PS4 mod load order?

  1. Hi guys!
    I created a load order list, and I wanted to check on here if I did it right. I organised it according to those dropbox categories, was a big 35 page document! Some of the mods I wanted on there were missing though, so hopefully I did it ok.

    Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

    Lively graphics overhaul

    Optimized Vanilla Textures

    All map locations discovered


    Phenderix's Magic Evolved

    Better Loot

    Re-Balanced Leveled Lists

    DLC Integration

    Unlimited enchantments

    Unlimited rings and amulets

    Even Better Quest Objectives

    Lore-based Loading Screens

    Obsidian Weather and Seasons

    ELE Interior Lighting Overhaul

    Surreal Lighting

    Enhanced Night Skyrim

    Rain and Snow FX

    Supreme and volumetric fog

    Realistic fire

    WATER - Water and Terrain Enhancer

    Lanterns of Skyrim

    Bridges of Skyrim

    Kato’s Whiterun

    Kato’s Riverwood

    Kato’s Falkreath

    Kato’s Ivarstead

    Mannequin Stay Put

    Cheat mod

    MAP - Project Hippie
    Dense Grass

    Skyrim is Windy

    Fallen Trees

    Better Vanilla Perks

    Infinite perk points

    Faster Leveling

    Stones of Beraziah quest markers

    Better Blessings

    Enhanced Candlelight & Magelight

    Torch light Expanded

    Rich Merchants of Skyrim

    STAR 50% more gold

    Immersive Citizens

    Realistic Conversations

    Immersive Patrols

    NPCs Don't Drop Weapons Upon Death

    Realistic AI Detection

    Various Dragons

    Better Horses

    Soul Eater Armor

    Slayer’s armor

    Less Aggressive Animals

    Smilodon– Combat of Skyrim

    Immersive movement

    BIG: More Kill Moves

    BIG: Higher Kill Move Chance

    GET: No More Dead Followers

    Complete Archery Overhaul

    Third Person Camera

    Fix your aim and no more moonwalk

    Unlimited sprinting

    Easy Lock Picking

    Instant Mastery

    Increased carry weight

    Animated Weapon Enchants

    Re-Color Replacer Pack

    Improved sounds

    Louder nature

    Ring of god mode

    Sacred ring of jeebus

    Infinite chest (cheat chest)

    TAOS smithing

    Free Crafting

    Weightless Bones and Dragon Scales

    Magical College of Winterhold

    Magical College of Winterhold and ELFX patch

    Insignificant Object Remover

    Go Away Map Clouds!


    Would appreciate any help :) Thanks

    User Info: DrabPharmacist1

    DrabPharmacist1 - 4 weeks ago

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