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by SquidFetus

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Skill Guide by SquidFetus

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/17/2018
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About The Author

Welcome to my guide, and thank you for choosing it!

My name is Rick, and I have a penchant for writing guides for old games that nobody plays anymore - mainly DOS Games and SNES games - although sometimes I come to the party on something more modern. Sometimes, I write them for myself. I used to love reading the manuals for my SNES games before bed when I was younger, often for games I'd completed many times. At that point, there was nothing more for me to learn, especially considering I'd read each manual multiple times. However, I really enjoy reading unit, character, weapon, or ability descriptions, the extra bits of lore that could be found only in manuals, and admiring the artwork. My own guides serve as a source of reference for new players, but also as a throwback to the days when I used to like revisiting information for games I knew a lot about, stirring buried memories of the first time I played them and the moments I'd enjoyed.

I also used to devour walkthroughs and guides found in magazines such as PC Powerplay and Nintendo Magazine, often for games I'd never played before. I used to enjoy forming a picture of what the games were like by reading their guides, and I enjoyed the fact that all of the information about the gameplay was in one place for me to pore over and formulate my own strategies and ideas. When I was younger, gaming for me was an exercise in imagination, building my own hype for games based on what features were printed. Today, as an adult, I generally have enough disposable income to purchase games I'm interested in - and interest and research has largely overtaken hype. There are also trailers and gameplay videos in abundance, which means there is distinctly less mystery surrounding new games.

My passion for writing guides is largely thanks to the many guides I'd read in the past. I haven't read a gaming magazine in more than ten years - largely thanks to the internet - but I can thank them to no small degree for putting me on this path and for bringing you this guide today.

I hope you enjoy the guide, and that it serves you well!