staircase on the right.
C24:  Enter the white door on the left.
C25:  Like earlier, pass the Snake door and enter the first door on the right.
C26:  Use the --SCORPION KEY-- on the door in the right of the room.
C27:  The --BROKEN SHOTGUN-- is just on your left.  Ammo and other items too.
C28:  Reverse through the [REC ROOM], make a left and return to the [MAIN HALL].
C29:  Make a right, head downstairs and the Shotgun room is on your right.
C39:  Swap the two weapons out and head back to the main door.

[42:00] With the --SHOTGUN--
      I say get the shotgun.  Just saying.


Part D:        Trailer -- Old House -- Marguerite Fight
Start Time:    [42:00]   

      I was able to defeat Marguerite with the stock 150 burner fuel, 4 shotgun 
      shells and a handful of hangun (Albert 01-R) shots.  
      Another time, I exhausted all of my ammo and had to scavenge throughout 
      the area. 

      Point being, even a 5-minute swing here won't kill your time.  You should
      be hovering around an hour by the end of this segment.  Maybe more, maybe
      less.  Even if you're at the 90-minute mark, you're still safe.   
D01:  Head to the trailer and wait for the phone call.  Save if you desire.
D02:  Exit and head left, down the path to the [OLD HOUSE].
D03:  Over the bridge & through the door ahead.  I'll call this the [Entrance].
D04:  Make a right, through the door, crouch and pass right of the big beehive.
D05:  The next beehive blocks the hidden passage.  Blast it and head in.
      [I'd run up and pointblank shoot it. You're going to get hit a lot, but 
	   unless you're in bad shape to start with, you'll be fine.]
D06:  Down this tunnel, enter the door and grab the --STONE STATUE--.
D07:  Ignore Mia here.  Remember, she cut your hand off.
D08:  Head back through the secret passage and back to the [ENTRANCE]
D09:  Marguerite will say a friendly hello and will shut you out.
D10:  Return again towards the hidden passage but take the door on the left.

D11:  Head left and through a white, moldy door. 
D12:  You can grab some --SHOTGUN SHELLS-- here to help with the next beehive.
      [...But move swiftly otherwise Marguerite will see you and attack.]
D13:  Head straight through another door and then around to the spider puzzle.
D14:  Before going down the newly-opened hall, exit the double doors ahead.
D15:  Head left down the dock and in the save room is the first --BACKPACK--.
D16:  Turn around.  You'll find: --BURNER GRIP--, --HG AMMO-- & --CHEM FLUID--.
      [I recommend getting the --BURNER-- unless you think you can defeat 
       Marguerite without it.  If so, skip D14-D16]
D17:  Enter the secret tunnel the spider puzzle opened.
D18:  Head straight and at the end, turn right.
D19:  Drop into the opening in the floor & follow this around.
D20:  Grab the --CRANK-- and return back.  Kill the bug just because.

D21:  Return up and use the --CRANK-- to raise the bridge just ahead of you.
D22:  Cross this bridge and go straight.  You'll be back in the [ENTRANCE].
D23:  Go straight to the hidden passage room and take the left again (Like D09).
D24:  Bonjour Marguerite!  Just run past her to the right and out the door.
D25:  Destroy the beehive and use the --CRANK-- again to raise the bridge.
D26:  There's a --FIRST-AID MED-- outside, but enter to get the --CROW KEY--.
D27:  On the way back to the house, take a left to the [Water Station].
      Inside, grab the --BURNER NOZZLE-- & combine it with the --BURNER GRIP--.
      There's an --HERB-- here too.
D28:  Return towards the house and enter again.
D29:  Take the door across to the right, turn right again to the [ENTRANCE].
D30:  Cross the bridge you recently raised and make a right and a quick left.

D31:  The stairs here lead to the [CROW DOOR], but Marguerite will return.
D32:  Get as many quick head shots as you can so she doesn't send her insects.
D33:  Defeat her and head up the stiars, open the [CROW DOOR].
D34:  Inspect the box ahead of you and view the document.  Answer the phone.
D35:  Turn left and head up the stairs, turn around and follow the path.
D36:  Inspect the Lantern Scale.
D37:  Return to the telephone room and exit.
D38:  Head downstairs and Marguerite is crawling around in the pit.
D39:  Why not jump down and follow her?
D40:  Carry on, climb the ladder, it's time to fight Marguerite.
      [I suggest saving here if you have time to spare.]
	  [This is a quick, but entirely optional, set of steps.]
      D40a:  Upon ascending the ladder, head to the left.
      D40b:  Open the gate and hit up the trailer.  
      D40c:  Then turn back to go to the tunnel and.

