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Guide and Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31

Version: 1.30 | Updated: 03/16/2017
FAQ of the Month Winner: January 2017 | Highest Rated Guide

    ^        _____________________________________________________        ^
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                                                   Blitz Knight Stunt Presents:

                                  ####L,                                f
                                 .tW######Df:.G#L,,:  D  K      G##W#L###.
   FULL FAQ/WALKTHROUGH           W#W#####tGED#K##K##Wf#########WGDK#########
                                  ####### ####GDK#ELEffLDffEE####DELL####WDGW#
         ~ BY BKSTUNT ~         :##K####:#WW#KKLG#tKGGjfGjLGDG##WfffG###f:  t
                                  ###jD######,.    D,    :fEEL##f  KW##E
                                  W#########  E    .         :f#  ####,L
                                  E########                   :#  ###,, 
                                  LD######     K j             #:###; #
                                  iED### L      .              W:### #
                                  ,GG###j       W              ;###Kt
                                   DD###                       #W##.
                                   :E###         K            ##L##
                                   DKW#K         D           ###j#W
                                   K#W#          .           ##iW#
                                   ##.           :           W#;D
                                  K#             Lj         .K#D#
                               .  f               :         #W#;#
    _____          _     _            _           jL       j####.
   | ___ \        (_)   | |          | |           #       W####
   | |_/ /___  ___ _  __| | ___ _ __ | |_          t       ####j
   |    // _ \/ __| |/ _` |/ _ \ '_ \| __|                W###:
   | |\ \  __/\__ \ | (_| |  __/ | | | |_           j    ;W###
   \_| \_\___||___/_|\__,_|\___|_| |_|\__|           ,   DK##,;
                  _____ _   _ _____ _                .   #### #
                 |  ___| | | |_   _| |                '  E# ##
                 | |__ | | | | | | | |                   W#DD#
                 |  __|| | | | | | | |                  ;##jG
                 | |___\ \_/ /_| |_| |____              ###LG
                 \____/ \___/ \___/\_____/              K####
                                                      .L## ;
   All I can say is that if you get this...            f#G 
                                  STAY AWAY!            .#
                                                         #  j

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            Platform:   PlayStation 4
             Version:   1.30
        Last Updated:   3/15/2017

               Email:   FAQs @ bkstunt .com
            Web Site:   http://bkstunt.com/
       Facebook Page:   http://www.facebook.com/Bkstunt

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    If the ASCII above/below and the charts used throughout the guide look
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|   / _|  / /        T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S         |

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 - Introduction.......................................................[RE-INT]
 - Controls...........................................................[RE-CON]
 - Game Basics & Tips.................................................[RE-GBT]


 - Chapter 1: The Guest House..........................................[RE001]
 - Chapter 2: The Main House...........................................[RE002]
 - Chapter 3: The Old House............................................[RE003]
 - Chapter 4: The Trap House...........................................[RE004]
 - Chapter 5: The Tanker...............................................[RE005]
 - Chapter 6: The Mines................................................[RE006]

 - Mr. Everywhere Checklist...........................................[RE-MRE]
 - Antique Coins Checklist............................................[RE-COI]
 - Antique Coins (MADHOUSE) Checklist.................................[RE-MAD]
 - Document Archives..................................................[RE-DOC]
 - Trophy List........................................................[RE-TPH]

 - Version History....................................................[RE-HIS]
 - Credits............................................................[RE-CRE]
 - Last Words.........................................................[RE-LST]

 ___ ___ ____ ________________________________________________________________
| _ \ __|__  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   / _|  / /               I N T R O D U C T I O N            |     RE-INT

 Hello everyone!
 I'm back with yet another walkthrough, this time for the excellent Resident
Evil 7. This game man... this game is just SUCH a departure from the norm,
especially with the series' long history. It's honestly a refreshing change
of pace, if you ask me. And more importantly, genuinely scary!

 This is my... let's see... my third "Resident Evil" guide. My first one
without a co-writer though. Not a big deal: this is a fairly short game and
definitely didn't have anything in it that could have benefited from having
a co-writer. 

 Anyway, enough rambling. I'm happy to be here, working on guides again (it
has been awhile), and I hope you all find this guide useful! Many thanks to
everyone who's cheered me along to this point and all my returning readers!
And if you're not a fan yet, consider stopping by my Facebook page and saying
"Hello!". Interaction with fans is literally the reason I'm still here,
writing guides after all these years!

 Now... let's go get scared silly!

 ~ Bkstunt

 ___ ___ ____ ________________________________________________________________
| _ \ __|__  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   / _|  / /                   C O N T R O L S                |     RE-CON
               _,.--.,_                                _,.--.,_
              |  _____ |                              | _____  |
              |-'     `'.____________________________,'`     `-|
            ,'    __     `.   _  |          |  _    ,'    .,.    `.
           /     |  |      \ | | |          | | | /     (/_\)     \
          !   __  \/  __    | ¯  |          |  ¯ !  ,-.  `-'  ,-.  |
          |  |__ >  < __|   !__  '----------'  __| ([_])     ( O ) !
          !       /\        ___`-.  ::::::  ,-'     `-'  ,-.  `-'  |
          |\     |__|     ,'   `. \  ::::  / ,'   `.    ( X )     /|
          | `.           /       \ | SONY | /       \    `-'    ,' |
          |   `-.____,-. \       / |______| \       / ,-.____,-'   |
          |           ,'\ `.___,' /        \ `.___,' /`.           |
          |          /   `-.___,-'          `-.___,-'   \          |
          \         /                                    \         /
           \       /                                      \       /
            `.__,-'                                        `-.__,'

 (-NOTE-) You are currently UNABLE to change the control scheme (unless I am
          just REALLY blind), so get used to these controls quickly!

|- L analog  | = Moves Player                                                 |
|- R analog  | = Moves Camera                                                 |
|- L1 button | = Guard (With either hands or weapon)                          |
|- L2 button | = Aim Weapon                                                   |
|- L3 button | = Run (Light Sprint... it is indefinite at least...)           |
|- R1 button | = Use First Aid Med (Be careful with this button!)             |
|- R2 button | = Fire Weapon (Yes, you can fire without aiming)               |
|- R3 button | = Duck / Stand Up                                              |
|- D-pad     | = Select Weapon (Weapon Shortcut - Can Assign in Inventory)    |
|- Options   | = Pause Menu                                                   |
|- Touchpad  | = Map Screen / Files Screen                                    |
|- X button  | = Examine / Perform Action / Confirm                           |
|- [] button | = Reload Weapon / Move items in Inventory                      |
|- /\ button | = Open/Close Inventory                                         |
|- O button  | = Perform Quickturn (While Pressing Backwards) / Close Menus   |

 ___ ___ ____ ________________________________________________________________
| _ \ __|__  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   / _|  / /        G A M E   B A S I C S   &   T I P S       |     RE-GBT

 You can find a few game basics and tips here. General things that will help
you survive the horror that is Resident Evil 7. I'll admit... this game is a
bit scary. It got me a couple of times at least. As in... "I don't want to go
in there". But if you follow this guide in general, you should have an easier
time than I did!

 Now, onto the basics and tips!
 (-NOTE-) SOME of these tips can be considered SPOILERS. If you want to go
          all-in without spoiling things you can skip this section.

 o This is general sense, but whenever you encounter a SAVE ROOM, you can
   breath a sigh of relief. Heck, you could even spend 5 minutes running
   ahead of where you are, getting the lay of the land and upcoming monsters
   you may face. It's a bit cheap, but knowing what's up ahead is literally
   half the battle in this game and doing this can help a ton.
 o Conservation! By the end of the game, you can literally have a horde of
   DOZENS of herbs, chem fluids, and gunpowder. Conservation is the key here:
   making sure you get the MOST out of your bullets and items will help keep
   you alive in the future. So much so that if you just saved and then wasted
   a bunch of ammo or items, consider reloading.
 o Many of the BOSS FIGHTS in the game have a hook. Just knowing this is a
   huge help, as you can waste ammo or items by not doing what the game wants
   you to do. Check the boss fights in the guide to avoid this.
 o In general, if you are facing a threat that IS NOT a "Molded" enemy, don't
   waste your ammo or items. Run and hide. It's for the best, trust me. The
   "Family" are bullet sponges that give nothing in return, so it is best to
   just be sneaky!
 o Scared of what's in the darkness? Try turning up the game's BRIGHTNESS
   in the menu. I won't think less of you!
 o Not every enemy needs to be killed! NO ENEMY drops items, so using ammo
   on them isn't beneficial unless they are in your way. I point out a few
   times you can skip enemies in the guide, but I guarantee you can do it
   more often than I note! Also, remember that the MOLDED enemies CANNOT
   OPEN DOORS. Use that to your advantage!
 o The "STEROIDS" item is fantastic. Not only because it increases your MAX
   HEALTH, but because it also heals all your lost health at the same time.
   Use them when you are low on health and you can save a couple of healing
   items easily! Very nice!
 o There are certain times when you can backtrack for items (usually when
   you get some key or something). It is very much worth your time to do
   these sections, especially if this is your first run through the game.
   Be aware of lockpics as well, as they often lead to great ammo rewards.
 o This ties into conservation a bit, but always take the time to make
   "Item Runs". You'll often find more items than you can carry. When this
   happens, make a run to your storage box to horde items for when you will
   (undoubtedly) need them later.
 o Keep your controls in mind! I know I needed to be better at this, but
   don't forget you can BLOCK DAMAGE with L1. If you know you are going to
   get hit, ALWAYS block. Also remember that you can also do a QUICK TURN
   by pressing BACK and CIRCLE. Very helpful at times.

 o Remote Bombs are GREAT for the Fat Molded and whenever you see two or
   more molded coming at you. Using them for just one enemy... is a bit of
   a waste...

 (-NOTE-) Have some more (General) tips? Send them in!

 ___ ___ ____ ________________________________________________________________
| _ \ __|__  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   / _|  / /                 ~ THE GUEST HOUSE ~              |     RE001

(-NOTE-) This walkthrough was written for the game's NORMAL difficulty
         (which is the hardest difficulty initially available).
 As you start a new game, you'll be treated to the game's opening scenes.
Ethan Winter, our character, is out to look for his wife after three years
of her missing. This... this is shady as hell, but it's off to "Dulvey
Louisiana" to go looking for Mia.

 o Objective: Find Mia
 You'll gain control as you are driving, although you can only look around.
We'll be stopping soon though, where we'll get out of the car and we'll be
able to move around.

(-NOTE-) You will get the "She's Alive" Bronze Trophy after leaving your car.

 Go ahead and walk up the path to the house (never mind the bugs on the way).
Along the way, the game will tell you to hit the touch pad to check your
objective. Hit it and you can see your place on the local map, as well as a
files tab to the left. Not that we have any files... Note that you can actually
hit TRIANGLE and select the "Email from Mia" item in your inventory. Hit X on
it and select the magnifying glass ("Examine Item") to see what brought us out
here in the first place! Once you do that, the [_EMAIL FROM MIA_] item will be
put in our FILES tab.

(-NOTE-) FILES are a collectable in this game. I am pointing out EVERY
         collectable throughout the game in this guide, so you shouldn't
         miss ANYTHING. I also put all the collectables, as well as items
         you can pick up and use, in boxes like [_THIS_] to make sure they
         are easy to find in the text itself. I know, you're welcome! Just
         be sure to come say "Hi!" on my Facebook page!

 Continue up the path and interact with the gate you find. We will find it
locked of course, but there's another path we can travel down. As you head
down it, the game will tell that you can press L3 to "Run". It is a pretty
sad run, but better than nothing!

 Next, check out the vehicle to the right. You can open the side door with
X and find a magazine. Looks like this house has been visited before! Check
the back of the magazine for a creepy message as well.

 Continue past the car and you'll see a gate with a sign on it. "Accept Her".
That's unnerving. Head through the gate and follow the path, swatting some
more bugs on the way. The path curves to the left and continues on, but as
you go you'll see SOMEONE moving in the distance. 

 Try to follow him and while we can't catch up to him, we'll find another path
back here with some interesting decorations past the large tree on the left.
There's some crows back here as well. All of this is just unsettling, and
definitely playing into the "southern hillbilly" stereotype.

 Approach the hanging sawblades and the game will tell you to press R3 to
duck. Go ahead and duck under the decorations and press R3 again to get back
up (Does the game need to tell us this twice? Oh well...). Continue down the
linear path past the dead crows and jump down when you need to.

 Someone's burned something here recently, but we'll find ourselves in a back
yard. Wow, this place is very decrepit isn't it? And rather large. Head to the
burning pile and interact with the BROWN BAG in order to pick it up. The game
will tell you to use L3 and R3 to examine the item, so use them to look INSIDE
the bag and find a driver's license. Mia's... The game will tell you that you
can open your inventory by using the TRIANGLE button, so you can check it out
if you wish.

(-NOTE-) You will get the "A-ha!" Bronze Trophy after finding the Driver's

 Head to the back of the area and you'll see the door open (near the light)
leading inside. We have no other choice, so head inside. Naturally, once you
do the door behind you will shut, but at least Ethan came prepared and has
a small flashlight handy to provide some light.

 o Sub-Objective: Search the house

 Enter the door ahead of you and you'll be in a hallway. Head forward to see
a cabinet you can interact with. We don't have what we need though to interact
with it. To the right is a kitchen (which you may recognize from the "Beginning
Hour" demo). Lots of disgusting things in here to examine. You can try to turn
on the water in the sink if you want, and see what is in the microwave (ugh..).
You can also check out the stew pot on the table as well. Just... ugh. There's
a fridge here you can open as well and a newspaper on the table telling you how
many people have gone missing over the years. Fore-shadowing?

 After checking that stuff out, head to the right side of the room (right
from where we entered from) and check out the first drawer to the right to find
some sort of burnt picture. Too damaged to recognize. Check the drawer next to
it to see it is locked. Much like the cabinet from a bit earlier, we can't do
anything with it right now.

 Head out of the kitchen now to another hallway. There's another drawer here
you can open, although its just filled with filth. You will have a choice
in this hallway: go down the hallway or go up the stairs. Both choices look
horrible, but let's go up the stairs first.

 Up the stairs is a "stairs" button that you can try to press, but we won't
get any reaction from it. Head behind the button and you'll find a cassette
recorder on a table (near the light). Interact with it and you'll be able
to SAVE YOUR GAME. Well... it's not quite a typewriter, but it will work...

 To the right of the cassette recorder is a video tape you can pick up. Nab
it for the [_"Derelict House Footage"_] video. Now we just need to find a
VCR, I suppose!

 o Sub-Objective: Watch the video for clues

 Head back down the stairs now and this time go down the hallway towards
the light. Lots of junk down here and what looks like a boarded-up door if
you examine the closet to the right. Head past the closet area and check out
the door on the right. You can enter this one to find a static TV in the
distance. Closer to you though, on a table is a photo you can examine.
There's a second one to the left as well. Looks like Mia, right?

 To the right of the photo's, note the FUSE BOX on the wall. This box is
clearly missing a fuse, which is probably the reason that "stairs" button
from before didn't work. Just take note of it for now. Past that is a piano
you can try to interact with, but there's no playing with it today it seems!

 Head back to the TV now and you'll see it has a VCR attached to it. PERFECT!
Go ahead and put the "Derelict House Footage" videotape into it and it will

 |   We will now control the CAMERAMAN in the video recording. Pretty cool.
 | At the VERY BEGINNING of the video, back up a little bit to find a
 | [_LOCKPICK_] on the ground. Crazy, I know, but we NEED it for later.
 | For now, just follow the group inside and record what they are doing.
 | You'll find yourself in the same kitchen from earlier. You can examine
 | many of the same things here as you could before, so go ahead and check
 | out what you wish. In particular though, BE SURE that you use the lockpick
 | on the drawer to the right. This will unlock it for Ethan, even if you
 | already found it was locked in the present (craziness!). Nothing in here
 | but the picture from the right drawer, but we set ourselves up for a nice
 | reward once we're done...
 |  Soon Andre will go missing and Pete will go looking for him. Go ahead
 | and follow him as he heads into the hallway (there's nothing upstairs
 | for you) and into the room on the right. This is the room that we are
 | currently in, of course, but Pete will find a hidden chain inside of
 | the fireplace and pull it to reveal a hidden passage. Lovely...
 |  Go ahead and follow him as you reach a ladder. Pete is a coward here
 | though and insists we go down first. We have no choice, so head down
 | and approach Andre to see what's happened, which will end the VCR
 | recording.
 We'll be back to our old self after the video ends, with a short comment
from Ethan. NOW we can head back to the unlocked drawer in the kitchen to
find our very first [_ANTIQUE COIN 1/18_].

 Go ahead and follow the shortcut that you saw in the video. Inside of the
fireplace you will find the chain you can pull which opens up the secret
passage nearby. Follow it down and try to go down the ladder. It seems to
have aged considerably since the video, as you can see. Ouch!

 Head past the area where Andre was and down the tunnel. You'll need to
follow this path for a bit, but just keep your head above water and you'll
be fine!

 Up ahead you'll finally see the light at the end of the tunnel: a cell door.
This is better than more stone hallway! Head up towards it and BEFORE you go
interact with it, hang a left to a small workroom. Here you can find a piece
of paper with a list of names on it. "Dead" or "Turned" seem to be how most
of these people turn out. BE SURE to hit "X" on both the FRONT and BACK of
this list. We have to do this to get them to count for the FILES tab (you can
check the files tab to make sure they get on there). They will show up there
as [_LIST OF NAMES (FRONT)_] and [_LIST OF NAMES (BACK)_]. Note that Andre and
Clancy are on there! Next to the paper to the right is some [_BOLT CUTTERS_]
though, so be sure to grab them!

 You'll notice another hallway and room beyond the Bolt Cutters, and you can
go examine the room beyond if you wish, but we're about to go that way after
the cell and there's nothing for us over there yet.

 Head back to the cell now and USE the Bolt Cutters on the door to snip the
chain off. Enter the cell to find... oh wow. She IS here! Amazing. She will
seem really confused though, and leaves the cell telling us to follow her
before "Daddy" follows us...

 o Objective: Escape with Mia
 Mia will lead us to the room past the Bolt Cutters and to a hallway after
that (this was blocked and a dead-end earlier). Squeeze past the shelves and
follow her. She's still not sharing her entire story with us, that much is
clear! She'll lead us through a door where we'll have a short scene while
she rests on a nearby couch. There used to be a door here... Hmm...

 Time to explore a bit. On the left by the door is a photo you can check
out. Looks like the mom. Head into the storeroom now and check out the dolls
in the back, only to hear something happening to Mia. Shit! Head towards her
to see she is GONE. There's the "door that used to be here". Well crap.

 o Objective: Find Mia

 Head through the new doorway and up the stairs to a hallway. To the left is
a drawer you can open, but there's nothing in it. There's a phone to the left
as you go down the hallway, but of course it doesn't work. Just past that is
another drawer, but this one DOES have something for us: a [_GUEST HOUSE MAP_].
This map puts names to the rooms and shows us the guest house in general.

 Head down the hallway and into the bathroom on the left. Open up the drawer
on the left here for a [_FIRST AID MED_]. A sign that we may be attacked soon
I suppose! There's another [_FIRST AID MED_] on the counter past that! Nothing
else of note in here, but as you explore you'll hear a loud banging out in the

 Head back to the hallway. The door to the left is locked, so we can't go back
to the kitchen area, leaving us no choice but to head downstairs. This... this
isn't going to be pretty though.

 You'll see SOMETHING heading towards you. This entire sequence is fairly
scripted, so back up when you can and hit R2 to defend yourself. You are
GOING to be damaged here, but just keep hitting R2 and you'll stop the attack
through mere manpower alone. 

 Mia comes to her senses soon and seems to knock herself out. When this happens
the game will tell you to use R1 to heal yourself, so do so to use one of your
first aid meds and heal your wounds (note the blood stains leaving the screen).
There's really nothing we can do at this point, so go examine the locked door
again (may or may not be necessary) and then go examine Mia on the ground.

 She will... wake up. And not "good Mia" either. She will literally pick us
up and chuck us through the wall nearby, opening it up as she tears off a
chunk of wood and attacks us again. This time though, we have an [_AXE_].
Use it with R2 and defend yourself. This sucks, but we're going to die if we
don't. Use R2 when Mia charges you and soon you'll plant the axe in her neck.

 Ah, that was stressful! Ugh, Mia... bleeding out. The corner of this room
that we were thrown in has a drawer you can examine, but there's nothing in
there. Soon you'll hear a phone ring.

 Head to the phone in the hallway and answer it. Someone named "Zoe" will
answer and tell us we shouldn't be here (obviously), and then tells us to
go to the attic to escape. 

 o Objective: Head to the attic

 After that, head back to Mia and, well... she's gone. But she left the
[_AXE_] item, so pick it up. Feels good to be armed! Head to the locked door
now to see it is wide open, giving us access to the kitchen and attic area.

 Head back up to the attic and SAVE if you wish, then go through the kitchen
again to the hallway beyond. Remember the cabinet here with the chain! Use
your Bolt Cutters on this to unlock it and claim the [_FUSE_] inside! It is
labeled "Stairs" even. Nice.

 Head back to the kitchen and you'll see Mia cross the doorway in the hallway
here. Uh-oh. Gotta stay away. Slowly head back to that hallway and past the
stairs, into the first real room on the right. Place the fuse back into the
FUSE BOX inside the living room, and head back towards the stairs...

 On the way you'll meet someone. Yeah... this won't be pretty at all. This
is a scripted scene though, so there's not much we can do here. Once your
hand is pinned and the chainsaw comes out, quickly hit R2 (or L2... or just
anything frantically...) to unpin yourself, but it will be a bit too late as
your left hand gets sawn off.

 Once she's gone, go ahead and pick up your [_HAND_] and head up the stairs.
Hit the "Stairs" button up here to open the way to the attic. God, so much
blood loss! Enter the first door on the right up here for a whole bunch of
goodies, including some [_HANDGUN AMMO x5_], the [_M19 HANDGUN_], and another
[_FIRST AID MED_]. It can't heal severed limbs, however...

 (-NOTE-) With two weapons, take note of the HOT SWAP WEAPON BUTTONS. AKA:
          your directional pads. Switch between them to get a feel for how
          to quickly swap weapons.
 You can destroy the boxes in this room with the axe here, but head back to
the hallway and continue on to another room. Here, be sure to close the door
behind you for the trophy down below. Yes, it dawns on me that we likely
could have got this trophy before, but hey it's ours now!

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Behind Closed Doors" Bronze Trophy after shutting
         a door behind yourself!
 On the table in this new room is some [_HANDGUN AMMO x7_]. Pick it up and
hack the boxes nearby if you wish, then head into the room. You'll see a
ladder leading to some windows, but BEFORE you go up it, head into the room
on the right. Here, hack the boxes (again, if you wish) and on the table
behind them you'll find a WHOPPING [_HANDGUN AMMO x20_].

 Go back and try to climb the ladder now and you'll be greeted by the
terrifying sounds of a chainsaw. Good god... 


 |                     ~ BOSS ENCOUNTER: MIA WINTERS ~                        |
 |                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                       |
 |                                                                            |
 |   Quickly head back down now and back up. In all honesty, this isn't       |
 |  much of a "boss fight", but it is pretty terrifying nonetheless. The      |
 |  goal here is to shoot Mia in the face a TON of times. Seriously, just     |
 |  focus on shooting her down and don't worry about the ammo. We won't       |
 |  need it soon. You can run from her if you wish, as she will use her       |
 |  chainsaw to saw up doors and even walls to get to you, but it will all    |
 |  be over once you do enough damage.                                        |
 |                                                                            |
 |                                                                            |

 Try to inspect Mia afterwards and wander around to automatically advance to
the next area...

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Welcome to the Family, Son" Bronze Trophy after
         "Escaping from the Guest House".

 ___ ___ ____ ________________________________________________________________
| _ \ __|__  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   / _|  / /                 ~ THE MAIN HOUSE ~               |     RE002

 Oh man. Captured. And Mia isn't in sight...
 Watch the scenes as you are at the family dinner. It doesn't look good at
all though, and we'll go from family dinner to torture fairly quickly, but
at the very least we seem to have our hand back.

 Once the phone rings, we'll have our chance. Use the analog sticks to make
yourself fall over and we'll be free. But oh man, are we ever in danger...

 o Objective: Escape from the house

 Let's head to the room on the left first. The open room, with the Grandfather
Clock. Take note of the Grandfather Clock actually, as we can use something
with it, but we have nothing right now. By the coffee table is a book you
can check out and the [_NEWSPAPER ARTICLE - MISSING PEOPLE_] file. That's the
film crew we saw. Finally, in the corner is a drawer we can open for some
[_HANDGUN AMMO x5_]. Now we just need a gun!

 Head out of the room but stick to the right to see some papers on the wall.
Examine them for the [_HOME-IMPROVEMENT STORE RECEIPT_] file. Head to the
kitchen area now and look behind the counter to find a [_HERB_]. You can also
check out the fridge here if you wish. More noteworthy is the notes on the
freezer door. Very much a family of cannibals it seems...

 So now we have three doors to go explore. Head out the RIGHT door from the
kitchen (the one that is NOT near the fridge) and you'll find a cabinet to
the left. Nothing of note in it. To the right is a boot you can pick up and
examine to see the name "Eveline" on it. There's also a locked trap-door in
the far corner that we can't open.

 o Sub-Objective: Find the floor-hatch key

 Head back to the kitchen now and enter the door by the fridge. You'll be in
a hallway now. Head left first and open the other door leading to the kitchen
if you want (it turns the door on the map blue) and note the small dresser in
this hallway as it has a locked drawer on it. We'll have to come back for this.

