The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition (PlayStation 4)

Why does the game keep telling me "you cannot fast travel from this location"?

  1. For a while now my game has been telling me that i cannot fast travel from this location no matter where i am. I've made sure i'm not overencumbered and i've tried everything from paying off bounties, pickpocketing, waiting 48 hours, but no luck. I'm not sure what to do to fix this glitch and i'd like some help. P.S. Yes i am trying this OUTSIDE not inside.
    Alessio150 - 4 years ago - report
  2. Can you please provide some more details? Last I checked my previous answer was accepted, so I though your problem was resolved. Is there anything else you could tell us because I'm not sure troubleshooting else you could do that hasnt been mentioned already.
    HanbeiKliesen - 4 years ago - report


  1. If it is 1 certain place it may be a quest or a enemy
    Birdman9 - 4 years ago - report
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  2. The only other possibility would be that there is an enemy around you're not seeing, like a slautherfish. If any NPC has become hostile, fast travel is blocked, even if they have not engaged you (red dot on the radar).
    FactoidHunter - 4 years ago - report
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