D41:  Head up the first set of stairs you see.
D42:  In the room to the right and upstairs during the fight, there are items
      [--BURNER FUEL--, --HERB-- (x2)]
D43:  Straight from the entrance is another hole for you to jump into.
D44:  2 quick rights will lead you to the stairs for the Marguerite fight.
D45:  When she bursts through the window, slash her with your knife.  
      Don't waste bullets.
D46:  Dispose of her and grab her lantern.  


Part E:        Lantern Scale -- D-Series Arm -- Return To House
Start Time:    [1:05:00]   

E01:  Head downstairs and back out the door and stairs which led you here.
      [Scavenge for supplies if need be but don't tarry.]
E02:  Return to the tunnel and follow it back to the Old House.
E03:  Climb the ladder, straight up through the [CROW DOOR] and make a right.
E04:  Make the loop around to the right and put the lantern on the scale.
E05:  Enter the door and take a left through the next.
E06:  There are a pair of rights in the room with the bouncing balls.
E07:  There's a half-opened door that leads you to a very moldy room.
E08:  Avoid being frightened by the noises.  Make a pair of quick lefts.
E09:  This leads you to a door that's closing.  Enter it.
E10:  Here you'll make a left and a right.  Eveline speaks and the room darkens.

E11:  That left and right you made leads you towards a hallway with a balloon.
E12:  Cross this room by going around the middle and hit the wall to open
      the secret entrance.  
E13:  Crouch, traverse this room and get the D-Series Arm.  Eww.
E14:  Return through the same two doors after seeing Eveline. 
E15:  At the second door, there's a Molded.  Prepare a shotgun.  Sometimes I
      get stuck and can't sneak by him.
E16:  Here you'll retrace your steps all the way back to the lantern puzzle. 
      [Essentially a left, door on right, door on right, left through the door 
       across and left. Then another door on the left.]
E17:  Head back downstairs, ignore the phone.
E18:  Sidestep the holes in the ground & back to the [ENTRANCE].
E19:  Out the door, across the bridge & through the gate.
E20:  You can save at the trailer if need be.  Ignore the phone again.
E21:  Return to the main house.


Part F:        Back To The House -- Keycards Get!
Start Time:    [1:15:00]

      Be wary of inventory management here.  You need another key and a keycard
      before you get the backpack.  Don't carry too much.

F01:  In the house, go through the [SCORPION DOOR] on the left.
F02:  Down the hall and down the stairs again into the [PROCESSING AREA].
F03:  Immediately turn right and through that door.
F04:  Turn left then a right into Molded Room -> [BOILER ROOM]
F05:  Old Eveline is there.  Forget about her.
F06:  Pass through & into the [DISSECTION ROOM] & down the stairs to your left.
F07:  Follow this around and down some stairs where a crawling molded drops.
F08:  You can avoid killing the guy if you're fast enough.
F09:  Head to the right and right up the stairs. 
F10:  Grab the --SNAKE KEY-- from the body of the deputy.

F11:  Exit the room and turn right.  Head past the Chainsaw Jack battle area.
F12:  As you head to the stairs on the right, another Molded appears.  Evade.
F13:  Open the door with your new key.
F14:  Just ahead some --SHOTGUN SHELLS-- might be useful.
F15:  Continue around, up stairs and through a door.
F16:  Make a left, head straight and then turn right.
F17:  You'll go through a grey/yellow door on your left 
      [not the blue-ish one you pulled open earlier.]
      [If you didn't kill the crawling Molded in F08, he may jump at you here.]
F18:  Down this hall, make a left to go upstairs.
F19:  Return to the [MAIN HALL] (left and a right through the [SCORPION DOOR].)
F20:  There will be a Molded in the hall and another on the stairs on the right.
F21:  Ascend the stairs to the right and stun the Molded if you can't sneak by.