 Nearby is a path leading down to the "Garage". You can examine the sign here
as well as the box nearby. You'll get a note about smashing the box, but we
can't right now. Head down the stairs to see the garage protected by tape that
we can't undo. We need a knife or something.

 Head back to the hallway now and proceed to the corner. The door on the left
is locked, so continue to the east. This next part... is going to be a bit

 What we need to do is explore that eastern hallway but as you'll see, but JACK
is standing in our way. What you want to do here is to retreat back to the area
that says "Garage" and wait for Jack to come around the corner. He should move
into the kitchen area from there, leaving us free to go north and into the

 Now, reach the eastern end of the hallway and pick up the [_HATCH KEY_] you
find in the corner. This is our ticket out. To the south you can find a metal
door that is missing a piece (likely a puzzle for later, undoubtedly) and some
pictures on the right you can examine, but there's nothing for us in this

 Head back to the kitchen area now. This will be tricky. What you WANT to do
is wait for Jack to look off to the right, into the open room with that
Grandfather Clock, and then slyly sneak past the fridge (use R3 to duck!) and
into the room with the hatch. If he sees you, he will of course come after
you and smack you with the shovel. It hurts quite a bit. You can get around
the table and he'll smash that as well (which is a sight). I've lost him
after that before by going into the clock room and waiting for him to patrol
out to the hallway from there, sneaking into the hatch room once he did.

 However you do it, make your way to the hatch room and use the key to open
it. Drop down and the hatch closes itself. We're safe from Jack for now...
Follow the path down here as you head west, but on the way keep your eyes
open to the LEFT for the red lawnmower and an [_ANTIQUE COIN 2/18_] sitting
on it.

 (-NOTE-) These ANTIQUE COINS are what are going to let us buy upgrades
          in the future, so they are valuable! Don't forget this one!
 Continue on, following the path until you can raise yourself up into the
laundry room. We're on the other side of the locked door from earlier (look
at your map), and there is a SAVE POINT here. Oh good!

 Once you've saved, to the left of the cassette recorder you can find the
[_MAIN HOUSE MAP_]. That second floor looks huge, right? There's also a
LARGE green box here that acts as our storage locker. It actually has Mia's
email and driver's license from earlier already in it. We don't have much
to drop off right now though.

 Check out the blue cabinet to the left of the storage box. You can open it
up for a [_HERB_] and some [_CHEM FLUID_]. We get another tutorial here about
combining items. Press TRIANGLE to open up your inventory and R1 to go to the
combine screen. A HERB x CHEM FLUID makes a "First Aid Med". Go ahead and
make it now. Don't heal if you're not red, though.

 o NEW RECIPE: Herb + Chem Fluid = First Aid Med

 Head to the door now and examine the box on the shelf to the right of the
door. Move it around to find the latch, open it, and claim the [_LOCKPICK_]
inside. Open the door now (unlock it) and enter the hallway to hear the phone
behind you ring. Heh...

 Go answer it to hear from Zoe again. She seems to be monitoring us and tells
us to head to the Main Hall next. The watch thing is a "Codex" as well. Not
really sure if we can trust her yet...

 o Sub-Objective: Get to the Main Hall

 Head to the hallway now and head left. With that lockpick, we can open the
small drawer outside of the kitchen to the south. Go use the lockpick on the
drawer for a [_FIRST AID MED_], as well as a trophy:

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Master of Unlocking" Bronze Trophy after using the
         lockpick. As veteran Resident Evil fans know, the name of this trophy
         is a direct call-back to Resident Evil 1, when Barry called Jill the
         "Master of Unlocking" in a very awkward scene...
 Speaking of awkward, this next part is a bit awkward. Move around to the
eastern hallway and go examine the main door (it is locked), then head back
to the western hallway. Near the cabinet we just opened for the first aid,
there should be banging. Someone is shining a light in the house as well, near
the window! Quick, go see who it is!

 It's the police! A deputy. Thank god! Enjoy the scene here as Ethan pleads
for help. The man wants us to meet in the garage, but won't give us his gun
(which makes sense), so we'll have to settle for a pocket knife...

 o Sub-Objective: Go to the garage
 Well... we've got a knife at least. It should be able to cut that tape by
the garage and smash the box. Go smash the box now for [_HANDGUN AMMO x5_]
and then head down the stairs. Interact with the taped-up box and then hit
the button to access the garage.

 Enjoy the scenes as we start our first proper "boss encounter":

 |                      ~ BOSS ENCOUNTER: JACK BAKER ~                        |
 |                     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                       |
 |                                                                            |
 |   Jack is pissed and we're locked in the garage with him! Not good!        |
 |                                                                            |
 |   First things first! Jack will spend the first few seconds beating on     |
 |  the deputy's corpse, so we MUST act quick in order to grab all of the     |
 |  items and minimize the fight. Do the next steps QUICK and you'll be out   |
 |  of danger FAST.                                                           |
 |                                                                            |
 |   Quickly go behind Jack and pick up the [_G17 HANDGUN_] lying on the      |
 |  ground (the dead cop's gun). Now turn around (past Jack again, to the     |
 |  west side of the garage) and head to the workbench to pick up the very    |
 |  important [_CAR KEYS_].                                                   |
 |                                                                            |
 |   Jack will be after us by now, so head along the north wall, right of     |
 |  the car and interact with the blue cabinet for some [_CHEM FLUID_]. From  |
 |  there, head along the wall to the southwest corner and open the brown     |
 |  locker. This one takes a bit to actually open, so if Jack is on your      |
 |  tail, head to the southeast corner and break the box there for an item    |
 |  (I got [_HANDGUN AMMO x5_]), but be sure to loot the brown locker for a   |
 |  [_FIRST AID MED_].                                                        |
 |                                                                            |
 |   Now, our goal is to get to the car without Jack being on our tale. Head  |
 |  to the passenger's side door and bait him into attacking. He'll take two  |
 |  swings, but once he starts attacking, move to the driver's side door by   |
 |  going behind the car. Enter and quickly put the key in.                   |
 |                                                                            |
 |   You now have control of the car. Back up with L2, drive with R2. Use     |
 |  the car to ram into Jack a few times. Soon he'll fall down. When he does  |
 |  that, just wait and move around a bit to have him automatically rip your  |
 |  roof off. Yeah... You'll go for a ride, so just accelerate and look       |
 |  around until some beams fall down on the south side of the garage. Jack   |
 |  will seize this opportunity and crash into the beams with you at full     |
 |  speed.                                                                    |
 |                                                                            |
 |   Get out of the car and retreat to the north as it catches fire and       |
 |  Jack gets out. He'll come at you on fire, because of course he will.      |
 |  Back up and put a few rounds in his head and soon a couple of explosions  |
 |  will put him down, finishing this encounter...                            |
 |                                                                            |
 |                                                                            |

 Well then... with Jack lying motionless on the floor and all items collected
its time to get out of here. During the carnage, a ladder to the northeast
(where the workbench was) should have fallen down. Go try to head up it and
you'll get one final farewell from Jack...

 Damn! Well, that WOULD finish most people... but I'm thinking these Bakers
aren't most people! Head up the ladder and to the left grab the [_SHOTGUN
SHELL x1_] and then head right. Here, pick the picture up off the shelf and
examine the back of it. Take off the wing-nut and examine the front to get
the [_OX STATUETTE_], then push the shelf aside once you're done.

 This new path drops us in front of the garage entrance. You can open it
again if you wish, but there's no need. For now, head back to the SAVE ROOM
and save up! Heh. Also, be sure to DUCK here and use your knife to cut the
bobblehead guy. These are called "Mr. Everywheres" and are a collectable of
sorts, so we'll get them all! This one is [_MR. EVERYWHERE 1/20_]. Also, you
may want to deposit some items in the storage at this point. I put in my coin,
herb, shotgun shell and chem fluid.
(-NOTE-) You will get the "He's Here, There, Everywhere!" Bronze Trophy
         after destroying your first Mr. Everywhere!
 Head over to the east hallway now and then south to the VERY end of it.
You will find [_MR. EVERYWHERE 2/20_] at the end, to the left of a chair.
Stab him and head back to the Main Hall doors. Put the Ox Statuette in place
and open up the doors to be inside the Main Hall.

 o Sub-Objective: Explore the Main Hall
 Immediately to the left, destroy [_MR. EVERYWHERE 3/20_] (just stab him,
don't shoot him like the sign says) and pick up the [_HERB_]. There's a
picture here as well, which should sound familiar to Resident Evil vets.
Continue along this wall and open the dresser for some [_GUNPOWDER_].

 o NEW RECIPE: Gunpowder + Chem Fluid = Handgun Ammo
 Go check the top drawer of the drawers after that for a nice prize (an
[_ANTIQUE COIN 3/18_] and then head towards the northern door. The phone
nearby will ring soon. Pick it up to talk to Zoe again. She'll let loose
that she's Jack's daughter and urges you to keep trying to find a way out.

 The north door is of course locked, but is a puzzle lock. Cerebus is the
legendary three-headed dog of hades, and it appears this door needs three
keys to open. We're not getting out easy...

 o Objective: Get 3 dog heads andopen the door to the yard
 Head to the eastern door nearby now to see it is locked, as well as covered
in scorpions. We'll call it the Scorpion Door. Heh. Nearby, you can get an
item from the clock: the [_CLOCK PENDULUM_]. There's a newspaper past that
as well, reporting more missing persons.

 Head into the room with the light now. The painting the light is shining
at is "Sky Hunter" and has a bird missing. You can interact with the central
base here to have items cast a shadow. For now, select the CLOCK PENDULUM and
try to use it to cast a shadow. It won't work, but after a few seconds you
should get the below trophy!
(-NOTE-) You will get the "Nice Try" Bronze Trophy for trying to use an
         "unrelated object" to cast a shadow.

 We'll have to come back with the right item for this room. Head out and hang
a left. In the cubby under the stairs, nab the [_CHEM FLUID_], then check out
the room to the south. That, my friends, is a shotgun...

 o Objective: Get the shotgun

 The problem here is that if you go in and take it, the door shuts on you,
so we need to pull the Indiana Jones trick and replace the shotgun with some
other item.

 Before we start to explore upstairs, let's go drop off some stuff at the
storage area. I am only taking first aid meds and bullets with me, so I have
five slots free. Now, head to the LIVING ROOM where the first Grandfather
Clock is and put the pendulum in there. It will pop out the [_WHITE DOG'S
HEAD_] item. Take it back to the Main Hall door and put it in to free up a
sixth inventory slot. One down, two to go!

 Head up the eastern stairs now and at the top open the drawer to see a
picture of "Eveline". Looks young. They must have more than one girl here.
In the northwest corner up here is the old lady from the kitchen. We can't
do anything to or with her, so ignore her for now. More importantly, take
note of the locked eastern door, which is the "Snake Door". We'll have to
come back to it, like the scorpion door.

 No choice now but to enter the doors by grandma. Do so. If you head north
and wait a bit, you can see "Mom" moving around outside. She's talking to
herself but will walk on by. Not like she can get to us. Continue down the
hall past the door on the left to the box on the end. Destroy it for an item
and then check the tackle box after it to see that it is locked. We'll have
to come back for it.

 Head down the south hallway now (past the broken staircase we've seen before
although you should note that you can DROP DOWN to the first floor easily from
here...) and open the drawer here for some [_CHEM FLUID_]. You can open the
drawer at the end as well, but it is empty. Now, enter the bathroom. Spooky, I
know, but lots of good stuff. Just DO NOT, DO NOT mess with the tub at all.

 Instead, look to the left drawer after entering and nab the [_HANDGUN
AMMO x7_] in the drawer, then move to the north wall of the bathroom and
look into the toilet here for an [_ANTIQUE COIN 4/18_]. Now LEAVE. We will
come back for the tub in a bit, but DO NOT MESS WITH THE TUB for now.

 Head back to the northern door now and enter. We're in the "Recreation Room".
Note the TV/VCR combo in here. To the left of the door is a note to Marguerite.
This is the [_JACK's MEMO_] note, and reading it spawns a sub-objective:

 o Sub-Objective: Find the processing area entrance
 Head past it to the northeast corner for an [_ANTIQUE COIN 5/18_] on a
cabinet. Nab it and smash the [_MR. EVERYWHERE 4/20_] in the basket. On the
east wall is another "Scorpion Door". There is an obvious shotgun past the
door, so we'll need to come back here at some point.

 Head out the southern door now and head forward a bit to another drawer you
can open. Do so for a [_HERB_], then return back to the Rec. Room. Head past
the door corner and south to a green garbage can. Open it for some [_GUNPOWDER_]
and then interact with the book beyond it. Rotate to the page-side of the book
and you'll be able to open it, revealing the [_BLUD DOG'S HEAD_]. Very nice!

 Head behind the bar area now, opening the drawer on the left you find. In it
you'll get another file, this one is [_JACK'S JOURNAL_]. Sounds like they've
had storm trouble. There's another garbage can behind the bar area, but it
has nothing in it. Finally, pick up the [_"MIA"_] tape from the counter. We
have the VCR handy, so go ahead and play it...

 |  (-NOTE-) This video includes a TROPHY you can get called "Can't Catch
 |           Me", for completing the tape as Mia without being spotted
 |           by Marguerite. This section is dedicated to getting that
 |           trophy!
 |  We are taking on the role of Mia for this video.  It seems she's taped
 | this after our... encounter. Watch the scene until Marguerite sees us,
 | then we are in control. Run forward and open the gate, then cross the
 | "doll bridge" and run into the house. Head left and into the door you
 | find, then continue past the junk and open the next door on the left.
 |  Here, move out to the hallway but STOP. You'll hear Marguerite start
 | to talk, so duck down and get behind the crate near the door you just
 | entered from. Hang back here until you hear Marguerite come near you,
 | pause, and enter the door on the right. Now quickly head to the door
 | on the left.
 |  You will be in a shadow room at this point, but we have NO time to do
 | this puzzle. Quickly head out into the air past the puzzle and go RIGHT.
 | We are going to hide here for quite awhile. Marguerite will be coming in
 | from where we came from. You can watch her through the window, but back
 | away whenever she's close. She will eventually come outside as well, but
 | she will go LEFT. When she does that, go hide behind the door (while you
 | are still outside) and she'll come stand by you for a bit, then she will
 | head back inside and leave...
 |  Now, once she is gone we can head inside and interact with the puzzle.
 | We want to make a spider shape here, with skinny arms stretching to the
 | right. How to do this is hard to explain in any medium, but you will be
 | moving the flat pieces of steel straight (as you face the TV), which
 | will make the spider-leg shape naturally. From there, just line up the
 | legs and hit X when it is in place.
 |  Move through the opening that is exposed afterwards. You'll shimmy
 | to a new room. Once you can, note the boxes and crates in front of you
 | as we will use them soon. Move past them on the RIGHT slowly until you
 | hear Marguerite show up. Quickly go hide behind the crates, keeping
 | them between the two of you. She will stop at the start of the crates
 | and pause, looking left. Once she moves forward, quietly move past her
 | and take a right, dropping down a hole...
 |  Move through this hole to the end, examining a gear and then a picture
 | until you are trapped. Wait a bit. It will go dark and soon a scene will
 | take over and we'll be at the end of the recording...
(-NOTE-) You will get the "Can't Catch Me" Bronze Trophy for successfully
         getting through this section without getting caught!

 OK, if you are like me, you are full up on items at this point, so let's
make a run to the stash. Exit the lower door and head left. You can examine
the "Kid's Room" on the way, but it is a locked "Serpent Door". The second
serpent door we've seen. Head back down to the "Cerebus Door" now and put in
the "Blue Dog's Head" to free up an inventory slot, then head to the storage
room. Again, I am putting in everything but bullets and first aid meds, which
will leave me with six slots open and a budding collection of items in the
storage box!

 Time to go make some progress. From your save room, head back to the Main
Hall and then up to the bathroom on the left. We are about to spawn in a new
threat, so be ready to drop down the stairs outside. Go ahead and drain the
tub here and you'll find the [_WOODEN STATUETTE_] under the water. Grab it
and try to leave...

 Yep, Jack is back! Cellular regeneration is clearly a thing as he picks you
up and tosses you to the wall. The best thing you can do here is to lure him
around to the right of the bathtub and then run out of the bathroom. Take a
quick left and DROP DOWN, then head for the Save Room.

 You are safe now, but we need to get back to the Main Hall area. You should
be able to wait a bit and then creep along the northern hallway. I did this,
but as I did Jack BUSTED DOWN THE NORTHERN WALL. There's a chance he's already
done this in your game, but be prepared! If he does it, return to the SAVE
ROOM and wait a few seconds again.

 Either way, Jack is loose now and hunting for you. Try to see when he turns
his attention away from the northern hallway and then proceed to the Main
Hall. Move over to the light puzzle now and use your new "Wooden Statuette"
on it to solve the eagle puzzle. This puzzle isn't too hard: you just want
to angle it until it looks like a swooping bird. The large wedge should be
pointing up and a large flat wooden area should be facing you. Be sure to
hit "X" once you got the picture close to open the wall here.

 Time to squeeze through the wall. Follow the path to a new room, one that
is off of the map. There are a TON of items in here. Head north along the
wall to find a [_HERB_] in the planter, then check the drawer to the left
for [_HANDGUN AMMO x5_]. On the table, you can find a new item (a weird one)
called [_PSYCHOSTIMULANTS_]. Taking this drug lets you SEE ITEMS for a period
of time. Which is odd... but I still encourage you to take it for the trophy

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Open Your Eyes" Bronze Trophy for using the
         psychostimulants for the first time.

 More gathering to do! Break the box her for an item and then take notice of
"The Crow Door" here. Just to the right of the door is [_MR. EVERYWHERE 5/20_]
so be sure to break him. You can also find some [_CHEM FLUID_] in the fridge.
Thanks to the stimulants, you can find [_HANDGUN AMMO x4_] by the deer (under
it) and [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_] behind the painting by the entrance.

 Take the western door here and note there is another tackle box on this
table that we'll need to lockpick at some point. If you look to the right of
the door, you can find a file (although it isn't tracked) about "turning"
kidnap victims. There's a kid's drawing too.

 On the other side of the table is an [_ANTIQUE COIN 6/18_]. Nab it and then
examine the metal box on the shelf. It's got a good item inside, right? Heh.
Also, be sure to check the trays to the left. There's some [_GUNPOWDER_] here
but you have to duck down to find it.

 Whip out your pistol now and move into the next room. It is DISGUSTING, but
try to move through it to encounter a new enemy. This enemy is the "MOLDED",
and is definitely a lesser foe compared to "Immortal Hillbilly", so back up
and put 4-5 rounds into its head to take it down. Note that it is VERY easy
to pick up a trophy here by LETTING the Molded hit you and putting up your
arms to block the attack (block with L1). This seems like a good place to
put this:

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Arms in the Air" Bronze Trophy for blocking this
         enemies attack.

 Continue through the next door to find yourself in a hallway. We are now
BEHIND the "Scorpion Door" from the Main Hall, so we've kind-of gotten around
it. Win? Either way, head north when you can and you'll see some stairs going
down and a room off to the left. You DEFINITELY want to visit the room next
as it is a SAVE ROOM.

 Head inside and unload all your junk at the storage box and Save as you
wish. There's some items to find here as well. Near the storage box, open
the drawer and read the text for the [_TRAVIS' MEMO (FRONT)_]. Rotate the
memo around to read the back for [_TRAVIS' MEMO (BACK)_]. Again, BE SURE
you hit "X" on these papers to get them to count! Tricky! Next, check the
desk to the right of the Cassette Recorder to find it locked. We need yet
another lockpick. This is the third one on the map now... lastly, check
the dresser here for [_HANDGUN AMMO x5_].

 Save up and head downstairs. As soon as you open the door, you just KNOW
there's going to be more Molded down here. The door to your immediate right
is locked, so head left and follow the pathway. As you turn around the corner
that makes you head south, you'll see a Molded round the next corner. Get in
4-5 headshots and he will go down. Just aim carefully so we don't waste shots.

 Continue on until you see the door on the right. Open the door but don't go
in yet! Inside is another Molded. You can get off a sneak-attack here for a
few free headshots, but backup and let him come out to finish him off. This
one took about 10 bullets for me! Heh, guess I was nervous!

 Head into the room now. It's the incinerator. The locker here can be opened
but there's nothing inside. Check the note by the sink for the [_ININERATOR
ROOM MEMO_]. You can also find some [_GUNPOWDER_] under a gurney. After that
you can check all the incinerator slots if you wish, but there's nothing in
any of them. The "Travis" one is locked. "3 a's and a handprint...". Hmm...
Note that this is actually a PUZZLE ROOM, but we don't need to complete it
right now and it'd be better to hold off for right now (for a certain reason).

 Head back to the hallway now and continue. The door to the left is locked,
so head onward and for NOW, skip the door leading to the left. Continue on
and open up the green gate in front of you.

 Lots of items, but we're going to spawn some monsters as well. First, look
at the LEFT HAND WALL. See the pallet there? Duck down and look to the right
of it to find an [_ANTIQUE COIN 7/18_]. Fairly well hidden! Next, look ahead
and take the [_PROCESSING AREA MAP_] in front of you. Very nice. Take a look
at how big this area is! Next, break the two boxes here for some random items,
then open up the LOCKED door on the right for a QUICK way to get back to the
Save Room (no need to go there yet).

 Head into the room proper now. There's an OBVIOUS KEY in the middle of the
room, but save it for last. For now, head past the key and check the shelves
to find a [_TREASURE PHOTO_]. This is the key to a fantastic item that we'll
get in a bit, but first we have items! Continue around the room to find a
[_LOCKPICK_] in the freezer, and past that a [_HERB_] in a cage. Head forward
and right into a smaller area and open up the doors in there to find some
[_CHEM FLUID_] on a shelf. The door here leads further down towards the
"Morgue" area, but it is actually a dead end. Head down the stairs and you'll
find some [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_] on the cart. Down at the very bottom you'll
see another "Snake Door". To the left of it are some [_PSYCHOSTIMULANTS_].
Grab them and be sure to knife the [_MR. EVERYWHERE 6/20_] sitting on the

 With our plunder in hand, we're going to now (finally) pick up the key in
the middle of the room. It is the [_SCORPION KEY_]. Take it and get ready to
fight. Head back towards the save room and a MOLDED will fall down from the
ceiling. Take him out (pay attention to the note below... this seems like a
good time to go for this trophy) and then as you enter the door on the left
heading back towards the save room, ANOTHER Molded enemy will emerge from the
wall and attack. Take him out as well and we'll be safe for now.

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Things Got Personal" Bronze Trophy for killing
         off an enemy with a knife attack.

 Head back to the save room. You can use the lockpick you acquired down
below for a whopping [_HANDGUN AMMO x12_] from the drawer here, which is
a nice bump to the ammo. Deposit whatever gear you don't need, but in general
we want five spaces free right now.

 Next up is that special item from the photo. To get it, backtrack to the
"Drawing Room". That means going south to the hallway and into the "Monitoring
Room" where we fought our first Molded, then into the room with the stuffed
deer. In this room, by the fridge (to the right of the fridge) is the fireplace
in question. Check out the upper-right rock on the outside of the fireplace to
remove it and obtain some [_STEROIDS_]. Read the note below before using them

(-NOTE-) Steriods are a wonderful item. In this game at least! Using them
         will not only increase your MAX HEALTH, but gives you free healing
         as well. It is wise to only use them when you are LOW ON HEALTH, to
         get the healing out of it!

 OK, now that we have the Scorpion Key, we are going to make a quick trip to
go obtain the shotgun! Use or store the steroids as you wish (or keep them on
hand in case you want to heal, I suppose...) and then head back out into the
Main Hall. Head up to the second floor now and BEWARE of Jack patrolling the
halls. He likes to walk around the upper and lower hallways here and often
stands around in the "Recreation Room".

 Sneak around however you can (I go to the upper hallway and peek into the
Rec. Room) and make your way into the Rec. Room. If he isn't there, quickly
go use the Scorpion Key and enter "Grandma's Room". Be careful as he can
still see you in here (duck!), but he won't come in here naturally.

 There's a bunch of items in this room for us to nab! The most important one
is the [_BROKEN SHOTGUN_] on the desk. You can check inside the desk for some
teeth (ewww) and on the desk is the [_MEMO ABOUT RELIEF_]. Good to know that
we are closing in on the last emblem.

 Inside the dresser you can find [_HANDGUN AMMO x5_] and just to the right of
that is some [_CHEM FLUID_]. You can also find [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_] sitting on
the bed (much-needed) and across from the bed you can open the drawer for the

 Time to head back to the Main Hall. Sneak there if you can, but if you can't
keep in mind that you can always run back to the other save room beyond the
Scorpion Door on the first floor or even run into the wall where the light
puzzle was. Either way, once the coast is clear head to the southern room in
the Main Hall. With the broken shotgun in our possession, we can swap it out
here, so grab the [_M37 Shotgun_] and let the statue have the broken shotgun
in return.

 We need to get back to exploring once that is done. The upcoming area is a
bit rough though. It's a bit cowardly, but I suggest we do this in two runs
in order to make sure we have good health and ammo (along with a save file
in between enemy encounters... in case things go bad).

 For this first run, I only used my Handgun, but I did convert 3 Gunpowder
and Chem Fluid items into 30 bullets. Be sure to SAVE and then head back
down into the basement. This time we are heading to the door we skipped
earlier, the one going south towards the Boiler Room.

