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FAQ/Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 03/31/18

    ^        _____________________________________________________        ^
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                                                             A Community Guide!
                                                          Proudly Presented By:
                                                                   Skyler Clerf
                                                                  Steve De Leon
                                                                   Anthony Kerr

      c ..
         C@8c                         cco..occoCocc
          c8@Oo                   .:oCC8@@@@@@@@@@8OCcooc:
            C8@Oo             @@o@@     CO@8O88CCO    @@CCoo:
             CO8@Co        @O@8.       oO@O    @OCC      O@@c:c
               CC@@CCoco8@@o        :cC@8       88Cc       :C@O:::
                ooo@@8@@C          c:o@c          o@@co        c@@..
                :coC8@8CC         :c@@c             c@Oco        c@8::
                co88  8@Oo       cO@C                 C@oc         C@C:c
               cC@8    oO@8      OCc                    O@oc         O8cc
              ::@o       cO@8  c8Cc                      oO@oc        88oc
             C8@o          cc8@8Cc                         oo@@o       C@Co
            .o@C           oo@O@@cc                          cc@8       o@Oo
           :c@c           o@@o  C@Cc                          cco@o      8@o
           :@8          :c@o      8@c:                          :c8@o    C8Oo
          ::@C         co@o         8@c:                          co8@o   C@oo
          :@C         O@C             c@8c                         cooC@  C@OC
          o@Oo                              CO@@ccc                       O@OC
          cO8:                                  O8Cc                      c@oc
           c@o:                                  cO8c:                    o8cc
           :8@c                                    oO@::                  @C:
            c@Co                                     C@@Co               .@@:
             C@8C                                      C@@Co           .:8o:
              8@@C                                       C@@Cc        :@8:c
               O@@O                                        o@OCC     c@c.:
                C8@Co                                       CO@8o   C@oc
                 oC@@o                                        o8@OC@Ooo
                   oo@Cc                                      CCC@@8oo
                     cco@8                                  coO@8CCC@@o
                        :.8@O                            ccO@OC     oo8Cc
                           ccO@@O...::::::::::..::cc::oO@@Oo          ocOC:
                             cc::c8@@@@8OCoccooC8@@@@@8OC               c:8C.
        8888888b.           8888888b.           8888888888          Y88b   d88P 
        888   Y88b          888   Y88b          888                  Y88b d88P  
        888    888          888    888          888                   Y88o88P   
        888   d88P          888   d88P          8888888                Y888P    
        8888888P"           8888888P"           888                     888     
        888                 888 T88b            888                     888     
        888                 888  T88b           888                     888     
        888                 888   T88b          8888888888              888 

 ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
            Platform:   Playstation 4
             Version:   1.00
        Last Updated:   3/29/2018

               Email:   FAQs @ bkstunt .com
            Web Site:   http://bkstunt.com/
       Facebook Page:   http://www.facebook.com/Bkstunt

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    If the ASCII above/below and the charts used throughout the guide look
  strange, please change your settings to display text in a FIXED-WIDTH font.
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                              |  _/   / _| \ V / 
        ______________________|_| |_|_\___| |_|_______________________
O==<                          Table of Contents                           >==O

   Note: Press Ctrl+F and enter in the code to skip to that section.


 - Introduction......................................................[PRY-INT]
 - Controls..........................................................[PRY-CON]
 - Tips and Tricks...................................................[PRY-TIP]

 - CHAPTER 1: First Day on the Job...........................[CH-01]
 - CHAPTER 2: Break Out......................................[CH-02]
 - CHAPTER 3: An Office with a View..........................[CH-03]
 - CHAPTER 4: Through a Glass Darkly.........................[CH-04]
 - CHAPTER 5: Detour.........................................[CH-05]
 - CHAPTER 6: Gathering Echoes...............................[CH-06]
 - CHAPTER 7: Restore From Backup............................[CH-07]
 - CHAPTER 8: This Side Up...................................[CH-08]
 - CHAPTER 9: Shipping and Receiving.........................[CH-09]
 - CHAPTER 10: Reboot........................................[CH-10]
 - CHAPTER 11: The Keys to the Kingdom.......................[CH-11]
 - CHAPTER 12: Before I Give You The Key.....................[CH-12]
 - CHAPTER 13: The Repo Man..................................[CH-13]
 - CHAPTER 14: A Mind Without Limits.........................[CH-14]
 - CHAPTER 15: Perdition.....................................[CH-15]


 - Email Transcripts.................................................[PRY-EML]
 - Food Items........................................................[PRY-FOD]
 - Trophies..........................................................[PRY-TPH]
 - Version History...................................................[PRY-HIS]
 - Credits...........................................................[PRY-CRE]
                               ___ ___ _____   __
                              | _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /
                              |  _/   / _| \ V / 
        ______________________|_| |_|_\___| |_|_______________________
O==<                            Introduction                              >==O

 Hey everybody, Bkstunt here with a guide for 2017's "Prey", or as I've come
to call it: "Bioshock in Space". Seriously though, this is a fantastic game.
Prey was made by Arkane Studios, the same people who brought us the "Dishonored"
series (which is definitely worth playing as well). If you are looking for a
title where you can truly play your own way, you've definitely found it.

 This guide is also special for another reason, as it is the very first guide
I've ever done that's been sponsored by fans. Guide writing is definitely very
time-consuming and can be costly over time, so this guide wouldn't be here
without their assistance!
 With that said, thanks for joining me on yet another guide! As always, feel
free to join me on Facebook or email me (me facebook page link is up above).
After all, I wouldn't do this if it weren't for you, my fellow gamers,
supporting me along the way (and this guide in particular wouldn't be here
if it wasn't for some very generous fans!)!

 Enjoy the guide everyone!

 ~ Bkstunt

                               ___ ___ _____   __
                              | _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /
                              |  _/   / _| \ V / 
        ______________________|_| |_|_\___| |_|_______________________
O==<                               Controls                               >==O

 Here are the controls for Prey:

               _,.--.,_                                _,.--.,_
              |  _____ |                              | _____  |
              |-'     `'.____________________________,'`     `-|
            ,'    __     `.   _  |          |  _    ,'    .,.    `.
           /     |  |      \ | | |          | | | /     (/_\)     \
          !   __  \/  __    | ¯  |          |  ¯ !  ,-.  `-'  ,-.  |
          |  |__ >  < __|   !__  '----------'  __| ([_])     ( O ) !
          !       /\        ___`-.  ::::::  ,-'     `-'  ,-.  `-'  |
          |\     |__|     ,'   `. \  ::::  / ,'   `.    ( X )     /|
          | `.           /       \ | SONY | /       \    `-'    ,' |
          |   `-.____,-. \       / |______| \       / ,-.____,-'   |
          |           ,'\ `.___,' /        \ `.___,' /`.           |
          |          /   `-.___,-'          `-.___,-'   \          |
          \         /                                    \         /
           \       /                                      \       /
            `.__,-'                                        `-.__,'

|- L analog  | = Moves Player                                                 |
|- R analog  | = Moves Camera / Aim                                           |
|- L1 button | = Lean / Roll                                                  |
|- L2 button | = PSI Ability                                                  |
|- L3 button | = Sprint / Boost (In Space)                                    |
|- R1 button | = Lean / Roll                                                  |
|- R2 button | = Fire Weapon                                                  |
|- R3 button | = Use Scope (Once Acquired)                                    |
|- D-pad     | = Quick Select (You can assign items/weapons here - Minus UP)  |
|- UP button | = Flashlight                                                   |
|- Options   | = Pause Menu                                                   |
|- Touchpad  | = Access TranScribe (Menu)                                     |
|- X button  | = Jump / Ascend                                                |
|- [] button | = Interact / Reload                                            |
|- /\ button | = Swap Weapon (HOLD: Favorites Wheel)                          |
|- O button  | = Crouch / Descend                                             |

                               ___ ___ _____   __
                              | _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /
                              |  _/   / _| \ V / 
        ______________________|_| |_|_\___| |_|_______________________
O==<                           Tips and Tricks                            >==O

 Here's some basic tips and tricks to the game.

 o This may not be the first "PREY" game, but it is unrelated to the other
   one out there (so don't worry about jumping right in!).

 o You can QUICKSAVE for a reason, so be sure to use it whenever you try
   something risky! You can always quickload after all!
 o Upgrade your INVENTORY as soon as you can. It is fantastic to have it
   fully upgraded. This is so you can...
 o Carry around stashes of food with you wherever you go. Use it before
   your medkits and soon you'll be flushed with healing.
 o That said, always try to utilize operators before your own stash of items
   if you can. That's an even better way to keep your stash longer!
 o Try to take all the junk you can handle and RECYCLE it. This will get you
   a TON of items you can fabricate with and you'll really thank yourself
   that you did this later!
 o Try getting a FULLY UPGRADED SHOTGUN and COMBAT FOCUS as soon as you can.
   Trust me when I say this combo is just SO over-powered, it can carry you
   through the game easily.
 o IMPORTANT: One of the big trophy-related choices in this games has you
   either using Human Abilities OR Typhon Abilities. However, if you do not
   care about trophies, I highly recommend you use both. That being said,
   this guide was made for HUMAN ABILITIES ONLY.

                               ___ ___ _____   __
                              | _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /
                              |  _/   / _| \ V / 
        ______________________|_| |_|_\___| |_|_______________________
O==<                   CHAPTER 1: First Day on the Job                    >==O

 After waking up, you will get a phone call from your brother, Alex, giving
you a quick run-down of what Morgan has actually agreed to. First day on the
new job, indeed! We'll get an objective here as well:

 o Objective: Put on your TranStar Uniform

 (-NOTE-)  You can hit the TOUCHPAD to go to your menu and take a look at the
           objectives. This gives you bits of the story so you know WHY you are
           doing what you are doing. I love this, actually, as it's like a mini
           story summary. Pretty cool.

 BEFORE we go put on our uniform though, let's explore our apartment a little
bit. Towards the kitchen you can find the [_CONGRATS!_] and [_THE METHOD.SCI_]
notes, which will go into your inventory (under "Data - Notes").

 (-NOTE-): There is no trophy for finding all notes, which is good... I point
           out most of them throughout the guide anyways...

 There's also a LOT of food and drink here. Raid the counter, cupboards and
the fridge for the following treats:

 (-NOTE-) These food and drink items are for more than your appetite! Each
          item you find can restore some of your health! A bit like System
          Shock, if you've played those games (or Desu Ex, for something a
          bit newer). Hey, at least we're not eating hot dogs out of the
          trash like Bioshock!
 Be sure to also get the two books here in the kitchen area, found on the
counter and down on a shelf: [_ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FOOD SCIENCE AND COOKING_] and
the [_HEART OF THE WOK_] books (man, I love Chinese Food). Also note that we
can LIFT THE FRIDGE if we level up a particular way. Huh...

 Next up, visit the bathroom past the counter. There's nothing in here for us,
but you can use the facilities if you wish. I took a shower. Go out to the
living room now to check out Morgan's digs. He's got a TV (note that it is the
year 2032) and some sort of odd game system. There are a LOT of books out here
too. So many that I'm going to do this in list form:

 The most interesting book here has to be the "Consciousness" one. A very
good question, really. The door out to our deck is jammed by the way, so let's
go to the computer area. You can find two books over here (one to the left of
the PC, one up to the right):  [_HANDS-ON ELECTRONICS_] and [_SPEECH SYNTHESIS
AND NATURAL LANGUAGE GENERATION_]. Morgan's into WAY too many hobbies. Next,
check his PC to get the "Workstation Tutorial" (we're going to have to do some
hacking in the future... I'm looking forward to it) and to read through the
three emails here:

 o [_EMAIL 03: READY?_]

 (-NOTE-) EMAILS, like NOTES, are tracked under the inventory tab as well
          (Data - Email). For that reason, I'll track them all as well. Must
          be complete, right? ... Right!?
 There's also actual ITEMS here to grab! I guarantee you grabbing these items
will let us make things in the future, so we should grab all we can! In the
computer area is some [_FRAYED WIRE_], a [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_] and some
[_USED PLASTIC TUBING_]. Note that, in the inventory, each item also has some
"Material Yield", which will be important in the future. Not now though: grab
it all!

 On the wall nearby is your closet, which you can open up. There's not much in
here, but note the postcards (Morgan seems to have always been into space travel
it seems). Next, check the nearby nightstand for the [_NEUROMOD APPLICATION
nighstand itself. Oh, one more note! Over in the TV area you can also find a
picture of Morgan's family. Worth looking at!

 OK, we've run out of stuff to do, so let's go put on our suit like a good
company man! This updates our objective:

 o Objective: Get in the helicopter on the roof
 Head out into the hall and go left, talking to the repair woman "Patricia
Varma" on the way. On your way to the elevator, you'll get some movement
tutorials. Practice running a bit! Hehe. Enter and head to the roof (the only
option we have) and then.... quick-save and read the note below!

 (-NOTE-) You can get an EASY trophy here! Be sure to SAVE and then jump up
          into the Helicopter Blades. Doing this will get you the "No Show"
          Bronze Trophy. Congrats?
 Reload and board the helicopter proper and you'll be taken to the TranStar
Facility. On the way you'll get some "Intro" music as some credits are placed
around the city, introducing the game. Fun! Once you get to your destination
you'll get out automatically and get an objective:

 o Objective: Report to the Test Center
 Head into the building and talk to the Science Observer if you wish (note the
board and quote nearby... same last name...), then go into the elevator and
confirm your appointment. You'll meet your big brother Alex soon. Go talk to
him for some advice and head into the room past him (note the book on the way,
as we have that one already).

 We'll now have to do a series of tests. Four rooms. The first room is pretty
basic: push the boxes out of the room. I just picked them up and threw them.
The second room has us... hiding? Yeah, there's no where to hide, so I just
ended up ducking behind the chair with circle. It didn't help much... heh...

 The third room has a barrier in the middle with another button. Simply jump
over it and hit the blue button after hitting the red button (do a running
jump and hold the button to avoid "climbing" over it). Pretty simple. The
fourth and last room has a computer quiz. Well... questionaire really. Just
choose whatever options you want here and then watch the scenes as the doctor
gets his "coffee cup" and security comes over in a hurry...

 We'll wake up in our bed, as if nothing happened. Not only is that weird, but
it's the start of the same day and... all of the things in our room are the
exact same! That's right, you have to re-collect EVERYTHING we found earlier in
our apartment. Fun. The only BIG difference is our emails, which you should
really check as someone left us several messages:


 Yeah, "January" is warning us. Go put on the suit again and head out into the
hall, taking a left and seeing things are MUCH different! Oh wow, a corpse!?
Pick up the [_WRENCH_] here and you'll get a call from "January", who will give
us our next objective, with plenty of mystery. Lovely...

                               ___ ___ _____   __
                              | _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /
                              |  _/   / _| \ V / 
        ______________________|_| |_|_\___| |_|_______________________
O==<                         CHAPTER 2: Break Out                         >==O

 Well, time to "Break Out" I suppose. Our objective:

 o Objective: Escape from your apartment
 Check the "Patricia Varma" corpse for some [_USED PLASCIT TUBING_]. Note
that you can move the corpse around if you wish. Not needed now, but handy.
Also note you can CHARGE your wrench attack by HOLDING R2. Now this is very

 With our wrench in hand, head back to your room and attack the windows
leading to our deck... which lead to a room. Bah, go figure, we were being
watched the whole time! This is getting more and more Deus Ex-ish!

 We'll get a call from January here, with an updated objective:

 o Objective: Get to the main lobby
 Well, time to explore! Grab the [_ACTIVITY LOG_] from the nearby desk (our
daily log), then check the computer. There's two new emails here we can check:

 Well then! Head up the stairs and take a left, to the corner here to find
some [_FRAYED WIRE x3_] and [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_]. Let's go the other
direction (right of the stairs) and enter the "Simulation Debriefing" room.
There's a computer in here we can use... thanks to some bad password protection.
First, grab the [_DELIVERY FOR DEBRIEF_] from the cart by the computer, then go
look for the YELLOW STICK NOTE on the computer for the [_PASSWORD_] note. This
will give you MARCO SIMMONS password, which lets us log into the computer, so go
ahead and do so for two new emails (three total):
 There's a SAFE in here as well. We're not supposed to know what the code is
yet, but I'll point it out when we get to it. There's one more secret item
nearby (that you likely wouldn't find without a guide, to be quite honest).
From the white board in the corner, climb the box to the right and up onto
the higher ledge. You'll find the [_SORRY MORGAN_] note and a briefcase of
goodies: an [_ETHERIC SHIELDING 19.4GHZ_], (installing this to an empty slot
gives you the "Chipsets" tutorial), a [_MEDKIT_], [_GLUCASSIST! x5_], a
[_DISRUPTOR STUN GUN_] (giving you an overview on what that weapon can do for
you) and [_DISRUPTOR BATTERIES x500_]! Wow!

 Head out and to the right of the room you can find a cubby with nothing in it
and across from that a button that opens a shortcut back to your room. There's
some [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] on a table over here too.

 OK, now things are going to take a turn for the weird. Go out the door to the
left and turn right, going behind the wall to a back room. There's several items
out here for you, but more importantly, when you explore this back room you will
wake the first enemy in the game: a MIMIC!

 |  The MIMIC is your basic enemy in the game. It likes to hide out and
 |  pose as other objects. Later on, you'll be able to spot them with a
 |  Chipset for your Helmet (both of which you don't have yet). These go
 |  down easily enough with your wrench but even faster with your pistol
 |  or shotgun...
 | Weaknesses: GLOO, Q-BEAM
 | Immunity: EMP
 | Scannable Powers: Mimic Matter I, II, III

 It will undoubtedly scuttle off, so explore the area to find the items here:
[_KINGS & WAY SPARKLING WINE x5_] and some [_FRAYED WIRE_]. The wine is spread
out a bit. Most items are in the far corner.

 Now, let's chase down that mimic enemy. It is playing hide and seek with us
and will change into common world items, so be ready for it to appear, then
try and track it as it runs off, see what it turns into, and bash it good! Heh.
It will have the"Typhon Organ" and "Mimic Tumor" on it, but we can only take
the organ for now.

 Go back to the wall you passed. You can check the elevator here, but it is
broke. Head out to the "rooftop" now. Note that some of the windows here are
breakable, but there's no items here (some explosive canisters...). Head into
the "Transtar" building now. The elevator here is once again broke, but using
it stops the malfunctioning nearby. There's also [_SPARE PARTS x2_] in the
toolbox near the elevator.

 Head into the security area now for a [_MEDKIT_]. The guard's computer is
open here, but no new email. The functions just change things as well (no use
to us). Head into the next room now (behind the test chambers) and keep on the
left wall for a [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_]. You'll get a call from January here
about the mimics. This is because there is one in "Room B" on the right. Feel
free to kill it by breaking the glass (itt may break the glass as well, by the
way). I just used my wrench here.

 In the middle of the back room is a destroyed Science Operator. You can loot
it for a [_PSI HYPO_]. We could get more if we had the dismantle skill. Hmm.
Nearby is "Jiao-Long Heng's Computer". It is unlocked. Check it out for one
new email (two total):


 You can also find (sigh... I'm writing this...) [_CRUMPLED PAPER x3_] by the
left of the desk. OK, up next up check the last observation window (where the
mimic attacked) to find a new collectable type: [_TRANSCRIBE: MARCO SIMMONS_].
This is a audio log, so you can move around while it goes. Head out the nearby
door and up to the second level of the area.

 Up here head forwards, watching your step and going left instead of forwards
to the decon room. You'll head back to another work area, but be careful of a
mimic back here. I tried the shock gun on this one and it was pretty effective,
if a little bit short (wrench along is still good).

 Of note here is a CORPSE! On the left railing is "Grete Mikkelsen", who has a
[_WRENCH_] on her. Didn't help, I guess. It's no better than ours, by the way.
Her computer can change the simulation on and off. There's a SECOND mimic nearby
as well: across from the computer, under the desk I found one hiding as a coffee
cup! See if you can't find it too! Finally, nearby in the data center (break the
glass) you can get [_USED PLASTIC TUBING x2_] and some [_FRAYED WIRE_]. Whee!
 Head back to the "Decon Room" now and enter. Near the end you'll see a scene.
Damn. We can't help him, sadly. Check the "Jovan Gravilovic Corpse" for some
[_CAPTAIN SPREE'S FISH STICKS x2_] and some [_SPARE PARTS_]. Remember, there's
FOUR mimics out here somewhere. Grab the [_MEDKIT_] nearby and check the lockers
in the corner for some [_BIOHAZARD WASTE_] and another [_MEDKIT_]. Sure, let's
haul around waste. Smart, BK....

 Head through the door now and take a left, checking out Jovan's computer, which
is thankfully unlocked. There are two new emails here (three total). They are
down below, but be sure to check that urgent one for a new objective:

 o [_EMAIL 16: URGENT!_]

 And here's our objective:
 o Objective (OPTIONAL): Search for Bellamy's corpse in Trauma Center
 Head further into the office area for a "Play Your Way" tutorial, telling us
how to get past the locked door. Well then! To the right, break the glass by
the plant for [_AGAVE PLANT CLIPPINGS_] and read the [_STANDUP NOTES_] file.
Now, this area had THREE mimics for me. One I have no idea where it came from,
but one was mimicing a chair by the whiteboard and a third came from the office
nearby (he didn't hide once I started beating them). Be calm and kill them off
but watch your health (use the eating items afterwards if you need to). BEFORE
you eat anything, note the corner by the "Maintenance Hatch" has a WATER COOLER
in it that can also restore your health (save healing if you can).

 Head into the office now and break the plant glass for some [_COSMOS FLOWER
CUTTINGS x2_]. There's also a [_SIMULATION LAB KEYCARD_] on the desk here. Now
check the PC here for THREE brand new emails!


 Head back out and check out the left office spaces. There's a mimic over here.
For me it was the second chair left of the door. Kill it off. The lower office
has a locked computer (we need hacking for the "Caleb Hawethorne" computer) and
[_CRUMPLED PAPER x3_], The north office has one new email:


 Now, we have the door key, but go into the Maintenance Hatch anyways. You can
find some [_FRAYED WIRE_] and [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] up here. Head out (unlock
the door if you want) and you'll see a "Phantom" in the room beyond. Huh, new
enemy. Grab the [_METHUSELAH APPLE_] on the floor and read [_THE NOETIC FIELD_]
book nearby, then head for the corner to kill another mimic who strolls into us.

 Once it's dead, note the machine nearby. Grav Control? Use the pause button
here for the "Repair Tutorial". We need abilities already! This likely takes us
to a new area via the shafts nearby.

 Continue past it to find the corpse of Veer Singh. Another friend dead, no
doubt. Loot her for [_9MM BULLETS x5_], [_SHOTGUN SHELLS x2_], a [_MEDKIT_]
and [_GLOO CANISTER x204_]. Gloo? Yep, to the left is a [_GLOO CANNON_], which
is a handy weapon. Pick it up for a tutorial screen about it! See how handy it
can be! There's [_GLOO CANISTER x52_] to her right too. That stuff all around
on the walls is GLOO, by the way.

 Climb up the tipped-over machine on the left to find another corpse. This
time for "Natasha Nikova". Loot her for a [_VEGGIE BLEND_], a [_BANANA PEEL_]
and [_GLOO CANISTER x21_]. Walk to the end of the upper area for a call from
January now, which updates our objectives with an optional one. Powers are

 o Objective (OPTIONAL): Pick up the Neuromod

 Be SURE TO SAVE before this part!
 Well, it is close but there's a LOT of mimics out here. Four at least (that
is after I drew one near the corpse and wreched it). They are likely hiding
near the middle (the red cans) and in the back. Use your GLOO Gun to freeze
them, then wrench them. Use a medkit here if you need to as well.

 After taking out the mimics in the middle area, go around and loot the plants
here for [_COSMOS FLOWER CUTTINGS x2_], [_AGAVE PLANT CLIPPINGS_] and even some
[_SPARE PARTS x2_] on a broken machine (past the waterfall). Go collect the
[_NEUROMOD_] now and use it. You'll get a new tab in the inventory menu and will
have to decide how to use your new power!

 (-NOTE-) What to spend your power on is up to you. Check the choices! Also
          note there IS a trophy for not using any powers in the game, but that
          seems more of a second play-through if you ask me. Plus, there's also
          a trophy for using this one right now. Personally, I am going for the
          "Hacking 1" ability!

 (-NOTE-) You will gain the "Know Thy Self" Bronze Trophy here if you used the
          Neuromod and gained an ability at this time!
 With the hacking ability, you can go back to the Office Area and hack into the
computer we couldn't before ("Caleb Hawethorne's Computer"). This will also give
you the "Hacking Tutorial". Move your bubble without touching red to the end and
press the button to complete the hack. Not too hard!

 (-NOTE-) The hacks are different each time, so I can't guide you here. The
          key is moving calmly, looking for wider gaps to traverse, and stay
          away from red blocks.
 After hacking "Caleb Hawethorne's Computer", you can check it for the
[_HUNTRESS BOLTCASTER FILE_], which is a file on a weapon it seems. This is
going to help. There's also a new email here you can check:

 o [_EMAIL 21: RE: IGWE'S TALK_]
 Nice! OK, let's go back out to the foyer area now. Past the broken gravity
machine is the security area (right before the foyer). We can hack our way
into this thing too! You do that from the keypad. Go ahead and do so to find
a [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_] kit, which gives you a tutorial on, well... weapon
upgrades. I'm not messing with it for now (waiting for more weapons, honestly).
On the right in here is also the [_TURRET ORDER_] note. That's all that's in
here, so head to the foyer now.

 Just a few more rooms to explore. To the left you should see a "Conference
Room". Enter it. To the right is [_AGAVE PLANT CLIPPINGS x4_] down on the floor
to collect. You can find another [_BANANA PEEL_] too. Whee! In the back here is
a Mimic, back past the conference table. Well, that explains the corpse! Find it
and take it out. Near the corpse is the [_TRANSCRIBE: ROBERT GAGE_] item. Listen
to it and check out "Robert Gage's Corpse". He has [_AGAVE PLANT CLIPPINGS x3_]
on him. Huh.

 Head out to the foyer again and go up the stairs, then left. We're by the
bathrooms. Note one of them is blocked up and without leverage upgrades we
just can't get in. The other one does have a Mimic in it! Look for duplicate
items inside to find it and kill it. Once that is done, check all of the stalls
here for some [_CRUMPLED PAPER x2_] and a [_COLD MOUNTAIN GREEN TEA_].

 OK, that's all that we have in this section! Head back to the foyer where you
will eventually get the "Favorites Wheel" tutorial at some point (hold Triangle
to bring up a weapons/powers menu... handy). To the right of the Neuromod item
is a large door to the next area "The Lobby", but quickly note what else is to
the right. A locked door we'll have to come back to. So, for now, let's choose
to "Go To Lobby" to continue.