F22:  Enter the door on the left and turn left.  Head through the [SNAKE DOOR].
      [Alternately, you can try the staircase on the left instead of the right
       in F21.  I don't know if you can avoid the Molded that way.  Your call.]
F23:  In here are some --SHOTGUN SHELLS--, --HG AMMO-- and an --HERB--.
F24:  Inspect the lamp to drop the ladder.
F25:  Climb it, do the swordsman puzzle and grab the --KEYCARD (BLUE)--.
F26:  Down the ladder, out the bedroom and return to the [MAIN HALL].  
F27:  This time go across the top floor and open the [SNAKE DOOR] here.
F28:  In Eveline's room, the door on the right houses another --BACKPACK--.
      [There's an --HERB-- in there too.]
F29:  Back in Eveline's room, there's an --HERB-- in the drawer before her.
      [And --SHOTGUN SHELLS-- in the armoire.]
F30:  Change the clock to 10:15 and descend under the bed. (Hit left 7x)

F31:  Down the long hall and the stairs and grab the --KEYCARD (RED)--
      [There's also some --ENHANCED HANDGUN AMMO-- if you desire/have space.]
F32:  Unlock the door to the left of the table housing the keycard.
F33:  All the way down the hall and at the end, a 90-degree turn right.
      [This is the door from F17.]
F34:  Left and upstairs again, around to the [SCORPION DOOR] (Like F19).
F35:  Out the [SCORPION DOOR] and right exit the house.
F36:  Disregard both the ringing phone and the two Crawling Molded outside.
F36:  I headed to the trailer to save.  Your call.


Part G:        Testing Area -- Make Serum -- Final Jack Fight
Start Time:    [1:25:00]

      This is a longer section.  I defeated Jack with just the shotgun.
G01:  After using both --KEYCARDS-- enter and head upstairs.
G02:  Open the door, sit down and enjoy Lucas's rant. 
G03:  Through the door and follow the hallway.  
G04:  Enter the doorway and duck.  There are two trip mines here.
G05:  There's some --HG AMMO-- just before the door if you need it.
G06:  Enter that door and duck immediatey.  Go around.
G07:  Here there's a horizontal and a vertical trip mine.  Shoot the former.
G08:  In the next room, the box is a bomb box.  Continue and go down the stairs.
G09:  At the end, go past the door and turn around.
      [You'll shoot back to hit the mine to the left of the entrance.]
G10:  Crawl through the right portion of the doorway to avoid the other bomb.

G11:  Enter a WRONG NUMBER and back off.  Back up a bit.
      [By entering the correct code, it'll change the next time you arrive.]
      [The # Lucas gives differs each time.  Remember his first #]
	  [It's OK if you forget, see G27.]
G12:  Wait for the door to the right to open. Enter.
G13:  Go down the hall.  Enter the first door.   
      [--SHOTGUN SHELLS-- are in the whellbarrow.  Leave the boxes alone]
G14:  Exit the next door.  The box outside has --BURNER FUEL-- or --HG AMMO--
G15:  Zip down the hall and crouch before the second barred window on the left.
G16:  A Crawling Molded may be following.
G17:  Turn left into the [BARN AREA]
G18:  Head straight across, evading the Molded and turn right for some stairs.
      [The save room at the end has some --SHOTGUN SHELLS-- in a bucket.]
G19:  Make a right and head towards the elevator.  Jump down on the left side.
      [Alternately, there's a dark area to the right with an item]
G20:  Once down, turn immediately right and head up the stairs.

G21:  Turn left and grab the battery.
      [There's an --HERB-- and --BURNER FUEL-- in a box on the ground.]
      [The box on the table is a bomb.  Avoid it.]
G22:  Return downstairs & place the --BATTERY-- in the machine on the right.
      [Some more --HG AMMO-- awaits to the right of that machine.]
G23:  Reload your weapons and await the Vomiting Molded fight.
G24:  He's pretty easy.  Be patient and get head shots.  
      [Remember to back up after you kill him.  He explodes!]
G25:  Enter elevator and hit the button.
G26:  Exit, turn left and head through the door.
G27:  Go around the corpse and through the open door.
      [If you think you forgot the PIN code, it's on a note on the corpse here.]
G28:  Press the Stairs button and descend.
G29:  Enter the first # Lucas gave, then place all your belongings in the box.
      [This is Item Box access #2 for <<Resource Manager>>.]
G30:  Enter.  Since you've already done this, the fast version is:

        * Get --CANDLE--
        * Enter Cake area
        * Return to stove and let Lucas chat.
        * Light stove, then light --CANDLE--.
        * Burn rope on the door to the right.
        * Enter LOSER on the lock (up or down 5x each)
        * Grab --VALVE HANDLE--
        * Return to Cake room
        * Insert --VALVE HANDLE--.
        * Relight the --CANDLE--
        * Put on the cake.  Wait for the explosion.
        * Pull board off the wall.
        * Pick up --TIME BOMB--
        * Throw it through the wall, take cover & wait.
G32:  Make a left through the first door and grab the --D-SERIES HEAD--
G33:  Access your Item Box.  Take whatever you need but ensure you have:

        * Crank
        * D-Serum Arm
        * Weapons/Ammo/Healing Items
	  [<<Resource Manger>>: This is the last time you can open the Item Box]
	  [You have access to your items for the final boss though, see more 
	   in L51 way below.]
G34:  Exit the room.
G34:  Use --CRANK-- to raise bridge.
G35:  Cross it and follow the wooden planks across
G36:  Continue until the fork and take the right path.
G37:  At the end, the road splits.
      [The left is your goal]
      [The right is a shack with --HG AMMO--]
      [Watch for Crawling Molded here.  Avoid the ammo if you're stocked up.]
G38:  The left path leads to another --CRANK-- section.  Raise the platform.
G39:  Return the way you came, and at the fork, make a right.  
      [You'll have Molded coming at you from the left.]
G40:  Cross the bridge.  You can avoid both types of Molded if you're fast.
G41:  Before heading upstairs, stock up on anything you want here.
      [I picked up the --FLAME ROUNDS--.  They help out later on.]
G42:  Up the stairs  and another door.  Here you'll find Zoe and Mia. 
G43:  Take the --SERUM-- and the final Jack battle awaits.
G44:  Shoot his eyes.  Attack from the bottom (watery) area for an easier time.
G45:  After kiling him and injecting the serum, exit with Zoe.
G46:  At the pier, cure Mia even though she doesn't deserve it.  



Part H:        Wrecked Ship Part I
Start Time:    [1:55:00]

      If you've made it here in under 2:30, you're still on track.  Plenty of 
      time to spare!!
      This segment is rather linear and no guide is really necessary.  However, 
      for completion, I'll cover it.

H01:  Waking up as Mia, head up the slanted portion.
H02:  Drop down and continue around.
H03:  Examine Ethan
H04:  Go up left and follow the path around.
H05:  Open the ship door.
H06:  Inside go straight, and down the stairs.
H07:  Continue down this hallway.  Make a right.  Experience a flashback.
H08:  Make a pair of lefts and head up the four sets of stairs.
H09:  Turn right, through the door.  Across this room, another flashback.
H10:  Go to the Hatch and wait for the flashback to end.  Drop down.

H11:  Follow it left and continue.  
H12:  At the crossroads, make a left and a right and drop down.  Another hatch.
H13:  Just keep going, ignoring the two optional doors.  Open the door ahead.
H14:  Go up the stairs to the left and watch evil Eveline in a flashback.
H15:  Follow Eveline through the door and up the ladder.
H16:  Left and drop down, up the ladder and through the door. More Eveline.
H17:  She will run to the left but you'll head right from the stairs.
H18:  Molded appear now so be quick.  Make a right into the first door you see. 
H19:  Race across the room to the fusebox and remove it.  
H20:  Quick turn and go back out the same door.

H21:  Turn left and run to the end of the hall.  Insert the --FUSE--.
H22:  Open and enter the door and head up the stairs to the [3RD FLOOR].
H23:  Go through that door and head straight for the TV to watch the tape.
      [This is the [SECURITY ROOM] for reference.]


Part J:        Mia Tape
Start Time:    [2:02:00]

      There is no Part I. I11 just looks weird.  It's not an accident.

J01:  Poor Alan. Grab the --MACHINE GUN AMMO-- and leave this room.
      [If you're not going for the 3x trophy, grab your stuff frm the item box]
J02:  Left down the hall, right down another and right through double doors.
J03:  On the left is the crawl space.  Crouch and enter.
J04:  Simply view the mold growing and return through the crawl space.
J05:  Await the end of the phone call and exit the double doors.
J06:  Turn right and right again.  Enter the door on your left.
J07:  Go through this room around and out door on right.  Zip past the Molded.
J08:  Go straight ahead and follow Eveline.
J09:  At the elevator, hit the button.
J10:  Kill Molded in the elevator or shoot him until he's out.  Hit the S2.