 This room with the bathtubs looks HORRIBLE. And trust me, it is. But the
start of the room is safe. Go down the stairs and head left, as you'll find
[_HANDGUN AMMO x8_] in the bathtub. Head forward now and check the far corner
to find some [_CHEM FLUID_] in that bathtub, but STOP. Look to the right and
you'll see a MOLDED come out of the wall. You can get a shot on it here, but
chances are it will move to the right.

 DO NOT CHASE IT. We do need to follow it, but once you move up towards that
small hallway, another MOLDED will come at you from the area we entered from.
The game's being tricky: they are trying to get you in a pincer attack! You
can instead retreat to the entrance and shoot them down one at a time. It will
take a bit, but taking these two guys out makes the tub room a "safe area".

(-NOTE-) Once you have taken these two Molded out, I HIGHLY recommend going
         back and saving, provided you didn't take too much damage or waste
         too many shots!
         Bring along the shotgun for this second run...

 Head back now and enter the tub room. Head past it to the small hallway and
claim the [_HERB_]. Open the door now and SLOWLY look inside and to the left.
There is a third MOLDED here, although he is short an arm. He'll lunge at you.
This molded is actually quite easy to take down with just your knife, but you
can use a mix of knife and handgun to take him out.

 This next room is probably the hardest in the game up to this point! The
"Boiler Room". It has two Molded inside, but (and this may just be my
imagination) they are stronger than normal. I'm talking 10+ shots with the
handgun. The best thing you can do here is to head in, go left and peek around
the corner, and then once the Molded are after you retreat back to the doorway.
Let them approach the nice, narrow doorway and BLAST them with the shotgun to
the face. This will just devastate them (one shot!), so follow up with either
your handgun or knife (if you are brave) and they'll die off fairly quickly.

 Once you are done, you can explore the room. There's not much here. You can
find some [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_] near the left wall and in a cabinet by the far
door you can find our first [_STRONG CHEM FLUID_]. This leads to some new
recipes, actually!

 o NEW RECIPE: Gunpowder + Strong Chem Fluid = Enhanced Handgun Ammo

 o NEW RECIPE: Herb + Strong Chem Fluid = Strong First Aid Med

 As you've probably found out, the door to the next room is locked. We need
a key, but to get that key we need to solve a puzzle back in the "Incinerator

 So what you want to do here is to open the far-right incinerator. The one
that belongs to "Tamara" (3 A's). Next, open up the incinerator three spots
to the left, the one with the bloody handprint. This will open up the far
left incinerator. Equip your shotgun and get ready...

 Opening up the left incinerator will let loose a Stronger "Molded" enemy
than normal. Shoot him right in the face with your shotgun once he falls to
the ground. Follow up with some well-placed handgun shots and then one final
shotgun shot to take him out. Once its dead, you can look at the incinerator
to find the [_DISSECTION ROOM KEY_].

 We have all we need to head into the Dissection room now. There is a boss
fight facing us in there, so go save if you wish. You'll want a few empty
inventory slots anyways.

 Once you are ready, head back to the Boiler Room and use the key on the 
door. Here, try to pick up the "Red Dog's Head" item to see a scene. Jack
is turning that deputy into a molded, it seems. Gah...

 He'll leave soon, so hang a right and open the cabinet for some [_SHOTGUN
SHELL x5_]. This should make up for our use of them earlier and then some.
Head down the steps now and you'll be treated to some more items: a [_HERB_]
and some [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_]. Enter the double doors once you are done.

 Head to the right and go upstairs. The first door on the right up here is
where we saw Jack earlier. The deputy isn't doing much right now. Turning.
There's no items here either. Continue down the path and on the ledge to the
left is the Dog's Head. Leave it for now and head down the stairs nearby. You
can find some [_GUNPOWDER_] down here as well as a "Snake Door". The other
side of a snake door (yet another door we didn't need to open after all).

 Head back up and take the [_RED DOG'S HEAD_] to start the boss fight...

 |                  ~ BOSS ENCOUNTER: JACK BAKER, ROUND 2 ~                   |
 |                 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                  |
 |                                                                            |
 |   Jack is back! Again!                                                     |
 |                                                                            |
 |   This time we're stuck in a pit with Jack as he tries to take us out      |
 |  with a giant axe. Much like the last fight though, there's a pattern      |
 |  here you can use to minimize damage during this fight and take Jack out   |
 |  quickly. Relatively...                                                    |
 |                                                                            |
 |   The arena we are in has three body bags hanging down. You can go up      |
 |  to each of them and kick them. What you want to do is to wait until       |
 |  Jack approaches us to attack and then kick a bag into him. Once you do    |
 |  this he'll be stunned for a bit. Do this for a couple of minutes, while   |
 |  putting a handgun round into his head each time, then after 4-5 handgun   |
 |  rounds, put a (single) shotgun round into his face.                       |
 |                                                                            |
 |   This will damage him quite a bit. He will soon go for the chain link     |
 |  fence nearby and pull out a HUGE pair of pincers. Seriously, these        |
 |  things look NASTY. Draw him to the far wall once he does so and then      |
 |  run over to where he got his weapon... and pull out the CHAINSAW that     |
 |  he left behind.                                                           |
 |                                                                            |
 |   Yes, we have a frickin' CHAINSAW. The goal of the battle is still the    |
 |  same though: kick a bag once he comes at you, then run up to him and get  |
 |  a chainsaw hit in. After three hits with this weapon, Jack will kneel     |
 |  down and start to mutate near his head. As the game itself will tell      |
 |  you, you want to get near him and hit L2 + R2 to thrust the chainsaw      |
 |  into him once this happens.                                               |
 |                                                                            |
 |   (-NOTE-) There IS a trophy involved in this fight. Once Jack has the     |
 |            scissor weapon, one of his attacks is a forward scissor thrust. |
 |            You can get the "Duck If You Love Life" SILVER Trophy by        |
 |            DUCKING once he does this attack. Just stay near him and let    |
 |            him attack, then duck to avoid it. If he does the SWING attack  |
 |            be sure to back up. We want the forward-thrust scissor attack   |
 |            for this trophy!                                                |
 |                                                                            |
 |   It can't be that easy though: soon Jack will recover and we'll have to   |
 |  go one more round with him. He may sheer off a few of the hanging sacks   |
 |  with his pincer weapon, but try for the same strategy. Jack also has a    |
 |  three-swing combo he can do that he really over-exerts, so you can get    |
 |  in a hit when he ends that as well.                                       |
 |                                                                            |
 |   Keep this up and THRUST the chainsaw into him whenever he goes down      |
 |  on his knees. If at any time you need a pick-me-up (healing), remember    |
 |  that you can find a [_FIRST AID MED_] in the northeast corner (just do    |
 |  NOT get caught in the corner... be quick!). Keep up the chainsaw attack   |
 |  and you'll eventually come out on top!                                    |
 |                                                                            |
 |                                                                            |

 With the boss fight over with, approach the south door and use the chainsaw
on the metal barricade to ruin our best weapon yet. Damn...

 We're free of the house though! Go back up to the Save Room and save up.
Note the song being sung as you head up to the first floor and the fact that
"Grandma" is sitting in the hallway. Again, we can't do anything with or to
her, but it's still just... very creepy.

 After saving, head back out into the Main Hall and put the Red Dog's Head
into place. This opens up the door and lets us out of the house. Here's
hoping the yard is a better area...

(-NOTE-) You will get the "You Ain't Gettin' Away" Bronze Trophy for escaping
         out into the yard.

 ___ ___ ____ ________________________________________________________________
| _ \ __|__  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   / _|  / /                 ~ THE OLD HOUSE ~                |     RE003

 Wow. We are out of the house. Marguerite is out here somewhere, as you will
recall, so keep your guard up!

 o Objective: Explore the yard

 There a bunch of items out here for us to get. Go down the stairs a bit and
and look at the left pot. INSIDE of it is a [_LOCKPICK_]. Head down the stairs
and take an immediate left, to the corner by the stairs, to find a pot with an
[_HERB_] in it. Follow the edges of the grating under the house to a patch of
metal. Tear this off and break the box inside for the [_REPAIR KIT_].

 (-NOTE-) You can do a couple of things with this Repair Kit. First, you
          have a "Broken Handgun" in the very near future you can use it on
          for the [_M19 HANDGUN_]. Or you could even swap your shotgun for
          the broken one in the room for a [_M21 SHOTGUN_]. Both are stronger
          versions with less capacity. It is up to you. I actually didn't
          find this repair kit at this point in time, but I end up choosing
          the shotgun first. There's another repair kit later in the game...

 Go back to the stairs now and RIGHT this time, turning right and heading to
the corner to find a couple of planters in the back, one of which has an
[_ANTIQUE COIN 8/18_]. Head back up to the deck now and walk along it to the
west to find another [_HERB_] along the wall, and at the end by all the junk
is some [_GUNPOWDER_].

 OK, from the main door leading into the house, head forwards to a big tree
to find a cylinder thing on the ground for some more [_GUNPOWDER_]. Head BEHIND
the trailer now. The gate out here is locked of course, but on the bright side
you can find [_SHOTGUN SHELLS x4_] under the trailer (duck to get them). Move
along to the west to the sparkling door. This door is locked as well, with red
and blue keycards it looks like. To the left of it though, you can find a new
item: [_SUPPLEMENTS_].

 This gives us a couple of new recipes!

 o NEW RECIPE: Supplements + Chem Fluid = Psychostimulants

 o NEW RECIPE: Supplements + Strong Chem Fluid = Neuro Rounds

 Well, that second recipe tells us that we'll get a grenade launcher sooner
or later! Big plus! Hahaha!

 Head over to the trailer now and check to the right of the door. On the ground
in a crate you can find some [_CHEM FLUID_]. Grab it and then look UNDER THE
TRAILER STEPS. It's another [_MR. EVERYWHERE 7/20_]. I actually missed this
one my first time through! Get him and then enter the trailer itself.

 This is a SAVE ROOM (oh thank god!). The calm music can't lie though. There's
a number of items in here to nab. Head right for an [_ANTIQUE COIN 9/18_] on
the table by the cage (more about those in a second) and to the left is a photo
you can examine on the seat. On the left wall here are [_ZOE'S INVESTIGATION
NOTES_]. Looks like she's trying to cure herself?

 Examine the fridge if you want (there's nothing in there) and past that you
will see more cages. More items we can buy. Past those you can find a bra
to examine. A little weird. You're not STILL looking at it are you?! In the
far room is the Cassette Player and Storage Bin. Note that there's also a
[_BROKEN HANDGUN_] on the bed. May as well move it to storage for now.

 OK, so the cages. These are items you can buy with Antique Coins, if you
so wish. Each cage has the number of coins that it costs and a piece of paper
at the top telling you what the item is. Pretty self-explanatory really, but
you know I like my boxes:

 |                             ~ TRAILER SHOP ~                               |
 |                            ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                              |
 |                                                                            |
 |  o Steroids (Increase Max Health):     3 Coins                             |
 |                                                                            |
 |  o Stabilizer (Increase Reload Speed): 5 Coins                             |
 |                                                                            |
 |  o .44 Magnum (Strong, with a kick!):  9 Coins                             |
 |                                                                            |
 |                                                                            |

 Nothing here is a MUST buy, but if you've been following this guide, you
should have NINE Antique Coins. We can buy the injections easily. It's up to
you. It also really depends on what you're trying to do on this run. With
some after-the-fact knowledge, buying the steroids and holding on to them (and
using them when you need to use health) is probably the best bang for the buck
right now.

 OK, now that we've saved and stashed all of our goodies we must push on. I
don't like it either, but we must! Amazed that Zoe hasn't called us yet though,
to be honest. Head out of the trailer and... the phone will ring. I swear, I
did NOT know that was going to happen when I wrote this! Hahaha, I must be a
little psychic! Who better to write a guide?

 Have a chat with Zoe as she gives us a good reason to go explore the "Old
House". Marguerite is out there, waiting for us though. This should be fun...

 o Objective: Search the old house for the serum
 (-NOTE-) I recommend LEAVING your handgun and handgun bullets for this
          area. It frees up inventory space, and honestly we don't need
          them. Our knife, shotgun and a weapon we're going to pick up
          shortly will serve us just fine!
 Leave once more and hang a left. You've been on this path before, during the
"Mia" video, so we're going to re-tread some ground here a bit. Before you
enter the house though, chop up the boxes to the right for a random item
(although one is always bugs for me...).

 Open the door and you'll have to kill some giant bugs right away. The first
is to the left, but if you don't engage quickly it will fly around. You can
always wait until it flies around and stops to knife it. Always use the knife
for these bugs: they aren't worth the ammo and go down in one hit. Rush the
two on the walls to take them out. There's not much in this entrance room,
but you can find the blueprints to a flamethrower on the ground to the right.
You CAN find some powerful ammo in this entrance room (brought to you via
some psychostimulants): off to the left, to the LEFT of the door hidden near
some concrete blocks is [_44 MAG AMMO x2_]. Unless you've gotten like all the
coins so far though, it does us little good. Pick it up to store it later...

 Head into the room on the RIGHT now, (from the main entrance) but don't go
TOO far in. There are some INSECTS past the area you need to duck down to
reach, and we are NOT equipped to handle them right now. You can get to a
crate on the right here for some [_BURNER FUEL x50_] and to the desk drawer
on the left here to find some [_SOLID FUEL_]. This gives us two more recipes!

 o NEW RECIPE: Solid Fuel + Chem Fluid = Burner Fuel

 o NEW RECIPE: Solid Fuel + Strong Chem Fluid = Flame Rounds

(-NOTE-) You can get the "Less is More" Silver Trophy for taking down two
         enemies with one shot. This is EASY to do here with the insects
         and a shotgun... but is a bit of a waste of a shotgun shell. Still,
         if you are OK losing a little health and a shotgun shell, this is
         an easy silver trophy to get!
 We'll be using that burner fuel recipe soon, I promise! Hahaha! Head back
to the entrance and take the left path now, like we did in the "Mia" video.
This guest room area has another insect next on the left side. Again, we
don't want trouble, so run along the right side, slashing the two bugs on
the way. You may get hit a bit by the bugs, but they won't chase you too far
from their nest.

 We'll be in that hallway we hid from Marguerite once. Head LEFT here and
make your way to the door. Just to the left is the [_OLD HOUSE MAP_]. You
can check it out to see there's several off-lying buildings in the area.

 Continue to the light plinth room. The stone statue thing from Mia's video
is gone though, so we'll need to find it somewhere. Head outside now and near
the trash (and IN the trash) on the right you can find some items. Loot them
both for some [_SHOTGUN SHELL x5_] and [_CHEM  FLUID_].

 Continue to the west to find the [_BURNER GRIP_] in the trash. This is HALF
of what we need to make the Burner, so definitely hold on to it. Even better
though, continue west and cross the bridge to find a SAVE ROOM.

 This may be the BEST SAVE ROOM YET as it contains one of the best items
we've seen so far: the [_BACKPACK UPGRADE_]. This item gives us four more
inventory spaces (godly!) as well as a trophy!

(-NOTE-) You will get the "In the Bag" Bronze Trophy for picking up your
         first backpack item.

 Also, be sure to destroy the [_MR. EVERYWHERE 8/20_] on the left with your
knife. Once that is done, save up and deposit whatever you wish in the storage
container. I'd say be sure to bring that Burner Grip, your Shotgun and Knife,
and a First Aid Med. At the very least. Some solid fuel and chem fluid would
be nice as well (for burner fuel later).

 Head back to the light room and head towards the dining room now. On the
way, you'll have to fight three bugs that break through the windows in the
hallway (a bit reminiscent of the dogs jumping through the windows in the
first Resident Evil, but can be taken out with the knife easily...). Take
them out and enter the dining room.

 There's several items here we can easily get. Open the cupboard up ahead
for some [_SOLID FUEL_], then check the crate on the right to find some
[_SHOTGUN SHELL x4_] in the crate. By the sink you can also find a locked
door. There's also a cabinet here with a ton of spiders. Hold off on taking
them out for now, as we'll be able to take them out easier soon...

 Head through the north door now and take out the bug that attacks. To the
left you can find some [_GUNPOWDER_]. Head down the right path now to find
some [_PSYCHOSTIMULANTS_] and a [_LOCKPICK_]. You can use this lockpick now
if you wish. The Dining Room has that drawer after all, which you can pick
for a [_FIRST AID MED_].

 Once you have that, head through the north door again and check out the
north path. The bridge here is down and looks like it needs a crank to open
so we'll have to come back here at some point. Head right instead and kill
the bug on the railing, then head inside the building.

 Here, grab the [_HERB_] on the left but more importantly grab the very
important [_BURNER NOZZLE_]! You can combine this with the Burner Grip from
earlier for the [_BURNER_] weapon. Hehe... we now have a FLAMETHROWER. Dear
God, yes! BWAHAHAHA!

 You may as well make some burner fuel. This item is awesome for this area,
so 100 more ammo for it is more than welcome and will definitely be used! Head
back to Dining Room now where you'll find an insect swarm. This is kind-of our
"introduction" to killing them: aim the Burner at them and fire about three
short bursts of fire while backing up (once they come at you). This should
burn them all to pieces while protecting you.

 We can now burn off the spiders in this room as well. Give them some of the
flame and open the cabinet for some [_CHEM FLUID_] and [_STRONG CHEM FLUID_].
Now head back down to the guest room. Kill the insect nest here, which is a
bit more trying. Again, three short bursts to take out the insects, then whip
out the shotgun to take out the pulsating nest. This should destroy it. There
is another spider-cabinet here you can clear up, so do so in order to access
the goodies inside: [_BURNER FUEL x60_] and ANOTHER [_BURNER FUEL x60_]. Very
nice! There's another metal box nearby that you can interact with and open to
find an [_HERB_].

 I took some damage from that battle, but it was worth it. Head to the living
room now and burn the insect nest near the east hole in the wall. This one is
a bit harder due to needing to duck to access it, but burn it all to flames
and maybe give it a shotgun blast at the end to destroy it. Before going on
through, check behind you near the wall (where you'd have to duck through)
and look in the white cabinet for some [_CHEM FLUID_]. Grab it and head through
the hole now.

 STOP at the top of the stairs and look to the left now (duck), near the
pallet to find a [_MR. EVERYWHERE 9/20_]. Take it out and then head down the
stairs to find an [_ANTIQUE COIN 10/18_] on the cart at bottom of stairs. Nab
it and enter the room for a scene.

 Well damn... there's not much we can do for her right now. Go ahead and grab
the [_STONE STATUETTE_] after the scene. This is what we needed for the light
puzzle, giving us something to do.

(-NOTE-) As of now, Marguerite is stalking the Old House. She will generally
         just patrol from the Dining Room, through the upper hall, and peeking
         into the Guest Room and area where the light puzzle is.

 Now... there's a trophy we can get here, but let's do this smartly. Head
back to the Living Room and try to go out the WEST door. Marguerite will
STOP you though, closing the door and placing spiders on it. We can get a
trophy here by attacking these spiders with our knife until they've all
cleared. This WILL HURT though, and may cost you a First Aid Med, but by
clearing this door we make our life much easier for moving later and we
gain that trophy as well. Just be sure to ONLY use your knife...

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Slash Slash, Slashity Slash!" Bronze Trophy for
         clearing a door of spiders using only your knife!

 Once that is done, head to the guest room through the west door and wait
in there for a bit. Marguerite will show up soon. You can hide behind the
junk in here and she'll enter and leave soon enough. Follow her once she
leaves and watch her go west down the hallway. Here you want to hide behind
the box in the hallway, just like the "Mia" video, and wait until she goes
into the kitchen area, then sneak to the left.

 You can use this chance to save now if you wish. The save room is nearby
after all. In fact, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it as we can get another trophy at
this point. Just read the note below and follow it. Save before you do this
and you can just load up your save afterwards to retain your trophy and save
all of your items...

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Back Off, Mrs. B!" Silver Trophy for fighting off
         Marguerite in the Old House. With that save up above, we can do a
         "run" just to get this trophy easily. Bring a ton of health and ammo
         from storage and go find Marguerite. Burn her from a moderate range
         over and over, then get up close and unload your shotgun. Use healing
         and repeat from there to get this trophy.
         You can reload once you have it to conserve all the items you just

 Once you are ready, use the statue to open up the skinny area from the video
and go through it. There are centipedes everywhere, so hopefully you aren't
too squeemish! Once you are free, head forward and check on the right for
some [_SOLID FUEL_] in a tire. There's also a [_HERB_] past that. You should
also note the stairs heading upwards here (yes, there is a second floor...
sheesh!) and the crank machine nearby.

 Head to the corner now, like Mia did in the video, and drop down. As you
move forward, destroy the box on the way for an item. Past the box, check
for some [_CHEM FLUID_] behind the wooden planks on the right, then look to
the left shelves for the [_MR. EVERYWHERE 10/20_]. Knife him to collect him
and then pick up the [_CRANK_] at the end of the path. Just what we need!

 Head back, but on the way watch for a bug as you go along with another one
near the hole you stand up by. Kill them both and pull yourself up, then go
ahead and raise the bridge nearby. Before you use it, head up the nearby
stairs and check out [_MARGUERITE'S WARNING_] by the "Crow Door". We need
this key! Also check out the drawer on the right for some more [_CHEM FLUID_].
Reading that note also happened to give us a new objective:

 o Sub-Objective: Examine the altar on the 2nd floor
 I really needed to drop off items at this point (all these Chem Fluid items
are inventory killing me), and chances are you do as well. It is VERY easy
to get back to the TRAILER at this point, and there's no enemies on the way
so I went there to unload items and save.

 Head back to the Old House once you are ready and head to the Living Room.
Open the door to the Dining Room now, but just a little bit. See in the middle
of the room? There's a new insect nest here.

 Wait for Marguerite to enter and leave, then give her 5-7 seconds or so to
move to the west. Now, run past the nest out the northern door. You'll take
a little damage, but Marguerite won't catch us.

 Outside the northern door there are three big bugs to take out. No idea
where they came from, but take them out and then use the crank on the
northern path to open it up. As you cross the bridge, look to the right of
the door for a [_FIRST AID MED_], then enter the door. You'll find plenty of
goodies inside, including some [_BURNER FUEL x100_] in the toilet (eww...), an
[_ANTIQUE COIN 11/18_] on the back of the toilet, and in the treasure box
you'll find the all-important [_CROW KEY_]!

 We can do something special with this key, BEFORE we go to the Crow Door in
the Old House. We need to head back to the trailer. You can look inside the
Dining Room from outside and see when Marguerite goes west, so wait for her
to do so and then run past the Dining Room and make your way to the trailer.
Once you arrive, you can save and drop things off, but for this next part
you should take your one lockpick with you.

 Go enter the Main Hall now and go to the light room on the left. Head on
through the narrow area and you'll be in the Drawing Room. From here, you
can go to the room on the left and use the lockpick on the tackle box for
[_SHOTGUN SHELL x6_]. A nice little bump in Shotgun Shells!

 Head back to the previous room and enter the "Crow Room" door. There are
a TON of items in here. On the right pick up the [_SOLID FUEL_], then pick up
the gun thing straight ahead for the [_GENADE LAUNCHER_]! BWAHAHAHA! Holy crap
we have a Grenade Launcher! WOOO! Let's finish up here, from the door you can
find some [_GUNPOWWDER_] on the left and in the back some [_SHOTGUN SHELL x3_]
and a [_FLAME ROUND x1_].

 We've got our prize, so head back to the Trailer and go sort your inventory
out. I'm leaving the Handgun in storage and taking the Shotgun, Burner and
Grenade Launcher, along with bullets and two First Aid Meds. And the Crow Key
of course. Head back to the Old House now.

 Go ahead and try to enter the Crow Door to the left. As you go up the
stairs though, you'll have... an "encounter" with Marguerite. She will throw
you down a hole and come to the edge, trying to shoot insects down at us.
Equip your Burner and fire bursts of flame up at her. It shouldn't take any
more than 8-9 bursts of fire to both injure her and stop all of her insects
that she shoots at you. Keep this up and soon Marguerite will fall down and
dissolve into a puddle. CLIMB OUT of the pit once she dissolves to protect
her "light" or else you'll take damage.

 Open the crow door now and head up to the "Altar" area. The drawer on the
right here has no items, so open up the box in front of you and read the memo
here for the [_SERUM DOCUMENTATION_] file. Reading this will update two new
objectives for us:

 o Objective: Create the serum
 o Sub-Objective: Find the serum ingredients
 We'll get a phone call not long after, so go ahead and answer it. Zoe has
a head apparently, which leaves us with finding an arm. We'll need to search
the rest of the house and meet up at the trailer (whoa, we'll actually get to
meet her?!).

 Head into the northern room afterwards. There's a creepy doll you can examine
here, but [_MARGUERITE'S NOTEBOOK_] is also here. Interesting, sounds like
there is a source to this "gift". This gives us a sub objective as well:

 o Sub-Objective: Find the arm in the old house, 2F
 Grab the [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_] from the drawer and then head onward, following
the only path we have. This small room has a [_MR. EVERYWHERE 11/20_] in the
middle of it, along with an [_ANTIQUE COIN 12/18_] in the drawer in the corner.
Our progress forward however... is blocked. Blocked by a lantern. We... we need
Marguerite's lantern...

 o Sub-Objective: Defeat Marguerite and take her lantern
 Well shit...
 Head back to the pit where Marguerite was to see the bubbling cesspool is
gone, and the lantern is still there... until it isn't. Damn. I REALLY hate
this, but go ahead and climb down there and follow Marguerite through the
tunnel until you can climb up out of it.
 We are in the area north of the trailer. This is actually REALLY good, as
we can go south and pick up the [_STRONG CHEM FLUID_] near the light pole.
Nab it and continue south, unlocking the gate near the trailer.