                               ___ ___ _____   __
                              | _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /
                              |  _/   / _| \ V / 
        ______________________|_| |_|_\___| |_|_______________________
O==<                   CHAPTER 3: An Office with a View                   >==O

 Right in front of you to greet you is "Nash Underwood's Corpse". Loot him
for [_9MM BULLETS x6_], a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_] and a [_MEDKIT_]. That repair
kit is new. Head out into the lobby now and to the left is the "Human Resources"
area, but it is blocked off (we need Leverage III). The trashcan nearby has a
[_BANANA PEEL_] in it though. Grab it and head the other direction, going down
the stairs until you feel a rumble. A nearby area will lose hull integrity and
launch a ton of rubble into space, prompting a call from January and giving us
a new objective (as well as officially starting this new area...):

 o Objective: Access the video file
 A video we need to see, huh? Sounds fun. Head down the stairs and keep an eye
on the floor for some [_DUCK BEER_], made for ducks, by ducks! Ok, maybe not...
As you enter the lobby though, there's a [_BASEBALL GLOVE_] to the left INSIDE
the trash can (for some reason). Let's explore this left corner, for another
trashcan with a [_LEMON PEEL_] and a [_USED CIGAR_] and a briefcase with a
single [_SHOTGUN SHELL_] in it. There's a big door to "General Access" here as
well, but it is locked.

 Let's turn around now and go back to the stairs we came from and head right
this time. This green-tiled area has some junk lying around (by the red couches
mostly): some [_USED CIGAR x2_] and a [_LEMON PEEL_]. As you continue down this
path, you'll find "Kelly Randolph's Corpse". Loot her for [_SHAKER LEMON PIE_]

 The side area in front of you doesn't have any items, but slightly to the left
is an open room that has a new enemy in it: the Phantom. We've seen one of these
before, but this one has access to us! I would recommend you switch to your
Disruptor Stun Gun and charge it up, shooting it while you strafe, then going up
and smacking it with your wrench THREE times (any more and you are in melee
danger). Do that twice and keep smacking him the second time to take him out,
then loot the corpse.

 |  Phantom's are the game's other kind-of "normal" enemy. They like to
 |  use the "Kinetic Blast" to hurt you which definitely packs a punch
 |  (about 45 damage). They come in different forms later. Easy to take
 |  down with sneaking and a shotgun (or Psychoshock III).
 |  Weakness: Gloo
 |  Immunity: EMP
 |  Scannable Powers: Kinetic Blast I, II

 Before we go check out the room the alien was in (what are these things!?),
look to the left for a nearby corpse (Alice Aiken's Corpse). Loot her for a
[_BIOHAZARD WASTE_] and some [_ORGANIC MATERIAL_]. I was getting pretty short
on space at this point, so I ate some health items and made some space. There
is also a trashcan nearby with a [_USED CIGAR_] and a [_BANANA PEEL x2_],
although that second banana peel is on the ground nearby (may as well grab
everything right?).
  Transtar Exhibit
 Head into the area the Phantom came from now for a nice treat: there is a
[_NEUROMOD_] facing you, right inside of a case. I ended up using this one
for "Repair I", under the Engineer Branch. I figure it's important to be able
to repair things soon!
 Alongside the left side of the room (the seat area) is a [_USED CIGAR_] and
further on the "Survivor's Account of 'The Evacuation' Day 1", which you should
read to add it to your notes. There's a [_MEDKIT_] on the far wall, as well as
some [_LEMON PEEL x2_] in a nearby trashcan. The right wall in here as a verbal
history of what lead up to Talos I if you want to take a tour, and there is of
course the exhibits in the middle. I particularly liked the portrait of John F.
Kennedy near the door we entered from.

 Head out the south exit now (the one near the medkit... I really don't know
which way south is...) and there will be FOUR Mimic enemies out here, past the
tool cart. Try to walk slowly that way to draw them out one at a time and lure
them back, so you don't have to fight four at once. Use the doorway to funnel
them and take them out.

 Once they are dead check the tool case for some [_FRAYED WIRE_] and a
[_CORRODED COIL_]. The trashcan nearby has a [_LEMON PEEL_] and some
[_CRUMPLED PAPER_] in it. Note the stairs and "Security" area here, then go
loot the red-carpet area for [_COSMOS FLOWER CUTTINGS x2_] (the second plant
is in the far corner), a [_BANANA PEEL_], a [_USED CIGAR_] and in the back
some [_UDON NOODLES_]. Weird.

 OK, let's go explore the lower area now, the middle lower area. You can
likely see a moving object from here. This is a turret, and it is manned to
kill off enemies at this time. On our side! You can test this by going near
the counter to spawn a mimic. Head to the turret to watch it kill the mimic
for you!

 Now, let's loot! First of all, note that you can go around the edges of this
middle area for flora and fauna: [_COSMOS FLOWER CUTTINGS x9_] and [_TULIP
FLOWER CUTTINGS x6_]. Some of these are tucked away by stairs, so be aware!
You can also try to use the "Main Lift" in the middle of the area for a call
from January. He's looking into why it isn't working. Left of the turret is
a trashcan with a [_BASEBALL GLOVE_] and [_CRUMPLED PAPER_] in it as well.

 Time for the good items! The middle counter area has a [_MEDKIT_], some
[_SISKAK UNAGI ROLLZ_] (weird) and more importantly the [_TRAUMA CENTER_]
keycard! There is also the body of "Bianca Goodwin" by a tipped-over luggage
carrier. Loot her for some [_JELLIED EELS_] and [_BIOHAZARD WASTE_]. Head down
to the "Shuttle Bay" area now for some more corpses. You can find "Jason Chang's
Corpse" for a [_BASEBALL GLOVE_]. Grab the [_COSMOS FLOWER CUTTINGS_] to the
left as well. Further in is "Mischa Lazarev's Corpse_], which has a [_BURNT
CIRCUIT BOARD_] and some [_SPARE PARTS_] on it.

 This big door is locked, and we don't have the keycard. Note the "No Oxygen"
signs here. We're not ready for that! The teller windows here do offer us some
more goodies though. If you duck by the left window and angle your reticle to
the left, you can grab a [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_]. Very nice! The right teller
window has the [_CHARACTER NAME: CAPTAIN STABFELLOW_] note. Hah, it seems Elias
was a nerd (but hey, so am I!).

 Head back and go up the stairs, then right up the next set of stairs. Explore
the red-carpet area on this side for a [_LEMON PEEL_], [_KAFE KARSK_] and some
[_SUN-DRIED TOMATO JERKY_]. Continue on, to the left of the stairs to hit up a
trashcan for a [_USED CIGAR_] and some plants nearby ([_COSMOS FLOWER CUTTINGS_]
and [_TULIP FLOWER CUTTINGS x2_]). To the left is a hallway with a door leading
to "Employee Orientation" and further down "Psychotronics Staff Only", but that
door is busted. But hey, a suitcase here has a [_MEDKIT_] in it. Ignore the
doors here and head back now, going into the bathrooms on the left.

  The Restrooms
 Don't know why this area has a name... kind-of weird. The game auto-saves here
too. Let's head right into the Men's Restroom first. The trashcan here has some
[_CRUMPLED PAPER_] and a [_USED CIGAR_]. There's a [_MEDKIT_] in the open as
well. Nice! As you go in though, two mimic enemies will attack, so be ready to
whack them one! The stalls here are mostly empty, but one of them has "The
Space Elevator", which you should read to add it to your notes.

 Head back out now and explore the Woman's Restroom. There is not much in here
but it is definitely creepier! The only thing you can find in here is some
in the trash can. Leave after grabbing those. Head out of the restrooms and
hang a right, down the hallway to "Employee Orientation".

 There's not a lot here except mimics. Enter the door slowly and let one drop
down, using the door to help kill it. I also found a mimic in the hallway (I
have no idea from where, as it appeared behind me so fast!), so be ready for
that as well. As you go into the room proper, two more mimics will attack from
the right-side. Use the desks here as cover to try and force them to jump so
you can get in easy attacks.

 Once they are dead, you'll soon see... there's nothing worthwhile in this
room. Nothing at all. Drops from enemies, that's about it. On top of that, I
personally had my suit take damage enough that I got the "Suit Integrity"
notice, which I fixed with a suit repair item (basically, your suit is your
armor, so don't let it get too low or you'll take more melee damage).

 Head out the other door to the lobby, and then right to a trashcan for a
[_USED CIGAR_] that we didn't nab earlier (be we got it now!). We're headed
to a secret area now! Head southwest towards the "Security" area (past the
lower area, near the tool cart from earlier). This hallway is a dead-end with
a locked door, but if you climb the giant yellow pipe on the left you can make
your way to a vent that drops you into SarahElazar's office! There are A LOT
of goodies here, but first, let's snoop on her emails:


 Seems like they knew something was here. Huh. Onto the goodies! Read "The
Orit" book here, take the [_SHOTGUN SHELLS x3_] and then the [_SHOTGUN_]! Yes,
we have a SHOTGUN now! Whee!

 (-NOTE-) I used my two Weapon Upgrade kits at this point. One on the Shotgun
          for damage, and one on the Stun Gun for power. That freed up some
          much-needed inventory space too!
 Grab the [_HOLDING ROOM_] note here on the lamp for a door code, then do a
turn-around (180) for the "Survivor's Account of 'The Evacuation' Day 2" note.
More apocalypse writing. Note the safe here... we can actually open this right
now. The hint in the room is "The Orit" book... specifically the "Judges 5:26"
portion. Go ahead and enter "0526" in the Security Station safe as the code
and it will open up!

 (-NOTE-) I learned about this after the fact! Heh, this tricky safe is worthy
          of a guide! If you are here just because of this, let me just say Hi!

 Inside you can find the [_SHOTGUN SHELLS FABRICATION PLAN_], a [_RECYCLER
CHARGE_] (which should give you a tutorial on it... it sounds like a very
crazy grenade type!), a [_NULLWAVE TRANSMITTER_] (another tutorial happens
here), and an [_EMP CHARGE_] (yet another tutorial). Whew, a lot of grenades
and plans to make shotgun shells! Not bad! Note that if you can't hold all of
this stuff, you will be able to shortly (just leave it be for now).

 After all of the looting, ead for the locked door nearby (the red one). This
is the holding cell, and that note will let us in (1129). Open the door and kill
the mimic inside. Makes me wonder if humans are just hosts, or maybe nests for
these things? Grab the [_OFFICER BOWSER'S STATEMENT_] here to get a brand new

 o Objective (OPTIONAL): Find Yuri's Neuromods
 Nice! Examine "Demetri Bowser's Corpse" for a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_] and head
out of this holding room. Head past the office to the teller window area.
There's a very interesting computer here. You can use the utilities window
to download an area map (be sure to get this!). There is also a personnel
list that lists dozens of people.

 (-NOTE-) You can click on individual people here to try and track them. We
          aren't going to use this right now, but that's what makes this
          security computer so interesting.
 Finally, there are four new emails here. Bear with me as some of them are
the same subject title:

 o [_EMAIL 26: HELP!_]
 o [_EMAIL 27: HELP!_]
 o [_EMAIL 28: HELP!_]

 OK, are you ready for an AWESOME item now!? To the left of the computer, in
the corner is a small briefcase with [_NEUROMOD x4_]. This is a cache if I ever
saw one! Whee!

 (-NOTE-) I bought the "Suit Modification I" item here, mostly for the extra
          inventory it gives. I'm saving the other ones! Those 15 extra spots
          in my inventory are GODLY though, especially if you're like me and
          you like to horde... Go back and get those safe items if you need to
          with this extra bit of help!
 Nearby are a bunch of filing cabinets! Search them all for the following
items: [_BASEBALL GLOVES x3_], a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_], a [_USED CIGAR_], and
[_DISRUPTOR BATTERIES x77_]. Very nice! Now, use the manual door release to
get yourself out of here and head back to the lobby. What a great haul we
just had, huh!?

 Let's go up the nearby stairs now (we've explored all we can on the lower
level... for now...). As I went up the stairs, a trash can came rolling down
(this seems like it may be random), but it had a [_LEMON PEEL_] in it and some
[_CRUMPLED PAPER_]. There is another trashcan up above, but it is a mimic, so
take it down! "Laura McAvoy's Corpse" is here as well, so loot her for a
[_PETRI DISH SAMPLE_]. Nearby is the Trauma Center. We got the keycard for
that earlier, so let's go ahead and head inside!

  Trauma Center
 This place looks deadly, and trust me it is. You really want to SAVE right
now. There's two big threats that we need to take out. One is a regular phantom
while the other LOOKS like a phantom on fire (our first time encountering this
variety of phantom...).
 I highly recommend going after the kills on these enemies BEFORE you explore
and loot the area. Try to only fight one at a time here. Peek down the hallway
and locate one, then rush it with your shotgun. Three shots should take down
the regular phantom, but the fire phantom is 4-5 shots. As you fight them, be
sure you have 60+ health (lest you get one-shotted) and keep on the move against
the fire phantom, as it can use psi powers to create fire pillars UNDERNEATH you
(which can hurt quite a bit). Again, the key here is to fight one at a time and
keep your health up. We have enough fire-power and health to take these two
enemies out fairly easily. Be sure to loot their corpses once they fall!

 (-NOTE-) AFTER the fight, don't heal up with items. We will get a free health
          refill in this area, so save your items and enjoy the looting below
          until we get to the health!

 Head back to the entrance now and we'll start our loot tour! The trash can has
some [_CRUMPLED PAPER_] and there's [_COSMO FLOWER CUTTINGS x5_] in this room.
On the left wall are two filing cabinets for a [_METHUSELAH APPLE_], some
[_FLEXIFOAM BOLTS x2_] and a [_BASEBALL GLOVE_]. Turn around to see a security
PC. You can download an area map here (we already have one, but here's another
chance), look at the crew files, and check two emails (which you definitely

 The big reason you want to check those emails is that the second one will
update one of our optional objectives:

 o Objective (OPTIONAL): Get Bellamy's room key from his body. (Psychotronics)
 They kept him out of here for a reason. Huh... Check the center area (by the
left desk) for [_SYLVAIN BELLAMY: TRACKING BRACELET_], a trashcan that has
[_LEMON PEEL x2_] and "Anna Goldcrest's Corpse" for a [_PETRI DISH SAMPLE_].
There is a [_METHUSELAH APPLE_] in the right corner here as well (trying to

 Head out the left hallway now and note "Hendrick Devries" door is locked.
He's the chief surgeon. Past him is "Mathias Kohl's" room, which is open and
has "April McGuire's Corpse" in it (loot her for [_LEMON PEEL x2_]). Head in
to the office now (you can check the nearby PC for the quiz again...) and look
to the left for the "Good Cop / Good Cop" book (for your notes). Go to the desk
for some [_COSMO FLOWER CUTTINGS_] and the "Program Requirements Document",
again for your notes. We can check out his PC next. The most interesting things
here are the "Files", where you can get three recordings. Download all of them
for some good recordings.

 After that, you can check out the utilities to reset the test out front, and
then the emails:
 Reading that last email gives us the [_QUARANTINE AREA KEYCODE_]. Nice. Before
we leave though, let's get some SECRET ITEMS. Follow the note below to get them
(I wanted to make them stand out a bit more...).

 (-NOTE-) You can get some HIDDEN ITEMS here by doing the TEST. First, restart
          the test from the computer, then pick these answers:
          (A), (C), (B), (A), (C)
          Doing this opens up a safe on the opposite wall, which will give
          you a [_DO NO HARM TRANSCRIBE_] and [_NEUROMOD x3_]. This will also
          complete the "Do No Harm" sidequest.
 Go out of the office now and straight, seeing a door on your right. It should
be "Chris Wade's Office". Go in to find a toolbox with some [_SPARE PARTS_], a
TUBING x2_]. The shelves nearby also have [_SPARE PARTS x2_], and a [_FRIED HARD

 Chris' desk has the [_MEDICAL STATION MISSING OPERATOR_] note on it (asking him
to fix the bot talking to us... which we can't unless you have "Repair II), as
well as a [_BROKEN COOLER FAN_], [_POPSTAR x2_] and a [_BANANA PEELx2_] under
his desk (I like all of the energy drinks!). There's also a [_SPARE PART_] by
the bot, a [_CORRODED COIL_] on the ground, and a [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_] on
the nearby work desk.

 (-NOTE-) It is pretty worthless to repair that medical operator in Chris'
          room. Even if you do have "Repair II" (or get it later), I would
          save my spare parts and ignore it...
 Head out and take a right. This right hallway doesn't have anything, but if
you go straight you'll see metal cabinets. Search them for [_PSI HYPO x3_],
some [_BIOHAZARD WASTE_] and a [_EXPIRED PLASMA BAG_]. Keep following the wall
to a blue machine for [_TEST TUBE SAMPLE x2_]. Let's explore the middle area
now (outside the round surgery area) for the [_GUSTAV LEITNER RESULTS -
CONFIDENTIAL_] note, some more [_BIOHAZARD WASTE_], and on the far side a

 Go back to the blue machine now and to the north of it is "Martin Giroud's
Corpse". Rest in peace. He won't need those [_9MM BULLETS x6_] or that [_SHOTGUN
SHELL_], so swipe them. Nearby is a large green machine. This is an "Operator
Dispenser". Use it to make a medical operator, which will heal you to full when
you talk to it! Very good. I hope you paid attention to my note up above!

 Grab the [_PETRI DISH SAMPLE_] from the trash to the left (left of the green
machine) and go into the operating circle. The man on the table is the dead
Luther Glass, so loot him for a [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_], some [_SPARE PARTS_]
and (this is the best item!) a [_NEUROMOD_]! Very nice. I still haven't bought
any new skills yet though.

 North of the operating room are some regular lockers, which of course means
a bunch of items: [_BIOHAZARD WASTE x4_], [_EXPIRED PLASMA BAG_], a [_MEDKIT_],
[_PSI HYPO x2_] and a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_]. Head to the left of the lockers now
and duck into a storage room on the left for another [_PSI HYPO_], then go into
the quarantine area.

 This area is unique. First, grab the [_PSI HYPO_], [_SUNBURST BANANA PUDDING_]
and the [_OBSERVATION LOG_] note (this may be on the floor, it was for me). The
black lockers have a couple doors near the floor with [_PETRI DISH SAMPLE x2_]
and another [_PSI HYPO_]. That's all for the looting here.

 Now, you undoubtedly see Mr. Young here is "Mind Controlled". So... there's a
trophy in the game for not killing ANY HUMANS and if you know me, you know I
love my trophies (seriously, I have over 10,000+ of them... yeah, I play a lot
of games, what did you expect out of a guide writer!?). So we're going to just
incapacitate Mr. Young. Be sure to QUICK SAVE here and open the door, then you
should IMMEDIATELY get out your STUN GUN and shoot him at full blast. This will
merely knock him out (and get rid of the creature mind controlling him). He has
no items on him, but in his room is "Devries 7324" on the wall. Interesting!

 Head out of the quarantine area and go right, towards the exit. There's a blue
room on the right we haven't checked yet. Check the small garbage can outside of
it for [_BIOHAZARD WASTE_] and an [_EXPIRED PLASMA BAG_], then head into the
room. To the right you can find [_BIOHAZARD WASTE x3_] (look around a bit for
three of them - they are all by the beds on the floor) and, of course, the
corpse of "Lucia Jimenez" who has a [_PETRI DISH SAMPLE_]. We are collecting a
TON of junk...

 Head out of the room and right, past the doctor's room and to the entrance. We
can't use that "Devries" code yet, but it will be handy later on (we need to get
his keycard first... this is a safe code). Save up and head out of the Trauma

  Staff Lounge
 Now, time to get tricky! To the left of the "Staff Lounge" door you can JUMP
OVER the railing and use the ledge to get onto the balcony. There is a mimic
over here, so take him out, but then head inwards and right to a "Staff Lounge"
door that we can actually enter.

 As you enter, you may see some mimics scatter and transform. Hah. Check out
the corpse of "Randolf Hutchinson" here for some [_BIOHAZARD WASTE_]. You may
get attacked from the left while you look at him, so be ready to kill a mimic
here (there's one further in posing as a chair too). May as well kill the two
mimic's in the right room, with all the tables. There's two of them, so use
the doorways to limit how they get to you and take them out.

 Now, inside this room (right where we entered from) is a RECYCLER! You can
use this thing to FINALLY make all that junk we've been picking up. Use the
bin on the left and hold Square to transfer all junk. This will free up a TON
of inventory room and give you useful materials.

 OK, let's loot this room now. There's the "International Art: Talos Edition"
book on the counter (and another on the floor), near a [_USED CIGAR_]. There is
the "Pioneers of Space Industry" book on the counter too. Just past the counter
is a [_LEMON PEEL_] and [_EMPTY FOOD TIN x2_] in the trashcan. Now, this kitchen
area has 14 cabinets, a fridge, and a microwave, which means a LOT of items to
TIN_] in the microwave, and a [_DUCK BEER_] on the counter.
 Sheesh! Even more importantly is "Octavia Figgs' Corpse_] here that has some
listen to this recording for the [_PILOT LOUNGE KEYCODE_]. Escape pods, you say?
The vacuum here also has a [_CORRODED COIL_] on it. Grab it and head past the
kitchen area? See the plants behind the glass? Break the glass to collect them
and one more in the table (dining) area for [_AGAVE PLANT CLIPPINGS x3_].

  I.T. Security
 That's all we have to do in here, so leave the way you came. See the door up
ahead labeled "I.T. Security". We're going to hack it. It's only level one, so
you should have that skill by now (it is worth it!).

 Inside the room are two Phantom enemies patrolling around. I like to use my
shotgun here and sneak behind them, blasting one to pieces with it not knowing
I'm there. Reload after that and kill the second one (make sure you have 50+
health here, just to be safe).

 Once they are dead, enter the room to the left (from where we entered from)
and pick up the [_SPARE PARTS_] on the right. The desk area here has the
[_SECURITY OFFICE KEYCARD_] that we likely don't need, as well as a cabinet
with an [_IMPACT DAMPENER CRU V1_] and a [_NUEROMOD_]. You can also find a
[_FRIED HARD DRIVE_] in a trashcan.
 (-NOTE-) I ended up getting "Hacking Level 2" here with four Neruomods.
          Once again, the choice is up to you in the end. Hacking is one
          of a few skills that opens things up for us though, so it is a
          worthy pick.
 The only other items here are a [_COLD MOUNTAIN GREEN TEA_] and some
[_KAFE KARSK x2_] by the other entrance, which you should manually unlock
to open the path
 We're on the stairway now. Head up for an [_AGAVE PLANT CLIPPING_] and some
[_COSMOS PLANT CLIPPINGS x2_], then head up again to see two locked doors. Bah!
This is the "Maintenance Access Only" room and the "Sales Division", both of
which need keycards.

  Nothing we can do about that. Head down to the second level and use the
ledge on the outside to go to the other staircase. Climb it to the very top,
grabbing the [_AGAVE PLANT CLIPPING_] and some [_COSMOS PLANT CLIPPINGS x2_]
on the way (just like the previous staircase). At the top is one locked door
labeled "Teleconferencing Center" and some open executive offices. Whee!

  Executive Offices
 Let's enter the first room "Bianca Goodwin's" and on the table you can find
a [_METHUSELAH APPLE_] and the [_TRAUMA CENTER KEYCARD_]. You want to check
out the emails here as well:


 That first email is going to give us the [_VOLUNTEER QUARTERS CODE_], which
is handy. Head into the next room, which belongs to "Sylvain Bellamy", the
corpse we have a side quest about... inside are some books you can read to add
to your notes: "Consciousness: The Fire in the Equations" in the corner, and
"Principles of Neuroscience, 10th Edition". There's [_BELLAMY'S MOVE NOTICE_]
note on the desk as well. Check his computer for an email:

 Ha, seems like you're a test subject. Well, we knew that right? Head to the
turret here and go past it to the desk. It will take out a mimic behind us.
Heh... on the desk here is a [_SUNBURST BANANA_] and some [_COSMOS PLANT
CLIPPINGS_]  nearby. Check the computer here for the [_PASSWORD NOTE_]. Such
bad security! Use the password to open the computer and check out the email

 This will give you [_MORGAN YU'S OFFICE KEYCODE_], which you would also get
here if you approached your door nearby as January tells it to you (the game
wants to make sure you don't miss it!).
 (-NOTE-) "0451" is a common password that appears in a LOT of games. It opens
          the first locked door in nearly every Deus Ex game. It is also in
          the "System Shock" games, Dishonored series and the Bioshock games.
          It is likely a reference to the dystopian novel "Fahrenheit 451" by
          Ray Bradbury.
 Use that code to enter your office. Grab the [_TULIP PLANT CLIPPING_] from
the display case and move up to your desk (Up the stairs to the right is a
locker, but it's empty... I've read pre-order bonuses were stored here). On
your desk is [_NEUROMOD x3_], a nice reward!

 (-NOTE-) I had six neuromods at this point. I ended up buying "Repair II",
          "Leverage I", and "Physician I" here, spending them all. The repair
          will help in the future, as will leverage (we need leverage three
          at some point) and physician leads to "Necropsy" at some point!
 The desk also has the [_TELECONFERENCING KEYCARD_] on it (yes!) and a [_USED
CIGAR_] in the lower right cabinet. Check the [_FAB-PLAN NOTE_] on your PC,
then check out your emails:

 o [_EMAIL 40: YOU MADE IT_]
 o [_EMAIL 41: ?_]
 Interesting stuff. And now, to watch the video we were sent up here for! It
is under "Utilities". Play it and look behind you to watch it. Unfortunately,
it is cut short a bit, leading to the next chapter...

                               ___ ___ _____   __
                              | _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /
                              |  _/   / _| \ V / 
        ______________________|_| |_|_\___| |_|_______________________
O==<                  CHAPTER 4: Through a Glass Darkly                   >==O
 Well damn... January will give us a call and gives us another place to look
after Alex stops us. It seems like he's not... "bad", yet, but he's definitely
shady at this point.
 o Objective: Access Dr. Calvino's workshop
 From our desk, go left to find a [_METHUSELAH APPLE_] and our safe. Inside
the right of our desk is the "Too Far, Too Fast I" book as well. To the far
right is LOTS of junk lying about. Go search that area for [_CORRODED COIL x2_],
MATERIAL 1.00_], the [_MORGAN YU'S SUITE KEYCARD_] and a [_MEDKIT_] on the wall.

 There's also a Recycler here (use it!) and a Fabricator! This is the first
one we've found and it can make items using those materials you've been
gathering. The only item I made was the  "Huntress Boltcaster", but that is
not so much a weapon as a tool used to hit distant buttons...

 Once you've looted all of that stuff (and cleared your inventory), break the
window where the movie was and you'll see a corridor behind it. This leads to
"General Access" area, but again... no keycard... so this back access area is
pretty worthless right now.

 Head back to the staircase now and you'll fight another mimic here. Bash its
brains out and you'll also get the "Combat Basics" tutorial... which is helpful?
OK, not so much. BEFORE you go into the "Teleconferencing Center", I recommend
carrying the turret from your office and putting it before the door. This will
help in a bit...