J11:  Exit straight, and follow this around.  
J12:  A Molded will appear in an opening to your left.  Skip past him.
J13:  Make the left at the end of this walkway.
J14:  There's an --HERB-- to the left if you want.  Exit through the door.
J13:  Make a left and go past another Molded and a door on your right.
J14:  Turn left through partially-open double doors.
J15:  Follow this walkway around.  It curves to the left.  Stay to the right
      and avoid any enemies that appear.  Another partially-open set of doors.
J16:  Continue around, down stairs and follow past another door to end of hall.
J17:  There's a --CHEM FLUID-- here but slide the door to your left over.
J18:  Grab just one --CORROSIVES-- and exit the way you came.
J19:  Use one --CORROSIVE-- to open the door you skipped over in J16.
J19:  There's a scene with Eveline as you walk through this section.
      [It doesn't matter if you go left or right around this area]
J20:  Return through the door you entered.  Evie again!

J21:  Make a left and retrace your steps.  Alan will chat with you.
J22:  Once the conversation ends, go through the double doors.
J23:  Keep going down those stairs.  
      [The Molded you skipped may require some gun love to make room for you 
	  to pass.]
J24:  Slip through the double doors and make a right.  
J24:  At the end of hall make a right and follow around the fiery area.  
J25:  More Molded here.  Stun them now...
J26:  Keep going until Evie closes elevator.  Hit the button.
J27:  ...as you wait for the elevator, get rid of those Molded.
J28:  Enter the elevator when it opens, press #3.
J29:  Pry the door open.
J30:  Climb up, turn left and enter the door at the end of the hallway.

J31:  There's an --HERB-- in here, but otherwise follow around to the left.
J32:  Exit the door and head to the right.
J33:  At the end of the hall make a left past a Molded.  Enter the double doors.
J34:  Go right through another set of double doors and climb through the corner.
      [There should be some --MG AMMO-- in this room]
J35:  Head straight, through a door and at the end, make a left.
J36:  Take these stairs up to the [3RD FLOOR]
J37:  Make a right immediately and then another right.  Go straight.
J38:  Go through a few doorways and into the [SECURITY ROOM]
J39:  Make a left, go all the way to the end and speak with Alan.
J40:  After Eveline does her thing, head through the door ahead of you.
J41:  Head straight and make a left at the end.  Open the door.
J42:  Everything molds, just keep going around.  
J43:  After the screen turns black, you can skip the movie.


Part K:        Wrecked Ship Part II
Start Time:    [2:15:00]

      This section took me a long time on my first run as I floundered trying to
      find an extra --CORROSIVE--.  This path is much more streamlined and you
      can finish this in 15 minutes easily.  Even at the 3-hour mark you will 
      likely have enough time to get in under 4 hours.  
      Avoid engaging enemies almost completely.  If you get hit, no big deal, 
      heal if need be.

K01:  After Evie stops yapping, I saved the game.
K02:  Then go through the door next to the save point.
K03:  Head down the hall and pry open the elevator door.
K04:  Climb up the ladder on the left.
K04:  Head left and drop down the shaft into the [BRIDGE].
K05:  Go straight ahead, curl around and go back right.
K06:  Hit up the first door on the left. This is the [CAPTAIN'S CABIN].
K07:  Inside, grab the --LUG WRENCH--.  The --MAP-- too if you so desire.
K08:  Exit the same door but now go straight ahead.  
K09:  Pry open the elevator on the right here and jump down.
K10:  Open the hatch with the --LUG WRENCH--	