 This is an EXCELLENT TIME to head back and save. Stock up on items as well.
We have a BOSS FIGHT coming up. What I would recommend for this fight is
your Shotgun (I had about 30 shells at this time... or will after the shells
below that we find), your Burner (I had about 300 Fuel for it) and the Grenade
Launcher (you should have exactly 2 Flame Shots for this thing). This firepower
should be enough to see you through. I also BOUGHT THE STEROIDS at this time.
My health was yellow, but I didn't use it. Remember, when you use it you fully
heal and increase your health, so I just bought it to take with me and used it
in the middle of the boss battle. I also brought two Med Kits, but didn't end
up using them...

 Stock up, save, and head back to the greenhouse area.
 Down here, the first floor door on the left is locked. Go figure. We have to
take the flight of stairs leading up, but at the bottom of the archway you can
find a [_TREASURE PHOTO_] on the left. We'll use this later. Head up and at
the top take a right to a room full of items.

 You can find [_HERB x2_] in the planters here, and the shelf beyond them has
some [_SOLID FUEL_]. There's also a lockpick drawer in this area as well as
a new item: the [_SEPARATING AGENT_]. You can use this item to separate some
combined items back to their parts. Good to have just in case, I suppose.

 With that area looted, go ahead and drop down (as much as you may hate to).
The door to the north in here is locked. Head into the est room and you'll see
a gate blocking the southern wall (where the first floor entrance is) and a box
of randomness in the northwest corner that you can break.

 Go north now and head west to a couch with some [_PSYCHOSTIUMLANTS_] sitting
on it. Then head east, but DO NOT GO UP THE STAIRS quite yet. Further east you
can find a spider-infested door (leave it alone) and a spider infested cabinet.
You can clear the spiders off for a whopping [_SHOTGUN SHELL x8_] and some
[_STRONG CHEM FLUID_]. We should definitely be set on the shotgun shells.

 OK, time to start the boss fight. Head up the stairs to trigger it and read
the strategy below to finish strong.

(-NOTE-) There is a trophy to be had during the following boss fight. I will
         mention it below the box (following the boss fight), but keep that
         trophy in mind. You can get it fairly easily by reloading your save
         before the boss fight, just be sure to save in a different slot AFTER
         the boss fight!

 |                  ~ BOSS ENCOUNTER: MUTATED MARGUERITE ~                    |
 |                 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                   |
 |                                                                            |
 |   It's time to face off with Marguerite. Is it just me, or does she        |
 |  scare me more than Jack does? The spider-leg thing really freaks me out!  |
 |                                                                            |
 |   You start this fight by being grabbed going up the stairs, but a quick   |
 |  shotgun blast to the face makes her let go. Nothing but a jump scare.     |
 |  from this moment on though, the battle has started. Marguerite will use   |
 |  this entire Greenhouse Area as the battle stage, and can come out of the  |
 |  floor or ceiling at any moment. Our job is to hunt her down and lay on    |
 |  the damage. The KEY to this fight is ACTING LIKE THE HUNTER. She is our   |
 |  prey, and we WANT to find her.                                            |
 |                                                                            |
 |   If you've prepped for this like I mention up above, you should also      |
 |  have MORE THAN ENOUGH ammo for Marguerite. I mention this because there   |
 |  is a TON of ammo and supplies in this area. I've chosen to leave all of   |
 |  the looting for AFTER the fight. When I can loot in peace.                |
 |                                                                            |
 |   As to the boss fight, move around searching for Marguerite. When she     |
 |  shows herself, she MAY pull you up from the ceiling. This is like the     |
 |  stairs moment: just shoot or burn her in the face and you'll be OK. If    |
 |  you aren't getting jumped like this, Marguerite will likely be doing one  |
 |  of two things. The first thing she likes to do is walk towards you a bit  |
 |  slowly with an obvious mutation covering her belly/crotch area. This is   |
 |  her WEAK point (as you can guess) and when she does this you should get   |
 |  somewhat close to her and blast it with your shotgun. I recommend 2-3     |
 |  shots followed by some quick Burner damage, as she'll likely run away     |
 |  on all fours after you hurt her so much.                                  |
 |                                                                            |
 |   The second thing she'll do is run on all fours. Very creepy, but she     |
 |  can climb walls and the ceiling like this. She will use this to climb on  |
 |  a wall or ceiling and then JUMP at you. Try shooting her down with your   |
 |  shotgun (if you are fast enough: see the trophy after this boss fight     |
 |  box), but avoid this attack any way you can.                              |
 |                                                                            |
 |   Throughout the fight, Marguerite will communicate with you. Whenever     |
 |  she announces that she's after you, you can bet she's emerging from the   |
 |  wall or ceiling/floor nearby. Use this time to get some burner damage on  |
 |  her and then shotgun damage after that. Just keep after her and you will, |
 |  through your damage output, minimize how often she attacks you (as she    |
 |  will want to get away). Mix in your two Grenade Launcher shots somewhere  |
 |  during the fight as well.                                                 |
 |                                                                            |
 |   Occasionally, Marguerite will also spawn insects when she's out and      |
 |  you aren't nearby. Insect swarms and big bugs. I recommend using your     |
 |  burner on these enemies, just to quickly take them out. We don't need a   |
 |  distraction. Once the big bugs are aflame, you can ignore them as they    |
 |  will die quickly. But that's pretty much all there is to this fight: hunt |
 |  Marguerite down, inflict damage, reload when she flees and do it all over |
 |  again. Keep on the damage output and Marguerite will eventually fall to   |
 |  her knees and (hopefully) perish.                                         |
 |                                                                            |
 |   You can pick up the [_LANTERN_] from her remains...                      |
 |                                                                            |
 |                                                                            |

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Fly Swatter" Silver Trophy for "Shooting and
         knocking back Marguerite while she leaps at you". You may have even
         gotten this naturally during the fight up above. If you DID NOT
         though, save on a DIFFERENT SLOT and re-play the fight for this
         trophy alone!

 OK, now that Marguerite is... in ashes... we can loot this place. Let's go
through this in a somewhat orderly manner. Guide writers love order, you know!

 Starting by the stairs where we were grabbed, go up and nab the goodies out
of the spider-cabinet for some [_SOLID FUEL_] and an [_HERB_]. Head south now
to the room and to the left is a box you can break. The drawer in here has
some [_BURNER FUEL x70_]. We are going to find a LOT of this stuff...

 The room to the west has some more [_BURNER FUEL x75_] on the table and some
[_HANDGUN AMMO x15_] on the shelves. That's it for upstairs, so head downstairs
via the ladder and go unlock the door down there by the stairs if you haven't
already (you may have during the fight...). We'll pick up looting from there.

 The drawer here has even MORE [_BURNER FUEL x70_]. Head into the west room
and grab the [_CHEM FLUID_] from the green shelf before going west again to
another small room. This room has a spider cabinet though, but inside of it
you can find some [_SOLID FUEL_] and [_CHEM FLUID_]. Very nice.

 Head south, into the "growing area" and check the left growing area to find
a [_HERB_] in the ground. There is also a [_FIRST AID MED_] by that, along with
a box nearby for random goodies. Head into the room just to the east now (with
the ladder) to find some [_CHEM FLUID_] on the mower and [_BURNER FUEL x75_]
just to the right of the ladder. That's not even the last of that!

 Head a bit north now and open up the drawer here for [_HANDGUN AMMO x5_],
the head to the front door area. Examine the gate if you haven't already and
the gate will disappear, letting us through. You can open up a drawer here
for some [_BURNER FUEL x70_] as well.

 OK, time to head back to the trailer and save, as well as store some goodies!
With all of the goodies up above, I had to make TWO TRIPS to store them all.
Very much a good thing. Also note, that back in the trailer, you need to CHECK
THE TOILET to find [_44 MAG AMMO x3_]. This is from the "treasure photo" that
we found earlier. Very nice, right?

 We can now go finish exploring the Old House. Head back there with your
Burner and Shotgun and head to the lantern door. Put the lantern on and we
can continue.

 This area is DARK and spooky. This entire area is spooky with a few jump
scares, but I'm not going to point them out. The path is pretty linear, so
continue on and you'll eventually come to the "Contaminated" Room. Just take
note of all the contamination for now and continue on. At some point the
entire screen will get dark and you'll hear a voice, but push onward and you
will soon be in the "Detention Room".

 In this room, note the plain walls and head to the dollhouse in the right
corner. Open it up for a small diagram, then stand where the diagram tells
you to (behind the bed), face the wall, and hit X. You'll open up a secret
door with a body inside. Head up to it and claim the [_D-SERIES ARM_].
 Head back to the room now and note the little girl running off. Well damn,
there's more to this family than mom and dad. The room itself has drawings
all over. Damn. Get your shotgun ready and open the door to fight a molded.
You're up close though, so it shouldn't be hard to take down.

 Continue on your way out and in the Contaminated Room another Molded will
fall down. You can burn this one to death fairly easily, or just run past
it if you're OK blasting your way out, because on the way out of the Kid's
Room you'll run into a THIRD Molded. The area is narrow where he is, so if
you have that second Molded coming after you, blast him away with the shotgun.
If not, just burn him to death. Shut the doors behind you if you ran past any
of them!

 On your way out, answer the phone as well and then go ahead and head to the
trailer. You should get a trophy on the way:
(-NOTE-) You will get the "The Grave Will Out the Truth" Bronze Trophy as you
         return to the Trailer with the D-Series Arm.

 ___ ___ ____ ________________________________________________________________
| _ \ __|__  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   / _|  / /                 ~ THE TRAP HOUSE ~               |     RE004

 Once you reach the trailer, you'll get another phone call, and not from
Zoe! Holy crap. Well, our serum is going to have to wait, it seems. The son,
Lucas, is definitely a genuine asshole it seems so we'll likely need to kill
him off as well. Damn.

 Go ahead and look inside the fridge. Pick up the head and turn to the back
to see a note. This gives us some objectives at least:
 o Objective: Get the serum ingredient from Lucas
 o Sub-Objective: Find the deputy's body in the dissection room
 We need to go BACK into the main house. Your Shotgun and Burner should be
all you need, but save just in case. There's new monsters. Head inside and
through the Scorpion door on the left, taking the stairs down to the basement.
Hang a left and go through the tub room and you'll meet "Grandma" in the Boiler
Room. Gah, so creepy... but no monsters in the tub or boiler room at least!

 Head through the door and get your Shotgun ready. As you head down the stairs
you'll meet a new enemy: the four-legged Molded. These things are MUCH faster
than normal Molded and have a lower profile, but this one will bust through the
wall, giving you a chance to shoot it once in the head if you know he's coming!
One of the perks of reading a guide! Otherwise, he'll hop at you and try to hop
away from your shots, so be sure you get a good shot at him. One blast to the
head with a shotgun should be all it takes.

 Head up to the Dissection Room now and enter. Sure enough, the deputy's body
is laying there, headless. Read the sign behind him. Gah... that sick fuck.
Here we have to interact with the neck to reach in and find the [_SNAKE KEY_].
You'll get a message from Lucas after doing this as well, giving us another
 o Sub-Objective: Find two keycards
 I also found a [_CHEM FLUID_] bag in this room, just to the left of the door
under the shelving. No idea if its new or I just missed it earlier, but there
it is!

 We're going to have to blast our way out. We have two choices on which way
to go, thanks to the Snake Key. Once you exit the door though, you need to
choose. To the left are two crawling Molded, to the right another Molded will
come out of the guck to attack you.

 I choose to go right, blasting the Molded twice with the shotgun, then I
moved down to the Snake Door, opened it, and was free to go back up to the
room we got the Scorpion Key in earlier. Either way, as you approach the
stairs leading back up to the Save Room, a four-legged Molded will attack,
so be sure to take him out and then head back up to safety.

 With the Snake Key, we have two rooms upstairs we can explore. Save if you
wish and head out into the Main Hall. This area now has TWO Molded enemies in
it. One has a strong-arm, but seems to be missing the other arm. The other is
fairly normal. I very much dislike enemies in this wide open area, so I burned
them both to death. Just keep backing up and only attack when its safe and
they'll die.

 OK, let's head to the "Kid's Room" now. Enter the upper hallway area and
you'll see it is very much being corrupted, but no monsters as you unlock
the door and head inside.

 Immediately duck and look to the left for [_SHOTGUN SHELL x3_], then move
forward a bit to read [_LUCAS' JOURNAL_] on the desk. Lucas hid a remote
control on one of his toys in here:

 o Sub-Objective: Solve the puzzle in the kid's room
 After reading the journal, a TON of toys can now be examined. Heh. Go check
out the piano now, but past it in a vase is an [_HERB_]. In this corner you
can see the attic ladder, but also be sure to check the table with the broken
mirror for the [_TORN PAGE FROM JOURNAL_]. This updates where we should be
looking for the remote.

 Head to the southeast corner now. Examine the trophies here if you wish,
but the cupboard by the bed has some [_HANDGUN AMMO x5_] in it. Head to the
southwest corner now and examine the pot over here. Look inside to find a
[_LOCKPICK_]. Now, check out the lamp nearby to pick it up. Look up inside of
it to find a button you can press to open up the attic area.

 Head UP the ladder now and STOP. Turn around and look down and to the right
and you'll see [_MR. EVERYWHERE 12/20_]. You'll need a projectile to take him
out, but a quick blast of flame will do the trick.

 Check inside the dresser here for the [_"HAPPY BIRTHDAY"_] videotape, then
head to the south and in the back you'll find a renovation contract on the
floor, along with a [_MODEL SHOTGUN_] and [_TOY AXE_]. Head into the room now
and check the shelving on the left for some [_STRONG CHEM FLUID_] and then
interact with the "Judgement" light puzzle.

 This light puzzle isn't too hard to figure out. The key to it is the "axe"
at the top. The chunk of metal you use has a piece sticking up, so let that
guide you to forming the axe. That alone should let you solve this fairly
easily, but if it helps there's a gap in the metal (where two pieces almost
touch but have a fingers-width from touching) that will be facing left.

 With the puzzle solved, the dollhouse will open up and you can grab the
[_KEYCARD (BLUE)_] from it. Head back down and out into the hallway. Also,
if you wish you can unlock the TACKLEBOX from earlier (northwest on this
second floor) for [_SHOTGUN SHELL x4_].

 It's time for a bit of inventory management. You can swap out the MODEL
SHOTGUN for the BROKEN SHOTGUN in the shotgun room. You can also unlock the
"Master Bedroom" with the Snake Key (while we are here), and then finally
put the Blue Keycard in the door to the left of the trailer. Just watch out
for a four-legged Molded outside the trailer. I highly recommend taking him
out as it's near the trailer we use all the time! This lets you store the
broken shotgun and the snake key, while clearing up space the blue keycard
was taking up.

(-NOTE-) If you kept the Repair Kit from earlier, you can turn this "Broken
         Shotgun" into the [_M21 SHOTGUN_]. Hold less rounds (2), but does
         more damage. Worth it, if you ask me.

 OK, let's go explore the "Master Bedroom" now. Before you head up there,
take a look at the CLOCK in the Main Hall. Note what time it states (10:15
for me), then head into the room.

 Oh good, Grandma is here. So creepy. Open the cabinet on the left for some
[_HANDGUN AMMO x5_] and then go take a look at the note on the globe for the
[_CLOCK MEMO_]. Leave the clock alone for now, as we have loot to grab!

 Head near Grandma to find an [_HERB_] and some [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_] under
the furniture in the corner. The drawer on the wall doesn't have anything,
but you can open the tin box here for a [_LOCKPICK_] as well.

 Open the nearby door and nab the [_HERB_] on the right. Now time for an
AWESOME item. Head forward and nab the [_BACKPACK UPGRADE 2_] staring you
in the face! There's an item in the basket here as well. Plans for a weapon,
but we already have this (it is the grenade launcher). To the right you can
open the drawer but there's nothing in there. To the left of the backpack,
you can find another [_TREASURE PHOTO_].

 Go back and interact with the clock now and set it to 10:15 (the time we
got from the clock in the Main Hall). This opens up a path, so drop down and
follow the path. It will lead to the "Workshop" down in the basement (I was
wondering how we'd get down there), but note our way back up through the
bedroom is closed off...

 In this basement you can check the locker by the door, although it has no
items. The cabinet here has some [_ENHANCED HANDGUN AMMO x10_]. And now for
the item we came for: the [_KEYCARD (RED)_] is on the table, so nab it. Now
we have to escape...

 Get your shotgun ready and head forward to see the door leading to the
hallway where the Save Room stairs are at is closed. Yep... there are TWO
large Molded behind it, and a regular Molded appears in the hallway behind
us once we open it. The plan is to open it and blast the Molded with some
Shotgun blasts, then get past them, shutting the door leading up the stairs.
I actually killed both of them, but suffered from the attack from behind, so
my pain is your gain!

 Head back out into the Main Hall and you'll get a phone call. Answer it,
although Lucas just wants to make sure we're coming. Sheesh. As you head
outside, there is ANOTHER Four-Legged Molded by the pole. Take it out and
as you approach the trailer, ANOTHER one shows up. Take him out to. Again,
one blast to the face with the shotgun will do it, but that can be tricky.
Follow up with the Burner if you don't one-shot them.

 Feel free to save and re-supply as needed. With that lockpick, I also
decided that now was a good time to pick the lockpick area in the Greenhouse
(the second floor, before the boss fight, if you will recall). I went and
claimed [_FLAME ROUND x2_] from this drawer. We can get another special item
now too: with the TOY AXE. Take it with you and head LEFT of the locked door
LUCAS has set up. You have to push through some ferns, but you'll find a
shadow/light plinth back here you can use the toy axe on. Make the axe look
like a "7" to fill out the numbers and it will open up the chest. This nets
us the [_STABALIZER_] item, a free upgrade to reload speed. Can't complain
about that!

 We also have the "Happy Birthday" tape, so this is as good a time as any to
go through that tape. Note that there is a trophy for that tape (read the
note below). I'm putting that section right here! Let's do it!

 |  (-NOTE-) This video includes a TROPHY you can get called "Out Before
 |           Dessert", for completing the tape within 5 minutes. This means
 |           we are going to HURRY though this video. If you fail though,
 |           just reload the save from earlier and try again.
 |  The videotape starts with us being dragged into a room. After the scene
 | is done, we will have freedom. Grab the candle from the clown nearby and
 | move into the room behind you, then straight forward into a room with a
 | cake (your light will go out). Wait here and check out the cake, the keg
 | across the room, and the lock on the wall. Stare at the lock until Lucas
 | is DONE talking and you hear "Fuck You". We are going to interact with
 | the lock as soon as we can. If you are curious as to HOW we get the
 | solution to this lock, read the next paragraph. If not (and you are just
 | going for the trophy), skip the next paragraph.
 |  (LOCK SOLUTION): We already know the solution (see below), but here is
 | how you get it. You would need to head back to the clown and to its left
 | is a toilet. You can flush it to obtain a TELESCOPE. Now, take that
 | telescope and go under the water near the cake room. Equip it and look
 | up (into the water) to clean it and head out of the cake room. Nearby
 | there are monitors. Equip the monitors and look at them to see the lock
 | puzzle solution: (PERSON, BELL W/BIRD, FETUS).
 |  As soon as you can interact with the lock, put in the puzzle solution
 | (PERSON, BELL W/BIRD, FETUS) to obtain a STRAW MAN. Grab it and interact
 | with the keg for the GEAR. Move out of the water room now and go turn on
 | the stove. Use it to light the CANDLE and burn the STRAW MAN for the
 | FINGER item.
 |  Take the candle and head right to the door right of the monitors. Use
 | the candle to burn the rope on it and enter. Head to the back and check
 | the corner near the furniture (BEFORE the bookcase) to find a BALLOON.
 | Take the BALLOON out of the room and use the gas pipe on the right to
 | fill it and pop it. This is a grisly scene, actually, but it nets you an
 | item we need: the QUILL.
 |  Head back to the clown now. Put the FINGER on his hand, then put the
 | QUILL in his hand. Finally, but the GEAR in his gut to wind him up and
 | watch what happens. Another grisly scene, but we got a password out of
 | it: LOSER. Ugh... you can even hold L1 to see it again...
 |  Head back to the balloon room and at the end you'll find another lock.
 | Put in the code "Loser" into this one and it will open up, letting you
 | take the VALVE. Head through the water to the cake room and take an
 | IMMEDIATE left to the water pipe. Use the VALVE to shut off the water.
 |  From there, all you need to do is re-light your candle and put it in
 | the cake. This is the end of the puzzle. You can try using the valve
 | again, but it won't help. Nothing will help. Just... just live however
 | long you can. And Happy Birthday!
 Well, that was extreme, wasn't it?! But we have to go after Lucas now, so
store the tape, save if you wish, and head out of the trailer and put the
"Keycard (RED)" into the door to the right to continue.

 Head up the stairs and enter the room. Nothing to do here but watch TV,
so go ahead. This is actually a really cool scene, so enjoy it until the TV
breaks, then you can head forwards. Go PAST the door here for a [_HERB_],
then enter the room.

 Here, note the TRIPWIRE to the right. It's attached to a very obvious
glowing thing, so it's easy to see, but Lucas has TRAPS. That can't be good.
Break the box here and duck to get under the tripwire, than move around and
duck to get under another one. Check the shelves here on the left for some
[_HANDGUN AMMO x10_], then continue on.

 In this room, duck under another wire and then look

 Destroy the crate here for an item, but as you round the corner you will
see another crate on the stairs. DO NOT DESTROY THIS ONE. Hit it with a 
burst of FLAME (cheaper than a bullet) and it will EXPLODE. Trust me, I
learned this one the hard way! Hahaha!

 Continue down the stairs but DO NOT go into the door yet. It's got TWO
tripwires guarding it. Head to the right side and look in and you should
see one of the red lights. Shoot it with some flame and then you can duck
under the next one. Shoot it off the wall if you wish...

 Interact with the buttons by the door now to get a scene with Lucas. He
will give us some passwords: 0814, then 0621 and finally 0514. Each of them
is crap: he's not letting us in that easy. Enter in any password and Lucas
will say "Tick-Tock" while it sounds like something is moving. MOVE AWAY FROM
THE DOOR at this point. Go stand by the barrels, but do not stand by the door
or any area to the side of it as a pendulum of pipes is about to swing down
and try to impale you!

 A door on the side of the room will open now,  so head down and enter the
door on the right. There's two boxes in here. The first one has some items,
so destroy it. The other one is a TRAP. The cabinet to the right has nothing
in it, but you can find  [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_] in the wheelbarrow. Exit the
other door here (it leads back to the hallway) and head down.

 Now... this next part is evil. Near the end of the hallway is a TRIPWIRE,
but as you get near it a Four-Legged Molded shows up and attacks from behind.
I recommend just killing it. If it was a regular molded, I would say let it
hit the trap, but this thing is so small it isn't worth it. Kill it off and
then duck under the wire and open the door. You may want to destroy the
tripwire behind you, as there are monsters coming up. If you are confident
in your slaying ability, there's no need though (if you plan to use your
Burner, I would destroy it). DO NOT HEAL if you are suffering!

 DO NOT go in the door though. There are FOUR traps in this room. It is very
much worth getting into though. You can destroy the first trap from the doorway
as it is on the right wall. You need to angle yourself to the left of the
doorway to  see it though. The second one you should destroy is up on the
ceiling to the right. Now, there are two more in here, but you can avoid them
by ducking and sticking to the right. Doing this, you can check the locker on
the right here, but DO NOT destroy the box (it is a trap). Instead, just pick
up the [_STEROIDS_] on the bottom. Free MAX HEALTH! Yes please! The drawer to
the left also has an [_ANTIQUE COIN 13/18_], so as you can see this room was
very much worth it! If you are badly injured, use the Steroids!

 Head into the big open area next. There's going to be some fighting here.
Just to the right is a Molded. Take him out, but as you do so, two more will
show up further in. One is a STRONG ARM Molded, but his legs are damaged and
he will only crawl on you. Perfect fodder for the Shotgun. There is a regular
Molded behind him, hampered by the body in the way. Heh, I used the Burner on

 Once they are all dead, STOP and look to the left. The animal pens are over
there, but on the post for one of them is [_MR. EVERYWHERE 13/20_]. Shoot him
down, and then check the right cubby where the first Molded was to find an
[_HERB_] and continue on, checking to the right for some [_GUNPOWDER_] on a
shelf as you go. Enter the stairs and head into the room straight ahead that
you see. It is a SAVE ROOM. Thank god!

 In here you can find some [_SOLID FUEL_] on the left shelf and then some
[_SHOTGUN SHELL x3_] in the bucket. You can also use the Repair Kit on the
"Broken Handgun" here if you wish (that is, if you didn't do it earlier) for
the [_M19 HANDGUN_]. Save and stock up from here. I recommend some more
Burner Fuel, at the very least!

(-NOTE-) I'm not waking the handgun with me. Lots of ammo and the more
         powerful M19 variant means a little less stress on my shotgun.
         It pulls its weight coming up as well!

 Head out and make your way to the box in the northwest corner for some
random goodies, then follow the south path to another good box. What we need
to do now though is to drop off the north side. Ethan recovers kind-of slowly
here. Heh. Head up the stairs and grab the [_BATTERY_]. The box in the corner
here is good, but the one on the shelf is BAD. Destroy the bad box and grab
the  [_HERB_] next to it. Finally, head down the stairs and destroy both
boxes down here.