  Teleconferencing Center
 Go ahead and open the door and three mimics will spawn. Stand behind the
turret here and let it do its thing, killing all of them. Handy! Check out
"Elias Black's Corpse" here for [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_], [_9MM BULLETS x19_]
[_SILENCED PISTOL_] nearby as well.

 Head inwards now to find [_USED CIGAR x2_], one on the big table and one
in the right hallway under a table (by more cigars). There's a trashcan
nearby with a [_LEMON PEEL_] and [_BANANA PEEL_] in it. Go through the door
to access the north section of the 3rd Floor.

 Nab the [_CRUMPLED PAPER_] and [_USED CIGAR_] out of the trashcan, as well
as the [_COSMOS PLANT CLIPPINGS x2_] and a [_BANANA PEEL_] past the doorway.
Now, this doorway leads to our next objective. We're not going there yet, but
let's explore this area since its nearby. To the right is the exit. Grab the
[_FLEXIFOAM BOLTS x4_] on the way and destroy the gloo bits near the exit if
you wish. The workshop area has [_SPARE PARTS x2_] in it, as well as a broken
recycler.  You can repair it for 5 parts, but there's one in your office that
works so that's a bad idea.

 Head back out of this area and go east, across the bridge. There is an
[_AGAVE PLANT CUTTING_] in the back over here (lots of fauna!), but more
importantly there's an intact door to Sales Division!

  Sales Division
 Before we get to looting this place, we need to watch out for a roaming
Phantom! This guy patrols around the area, so be careful. I used my shotgun
on him and he was off to the left, up the small stairs. Try to get behind
him and take him out (two shells and a wrench hit will do it). There's one
more enemy here: a mimic in "Kelly Randolph's" office, which is one of the
offices to the left. Also, note that the phantom here is using "Yuri Kimura"
as a host. Poor guy...

 OK, time to loot! From where we entered at (the only entrance), grab the
[_KAFE KARSK x2_] and a [_COLD MOUNTAIN GREEN TEA_] from the drink machine.
This first office on the lower floor has a [_BASEBALL GLOVE_] and a book
called "The Space Elevator", which we've read before (I read it again). The
next office has [_FLEXIFOAM BOLTS x3_] and the "TranStar Life - Employee
Profile" book, which is about one of the sales team. Neat. Be sure to grab
the [_TULIP PLANT CUTTING_] in the corner.

 From there head left, nabbing the [_COSMOS PLANT CUTTINGS x2_] from the
display and left again to "Yuri Kimura's" office. We have a sidequest with
this guy! Or his wares, actually. Go behind his desk to find the BIG reward
here: [_NEUROMOD x4_]. Very Sweet! Read the "Sales Folder" book on the desk
as well (a good read... covering up about their product!) and the email on
the computer as well:

 o [_EMAIL 43: EXPORTS_]

 Head to the next office and behind the desk is a [_HUNTRESS BOLTCASTER_].
Grab it and it comes with [_FLEXIFOAM BOLTS x10_]. Nice. Be sure to read the
"Neuromod Application Instructions" book on her desk as well.

 (-NOTE-) I bought the "Dismantle" skill at this time, so I could take
          apart the extra wrench and boltcaster. Good to have in the
          future as well. I actually went down and destroyed the broken
          operator in the Trauma Center for a [_MEDKIT_] and [_SPARE PARTS_]
          as well. I recommend a quick trip to a recycler as well, before we
          go to the next area.
 That's all that we have to do in this room, so do the things in the note
above if you wish and head back to the "Hardware Labs" to continue.

  Hardware Labs
 This place looks different. Well... until you reach the "Lobby" up ahead
(which I won't give it's own title, like above). You get a "Stealth" tip
here, which you can take advantage of as a couple of "???" Canisters wake
up here and move out. 

 |  These things are a pain. They are operator's who have been corrupted,
 |  usually by Technopaths or just... to be in  your way. They have a lot
 |  of weaknesses, but feel too "cheap" to spend much resources on them.
 |  I usually take them out with Gloo / Wrench combo.
 |  Weakness: Electric, EMP, Explosive, GLOO, Melee, Recycler
 |  Immunity: Psychic, Nullwave
 |  Scannable Powers: Machine Mind I, Remote Manipulation I
 These things are a pain. They are malfunctioning operators that, once they
spot you, will engage and try to roast you. Lovely. I try to shoot them at
range with my pistol and when they get closer, you want to use your Gloo
Cannon and shut them up with it (this stops the flamethrower attack and lets
you hurt them with your wrench).

 Kill this first ??? Canister and ignore looting for now. We're going to go
hunting. Head forward to the path split and look left. There's another ???
Canister over here, so take him out. Pull him out to the previous room to
avoid a gas line nearby. Finally, there is a mimic in that left hallway, so
go sniff him out and kill him too. There's a couple phantom's nearby, but we
are locked off from them for now.

 OK, loot time! From the entrance to this area grab the [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_]
and [_FRAYED WIRE_] to the right. There's a toolbox to the right with some
[_SPARE PARTS_] and [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_]. The first office here has some
[_COLD MOUNTAIN GREEN TEA x2_] and the "Too Far, Too Fast II" book. On the other
side are a couple of books ("The Space Elevator" and "Terraforming Mars") and an
[_ASTEROID FRAGMENT_] in the corner nearby.
 Go back to the entrance and check the office area to the left. The cabinet has
TEA x2_] in the desk and a [_KINGS & WAY SPARKLING WINE_] under it (kind of
hidden away). There's also two emails on the computer:


 Nearby is a [_WRENCH_] and "Hope Ellis' Corpse". Loot her for a [_LEMON PEEL_]
and some [_BIG BANG CANDY_]. Explore around the corner for "Jorgen Thorstien's
Office". We don't have a keycard, but we can hack it with Hacking II. Before we
do that, nab a [_BANANA PEEL_] and [_EEL SCRAPS_] (eww...) from the trashcan
behind you, as well as a [_COLD MOUNTAIN GREEN TEA_] and [_KAFE KARSK_] from
the machine. There's a [_BANANA PEEL_] and [_LEMON PEEL_] on the table as well.
Loot a broken machine nearby and then break the windows for [_AGAVE PLANT

 OK, if you have Hacking II (and there's a good chance you do, if you've been
following my notes), go ahead and quick save and hack the door nearby. Once it
opens, you'll see... a staircase? Huh. Jump over the right-side as you go up
to reach a toolbox with some [_SPARE PARTS_] and [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_]. Search
this area (in the back) for another [_WRENCH_], [_FRAYED WIRE x2_], some more
[_SPARE PARTS_] and a [_RECYCLER CHARGE_] in a crate nearby.

 (-NOTE-) These "Recycler Charge" items are going to be used to clear areas
          where big items are blocking us. Just be sure to keep them for now.
          I don't realize their potential until later in the guide, but you
          won't miss anything, I assure  you!

 Jump back up and get your shotgun ready (as well as quick save). Once you
enter the office up above we're about to fight!

  Director Thorstein's Office
 There's a phantom in here possessing Thorstein. Like most phantom's we can
sneak up on him and blast him twice with our shotgun, then wrench-attack him
once to kill him. For me, he was hanging off to the right, looking away, which
was very handy! There's a mimic in this room as well (it attacked after I
killed the phantom), so be on the lookout for it!

 January will call after Thorstein dies. How sad! Loot his corpse for the
[_EMP CHARGE_], and a [_CORRODED COIL_]. The floor also should have two books
nearby. Another copy of "The Space Elevator" and "Beyond the Stars, an
Unofficial TranStar History". An interesting read.

 Search this right side for an [_ASTEROID FRAGMENT_], a [_CORRODED COIL_],
some [_BASEBALL GLOVE x2_] (one is in the trashcan) and a [_COSMOS PLANT
CLIPPING_]. Check his computer as well for two new emails:


 From the computer, go right to the hallway and check the briefcase here for
[-NEUROMOD x2_] and [_EXOTIC MATERIAL x96_]. Not bad. There's a [_MEDKIT_] to
the right of that too. Note the "Periodic Table" here on the wall and check out
the safe in the hallway. It has [_THORSTEIN'S SAFE CODE CLUE_] note on it, which
shows two elements. If you go look them up on the table (which requires some
searching...) you come up with "9954". Go use that on the safe now for your
reward: [_PSI HYPO x2_], [_9MM BULLETS x7_] and some [_RECYCLER CHARGE x2_].

 OK, go ahead and QUICK SAVE now because we have a fight coming up. If you exit
the room, you'll be on the second level. There's obvious goodies across the
way, but we'll get those soon. To your right you can unlock the door to an upper
work area, but there's a Phantom walking around. There's two mimic's in the
middle area as well.

 There's two ways of handling this... if you have "Repair II", there is a
broken turret in the middle. If you can get to it, you can hold TRIANGLE to
repair it and it will greatly help. If not, I recommend waiting until the
Phantom stops to the RIGHT, by an explosive canister. You can shoot that to
easily take off half its health and pistol it to death after that. Of course,
the shotgun strategy is just fine too. Just be careful of those two mimics in
the middle of the area.

 Once you've killed the enemies off, head back to where we entered from for
some more of that organized looting! This first desk has an [_ASTEROID
FRAGMENT_] in the right cabinet above it, a [_BANANA PEEL_] and [_CRUMPLED
PAPER_] in the trashcan, and [_SYNTHETIC MATERIAL 2.00_] and [_MINERAL MATERIAL
1.00_] on the desk. There's also three new emails on Mr. York's PC here:


 That last email is the one you'd ordinarily want, as it has [_DIRECTOR
THORSTEIN'S OFFICE KEYCODE_] in it. You'd need to wrap around and get to
this PC to access his office without "Hacking II".

 Head to the right now and right to the little cubby area where someone tried
to hole up. Grab the [_WRENCH_] and [_FRIED HARD DRIVE_] here and check out
"Titus Kromwell's Corpse" for a [_BASEBALL GLOVE_] and a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_].
Head to the table now for some [_BIG BANG CANDY_]. To the left here is a new
area, "The Atrium", which I don't want us to go to quite yet. Go right instead
past the turret.

 The black supply crate here has a [_CORRODED COIL_], [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_] and
[_GLOO CANISTER x26_]. Go LEFT around the barrier now to find... a snowman
made of Gloo. I can't make this up... Destroy it for a bunch of items, including

 Go back and check out the desk nearby for [_GLOO CANISTER x12_] and, on the
ground, the [_MEMORIZE AND DESTROY NOTE_], which gives you the group workstation
password (Macro11). Use it to check out the computer, which has three emails:

 o [_EMAIL 51: YOU WIN_]

 We get the [_MACHINE SHOP SUPPLY CLOSET KEYCODE_] from the second email here,
which is pretty nice (It is 3769). Head right now (the toolbox is empty...
which is weird). You can break the gloo on the door to access the upper area
across from Thorstein's office.

 We'll see "Nickie Tannar's Corpse" here. She has [_BASEBALL GLOVE x2_] and a
[_SUIT REPAIR KIT_] on her, as well as a [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_] and even a
[_GLOO CANNON_] near her. She tried! Left of the entrance is a drink machine
with a [_KAFE KARSK_] and [_COLD MOUNTAIN GREEN TEA x2_] in it. This looks to
be the break are too! Grab the [_SISKAK UNAGI ROLLZ_] off the table and check
out the cabinets (and trashcan, and fridge, and microwave...) for the following
WINE_]. Sheesh!

 (-NOTE-) There's SO MUCH food here, consider coming here to heal if you need
          to, as you likely can't carry all of this stuff with you! Also, don't
          be shy about visiting the recycling station in your office. I did,
          and made some SHOTGUN AMMO as well (my preferred weapon right now
          for Phantoms).

 There is also a broken "Engineering Operator" above the corpse, so check it
for some goodies. Drop DOWN now as we're going to explore down below. Head
forward to the path split. If you head forward you can get [_FRAYED WIRE x2_]
and see a locked door to the lab ("Employee Entrance").  Go back (on the right
for you).

 You can duck into the security station here (heh...) to find [_9MM BULLET x3_]
in the locker, a [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_], a [_SILENCED PISTOL_] and another
[_SILENCED PISTOL AMMO FABRICATION PLAN_] near the computer (again...). We've
got all of these items, of course, but Prey is all about providing multiple
pathways. The computer also lets you download the AREA MAP as well as open the
security locker nearby. Do that and carry the turret to the employee entrance
nearby (set it up) and go back and get the [_SPARE PARTS_] and [_CORRODED COIL_]
in the black box. Note that you can easily jump up to the second floor from here
if you wanted.

 Head out and into the "Demonstration Theater" now (where we killed a mimic
earlier). There is a [_NEUROMOD_] to the right here. Sweet!

 (-NOTE-) I purchased the "Necropsy" skill here. I was thinking of saving for
          Hacking III, but... tired of killing things and not being able to
          fully loot them!
 Keep going down the hallway for a black box with a [_CORRODED COIL_] and
head forward to a theater. Huh. Check the right side and then the left side
total of [_DUCK BEER x5_]. This was a drinking party! There's some [_EEL
SCRAPS_] and [_LEMON PEEL_] in the trashcan.

 Now, climb up the cargo here and jump up to the top of the lights / struts.
You can find "Gregory Kepner's Corpse" here. Loot him for a [_NEUROMOD_], and
a [_TEST TUBE SAMPLE_]. Drop down now and go into the seating area. Yep, yet
another corpse. "Sean Larsen". Loot him for [_SHOTGUN SHELL x3_], some [_9MM
BOURBON x3_] including the one sitting by him. There's some hidden theater
snacks around here as well!

 The first row has some [_SUN-DRIED TOMATO JERKY_] on the left row under a
seat. The second row has [_USED CIGAR x2_] on the right row under the seat.
The third row has a [_SUN-DRIED TOMATO JERKY_] and some [_KINGS & WAY
SPARKLING WINE_] on the right near the wall.

 Drop down off the edge near the end of the seats. There is a "Maintenance
Panel" down here. Open it up for some [_GLOO CANISTER x24_] on the ground
and fire spewing out nearby. Use your Gloo Cannon to stop it. Behind it is
"Randall Wood's Corpse". Loot him for a [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_], an [_EMP
CHARGE x2_] and a [_WRENCH_]. The little closet nearby on the left has a
[_SPARE PART_] in the back once you break the gloo.

 (-NOTE-) An alternate way of entering "The Atrium" down below is to use
          the gloo to get on top of the closet to the left. This leads to
          another maintenance hatch which leads inside the Atrium, near the
          employee entrance.

 Head back up now and go back to the Security Station. Use your new keycard
to open up the "Employee Entrance" and enter the Atrium.

  The Atrium
 I carried the turret in here and set it up. Get my back, turret! Heh, we
know there's a Phantom in here, so be ready for him and take him out (the
turret will either help you from the door opening or if you took it in with
you). You can alternately use the explosive canisters and gas lines here to
help take him down.

 From the entrance, check "Conrad Birchman's Corpse" and loot it for a [_BURNT
CIRCUIT BOARD_], [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_] and [_PSI HYPO_]. Next, enter the red
office on the right for a trashcan that has [_CRUMPLED PAPER x2_] and the
"Hands-On Electronics".  Head north to the nest office and then the northeast
corner. Use your gloo gun to make it safe to grab the [_MEDKIT_] here (a quick
save may be in order, to stay safe) and then check out the path to the right.
It's... destroyed, but there's a phantom corpse here you can loot. Shoot the
fire stream with some gloo and check past it for a [_CORRODED COIL_] and
"Aime Schmidt's Corpse_]. Loot her for a [_BANANA PEEL_], a[_RECYCLER CHARGE_],
some [_GLOO CANISTER x34_], and the [_BALLISTICS LAB KEYCARD_]. Whee!

 The Ballistic's lab is nearby, so we may as well check it out! Use the
keycard and enter!

  Ballistics Lab
 Enter and hang a left, noting the trapped enemies. Hehe... in the left work
area is a [_CORRODED COIL_] on a shelf and [_FRAYED WIRE_] in a trashcan, as
well as [_FRIED HARD DRIVE x2_] on the table. The corner also has [_FRAYED
WIRE x2_] and, behind a grate that requires "Leverage I" (easy and cheap to
get!) is a stash of materials: [_MINERAL MATERIAL 3.00_] and [_SYNTHETIC
MATERIAL 2.00_]. There's the [_BALLISTICS SAFE NOTE_] here too, with a code
for us (8350!).

 Worth "Leverage I" right! Head back to the entrance and go right to find
the safe. Use the code here for more materials: [_EXOTIC MATERIAL 1.00_],
[_SYNTHETIC MATERIAL 0.46_] and [_MINERAL MATERIAL 0.78_]. Check out the new
emails on the nearby computer as well:


 Near the shelves over here are [_FRAYED WIRE x3_]. Behind a whiteboard
there's also a crate with a [_RECYCLER CHARGE_]. The corner desk here has
some [_SYNTHETIC MATERIAL o.64_] and [_MINERAL MATERIAL 0.8_] on it, while
the nearby trash can has a [_BANANA PEEL_] and some [_CRUMPLED PAPER_] in

 Go towards the trapped creatures. To their right is a [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_].
Head past them and DUCK UNDER the small platform (I'm amazed we can fit under
here!). There's some [_MINERAL MATERIAL 1.44_] under here (I math!) and also
some [_SYNTHETIC MATERIAL 1.65_]. Get out of here and step on the platform.
In the back is [_ORGANIC MATERIAL 0.96_] with the [_IN MEMORIAM: RIGHT HALLUX_]
note nearby. Definitely read this! Hahaha!

 The desk here has some [_RECYCLER CHARGE x2_] and a computer. Go ahead and
choose to "Release the Recycler Charge" and watch it work. WOW! Now open the
container to get the rewards: [_SYNTHETIC MATERIAL 0.15_], [_MINERAL MATERIAL
0.53_], [_EXOTIC MATERIAL 0.54_] and [_ORGANIC MATERIAL 0.22_].

  The Atrium
 Exit the Ballistics Lab now and go back to the fire corner. From here, you
can go left to an open maintenance hatch (our next destination).

 There's the [_MAINTENANCE LOG NOTE_] here. Enter and nab the [_SPARE PARTS_]
and shut off the power using the machine here. That stops the very dangerous
electrical attack nearby. Go out and check the cart to the right for a destroyed
operator for [_SPARE PARTS_] and [_Q-BEAM CELLS x13_]. Go to the machine that
was spitting electricity now and repair the "Electric Junction" for four spare
parts (I have 34 at this time... sheesh!). To the left of the machine is another
broken operator with [_SPARE PARTS_] and [_Q-BEAM CELLS x10_].

 Go back and turn the power back on. Tadaa! You've fixed the "Machine Shop"
door. Don't use it quite yet though. Go left towards our goal and you'll see
the "Demonstration Stage". Our objective is next door but... let's go explore
this area first (it is self-contained).

  Demonstration Stage
 BEFORE we explore this place, let's take care of the phantom in here. This
is actually possessing someone and is named "Clive Lawrence" Phantom. He moves
around quite a bit, so be careful (a quick save before engaging may be a good
idea). For me, he was downstairs, almost under the stairs (I shot him through
the rails). If you have "Leverage I" there is also a wealth of throw-able items
by the entrance stairs.

 Once he is dead, it's loot time (I do enjoy looting...). Near the entrance we
have [_COLD MOUNTAIN GREEN TEA x2_]. Head down to the "presentation stage" and
it is pretty barren (I like the Gloo Stairs nearby). There's a briefcase here

 Let's go up the "gloo stairs" now to see "Thaddeus York's" corpse. There is
the [_TRANSCRIBE: THADDEUS YORK_] near him (he almost made it...). He's also
got a [_GLOO CANNON_] and [_GLOO CANISTER x40_] on his body (go inside the
service door for half of it). This tunnel has [_SPARE PARTS_], a [_SILENCED
PISTOL_] (our third one now?) and a [_CORRODED COIL_].

 Go down the Gloo Stairs now and then down the regular stairs. To the left
is [_FLEXIFOAM BOLTS x5_] (I have 24 of these? Why!?) and a [_HUNTRESS
BOLTCASTER_]. To the left is some [_FRAYED WIRE x3_], [_MINERAL MATERIAL 0.68_],
[_SYNTHETIC MATERIAL 0.64_], and a [_FRIED HARD DRIVE_]. And hey, there is a
Recycler! Yeah! Before you use it, grab the [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] and the
[_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_], as well as the [_ORGANIC MATERIAL 0.84_] to the left
of the machine (on the shelves).

 There is also a supply closet nearby. Left of the Recyler is a sink, and to
the left of that a door. Enter it for [_GLOO CANISTER x28_], [_USED PLASTIC
TUBING x2_], and the [_EMP SHIELDING 19.4GHZ_], which is a suit chipset that
decreases EMP damage to your suit and weapons! Not bad! Install it if you can
(I still have one suit space left to fill...).

 Let's move on now. On your way out you can check UNDER the stairs (and behind
the red glowing part on the wall) and find [_DUCK BEER x2_]. OK, let's exit
out now. Head left to our objective now and January will call us, updating our
objective (we need a keycard!):

 o Objective: Find Dr. Calvino's workshop keycard
 o Objective (OPTIONAL): Use the security station to discover Dr. Calvino's
                         location (Hardware Labs)
 Let's head PAST the door and check the toolbox for some [_SPARE PARTS_] and
and [_FRAYED WIRE_]. There's some [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] on a crate nearby too
that are covering a maintenance shaft (if you don't have "Leverage I" now, I
highly recommend getting it... although the Ballistics Lab was the place to
invest in it...). The hatch up above leads to the "Machine Shop", which we
fixed the power to, so this is just another entrance. Let's go back and enter
through the front door. Before we do that though...

  The Atrium (Upstairs)
 Before we go into fight-central, let's go explore upstairs really quick.
You can use the elevator in the middle of the room to get up there fast, and
you'll see "Miyu Okabe's Corpse" if you do. Loot her for a [_BROKEN COOLER

 Head left now. You remember this area, right? Keep going to the corner and
check the area where the cargo broke the rails for a [_SPARE PARTS_] on top of
a ceiling. Nearby (further down) is the "Beams and Waves Lab" / "Combustion
Lab". Going in here and looking to the left will update your objective:

 o Objective (OPTIONAL): Find an Artax Propulsion System fabrication plan.
                         (Hardware Labs).
 Ooo, that's Dr. Calvino! And he's floating out there with his keycard! Oh,
this will be fun (I've got memories of Dead Space all of a sudden...). Head
back out and continue, jumping the gap in the corner. You'll come to some sort
of monument here, with yet another [_SILENCED PISTOL_] and [_9MM BULLETS x4_]
to its right.

 Continue on to the door in the corner for the "Medical Bay". You can get the
[_MEDKIT FABRICATION PLAN_] here and a [_MEDKIT_]. There's an access panel here
you can open too (don't forget the OPERATOR DISPENSER if you need healing), so
open it and enter.

 Head inward for a [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_] on the right. There's some mimics
further in. As you turn right after the circuit board, there's a far wall and
in the right corner is likely a mimic (bum rush him!). Past that is the exit,
which has TWO explosive containers by it (one is a mimic!). Go kill him (or
shoot the canisters) and nearby is some [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] and [_FRAYED
WIRE x2_].

 Now... nearby is the exit maintenance hatch... ordinarily, I like entering
area's (new areas) via the front door, but we're going to make an exception
here for a good reason. Go ahead and open the hatch and walk out into the
next area...

 (-NOTE-) You may want to ignore this path for now and go to the front 
          entrance if you still have a working TURRET. The reason is this
          room has TWO Phantoms and TWO Flame Operators in it, and you can
          get help from your turret if you still have it.
          The path where we're at (upstairs), is where I'll be starting
          our exploration (I went downstairs and killed two phantoms and
          two flame operators with my turrets help).
  Machine Shop
 We're finally in the machine shop. If you're following this guide, you should
be just outside a vent, on a duct. Do a QUICKSAVE here and go left, following
the duct upwards. Go to the orange beam up ahead and look up. See the girder?
We want to jump up and get up there (the reason for the quicksave).

 Doing this, you can get above the cable car here, but go past it and to the
left you'll see a hideout way up on the ceiling. Use the pipes here to get
over there for a [_HUNTRESS BOLTCASTER_], [_LEXIFOAM BOLTS x3_] and some [_OLD
SARDAR BOURBON x2_]. There's also the [_CLIVE WAS HERE NOTE_]. Heh...

 OK, from here you should QUICKSAVE and go back to that orange car you passed.
Dropping down onto it is tricky, but you can mask X to climb (which can help).
Up here is "Peter Coleman's Corpse" with a [_BROKEN COOLER FAN_], [_EMP CHARGE_]
and a [_NEUROMOD_]. There's a supply crate down here too with some [_BIOHAZARD

 There's one more cable car in this area we should go check out, but before we
do, drop down to the floor. There's several (three) mimics in the back area and
one more Operator we need to kill. Note the broken turret by the airlock and
repair it if you wish, then go hunt those enemies down. Once the place is safe,
head to the cable car in the back. We can get up to it without dropping down
from the ceiling. Facing it, note the whiteboard to the left, then go around it
to see you can climb up on top of it. Jump to the cable car from there.

 Up here is some [_EMP CHARGE x2_] and "Franklin Goode's Corpse". You can
loot him for a [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_], [_SPARE PARTS_] and another [_EMP
CHARGE_]. OK, let's go ahead and jump over to the upper work-area right across
from us to continue our looting. There's a recycler up here (nice!) as well as
a fabricator! Nice (more shotgun bullets for me).

 One of the workstations has [_SYNTHETIC MATERIAL 1.0_], [_ORGANIC MATERIAL
2.0_] and [_MINERAL MATERIAL 2.0_] on the floor by it. More importantly is our
goal: the [_ARTAX PROPULSION SYSTEM FABRICATION PLAN_] on the desk. There's a
[_TRANSTAR UNIFORM GUIDE_] here too (uniform color means something!). Also, be
sure to check the computer for two new emails here:


 Head to the other desk now (on the way is a trashcan with a [_CORRODED COIL_]
and a [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_]). This other desk has [_FLEXIFOAM BOLTS x2_] on
it, some [_SUN-DRIED TOMATO JERKY_], [_USED PLASTIC TUBING x2_] (one in the
toolbox) and a [_BROKEN COOLER FAN_] and [_FRAYED WIRE_] in the toolbox. Check
the computer for some files. One is a "Huntress Boltcaster" plan (which we
already have) and the other is the [_FLEXIFOAM BOLTS FABRICATION PLAN_]. Nice.
There's two more new emails here too:


 Go to the fabricator now and make the "Artax Propulsion System". This will
help with space-walking! Hehe. Now, from the last computer we used, look to
the right. You can jump to another ledge here and break the gloo to the right
to climb into a small space and nab the [_MINERAL MATERIAL 1.02_] and some

 Head back to the fabricator area and jump back to the cable car, then jump
over to the "Storage Room" room. There's a mimic on the roof, so kill it off
and check the boxes up here for a [_RECYCLER CHARGE_]. Drop down now to enter
the storage room (we're taking the back door!). In here, loot the area for some
[_GLOO CANISTER x41_], the [_GLOO GUN VISCOSITY NOTE_]. There's also some
[_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] in a supply crate. We can unlock the door from the
inside, by the way.