K11:  Head down.  This time, slip down to the 1F from the elevator roof.
K12:  Evade Molded as you make a right down the hall.
K13:  The door here has a save point and a --HANDGUN-- in a drawer.
K14:  Exit that room and speed to the left.
K15:  Grab the --FUSE-- from the box and return from whence you came.
      [i.e. Turn around, likely get hit by the Molded, and make a left]
K16:  Hop back up on top of the elevator and again go up to the 2nd floor.
K17:  There's a --SURVIVAL KNIFE-- waiting for you.
K18:  Make a right and another right and enter the brown, wooden door.
K19:  Pick up the --CORROSIVE--.  Another save opportunity here.
      [Your item box is here if you so desire.  Some --HG AMMO-- too]
K20:  Exit and head left.  At the end of the hall, unlock the door.
      [There's a box with a --REMOTE BOMB-- on the way.]
K21:  Head upstairs to the [3RD FLOOR], then a right like in H23.
K22:  In the [SECURITY ROOM], exit left and head straight again.
K23:  No Allen here now.  Open the door and go forward and left.
      [Items to get if you want before here and the next segment.
      [There is a --CHEM FLUID-- in a cabinet.]
      [There is some --AMMO-- near the lockpick box]
      [There is some --GUNPOWDER-- in the drawer.]
K24:  You need to use the --CORROSIVE-- on the door.  
      [Prepare the --CORROSIVE-- as your highlighted item in your inventory.]
      [When you reach the door, use it and avoid taking out the Molded.] 
K25:  Follow this pathway around past the destroyed section of the ship.
K26:  Enter the door at the end.
K27:  Continue straight, then left and through another door.
K28:  Veer all the way around to the left and loosen the --POWER CABLE--.
      [Doing so will awaken one of those vomiting Molded so...]
      [Feel free to grab the --CHEM FLUIDS-- & --CORROSIVE-- before
       awakening him.]
K29:  Return all the way to where you used the --CORROSIVE--.  
K30:  Ignore the feeble Molded.

K31:  Moving along, make a right and then hop back into the elevator.
K32:  Descend into the hatch.
      [Prepare your --CORROSIVE-- again as a Molded is nearby.]
K33:  Climb back up to the [2ND FLOOR] again.
K34:  Turn left and use the --CORROSIVE-- on the door.  
      [In here are some --REMOTE BOMBS-- and --CHEM FLUID--]
      [But more importantly is the --CAPTAIN'S LOCKER KEY--!]
K35:  Exit and head back to the elevator.
K36:  Climb up one ladder and then another to the [4TH FLOOR].
K37:  Drop down once again onto the ship's [BRIDGE].
K38:  Head to the [CAPTAIN'S CABIN] by repeating K05 and K06
      [This time dodging the Molded.]
      [Feel free to close the door to keep the annoying dude out.]
K39:  Use the --CAPTAIN'S LOCKER KEY & get the --MACHINE GUN--.
      [A --REMOTE BOMB-- too.]
K40:  Exit and go straight, bypassing the Molded and jump into the elevator.
      [Almost like you did in K08 and K09.]
K41:  Drop down into the hatch again and use the --FUSE-- and --POWER CABLE--.
K42:  Hit the S2 button.  
      [Here I'd reload guns and mix herbs and prep].
K43:  Exit the elevator and follow this all the way around.
      [Just like in J11-J12.]
K44:  Enter the opening at the end on your left.
      [A pestersome Molded may hit you here.  Don't engage.]
K45:  Make a quick right, then a left out that door.
K46:  Navigate ahead.  You want the white double door at the end on the left.
      [But some --MG AMMO-- is in a box in the room to the right before it.]
K47:  All this should be familiar.  Follow the path around.
K48:  A Molded will form in front of you but you can squeeze by him.
K49:  Another damn Molded.  Can you pass him without engaging?
K50:  Exit the doors, turn left and continue down the path.
K51:  There will be a door on the right.  Enter it!
K52:  Ethan!  Witness the genuine tragic story of the Bakers.  


Part L:        Back to the House -- Final Battle
Start Time:    [2:30:00]

      There's not much left.  As long as you're here by 3:20, you're likely 
      fine.  If all went well with this guide though, you should have plenty of
      time to spare.
      Run here.  Don't delay and don't deal with enemies if you can avoid it. 
      This section is tough, but even with no handgun, I made it without dying
      on my first try (and I'm not really that good).

L01:  Follow the path around and head through the door.
L02:  Zip around the table and crouch to get through the gate.
L03:  Turn right through the door and go up the stairs to emerge outside.
L04:  Hop down into the mud and follow the path to the right.
L05:  Go under the dock and up the ladder ahead.
L06:  [There may be a backpack here.  Not sure why.]
L07:  There is some --ENHANCED HG AMMO-- and a --GRENADE LAUNCHER--.
      [Also an Item Box and a Save Point.]
L08:  Exit the cabin and turn left.
L09:  Either engage or evade the Molded here and hit the elevator button.
L10:  Enter and hit the button inside.