 Once you are ready, put the battery in to start a fight. This is the "Barn
Fight" as Lucas calls it, and pits us against a FAT MOULDED. These guys as you
can guess are stronger than normal. This isn't a hard fight though: just stay
back where the battery bank is and use your HANDGUN (of all things... the
reason I put the note up above) and get in headshots. The Fat Molded will
belch crap at us, but you can easily strafe left or right while he does this
and avoid it. Just keep nailing headshots over and over and you'll take him
out eventually...

 After the fight, enter the elevator and hit the button. We have no choice.
The elevator will head up and the opposite doors will open. Thank goodness!
 Head onward and enter the room you find. The charred body you find here
isn't a threat, by the way. There are some [_SUPPLEMENTS_] in front of you
and a bag of [_CHEM FLUID_] to the right. Grab them both and go read the
note. REMEMBER THE NUMBER HERE, as it is the key to the password door from
earlier (it was 1408 for me, but may not be for you!). Head outside of the
room and check the shelves here for an [_ANTIQUE COIN 14/18_], then hit the
button to lower the stairs.

 These stairs lead directly to the locked door. Go ahead and put in your
code to unlock the door, but Lucas won't let you in until you put in EVERY
ITEM in your storage box. Gah... go ahead and do it. Enter the door now and
we'll be in the "Happy Birthday" room.

 HOWEVER! Unlike the poor guy before us, we can sequence-break this game.
Take the CANDLE and head into the cake room. Lucas will introduce the game
like last time, so head to the stove now and turn it on. It takes awhile, but
light your candle and go burn the rope on the door leading to the BALOON room.
Here, put in the "LOSER" password on the lock, which we learned from the
videotape earlier.

 Take the VALVE now and go turn off the water. Then, go light your candle
again and put it in the birthday cake. We have not messed with the keg at
all, so the exploding cake won't burn us to death. What Lucas tries to do
though is DROP A BOMB into the room. What we need to do is pick up the bomb
and interact with the BROKEN WALL near the keg. This will blast us a new path
out of the room.

 Follow the path to find a "Control Room". This is where Lucas was monitoring
us, as the spinning chair shows. Watch the TV here for a scene, as Zoe will
tell us where to go to next:

 o Sub-Objective: Meet with Zoe and Mia at the boat house.
  After that, grab the [_D-SERIES HEAD_] from the right and then turn around
for the [_TESTING AREA MAP_]. You can also access a storage chest here, so
re-equip yourself and then SAVE if you wish. I would, especially for the note
and trophy below!

(-NOTE-) You can get the "1st Place at the Science Fair" Bronze Trophy here
         fairly easily, if you hoard items like I do anyways. It is given to
         you for "creating all items that contain Chem Fluid or Strong Chem
         Fluid". With that second set of "Supplements" up above, we FINALLY
         have enough items to do so.
         This is assuming you have hoarded items of course. SAVE before you
         do this and make all of the items, then reload to be where you were
         before with another trophy under you belt!
 Now, BE SURE to take along the CRANK item and head out. As you exit the door,
go about halfway in the hallway and STOP. Now turn around (180 degrees) and
you'll see [_MR. EVERYWHERE 14/20_]. So sneaky! Shoot him down! Continue on
now and as you reach open air, check to the right for some [_SHOTGUN SHELL x6_],
which is quite generous of them. Head to the next plank and check to the right
again for some more ammo: [_HANDGUN AMMO x10_]. Nice. Use the crank now on the
mechanism to make a plank raise up.

 Continue on and take the right path once you are able (left is a dead end).
Head into the house on the right here and break the boxes to find some items
and nab the [_CHEM FLUID_] on the shelves. There is also someone we just ran
into: [_MR. EVERYWHERE 15/20_] on the left-side of this room, laying down
under a net.

 Head down the other path and check to the left of the box (on the ground)
to find some [_44 MAG AMMO x1_]. Every little bit helps. OK, once we crank
THIS bridge up, we will be in combat mode. What you SHOULD do here is crank
it up and then a Four-Legged Molded will attack as you head back. Take this
one out QUICKLY with your shotgun and then run towards the bridge. There are
FOUR MOLDED walking towards us from the area we entered from. We can outrun
them easily. On the way though, another Four-Legged Molded will attack. Put
some shotgun shells into him, RELOAD QUICKLY, and just past the bridge a
single Molded will drop down. Shotgun him as well and then enter the door,
saving us a fight against the rest of the Molded.

 This area is a SAVE ROOM. Destroy the box on the right and then grab the 
[_GUNPOWDER_] here. There's also some [_PSYCHOSTIMULANTS_] by the cassette
player, [_FLAME ROUND x3_] to the left of that, and in the left corner you
can find a [_HERB_] and [_SHOTGUN SHELL x10_]. Up above the cassette player
you can also find some [_CHEM FLUID_], [_STRONG CHEM FLUID_], and some
[_SEPERATING AGENT_]. Do you have the feeling they are stocking us up a bit!?
They are. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you bring your HANDGUN and SHOTGUN to this fight
with a number of bullets. If you want to be overkill, you can bring the
grenade launcher, but I've fought this fight numerous times without it.
Just having precision shots is enough...

 Save and re-supply as needed, and grab the "D-SERIES ARM" and the "D-SERIES
HEAD". We'll need them in a bit. Now, head up the stairs.

 You'll see Mia and Zoe both tied up. Go cut Mia free and then interact with
Zoe. She'll ask for the items and will make TWO SERUM's to heal both Mia and
her with. Before we can use them though, we will be thrust into a boss fight
(no wonder they stocked us up!).

 |                     ~ BOSS ENCOUNTER: MUTATED JACK ~                       |
 |                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                      |
 |                                                                            |
 |   Jack is STILL NOT DEAD. This is getting ridiculous, isn't it? He         |
 |  is quite mutated though, as he drags us into a large square room to       |
 |  do battle!                                                                |
 |                                                                            |
 |   Unlike the last boss battle, I RECOMMEND YOU LOOT THE AREA before you    |
 |  start fighting. If we let the battle rage too long, we'll lose access     |
 |  to the loot. But first, let's talk about this area we are fighting in.    |
 |  There is an upper and lower area to this fight. The upper area has some   |
 |  narrow walkways and access to two corners. The lower area is slightly     |
 |  flooded, but you can move around much easier and have access to every     |
 |  corner and its items.                                                     |
 |                                                                            |
 |   OK, now let's loot while we can. The upstairs loot is pretty easy to     |
 |  get to. In the southeast corner where you start are two boxes. Best to    |
 |  ignore them and run to the northwest corner to dodge Jacks initial swipe  |
 |  attack. Here you can find [_SHOTGUN SHELL x10_], a [_FIRST AID MED_] and  |
 |  a box. Go back for the other boxes when you can, then drop down to the    |
 |  lower floor.                                                              |
 |                                                                            |
 |   Down here we're going to run to each corner and collect loot, so stay    |
 |  with me. Head to the southeast corner to find [_HANDGUN AMMO x20_]. In    |
 |  the northeast corner is a box you can break. Head to the northwest corner |
 |  now for a box and some [_SHOTGUN SHELL x10_], and then finally in the     |
 |  southwest corner another box. As you can see, that is a GUARANTEED 20     |
 |  shotgun shells, which should help a ton. You can beat this boss with that |
 |  alone, actually, but handgun shots have their place for sure.             |
 |                                                                            |
 |   Now onto actually fighting Jack. This is very much an "old school" type  |
 |  fight. Jack has a total of EIGHT weakpoints on his body. These show up    |
 |  as giant eyeballs, and I'm sure you can identify several of them. I've    |
 |  re-played this and counted them though, so let's identify them:           |
 |                                                                            |
 |                                                                            |
 |        1. FACE                  2. BACK (Giant One)                        |
 |        3. TAIL                  4. LEFT ARM                                |
 |        5. RIGHT ARM             6. RIGHT SIDE                              |
 |        7. BELLY                 8. UNDER TAIL                              |
 |                                                                            |
 |                                                                            |
 |   As you can see, we have a LOT of points we can hit. Up close with the    |
 |  shotgun is the way to go. Climbing up the ladder and then waiting for     |
 |  Jack to come up can net you his face and two arms easily, with about      |
 |  two shotgun blasts each. You can likely get his side and back just as     |
 |  easily. To get his "under" eyes, I would recommend luring him up to the   |
 |  top screen and then dropping down. Pull out your handgun from there and   |
 |  take precision shots to take out his belly and "under tail" eyes. You     |
 |  can get the back and side eyes doing this too, if needed. Finally, the    |
 |  tail is probably the easiest down on the lower level, just running behind |
 |  Jack and getting to the tail which moves back and forth but very, very    |
 |  easy to nail with the shotgun.                                            |
 |                                                                            |
 |   As for Jack's attacks, up on top he will likely either swipe at you or   |
 |  vomit bile at you. The swipes need to be guarded if you are close, as     |
 |  they can't be dodged otherwise. You can outrun them if you start before   |
 |  he does though. The bile can just be dodged if you strafe left or right.  |
 |  He'll do this down below as well. His last attack is a lunge/slam attack  |
 |  where Jack will slam his fist down at you. Running away is about all you  |
 |  can do to avoid this, and even then you'll get shaken up if the fist      |
 |  lands near you. He won't do this much up above, will is prone to mostly   |
 |  use the slam attack and spitting down below. If you are down below and    |
 |  he is up above, he will at times come halfway down and try to crush you   |
 |  with a fist. If his head stays down when he does this, he is going to     |
 |  spit at you. Just be aware of all these attacks and aim for thos weak     |
 |  spots!                                                                    |
 |                                                                            |
 |   Once you have all of the weak spots defeated, Jack will fall down to     |
 |  the water and disappear. It's not over though: he'll drag you into a      |
 |  VERY close encounter fight. What you want to do here is just blast his    |
 |  face with the shotgun as much as you can. That simple. He'll slam down    |
 |  at you with his fist. You can avoid this fist if you run INTO the area    |
 |  underneath it. Just keep shooting his face though and soon he'll be down. |
 |                                                                            |
 |   Zoe will show up near the door afterwards. As we try to follow her,      |
 |  Jack will show up and grab us once again. This is RIDICULOUS. All you     |
 |  have to do here is inject Jack with the serum. This is... unavoidable.    |
 |  If we want to stop him, we MUST do this, so go ahead and do it to end     |
 |  this fight.                                                               |
 |                                                                            |
 |                                                                            |

 After the fight, you can break two boxes for items. Do so and then follow
Zoe. You'll see a scene and then comes one of the biggest choices in the

 Who do you save? Zoe or Mia?
 This choice is all up to you, but does affect a couple of things. The first
is whether or not you have an extra fight later (picking Zoe leads to another
fight later) and the overall ending. There are trophies for BOTH choices, so
I personally don't think you can go too wrong.

 The game, however, does generally consider saving MIA here the "Good Ending"
for whatever that is worth...

 Make your choice and watch the scene afterwards as we get into the boat
and leave into the swamp.
(-NOTE-) You will get the "You Better Start Running" Bronze Trophy here
         for "escaping from the Baker family home".

 ___ ___ ____ ________________________________________________________________
| _ \ __|__  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   / _|  / /                   ~ THE TANKER ~                 |     RE005

 We'll wake up as Mia here (even if you chose Zoe... don't ask me how that
works!) and we'll be alone. Not good! We must find Ethan!
 o Objective: Look for Ethan

 Follow the ramp upwards and drop down into the ship. You'll see a body up
ahead... Ethan! Go up and try to wake him and soon the body will disappear!
Gah... continue on and go left up the ramp to the door. Open it and head down
into the ship.

 I don't know about you, but seeing this ship immediately gave me some
"Resident Evil Revelations" vibes. This is a linear path, so head onwards
and you'll get a flashback soon. Keep going up the stairs you find and into
a large room. There is a drawer on the left in here, but it is empty. Go look
at the far door and turn around for another flashback.

 Just like the ship workers did, drop down into the vents now. Follow them
forwards UNTIL you hit a split. Go RIGHT once you can and look to the left
at the dead end for an [_ANTIQUE COIN 15/18_]. Head down the other path now
and drop down into the ship.

 Going right here is a dead end, so deep following the path as you finally
find some doors to open. The first room you find has a surprise in the locker.
Nothing of real interest though. A ship crew list (part of one), along with
a message on the wall. The next room has a locker you can open, but nothing
in it. Another creepy message on the wall. Continue on to head outside and go
up the stairs on the left to see another flashback.

 Follow the girl and you'll end up climbing a ladder and dropping down into
some water. Once you drop down, STOP and look to the left, near the wall and
back a bit. There is an [_ANTIQUE COIN 16/18_] here, one of the best hidden
ones in the game!

 Head up the ladder here and you'll see another scene with the little girl.
Sounds like there is history here. Follow her and watch her close the door
behind her, corrupting it. To the left of the door is a FUSE BOX, but we need
to find the fuse...

 OK, there are Four-Legged Molded prowling about in this area. Things are
about to get real. Head into the nearby door (right of the stairs) to find
a box that we can't open and a [_HERB_]. Head east now to the other northern
room and open it up. To the right here is a [_CHEM FLUID_] but in the back
note the glowing dot on the wall.

 If you try to go for it, a Molded will come out. No need to fear! Lead him
back around the table behind you, then run for the glowing dot to gain the
[_GENERAL PURPOSE FUSE_]. Just what we needed. Dodge the Molded on the way
out (I went around the table) and shut the door to keep him in that room.

 Use the fuse on the door Evie went through and follow her. We'll be in a
staircase. Head up to the third floor and follow the path. She'll lead you
to some sort of control room and will turn around in a chair, telling you to
watch the tape. Well... grab the [_OLD VIDEOTAPE_] and put it in...
(-NOTE-) You will get the "Be Kind, Please Rewind" Bronze Trophy here
         for watching all the videotapes in a single playthrough. All
         of THREE, apparently.

 |  The videotape once again features Mia. We are controlling her while she
 | is "at work" and she'll be talking to her co-worker, Alan. Evie has
 | somehow gotten free, and needs to be found. We seem to be safer than
 | most though, due to the "Imprinting" that has been done, but we still
 | need to find her!
 |  o Objective: Find Eveline
 |  Once we gain control, search the room you are in for some [_ORDERS_]
 | and [_MACHINE GUN AMMO x60_]. This videotape will have combat, like the
 | main game, but for the most part we have more than enough ammo to kill
 | everything we find. That's good at least!
 |  Head out of the door and head south. In this southern hallway note the
 | elevator. We'll be using it later. Head into the next door here and grab
 | the [_SUPPLEMENTS_] and [_HERB_] in this "Crew Room". There's a box in
 | here that's locked as well. Keep that in mind, then head outside. Note
 | the door to the north is locked and there's another box here that is
 | locked. Lovely.
 |  Head into the northern doors now (you can confirm the northwest door
 | is locked, if you wish), but as you enter the northern door the game will
 | tell you she is close. You can grab [_MACHINE GUN AMMO x40_] to the left
 | in here. Instead of ducking into the next room, move right across the
 | room to find some [_SUPPLEMENTS_] and then head into the room to the
 | west to find [_MACHINE GUN AMMO x60_]. We're locked and loaded now! Go
 | ahead and duck into the southern room now to see that Evie has displayed
 | some of her power. Mia will report in to Alan and the hunt is back on.
 |  Grab the [_HERB_] from the sink and head back out into the hallway.
 | Head left and take out the Molded, then back down into the elevator.
 | Use it when you can, but BEWARE! As you enter, a Molded will fall down
 | so be sure to kill it and then head to "S2".
 |  Follow the path and kill the Molded you come across. Past the monster
 | look for an [_HERB_] in a tray by the water tank  (kind of hidden) and
 | then some [_MACHINE GUN AMMO x40_] on the pallets. A BLADE ARM enemy is
 | in the next room, so be ready and take him out. Also, note the locked
 | door on the right then continue to the end of the hallway to find a new
 | weapon: some [_REMOTE BOMB x2_]. Now, there's a TROPHY you can get with
 | these things, which I'll cover in the note below:
 | (-NOTE-) You will get the "That's a Spicy Meat-a-ball" Bronze Trophy here
 |          if you can attach a remote bomb to an enemy. We can actually do
 |          this RIGHT AFTER getting the remote bombs. Head into the next room
 |          and let the Molded come down. Wait until he charges you and then
 |          LET him grab you. You'll fall down, but quickly equipping the bomb
 |          will let you shove it in the Molded's face. Wait a few seconds
 |          after that and you'll have your trophy.
 |  After killing that monster, look for [_MACHINE GUN AMMO x40_] on the left
 | and continue on the fairly linear path (up and down some stairs) to a
 | locked door on the right. We'l call Alan from here. After that, check the
 | corner here for some [_CHEM FLUID_] and enter the next room. You can open
 | a gate in here for [_CORROSIVE x3_], which can open all those locks we've
 | been coming across.
 |  Go back to the room and use some corrosive on it. Note that you CAN GO
 | BACK to the previous locked room now if you wish. To stock up. If you do,
 | you'll use another corrosive and be able to loot [_MACHINE GUN AMMO x60_],
 | a [_HERB_], [_REMOTE BOMB x2_], and another [_CORROSIVE_]. Not a bad haul.
 |  Head back to the objective room now and as you enter and head to the
 | back, you'll get several talking sequences with Evil. Circle the room
 | and leave. Evie is playing with us... We'll call Alan as we leave, then
 | we'll have to make our way back, but we'll have several fights along the
 | way. In the stairs room there are two Molded, so use a bomb and mop up
 | afterwards. In the hallway past that you'll get a single Molded, so take
 | him out with bullets. After that are two more Molded, so use a remote bomb
 | to severely weaken them and mop up afterwards. At the elevator, Evie will
 | once again make us wait but soon we can use it and head up to the third
 | floor.
 |  Except, we'll never make it. Climb up once you can. You can go check out
 | Alan's room if you want, but he's gone and we're forced the other way
 | around. In the crew room, use corrosive on the box for [_REMOTE BOMB x2_]
 | and head outside to meet a Strong Arm Molded. He is worthy of a bomb, so
 | use one to help take him out. Outside the Crew Room to the north you can
 | use your last corrosive for ANOTHER [_REMOTE BOMB x2_], although we really
 | don't need it.
 |  Head into the upper north room now, then into the room on the right.
 | Here you can head into the far right corner and lift yourself up out of
 | the room to bypass the door block. Head into the stairway now and head
 | up to the 3rd Floor. Move forward to see a scene with Alan.
 |  Almost at the end, I promise! After you wake up from the earlier scene,
 | head forwards and interact with the computer to send out a message (one
 | that we've see before). Continue on now to a last scene and the end of
 | the video.

 After the videotape you'll get a scene. Oh man, it sounds like we've just
made an enemy! We can SAVE now though, so do so and head east into the next
room when you're ready. Open the cabinet on the left for some [_CHEM FLUID_]
and then head forward to the elevator. Open it up and inspect the hatch to
see we need a tool. Climb out and check the box to the left to see something
is missing, but read the note for the [_TATTERED SECRET DOCUMENT_].

  o Sub-Objective: Enter the elevator from above

 Head into the next room and check the box to the left to see it is locked.
We need another lockpick. There's [_MACHINE GUN AMMO x40_] here though. Go
back and check the locker for some [_CHEM FLUID_], the desk across from it
for some [_GUNPOWDER_] and where the computer was for a [_HERB_]. The laptop
is on the floor, broken. Head onward now to find the door is broken and we
need some corrosive.

 o Sub-Objective: Open the door with a Corrosive
 Head back to the elevator now and climb the ladder inside it. At the top,
move forward and drop down. In this large room, there should be a computer
nearby you can interact with that still has cameras active. Use it until you
find Ethan, giving us a main objective:

 o Objective: Go to the bottom level and save Ethan
 You'll get a scene once you get off the monitor. Head to the left side of
this area now and check the drawers here for some [_GUNPOWDER_], then head
to the RIGHT side of the ship and south. The door on the left down here is
the "Captain's Cabin". Open it and check the locker to see the goodies it
has, which gives us two objectives:

 o Objective: Get the Machine Gun
 o Sub-Objective: Find the Captain's Cabin Locker Key

 You can also find the [_SHIP MAP_] in here as well as the [_LUG WRENCH_]
item, which we'll need in a bit. Head west now, opening the locker by the
elevator shaft for an [_HERB_]. You can head further west (the path north
just connects the northern room) to some stairs. Note the "Mr. Everywhere"
here that we can't get yet and down the stairs get the [_REMOTE BOMB_].
And be sure not to use it on the tanks down below like I may have... 

 Head back to the elevator now and open the door, then jump down. Use the
LUGWRENCH on the door here and drop down into the elevator. You can examine
the panels on the elevator now to get a couple of objectives. Check out the
paper note above the panel to for the [_MECHANIC'S MEMO_]. Here are those

 o Sub-Objective: Find a power cable
 o Sub-Objective: Find the fuse
 Note that we can go either UP or DOWN here. Let's go up first. Right in
front of you is a [_SURVIVAL KNIFE_]. We can actually go get that collectable
from earlier now, if you want. I did. You have to re-climb the long ladder in
the elevator, but you can reach those stairs easily after that and destroy
[_MR. EVERYWHERE 16/20_] easily enough. Head back to where you got the survival
knife at after that.

 Now, in this 2F hallway, is a Molded. It is VERY weak though, and is armless.
They know we only have a knife. Go ahead and kill it. For me it was to the
right, by a box, just watch out for its bite attack and knife it to death.
Once it is dead, go check out the room Alan was in to find the "Orders" paper
is still here, but you can find [_HANDGUN AMMO x10_] to the right of it (duck
to find it) and some [_CORROSIVE_]. I'm sure you've also noticed this area is
a save room, so save and drop off whatever you wish.

 Head across the southern hallway now to the "Bunk Room". The southern door
here is LOCKED. Head into the northern room and you'll see a Molded Enemy
drop down. It cost me a little health, but this Molded is weak and I ended
up slashing it to death (we saved recently too... this is pretty safe). Once
it is dead, loot the room for some [_CHEM FLUID_] in the microwave and some
[_GUNPOWDER_] in the far drawer. There's a magazine article talking about
Raccoon City as well.

 Go use the Corrosive now on the southern door. THIS room is the room we
want to get into! Inside you can find the [_CAPTAIN's CABIN KEY_] and some
[_STRONG CHEM FLUID_] in the drawer. With this key, I highly recommend that
you backtrack to the Captain's Cabin, but BE CAREFUL on the way. As you drop
down onto the bridge, a Four-Legged Molded will attack. Use a Remote Bomb on
it to blow it up (I got one from the box... which is really good since I
totally wasted the one from earlier...), then head to the Captain's Room and
SHUT THE DOOR. Open the cabinet now for a [_REMOTE BOMB_] and our machine gun:
the [_P19 MACHINE GUN_]. A Molded will attack from the doorway once you claim
this weapon, so be ready.

 OK, I feel much safer now! Head back to the 2nd Floor now (I saved) and go
unlock the northwest door. Head east along the northern hallway now and go
through the northeast door. Climb the ladder here to find [_REMOTE BOMB x2_]
and a tin box you can unlock for a [_LOCKPICK_]. There is also a sneaky
[_MR. EVERYWHERE 17/20_] up here, but you'll need to put a bullet in him to
get him.

 Drop down and enter the north room (the "Dining Room"). Be ready: a Strong
Arm Molded will come out of the kitchen area, so have a bomb ready for him
and take him out. Enter the kitchen area by ducking through the passage to
find [_MACHINE GUN AMMO x40_] and a garbage can you can open. Nothing is in
it. Head into the "Break Room" now and open the cabinet here for some
[_GUNPOWDER_] then head south into the "Lounge" for a [_HERB_]. There is a
puzzle in this room with the painting, but honestly calling it a "puzzle" is
being generous. All you need to do is match the LEFT paintings, which you can
rotate, to the right paintings. Doing this will unlock the safe in the room,
which grants you [_CORROSIVE x3_]. Very nice!

 Go back and Save if you wish (it is so close!) and then head to the northwest
exit here and go downstairs to the 1st Floor. There is a Four-Legged Molded
down here near the door, so be ready for it. I hate those things so much. From
here though, you can go south and enter the southwest room to find a save point
but more importantly the [_MPM HANDGUN_] in a drawer. More firepower!

 Be careful heading out of the doorway. I was attacked by ANOTHER Four-Legged
Molded. This one usually haunts the east hallway, but it may be waiting for
you. Either way, take it out. We got exploring to do. Head east along the
hallway to the room below the Bunk Room. In here on the box in front of you
are some [_PSYCHOSTIMULANTS_]. Also on that box is [_GIOVANNI's WILL_] and
under that a box you can destroy. Head north after that and look for some
[_HANDGUN AMMO x6_] under a bed, as well as [_JIM'S LETTER_] in the northeast
corner. Head back out to the hallway after that (again, being careful of that
molded if you didn't kill it yet!).

 Check the upper northeast room now and use a corrosive on it to open it up.
Inside is a good prize: the [_BACKPACK UPGRADE 3_]. Grab the [_CORROSIVE_]
next to it and some [_MACHINE GUN AMMO x50_] on a bench across the way. You
can also find a [_HERB_] near the weeds in here. Finally, check the back
locker to find [_REMOTE BOMB x2_]. A very nice room.

 Head out into the hallway now and go to the stairway door. Here, take the
[_GENERAL PURPOSE FUSE_] out of the panel, then go south to the elevator and
climb back up into it. Put the fuse into place. That's half the job done
towards fixing the elevator!