 OK, let's explore the floor now. Take a right out of the room and note the
radiation warning to the right! If you REALLY want to, you can quicksave
here and rush the toolcase here for some [_9MM BULLET x6_] and an [_EMP CHARGE_]
but there's also a [_WRENCH FABRICATION PLAN_] on the floor by the toolbox. You
can grab them all if you wish.

 Continue down the path for some [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_]  by a computer cart,
then take a right past a vending machine. The shelves back here have [_FRAYED
WIRE_] and [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_]. Grab them and check the nearby supply
crate for a [_MEDKIT_], a [_PSI HYPO_] and a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_]. This area
back here has another toolbox with [_CORRODED COIL_], [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_]
and some [_GLOO CANISTER AMMO x14_]. A different toolbox has some [_SPARE
PARTS_], [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] and another [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_]. A third (yes,
third) toolbox has some more [_SPARE PARTS_] and a [_CORRODED COIL_], with a
[_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] on a workbench nearby (a trashcan to the left has some
[_FRAYED WRIE_] and another [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] in it.

 Keep going towards the entrance and enter the red room. There's a [_FRIED HARD
DRIVE_] and some [_FRAYED WIRE_] on a desk, but you can also move the cable car
here to make it MUCH EASIER to jump into (well then... I guess my "approach from
above" method was a waste...). Also, note that you can go UNDER this red room

 Head across the way now and into the other red office. There's a trashcan in
here with a [_BANANA PEEL_] and [_CRUMPLED PAPER_]. There's also a computer here
with the [_ENGINEERING WORKBOOK_] right next to it. Check the PC now to read
three new emails:

 OK, head out to the middle of the area and check the toolbox for some [_SPARE
PARTS_] and [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_], and then approach the airlock for a call
from January (to the right of the airlock is some [_FRAYED WIRE_] by the way.
One more thing I nearly forgot to add! In the back right corner (behind the
closed-off mesh fence area) is a toolbox with [_CORRODED COIL_] and [_FRAYED
WIRE_] in it.

 BEFORE we continue, note that there's two things we can't do in this room. In
the back right corner is a self-contained room (behind the mesh wire) which we
can't get into (it requires Leverage III). There's also a "Moon Door" in the
floor that requires "Repair III" to fix. Neither of which you likely can do
right now.

 With that said, go unlock the airlock using the computer to the right of its
stairs. Very nice!

 Well, no time like the present to go for an airwalk! Let's do this!

 As soon as you load into space, we'll get a tutorial on "Microgravity":
 Microgravity: Your TranStar suit is equipped with a propulsion system to
               navigate the harsh environment of space.
               To navigate in Zero-G, use L to thrust and L3 to boost thrust.
               Press L1 + R1 to brake.
               You can press X to ascend and O to descend. Hold L1 or R1 to

 This outside area is a TRIP. I'm telling you, it was so much fun to float
around. We have a LOT of space out here, with a lot of interesting things
to see. The game kind-of wants you to head to Dr. Calvino's corpse, but we
are going to explore a bit (make sure you have 10+ shotgun shells and plenty
of healing!).

 NOTE: If you see flaming debris or dark clumps out in space, DO NOT approach
       them. Chances are extremely good that they are just an enemy, waiting
       to kill you. We need to save our resources in this section. We can kill
       these things later if you want.
 Float outwards to the first collection of junk straight in front of you
(Calvino is to our right). You should find a supply box for a [_TEST TUBE
SAMPLE_] and [_EXPIRED PLASMA BAG_], then check the body nearby for "Karisma
Chouhan's Corpse". Loot it for a [_PETRI DISH SAMPLE_], [_EMP CHARGE_] and
a [_MEDKIT_].

 Next up, head right to the "Cargo Bay Area". It is a bit lower, but this
area should be your "hub" out here, as it has an Engineering Operator who
will refill your suit integrity (and there's no enemies over here). There is
"Jose Costa's Corpse", which has a [_BANANA PEEL_] on it (yeah...). Loot him

 OK, next up is some danger. To the north you should be able to see the
"Power Plant Hull Breach". Go out into space and ascend to it. There is an
operator patrolling north of the breach, which you want to kill with your
pistol. There is also a broken crevice north of the main hull breach that you
can go into (just barely) and follow the pipes to a supply crate on the wall
for some [_CORRODED COIL_], [_PSI HYPO_] and [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_].

 Head down to the Power Plant Breach and QUICKSAVE. There's two enemies who
are inside here. One is up in the ceiling (I left him alone). The other one
is facing the wall, so you can sneak-attack him with your shotgun (kill him
fast... using about three shots).

 After that, raid the place for a [_NEUROMOD_] and a nearby filing cabinet
that has [_9MM BULLET x7_], a single [_SHOTGUN SHELL_] and a key item (that
we have no need of right now): [_MIKHAILA'S BOOSTER SHOTS_]. There's also a
trashcan with a [_BANANA PEEL_] and [_CRUMPLED PAPER_], as well as a laboratory
cabinet on the wall has [_CORRODED COIL_] and [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_].

 NOTE: I went back to Engineering Operator and fixed my suit. I also used SIX
       Neuromods on hacking III, which is going to be helpful in a little bit.
 OK, we have two more trips out here. This next one is very dangerous: the
"Human Corpse" to the north. Go out to space and go up (so you can see any
danger coming). It is north, near the "Airlock: Shuttle Bay". There's an
enemy out here that is patrolling left to right. If you approach from space
(and don't follow the structure upwards) you an see it pretty easily. Wait
until it goes away from the corpse and then QUICKLY go loot the corpse and
the supply crate north of the corpse (this enemy takes too many shots - we
want to save some health for another interaction).

 The corpse is "Mike Devlin's Corpse" and he has a [_METHUSELA APPLE_], a
[_BANANA PEEL_] and a [_PSI HYPO_]. The supply crate north of the corpse has
a [_CORRODED COIL_] and [_ANTI-RAD_]. Grab them and boost out to space again
so the enemy doesn't notice us.

 Did you get away with that? Good. Quicksave! Now, there should be another
corpse to the north from here, near the "Lobby" area. This is another very
dangerous trip, but more rewarding. There is another "???" enemy patrolling
this area, but you can use the corners / cargo to hide and rush towards the
corpse marker, which should be in a narrow slice of wall.

 This is where it pays off though: grab the [_Q-BEAM_] weapon and read the
tutorial that comes with it. We're going to be EXPLODING enemies! Hehe. There
is also "Mariana Arias Corpse" here. Loot her for a [_BROKEN COOLER FAN_],

 Quicksave now and try out the Q-Beam on the enemy now, but BE SURE to keep
your health up! Once his life bar goes totally green, he will explode and
you an loot him. Go visit the suit repair operator now if you wish and let's
actually head to Dr. Calvino's room...

 Once you get to his room, you can enter through the hull breach (there are
no enemies here... if we went straight here we wouldn't have fought anything,
as you can tell). There's a LOT of items floating around this room (which has
an upper and lower level). Loot them for [_SPARE PARTS x6_], some [_SHOTGUN
SHELL x6_] in the far right corner, and [_PSI HYPO x2_] in the left corner.

 There's a safe on the lower level as well, that requires "Hacking III"! If
you're following me, you should have it by now (which is good). Save and then
hack the safe to get a [_NULLWAVE TRANSMITTER_] and [_NUEROMOD x2_]. Sweet!

 Also, be sure to repair the "Breach Failsafe" nearby (you should be able to
if you are following the guide). It requires SEVEN Spare Parts, but since we
get six in this room alone that shouldn't be hard. Doing this will also give
us an optional objective:

 o Objective (Breach Access): Access the Beams and Waves Lab (OPTIONAL)

 Finally, let's check out Lorenzo Calvino. By his face is [_TRANSCRIBE:
LORENZO CALVINO_]. Be sure to listen to this twice as you'll get the [_MACHINE
SHOP SUPPLY CLOSET KEYCODE_] on the second listen (which is a bit weird. Down
by his feet is also our goal: [_DR. CALVINO'S WORKSHOP KEYCARD_]. Very nice!
OK, let's head back to the Machine Shop now and get inside some proper gravity!

  Machine Shop
 OK, use the recycler and fabricator to restock (I made 24 Shotgun Shells)
and note our turrets are dead. That's because there's enemies outside. You
can repair your turret and face it near the lobby area outside the machine
shop if you wish (I would). There are TWO Phantom enemies out there and a
broken operator. Save and wage war against them to take them out.

 Note that there's two more phantom enemies in this area. One up by the
kitchen area, and another down by the entrance (I left this one alone,
actually). Before we continue on, let's do a little trick.

 In the machine lab, remember that back right room that has all the crates
in front of it? Head there. We can use a "Recycler Charge" to throw in front
of the blockade and it will turn the crates into minerals. QUICKSAVE and try
it out. Note that you'll also have to kill the operator inside once you've
done that...

 Once you are inside, check the shelf to the left for a [_WEAPON KIT
FABRICATION PLAN_] (very nice!) Past that is a refrigerator with [_BANANA
PEEL x2_] and a [_LEMON PEEL_] inside. Next up is a bunch of lockers with a
[_MEDKIT_] on them (check the lockers themselves for [_CORRODED COIL x4_],
The shelves behind you also have a [_SPARE PART_] on them.

 Finally, this corner area. Like someone's secret retreat! This has [_PSI
HYPO x2_], a [_NEUROMOD_] on the chair, [_TYPHON LURE x2_] and "The Starbend
Cycle: Book 2:My Enemy's Enemy's Enemy". What a title!

 With that room cleared out, let's go take care of that side objective (the
"Beams and Waves Lab") since we're nearby.

  Beams and Waves Lab
 Just so you remember where this is, go to the main lobby and take the
elevator up, then go to the other side of the room (near where the fire
explosion is). Use this door and head in to find the door on the right.

 Inside head to the right and use the computer to "Fire the Q Beam". We
have this weapon already, but we get to see what it does here. Unlock the
room afterwards.

 The other corner has a [_PSI HYPO_] and [_CRUMPLED PAPER x2_] near a
computer (one is on the ground). Grab them and check for a destroyed
operator nearby too (loot him as well). Check the computer for two more


 The other desk against the wall puts you in sight of a door where a phantom
is patrolling, so don't let him see you. It has [_Q-BEAM CELLS x70_] on the
desk, [_CRUMPLED PAPER_] under it and a [_USED CIGAR_] in the trashcan. To the
right of the desk is a supply crate with a [_CORRODED COIL_], and there's also
two emails on the computer here:

 o [_EMAIL 66: RE: FW: THIEF_]

  o OBJECTIVE (The Blackbox Project): Find Josh Dalton (OPTIONAL)

 OK, go into the firing range now and take the [_Q-BEAM_], our second one. The
shelves nearby have [_Q-BEAM CELLS x147_] and down the range on a table is some
[_ORGANIC MATERIAL 2.0_]. Loot the phantom too. That's all we have to do here,
so head back and visit the recycler if you need to before we continue.

  Dr. Calvino's Workshop
 Time to advance the main story! Head to this location and unlock the door,
then enter the shop to have our objective refresh:

 o Objective: Diagnose and repair the Looking Glass server connection
 Head down the stairs and take a sharp right (to the "Diagnostic" area. Search
this area for [_FRAYED WIRE x3_] (one in the toolbox), [_SPARE PARTS_] in the
toolbox, [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] in the trashcan, a [_FRIED HARD DRIVE_] and
[_GLOO CANISTER x26_] under the stairs.

 The console in the middle of the area has no power. Lovely. There's some more
[_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] and a [_CORRODED COIL_] near the window, and if you go
under the other stairs here (the one with cardboard near it), you can go under
the floor for more [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] and [_FRAYED WIRE_].

 Head up to the workstation now for Dr. Calvino's PC. Search around it for
some [FRAYED WIRE_] in the trashcan, a [_FRIED HARD DRIVE_], [_SPARE PARTS_],
the [_ENGINEERING CONTROL SYSTEMS_] document and a supply crate behind you that
has a [_CORRODED COIL_] and a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_]. Check his PC now for three
new emails:

 The emails about the mug and scale are weird, right? Go back down the stairs
and hang a right, turning on the power using the machine in the corner. You
can now use the console. To do this, use the "Network Utilities" tab and start
to click each tab. By the second one down, you will have fixed the server
connection, which updates our objective:

 o Objective: Watch the rest of your video (Talos I Lobby)
 There's more to do here though! Click the "Video Playback" tab now and watch
the two videos here. Note you can move around the screens to change your view!
Use it to watch Dr. Calvino in the second video go to his "Secret Stash".

 To find it yourself, go to the diagnostic area and find "Dr. Calvino's
Tumbler" on the toolbox. Go to the scale with it and the door will open up
for you too!  You get [_NEUROMOD x2_] here and [_LORENZO CALVINO'S CABIN
KEYCARD_]. Not bad! We get a trophy as well!

 (-NOTE-) You should get the "Coffee Break" Bronze Trophy for finding Dr.
          Calvino's secret stash.
 Let's head back to the Talos I Lobby now. Watch for Phantom's on your way
back (I took out one near the entrance).
  Talos I Lobby
 BEFORE we go back up to our office, I have a few new things we can do.
Exploring two new areas and some emails we can access now:

 NOTE: You can go back to the Trauma Center and in the middle area you can
       find "Regina Sellers" PC. You need "Hacking III" to examine it. We've
       got it charted as read, thanks to having this upgrade (note only one
       email here is new):

 One more thing we can do: explore a whole new room. Head to the staircase
by the restrooms and up two flights of stairs. See the "Human Resources" door
here? SAVE here and toss a "Recycler Charge" between the couch and the other
heavy item to get them both sucked up, clearing the way.

  Human Resources
 Check the center area in here for the "TranStar Rewards Program" book, some
[_FLEXIFOAM BOLTS x2_] and a drink machine with [_COLD MOUNTAIN GREEN TEA x2_]
and [_KAFE KARSK x2_]. Now, head into "Tom Tucker's" office for a [_MEDKIT_]
on the wall and to kill a mimic nearby.

 (-NOTE-) I bought the "Suit Modification II" power here, as I'm tired of
          having a full inventory so often. It helps out in the long run,
          trust me!
 Check all the filing cabinets here for a [_BASEBALL GLOVE x2_], [_OLD SARDAR
CIGAR_]. On the desk is also the [_BATTERY OPTIMIZER IMI7_]. It uh... increases
the flashlight's battery. Yeah. The PC here also has three "new" emails:
 o [_EMAIL 71: GOOD NEWS_]

 Note that only two are actually new, we've seen that bottom one before. OK,
one more trick before we carry on with the game. Head to the northeast corner
of the lobby (near the "Psychotronics Foyer") but to the "General Access" area
to the north. We can break the glass by the PC in the corner and hit it with
a Huntress Bolt to unlock the door (again, we probably could have done this
earlier, but oh well).

 Enter the room to access a note by the PC (the [_GAME NIGHT NOTE_] and then
check out Elias Black's PC for a new email:
 o [_EMAIL 73: YURI_]

 Next up is a safe nearby that is damaged. We can open it up with HACKING II
though (which you should definitely have... see, there's totally a reason I
skipped this room earlier... totally...). Hack it for a [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_]
and a whopping [_NEUROMOD x4_].

 Perfect! Let's go back to our office now. On the way will be a mimic near
the door (my turret nearby took care of it). Use the recycler / fabricator
here if you wish (I made THREE WEAPON KITS and maxed level one on the Q-Beam
and Shotgun) and then go watch the rest of your video.

 Yeah. Well, he said we wouldn't like it. After watching the video (which was
just... jaw-dropping), we will get to meet January face to face.

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Facsimile" bronze trophy for meeting January for
          the first time.

                               ___ ___ _____   __
                              | _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /
                              |  _/   / _| \ V / 
        ______________________|_| |_|_\___| |_|_______________________
O==<                          CHAPTER 5: Detour                           >==O

 Go ahead and talk to January until he runs out of things to say. This will
net you the [_GENERAL ACCESS KEYCARD_] (which is awesome) and a [_NEUROMOD_].
Once you pick these up and finish talking with January, our objective will be

 o Objective: Enter Psychotronics
 Well then! Head back into the lobby (if you look below, you may see a
phantom get destroyed by a turret) and head to the northeast corner of the
map. Enter the "Psychotronics Staff Only" door here and you'll be stopped by
another voice. December? Really? Listen to it and we'll get another optional

 o Objective (Who is December?): Meet December in the Foyer (OPTIONAL)
 Well... we are close. The foyer is where we entered the lobby from (check
the map), so let's go ahead and head back really quick. We can explore other
things too, so it's worth it.
  Neuromod Division
 Head out to the lobby area and you'll see... January? Yeah, he has definitely
intercepted us. Very weird... go check the "December" Operator though for a
[_NEUROMOD_] and the [_MYSTERIOUS NOTE_]. Alex is trying to talk to us, for
sure, but can he even be trusted?

 Well, while we are here, head back past the security station (kill a mimic
on the way) and repair the Grav Shaft (we should have Repair I long before
now of course). Note that there's two mimics in the adjoining room. But fix
the Grav Elevator and head up to the second floor.

 Now that we're upstairs, head forwards past the trashcan and grab the
[_SPARE PARTS_] on the left. Up ahead to the left is "Fabrication", but it
requires "Hacking Level IV", which we don't have. Now, in the distance is a
phantom who may see you and take pot-shots. I'd recommend going and killing
him right now to save some health (we'll continue looting below).

 OK, from that fabrication door, head onwards and the next door will be the
"Volunteer Quarters". We actually have the keycode for this door (9469), so
go ahead and enter.

  Volunteer Quarters
 It is DARK in here! This makes me somewhat thankful that we actually have
a flashlight battery extender. The first desk has nothing but un-powered
computers, so head left into the "private office". On the desk in here is
You can find [_SHOTGUN SHELL x5_] back here too and a [_SUNBURST BANANA

 The other desk here has [_RECYCLER CHARGE x3_] and a [_ITEMS CONFISCATED IN
LATEST SHAKEDOWN NOTE_]. Wow, people were STEALING these? Just wow. Grab the
[_SPARE PARTS_] and [_MEDKIT_] nearby. Left of the medkit is some [_FRAYED
WIRE_] and [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] on top of the furniture. Weird. Our way
forward is blocked, so head back now.

 Head past the entry desk and go left (staying upstairs). Behind the cargo is
a body... "V-110655-16's Corpse". He has [_METHUSELAH APPLE x3_] on him. Huh.
There is a little break area past him with [_CRUMPLED PAPER x3_] on the floor,
a [_UDON NOODLES_] in the microwave, and [_EMPTY FOOD TIN x2_] in the trash.
The drink station further in has [_COLD MOUNTAIN GREEN TEA x3_] and [_KAFE
KARSK x2_]. Now loot the kitche for [_MOONSHADE LEMON x2_], [_JELLIED EELS x3_],
x2_], [_VEGGIE BLEND_], [_SHAKER LEMON PIE x2_], [_RANDOM DIM SUM_] and finally
some [_BIG BANG CANDY_]. Sheesh, that's a LOT of food.

 Head back out now and take a left, going left again to see the back hallway.
The "Habitation Pods" are back here, but we can only get in with Leverage III
this time (for real). Let's go loot the recreation area now. Lots of amusement
and items here, including a [_KINGS & WAY SPARKLING WINE_], [_SUNBURST BANANA
PUDDING_], the "I Volunteered" book. Another table has [_SHAKER LEMON PIE_] on
it and [_BANANA PEEL x2_] in the trashcans nearby. A further trashcan has a
[_USED CIGAR_] in it and another [_SUNBURST BANANA PUDDING x2_] nearby (one is
on the ping pong table). There's also [_LEMON PEEL x2_] in the trashcan.

 Head up to the walkway now and to the end, going right this time. The cargo
here has a [_LEMON PEEL_] and [_BANANA PEEL_] on it, and further on is the
bathrooms. *Gulp... 

 Head in and explore this area to fight two mimics. When you find one, back up
and take him on solo so you can wrench them both to death. Then, go to the
middle area to find two corpses. The first is "John Haskins Corpse" and he has
a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_], [_SPARE PARTS x3_] and the [_IT'S A DEAL NOTE_]. Huh...
The other is "V-041255-09's Corpse". He has some [_CRISPY FRITES_] on him.

 Check the lockers past them for some [_POMEGRANATE MOONSHINE_] and some
[_UDON NOODLES_]. There's also some [_EEL SCRAPS_] in the toilets across from
the corpses (nothing in the other toilets though). Head to the end of the area
now and note the maintenance hatch here. You can go inside for some [_FRAYED
WIRE_] and you can turn on the power here. Yeah...

 Go ahead and do so to electrify the locker room. You will need to exit and
go RIGHT fast (you'll take some damage) but its worth it. Kill a mimic in the
locker room here and start to loot the lockers for: [_TAMIZDAT VODKA_], [_9MM
EELS x5_] (too bad we can't get that one locker). There's also a [_BANANA PEEL_]
in one of the beds.

 Notably, if you move an item and climb ABOVE the bed with a banana peel, you
can find [_THE DROP OFF NOTE_] under the pillow. It says "Drop ceiling outside
the door to the habitation pods. - EV". Weird.

 Now, once you go out of this area, you will be attacked by a new type of
enemy in the play area: the Poltergeist!

 |  This enemy is, at the same time, the most annoying enemy in the game
 |  and the weakest. Literally all it does it put "Lift Fields" under you
 |  that lift you up. That's it. It can also throw things at you that can
 |  do damage, but it's pathetic damage.
 |  The annoying thing is that it goes invisible and you have to find it
 |  out. Once you do, use your shotgun to take it out quickly (or maybe
 |  your superthermal skill).
 |  Weakness: Fire
 |  Immunity: None
 |  Scannable Powers: Remote Manipulation I, II, Lift Field I, II

 This enemy can move around items and cause a wave to appear underneath us,
so stay on the move and hunt him down. He goes invisible after you shoot him
but if you shoot twice you will hit him.

 Once he's dead, we can get some more items. Like that note above said, if
you can get to the drop ceiling outside of the Habitation Pods room, you can
find some items (I spent WAY too long stacking crates with leverage one to
jump up there). It isn't anything good, but you can find some food up here if

 Since we have the power turned back on, head to the private office and check
the PC. Under "Utilities" go ahead and "UNLOCK" the "Volunteer Quarters Access"
which should come in handy. Check the new email as well:

 Reading this will give you the [_VOLUNTEER QUARTERS KEYCODE_]. We had that
already though (we've seen half of this email already). OK, note behind the
desk there is a maintenance hatch. Open it and you'll see an empty room.

 Well then... we can jump to the machine's top on the right and from here,
you can use your Gloo Gun to make a staircase up to the upper area. Go ahead
and do so now to reach a new are...

 On the way up here, grab a [_WRENCH_] and you'll be up in Fabrication proper.
Well, like an attic area. Weird. There are THREE mimics in this area that you
should use the doorway to kill, and an annoying operator on the other side.

 After killing the mimics, explore the area. You can find "Divya Naaz's Corpse"
here and loot it for a [_BROKEN COOLER FAN_] and a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_]. The
other side has "Rich Ivers Corpse" for another [_BROKEN COOLER FAN_] and a
[_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_]. The middle table also has some items: including the
[_FSLIDE INFBS_99_] (a chipset) and "The Neural Horizon I" book. There's also a
couple of turrets you can set up here, but I DO NOT recommend it.

 OK, this next part... is going to suck. There's THREE Operators in total
behind the doorway as well as... an unknown alien. A BIG one. This guy just
reads as "???" mark, and I've run into him before when I wasn't writing, but
he is just rough:

 |  The Technopath is a big pain it the butt. It looks like a Telepath,
 |  but controls technology and will turn operators nearby into its own
 |  little army.
 |  More dangerous however is the fact that it will often grab TWO turrets
 |  (one on each side) and use those to shoot at you. Not good. Try to
 |  Psychoshock it to stop its abilities or, if you are human, use your
 |  strong shotgun and combat focus to take it down. Early ones (like this
 |  current fight) mean you have to be extra careful and save between doing
 |  damage to him (just to be safe).
 |  Weakness: Electric, Explosive, Psychic, EMP
 |  Immunity: N/A
 |  Scannable Powers: Electrostatic Burst I, II, III
 |                    Remote Manipulation I, II, III
 |                    Machine Mind I, II, III

 What I'd recommend here (and again, QUICKSAVE) is to use a Recycler Charge
on the doorway and then use that to round it and shoot with your shotgun to
kill the operators (use an EMP charge if you wish). When the big guy comes,
you have to RUN when he does his electric attack, as it will zap you for 20+
damage whenever you are near. It goes away after awhile, but this typhoid has
A LOT OF HP, so don't be afraid to damage him good, run away, save, and repeat
to limit how much ammo and health you lose.

 Well then... kill them all? Good. You can follow the outdoor path now to see
a locked office (Halden Graves) and an elevator. Use it to head down. There is
a science operator here (does us no good) but head forward and you should see
"Frederick Steele's Corpse". Loot him for [_9MM BULLETS x4_] and (for some

 Head left now and loot the work area for [_USED PLASTIC TUBING x3_], [_BURNT
CIRCUIT BOARD x2_], [_BROKEN COOLER FAN_], and some [_SPARE PARTS_]. There is
a middle area (with a fabricator) that has [_MINERAL MATERIAL 1.0_] and some
[_SYNTHETIC MATERIAL 1.0_] as well. I also went ahead and made two shotgun
shell packs and a medkit while I was here (which makes me feel a lot better).

 Go back to the elevator now and go into the nearby "Storage" area. There's a
couple [_RECYCLER CHARGE x2_] here, as well as a broken recycler (you can repair
it if you want... I did as I had a ton of junk items). There's also, further in,
an "Exotic Storage" area, with the [_EXOTIC MATERIAL STORAGE NOTE_]. Well, Mr.
Graves, we'll pay you a visit then!

 Head back up the elevator nearby and into Grave's office. There is a mimic in
here, so take it out. Now, from the door, nab the [_TULIP FLOWER CUTTINGS_] in
the case to the left and the [_EXOTIC MATERIAL 3.0_] from the desk. Check his
PC and CANCEL the termination. Ooo, if we can fabricate neuromods, I'll be in
heaven! Check under his "Utilities" now and open the doors, then check his

 Head into the next room now and to the right is [_KINGS & WAY SPARKLING WINE_]
while on the table is the BIG SCORE: the [_NEUROMOD FABRICATION PLAN_]. Oh wow!
Grab the [_TRANSCRIBE: HALDEN GRAVES_] as well and listen. There's a couple of
listens here. Good stuff. On the floor is also [_CRUMPLED PAPER x2_ and then
some [_OLD SARDAR BOURBON_] near "Halden Graves Corpse". Poor guy. Go ahead and
loot him for a [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_], [_EMP CHARGE x4_] and a [_PSI HYPO_].

