Do the items in the Tundra Homestead/Myrwatch locations respawn?

  1. I recently acquired Tundra Homestead and Myrwatch because being able to store the Masks/unique staffs and items/Claws appealed to me. However, there are a lot of items strewn about the houses (things like books, ingredients of varying quality, potions, rare foods, etc.) and I was wondering if taking them will result in my homes looking barren and un-lived in, or if said items will respawn the way they do in the Hearthfire houses.

    Also, in a similar topic, are all of the storage containers INSIDE the houses safe? I ask because the unique cases in Tundra, at least, look like there are potions and food items inside them, and I'm hoping they don't generate continuous items. Thanks, in advance, if you know the answers to these questions that basically boil down to: "WILL I LOSE MY S#*T?!" Well, yes, but that's a separate matter, entirely...

    User Info: N1x313th

    N1x313th - 11 months ago

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