 Pull yourself up to the 2nd Floor and make sure you have your lockpick (and
save if you want... some fights coming up). Head to the staircase and to the
third floor. Head through the rooms to the lockpick drawer now and pick it for
the [_ANTIQUE COIN 17/18_] inside. On your way to the corrosive door, there
will be a strong-arm molded. He's weakened though, so a single Remote Bomb
should be able to kill him off.

 Use the corrosive acid on the door and head down the hallway. We have a nice
view of the outside as we go, but you'll need to enter a bathroom at the end.
It is just so... very creepy. I actually paused here for awhile. Be brave and
continue on. In the room past that you can find a [_CHEM FLUID_] and a [_STRONG
CHEM FLUID_] on the shelf. If you want to be prepared, put a Remote Bomb by the
bathroom entrance, then go check out the powered monitor.

 You'll hear a Far Molded appear from the bathroom. Yep, he's coming for us!
Let him eat the remote bomb and two more after that to take him out (although
a couple machine gun rounds may still be needed). Once he is down, claim the
[_POWER CABLE_] from the machine and some [_CORROSIVE_] from the far corner.
In the nearby hallway is a [_REMOTE BOMB_] at the end, but unfortunately we
need to head ALL the way around where we came from to get back.

 We can now fix the elevator, so do so and head to "S2". You'll get a
message from Evie here, but continue forward. When you get some grating up
above you, be careful and spot the molded crawling above you. It is a strong
arm molded, but retreat and look up to see where it will drop down at. Put a
remote bomb to greet it, then head forward. Nab the box on the left cubby,
then kill the enemy around the corner (they were obviously trying to get a
cheap pincer attack on you!). Check the room now for a [_REMOTE BOMB_] and
some [_HANDGUN AMMO x15_] in the cabinet.

 The next hallway has a Four-Legged Molded in it, so be ready for him. Too
fast to use a remote bomb on it, just shoot him down. Check the room on the
right now for [_REMOTE BOMB x2_], [_MACHINE GUN AMMO x80_], a box you can
break, and [_HANDGUN AMMO x8_] in the cabinet.

 Head into the "No. 1 Engine Room" now. Check to the left to find another
[_REMOTE BOMB_], then circle around the pipes for [_MACHINE GUN AMMO x70_]
on some of the piping. Get ready for a fight now: as you approach the stairs
a Strong Arm Molded will rise up. Let him eat a bomb and finish him off. On
top of the stairs is worse though: another Fat Molded. Let this one run into
your bombs as well. He's the last enemy in the way, so lay into him.

 Continue to find two boxes up on the stairs and head into the next hallway.
Head down the stairs and use some corroseive acid on the box to find an
[_ANTIQUE COIN 18/18_]. Head forward and back to the cargo bay (on the left
side) and use some acid on the box here for some [_REMOTE BOMB x2_], then you
can head into the "No. 2 Engine Room".

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Pelicans in Your Pocket" Silver Trophy shortly
         after picking up that last Antique Coin, as it is the last one in
         the "Easy" and "Normal" game modes!
 Move forward here to see a series of scenes. I really liked the Jack one.
Makes you feel pretty bad for them, right? Yeah...

(-NOTE-) One of the CONSEQUENCES of your "Mia vs. Zoe" choice is felt here.
         If you saved Zoe over Mia, you will have to fight Mia at this point.
         She has been taken control of by Evie once again, and will come at
         you with a knife. Head back to the back area and you can find a
         [_CROWBAR_] lying on the ground. Now we have no choice but to attack
         her with it. Block when Mia attacks and then counterattack twice.
         Keep that strategy up and you'll kill her fairly easily. Watch what
         happens afterwards...
 Once you have control of Ethan, head forward and duck under the grating you
find. Ignore the taunting message and jump down from the ship when you can to
complete this section, escaping the ship and continuing onward.

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Into the Depths" Bronze Trophy here for escaping
         the ship.


 ___ ___ ____ ________________________________________________________________
| _ \ __|__  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   / _|  / /                   ~ THE MINES ~                  |     RE006

 We'll find ourselves in "The Swamp" and will have a new objective, although
I'm sure you don't need reminding:

 o Objective: Take down Eveline
 Head forward and you'll see things in the water. They are actually fish.
There's a ton of them in the upcoming areas! Duck under the log and continue
on, going over a log. Once you go over a log you can check the right-edge of
this large fish-genocide area for a [_FLAME ROUND x1_], then head to the left
edge and continue under the dock. Head up the ladder. In this small room, you
can claim [_ENHANCED HANDGUN AMMO x12_] and read a journal (its not a file
though). We're approaching a salt mine apparently.

 Continue on and look to the right for some [_PSYCHOSTIMULANTS_]. Check out
the helicopter photo nearby and turn on the radio. You'll hear some chatter
from Alpha 1 and Bravo 1. Seems like some people are after Eveline. They
seem to be tracking us too. Hopefully it is backup!

 Enter the room to see it is a SAVE ROOM. Our cages are hear from the trailer
as well, but look under them for [_MACHINE GUN AMMO x120_]. The storage here
has good news too: WE HAVE TAKEN MIA'S THINGS. Nice. You can likely buy the
Magnum with the coins we have been finding, which I recommend you do! This is
the last stretch of the game as well, so stock up on firepower (leave the
magnum for now) and save. Be sure to bring bullets and healing items as well!
I'm focusing on the shotgun and enhanced handgun ammo.

 Head out the door now and take a RIGHT. You'll find [_BURNER FUEL x170_].
They are really prepping us! If you follow the building to the left, you
can find a [_44 MAG AMMO x1_] on the edge, but PAUSE AND LOOK UP to find
[_MR. EVERYWHERE 18/20_] as well. On the cart up ahead you'll find some
[_CHEM FLUID_] and past that some [_STRONG CHEM FLUID_].

 Up ahead is an area with an elevator and a LOT of Molded. FIVE of them to
be exact. Give them some of the good stuff and you are free to explore the
area. Near the right junk is some [_CHEM FLUID_] and the barrels after that
have some more [_STRONG CHEM FLUID_]. There's also two boxes in the area by
the back, and around by the crane's far side is a tin you can open that has
an [_HERB_] in it.

 Once you are ready, enter the elevator and head down into the Salt Mine.
Seems like a place we dont' want to go. Exit and head forward, killing the
Four-Legged Molded who greets you. Watch out for traps by the door: you can
shoot one by the door and another further in. Maybe Lucas came through here?
Circle around the center pillar clockwise to destroy two more traps.

 The tunnel leading onward has two Strong Arm Molded in it. I put a bomb here
to take them out and cleaned up with the shotgun. Be sure to destroy the two
boxes in the room and push on through the tunnel. You'll need to drop down
eventually (gulp) and will see a three way path split.

 Thankfully, the left tunnel is a dead end. It does have a [_44 MAG AMMO x1_]
in a barrel though. The tunnel that lead straight is also a dead end but is
even more worthwhile with [_REMOTE BOMB x2_]. Nice. Continue down the right
tunnel now but BE CAREFUL. A Molded and Four-Legged Molded will spawn behind
you as you go for the tunnel. Quick-turn and blast them with the shotgun.
Those four-legged ones will be the death of me, I swear.

 It gets worse though. As you go through the tunnel two MORE Molded will
spawn behind you. What's with the back-attacks, guys?! A remote mine would
do well here, but kill them off. In this next area, we need to push the
minecart to destroy the barrier. Do so and take the path on the left that
you can now access.

 This wide-open area is surprisingly enemy free. There is a box way in the
back, so break it for an item but STOP and look up. Up on the walkway above
you can find [_MR. EVERYWHERE 19/20_], but you'll need to shot him. Do so
 and head up the stairs. DO NOT break the box up here though: shoot it instead
 as it is a trap. Head into the next room.

 Here there is a laptop to the left you can read for the [_EMAIL LOG_] file.
Perhaps this is Lucas? Traps nearby and the way it reads makes me think so,
and he comes off as a genuine psycho. Lovely. There are [_HERB x2_] on the
desk. Nab them and head to the door, but STOP! Duck and luck under the tubs
to your right to find some [_STEROIDS_]! What a prize!

 Continue through the door and check out the file in front of you. Be sure
to press "X" on it to log the [_INFECTION REPORT_]. Down below is a lab, where
you can see various pictures of test dosage. Finally, check out the case by
the freezing mechanism to see this is the "E-Necrotoxin". This MUST be some
new form of bioweapon that Umbrella or maybe even Neo-Umbrella were working
on. Maybe Tricell? SOMEONE is behind this. Open the case and read the
[_E-NECROTOXIN DOCUMENT_] file, then interact with the lower slot and give it
the "Evelin Tissue Samples" we have been carrying. Mia knew all along...

 Pick up the [_E-Necrotoxin_] once it is finished...
 o Objective: Kill Eveline with the E-Necrotoxin
 Well, this won't be easy. Check out the document past the case on the left
table for [_R&D REPORT [1 OF 2]_] (remember to press "X" on it!) and then
get the document up the steps to the right for [_R&D REPORT [2 OF 2]_].

(-NOTE-) You will get the "The Devil Is in the Details" Silver Trophy shortly
         after picking up that last File, as it is the last one in the game!

 Enter the next room to find a SAVE room. There are [_FLAME ROUND x2_] on the
shelf to the left and a [_NEURO ROUND x1_] in the desk. Take them, sort out
your inventory, and save up! We've got a job to do that I look forward to!

(-NOTE-) This is the PENULTIMATE save point of the game. Despite that, it
         is for all intents and purposes, your final chance to arm yourself
         for the final fighting section of the game.
         I would recommend ENHANCED HANDGUN AMMO, Remote Bombs and your
         SHOTGUN. That should really be all you need. That plus healing
         items. Seriously, you can feel good turning your horde of items
         into healing and ENHANCED HANDGUN AMMO. If you want to go overkill,
         bring along the MAGNUM as well and I'll tell you where its best to
         use it at. If you don't have the Magnum for whatever reason, the
         Grenade Launcher and 5-6 shots will do the trick.
         I would also bring, but save, your MACHINE GUN for the "Final Boss".
         It does well there, but so does the Magnum or even the Enhanced
         Handgun Ammo handgun.

 Exit the room and nab the [_ENHANCED HANDGUN AMMO x12_] on the barrel. The
door across here is busted, so head downstairs. Ahead and to the right you
can find a [_REMOTE BOMB_] and some [_CHEM FLUID_], but we'll need to take
the tunnel on the left to continue.

 Head forward and you can find some items in here (not that you need them,
necessarily). To the left behind the rock is some [_44 MAG AMMO x2_]. That
is handy, but the [_NEURO ROUND x1_] on the right is a little less impressive.
Continue on and duck under the beams to reach the final battle area.

 We'll get another lovely message from Evie in here as she is clearly out to
kill us. As I said earlier, this area is purely battle. You COULD run past
some enemies, but I'd advise just to kill them all. We have little need for
it after this.

 To start off, there are THREE Molded in this lower area. They are pretty
weak (missing limbs...), so handgun headshots should do the trick. Head up
now (we're doing a lot of heading up), and grab the [_HERB_] on the left if
you wish. Head through the tunnel and take out the Molded and Four-Legged
Molded you find. You'll be in an area with a box you can break, and the next
tunnel has a Strong Arm Molded you can bomb fairly easily.

 Up ahead is another cubby to the left with a [_REMOTE BOMB_]. Continue to
a small room on the left where you can find two more boxes. Reload time! Be
ready once you continue though: as Evie is really throwing it at us now. We
will be fighting a Four-Legged Molded, followed by TWO regular Molded, which
is followed by a Strong Arm Molded. I would blast the four legged one with a
shotgun (god I hate those ones...) and use bombs on the rest.

 That's about the worst of it. Continue on and head up the stairs, dropping
off to the left once you can. Continue on to a wide area where you KNOW we
are going to fight. If you have your MAGNUM, this is a PRIME TIME to use it.
Near the back of the room, two FAT MOLDED are going to drop down. With your
Magnum and all its ammo, you can drop both of them easily with headshots.
If not, use Remote Bombs to start and finish up with Enhanced Handgun ammo
shots. Beware of their puking attack and you'll be ok. Focus one down and
this is even easier. This is also where you'd use the Grenade Launcher if
you followed my notes below (and if you didn't have the magnum for whatever

 We can loot the area afterwards (or during the fight, if needed). To the
right you can grab a [_FIRST AID MED_] and there's a box by that. Scattered
around the arena are three more boxes. Hopefully they give you something
good! Head up the ladder once the Fat Molded are dead and squeeze through
the narrow area up ahead, on the right. You will find two more boxes you can
loot, as well as the [_MINES MAP_] and the game's FINAL Save Cassette.

 Break down the wooden door now and you'll find yourself in familiar
territory: the Guest House basement! We're going to end things where they
all started! Before that though, make your way around the center obstacle
and STOP! Our last collectable in the game is here, on the shelf (although
it wasn't here before). The final [_MR. EVERYWHERE 20/20_].

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Mr. Nowhere" Silver Trophy shortly after you
         destroy this last Mr. Everywhere. Like the trophy name? Get it...
         because they are nowhere now... yeah, not your best name, Capcom.

 Continue to the room up above to see another hallucination. We're going to
see quite a few of these hallucination from this point forward (remember the
documentation you read!). Evie's... run out of her little friends, it seems.

 Head up the stairs and down the hallway. Another hallucination. Head towards
the stairs hallway now for a very disturbing scene (oh man...), and then head
through the kitchen (trust me). Act like you are heading to the back door for
another hallucination and Evie will realize you are SERIOUS.

 Suffer the "chainsaw attack" here. Again, a hallucination. She's worried.
Head back through the kitchen now (hello, doll) and go up the stairs. She's
trying to stop us. Head up into the attic now and around to see Evie floating
in the attic. This is it. Approach her.

 She will shout out against us. Here, what you want to do is SHIELD yourself
whenever the energy blast comes to reduce how far back you are pushed, then
RUN towards her. Repeat this until you reach her and Ethan will inject her
with the serum automatically.

 This all leads to...

 |                       ~ BOSS ENCOUNTER: EVELINE ~                          |
 |                      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                         |
 |                                                                            |
 |   I'll be honest people... this isn't much of a boss fight. It is          |
 |  pretty pathetic, actually. Evie will melt into the room and turn into     |
 |  a GIANT face. This is what you need to shoot, and you can't really miss.  |
 |  Simply focus-fire everything you have into the face and you'll trigger    |
 |  the final phase of this fight.                                            |
 |                                                                            |
 |   During this last phase, you will be pushed outside of the house. Keep    |
 |  firing into the face until you are slammed (or fall) to the ground again  |
 |  and you get a call. "Use it". Pick up the gun to your right, a gift from  |
 |  whoever is in the helicoper: the [_ALBERT-01R_]. Besides being a fairly   |
 |  obvious reference to previous Resident Evil games, this is just what we   |
 |  need to finish Evie off. Hit some headshots with this and the fight will  |
 |  be over...                                                                |
 |                                                                            |
 |                                                                            |

 The ending you get depends on whether or not you chose to save Mia or Zoe
a few chapters ago. It's pretty general though: Mia is the "Good Ending" and
Zoe is the "Bad Ending". That's what it feels like, but it could be debated
I suppose. Still, you have just finished Resident Evil 7. Congrats!

(-NOTE-) You will get the "Playing it Safe" Bronze Trophy here for finishing
         the game on EASY (or above: this trophy is retroactive).

(-NOTE-) You will get the "The Nightmare's Finally Over" Bronze Trophy here
         for  finishing the game on NORMAL.

(-NOTE-) You will get the "End of the Night" Silver Trophy here for getting
         "Ending 1". This is for saving Mia.
(-NOTE-) You will get the "Just A Memory Now" Silver Trophy here for getting
         "Ending 2". This is for saving Zoe.
(-NOTE-) I hope you've found this guide helpful. Be sure to give the guide a
         recommend using the link up at the very top if you've enjoyed it.
         Also, be sure to swing by my Facebook page (Facebook.com/Bkstunt)
         and say Hi, or shoot me an email! I appreciate it!


 What you unlock once you beat the game is very dependant on how you beat
game. Namely: what difficulty and how many collectables you found. This
section is here to document that. Also note that the items you unlock will
APPEAR IN THE STORAGE CONTAINER on a new playthrough. Very handy!

(-NOTE-) There are a few unlocks that I KNOW I don't have yet. Yet! They
         are for beating the game on Madhouse (infinite ammo) and for doing
         a speedrun (less than four hours) of the game. The speedrun ones
         are "X-Ray Glasses" (show all items) and the Circular Saw (a new
         melee weapon). Since I haven't personally verified these, I'll wait
         to add them in.
 o UNLOCKED: MADHOUSE DIFFICULTY - (Beat the game on Normal Difficulty)
 o UNLOCKED: [_ALBERT-01R_]  - (Beat the game on Normal Difficulty)
 o UNLOCKED: [_THE SECRETS OF DEFENSE_] - (Beat the game on Normal Difficulty)
 o UNLOCKED: [_WALKING SHOES_] - (Beat the game finding every Mr. Everywhere)
 o UNLOCKED: [_ESSENCE OF DEFENSE_] - (Beat the game finding every Mr.
 o ADVERTISEMENT: "Not a Hero" coming 2017.

 ___ ___ ____ ________________________________________________________________
| _ \ __|__  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   / _|  / /      M R.   E V E R Y W H E R E   (CHECKLIST)    |    RE-MRE

 This is a checklist of all the "Mr. Everywhere" Statuette's throughout the
game. They are all in the guide up above, but JUST INCASE you are simply
looking for a list of them, this is the spot for you.

 Note that these Mr. Everywhere's appear here in the SAME ORDER as they do
in the guide (which is to say, they appear in the order that you'll collect
them in the game).

 o Mr. Everywhere [ 1 OF 20 ]: The game's very first Mr. Everywhere statue
 can be found in the first SAVE ROOM of the Main House. It is under the desk
 where the save cassette is! Duck down and knife it!

 o Mr. Everywhere [ 2 OF 20 ]: You can get this Mr. Everywhere shortly after
 the first one. From the first SAVE ROOM of the Main House, head out into the
 eastern hallway and go all the way to the south (past the "Main Hall" doors).
 You'll find this statuette on a table in the dead end hallway to the south.

 o Mr. Everywhere [ 3 OF 20 ]: Another very easy Mr. Everywhere. As soon as
 you gain access to the "Main Hall" area in the Main House, turn LEFT and
 you'll see this Mr. Everywhere on a small table. He's got a sign underneath
 him saying "Shoot Me". Knife him instead (save the bullet!).

 o Mr. Everywhere [ 4 OF 20 ]: You can find this Mr. Everywhere in the Main
 House, up in the "Recreation Room" on the second floor. You will recall this
 is where you picked up one of the "Dog Heads" to leave the house. He is in a
 basket in the northeast corner (grab the Antique Coin nearby as well!).

 o Mr. Everywhere [ 5 OF 20 ]: Another one in the Main House! After solving
 the "Wooden Statuette" shadow puzzle, you will squeeze through the walls to
 a living room where a giant stuffed deer is located. There is a "Crow Door"
 in this area. To the right of the crow door is this statuette.

 o Mr. Everywhere [ 6 OF 20 ]: This Mr. Everywhere is down in the Main House
 basement. The best way to find him is to head to where you pick up the
 Scorpion Key, and then continue down the nearby stairs (which lead to a
 "Snake Door"). You can find this guy there, sitting by the Snake Door on
 the floor.

 o Mr. Everywhere [ 7 OF 20 ]: After you leave the Main House, you will be in
 the "Yard". Out here there's an obvious trailer you can visit. Look UNDER the
 steps of the trailer to find this sneaky Mr. Everywhere!

 o Mr. Everywhere [ 8 OF 20 ]: This Mr. Everywhere is pretty easy to find.
 Once you are investigating the "Old House" you'll eventually pass the light
 puzzle that Mia solves in her video tape. Past that puzzle you'll head outside
 and head LEFT to a SAVE ROOM. The Mr. Everywhere is inside the save room to
 the left.

 o Mr. Everywhere [ 9 OF 20 ]: Another Mr. Everywhere in the Old House. You
 will, eventually, get a scene with Lucas and Mia while in a cellar area. After
 that scene (and after grabbing the metal statuette), you MUST go up some
 stairs. This Mr. Everywhere is at the top of those stairs, to the right.

 o Mr. Everywhere [ 10 OF 20 ]: This Mr. Everywhere is again in the Old House.
 You will eventually get under the floorboards and obtain the "CRANK" item
 (which you NEED to continue). The Mr. Everywhere is near the "Crank" item, on
 some shelves nearby.

 o Mr. Everywhere [ 11 OF 20 ]: You can find this Mr. Everywhere in the Old
 House, near the "Lantern Door". It is in the center of that room, on a small
 desk. Not very well hidden.

 o Mr. Everywhere [ 12 OF 20 ]: This Mr. Everywhere is actually back in the
 Main House, but is found in the "Kid's Room", when you are searching for
 keycards to gain access to where Lucas' "Party" is. You will head up into an
 attic in the kids room. When you climb that ladder, look behind you and use
 your handgun to shoot this Mr. Everywhere.

 o Mr. Everywhere [ 13 OF 20 ]: Once you are in the "Trap House" and have
 entered the animal pen area (the area where you fight three molded and that
 has animal pens to the left), kill all of the enemies and then look to the
 LEFT in this area. The Mr. Everywhere here is sitting up on a post.

 o Mr. Everywhere [ 14 OF 20 ]: After making your way through the "Happy
 Birthday" trap, you will come to a save/storage room. Just outside that
 save room, exit the door and IMMEDIATELY turn around. This Mr. Everywhere
 is above the door you just used.

 o Mr. Everywhere [ 15 OF 20 ]: After leaving the "Happy Birthday" trap and
 getting the previous Mr. Everywhere, you will be outside on some docks.
 Follow the docks to a building on the right and inside the building is the
 next Mr. Everywhere. He is sitting on the floor near the left-hand wall,
 amidst the nets.

 o Mr. Everywhere [ 16 OF 20 ]: This Mr. Everywhere is in the "Tanker" section
 of the guide. You will get this one with Mia. Once you obtain a weapon, head
 back up to the 4th Floor of the tanker (you can get there via the elevator
 ladder) and then head to the stairwell. This Mr. Everywhere is in that

 o Mr. Everywhere [ 17 OF 20 ]: This Mr. Everywhere is also in the "Tanker".
 He is on the 2nd Floor though. If you head to the northeast you'll find a
 ladder leading to a dead-end cubby area (there is a lockpick in a tin box
 in this area). Mr. Everywhere is across the ladder, so you'll need to put
 a bullet in him to collect him.

 o Mr. Everywhere [ 18 OF 20 ]: We're nearing the end. This Mr. Everywhere is
 at the start of the "Mines" section of the guide. After leaving the tanker
 you'll make your way to a building where you can save and access your storage.
 This Mr. Everywhere is in a window in this building (go outside and follow the
 building walls to the left).

 o Mr. Everywhere [ 19 OF 20 ]: Another Mr. Everywhere in the mines. Once you
 reach the wide-open area of the mines where you need to ascend some stairs
 to continue to the lab area, you should STOP before going up the stairs. Head
 to the back of the wide-open area and look up near the left-hand side of the
 railing here to find this sneaky Mr. Everywhere hanging out. You'll need to
 shoot this one to collect it.

 o Mr. Everywhere [ 20 OF 20 ]: The final Mr. Everywhere! This one is actually
 in a place we've been before: the Guest House. Once you get through the mines
 you will reach the Guest House once again. You'll be in the area where Mia
 was taken away. Head into the room and look on the shelves behind you (where
 you came from) to find Mr. Everywhere on the shelves.

 ___ ___ ____ ________________________________________________________________
| _ \ __|__  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   / _|  / /       A N T I Q U E   C O I N S   (CHECKLIST)    |    RE-COI

 Just like the checklist above, this section is a checklist of all of the
"Antique Coins" throughout the game. I can't be clearer here: this checklist
is for EASY and NORMAL MODES ONLY (there are different coins in the "Madhouse"
difficulty. These coins are all listed up in the guide above, but JUST INCASE
you are simply looking for a list of them, this is the spot for you.