 Head down to the "Storage" area now and loot the exotic materials room.  You
should get [_EXOTIC MATERIAL x8.0_], [_TYPHON PLASMA x2_] and in the shelves
to the right [_RECYCLER CHARGE_], [_EMP CHARGE_] and a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_].

 OK, now is our big break. The point where following this guide and picking
up EVERY SINGLE THING is going to really pay off. You can now go to the
fabricator downstairs and make NEUROMODS!

 I literally made FIFTEEN (15!) of these damn things. I'm just in a bit of
shock right now! OK, time to spend these. Go with whatever you wish of course
but I got "Suit Modification III", "Hacking IV", and "Repair III". This cost
me all of my mods, but I've now maxed hacking and repair, and have the biggest
inventory you can get...

 OK, we're done with this area. From the fabricator, go left and enter the
nearby hallway. You can find "Tina Snow's Corpse" here for some [_FRAYED WIRE_]
and a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_] and then head down the hallway, going left to the
upstairs balcony.

 Head left and past the Volunteer's Quarters to the next area (where you likely
killed the phantom from earlier). Loot the area for [_TULIP FLOWER CUTTING x2_],
[_AGAVE PLANT CLIPPING_] and a [_BANANA PEEL_] from the center area. You can
find "V-010255-01's Corpse" here for a [_JELLIED EELS_] and some [_DISRUPTOR
BATTERIES x500_].  You can enter the maintenance area here to climb up to an
upper area as well. Do so and look around. There's really not much up here: a
hatch that can't be opened, and an area overlooking the lobby. Go out to it to
find [_USED PLASTIC TUBING x3_] and in the corner "Junior Bookman's Corpse",
which just has a [_LEMON PEEL_] on it. Lame, Junior!

 Head back down to the maintenance hatch now and head down the hallway for
a [_BANANA PEEL_] on the left and to find the main door is blocked and will
require "Hacking II". Go ahead and hack it to enter "Volunteer Testing".

  Volunteer Testing
 Let's do some hunting. Enter the area and on the left is a testing room
with a mimic in it. You can go hunt it, but in the back is an Electric
Phantom that you do not want to get close to (a good time for your Q-Beam).
Kill them off and go back to the entrance for some orderly looting!

 On the first desk in here is a [_PSY HYPO_] and [_KAFE KARSK_]. I'm also
really liking the chess vibe in this room! Continue to the back for some
[_CRUMPLED PAPER_] on the ground and [_VEGGIE BLEND_] on the desk. Grab it
and take a left into a hallway, then go through the "Neuromod Installation
and Extraction" door.

 There's another mimic in this area, left of the middle chair area. Go kill
it. Head back to the chair area and check the trashcan for some [_PETRI DISH
SAMPLE x2_], then go note the computer to the left of the entrance. Past that
on the left is some metal shelves for an [_ASTEROID FRAGMENT_], a [_PETRI DISH
 Ignore the door past this and go right, down the stairs to some lockers down
The shelves nearby have [_SPARE PARTS x4_] and an [_EMP CHARGE_]. Right behind
you is the big score though: [_NEUROMOD x2_] and a [_TEST TUBE SAMPLE_]. Check
right of the door down here for another shelf with a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_], a
[_PSI HYPO_] and a [_MEDKIT_].

 Enter the "Medbay" now for a [_PETRI DISH SAMPLE_] in the trash and the
[_ANTI-RAD PHARMA FABRICATION PLAN_] on the cart nearby. That's good stuff.
There's a [_MEDKIT_] on the bed here too and some metal shelving with some
[_PSI HYPO x2_] and another [_MEDKIT_]. You can use the operator dispenser
here too to recover your health for free.

 Head out the medbay and straight to the door, then through the test room
and back out to the hallway. Go left now and right into the staircase. This
leads down, so follow it and nab the [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_] at the bottom.
Check under the stairs now for some [_FRAYED WIRE x3_] and "Joshua Vanstry's
Corpse". Guy had a [_KAFE KARSK_] drink and a [_NEUROMOD_] on him. Rest in

 Head into the work area now and grab the [_SPARE PARTS_] and read the "White
Noise" book (an interesting read). Move forward to the next desk for a [_BURNT
CIRCUIT BOARD_] and some [_BIG BANG CANDY_]. The rest of the room is empty, and
if you head down the stairs, it leads you out to the hallway with the Gravity
Elevator (go see if you wish).

 Instead, from the candy, head left and to the window. See the huge piano out
here? Break the window and jump down. This is the "Skill Recorder" room, but
it's pretty small (so no area for it). Check past the piano for "Helen Croft's
Corpse" and a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_]. Go past her now to the PC in the back and
[_TYPHON LURE x2_] as well as "Hdley Dalton's Corpse" which has a [_LEMON PEEL_]
on it. Way to go, Hadley! Check the PC now and hack it for one new email:
 Well, that's all we have for this area, so let's get back to the main quest
with our new, more powerful selves! Head back to the Talos I Lobby and back
into "Psychotronics Staff Only" door.

  Psychotronics Foyer
 Head forwards and peek your head in to the right room. Electricity is sparking
here! Danger! Note you can shoot your GLOO GUN at the junction box to STOP it
which lets you REPAIR it (you get this tutorial if you get zapped, but this way
you don't take the damage). It is barely worth it as this room just has some
[_SPARE PARTS_] and a broken recycler.

 Go back to the hallway and down to the staircase. A phantom is patrolling up
and down it. I actually put my nueromod's to use here, as I'm going to point
out in the note below (completely optional):

 NOTE: I QUICKSAVED here and bought my first "Security" skill here: "Combat
       Focus I". This gave me PSI POINTS for the first time. I then used it
       to kill the phantom here. I threw an explosive canister at him and
       then used the skill (L2) and shotgunned him three times to take him
       out, which gave me the trophy below.
 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Dead Calm" Bronze Trophy for killing an enemy
          while using Combat Focus. Nice!
 Head to the bottom of the stairs and hand a sharp right to find some [_FRAYED
WIRE_] behind the cargo. Go straight now to find "Joel Weeks Corpse" and loot
the [_PETRI DISH SAMPLE_] from him. Now... let's head to Psychotronics proper!

 As soon as we enter, we get a new objective:
 o OBJECTIVE: Access the G.U.T.S.
 Well, this is how we get around the main elevator not working, I guess. But
all of our side objectives hang off of this area or GUTS, so we're on the
right track.

 Head forward for a couple of phone calls, then shoot the junction box with
your GLOO gun and repair it. The toolbox here has [_GLOO CANISTER x19_] in
it. Head through the doors now and look down into the pit. There's a corpse
and a mimic down here, so go kill it off. Check the "Otto Lauda Corpse" now
for a [_TEST TUBE SAMPLE_] and [_9MM BULLETS x7_]. Nab the [_BURNT CIRCUIT
BOARD_] and [_BROKEN COOLER FAN_] nearby as well.

 Jump back up and forward to the "Security Station". On the right up here
you can hack the door (Hacking II) to get into the security room. Grab the
[_SILENCED PISTOL_] from the right and the [_FIRED HARD DRIVE x2_] and the
[_GLUCASSIST!_] from the desk. Head to the central desk now and you can
check the PC for some utilities (an area map and a door unlock command).
There's a crew list too (we've found a couple of them) and one email:

 Huh. Well then! Grab the [_9MM BULLETS x15_ ] from the desk (counter and
from the right filing cabinet and the [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_]. The other desk
over here has [_GLOO CANISTER x19_] and the "Behind the Iron Curtain" book on
the desk. There's some turrets in the corner as well.

 Head past the security area now and go left, into the clean room preparation
area. There's a mimic and phantom in here (a good place for a turret). Kill
them both (note the phantom was "Crispin Boyer"). There's not much in this
room, but the locker area on the far side has "The Starbender Cycle: Book 3:
Spatial Delivery" book in it! The legend continues!

 Head onwards to an area that REQUIRES a "Psychoscope". Whatever that is, we
don't have it. Head into the male clean room now. This area is pretty bare,
but there's a GIGANTIC hole in the floor. You can also check the far toilet
to find a [_WRENCH_] keeping a mimic in place. Pull it out for a black, well,
explosion and to get a [_MIMIC TUMOR_].

 Head to the hole now and by it is "Allison Brady's Corpse". Loot her for
some [_BIOHAZARD WASTE_], [_GLOO CANISTER x27_] and a [_PSI HYPO_]. Drop down
now for a [_MEDKIT_] and to see a cargo box blocking one path and a ton of
Gloo blocking the other (you can setup a turret by the Gloo to be ready...).
Drop down now and be ready for THREE mimics breaking through the Gloo, making
a path for us.

 BEFORE we go down that path, QUICKSAVE and use a recycler charge to take
care of the cargo blocking the path here. You can then go through to get some
[_GLOO CANISTER x43_] and the [_NULLWAVE SHIELDING 21.4GHZ_] from the storage
cabinet here (this is a head chipset, but we need to unlock psychotronics
first). Head through the Gloo Wall now to the end where a mimic is frozen by
a corpse. Huh. Kill it and loot it, while grabbing the [_GLOO CANNON_] nearby.

 The corpse here is "Janos Jazsef", and he has a [_PSYCHOSCOPE_]. Sweet, our
key forward! He also has a [_PETRI DISH SAMPLE_], [_MIMIC DETECTION GEN 1_],
[_NEUROMOD x2_] and a [_TYPHON ORGAN_]. You should get the "Psychoscope
Tutorial" now too! Oh, the potential! I really regret killing that mimic now!

 Head back and use your scope near the hole to see a mimic and phantom, but
they will move away quickly. Head up and try to get the first level of research
from the phantom. This will unlock the "Kinetic Blast I" from the neuromods, but
we should put a note here:

 (-NOTE-) If you care about trophies at all, the "Split Affinity" trophy has
          us playing the game twice, once only with Human Abilities and once
          with only Typhon Powers. For this walkthrough, I am only using the
          Human Abilities, but feel free to use powers if you wish and aren't
          planning on a second playthrough or platinuming this game!
 (-NOTE-) Also, note you can scan the TURRET and OPERATORS as well as any
          enemies. Good to know!
 Go through the psycoscope barrier now and scan the Science Operator that
shows up (man he scared me!). There is "Steven Mueller's Corpse" here too
that has a [_TEST TUBE SAMPLE_], [_GLUCASSIST!_] and [_MIMIC TUMOR_] on him.
Go up the elevator now and we'll get a call from Alex (and an objective update):

 o Objective: Scan Typhon organisms to calibrate Psychoscope
 Nice! Head forwards and open the middle containers to scan the three new
phantoms that are here (which completes them as a whole). Alex will give us
a call as well, giving us [_DR. KELSTRUP'S SAFE CODE_]. Nice! If you want,
you can buy those Kinetic Blast abilities (although, again, I am not).

 (-NOTE-) What I will do though is SAVE and buy an ability, just for a
          trophy, as you can see below. I reload after that though. Got to
          be a clean "Human" on this playthrough!
 (-NOTE-) If you follow the note above, you will get the "Know Thine Enemy"
          Bronze Trophy at this time. For installing a Typhon Ability.
 Head to the right of the containers for a few desks where you can get a
over to "Hans Kelstrup's Office" now. The door is locked but you can use
the right window to get in. Repair the junction box here as well (I like to
be safe just loitering around).

 His main desk has "The Noetic Field" book, which you should read. The filing
cabinet has a [_TEST TUBE SAMPLE_] in it. "Hans Kelstrup's Corpse" is also on
the floor. Man... he has another [_TEST TUBE SAMPLE_], [_HANS KELSTRUP'S CABIN
last one, I guess.

 Check to the left of his PC for "Typhon Mimesis Part II" book and then check
to the left for his safe. We have the keycode thanks to Alex, so open it up
for the [_NEUROMOD FABRICATION PLAN_] (which we have) and [_NEUROMOD x2_]. We
get a call from January as well. Check Hans' PC now and look at the utilities
here to open the LG Conference Room and the "Archival Footage". Those are some
good videos. Now, four new emails:

 Those emails are pretty good! Heh... Go left now to the cabinet for a [_BROKEN
COOLER FAN_] and then go check out the fabricator in the corner. There is a
MIMIC here that you can research. Do so and kill it after, picking up the
[_ANTI-RAD x2_] from the machine. Also, be sure to check near the entry door
for [_TULIP FLOWER CUTTINGS_] and [_COSMOS FLOWER CUTTINGS_] in a display case!

 (-NOTE-) I split my PSI HYPO's and made more Neuromods. I bought "Materials
          Expert", "Conditioning" and "Stealth I".
 Go through the back door now and down the stairs. Check under the stairs for
bit forward to "Looking Glass Station".
then try to calibrate the screen in front of you.

 Oh! Hahaha, I'm sorry. I had to! Go to the back room here has [_V-AMP .23_],
which gives you health for sneak attacks ("VAMP"). Go behind the screens now
and search around for [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_], a [_CORRODED COIL_], [_BURNT
CIRCUIT BOARD_] and in the toolbox some [_9MM BULLETS x7_]. As you head back,
a phantom will come at you, so be ready for him as well.

 Head back up now and continue on to a big hub area. There's a LOT of paths
here, but you'll get a call from Alex. Enjoy and head forward to see a
specimen on display. Scan it to see it is a "Weaver" (we've encountered these
in space, but we finally have a name now!).

 From this hub area, go left into the "Lab A" area. The stairs here are very
much destroyed, so make steps with your Gloo Gun to the right and head up.
You will be in the "Atrium" on the 2nd Level, but to the right is "Lab A" and
to the left (far left... we can walk around to get over there) there is "Lab B"
so let's explore these places!

  Lab A
 Be careful of this hallway, as there is a mimic here that may run off. Be
sure to scan and kill it. From the start of the area, head right and you
will see "Annalise Gallegos" office. There are FOUR mimics in here you can
scan, which should FILL UP your scan log for them (or if it doesn't, it should
be close... there is another mimic in the room to the left).

 BEFORE you kill them, I recommend trying to find the two patrolling phantoms
in the area and taking them out one by one (I got ambushed by one while fighting
the mimics, which killed me). Also, there is a turret in the left rooms, which
you can put out in the hallway and fortify to help you out. One final note: the
room to the RIGHT of "Annalise Gallegos" office has a hidden Phantom in it. You
can just not go in that room and save it for last. It is actually a phantom /
crew member. "Helen Barker-Combs". Such a sad ending!

 OK, time to explore. Enter the "medical bay" to the right of Annalise's office
and check to the right and on the table for [_9MM BULLET x18_]. The cabinets in
the back here have [_SUIT REPAIR KIT x2_], [_BIOHAZARD WASTE_] and a nice [_PSI
HYPO_]. The shelves have [_PSY HYPO x2_] and an [_EXPIRED PLASMA BAG_]. Now,
enter Annalise's office for a [_TEST TUBE SAMPLE_] and to find "Cory Richard's
Corpse". Loot him for [_9MM BULLET x18_] (some are on the table nearby) and a
[_SUIT REPAIR KIT_]. He has a [_SILENCED PISTOL_] nearby tool. Now we can check
"Annalise Gallegos' Corpse" for a [_PETRI DISH SAMPLE_] and [_TRANSCRIBE:
ANNALISE GALLEGOS_]. Listening to this will give us an objective (note that you
can listen to TWO logs here).

 o Objective (Whistleblower): Search Dr. Gallegos's habitation pod in Crew
                              Quarters for evidence pertaining to what went on
                              in Psychotronics.
 Grab the [_NEUROMOD_] from her desk and check the "Introduction to Survey of
Parasychological Meta-Analysis" book on her desk. Now, go ahead and hack her
computer to open it up (Hacking I, so it should be REALLY easy) and read the
two emails:

 o [_EMAIL 84: I'M AN IDIOT_]

 The shelves in the back here have a [_BASEBALL GLOVE_] and [_BANANA PEEL_] in
them by the way. Head left now into "Lab A" (you can unlock the door here).
Loot this room for [_PETRI DISH SAMPLE x7_], [_TYPHON ORGAN x2_], [_TEST TUBE
Remember to check the shelves in the back for some of these items! You can also
find "Evan Avery's Corpse" here for another [_BIOHAZARD WASTE_]. Rest in peace,

 Head into the next room now and you'll find some [_KINGS & WAY SPARKLING WINE_]
and some [_OLD SARDAR BOURBON_]. Head out to the hallway now and continue down
it. There is the "PSYCHOTRONICS AIRLOCK". Go ahead and unlock it (Airlock 2/5).
Keep heading down the path to Lab B.

  Lab B
 This area has a lot less threats than the other lab. Still, this first hallway
on the right, note all of the oil. In the back are two Mimics and a Phantom in
the room on the right, so take them out first and foremost.

 Once they are dead, go back to the locked room on the right ("Mitsuko Tokaji")
and grab the [_TRANSCRIBE: MITSUKO TOKAJI_]. This is one of the most interesting
transcribe's I've heard up to this point. It's... well. Who knows what is real
if this is all true!? Now, this is a bit tricky. Quicksave, and then use your
Huntress Boltcaster to shoot the "UTILITIES" section of the PC through the bars,
then hit the "Unlock Door" button at the bottom (I swear this took me 13+ shots
to do...).

 Once the door is open you can raid the room for [_NULLWAVE TRANSMITTER x2_],
[_9MM BULLET x8_] and [_BROKEN COOLER FAN_] in the shelves, and read the
"Engineering Control Systems" book on the table. Whee! We've read that before
actually. There's two new emails on the PC here as well:


 Head into the hallway and go into the next office down (Helen's). Grab the
[_9MM BULLETS x15_] here and read "Typhon Mimesis Part III". To the left is
some shelves with an [_ASTEROID FRAGMENT_], a [_PETRI DISH SAMPLE_] and a
[_NULLWAVE TRANSMITTER_]. Next up, check the PC here for three more new
emails (so many emails lately!):

 o [_EMAIL 87: STATUS REPORT: 37_]

 Just outside the office is "Rory Manion's Corpse". Loot him for some
There's a [_GLOO CANNON_] and a [_NOTE_] here too (just like his transcribe
said... there's a lot of these around, just FYI). Head into the door now.
"Behavioral Biometrics".

  Behavioral Biometrics
 It's pretty icky in here. Grab the [_TYPHON LURE_], [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_]
and [_NEUROMOD x2_] from the desk. Very nice! The shelves on the wall have an
[_ASTEROID FRAGMENT_] in them. Note the locked door nearby too.

 Now, past the door is a viewing area. Grab the [_TYPHON LURE_] and the
[_TYPHON LURE NOTE_] nearby and try out the button here to watch the mimic
follow the light around (you can research this one if you need it). There is
a door leading to some suspended light nearby where Alex will give you a call
and chat for a bit. There's some [_PSI HYPO x2_] and a [_TEST TUBE SAMPLE_] in
here as well. Head back out and to the corner area for some items: [_CRUMPLED
is a PC here as well, with [_NULLWAVE TRANSMITTER x2_] and the "Typhon Mimesis
Part I". Check the PC now for a utility (that doesn't do much for us) and
three new emails:


 That last email in particular is interesting. Heh. Head to the lab now to see
just a TON of notes everywhere. There is one mimic in here at least though, so
be ready for him. Otherwise, raid the place for a [_MEDKIT_], [_PETRI DISH x4_],
[_BIOHAZARD WASTE_], [_TYPHON ORGAN_], and [_SPARE PARTS x3_]. There's also an
[_ASTEROID FRAGMENT_] and [_PETRI DISH_] in the shelves in here.

 Exit using the door out to the balcony and nab the [_GLOO CANISTER x43_] out
here. To the right is another door ("Containment"), which just leads down to
the Lab A / Lab B hub area. Head down there to see and quicksave, as we've
explored 2 of 4 pathways now! Sheesh!

 OK, let's go up the stairs and left to "Material Extraction Armory". I'm
gunning for that armory, to be honest, so use your Gloo Cannon to make the
path safe here. Be warned though! There are three mimics in this area (the
fire can help kill them, but be ready for them to rush you). Gloo it up
afterwards and head into the next area (note there is an [_EXPIRED PLASMA
BAG_] in the tunnel).

  Material Extraction
 As you enter, we'll see an ALIVE human in a test chamber. He's a volunteer
but we have a choice here (and a new sidequest):

 o Objective (The Psychotronics Prisoner): Start extraction process or release
                                           the volunteer!
 Well then... be a good guy or kill him? This is a big choice as you can
imagine, but it should be dictated on whether you care about TROPHIES or not,
as there's trophies for killing every human and not killing any. As you can
guess, this will take two different playthroughs.

 (-NOTE-) I am going to not kill any humans and will, in this guide, try to
          help you do the same as well!
 (-NOTE-) I also took some time and bought "Sneak Attack I" and "Combat
          Focus II" in the Neuromod category. Just FYI.
 Go ahead and listen to the man talk, then go to the PC to read up on him
if you wish. The "Exotic Material Extraction Manual" book is here too. Now,
go ahead and let him out (if you wish) and he'll be very thankful, giving us

 (-NOTE-) You could save, get the code, and kill him if you wanted after
          that. But again, we're going with saving humans in this guide, as
          I'm going after that trophy.
 Enter the armory from here and grab the [_GLOO CANNON_], [_NEUROMOD_], the
UPGRADE_]. The armory has another [_SHOTGUN_] and [_SILENCED PISTOL_] while
the lockers have [_GLOO CANISTER x27_],[_SHOTGUN SHELL x3_] and an [_EMP
CHARGE_]. Don't forget to check "Demian Linn's Corpse_] for a [_PETRI DISH
SAMPLE_] as well.

 Head back outside and check the room to the west. "Kristine Lloyd's Corpse"
is here. Loot her for a [_PETRI DISH SAMPLE_], [_SPARE PARTS_], [_EXOTIC
MATERIAL 1.0_] and the [_TRANSCRIBE: KRISTINE LLOYD_]. Listen to this one
to get a side quest as well!

 o Objective (Million Dollar Caulk Gun): Seal Hull Breach (Talos I Exterior)
 Well, this sounds like we'll be back to this area in the future. The door
is impassable for now, so we have no other choice. The north door is also
under lockdown, so we... we're done in this area. Head back (TIP: Shoot the
fire pipes here to help protect "Aaron" since we're leaving) and enter the
only other path: "Live Exam / Morgue".

 Grab the [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] and [_GLOO CANISTER x34_] from the toolbox
and head forwards to the Live Exam area.

  Live Exam
 We'll get a call from January here. The door across the way is locked, and
this is due to an experiment going on. So we have to finish it to unlock the
area. So be it.

 o Objective: Complete the live examination procedure

 Go past the central PC and check "Ruby Stone's Corpse". Ugly. She does have
though, so loot them. Check the corner desk past her for [_GLOO CANISTER x36_]
and the [_SPEEDSCAN 001SI_] module. This lets you speed up scan times, quite
useful to have early (I need to unlock more slots!). The only other notable
thing in this room is the far opposite corner for some [_BIOHAZARD WASTE_].
After you pick all of that up, head to the PC.

 To complete this, first make sure your health and suit are OK. We need to
lower the containment field. The Weaver will raise the corpse nearby now into
a "Voltaic Phantom".

 |  These Phantoms are annoying as they carry an electric shock around
 |  them as they walk around (which can harm turrets and zap you between
 |  its attacks). Do your best to take them on from stealth and shotgun
 |  them down.
 |  Weakness: EMP, Nullwave, Psychic
 |  Immunity: Electric, Stun
 |  Scannable Powers: Electrostatic Burst I, II, III
 |                    Electrostatic Resistance
 |                    Electrostatic Absorption

 Go ahead and kill this thing. Nullwave Transmitters help here, but be sure
you scan it first (as it is being raised, ideally) and then put it out of its
misery. Note: If you get low on suit health, do NOT use a repair kit as we
will be able to fix it pretty soon. Once you are done, the lockdown will be
lifted, giving us our original objective once again:

 o Objective: Access the G.U.T.S.
 BEFORE we go do that though, take a right in this room and let's go down to
the Morgue. Hehehe...

 So, this place is nice right? Thankfully, the enemies are limited here. Two
mimics: one in the middle room and one in the far left corner (who is disguised
as a medkit, so you can sneak attack it for great damage). Once they are dead
we can loot the area.

 In the middle room is "Mitsuko Tokaji's Corpse". Loot her for some [_BIOHAZARD
WASTE_], [_SPARE PARTS_] and [_MINERAL MATERIAL 1.0_]. The mimic on the table
can be beat into a [_MIMIC TUMOR_], but becomes another mimic enemy who may
scatter away (kill it). Also, check the shelves here for [_BIOHAZARD WASTE x2_]
and a [_PSI HYPO_] as well as a [_PETRI DISH SAMPLE_].

 Head out the left door and grab the [_BIOHAZARD WASTE x2_] by the busted
turret. The corner desk here has a [_MIMIC TUMOR_], [_MEDKIT_] and another
[_ANTI-RAD PHARMA FABRICATION PLAN_]. Check the PC now for a couple of new

 o [_EMAIL 93: RE: I'M AN IDIOT_]

 That second emails is interesting. To the right is [_9MM BULLET x6_] on the
floor, but nothing else in this room worth mentioning. Oh, but that locked
door we have no keycard for! Well, there are some windows nearby you can break
and then use your HUNTRESS BOLTCASTER to fire bolts by the button near the main
door to open up the morgue properly! This thing is worth its inventory space!

 Head in for a bunch of bodies and goodies. "V-091855-04" has some [_CRISPY
FRITES_]. The table to the left has [_9MM BULLET x5_] and [_BIOHAZARD WASTE_].
"V-122255-07" has [_VEGGIE BLEND_]. And then we have one of our side-objective
corpses here: Sylvain Bellamy, who has a [_PETRI DISH SAMPLE_] and the item we
need: [_SYLVAIN BELLAMY'S CABIN KEYCARD_]. This gives us a call from January
and an updated objective:

 o Objective (The Corpse Vanishes): Use Bellamy's Keycard to access his cabin
                                    in Crew Quarters.
 Keep looting this area for [_NEUROMOD x2_] and the [_MORGUE KEYCARD_], like
we need it... The shelves in the back have [_BIOHAZARD WASTE x2_] and you can
find a [_SUNBURST BANANA_] on "V-091755-03's Corpse".

 Head back up now to the Live Exam area and into the unlocked hallway to the
right (we'll push forwards now). Head through the hallway to the back of the
area and a Phantom and Mimic will head towards the exit. Follow them and kill
them, with the help of some turrets (we get a call from January here about the
turrets, by the way). Before you go into the next area, check the storage box
to the left for some [_9MM BULLET x5_] and go back past the circular arch to
find [_SPARE PARTS x2_]. The right hallway (leading back to "Aaron") also has
some [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_]. Nab it all and head into the next zone. The
"GUTS" of the station...