L11:  Once downstairs, race straight ahead and start coiling through the caves.
      [There is a trip mine ahead near the Crawling Molded, BTW.]
L12:  Go around the broken-down elevator shaft on the right side.
L13:  Enter the cave on the back side of the elevator heading right.
L14:  Make your first left.
L15:  Keep following on the right side until you drop down.
L16:  At this crossroads, take the right tunnel.
L17:  Enter the opening ahead of you on the left with the light.
L18:  Head up the railroad tracks and push the cart.
L19:  Stick to the right side of the cave as Molded may approach.
L20:  Take the left fork with the light.

L21:  Go up the stairs.  Shoot the trip mine or crouch beneath it.
      [Don't touch the box at the top of the steps.]
L22:  Enter the room.
L23:  There are some --HERBS-- and --STEROIDS-- under a pallet.
      [<<Walk It Off>> --STEROIDS-- don't count towards healing if you're going
      for that trophy/achievement.]
L24:  Disregard the computer.
L25:  In the next room, Put in --EVELINE TISSUE SAMPLE--
L26:  Take the --E-NECROTOXIN--.
L27:  Continue and exit the room.
L28:  Witness some --FLAME ROUNDS--, a save point and an item box.
L29:  Exit that room.  Descend the stairs to your left.
      [Or, --ENHANCED HG AMMO-- resides on the barrel to your right before 
      taking the stairs.]
L30:  Hug the wall to the left and enter the cave. 
      [Or, grab a --CHEM FLUID-- and --REMOTE BOMB-- on the right.]
L31:  Open the door, wade through filthy water and climb up.
L32:  Crouch beneath the rubble and continue around.  Ready for this part?
L33:  My suggestion here is just go.  Run.  OK.  Let's see.
L34:  Keep to the right of the path.
L35:  At the metal cart with barrels.  You can go around to the left to bypass
      the Molded if you're conserving ammo. But then go back right.
L36:  Before the stairs, this Molded can be a nuisance.  Just keep pushing.
L37:  Did I mention, keep going right?
L38:  Definitely ignore the storage area to the left, head up the stairs.
L39:  Crawling Molded, more stairs, more Molded.  You may need to shoot them.
L40:  Turn left, go up the stairs and drop down from broken ladder.

L41:  Ahead is a long ladder.  You may need to take out the bloated Molded.
      [However, if you're fast enough, they may not knock you down.]
L42:  Follow the train tracks.  At the end, turn right into a crevice.
L43:  There's a save point here but you don't need it.  Push the board over.
L44:  Watch the Mia flashback and go through the door she knew existed.
L45:  Continue straight and up the stairs on your left.
L46:  Go right out the door and enjoy another flashback.
L47:  Run through Evie and out the door.  Another flashback.  Fond memories.
L48:  Head back through the [KITCHEN] and let Eveline talk.
L49:  Turn back around , through the [KITCHEN] again, up the stairs.
L50:  Go upstairs again!
L51:  Block Evie's attacks.  Inject her.  Defeat her.  Skip cut scenes.
      [<<Resource Manager>> folks - Allow yourself to die.  You can manage
       your inventory without needing to use an Item Box.]

You're Done!!!
      Hopefully you're done in far less than the required 4-hours!  I sincerely
      hope this guide was useful to you.  

      Enjoy your new gear:  The --CIRCULAR SAW-- and --X-RAY GLASSES--

      They will make your NEXT speedrun even quicker!


Section IV: Credits

      As stated above, much of this was thanks to the superb speedrunning of 
      uhTrance.  His YouTube profile can be found here:

      For putting out another awesome RE experience.  


Section V: Legal

This FAQ is copyright (c) 2017, Trevor Esposito (aka slateman -
Resident Evil/Biohazard is copyright (c) 1996-2017, Capcom, Capcom Japan
The Resident Evil/Biohazard brand is trademark of Capcom Co., Ltd.

You may not distribute this for profit.  You may not edit or alter the
contents herein without the permission of the author.

The latest version of this FAQ can always be found at the following address:


Hope the FAQ was useful in some form.

Good luck and have fun!


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