How do I fix this civil war glitch?

  1. I'm in the Dark Brotherhood. Don't ask me why but in the middle of that, I decided to start the civil war storyline. I joined the Stormcloaks. I get to the end of the storyline when it's time to take over Solitude. I fast travel to the stables because Solitude disappears from the map. As soon, as I get there, a guard stops me. I have to pay my 2000 for killing 2 guards. I get teleported inside of Solitude. I go into Castle Dour & we kill Tullius & Rikke. The civil war is over right? Apparently not. Later on I try to go to Solitude & it's still gone from the map. I fast travel to the stables & go to the door. Ulfric is there giving the speech he gives right before we're about to go in there & fight imperials & kill Tullius & Rikke. I can't go through the main door or the side door near the East Empire Company.

    User Info: Bripaige

    Bripaige - 2 years ago

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