 Head downstairs here first for... what looks like someone's out-of-the-way
office. The toolbox has some [_FRAYED WIRE_] and [_CORRODED COIL_]. On the
desk is a [_RECYCLER CHARGE_], [_FRAYED WIRE x2_] (second one is in the shelf
nearby), [_AGAVE PLANT CLIPPINGS x2_] and the [_WILL YOU? NOTE_]. Guy was
definitely having trouble proposing! Hah. Check his email now for one new one:

 o [_EMAIL 95: RE: G.U.T.S. - SUBSECTION 19_]

 Use the Recycler now (Thank god! I had 19 Exotic Materials here, by the way
thanks to exploring everywhere!) and head back up. Enter the "GUTS" now to
find it is a gravity-less tunnel environment. Love the music pick-up here!

 First up is "Eric Berger's Corpse". Loot him for the [_EMP CHARGE FABRICATION
PLAN_] and an [_EMP CHARGE_]. There is an Engineer Operator nearby as well.
Move in a bit (loot the broken operator) and January will give us a call.
Let's hope he's right!

 Head forward past the bend and look for some [_SPARE PARTS_] past a window
(which you can go around easily). Keep going towards the fire a bit past that
for some floating [_CORRODED COIL_] and [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_]. Keep going to
the door but head north of it (north of the lettering) to find a [_FRAYED WIRE_]
hidden behind it, then head through the first checkpoint.

 You'll see an enemy up ahead, but before you can do anything some debris will
take it out. Huh. That's odd, we can't loot the corpse? Now, before you go into
this area, check behind the door we entered from for [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_]
and a [_CORRODED COIL_].

 Nearby is also a grated section with items (look for the broken grate floating
nearby). Use that hole to enter the grated section and loot it for some [_USED
WIRE x2_], [_FRAYED WIRE x3_], [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_]. As you head towards the
end though, the enemy music should play and you should be able to scan the enemy
here to see it is a "Cystoid Nest".

 |  More of an annoyance than anything. Leave these alone if you can, and
 |  definitely stay away due to radiation sickness. If you must, shoot it
 |  down with a pistol and be ready for cysts...
 |  Weakness: N/A
 |  Immunity: N/A
 |  Scannable Powers: N/A

 |  These are the small balls that come out of Cystoid Nests. They like to
 |  swarm with each other and will go after anything that moves. Try to shoot
 |  them when they are grouped together to explode them all. Ignore if you
 |  can...
 |  Weakness: N/A
 |  Immunity: N/A
 |  Scannable Powers: Kinetic Blast I

 What you want to do here is shoot these nests at range as you are NOT moving
and then shoot the Cystoids that come out. You can kill most of them as they
swarm (although it may take 3-4 shots per nest at least).

 Once the middle shaft is cleared you can explore it to find various junk.
Yeah, a ton of junk. Some of it is near the starting area (there is a storage
chest over there) and some of it is in the corner near the exit. In general,
just look all around for [_CORRODED COIL x3_], [_USED PLASTIC TUBE x2_], some
PLASMA BAG_]. Continue through the airlock to the next gravity-less area.

 This next area has a number of nests in it, so it's a good idea to save and
take them all out. We can loot after the area is clear. The big thing in this
section is "Kimberly Bomo's Corpse", which has [_PSI HYPO x2_] and the [_LOCK
THE DOOR NOTE_], which has the [_MAINTENANCE TUNNEL KEYCODE_] written on it.
There's also grating on one side of this tunnel you can get into (either in
the middle or near the end) to find some [_SPARE PARTS x2_] and some crates
CANNISTER x29_]. The middle of this area (besides the corpse) has a broken
operator and a supply crate with [_FRAYED WIRE_] in it. Head towards the end
once you're done exploring.

 Now, BEFORE you go through the door note the fan nearby. We can actually
stop this. Shoot your Gloo Gun at it until the blades stop (aim for where the
blades whirl) and we can go past it into a vent. There's a [_BURNT CIRCUIT
BOARD_] and [_FRAYED WIRE_] on the way. Once you get to the other side, you
can open the previous door with a button. We may as well clear out this tunnel
as well. There's quite a few nests, but this time they are tucked away in little
cubbies and out of the way, so be sure to twist and turn to find them all (then
go back to the starting area so we can loot this place).

 Head forward from here to the small station nearby. Under it (or... outside
it...) is some [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_], but inside it is a [_MEDKIT_], [_LEMON
PEEL_] and, in the storage crate, a [_NEUROMOD_] and [_RECYCLER CHARGE_]. There
is the "Subsection Monitor" note here as well. Outside there's a [_FRIED HARD
DRIVE_] and [_TEST TUBE SAMPLE_]. You can find another side grate area here as
well to enter and find some floaty item: [_CORRODED COIL x3_] and a [_BROKEN

 Near the end of this tunnel are two ways we can continue. You can either fix
the junction panel near the door (Gloo Gun and Repair Skill) or you can use the
broken fan nearby to skip the electricity completely. Nice.

 This next tunnel has no nests in it. Weird, I was getting used to them...
There is a [_CORRODED COIL_] and an  operator floating nearby though. There's
also a grated area with [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD x2_], [_SPARE PARTS x3_] and a
[_FRAYED WIRE_] in it (check both ends and the supply crate). Keep going and
you will get a call from January about a Plasma Shockwave. Huh...

 Further up is a floating corpse, but for now go past him to another work
station. This one has a [_MEDKIT x2_], [_COLD MOUNTAIN GREEN TEA x2_],
[_SPIRALITE COOKIES_], [_BANANA PEEL x2_] and [_PSI HYPO x2_] (be sure to
check the supply crate). Just outside of this area you can find a bunch of
items floating around: [_CALADIUM PLANT STEMS_], the [_FOR YOU NOTE_] and a
total of [_AGAVE PLANT CLIPPINGS x6_].

 Head back to the floating corpse now to see it is "Ramon Ridley", floating
dead. Loot him for a [_BROKEN COOLER FAN_] and some [_SPARE PARTS_], then go
ahead and float upwards to "The Magnetosphere" where we'll have gravity return
to normal.

 To the left here is a toolbox with [_CORRODED COIL x2_] and a [_SUIT REPAIR
KIT_], with some [_ANTI-RAD x2_]. The med bay here... is a bit of a jerk. See
the note:

 (-NOTE-) To get into this medbay, you MUST use the "Mimic" skill. This means
          you can't get into this room if you are only using human abilities
          (Like BK on his first playthrough). If not... morph into the can
          near the door to get in and loot the room for [_PSI HYPO x3_],
          [_PETRI DISH SAMPLE_], [_MEDKIT_] and [_BIOHAZARD WASTE_]. You can
          also use a medical operator here too. Score!
 Head into the room now and grab the [_WRENCH_] straight ahead, then go into
the right room (watch for fire on the floor). Now, every so often there will
be a "PLASMA SHOCKWAVE". It just sets off an EMP, turning down power, but the
power does come back so just don't freak out about it.

 The first computer here has "Laurel Davis' Corpse" by it. Loot her for the
[_AGAVE PLANT CLIPPINS x5_]. The trashcan has a [_LEMON PEEL_] and [_CRUMPLED
too. This PC is super important to this area, but for now let's skip it and
head to the back of the room.

 In the back is a [_MEDKIT_] and [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_] and another PC (with
some [_FRAYED WIRE_] in a trashcan. This corner PC is the security station.
You can download the map here and check personnel, as well as check two new


 Head into the nearby toilet to find a science operator (that's nice) and
get the [_BANANA PEEL_] from the trash. There's some [_BIOHAZARD WASTE_] here
too as well as two books: "Rising Star" and "The Starbender Cycle: Book 2:
My Enemy's Enemy's Enemy". Finally, head under the stairs for a [_CORRODED
COIL_] and [_BROKEN COOLER FAN_]. There's a safe here too that you can hack
with "Hacking II" for a [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_], [_RECYCLER CHARGE x2_] and
some [_SPARE PARTS x5_].

 Head upstairs now and at the top get ready for some Cystoid Nests. Kill them
all and loot the room for [_FRAYED WIRE x2_] and, up on the ceiling, some
[_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] and [_SPARE PARTS_] (you can get up there with the
shelves. At the end of the area, you can break the window (by the cargo) to
find some [_CORRODED COIL x2_]. There is also an entrance to the GENERATOR,
but DO NOT go through it yet.

 OK, now the rub of this area is that the PLASMA WAVE will KILL you if you
are in the generator room. But... there's goodies in there. We'll get them
all, but for now head back down to the lower area and access the locked PC.
It will take "Hacking III", so hopefully you have that (if you've been
following the guide, you should have it by now).

 Once you unlock the PC, you will get to read Laurel's emails (there's only
two new ones):

 o [_EMAIL 99: RE: I'M FINE_]

 Now, the UTILITIES SECTION is what we care about. You can open the
"Emergency Supplies" area with it (which you should do) and, very much
more importantly, you can SHUT THE GENERATOR DOWN. Do so and RUN up to the
generator room and SAVE.

 Head into the generator and go UP to the emergency supply room. QUICKLY
loot it for [_REACTIVATOR X2T-00_] and [_RECYCLER CHARGE x2_], as well as
some [_FRAYED WIRE_], [_CORRODED COIL_] and [_PSI HYPO x3_].

 Now, if you want to play it VERY safe you can go back to the PC and wait
for the generator to power up so you can power it down, but what we need to
do is find the floating corpse in this area. This is "Anders Kline". Loot him
for the [_MAINTENANCE TUNNEL KEYCARD_], [_NEUROMOD x2_] (very nice) and the

 Now that we have that keycard, we can continue. Head back to the Zero-G
tunnel and head onward to see the door here is locked (and there's also a
"Restricted Access" note here, pointing us to where we need to look). Use
the keycard and head into the next tunnel for a scene (which is awfully
similar to the scene when you acquire Typhon abilities...) and a call from

 Head forwards and we'll get a path split. Left to our objective our right
to the cargo area. Normally, I'd say let's go explore, but there's too much
firepower that direction and I am LOW on ammo so... it's not a good idea.

 Head left and near the first junk pile you can find a [_RECYCLER CHARGE_]
in a stash box. Up ahead is a Weaver. You may have fought it in space before
but it's a bit more confined here. Be sure to QUICKSAVE here!

 |  Now this is an annoying movie. In normal situations, the Weaver will
 |  try to use corpses to MAKE PHANTOMS, which is really, really bad. It
 |  will also try to make cystoids show up to swarm you as well. Lastly,
 |  when it does get near death it will often run and try to hide (making
 |  more Cystoids). Best to ignore it if you can, but rush it with shotgun
 |  shots (or use psychoshock) otherwise.
 |  Weakness: Nullwave, Psychoshock
 |  Immunity: EMP
 |  Scannable Powers: Backlash I, II, III
 |                    Phantom Genesis I, II

 The big thing you want to watch out for here is Cystoids, but try to get
near it and use combat focus and your Q-Beam weapon to take it down fairly
fast (ESPECIALLY if you've been upgrading). Or just blast it with the shotgun.
Whatever you can get away with (again, I had no shotgun ammo left...). You
could jet past it if you wanted, but it's up to you.

 In the next area you'll hear a call as you head towards our objective. Huh,
more humans are alive! Good to hear. There is a wreck here with a ton of eels
scattered around. You can find [_EEL SCRAPS x4_] here, scattered about. To the
right (in the cab) you can find [_CORRODED COIL x2_] and some [_BURNT CIRCUIT
BOARD x2_] tucked away.

 Continue forward to the "Arboretum" entrance area where we'll finally be back
on firm ground!

 There's some dead Typhons here you can loot with a [_TYPHON LURE_] and a
corpse nearby. "Alika James Corpse" is here too, with a [_BASEBALL GLOVE_].
The toolbox has some [_SPARE PARTS_] and a [_CORRODED COIL_]. Check to the
left to find [_EEL SCRAPS x2_] (I swear they make something out of these
things), a [_RECYCLER CHARGE_], [_SPARE PARTS_], some pizza, [_DUCK BEER x3_]
and the "TranStar Life - Employee Profile".

 Collect all of it and head into the next new area. Don't worry, we'll be
back to GUTS for a side quest and explore the rest of the area at some point.
Ideally, when we're even more well-armed.

 We will get a call from January as we enter. He'll tell us something we used
to say. Heh. Neptune or Pluto? Well, there's a mimic in here to the left of
the body, so take it out and nab the [_DISRUPTOR STUN GUN_] and check the man
here. "Jia Kyung-Ho". Loot him for [_9MM BULLET x6_], [_DISRUPTOR BATTERY x2_],
[_TRANSCRIBE: JIA KYUNG-HO_] and a [_NEUROMOD_]. Listen to the transcribe for
a new side quest:

 o OBJECTIVE (Disgruntled Employee): Go to Deep Storage
 Oh, so an employee is missing huh? Fun. Loot the toolbox here for a [_CORRODED
COIL_] and the crates for [_FLEXIFOAM BOLT x2_], [_FRAYED WIRE_] and a [_SUIT
REPAIR KIT_]. The BIG help here though is the Recycler and Fabricator! We can
finally re-arm ourselves and get more Neuromods!

 (-NOTE-) Here, I made 13 Neuromods (Note that I did give up half of my Psi
          Hypo stock to do this...). I also ended spending 20 Neuromods on
          "Gunsmith II" and "Lab Tech II" (each cost 10). I than ended up
          making FOUR Weapon Upgrade Kits and completely maxed my shotgun.
          I also made 3 packs of shotgun shells. SO... yeah, buff weapon but
          it cost me a LOT of resources. I regret nothing!

 Head up the stairs and you'll see an enemy through the door. It'll run too
fast to scan it, but January will give you a call. Unless you have Leverage III
we have to get around this door. Check the corpse near the vent nearby to find
"Marc Sellers Corpse" for a [_LEMON PEEL_] and [_BANANA PEEL_]. Head into the
vent now for another call from Morgan and another optional objective:

 o OBJECTIVE (Lift Interference): Investigate the Lift
 Head through the vents to emerge in... well, this area sure had all the plants
ever put into it. "Arboretum" for sure. We've got stairs in front of us and a
greenhouse to the right.

 For now though, turn around and look for the [_FORMULA TESTING APPROVED NOTE_]
on a piece of machinery. Reading this will actually give us a new side quest:

 o OBJECTIVE (Gardening Tips): Find Dr. Julien Howard

 We're getting all sorts of quests. We're going to get another one soon, too.
There's a locked door nearby (Storage Room) that you can get into with your
"Hacking I" skill, which you should have. There's a mimic inside, so be ready.
Raid the place for [_COLD MOUNTAIN GREEN COFFEE_], [_KAFE KARSK_], a [_WRENCH_],
the "Final Approval Note", [_FRAYED WIRE x2_], [_CORRODED COIL_], [_SISKAK UNAGI

 Now we want to take a right and head up the path to the back of the greenhouse.
On the way, you can look out the right for a blown-up space shuttle (up by the
corpse). Speaking of corpse, this is "Edna Burton's Corpse". Loot her for a

 Continue around the side of the building and at the front watch as a man tries
to warn you away. He will soon be taken over by a "Telepath" though, which just
mind-controls him and makes him a slave. Yikes! QUICKSAVE here and look under
the door for the [_GREENHOUSE HELP NOTE_], which will give us a new side quest!

 o OBJECTIVE (Save Rani): Save Rani from the telepathic Typhon

 (-NOTE-) We can get into the greenhouse by either a keycard (which we can
          find later... there's no rush to Save Rani...) or by "Hacking III".
          I used Hacking III, but you can come back later if you want.
 OK, so this greenhouse will be a bit tricky. There are THREE mind-controlled
humans inside. You can scan them if you wish (I managed to scan two before I
stormed the place). Whatever you do though, QUICKSAVE before trying ANYTHING!
The big threat here though is the TELEPATH enemy!

 |  These things aren't very common, but they are some of the most dangerous
 |  enemies in the game. They are the Typhon that control the mind-controlled
 |  humans throughout the game and will use them as mobile bombs if they see
 |  you (which can be really, really bad). Do your best to either neutrilize
 |  every human first OR bum-rush this guy with a strong weapon (like an
 |  upgraded shotgun) and kill off the Telepath ASAP to release all of its
 |  humans from its control.
 |  Weakness: Explosive, Fire, Nullwave
 |  Immunity: Backlash
 |  Scannable Powers: Psychoshock I, II, III
 |                    Kinetic Blast I, II, III
 |                    Mind Jack I, II, III

 Before we fight it (we must kill it), we want to know where it is. I got
rather lucky and it stopped near the front door (to the right) and was just
looking away, which let me rush it with Combat Focus and dump 6-7 shots in
it (fully upgraded shotgun) to kill it.

 Your other options here are to shock the humans to protect them (and you)
and Q-Beam the thing to death while dodging its shots (harder done than said
of course). You can also get ON TOP of the greenhouse (use your Gloo Gun to
make stairs) to ambush it from above, but again, be careful of the humans in
here (this is why we saved!).

 Once you take out the Telepath, Rani will wake up (the other two humans will
be knocked out) and talk with us a bit, giving us the [_STORAGE AR01 KEYCODE_].
Before you celebrate though, I HIGHLY recommend you leave and lock the doors to
the greenhouse, as we have to go hunting (see the note below):

 (-NOTE-) Despite saving Rani, she is still in danger. There are PHANTOMS out
          in this area that will wander up here, especially if you made a lot
          of noise. I recommend locking the doors and going down the stairs and
          taking a right to "Crew Quarters". There's two Phantoms that stalk
          this area. Take them out. There's also two "??? OPERATORS" that you
          can scan in the security station. You can unlock it with "Hacking II"
          and kill them. This should keep Rani safe.
 Is she safe? Good. Head back to the greenhouse so we can loot it! First, you
can loot Mickey Pitt Sr. for a [_SHOTGUN SHELL_], [_FRAYED WIRE_] and some
[_SPARE PARTS_]. Rodney S. Poole has a [_BROKEN COOLER FAN_] and an [_EMP
CHARGE_]. A crate near the entrance has an [_ASTEROID FRAGMENT_] as well.
There is also a TON of food here! [_MOONSHADE LEMON x18_], [_JAMON TOMATO x20_],
[_SUNBURST BANANA x20_], and [_SKYKING POMEGRANATE x6_]. There's some other
items here too: [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_], [_SPARE PARTS_] and the [_FEAR SHIELDING
21.4GHZ_] chipset. You can also find two [_WATER PRESSURE REGULATOR_] key items
in here as well. Nice!

 I should note that saving Rani updates our objective as well for her:
 o OBJECTIVE (Save Rani): Open the storage closet AR01 to access spare
                          security turrets.
 Head out of the greenhouse now and take a left. Look out over the hedges as
you go for a body on top of a roof. Jump over there to find it is "Gennady
Mironov's Corpse". Loot him for a [_TEST TUBE SAMPLE_], [_MEDKIT_] and some
[_GLOO CANISTER x22_]. Jump off the left now and up the stairs for another
corpse: "Evelyn McCarthy" who has a [_LEMON PEEL_] and [_BANANA PEEL_]. Head
back down (this path leads to where we started from) for [_COSMOS FLOWER
CUTTINGS x3_] and some [_9MM BULLETS x6_] in a supply crate.

 Go down the stairs now for [_COSMOS FLOWER CUTTINGS x2_] and a [_SILENCED
PISTOL_] on the floor, by "Jenny King's Corpse" (there are turrets down the
hall in front of you that may kill a mimic, by the way... I enhanced them as
they are in a good spot). Jenny has some [_SISKAK UNAGI ROLLZ_], a [_LEMON
a [_PSI HYPO_] nearby. Poor Jenny...

 Go straight into the hallway now, looking right for "Lily Morris' Corpse".
She has [_TRANSCRIBE: LILY MORRIS_] on her and a [_RECYCLER CHARGE_]. Nice.
The recording will unlock another side quest:

 o OBJECTIVE (Talos Smuggling Ring): Find all six Drop Points around Talos and
                                     recover the stolen goods hidden in them.
 We'll find all of those eventually (it will take some time). Our first one
is nearby though: see the alarm panel above her head? Whack it three times to
open it up for [_GLOO CANISTER x30_] and a [_NEUROMOD_].

 o OBJECTIVE (Talos Smuggling Ring): Find five more Drop Points around Talos and
                                     recover the stolen goods hidden in them.
 The trashcan up ahead has some [_BIOHAZARD WASTE_] in it and to the right
is the medical bay. You can get a health operator here and a [_MEDKIT_].
You can also find a MAINTENANCE HATCH in the corner which you can access if
you have "Leverage I". QUICKSAVE here! If you don't want to take the hatch,
you can go out to the turrets and BREAK THE GLASS of the fishtanks to find a
room behind the "Main Lift" door.

 There is a Phantom back here though. A different kind (that you may have
fought before...).

 |  This phantom can be annoying. When you fight it, it may duplicate
 |  itself which makes fighting it... that much more confusing. Try to
 |  use your Q-Beam against it and stay away from any of that "Psionic
 |  Cloud" stuff that it emits as it fights...
 |  Weakness: Q-Beam
 |  Immunity: N/A
 |  Scannable Powers: Phantom Shift I, II
 |                    Ether Resistance
 |                    Ether Absorption

 Kill off the threat and loot the area (note one side of the entrance to this
area has a gas leak). You can find crates here with [_9MM BULLETS x8_ and some
[_Q-BEAM CELLS x41_]. There's a [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_] and [_FRAYED WIRE_] by
the crates here. Go up the steps on the right nearby for the [_POTENTIALIZER
23-0948SI_] chipset, which can up your psi pool.

 Go back down the stairs and take a sharp right, going down to a door blocked
by a crate. SAVE and use a recycler charge here to make your way in. "Carin
Buckley" met her end here. Loot her for a [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_], a [_SUIT
by her as well, with a [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_] and [_SHOTGUN FABRICATION PLAN_].
In the back is a toolbox with [_FRAYED WIRE_] and [_CORRODED COIL_], with some
[_SPARE PARTS x2_] nearby. Nice!

 Go back down the hallway and take a right. This is a very short dead-end path
but it leads to the area we entered from (the one with the un-powered door).
You can turn the power back on to make a shortcut here, which is nice (easy
access to the Recycler and Fabricator if you need it).

 Head back now and go past the hallway area. We'll reach a path split this
way: we can go up to Alex Yu's office or down to Crew Quarters. Let's go up

  Path to Alex Yu's Office
 On the way up, you may encounter a mimic, so be ready to take it down. On
the way up to the right is a side path. Take it to find a "Iris Stein's"
corpse for a [_BROKEN COOLER FAN_], [_SPARE PARTS_], and a [_RECYCLER CHARGE_].
There's a [_USED CIGAR_], [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_], [_NEUROMOD_], and the
"Greenhouse Checklist Note", which has the [_GREENHOUSE PASSWORD_] on it. The
luggage here also has [_SUNBURST BANANA PUDDING_] and [_9MM BULLETS x8_] in
it. Very nice!

 (-NOTE-) This is the password you need for the "Save Rami" sidequest, which
          you can go do now if you wish now that nothing is stopping you.
          Just remember to save!

 Continue up the path now and you'll get to a wide open area. There's a number
of enemies up here though: an Etheric Phantom and Thermal Phantom walking
around, and to the left (in the water... posing as lilypads) there's a mimic
and a greater mimic:

 |  Another type of Phantom: the Thermal Phantom. He is on fire, which is
 |  bad enough, but he also has a unique ability called "Superthermal" where
 |  he will lay down fire traps (so always watch your footing when you are
 |  fighting him). Take him out like a normal phantom while keeping that in
 |  mind.
 |  Weakness: Psychic
 |  Immunity: Fire
 |  Scannable Powers: Superthermal I, II, III
 |                    Thermal Resistance
 |                    Thermal Absorption

 |  As you may expect, Greater Mimics and... a bit bigger and better than
 |  a regular mimic. They are a bit more aggressive and go for the face,
 |  but other than that you can more or less treat them the same.
 |  Weakness: GLOO, Q-Beam
 |  Immunity: EMP
 |  Scannable Powers: Mimic Matter I, II, III
 |                    Regeneration I

 BEFORE we do that though, to the right is the weapons locker that Rami told
us about. Unlock it with the code she gave you (or use "Hacking IV") and enter
to loot it for [_Q-BEAM CELLS x66_], [_SILENCED PISTOL x2_], [_WEAPON UPGRADE
KIT_] and a [_SHOTGUN_]. There's a turret up here too. I recommend taking it
out, setting it up, and letting it help fight with you! Now, go kill the
enemies here (phantoms first, just stay away from the left path near the water
for now) and make this place safe!

 Head forwards now, on the left, but grab the [_AGAVE PLANT CLIPPINS x2_] on
display and continue on to find an engineering operator dispenser. Use if if
you wish. There's also an elevator to the right that leads to "Talos I Bridge"
which you can go down to grab a [_BASEBALL GLOVE_] in a suitcase, but head back
up once you grab it.

 Continue on and look for another plant display for [_CALADIUM PLANT STEMS x3_]
and a bunch of cargo scattered about. You can find a [_CORRODED COIL_] and some
[_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] and [_GLOO CANISTER x32_] in some supply crates. There
are TWO elevators in this area. One is for Alex Yu's office and the other leads
to our destination: Deep Storage.

 Down here you can unlock the AIRLOCK for the Arboretum (3 of 5) and find a
corpse. "Zachary West". He has some [_FRAYED WIRE_], [_SPARE PARTS_], the
also nab the [_GLOO CANISTER x38_], [_SILENCED PISTOL_], [_CRISPY FRITES_] and
[_9MM BULLETS x9_] (from the bookcase).

 This TranScribe... this will actually advance the plot. The Deep Storage lock
is voice-activated and we need to find voice samples from Danielle Sho to unlock
it, which gives us a new quest:

 o OBJECTIVE (Gathering Echoes): Find voice samples: processing at 205
 Just like every other main story break, we'll pick up our quest in a new
section! Good job on making it this far! We will explore the Arboretum some
more and work on voice samples in the next section!

                               ___ ___ _____   __
                              | _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /
                              |  _/   / _| \ V / 
        ______________________|_| |_|_\___| |_|_______________________
O==<                      CHAPTER 6: Gathering Echoes                     >==O

 Well then... since we have an airlock here, I'm going to send us off to
complete a side quest. Go ahead and exit it to Talos I Exterior...

  Talos I Exterior
 We're not going to spend a TON of time out here. Two trips. That's it. I
will say that this is an EXCELLENT way to get around the station!

 Our first target is the "Crew Quarters Hull Breach". We don't need to fix it,
just explore it! It is south of your position (you should see it relatively
close...). SAVE before you get near as there are TWO MEDICAL OPERATORS here
that are corrupted.

 Take them out and head into the breach to see a bunch of bunks and some items
floating in the air: [_BIG BANG CANDY_] and [_COLD MOUNTAIN GREEN TEA_]. Go
explore the bunks section for a BUNCH of items: [_LEMON PEEL_], [_USED CIGAR_],
[_SPARE PARTS_], [_JELLIED EELS_], the "Global Unity Games" book, [_HEPATOCYTIC
AMP S-M186_] (the big goodie here!), and a briefcase with [_SYNTHETIC MATERIAL
0.04_] and [_EXOTIC MATERIAL 0.04_].

