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by SquidFetus

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Skill Guide by SquidFetus

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/17/2018
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Please do not contact me to request that you host my guide on a website other than GameFAQs. My guides are written exclusively for GameFAQs and I will not grant permission to any other entity to use them.

If you choose to contact me, please keep it relevant. Make it about this game, or the guide itself. I am generally not interested in personal emails from people I do not know. To that end, I suggest that you precede any subject line in an email to me with [GFAQ] or [GameFAQs] in square brackets as I will ensure my email filter will not junk these. For example, your subject line might read: [GFAQ] There's an error in your guide, or [GameFAQs] Thank you for the guide!

My email address is as follows:

(I have presented this as an image to help deflect bots fishing for addresses - you will have to type it out)

If you pass on any information that I use in my guide, or that I use to improve my guide, I will be sure to credit you.