 Note that these Antique Coins appear here in the SAME ORDER as they do
in the guide (which is to say, they appear in the order that you'll collect
them in the game).

 o Antique Coin [ 1 OF 18 ]: This Antique Coin if very unique in how you
 obtain it. To get it, you actually MUST play through the "Derelict House"
 video. Do so and find a lockpick under you once you gain control, then use
 that lockpick to open the drawer in the Guest House kitchen. Once you do
 that, you can re-visit that drawer  with Ethan to find this coin.
 o Antique Coin [ 2 OF 18 ]: During the story, you WILL head under the house
 at one point (after the "Family Dinner" scene). When you get under the house,
 go forward until you see a large red lawnmower. The Antique Coin is sitting
 on that mower (which is to your left).

 o Antique Coin [ 3 OF 18 ]: When you get to the "Main Hall" area for the
 first time, take a LEFT. You'll see a "Mr. Everywhere" here, but if you
 continue down the wall you can open a drawer past him to find the third
 Antique Coin.

 o Antique Coin [ 4 OF 18 ]: While exploring the "Main Hall", you'll
 eventually HAVE to visit the bathroom in the 2nd Floor hallway (to get the
 wooden statuette). There is an Antique Coin in the toilet in this bathroom.

 o Antique Coin [ 5 OF 18 ]: This Antique Coin can be found in the "Main Hall"
 section as well. It is upstairs, on the second floor, inside the "Recreation
 Room". Search the northeast corner and you'll find it on a cabinet (next to
 a Mr. Everywhere inside a basket).

 o Antique Coin [ 6 OF 18 ]: After solving the shadow puzzle in the "Main
 Hall", you'll squeeze into a room with a stuffed deer. Continue to the small
 room after that and search the other side of the table here to find this
 Antique Coin.

 o Antique Coin [ 7 OF 18 ]: This Antique Coin is in the Basement area of the
 Main House. Once you open the shutter to the area that has the "Scorpion Key"
 you need to look for a pallet to the left. The Antique Coin is just to the
 right of that pallet, on a ledge inside the wall. Well hidden indeed!

 o Antique Coin [ 8 OF 18 ]: After you escape the Main House and leave out
 into the yard you can access this coin. From the dog-head door, head down
 the stairs and go RIGHT, around the corner to find a couple of planters
 where you'll find this Antique Coin.

 o Antique Coin [ 9 OF 18 ]: This Antique Coin is probably the easiest one to
 find in the game. It is basically given to you on a silver platter once you
 escape the Main House. Go check out the trailer in the yard, enter, and head
 to the table in the back to find this Antique Coin. Right near the items
 you can spend it on!

 o Antique Coin [ 10 OF 18 ]: This Antique Coin is in the Old House. You
 will be force to head down to the cellar area at one point where you'll see
 a scene with Mia and Lucas. As you go down the stairs, look to the left to
 see a cart. The Antique Coin is on that cart. Pretty easy to find.

 o Antique Coin [ 11 OF 18 ]: Another Antique Coin in the Old House area.
 To progress through the story, you'll NEED to find the "Crow Key" in a small
 building behind the Old House. Inside the room that has the Crow Key you can
 find this Antique Coin on the back of the toilet in the same room.

 o Antique Coin [ 12 OF 18 ]: Near the end of the Old House section, you
 will have to find a lantern in order to open a certain door. This Antique
 Coin is in the room with the "Lantern Door". You can find it inside a
 drawer in the corner of the small room outside the Lantern Door.

 o Antique Coin [ 13 OF 18 ]: This Antique Coin is inside the "Trap House".
 As you head through that building searching for Lucas, you'll eventually
 reach a long hallway where a Four-Legged Molded will ambush you from behind.
 After taking him out, head forward to a heavily-trapped room straight ahead.
 Be sure to deal with the traps. This room has the Antique Coin in a drawer
 to the left. Be sure to grab the steroids in this room as well!

 o Antique Coin [ 14 OF 18 ]: As you progress though the Trap House, you
 will be sent on a small hunt for the password to a door before you can
 continue (damn you, Lucas!). Eventually you will find the password on a
 burned corpse. After getting it, you'll head forward through a doorway
 where you will find this Antique Coin on a wooden shelf straight ahead. It
 can definitely be hard to get unless you stop and check the shelf!

 o Antique Coin [ 15 OF 18 ]: This Antique Coin is in the "Tanker" section.
 You will be controlling Mia for this coin. Near the start of the section,
 you are forced to drop down into the vents to continue. At the first split
 in these vents, head RIGHT and you'll find this coin at the dead end you
 arrive at.

 o Antique Coin [ 16 OF 18 ]: Continuing on in the "Tanker" section, you
 will be forced to follow a small girl which eventually means climbing up a
 ladder and then dropping down into some water. You need to search this water
 filled area to find an Antique Coin near the left wall (hidden by the water
 of course). This is probably the best-hidden coin in the entire game.

 o Antique Coin [ 17 OF 18 ]: This Antique Coin is also inside the "Tanker".
 It is actually located on the THIRD FLOOR, inside a LOCKED BOX. You will need
 the LOCKPICK from the SECOND FLOOR to open it. To find that lockpick, head
 to the Second Floor and head to the northeast corner. Climb the ladder you
 find there and open the tin box to find the lockpick. Use it on that box on
 the Third Floor to get this Antique Coin!

 o Antique Coin [ 18 OF 18 ]: The last Antique Coin in the game! You can find
 this one as you head to the "S2" level of the tanker. It is just after the
 "No. 1 Engine Room", in the hallway before you enter the "No. 2 Engine Room".
 Here you want to look for a box (before the hallway) where you can use some
 Corrosive Acid on in order to unlock and acquire the final Antique Coin!

 ___ ___ ____ ________________________________________________________________
| _ \ __|__  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   / _|  / /  A N T I Q U E  C O I N S  (MADHOUSE CHECKLIST)  |    RE-MAD

 Just like the checklist above, this section is a checklist of all of the
"Antique Coins" throughout the game. Note that this is the checklist for the
MADHOUSE DIFFICULTY. There are far more coins on this difficulty, so this
section is to document them all. This is particularly helpful if you are going
after the "Mad Pelicans" trophy.

 Note that this checklist assumes you've played the game before this point
(which... I think you have to in order to be on MADHOUSE mode), and so it
will assume you know your way around the game fairly well. I'm focusing on
the coins here, not Madhouse Mode in particular.

 o Antique Coin [ 1 OF 33 ]: This Antique Coin if very unique in how you
 obtain it. To get it, you actually MUST play through the "Derelict House"
 video. Do so and find a lockpick under you once you gain control, then use
 that lockpick to open the drawer in the Guest House kitchen. Once you do
 that, you can re-visit that drawer  with Ethan to find this coin.
 o Antique Coin [ 2 OF 33 ]: After the "Family Dinner" scene, get yourself
 free and head to the living room. There's a vase on the entertainment center
 you can check for this coin.

 o Antique Coin [ 3 OF 33 ]: After the first Jack fight, go up the ladder
 like normal and look to the LEFT as soon as you do. You'll find this coin
 sitting on a shelf.

 o Antique Coin [ 4 OF 33 ]: When you get to the "Main Hall" area for the
 first time, take a LEFT. You'll see a "Mr. Everywhere" here, but if you
 continue down the wall you can open a drawer past him to find the third
 Antique Coin.

 o Antique Coin [ 5 OF 33 ]: This one is in the Main House, up on the second
 floor. Head to where the broken staircase is, and look across from it on the
 opposite wall. The coin is hidden behind the wood leaning up against the

 o Antique Coin [ 6 OF 33 ]: This one is in the Main House as well, and rather
 close to where the last coin is. Head to the Recreation Room and look near
 "Grandma's Room" for the Vase. Pick it up and look inside for this coin.
 They are trying to be tricky again!

 o Antique Coin [ 7 OF 33 ]: This one is in the Main House. In the room with
 the stuffed deer (the Drawing Room), look in the toilet nearby and you'll
 find this coin in it. Sanitized!

 o Antique Coin [ 8 OF 33 ]: This one is in the Incinerator Room, in the Main
 House. In the back, under the stretcher, you can find it inside of a bowl.

 o Antique Coin [ 9 OF 33 ]: This one is also in the Processing Area. From
 the main room (where you get the Scorpion key in Normal Mode), head down the
 stairs towards the Snake Door. You can find this on the cart down there, on
 the bottom shelf.

 o Antique Coin [ 10 OF 33 ]: This coin is in the Dissection Room (where the
 Deputies Body is). It is inside a cardboard box, just opposite of the body.
 Duck in there on your way to the Jack Scissor Fight.

 o Antique Coin [ 11 OF 33 ]: You can get this coin when you escape out to
 the YARD. After leaving the front door, go down the steps and take a LEFT,
 then look for the siding you can rip out by the railing. This is where the
 REPAIR KIT was in the normal difficulty, but this time it is Antique Coin
 number 11!

 o Antique Coin [ 12 OF 33 ]: This coin is in the OLD HOUSE. Head to the room
 where the SHADOW PUZZLE is and it is nearby, Just to the left of the puzzle,
 (as if you are facing the picture), look to the left and you'll find it on a

 o Antique Coin [ 13 OF 33 ]: This one is in the OLD HOUSE as well. Once you
 exit the kitchen and head outside, you need to take an IMMEDIATE LEFT. This
 coin is in the corner, making it very easy to miss.

 o Antique Coin [ 14 OF 33 ]: After solving the OLD HOUSE SHADOW PUZZLE, go
 through the narrow area to get to the other side of the house. Once you regain
 control of Ethan, look down and to the left. This coin is just sitting on the
 nearby plank.

 o Antique Coin [ 15 OF 33 ]: This one is actually in the same place as normal
 mode. After you defeat Marguerite the first time (in the pit), go unlock the
 crow door and talk to Zoe. Head to the "Lantern Puzzle Room" and check the
 drawer in the right corner. Right where you'll remember the old one being!

 o Antique Coin [ 16 OF 33 ]: Once you are chasing Marguerite through the
 tunnel (for the light), you will be forced to climb a ladder to get to the
 back yard. As SOON as you hit solid ground, look to the left and on the power
 box you can find this coin (sitting on top).

 o Antique Coin [ 17 OF 33 ]: AFTER the Marguerite Boss Fight, you will be
 able to leave the Greenhouse out the front door. Wait for the gate to dissolve
 and then check the green desk right in front of you for the coin.

 o Antique Coin [ 18 OF 33 ]: Again, AFTER the Marguerite Boss Fight (you could
 have done this before, but it's a nice bonus right now), take the Crow Key to
 the MAIN HOUSE and go to the DRAWING ROOM. Open the Crow Door here. The coin
 will be inside.

 o Antique Coin [ 19 OF 33 ]: You'll find this one when searching for the two
 keycards to get into the TRAP HOUSE. This one is in Lucas' attic. Go up the
 ladder, take a right, head to the back and you'll see it on some shelves.

 o Antique Coin [ 20 OF 33 ]: You'll get this coin as soon as you enter the
 TRAP HOUSE. It is behind the CRT TV, on the table. Grab it before watching
 Lucas on the TV.

 o Antique Coin [ 21 OF 33 ]: This one is also in the TRAP HOUSE. After you
 leave the second room filled with tripwires (the one that has the cage in
 the corner with the hidden item), head straight to the LEFT (which is a
 dead end) to find this corner sitting on a cage in the dark.

 o Antique Coin [ 22 OF 33 ]: You can get this one RIGHT AFTER the last one.
 From the second trap filled room in the TRAP HOUSE, head down the stairs and
 go PAST the door on the left. Look in the dead-end corner up ahead to find
 this coin.

 o Antique Coin [ 23 OF 33 ]: This is also in the TRAP HOUSE, in the room with
 all the traps. That's a little vague though: this is the room right before
 the barn area that literally has four traps in it, where the steroids are.
 It is in a drawer in the green desk. Be sure to grab it!

 o Antique Coin [ 24 OF 33 ]: This one is in the same place as normal mode.
 After the "Barn Fight", head up the elevator and past the room where you
 get the door code at. It is directly past the door, on a shelf.

 o Antique Coin [ 25 OF 33 ]: This one is in the SHIP section. Once you need
 to get the fuse (when Eveline locks you out of the door), enter the room the
 fuse is in, but STOP. Take a look at the row of washers. The back one on the
 bottom has the coin inside.

 o Antique Coin [ 26 OF 33 ]: This is also in the SHIP section. After you get
 the Lugwrench from the Captain's Room, head PAST the elevator and go straight,
 then down the stairs. You'll find this coin at the bottom of the stairs.

 o Antique Coin [ 27 OF 33 ]: This coin is on the second level of the ship.
 Head to the room where ALAN was (at the start of the video - this is a save
 room) and just outside of that room, on a shelf in the hallway, is this coin.
 You will have to run past a Fat Molded to get to that room, but get to the
 room and close the door and he will despawn.

 o Antique Coin [ 28 OF 33 ]: Another SHIP coin. This one is also on the
 second level of the ship. Head to the room outside the kitchen and go into
 the room on the LEFT. There is a rolling cart here with a VASE you can pick
 up on the bottom. Pick it up, rotate it, and you'll find this coin inside.

 o Antique Coin [ 29 OF 33 ]: This coin is on the THIRD level of the ship, on
 your way to go get the Power Cable item. BEFORE you take a left into the
 bathroom, go look at the corner straight ahead to find this coin on the

 o Antique Coin [ 30 OF 33 ]: You get this coin while going after Ethan,  on
 the "S2" level of the Tanker. After going through the first hallway after the
 elevator you'll fight a Molded in a small room. Right past that room, you
 enter a bigger hallway. Take a RIGHT immediately and look in the right corner
 to find this coin.

 o Antique Coin [ 31 OF 33 ]: This one is on the "S2" level of the Tanker as
 well. After you beat the Fat Molded you'll head into the final hallway area.
 There is an ITEM BOX on the wall up ahead that you'll need corrosive acid to
 open. Do so to find this coin inside.

 o Antique Coin [ 32 OF 33 ]: This one is in the Tanker as well, but you can
 only get it after you regain control of Ethan. Enter the room after you gain
 control of Ethan and look to the table on the RIGHT to find this coin. Only
 one more left!

 o Antique Coin [ 33 OF 33 ]: This coin is outside the Tanker, in the "Dead
 Fish" area. You will be forced to jump over a log at one point. After that,
 keep your eyes peeled on the right side of the shore, and you'll find this
 coin near some bushes.

 ___ ___ ____ ________________________________________________________________
| _ \ __|__  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   / _|  / /           D O C U M E N T   A R C H I V E S      |    RE-DOC

 Here you can find the documents from the game written down, because BK is
just that big of a nerd. It's very true, haha! Still, it's cool to look at
these after the fact. Believe it or not, people have actually thanked me for
doing these sections in the past!

(-NOTE-) This list/section is handy as a reference as well. If you are missing
         any of the files, you can reference this list to see what you are
         missing (these logs are in the same ORDER as they are in the game)
         and search for that file name from there.
(-NOTE-) It should go without saying, but this area is FULL OF SPOILERS!


 o Email from Mia
   From: Mia Winters
   Sent: July 18, 2017  11:04 PM Tuesday
   To: Ethan Winters
   Dulvey, Louisiana.
   Baker farm.
   Come get me.


 o List of Names (Front)
   Ben (Dead)
   Harold (Turned)
   Arthur (Turned)
   Tamara (Turned)
   Craig (Dead)
   Leila (Dead)
   Shaun (Dead)
   William (Dead)
   Travis (Turned)
   Peter (Dead)
   Andre (Dead)
   Clancy (L)


 o List of Names (Back)
   Heidi (Turned)
   Clyde (Dead)
   Lindsay (Turned)
   Steven (Turned)
   Nathaniel (Dead)
   Edward (Dead)
   Nadine (Dead)
   Alex (Dead)
   Tom (Dead)
   Reid (Turned)
   Susan (Turned)
   Josef (Dead)
   David (Dead)


 o Home-improvement Store Receipt
         Niko's Hardware
   Saw     $24.99 x 1 = $24.99
   Rope    $34.79 x 4 = $139.16
   Pet Collar $19.99 x 20 = $399.80
         Subtotal: $563.95
              Tax: $22.26
            Total: $586.21


 o Newspaper Article - Missing People
                 3 Missing During Urbex Trip

   State authorities are asking for help locating three men who
   went missing during their travels to Dulvey Parish from
   New Orleans on the ninth of this month.
   The missing men have been identified as Peter Walken, Andre
   Stickland, and Clancy Javis. The three produce videos for the
   Internet and traveled to Dulvey to shoot footage for their latest
   prodection. Their videos consist mostly of the group exploring
   abandoned buildings and haunted houses.


 o Newspaper Article - Over 20 Missing
   "Over 20 Missing in 2 Years"
   Captain Howell from state police told reporters they have
   started a search for Helen Midkiff, a college student from
   North Carolina who was traveling in Louisiana. Ms. Midkiff
   hasn't been heard of since the night of the twenty-first.
   Reports of missing persons in South Louisiana have increased
   dramatically in the past two years.
   The majority of those missing are tourists and vagrants.
   At least 20 people are thought to have gone missing so far.
   Police suspect foul play and believe there may be
   a connection between the incidents. Plans are in place to
   step up local interrogations and increase personnel to
   further the investigations.
   Alyssa Ashcroft, Jan. 19, 2016

 o Jack's Journal
   October 2
   Reports say a storm's coming
   I had a lot of trouble cleaning up after the last one a few
   years back. I guess it's time to reinforce the windoes and
   shore up the roof. Maybe I'll get Lucas to help.
   October 9
   The water has finally receded. The house is alright, but the
   old house was badly damaged.
   Lucas is making a fuss about a huge ship that's washed up in
   the bayou. If that's true, I better report it to the parish.
   I'll go check it out tomorrow.

 o Jack's Memo
   Move that piece-of-shit hippy we caught
   from the hall to the processing area.

 o Travis' Memo (FRONT)
   Dear Courtney,
   Those bastards are looking for me, but maybe this gives you
   a chance to escape.
   To escape, you have to find the reliefs shaped like dog heads.
   I saw one of the heads in the dissection room underground.
   Get it. It's the key out of here.

 o Travis' Memo (BACK)
   Something's wrong with me.
   It must be that shit they made me eat.
   If I'm gonna die, I'd at least like to go out fighting.
   I'm gonna get ahold of that shotgun I saw in the rec room
   and make them regret what they did to me.
   You need to get out of here.
   I love you, Courtney.

 o Incinerator Room Memo
   I caught the guy who keeps trying to escape.
   I've locked him up in the leftmost incinerator so he can't get
   away again. Take him out when he's ready.
   You know how to open the door, don't you?
   Just remember: 3 a's and a handprint.
   Do what you want with his girl.

 o Memo About Relief
   I'm tired of chasing all these shitheads around the yard.
   The next time one of our guests runs away, hide the dog
   head reliefs so they can't get out of the house.
   Let's hide them like this:
    - Living room grandfather clock
    - The book in the recreation room
    - The dissection room in the basement

 o Doctor's Letter
   Dear Mrs. Baker,
   How have you been feeling recently? It's been a long time
   since you came in for your last check-up.
   I'm writing to tell you that I've finished examining your X-rays.
   Those dark areas in your cranium are fungus-like structures
   that seem to be related to mold.
   The hallucinations and noises you said you've been hearing
   may be related to these growths.
   If your symptoms are due to a fungal parasite, it must be
   removed before it's too late. I don't mean to scare you,
   but I am seriously concerned for your health.
   Please come to the hospital as soon as you read this letter.
   As your doctor, I strongly recommend you undergo
   further tests.
   Crawford Lang,
   Dulvey General Hospital

 o Zoe's Investigation Notes
   My body's feelign weirder and weirder.
   Soon I'll become like mom and dad.
   It's all her fault.
   Should I run?
   No, I can't. I'm dead if she finds out.
   That woman she was with, Mia, she knows something.
   If I had the serum I could cure myself.
   I have to find out more.

 o Marguerite's Warning
   You tried to sneak up to the second floor again, didn't you?!
   Did you think I wouldn't notice?!?!
   Even after what happened to Eveline, you just keep talking
   about some strange medicine.
   And what are you planning to do with my altar?
   You better keep those sticky fingers off it!
   Nobody touches my sacred altar!
   You think your father and I are idiots?! You spoiled
   pathetic child...
   I wish youd NeVEr been born. UnforGIVably pathetic yet
   always lookingDOWN on uS aNd trying to Leave our HOME!
   After EVERYthing WE'VE done for YOU... Pathetic
   PATHETICpathetic pathetic...
   If you EVER even touch my altar I'll slice off your chest
   and serve it up as potroast...

 o Serum Documentation
   Regarding the  -Series serum:
      the following items
    be able   synthesize   serum
     1. D-Series  cranial nerve
     2. D-Series  peripheral nerve


 o Marguerite's Notebook
   October 11
   My ears have been ringing all day and I haven't been able to
   sleep since the child showed up. It's like Zoe says: There's
   something strange about the child, and the woman she
   brought with her.
   October 15
   I'm seeing things, hearing things, can't stop feeling nauseous.
   I went to see the doctor in town and he gave me an X-ray.
   What's happening to me?
   October 23
   The child gave me a present.
   October - 
   I put the present in the secret room right at the back of the
   second floor, where nobody will find it.
   That arm is a sign of the child's trust.
   That arm will lead us to happiness.
   And anyone who corrupts that happiness...
   I won't allow them to live.

 o Memo on Deputy's Head
   "The pig is waiting for you in the
       dissection room, bitch."

 o Lucas' Journal
   April, th
   Mommy took me to the hospital in town.
   They took a photo of my head with a weird machine.
   Then mommy bought me a 259-piece puzzle from the
   toy store.
   April, st
   Stupid Oliver keeps teasing me.
   "You're a crazyhead!"
   April, th
   I lied to Oliver. I told him to come over for my birthday party,
   then shut him in the attic from outside by remote control.
   He kept crying. "Let me out, Lucas!"
   April, th
   I changed the remote control so stupid Zoe can't just go into
   the attic.
   I melded it with one of my inventor's contest trophies.
   Now she'll never find it.

 o Torn Page from Journal
   April, th
   Oliver's stopped his yelling, but 
   sometimes I hear knocking from above.
   May, nd
   It REALLY stinks!
   And some weird juice is dripping from the ceiling.
   Anyway, since I had time, I changed the remote
   control trophy again.
   Now it'll be shiny even at night.

 o Clock Memo
   "The same time as all other clocks."

 o Memo on Burnt Corpse
   You're next

 o E-Necrotoxin Document
   Destroys cells of any subject based on the
   E-series bioweapon model.
   Use only for disposal of E-series assets.
   The toxin must first be stimulated before use.
   Do this by placing a sample of an E-series' cells into the
   necrotoxin container.

 o Infection Report
   This report details the symptoms that appear when the
   bacterium* that grows inside of the E-Series infects a
   Be sure to read this document thoroughly before dealing with
   E-Series weaponized assets.
   *Hereafter referred to as "mold."
   Initial Infection
   The mold ingests nutrients from the subject's body to propogate
   itself, and slowly takes over cells within the body.
   As a side effect of this, the infected subject gains remarkable
   regenerative abilities.
   During experiments, we removed arms and legs from test
   subjects and found that they were able to coapt the
   amputated limbs in a matter of minutes.
   Mid-stage Infection
   Once the mold reaches the brain, the subjects thoughts
   become "in tune" with those of the E-Series asset.
   The subject starts to hear things and experience hallucinations,
   and soon comes under complete control of the E-Series asset.
   If this state continues, the host will lose all sense of ego.
   Complete Infection
   After every cell in the body has been taken over by the mold,
   the subject begins to lose their human form. Physical mutations
   differ from case to cae, but all result in him or her acquiring
   incredible physical strength.
   Containing a subject at this stage would be extremely difficult.

 o Email Log
            Friday, January 16, 2015  12:42 AM
   Thanks to you guys it's been about a week since my head's
   been clear and back to normal. And she STILL thinks she's
   got me! You guys really need to work on fixing that.
   Not only does she look like a little kid, but she's about as
   stupid as one, too.
   Mom and dad are still totally under though.
   I was wondering. Is this whole "family" obsession
   something you guys programmed into her?
   It's kinda fucked up.
            Friday, November 4, 2015  2:10 AM
   That bitch Mia is still somewhere in between Evie-La-La Land
   and reality. She gets pretty violent, so I locked her up in a cell.
   I thought maybe Eveline would get mad since Mia's her
   favorite and all, but she doesn't seem to care. She actually
   goes and visits her sometimes. She thinks Mia's her mommy.
   Like I said, your "bioweapon" is fucked up.
            Friday, September 1, 2016  1:10 AM
   Eveline's family obsession is getting out of hand.
   She's making everyone kidnap more and more assholes
   off the street to add to her freak show of a family.
   Maybe she's getting tired of Mia not coming around,
   but it's a pain in the ass for me because I gotta clean up
   the mess whenever someone new comes along.
   By the way, Evie's looking sick or something.
   Her skin is getting all wrinkly and she's getting grey hairs.
   Is that supposed to happen? It's almost like she's geetting old
   all of a sudden.

 o R&D Report [1 of 2]
   This project was instigated in 2000 as one of
   several concepts for the company's
   NEXBAS (next-generation experimental
   battlefield superiority) initiative, working with
   technical assistance from H.C.F. to develop
   a bioweapon for neutralizing combatants
   en masse with minimal direct contact.
   NEXBAS was later folded, and all its assets
   diverted to this project.
   What makes this project markedly different from
   conventional weapons is its ability to turn enemy
   combatants into allies; converting hostile elements
   into willing servants.
   Since this effectively eliminates the cost of not
   only POW handling but also combat itself, it's no
   wonder we had the [REDACTED] and even [REDACTED]'s [REDACTED]
   organization chomping at the bit to get on board.
   The project would never have existed were it not
   for the discovery in [REDACTED] of
   [REDACTED], the remarkably progressed
   "vicariant evolution" fungus that we commonly
   term the "mutamycete."
   The fabrication method for each bioweapon was
   to introduce the mutamycete genome to
   a pre-Stage 4 huan embryo and perform
   cultivation in a conrolled environment over
   a period of 38-40 weeks.
   The resultant organisms were referred to as
   "candidate specimens" and graded based on
   usability, from the impractical and faulty.
   Series A through D, to the perfected E-Series.
   A common appearance was selected for
   the bioweapons; that of a roughly ten-year-old
   girl, to ensure ease of blending in with
   urban/refugee populations.
   The first E-Series specimen, named Eveline,
   has proven capable of secreting the
   mutamycete [REDACTED] from her
   tissue at will.
   It is also of note that Eveline's mutamycete
   imposes a profound control over body and
   mind when introduced into a host organism.
   We still have a lot to learn about the mechanism
   by which Eveline achieves and maintains this
   control, but the working theory is that the vector
   is similar to the autoinducer pheromones used
   for quorum sensing in pseudomonas bacteria.
   Eveline's control is exerted in a series of discrete
   stages, the first of which is hallucination.
   Almost immediately after infection, the subject
   begins to see images of Eveline (though she is
   not in fact there) and even hear her voice
   (which is inaudible to anyone else).
   Auditions with infected subjects throughout
   the stages of infection reveal that at first,
   the phantom Eveline appears to be a normal
   young girl, sometimes desiring companionship
   or assistance. As time progresses, she begins
   making more and more extreme demands,
   including self-mutilation and attacks on
   other people.
   The psychological shock this induces helps to
   break down the mind's natural barriers to Eveline's
   brainwashing effect, and by the time mental
   control is achieved, the mutamycete infection
   has progressed throughout the body's cells,
   so the body [REDACTED].