 Nearby is also a med bay with more items (a cabinet or shelves may be in the
way). Enter to find [_MEDKIT x2_], [_TEST TUBE SAMPLE_], [_FRAYED WIRE_], a

 That's it for that small area. Keep heading south now (you can reach a high
speed of 15.99 if you try) and aim for the breach we have to fix. Be SURE you
save before you reach it as a TELEPATH floats around out here (I let it almost
see me and hid around a corner, then I ambushed it when it came close to kill
it with my Q-BEAM).

 Caulk the Hull Breach now and you'll update your objective. Note that the
Psychotronics Airlock is nearby, to the south a bit further, so we may as
well go visit it to complete this objective.

 o OBJECTIVE (Million Dollar Caulk Gun): Access Exotic Material Storage
 Let's do it!

 In this area, there are a few phantoms walking around, so you should try
to sneak-kill them for more EXOTIC material (which is nice). Of note is the
Etheric Phantom in the Morgue (optional). There may be Greater Mimics around
as well.

 What we want to do is head for the the room where Aaron Ingram is. Right in
the back where the Armory is. You may want to save before you enter as there
are two Phantoms in the room off to the left which is the one we unlocked, and
they will kill ol' Aaron if you don't kill them quick (he's... he's still just
standing here, which is weird...).

 Once you've killed them, explore the "Exotic Storage Room" to complete your
objective. There's [_EXOTIC MATERIAL x11.40_] and a [_TYPHON PLASMA_] in the
entry area (and the room to the right... check the shelves).

 There are also two holding cells in here. The left one has some [_RANDOM DIM
SUM_] in it and a [_METHUSELAH APPLE_]. The toolbox between the rooms has a
[_TEST TUBE SAMPLE_] and an [_ASTEROID FRAGMENT_] in it. The other cell has a
[_MOONSHADE LEMON_] and another [_METHUSELAH APPLE_] in it.
 That's it for here, so head back to the airlock and go north, back to the

 We're back to the Arboretum. You may want to sweep the areas we covered in
the last section to re-set turrets and kill anything wandering around (I only
found one Phantom, but a couple corpses near the turrets). Of note is that
the bodies in the greenhouse are gone (which is good... I suppose).

 (-NOTE-) I went and used the Recycler and Fabricator in the starting area
          here once I got back (as well as killed one Phantom I found and
          looted others near turrets... so be ready for more). I also made
          four Neurmods and bought "Psionic Aptitude I" and "Psychotronics I"
          as well (for more head chipsets).

 OK, once you've ran through the area and used the Recycler/Fabricator, let's
go back to the "Deep Storage" elevator and check out Alex's elevator shaft.

  Alex's Office
 There's a couple of ways to get up here... the first is "Hacking IV", to
repair the Grav Lift. Do that if you can. If not, remember the waterfall where
the mimics were? To the left of it is some rocks. With the Gloo Gun you can make
a path up to the office (just use the rocks as steps as well as your gun and you
can make a path pretty easily).

 Enter Alex's Office now for a call. Broke our arm? Jesus, Alex, that is way
too much! There's quite a few books here: "Too Far, Too Fast III", "Midnight
Songs, A Classic Anthology of T'ang Dynasty Verse" and "International Art:
Talos Edition".

 Alex's desk also has a [_NEUROMOD_] and a [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_] is nearby
as well. There's also "The Neural Horizon II" file back on the desk as well
as [_TAMIZDAT VODKA_], a [_USED CIGAR_] and a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_] in the desk

 The PC here is... well, locked. We don't have the password but you can hack
it with "Hacking IV" if you have it (we get the password later in the story,
in case you are wondering).

 If you do, you can then use the Utilities page to "Extend the Bridge", which
you definitely want to do! Next, you can check the files page for the (very
redundant [_NEUROMOD FABRICATION PLANS_]. Yeah. Next up is four new emails,
which are very... interesting...

 o [_EMAIL 102: NO SUBJECT_]

 OK, now, to the left of the desk (or to the right if you are facing it) is
a crate blocking a maintenance hatch. Use a recycler on it to get in. Another
crate here has [_GLOO CANISTER x27_] and [_Q-BEAM CELLS x24_]. And then we
have Alex's safe... which we have the password for. Open it up for a number
of items: [_WRENCH CRITICAL ++_], [_ALEX YU'S SUITE KEYCARD_] which will go
update our objective below, [_TRANSCRIBE: MORGAN YU_], [_NULLWAVE TRANSMITTER_],
and [_NEUROMOD x2_]. Huh...

 o OBJECTIVE (Who is December?): Search Alex's Room for the Escape Pod Key
 Head out of the shaft and take a left out the door. Go up the stairs here to
the roof. You can find [_COSMOS FLOWER CUTTINGS x4_] and a "Terraforming Mars"
magazine up here. And the bridge we extended! Head up there to see Alex's escape
pod! There's also a [_NEUROMOD_] and [_ALEX YU: TRACKING BRACELET_], along with

  Abandon Ship! (OPTIONAL TROPHY)
 This section is for an OPTIONAL trophy, which is to... abandon our mission
and just get OFF Talos, which we can do at this point. Be sure to do a HARD
SAVE here as we'll reload once we're done!

 OK, I'll be fairly brief here. Max your shotgun and get 20+ shells. We're
going to bum-rush this. Head down to Crew Quarters and go down, then enter
it properly.

 This is a new area with mind-controlled humans and a "Nightmare". The giant
Nightmare only appears if you used a ton of Neuromods like I have. Combat
focus and blast him (and eat health packs). This is all temporary, so use
whatever you have to and don't mind the humans dying...

 Head to the back and hack the elevator. Take it up and go into Alex Yu's
bedroom, killing anything nearby. In his room, lift the GLOBE by his bed to
find the [_EP101 KEYCARD_] (which is tricky, I had to look this up!). Now,
head back to his shuttle and use it to leave the station. You get a couple
of messages here but at the end (at the loading screen), you will get your

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Abandon Ship" Bronze Trophy for leaving Talos I
          in Alex's Escape Pod. Congrats?
  Carrying on with the Mission!
 OK, another trophy down. Speaking of that, since we have that save file...
 (-NOTE-) You can throw down a Recycler Charge at your feet and let it kill
          you to get the "Intrinsic Value" Bronze Trophy, for uh... recycling
          yourself. Yeah.. we could have done this before now, but there's
          another bronze trophy!
 For real now, let's carry on with the mission! Or rather... exploring and
some side quests! Let's get another side quest out of the way first! Head down
to the hallway with the two turrets (machine guns) underneath Alex's office
and enter the "Talos I" door. This is to fix the central elevator... Be sure
you SAVE here first, of course!

  Talos I Lobby
 Here, be ready for a fight. We have to fight a Technopath here, which... is
what corrupts turrets. We've faced one before, but we never had a name for it
as it popped up as ??? (You remember the time, right? Just before we got the
Neuromod Fabrications...).

 Having a fully-loaded shotgun is a blessing here, as you can definitely
bum-rush this guy and unload 7-8 shots into him and kill him (ideally, the
first one is a sneak attack). However, there are two corrupted operators in
here as well, so be careful of them (Gloo Gun them and chase the Technopath
if you can). The Technopath will shoot electric / EMP charges at you, which
definitely hurt a ton, so try to stay close range with him and take him out.
He is weak to EMP as well, so those charges may come in handy.

 Once you kill him, your "Lift Interference" quest will be complete! Nice,
we can use the central lift now! Go check out the corpse by the elevator
to find "Hendrik DeVries Corpse". Loot him for a [_TEST TUBE SAMPLE_], the
[_HENDRIK DEVRIES' OFFICE KEYCARD_] and a [_MEDKIT_]. There is also the
[_TRANSCRIBE: HENDRIK DEVRIES_]. It doesn't tell us much. Check the nearby
trashcan as well for a [_LEMON PEEL_]. That's all there is here, so go ahead
and head back to the Arboretum.

  Exploring the Arboretum
 Head back down the hallway, take a left, and go up the hill. Hang a left
up here, going past the "waterfall" and right when you get to a path split
to come to a bench. The "The Starbender Cycle: Book 4: Backstabbed in the
Face" book is here. Read it (there's a trophy for it!) and move to the RIGHT
of the bench, through the bushes (right of the tree). You'll find a hidden
baseball mound here with [_DUCK BEER x3_], [_BASEBALL GLOVE x2_] and some

 From here, follow the outer glass (what a view) to the left of the baseball
area, as it wraps around to the "Looking Glass Theater" area. There's a body
over here with a [_SILENCED PISTOL_] by it. Hey, it is "Thomas Tucker". Loot
him for a [_LEMON PEEL_], [_BANANA PEEL_], [_9MM BULLETS x7_] and a [_TYPHON

 This next part is a bit... tricky. Break the screen here to find a [_MEDKIT_]
behind it, but look up! There should be a Greater Mimic either fall down or
about to based on what you're about to do... we're going to make a Gloo Gun
path upwards. Do so and you may fight that mimic as you get up there!

 Up here you will find a corpse! "Dr. Julien Howard", who is part of a side
quest! Loot him for a [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_], an [_EMP CHARGE_], [_TRANSCRIBE:
JULIEN HOWARD_] and [_DR. HOWARD'S GROWTH FORMULA_]. The cooler nearby has a
Here is our updated objective:

 o OBJECTIVE (Gardening Tips): Fabricate the growth formula
 It almost sounds like we're going to make a TON of food. Heh. Well, head back
down and go straight past the bench, following the path and going right at the
sign (following the path proper). Look to the left as you go for "Elle Gold's
Corpse" for a [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_] and an [_EMP CHARGE_]. Now, the rock to
her left can be lifted with "Leverage II". You can look behind it though for

 OK, let's go to the Recycler / Fabricator now and make this formula that
Dr. Howard is so keen on. It doesn't cost much to fabricate, mostly the green
material, but one of everything. Make it and get the [_DR. HOWARD'S GROWTH
FORMULA_] from the machine, which updates our objective:

 o OBJECTIVE (Gardening Tips): Place the growth formula into the sprinkler
                               control system.

 Head back to the sprinkler system now. This is very close to the area where
we first emerged from. Put the growth formula in and... well. We have to wait
I suppose...

 o OBJECTIVE (Gardening Tips): Harvest your fruit after the growth cycle is
 This superfruit (called [_DR. HOWARD'S SUPERFRUIT_]) takes about 10 minutes
in real time to grow. Not bad! It also seems to heal all of your HP and PSI
points in the game (at least 110+ HP, tested by yours truly... I would have
to buy the HP BONUS skills to test how MUCH this thing can heal, but I'm
guessing it's all HP).

 While you are waiting for that, let's head down the steps and take a right,
then another right to the "Crew Quarters" entrance (which you likely went to
earlier to kill Phantoms).

 Here, you can find a [_GLOO GUN_] just after entering the lobby (to the
right) and two supply crates here for [_BIG BANG CANDY_], [_SUNBURST BANANA_],
[_CRISPY FRITES_]. The lockers in the security station (which you probably
hacked into, if you've been following this guide...) have [_9MM BULLETS x8_],
KIT_] and the "And The West Stood Tall" book in the office.

 The room right across from us is the "Storage Room A2", which we got the
keycard for not long ago. Enter it and sneak-attack the phantom here to kill
it (note it was a person, so Lawrence Baxter is accounted for). We can loot
the room now for [_AGAVE PLANT CLIPPINGS x7_], [_CALADIUM PLANT STEMS_], some
on having a good time! There's better goodies here though: [_NEUROMOD x2_], a
a [_SHOTGUN_] and [_SHOTGUN SHELLS x3_]. Nice.

 Exit now and continue down to the Crew Quarters area. On the way down you
can get [_SKYKING POMEGRANATE x6_] from the trees and some [_COSMOS FLOWER
CUTTINGS x3_] from the left-hand side of the area (one of them is down at
the bottom). You can also find "Lizzy Colton's Corpse" down here, with a
A girl after my own heart, it seems. Check behind the center decorative feature
here for [_RUSSIAN BLINIS x2_] and a [_PSI HYPO_]. You can also find some more
goodies in the suitcases by the exit: [_SUNBURST BANANA PUDDING_], [_9MM BULLETS
x8_] and some [_OLD SARDAR BOURBON_].

 OK, we're about to go into "Crew Quarters", which has a very bad thing just
waiting for us. I highly recommend a HARD SAVE right here and a refill on
shotgun ammo (and just using the recycler in general). Don't say I didn't warn
you! Ready? Let's do it!

 (-NOTE-) I bought "Firearms I" and "Mobility I" here for the heck of it...
          Just to let you guys know how I'm spending Neuromods. I figure the
          running and extra firearm damage can't hurt.

  Crew Quarters
 As you enter this area, quickly go into stealth and hide behind the left
pillar here. You may or may not have a big surprise:

 (-NOTE-) A NIGHTMARE TYPHON may spawn here, depending on how many Neuromods
          you've taken up to this point. One did for me earlier (when I was
          going after that trophy up above) but this time... nope, nothing.
          I mean, good, but if he does show up and you want to do this part
          without seeing any mind-controlled humans show up, lure him to the
          starting area, do a Combat Focus, and pump him full of shotgun shells
          to take him down quick.
 The NORMAL thing to have happen here is to get jostled right away by someone
calling you out. He seems to have it in for puppets! This gives us an objective
for this area:

 o OBJECTIVE (The Cook's Request): Investigate the Cafeteria
 Well, you should see a mind-controlled human wander off and to the right.
There's a lot of them that way. Grab the [_USED CIGAR_] from the left here
and the [_LEMON PEEL x2_] from the two trashcans and follow him. DO NOT worry
about looting for now.

 We will be in the Cafeteria area now. There's a corpse here. "Patricia Wang".
x25_], along with a [_DISRUPTOR STUN GUN_]. There's also [_CRUMPLED PAPER_] and
a [_USED CIGAR_] to the right in the trash, and [_CALADIUM PLANT STEMS x6_] from
the sides of the area.

 Carry on to the cafeteria proper and SAVE. There is a TELEPATH further in and
just a TON of mind-controlled enemies. Easily half a dozen. Our goal here is to
take the telepath out and release them all. Wait for the telepath to get close
to the dividing wall and sneak attack him / bum-rush him with the shotgun and
combat focus. With an upgraded shotgun and a sneak attack, you can take him out
before ANY of the people bother you. Reload if you fail, of course, as you may
need to wait for any humans to get away before you attack.

 Once you get into the cafeteria proper, you get an updated objective, but we
are going to skip that in this guide. Instead, once you kill the telepath and
the humans drop down, SAVE and then head off to the right to meet the cook of
the area. Talk to him and he'll ask for your help once again (he doesn't seem
to recognize us, which is weird). This updates our objective though:

 o OBJECTIVE (The Cook's Request): Search the Cook's Room for his Award
 We'll get the [_WILL MITCHELL'S CABIN KEYCARD_] in order to do this. See,
I didn't want to put two in a row. Now, before you loot, SAVE and act like
you are going to leave the cafeteria. There should be TWO more mind-controlled
humans trying to enter. Save and zap each one of them to take them out. They
should be "Jillian Quigg" first (she has [_FRAYED WIRE_] and [_SPARE PARTS_])
and then further ahead "Phong Vu" who has a [_BANANA PEEL_].

 OK, let's go loot the cafeteria now. The "Reception Area" has a corpse in
it: "Joseph McSorley" with a [_BROKEN COOLER FAN_] and [_SPARE PARTS_]. Now,
to explore the HUGE area. We're not counting unconscious people here, for now.
The left side of the area has [_COSMOS FLOWER CUTTINGS x2_] and a trashcan
with [_EEL SCRAPS_] and [_LEMON PEEL_] in it (past the stairs). There is a
trio of corpses here too: "Chris Wade" with a [_TEST TUBE SAMPLE_], "Neil
Warnes" with nothing, and "Dan Billingsly" with [_SHAKER LEMON PIE_] and a
[_LEMON PEEL_]. Nothing much else in the back on the left...

 Head to the right-side now. There's a corpse of "Colette May-Schultz" on the
way with a [_BASEBALL GLOVE x2_] on her. The serving-area on the right looks
like it'd have stuff, but it doesn't (note you can open the door here to a
locked door labeled "Kitchen Access). Head off to explore the right dining
area for [_COSMOS FLOWER CUTTING x8_] (search all of the flower bin areas) and
a corpse near "Mitchell's" area: "Kade Mason" with a [_BANANA PEEL_] and a
[_BASEBALL GLOVE_]. I had another unconscious guy next to him.

 Forgetting about the bodies everywhere, let's head upstairs and loot it (we
will get to the bodies soon!). Upstairs (I went up the right staircase) you can
find "Daisy White's Corpse" for some [_GLUCASSIST!_] and "Thomas Lutz's Corpse"
for [_FRAYED WIRE_] and some [_SPARE PARTS_]. There may be some alive humans up
here too. At the far end is a trashcan with [_LEMON PEEL_] and [_BANANA PEEL_].
And that's it for non-unconscious people. Speaking of them, if you saved them
all you can find:

 o Caleb Hawthorne:  [_TEST TUBE SAMPLE_]
 o Lisa Larson:      [_LEMON PEEL_]
 o Bernard Griffith: [_BROKEN COOLER FAN_], [_SPARE PARTS_]
 o Franz Klinger:    [_BASEBALL GLOVE_]
 o Indigo Lake:      [_BANANA PEEL_]
 o Carlos Popinga:   [_BROKEN COOLER FAN_], [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_]
 o Vincent Schubel:  [_GLOO CANISTER x24_], [_FRAYED WIRE_], [_SPARE PARTS_]

 Not a bad haul from the unconscious. That's it for looting the cafeteria
area, so head back out to the lobby now.

 Out here, check out the elevator's just to see one has "Don Davis' Corpse"
in it for a [_BANANA PEEL_]. Grab it and check the trashcans past him for
some [_CRUMPLED PAPER_] and a [_BANANA PEEL_]. Go back and check out the
"Concierge" area. The PC here has the area map and two security reports you
should check. This updates our "Whistleblower" quest:

 o OBJECTIVE (Whistleblower): Search Cargo Bay for the secret crate where
                              Quinten Purvis intended to hide.
 Well then. We can still search Dr. Gallego's pod as well... for now though,
let's check the four new emails here:

 o [_EMAIL 104: INTRUDER_]
 o [_EMAIL 107: NEW GYM CODE_]

 Be sure to read that last one at least for the [_FITNESS CENTER KEYCODE_].
Now, the door here is locked, but it is only Hacking II. Go ahead and hack
this door for access. "Lia Macy's Corpse" is in here with a [_SUIT REPAIR
PLAN_], and a whopping [_NEUROMOD x3_].

 Head back out and take a right, going past the trashcans to the flora for
[_COSMOS PLANT CUTTINGS x4_] and a toolbox with some [_FRAYED WIRE_]. This is
a path split though: Crew Cabins A, Crew Cabins B and the Fitness Center. For
now, let's SAVE and go down the left path.

  Crew Cabins A
 First, let's kill the enemies in this area. Down the hall is a Volatic
Phantom that will patrol. You can sneak-attack him and blast him with your
shotgun to kill him pretty easily. Now, in the last room on the left you
have a bathroom. This bathroom has a mimic in it and a Poltergeist, which
you should definitely scan and kill (he just lifts us, not a very threatening
enemy). Still, kill them both to make this area safe.

 Head back to the start of the hallway now and let's do some of that there
orderly looting! To the left at the start of this hallway is a crate blocking
a vent. Either lift it with Leverage II or use a recycler charge to unblock
it and make your way into "S. Elazar's Room". There's two books in here:
"Survivor's Account of The Evacuation Day 3" and "The Orit". Loot the place
after reading them for a [_SHOTGUN_] and [_SILENCED PISTOL_]. Now, her PC is
also locked with no password, but if you have Hacking II (you really should
have it!), you can hack in. There's four emails, but they are all old. She also
has the "Weapon Upgrade Kit Fabrication Plan" but we already have that as well.

 Go ahead and leave now and go down the hallway to the next room on the left.
This is Kelstrup's Room. Inside is [_PETRI DISH SAMPLE x5_], [_TYPHON LURE_],
unlocked, with two new emails:

 o [_EMAIL 109: ARN'S_]

 The next door in the hallway is "M. Ilyushin" but we can't get in. Bah. Head
down to the bathroom now. You've likely already killed the mimic and poltergeist
in here. The trashcan has a [_USED CIGAR_] and [_CRUMPLED PAPER_] in it. The
stalls in here also have [_DUCK BEER x3_] and an [_EMPTY FOOD TIN_]. That's all
that's in here though.

 Head back to the hallway and right across from the bathroom is "W. Mitchell's
Room". The cook. You saw the security video right? Yeah, those faces don't
really match. Hmm... Enter the room to see the "Encyclopedia of Food Science
and Cooking" book. Break tthe glass here for [_JAMON TOMATO x3_] and a single
[_SUNBURST BANANA_]. Search the room now for [_KINGS & WAY SPARKLING WINE_]
and the [_TRANSCRIBE: WILL MITCHELL_] recording. This actually updates our
MAIN quest! Pun included!

 o OBJECTIVE: Find voice samples: processing at 30%
 Hehe. Next, check the PC here for two new emails:


 That first email in particular is important as it has the [_EXECUTIVE SUITES
KEYCODE_] in it. If we needed it legit, that is. Behind you is another book:
"The Starbender Cycle Book 4", which we've read before. And now the prize that
the chef wants: the [_MACON NOBLE CHEF AWARD_].

 o OBJECTIVE (The Cook's Request): Give the Cook the Award
 Head back to the hallway now and the next room up is "D. Igwe's Room". Enter
it for [_TAMIZDAT VODKA_], "The Neural Horizon I", a [_NEUROMOD_], a chipset:
the [_SUPERTHERMAL AMP +6QW5_]. That's it. There's also is PC, which has an
error, so you MUST hack it (Hacking II). for a file (Hypo Fabrication Plan)
and one new email:


 Head back out to the hallway now and the next room is "J. Marks Room", which
we can't get into. Bah! We may as well head back to the cook now. Go ahead and
show him (give him) the medal and he'll let you in the side door to the right.
Once you get in, listen to him and he'll give us two new objectives, as you
can see below:

 o OBJECTIVE (The Cook's Request): Get the water regulator in the Greenhouse.
                                   Replace the broken regulator (Crew Quarters)

 Well, we've already got these parts (if you are following the guide, of
course), but let's loot this area first. We've got [_JELLIED EELS x4_],
[_SISKAK UNAGI ROLLZ x3_] and the [_ORDER FOR QUINTEN NOTE_]. We also have
STICKS_] and the "Encyclopedia of Food Science and Cooking" book. We've also
There's a [_POMEGRANANTE MOONSHINE_] as well as a fabricator.

 OK, now to fix the cook's issue, we can go get the parts from the greenhouse
like we already have, repair the broken regulator on the floor (one spare part
and no indication of the level) or you can just hack into the freezer with
"Hackign IV". I repaired the regulator and replaced it for him.

 Head into the freezer now and... and yeah, that's about right. I wanted this
to happen though... more exciting this way! Hehehe...

 o OBJECTIVE (The Cook's Request): Escape the freezer
 To the right is "Cooking with Cauliflower", right where it belongs. Open the
door here for [_JELLIED EEL x4_] and [_EEL SCRAPS x3_]. To the left is also
some "Suspicious Meat" with [_WILL MITCHELL: TRACKING BRACELET_] in it. The
next room (on the right) has two dead bodies: "Kevin Sabian" and "Chloe Burgess"
who have a [_BASEBALL GLOVE_] and [_UDON NOODLES_]. There's goodies in here
though, like he promised: the [_Q-BEAM_], [_JELLIED EELS x4_], [_NEUROMOD x3_],
[_SISKAK UNAGI ROLLZ x3_] and the [_MIMIC DETECTION GEN 2_] chipset.

 The next room down on the left has "Abigail Foy's Corpse". Search her for
[_TRANSCRIBE: ABIGAIL FOY_]. We get another voice sample here for our main
quest, as well as a new side quest!

 o OBJECTIVE: Find voice samples: processing at 50%
 o OBJECTIVE (Danielle Sho): Signal Danielle in the Fitness Center
 OK! Well, drag the body out to the hallway and shoot the fire pipe to the
left. This will melt the ice and let you get to the access vent behind the
ice. This leads directly to the kitchen, letting us escape and finishing off
"The Cook's Request" side quest.

 BEFORE you leave, look at the left side of the door for a TRAP. You can
dismantle a [_RECYCLER CHARGE_] here and keep it. When you exit to the
dining hall, you will get a call from the cook. Huh. We'll be seeing him
later, I'm sure.

 (-NOTE-) I am actually writing this portion after a big break, but I made
          some more Neuromods with the fabricator in the kitchen and bought
          the "Psychotronics II" and "Combat Focus III". This cost everything
          I could afford, resource-wise, but Combat Focus is now my go-to
          ability on this run (remember, I'm doing a "Human Ability Only" run
          on this first playthrough.

 Head out of the Cafeteria Area and take a sharp left. We're going to go
clear the "Recreation Center" now.

  Recreation Center
 Be sure to QUICK SAVE here and get your Stun Gun ready. There's one mind
controlled human in here, who is actually going to be our first target (ignore
exploring for now). Head into the area and in the big room you'll be attacked
by a poltergeist. Ignore him (he can't do much) and focus on the stairs, where
"David Branch" is coming down the stairs. Zap him and make sure he doesn't die,
then kill off the poltergeist below. You can quick load in case you mess it up.
He has a [_BASEBALL GLOVE_] on him you can take once he's safe. Remember that
you can scan the poltergeist here!

 OK, with that done let's explore. The starting area has a "The Fly" book on a
table and a [_LEMON PEEL_] in the trash can. There's a "Happy Birthday Daddy"
message in one of the comm rooms too (you can listen to it if you wish). Onto
the main room.

 "Bruce Cobb's Corpse" is here with a [_LEMON PEEL_]. There's some [_COSMOS
FLOWER CUTTINGS_] on the right here too. In the bigger room, you can find
some [_GREEN BEETLE GIN_] and [_DUCK BEER x2_] on the poker table. There's a
lot of trash here, but head to the stairs and just before them is table that
has some [_CRISPY FRITES_] and [_SPIRALITE COOKIES_]. Head up the stairs now
and grab some [_COSMOS FLOWER CUTTINGS_], then scan for a mimic in this upper

 After killing it, check the central table for a character sheet (for Elias
This actually updates our main quest:

 o OBJECTIVE: Find voice samples: processing at 70%

 Keep looting for a [_FLEXIFOAM BOLT_], "Fatal Fortress Game Master's Tome,
6th ed." book (pretty neat!), [_ABIGAIL FOY'S CABIN KEYCARD_], the "Ogre's Keep"
note (heh...) and a [_HUNTRESS BOLTCASTER_]. There's some [_BIG BANG CANDY_] and
another character sheet as well.