 o R&D Report [2 of 2]
   Eveline's functions also include the ability to
   form organisms from mycelia, the fungal filaments.
   The term "organism" is used loosely here; strictly
   speaking, they are superorganisms formed of
   countless mycelia. What's important, though,
   is that they exhibit a strong survival instinct
   and will defend themselves ferociously with
   the slightest provocation. Their fungal toughness
   and remarkable strength give them significant
   battlefield potential.
   The researchers have been calling these super-
   organisms the "Molded"; made of mold, and also
   molded as in "shaped". The name has a certain
   elegance to it.
   For the treatment of accidental infections,
   performing [REDACTED] on samples of Eveline's
   body tissue produces a unique fungicidal serum.
   Administering the serum to an infected subject will
   cause the mycelia to calcify, but if the subject's
   cells are already largely invaded, the serum
   will be fatal. Since the treatment window is so
   small, the serum's primary use is therefore
   disposal of infected subjects, rather than a cure.
   In exploring the serum's potential, we found that
   subjecting it to [REDACTED] would enhance its effects
   to extreme potency, becoming a compound we now
   call E-Necrotoxin, which [REDACTED]
   in even tiny amounts.
   What's been interesting to observe in Eveline's
   behavior is her obsession with the concept
   of family.
   In experiments, we found on multiple occasions
   that infected subjects were compelled to act
   as her "mother" and "father", treating her as if
   she were really their daughter.
   Why did she settle upon family as the theme
   for her mental control?
   This is just speculation, but it could be that she
   instinctively understands that a family unit is
   better suited to blending into social groups
   than a lone girl.
   On the other hand... well, a sentimental sort
   might suggest that she's making up for
   a perceived lack of "love" in her quarantined
   upbringing. A parent's love.



 o Jim's Letter

   Dear janet,
   Hey, how's it going?
   I guess half a year or so will have passed by the time you get this
   letter. Life is so boring here. Day after day, just the same old sea.
   Although there is one thing that's different.
   This time we have some passengers sailing with us, which hardly
   ever happens.
   It's a couple with a little girl. I think they're distant relatives of the
   captain. Imagine, traveling on a tanker instead of a passenger
   ship. They must be hard up!
   I tried talking to the little girl earlier and her dad shot me this
   nasty look. What's he so worried about?
   Now that I think about it, the captain said he didn't even have
   any relatives...
   Maybe I'm overthinking this.
   I miss you.


 o Giovanni's Will

   It's too late for us, but at least I can let the world know what
   happened here.
   I was on night shift yesterday, so I was taking a nap in the
   bunk room around noon.
   I was half asleep and I heard a kid, a little girl, laughing.
   Or was that all in my head?
   I woke up at 19:30: there was some sort of ruckus in the
   passageway. Drew, one of the engineers, came in and said
   there was something going on down below, maybe a riot.
   He looked pale in the face.
   He told me he was going to check it out, but he never
   came back.
   It must have been around 19:50 when I heard the scream.
   I went to the laundry room to check and saw Clark being eaten
   by some sort of black-ish monster.
   The monster turned and started coming towards me, huge,
   shark-like teeth snapping in its jaw. I just screamed like a
   little girl and ran for it.
   Now I'm huddled up in the bunk room, shaking as I write this.
   There's a whole host of those creatures lurking in the
   passageways now. I can still hear screams now and then,
   but there's no way I'm going out there now.
   And that's it: I've written everything I know.
   Giovanni Finetti


 o Orders

   Special Operations Division
   Director Alan Droney and Caretaker Mia Winters
   Recent reports suggest that if Eveline remains at her
   current location, she is at a high risk of being stolen by
   opposing organizations. Your orders, therefore, are
   to transfer Eveline to our Central American branch
   for safe keeping until further notice.
   During transfer, be sure to adhere to the following protocols:
   o Act as parental guardians for Eveline at all times
     to avoid suspicion.
   o Manage Eveline's vitals via the Genome Codex provided.
   o If the mission is compromised beyond reconciliations, dispose
     of Eveline.

 o Mechanic's Memo
   The c able is completely fried. We had a replacement,
   but we had to use it to fix something in the 3F sick bay.
   You're gonna have to go ask Dr. Waddell for it.
   I'm needed down in the No. 2 Engine Room but I can't get down
   there unless we get this thing working.

 o Tattered Secret Document
   E-Nec tox n
   Destr   c    any subj     ed
   E-s   bio      del.
   U e  only      sal of     assets.
   T    must first be st     before    .
   Do this    placing a sample        into the
   necr  xin container.

 ___ ___ ____ ________________________________________________________________
| _ \ __|__  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   / _|  / /                 T R O P H Y   L I S T            |     RE-TPH

 Here you can find a list of all the trophies in the game. This is the
complete list, and is sorted just as it appears on the PlayStation Trophy

 Many of these are just replaying the episodes in different modes (such as
Countdown Mode, or Invisible Enemy Mode). There are some grind-y trophies in
here too, but we'll try to provide tips for those.

   .———————————————————.                                    .——————————————.
 __|   Biosplattered   |____________________________________|   Platinum   |__
    Description | Unlock all Trophies
  How to Obtain | The Platinum trophy for the game! The ultimate trophy for
                | the ultimate fan!

   .—————————————————.                                        .————————————.
 __|   She's Alive   |________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Travel to Louisiana.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is story-related and you'll get it by simply
                | playing through the game.

   .————————————————————————————————.                         .————————————.
 __|   Welcome to the Family, Son   |_________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Escape from the guest house.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is story-related and you'll get it by simply
                | playing through the game.

   .————————————————————————————.                             .————————————.
 __|   You Ain't Gettin' Away   |_____________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Escape to the yard.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is story-related and you'll get it by simply
                | playing through the game.

   .——————————————————————————————————.                       .————————————.
 __|   The Grave Will Out the Truth   |_______________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Uncover the secret in the old house.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is story-related and you'll get it by simply
                | playing through the game.

   .——————————————————————————————.                           .————————————.
 __|   You Better Start Running   |___________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Escape from the Baker family home.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is story-related and you'll get it by simply
                | playing through the game.

   .—————————————————————.                                    .————————————.
 __|   Into the Depths   |____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Escape from the ship.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is story-related and you'll get it by simply
                | playing through the game.

   .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
 __|   End of the Night   |___________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Get ending 1.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is story-related and you'll get it by simply
                | playing through the game IF you choose to cure Mia.

   .———————————————————————.                                  .————————————.
 __|   Just A Memory Now   |__________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Get ending 2.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is story-related and you'll get it by simply
                | playing through the game IF you choose to cure Zoe.

   .—————————————————————.                                    .————————————.
 __|   Playing it Safe   |____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Complete the game on Easy.
  How to Obtain | This is one of three difficulty-related trophies. Since
                | this is the one for "Easy", there is no way you won't get
                | this one if you beat the game. No worries here!

   .——————————————————————————————————.                       .————————————.
 __|   The Nightmare's Finally Over   |_______________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Complete the game on Normal.
  How to Obtain | This is the difficulty trophy for beating the game on
                | "Normal", which I wrote the guide for. It can be challenging
                | for sure, but with the guide you should have enough items to
                | make it through fairly easily.

   .———————————————————————————.                              .————————————.
 __|   Who's Your Daddy Now?   |______________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Complete the game on Madhouse.
  How to Obtain | I don't have a guide for Madhouse difficulty, but this
                | trophy is yours once you beat the game on Madhouse. I
                | recommend doing "test runs" while you play: saving and
                | then running ahead to see what's up ahead (enemy and item
                | wise). There's also several people online (youtube) who
                | have runs on this mode you can watch. No damage runs, even.
                | Jesus, some people are just impressive!
                | Doing a speedrun before hand will help. Having the Circular
                | Saw and the "Essence of Defense" and "Secrets of Defense"
                | items will help as well (virtually essential for us mere
                | mortals). While you play through Madhouse mode, follow the
                | "Madhouse Antique Coins Guide" in this guide to make sure
                | you get them all so you can buy bonus items (as well as
                | get the "Mad Pelicans" trophy).

   .—————————————————————————.                                .————————————.
 __|   Behind Closed Doors   |________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Close an open door by yourself.
  How to Obtain | What a trophy this is! This should be one you get without
                | even trying. Simply close a door behind yourself and you'll
                | have this easy bronze trophy in the bag!

   .—————————————————————.                                    .————————————.
 __|   Arms in the Air   |____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Block an enemy attack by guarding.
  How to Obtain | This is another pretty easy trophy. You'll get this one
                | by guarding against an enemy attack. Simply press L1 to
                | raise your arms up and let an enemy hit you to get this
                | trophy.

   .———————————————.                                          .————————————.
 __|     A-ha!     |__________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Obtain something by closely examining an item.
  How to Obtain | You can get this trophy pretty early in the game, as noted
                | above in the guide. When you head to the Guest House backyard
                | and find the burn pile, go pick up the purse out of it and
                | examine it to find something inside, which will pop this
                | trophy for you.

   .—————————————————————————.                                .————————————.
 __|   Master of Unlocking   |________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Use a lock pick to open something.
  How to Obtain | This trophy unlocks once you use a lock pick to open
                | something in the game. You have several chances to get
                | this trophy throughout the game, so unless you are in the
                | last areas of the game, it isn't too late! You can search
                | for "lockpick" easily in the guide if you need more help on
                | this one!

   .——————————————.                                           .————————————.
 __|   Nice Try   |___________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Put an unrelated object on a shadow plinth.
  How to Obtain | Haha. This is another easy trophy. You can get this pretty
                | easily as long as you know about it! Just use a non-shadow
                | related puzzle item on a shadow plinth. I point this out
                | in the guide so you shouldn't miss it unless you just plain
                | played too far into the game.

   .————————————————————.                                     .————————————.
 __|   Open Your Eyes   |_____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Use psychostimulants.
  How to Obtain | Another really easy trophy. Just find and use some of these
                | psychostimulants, then enjoy all the items you can find!
                | Pretty easy.

   .————————————————.                                         .————————————.
 __|   In the Bag   |_________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Increase your item slots.
  How to Obtain | Yet another very easy trophy. This one requires that you
                | find a backpack upgrade item. There are three of them in
                | the game, so this should be easy to get. You can just look
                | for my note about this trophy or search for "backpack
                | upgrade".

   .—————————————————————————.                                .————————————.
 __|   Things Got Personal   |________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Finish off an enemy with the knife.
  How to Obtain | This is a good trophy. Finishing an enemy off with a knife
                | isn't too hard. Heck, you could cheese this and save, then
                | go find an enemy and knife it to death using healing items
                | a ton and then load once you have the trophy. Or you could
                | get in 3-4 headshots on a Molded and then finish it with a
                | knife.
                | Overall, not hard to do. Simply bait out the enemy's attack
                | and go in for 4- slashes afterwards. Do that again if you
                | need to until its dead!

   .——————————————————————————————————.                       .————————————.
 __|   Slash Slash, Slashity Slash!   |_______________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Clear insects off a door using a knife.
  How to Obtain | This one is a bit of a pain, and almost means that you'll
                | NEED a first-aid med afterwards (which is also a pain). The
                | place to get this trophy is in the Old House, when you are
                | moving around Marguerite. There is a time when she'll close
                | a door on you no matter what and put spiders on it. This is
                | the time to knife them off! I note it in the guide up above
                | as well if you want more specific details (I think that one
                | of the doors is much better than the other choice...).

   .———————————————————————.                                  .————————————.
 __|   Back Off, Mrs. B!   |__________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Fight off Marguerite while she wanders the old house to
                | make her run away.
  How to Obtain | This is a trophy I did cheese a bit. Once you are in the
                | the "Old House" area and have gotten to the point that
                | Marguerite is stalking around, go save and gear up, then
                | bring the war to her. Just unload on her with everything you
                | have until you drive her away and you'll get this trophy.
                | You can reload once you have the trophy in order to conserve
                | whatever ammo and health you used. Hehehe...

   .———————————————————————————.                              .————————————.
 __|   Duck If You Love Life   |______________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Avoid Jack's scissor attack by crouching.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is gained during the "Jack Round 2" fight. The
                | one where he kicks you down into a pit. What you want to do
                | here is progress the fight until he tears the gate open and
                | grabs the scissor item. Now, wait until he does the forward
                | thrust "Scissor" attack and DUCK when he does so. It may
                | take a bit to get him to do it (it is either that or the
                | swinging attack) but don't finish the fight and duck when
                | you can and this trophy will be yours!

   .——————————————————.                                       .————————————.
 __|   Less is More   |_______________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Take down two or more enemies with one shot.
  How to Obtain | This seems like a rough trophy, but it really isn't. You
                | you easily get this trophy in the Old House section. Just
                | take your shotgun to any nest and shoot a swarm of insects
                | as they approach you. Easy!

   .—————————————————.                                        .————————————.
 __|   Fly Swatter   |________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Shoot and knock back Marguerite while she's leaping at you.
  How to Obtain | This is another trophy you may not get, but you can cheese
                | this fairly easily. First, be sure to SAVE BEFORE the boss
                | fight with Marguerite. Then as you are fighting her, have
                | your shotgun out and stick close to her. She'll crawl on the
                | roof or ceiling sooner or later and jump at you. QUICKLY
                | shoot her down when she does this and this trophy will be
                | yours.

   .————————————————————————————————.                         .————————————.
 __|   That's a Spicy Meat-a-ball   |_________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Kill an enemy by attaching a Remote Bomb to them and
                | detonating it.
  How to Obtain | This trophy isn't possible until near the end of the game.
                | The earliest you can get it is during the "Old Videotape"
                | segment, when you first find Remote Bombs. Equip one of
                | these items and LET a Molded grab you. You can then push
                | it into its mouth and that will kill it after a few seconds
                | which will net you this trophy.

   .———————————————————————————————————.                      .————————————.
 __|   1st Place at the Science Fair   |______________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Create all items that contain Chem Fluid and Strong Chem
                | Fluid.
  How to Obtain | If you're anything like me, you like to horde items as you
                | play through the game. The last items you'll get for this
                | trophy are the "Supplements". After you get those, if you've
                | been hording items, you should be able to head to a save
                | room, save, then make all of the items in one go. Focus on
                | ones you haven't made, of course, but with enough hording
                | and two supplement items, this trophy should be yours.

   .————————————————————.                                     .————————————.
 __|   Can't Catch Me   |_____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Complete the "Mia" videotape without being spotted by
                | Marguerite.
  How to Obtain | This trophy requires you to play through the "Mia" video
                | without being spotted by Marguerite. The funny thing is
                | that the video STARTS with you being spotted! Heh! That
                | one doesn't count though, thankfully...
                | Again, I focus on this trophy during the guide to make
                | sure you get it. It basically involves stopping at certain
                | spots and hiding from Marguerite during the video, so see
                | the guide for this video in the guide itself to guide you
                | through.

   .————————————————————————.                                 .————————————.
 __|   Out Before Dessert   |_________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Complete the "Happy Birthday" videotape within 5 minutes.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is yours when you (basically) speed-run the
                | "Happy Birthday" videotape. In the guide I show you how
                | to do this (you know ol' BK loves his trophies), but it
                | basically involves knowing the code for a lock ahead of
                | time, which means a bit of "cheating". Or you could just
                | play the tape twice I suppose. Either way, consult the guide
                | above for the best way to rush through this guide.

   .————————————————————————————.                           .————————————.
 __|   Be Kind, Please Rewind   |___________________________|   Bronze   |____
    Description | Watch all the videotapes in a single playthrough.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is given to you once you play through all of
                | the videotapes throughout the game. I cover them all in
                | the guide, but there's only FOUR videotapes you need to
                | worry about (that's all there is... which is a little bit
                | disappointing). Those four tapes are:
                | o "Derilict House"
                | o "Mia"
                | o "Happy Birthday"
                | o "Old Videotape"
                | You can find a guide for each one of these in the guide,
                | and you can use the names in quotes to find them. So unless
                | you just ignore the videotapes in the game, this trophy
                | should be yours as you play through the game.

   .—————————————————————————————.                            .————————————.
 __|   Pelicans in Your Pocket   |____________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Obtain all of the Antique Coins in Easy or Normal
                | difficulty.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is a PAIN for sure as there's several times
                | throughout the guide where if you DO NOT get a coin and then
                | progress too far, you'll be unable to finish this trophy.
                | However, as of now, this guide has EVERY COIN in it. What
                | else can I say? Follow the guide and look for every coin
                | as you go and you'll find them all and get this trophy.

   .——————————————————.                                       .————————————.
 __|   Mad Pelicans   |_______________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Obtain all of the Antique Coins in Madhouse difficulty.
  How to Obtain | One of the harder trophies, just by playing through Madhouse
                | mode this is challenging. I've added a list of Madhouse
                | Antique Coins in the guide, so follow this list as you play
                | through Madhouse mode and this trophy will be yours.

   .—————————————————————————————————.                        .————————————.
 __|   The Devil Is in the Details   |________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Read all of the files in a single playthrough.
  How to Obtain | Much like the coin trophies up above, this trophy is also
                | a pain, as there's several times throughout the guide where
                | if you DO NOT get a coin and then progress too far, you'll
                | be unable to finish this trophy. This guide has EVERY FILE
                | in it as well (just like the coins), so again, if you just
                | follow the guide carefully as you play this trophy will
                | definitely be yours by the end.

   .———————————————————————————————————.                      .————————————.
 __|   He's Here, There, Everywhere!   |______________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Destroy a Mr. Everywhere statuette.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is one of the easier ones, as you can probably
                | guess. You can search for "Mr. Everywhere" just about
                | any place you are in the guide and find out where the
                | nearest one is. Just break one to get this trophy.

   .—————————————————.                                        .————————————.
 __|   Mr. Nowhere   |________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Destroy all Mr. Everywhere statuettes.
  How to Obtain | Yet another collectable trophy. There are 20 Mr. Everywhere
                | statuettes throughout the game, and as of now I can verify
                | that every single one of them are in the game (and counted
                | even!). So once again, if you follow the guide and shoot
                | these down everytime I point them out, you will have this
                | trophy in the bag!

   .————————————————————————————.                             .——————————.
 __|   Just Get Me Outta Here   |_____________________________|   Gold   |____
    Description | Complete the game within 4 hours.
  How to Obtain | So after doing this trophy, I can say that it really isn't
                | too hard. I did it in a little over 3 hours, and that was
                | while killing everything. Knowledge of where to go and what
                | to do is helpful. Skip the Grenade Launcher. Use whatever
                | unlocked items you got from your previous playthrough.
                | Only focus on the health and aiming upgrades with the coins
                | and lastly play on EASY. Do all of this and you should have
                | it fairly easy.
                | If you want to check out my speedrun, with commentary, you
                | can view it in the video below (Copy and paste the link
                | below in your internet address bar):
                |  o  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJ7kcHjWtbU
                | Note that I did that runthrough WHILE doing the "Resource
                | Manager" and "Walk it Off" trophies as well. Enjoy!

   .—————————————————————.                                      .——————————.
 __|   Resource Manager  |______________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Complete the game without opening the Item Box more than
                | 3 times.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is a pain. Namely because you basically HAVE to
                | only open your trophy box during these three times:
                | 1. Putting away your stuff in the "Trap House" section.
                | 2. Getting your stuff back after the "Happy Birthday" real
                |    life area.
                | 3. Getting your stuff back before the mines (as Ethan).
                | Every other time is off the table. This means throwing stuff
                | away when you don't need it, crafting to free up space, and
                | just generally hanging on to keys way too long. It's not too
                | hard though. I did it while doing a speed run (see the above
                | trophy block for a video). You just NEED to get all of the
                | BACKPACK upgrades and you'll be OK. A couple painful items
                | may be thrown away, but what can you do...

   .—————————————————.                                          .——————————.
 __|   Walk it Off   |__________________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Complete the game using only 3 First Aid Meds or less.
  How to Obtain | This trophy isn't too hard. I'd recommend doing it while
                | you go for the speedrun trophy, as the goal is to go fast
                | and not get hit. Do it on EASY as well. One BIG thing that
                | will help you is the STEROID ITEMS. These DO NOT COUNT as
                | "healing" you, so be sure to use them if possible when you
                | need to heal. Liberal uses of saves and reloading if you
                | take too much damage (and can play better) can help as well.
                | If all else fails, use the unlockable "Secret of Defense"
                | and "Essence of Defense" items to really lower the amount
                | of damage you take when blocking and then tank your way
                | through the game if you have to.

 ___ ___ ____ ________________________________________________________________
| _ \ __|__  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|   / _|  / /                        C L O S U R E             |

 Every good thing must come to an end my friends. I've got all the closing
items in this section. Boring stuff like version history, credits, last
words... all the stuff that no one ever reads! Heh. Wait, you're reading this?
Looks like I was wrong!

 -- V E R S I O N   H I S T O R Y                              |     RE-HIS

 Version 0.01 January 21st, 2017
 Starting this guide, getting in some formatting and layout done. The game
comes out in a couple of days (January 24th), so this is just prep-work.
Can't wait for some good first-person scares.

 Version 1.00 January 23rd - January 27th, 2017
 Well, just finished the game. Need to finish typing up the last little bit,
but it's complete. Also need to flesh out all the files and collectables, as
I didn't find all of them. Need a second playthrough to find everything, for

 Version 1.10 January 28th - January 29th, 2017
 Played through the game again, added in all the collectables I missed the
first time around. Guide is "complete". I still have to do a speedrun and
Madhouse Difficulty at some point. Gotta get that platinum.

 In the future, I may do item (collectable) and weapon lists. Just don't
have the time right now, but those would be fairly easy to do in the future.

 Version 1.20 February 2nd, 2017
 Added in the Antique Coin and Mr. Everywhere sections. Numbered the coins
throughout the guide. Added in a credit that I SHOULDN'T have missed when
I first submitted the guide (Thanks again, Nick!).

 Still need to do a speedrun and "Madhouse" run of this game. Hoping to do
both of those soon.

 This guide already has a recommended star on GameFAQs though. Thanks for
that everyone! I hope this guide continues to help people for many, many

 Version 1.30 March 10th - 15th
 Added in Madhouse Antique Coins. Did this list while playing through the
game's Madhouse mode. I also did a speedrun between the last update and
this one. Very close to getting the platinum on this game actually. Just
need to do the very last bit of Madhouse...

 -- C R E D I T S                                              |     RE-CRE

 .~ Bkstunt ~.
 o Big thanks to Vinheim, A Backdated Future, Absolute Steve, Krystal109,
   BacterX, Thnikamanl33t, noz3r0, and Haeravon. All of my past and present
   FAQING brothers (and sister) in arms. I appreciate you guys!

 o Thanks to my family for giving me the time to work on this. Love all of
   you girls!

 o Thanks to the people who make GameFAQs what it is. The contributors who give
   of their own time to try and enhance and help others. Unsung heroes of our
   time that truly make gaming better.
 o PS4 Trophies (Brian) for pointing out the few collectables I just couldn't
   find. Makes me wonder how in the world you found these! Hats off to you!
 o My friend Nicholas Misiak for getting me this game ON TIME (and generally
   being awesome). Many thanks Nick, you are a big reason I got this guide
   done a bit quicker!
 o Cody Kramer for catching the antique coins mistake. Nice catch!
 o Maybe you? Send in a correction or tip and you can find your name here!
 -- L A S T   W O R D S                                        |     RE-LST
 And so we reach the end of Resident Evil 7. This game was much better than
a lot of us expected, I think, and I'm very thankful for that! I very much
enjoyed my time with this game and I hope you guys enjoyed this guide as well!

 If you've found this guide helpful, I'll once again stress that I'd love to
stay in touch and talk games in the future. You can find me on Facebook fairly
easily (Facebook.com/Bkstunt), so feel free to stop on by and post!

 With that said, much love to all my fans and friends and I hope to see you all
for further guides and walkthroughs! Yours,

          __  __                 __  __                        _
    _____|  \/  |_______________|  \/  |______________________|·|
    \ \  | \  / | __ _ ___  __ _| \  / |_   _ _ __   ___O  O  |·|_________
     \ \_| |\/| |/ _` / __|/ _` | |\/| | |_| | '_ \ / _ \_____|·|xxxxxxxx||
      \__| |¯¯| | (_| \__ \ (_| | |¯¯| | |_| | |_| |  __/_____|·|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
         |_|¯¯|_|\__,_|___/\__,_|_|¯¯|_|\__,_|_| |_|\___|     |·| (BKSTUNT)
YOU HAD SOMETHING                                   Document © Bkstunt_31, 2017
TO DO WITH ALL OF                                 Resident Evil 7 © 2017 Capcom
THIS, DIDN'T YOU?                                 E N D   O F   D O C U M E N T

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Hey everyone, BK here. I hope you enjoyed the guide or review you just read! I always try to make it feel like we're playing together!

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