 Now, note the upper area with a [_KAFE KARSK_] drink. We'll be back here soon.
Use the exit nearby for two [_AGAVE PLANT CLIPPINGS_] and to find a broken
turret and "Brett Seydel's Corpse". He has a [_TEST TUBE SAMPLE_] on him. Now,
we're done here so head to where the "Kafe Karsk" was and break the windows. Do
you see the glue gun shots are in the distance? We want to make a bridge to that
using this upper right way. Use your glue gun to make a pathway and break the
glue shots to find they cover up a access panel.

 In here you can find "Eve Coolidge's Corpse" with a [_TEST TUBE SAMPLE_] and
[_GLOO CANISTER x33_]. There's a [_GLOO CANNON_] here too. Head forward past
the blockage (use Leverage I or a recycler charge) and you'll be upstairs by
the "Theater".

 Be careful as you exit the hallway, as there's some Cystoid's ready to pounce
on you! This is because there are two Cyst Nests in the theater that you'll
want to take out. Head inside the theater proper and look to the right for a
trash can for [_CRUMPLED PAPER_] and a [_BANANA PEEL_]. There's not much in this
theater to look at, but there's a [_TRANSCRIBE: DANIELLE SHO_] under one of the
chairs in the center row. This updates our main objective once again:

 o OBJECTIVE: Find voice samples: processing at 80%

 Head out of the theater and down the hallway. Look for "Clarke Rafferty's
Corpse" for a [_BROKEN COOLER FAN_] and a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_], then go right
into another theater. The trash has a [_USED CIGAR_] and [_CRUMPLED PAPER_]
and the "Rising Stars" magazine nearby. There's nothing else here, so go ahead
and exit.

 Head past the stairway on the right (this just leads downstairs) and to the
front of "The Yellow Tulip". There's two mimics in the front of this area, so
scope them out and kill them, but keep going down the upper pathway (we'll come
back in a bit). Up ahead is "Mike Turner's Corpse" with [_SHAKER LEMON PIE_] and
a [_WRENCH_] and a trashcan on the right with a [_USED CIGAR_] and [_LEMON
PEEL_]. The door up here has a phantom (Regina Sellers), so be ready to kill it

 The trashcan by the room has a [_BANANA PEEL_] and [_LEMON PEEL_]. Enter the
room now for a RECYCLER (thank god!), a [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_], [_DISRUPTOR
MORGAN NOTE_] which has a code for us (2645 for the Grav Shaft) and some
[_SYNTHETIC MATERIAL x 2.0_]. To the left of the recycler, you can also find
some [_EEL SCRAPS_], a [_WRENCH_] and a [_CORRODED COIL_].

 Head out of the room and go down the stairs. We're at the start of the area
but there's still something to do. Quick Save here and in the door across from
the stairs either use leverage or a recycler charge to open up the doorway to
the "Medical Bay". You can summon an operator here to heal you, get a free
PLAN_] here as well.

 OK, let's explore more downstairs... 
  Crew Cabins B
 We still have the Fitness Center and "Crew Cabins B" to investigate. Let's
go for the cabins. The first door on the right is rather important. It belongs
to "S. Bellamy". Enter it with the keycard you should have (if you've been
following along) and the "The Corpse Vanishes" side quest will be complete.
Our reward is access to this room, I suppose, which has [_GREEN BEETLE GIN_],
[_NEUROMOD x3_], the [_OPTIMIZER (MORPH) 00100Z_] head chipset, and Bellamy's
computer. Use it to transfer the "Morgan Yu Typhon Research Data" (which sa ys
it unlocks new abilities but I can't tell which ones) and a single email:


 Head out and across the hall to "Jorgen Thorstein's Cabin". We should have the
keycard for this one too. On his desk is [_EXOTIC MATERIAL x 0.79_], a [_HEAVY
a [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_] by his bed as well. There's two emails we've alredy
read as well. I recommend taking the time to equip that gear if you use the
Q-Beam a lot like I do.

 Head back out to the hallway and check the luggage on the left for a [_BASEBALL
"Elizabeth Bay's Corpse" is here too, with a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_]. Across the way
is "H. Devries" room. Open it and smash the plant window for [_CALEDIUM PLANT
TUBE SAMPLE_] on the desk and "Mathias Kohl's Corpse" in the room. Frisk him for
some [_MEDKIT x3_] and a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_]. There's another [_ANTI-RAD PHARMA
FABRICATION PLAN_] on the bed as well.

 Head down the hallway now and note the right room (it has the [_LOST YOUR
TRANSCRIBE AGAIN?_] note on the broken door). More importantly there is a
phantom in the room (this is Danielle's  Room by the way). Kill it off. Note
that when I did this (I used my shotgun...), a poltergeist came and messed
with me out in the hallway, so be ready for him as well!

 The phantom you killed was "Ivy Song", ty the way, who has some [_SPARE PARTS_]
and a [_FRIED HARD DRIVE_] (and organs). The entry table has a character sheet
with the [_FIRST GAME!_] note. By the desk on the ground is the [_I'M SORRY_]
note, written three times... the desk itself has the [_FRIDAY NIGHT_] note and
a [_NEUROMOD_], as well as the [_DANIELLE SHO: TRACKING BRACELET_]. Check her
computer now for the "Conversation Archive 04-12" from the files folder (this
will update our objective) and then check her emails for three new ones:


 We should have gotten some objective updates after all that.

 o OBJECTIVE: Find voice samples: processing at 90%

 o OBJECTIVE (Treasure Hunt): Find Emma Beatty's Map
                              Find Danielle Sho's Map
                              Investigate Hordinbaffle's Map
                              Investigate Stabfellow's Map

 We'll have to deal with the Treasure Hunt later, but we've got two of the
four maps (we need two more). The other things in this room are the "Starbender
Cycle Book 1" (which we've read), some [_COSMOS FLOWER CUTTINGS_],  and a broken
TranScribe. Go ahead and repair it for the [_TRANSCRIBE: DANIELLE SHO_]. Doing
this will actually complete our "Gathering Echoes" assignment. We're only about
halfway done with crew quarters, but the objective will change. Let's follow it
into a new section, but don't worry: we'll keep on exploring this area before we
head off to Deep Storage!

                               ___ ___ _____   __
                              | _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /
                              |  _/   / _| \ V / 
        ______________________|_| |_|_\___| |_|_______________________
O==<                    CHAPTER 7: Restore From Backup                    >==O

 A new section with a new objective. Like I mentioned above, our first
priority is exploration, but here it is:

 o OBJECTIVE: Use samples of Danielle Sho's voice to enter Deep Storage

 We'll get to that sooner or later. Head across the way from Danielle's room
to "A. Foy" and open it up (we got her card earlier). There's a [_FLEXIFOAM
BOLT_], [_NEUROMOD_] and [_THE YELLOW TULIP NOTE_] on her desk. Go ahead and
hack her computer. Note that her UTILITIES tab here is for the "TREASURE HUNT"
game (just ignore it for now, we'll be back for it). The files folder here has
a boltcaster ammo fabrication plan (we have this already) and the "Conversation
Archive 05-24" file you can listen to. Ooo, relationship troubles! There's also
FIVE new emails here!

 o [_EMAIL 117: WHERE ARE YOU?_]
 o [_EMAIL 118: ARE YOU OK?_]
 o [_EMAIL 120: COME FIND ME_]
 After that, grab the [_BIG BANG CANDY_] here and check the books (we've read
both of them, but read them again to be safe). Head back to the hallway and
the next door on the right is "L. Calvino's" room. We have his keycard too (we
are on a roll here!).

 Inside, check his computer for four different recordings. It sounds like he
is getting alzheimer's or something similar. Poor guy. There it a BEAUTIFUL
looking glass scene in here. There's also an [_EMP CHARGE_] on a desk and the
[_ANNIVERSARY REMINDER NOTE_] here. May 23rd. This doesn't mean much to us,
but try breaking the looking glass screen here (as sad as that is) to find a
safe! The note from before is our key (0523), so open it up for the goodies:
[_FRAYED WIRE_], [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_] and [_NEUROMOD x3_]. Very nice!

 Head back out to the hallway now and check the bathroom area. There's not
much in here. The trashcan has a [_BANANA PEEL_] and [_CRUMPLED PAPER_] and
there's the [_FITNESS CENTER CODE NOTE_] on a bench in here (8119). Good to
have. The stalls in here also have a [_PSI HYPO_] and [_EMPTY FOOD TIN_].
 That's it for the hallway, so enter the habitation pods area next!

  Crew Habitation Pods
 As you enter, go right for some luggage (with a [_USED CIGAR_] and some
[_FLEXIFOAM BOLTS x2_]. Check the four pods here next. One has the [_PACKAGE
PICK UP NOTE_] with a door code (2131). We don't really need that. Go past
this first area for a locker with a [_BASEBALL GLOVE_], and right into some
more pods. We can find "Maliah Fowles Corpse" here. Loot her for a [_SHOTGUN
MALIAH FOWLES_]. This will update our "Whistleblower" objective, just leaving
the one task left:

 o OBJECTIVE (Whistleblower): Search Cargo Bay for the secret crate where
                              Quinten Purvis intended to hide.
 There's the [_YELLOW TULIP NOTE_] in one of the pods (we have one already)
and the [_TRANSCRIBE: LAWRENCE BAXTER_] in another, as well as some [_UDON
NOODLES_] in another. Listen to the transcribe here for "The Lover's Gift"
sidequest, which... starts and gets completed automatically if you are indeed
following this guide (we found the keycard and used it earlier in the guide).
Well... that's good!

 Head out and right to four lockers. Only one has anything in them, with some
[_9MM BULLETS x8_] and [_Q-BEAM CELLS x20_]. There's some luggage nearby with
Let's check the pods nearby now. There's a character sheet in one, some more
[_FLEXIFOAM BOLTS x3_] and the [_BAD DREAMS NOTE_] in another, and in one of
VODKA_] and "Grainger's Memoires".

 And that's all there is here. The door leads to another set of pods, but it
is all floating in space (we explored that area already though). The big area
on the other side of the room is big and empty, but there are four lockers by
the corner. Be sure to grab them on your way out for some [_VEGGIE BLEND_],
[_SUIT REPAIR KIT_], [_USED CIGAR_], [_FLEXIFOAM BOLTS x3_] and finally a
[_METHUSELAH APPLE_]. Head back to the crew cabins area and then back to the
fitness center entrance to continue. Be sure to Quick Save, just to be safe!

 (-NOTE-) I bought the "Firearms II" skill at this point, which will further
          enhance my "Max Shotgun"/"Combat Focus" playstyle at this point.
          What you buy is up to you, as always, but the increased weapon
          damage and critical chance makes this a very decent skill to get.
 Like I just mentioned, be sure to QUICK SAVE as we are going into the
Fitness Center next, and it is FULL of mind-controlled humans...

  Fitness Center
 Get that Stun Gun ready! We've got hostiles to put down! Head straight
across to the locker room and be ready to find "Oliver Benoit" moving around
in here. Zap him, but stay away from the left corner, as "Ike Stewart" is
also in here. Loot them both for a [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_], [_SPARE PARTS_],

 (-NOTE-) I took a long time in this room writing, and it sounded like
          someone got hurt when I was... quick save after you successfully
          zap these two just in case!
 This room has a bunch of lockers and goodies. Loot it for a [_SUIT REPAIR
some [_GLUCASSIST! x2_].

 From here, I recommend going out of the locker room and RIGHT, up the stairs
nearby. This leads to an empty work-out room but there is a small corner desk
here with the "Neuromod Enhanced Yoga" book (heh...), a [_NEUROMOD_] and Emma
Beatty's computer. Check her files for a Huntress Boltcaster download and then
check out her emails for one new one:


 Once that is done, head out to the window and you will see a "Telepath" out
in the pool area. This is what controls the humans. There are two of them being
controlled out here. What we want to do is kill him off ASAP to free them, so
quick save and do so (just being above him like this is a HUGE advantage, but
as you know, I rushed him and shotgun'd him to death). As soon as you kill him
off the humans fall unconscious...

 Check in on the humans here ("Mary Malinaro" and "Daniel Landon") to loot them
for a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_], [_FRAYED WIRE_] and [_SPARE PARTS_]. Once you do, go
to the outside windows and bang on the far-left one to signal Danielle Sho. She
will come, but is understandably disappointed to lose her girlfriend. So sad...
she tries to warn us about the cook too! Either way, our objective will update
here for her:

 o OBJECTIVE (Danielle Sho): Kill the imposter cook
  Head to the hallway nearby next and stop the fire here to make it safe.
There's FOUR corpses here that weren't so lucky... "Salman Kapoor" has a
[_LEMON PEEL_], "Harvey Clausen" has [_RANDOM DIM SUM_] and a [_LEMON PEEL_],
"Gary Snow" has some [_CAPTAIN SPREE'S FISH STICKS_] and "EMMA BEATTY" has
the [_TRANSCRIBE: EMMA BEATTY_] message (sad...), [_SPIRALITE COOKIES_], a
our "Treasure Map" quest, as you may imagine! We'll deal with it once we find
the last map and can access the key numbers...

 Be sure to get the [_WRENCH_] on the floor and look past Emma's body to the
ALARM PANEL in the corner. This is one of the secret "dead drops" of the game!
Hit it three times with your wrench to open it up for [_POLYS HIELD CRU[v2]_],
a [_NEUROMOD_] and the [_PROWL S-6400_].

 (-NOTE-) BOTH of those chipsets are really good. Be sure to take a moment and
          inspect what chipsets you have installed right now, just to optimize
          your loadout!
 o OBJECTIVE (Talos Smuggling Ring): Find four more Drop Points around Talos and
                                     recover the stolen goods hidden in them.

 As for what's left, we have the Executive Suites and "The Yellow Tulip". Let's
go back to the second floor and to "The Yellow Tulip" next.

  The Yellow Tulip
 As we discussed earlier, there are two mimics in the start of this area. You
may have killed them already. Check the bar for [_YELLOW TULIPS x2_] and a whole
bunch of drinks: [_OLD SARDAR BOURBON x5_], [_KINGS & WAY SPARKLING WINE x3_],
[_DUCK BEER x3_]. On the floor in here is "Tizzy" the bartending bot, but she
is broken. It has [_SPARE PARTS_], [_Q-BEAM CELLS x23_] and the [_YELLOW TULIP

 The supply closet is nearby. Open it and enter to see two corpses. There are
[_SPARE PARTS x3_] here, a [_IF YOU FIND THIS NOTE_] (aww...), some more [_OLD
and some [_DUCK BEER x2_]. Now, search "Brandi Pester's Corpse" for a [_BURNT
"Jenni Garbentzoff's Corpse" for [_BASEBALL GLOVE x2_], a [_WRENCH_] and a
single [_9MM BULLET_].

 Head out of the closet and straight for "Keira Whitman's Corpse". Lots of
bodies lately! She has [_SHOTGUN SHELL x3_], a [_DISRUPTOR STUN GUN_] and
some [_DISRUPTOR BATTERIES x75_]. Go past her and note the door on the right
up ahead. A Greater Mimic is hiding back here, by the access panel. Kill it
and head into the access panel to turn the lights on for this place. When
you come out, another mimic will greet you (kill it).

 Now that the lights are on, head to the room with the access panel to find
"Guy Jameson's Corpse". He has some [_POPSTAR_]. "The Neural Horizon III" book
is here too, with [_COSMOS FLOWER CUTTINGS_] nearby. The band area and viewing
area don't have much, but there is a sound booth nearby. It is powered on now
and you can listen to two recordings here: "Alex's Toast" and the "Music
Neuromod Demonstration". BEFORE you do, note that the Neuromod one will summon
two Phantoms to us (one fire one, one electric one), so SAVE and think about
repairing the turret out front (then do it and kill them... it is worth it for
the material and goodies they carry).

 And that's it for this place... let's head down to the bottom Grav Lift now
to continue.

 (-NOTE-) Well, that's not quite it. I will note that you can use your Glue
          Gun to get on the struts of the ceiling. This only really has one
          purpose: you can follow the struts to past the band area to be
          dropped in the Fitness Center. It doesn't do US any good, but it
          is an alternate path and you got to love how many of those this
          game has!
 I'm also going to put in our first TREASURE HUNT! number. This one is for
 the "Investigate Stabfellow's Map" piece. This map points to the room near
 the Yellow Tulip where the recycler is. To the left of it is a "6" that you
 can see. Remember this number (or just go gawk at it... I'll remind us about
 it later...). IMPORTANT! Make sure you look at your map and THEN the number!
 It should update your quest! I learned this the hard say!

  Executive Suites
 OK, try to use the Grav Lift (we have the code) and step back when something
sounds wrong. The cook will give us another call here... jerk. Once he's done
it is safe. Head up the lift and look to the left for a Technopath (you can
scan it out in space). Check the trashcan here for [_BANANA PEEL x2_] and head
to the hallway.

 The first room on the left... is yours! Open it up and you'll see it's just
like the one from the start of the game. Raid the kitchen for the "Proxies,
Agents, and Personhood" book, [_VEGGIE BLEND_], [_SKYKING POMEGRANATE_],

 The bathroom and living room area have nothing, except for a single book
called "An Account of Fermi's Question". The workspace area has a lot more:
computer here is yours as well of course and has several interesting "Memory
Logs" you can listen to.

 Finally, hit up the nightstands by your bed for [_SPARE PARTS x3_] and some
[_EMP CHARGE x2_]. That's it for your room, so go back to the hallway and to
the end.

 Let's take a right to the "Guest Suite" but be ready for a phantom in here.
Kill it off (note that it is "Argenteno Pero"). There's some [_OLD SARDAR
BOURBON_] in here, a "Sales Folder" and [_COSMOS FLOWER CUTTINGS_]. The only
other things in here are by the bed in the nightstands: a [_SUNBURST BANANA_]

 Up next is Alex's room. Go ahead and enter, but beware of a mimic inside
(kill it off!). Grab the [_NEUROMOD x2_] in here, by the "TranStar Rewards
Program" book. Next, go ahead and hack his computer (hacking level 2, which
is very low for Alex) for three new emails:


 By his bed is the "Starbender Cycle: Book 6: Darkstar Rising". Read it and
check the right nightstand for [_TAMIZDAT VODKA x2_] and [_OSSETRA CAVIAR_].
There's the [_[O] PSYCHOSHOCK SHIELDING (*) 21.4GHZ_] chipset on the bed. Now,
the other one nightstand has a secret! If you pick up the globe you'll find the
[_EP101 KEYCARD_], which updates your "Who is December?" quest:

 o OBJECTIVE (Who is December?): Escape Talos I (Arboretum)
 This is one way to "finish" the game, but we did this earlier in the guide
for the trophy, so there's no need to do it again (plus, we're going to carry
on with the guide and ignore this...).

 The nightstand here has a [_NULLWAVE TRANSMITTER_], [_TYPHON LURE_], and a
[_PSI HYPO_]. All that's left now is to raid the kitchen for a LOT of food:

 That's ALL we have for "Crew Quarters". We spent a LONG time in this area
(it felt super long for me), so let's continue and head back to the previous
area: the "Arboretum".

  The Arboretum
 We're merely going to head to Deep Storage once we get here, but note that
the area has been over-run with typhon. You may even find the NIGHTMARE here,
so be ready and be careful! Feel free to look around and kill any typhon you
can find (man, Combat Focus and a shotgun sure are fun here).

 (-NOTE-) I did go visit the recycler and fabricator here after clearing the
          area out. I made one Neuromod and bought the "Physician II" and
          "Psychotronics III" skills for the heck of it. This helps with
          equipping chipsets and using health kits.
 Make your way to the Deep Storage area once you are ready and interact with
the door to continue on. We're finally headed to Deep Storage!

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Open Says She" Bronze Trophy here for being able
          to access Deep Storage with Danielle's Voice!

  Deep Storage
 As soon as we enter this area we'll have objectives updating and we'll take
TWO phone calls. Alex is locking us into this area, while January is updating
us on our goals and will look into getting us out.

 o OBJECTIVE: Find Central Repository
 o OBJECTIVE (Disgruntled Employee): Activate Grant Lockwood's Tracking Bracelet
 Well then... to the right is "Jennifer Lee's Corpse" with a [_LEMON PEEL_] on
it. The nearby desk has a [_NEUROMOD_] under it and a [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_]
on top. Check the computer for a [_NEW GUY NOTE_] with a code in it (3112).
Check his computer now for a file for huntress ammo (boo!) and one new email:

 o [_EMAIL 126: RE: FREAKY B_]

 There's also the [_IVY'S PASS NOTE_] on the table (it can be hard to see),
that has Ivy's password on it (StChristopherProtectMe). Heh. The only other
things of note are the underfloor path to the left  and the operator dispenser
in this room (use it if you need suit repair).

 The next room is battle time! There's likely a wounded phantom wandering
around and, more importantly, a Technopath who will fly in once the fighting
starts. There's a mimic off to the left too. Kill the phantom and get ready
for the technopath. It WILL use any available turrets nearby against you, but
chances are the phantom is wounded from destroying the turrets nearby (which
actually works for us!). Kill them all off!

 As you explore this room, the cook may message and taunt you. Good to know
he is thinking of us! The left-hand corner of this room has [_AGAVE PLANT
CLIPPINGS_], [_COLD MOUNTAIN GREEN TEA x3_] and [_KAFE KARSK x2_]. The trashcan
nearby has a [_BROKEN COOLER FAN_] as well, while the toolbox has another

 Going further inward, on the left side, is "Lyn Cloyer's Corpse". She has a
[_BANANA PEEL_] and [_METHUSELAH APPLE_] on her (this is where the cook called
for me). Past that is a security room and "Central Repository". You can find
"Mary Page's Corpse" here. Loot her for a [_BANANA PEEL_] and a [_SUIT REPAIR
KIT_]. Approach the central door for an objective update:

 o OBJECTIVE: Unseal the Doors
 Well, this will be easy enough. Head to where Lyn Cloyer is and break the
glass windows over here. You can use your Huntress Boltcaster to hit the door
release button and open the security area.

 Inside, you can hack the medical operator if you need health (hacking level
2) and then grab the [_FRIED HARD DRIVE_] from the desk near the PC. Use this
PC to "Grant Access" which makes the doors open and updates our objective:

 o OBJECTIVE: Enter Central Repository
 This also lets two mimics enter the area. Fun. The radiation from a machine
nearby may also activate (I used a recycler charge on it to get rid of it).
Finish looting this room though for [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_], [_SHOTGUN SHELLS
locker. You can download an area map from the PC as well, and look at the crew
life signs.

 (-NOTE-) You can also jump up on the locker and get into a hidden attic
          area. It leads around to the right side of the room, but there's
          nothing of note in here... just another way to get to the security
          room, really.
 BEFORE we go to the central repository door, head right and to the left corner
where the "Stairwell Access" door is. We have the keycode to this door, so go
ahead and enter. To the right is "Heather Bentz' Corpse". Loot her for a
in here as well.

 Head up the stairs to a small area for a [_FRAYED WIRE_], [_BURNT CIRCUIT
BOARD_] and [_BROKEN COOLER FAN_] from the toolbox, [_SHOTGUN SHELLS x2_],
PLAN NOTE_] and the "Starbend Cycle: Book 1" book.

 Head out and check out the rooms up here on the upper level. Both locked in
one way or another. "Confidential Records" only has one way in: Hacking Level
4. Huh... go ahead and do so if you can. You aren't missing much if you can't.
There's an [_EMP CHARGE_], [_TYPHON LURE_] and the [_HEY NOTE_] in here. The
big thing is a safe (which I also hacked with hacking 4) that has a [_DISRUPTOR

 Head back out and look at the "Data Vaults". There's three ways of getting in
here. Either a recycler charge at the door, Leverage III, or you use your Glue
Gun to head way up the wall and drop down from there. I just used the recycler

 BEFORE you go inside, shoot the junction box with glue and fix it, otherwise
it will definitely hurt you! Inside is a WEAVER enemy, who has two corpses to
resurrect, so take it out quickly (it will likely only resurrect one). Also,
there is a radiation container here (there is a [_GLOO GUN_] by it, so go pick
that up before you recylce it, if you choose). Get the loot off of "Andrew Grey"
in here (oops, BK forgot to write down what he had... he was turned into a
Phantom!) and on the other side of the room is "Akande Benin's Corpse" with a
[_SUIT REPAIR KIT_] and [_SUNBURST BANANA_]. There's a [_SHOTGUN_] as well as a
[_NEUROMOD_] by him.

 Head back out and straight forward, past the bridge to Danielle Sho's office.
There's two mimics and a Thermal Phantom in here. Take them out (scan him if
you need to). Check the floor near her desk now for a [_CORRODED COIL_],
[_RECYCLER CHARGE_], [_COLD MOUNTAIN GREEN TEA x2_], the "Proxies" book that
we've read before and a [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_] in the trashcan. The desks here
have [_NEUROMOD x2_], an [_ASTEROID FRAGMENT_], a [_RECYCLER CHARGE_] and the
[_SECURITY KEY KEYCARD_]. Not like we need it... Let's check her PC now for
two files: the Recycler Charge Fabrication Plan and the "Treasure Map For
Melindra Shadowcorner". Heh...

 (-NOTE-) We'll cover where the numbers are as we come to them. We've got
          one done already. Three more to go...
 Next, let's check out her emails. She should have two unread ones:

 o [_EMAIL 127: NO SUBJECT_]

 Once that is done, check out the other computer here. It is all about the
volunteer tracking bracelets. This actually relates to one of our sidequests!
Enter "1129" here on the numberpad and it will re-active Grant Lockwood's ID
for us (if you are curious, that number is in the objectives tab in your menu).
This updates our objective:

 o OBJECTIVE (Disgruntled Employee): Locate Grant Lockwood (Talos I Exterior)
 He's out in space? What the heck? Probably dead, huh? Well, we'll get him
when we can I guess. In this room, use the recycler and fabricator if you
wish. Note that there's a [_HUNTRESS BOLTCASTER_] and [_[O] ZERO POINT PSI
19-03weOS_] chipset in the back of the room, along with Danielle's character
BOARD_] here too. The safe in the corner is a level 4 hacking job. That skill
really pays for itself! Hack the safe for a [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_]  and the

 (-NOTE-) I made EIGHT Neuromods here and then bought the "Stealth II" and
          "Stealth III" skills. Am I a ninja yet? We're getting there! There
          actually isn't much left I want to buy, but I'll stretch it out
          a bit longer...
 Exit Danielle's room and go back across the bridge, then look to the left
once you get near the area with the two locked doors. There's a workstation
here! I'll admit, I ALMOST missed this completely somehow! This is Ivy Song's
desk, so pick up the [_COSMOS FLOWER CUTTINGS_] and read the "Speech Synthesis"
book here, then log in to her PC (we have the password).

 Check out her files for a Huntress Boltcaster plan and then her email for
one new one:

 o [_EMAIL 129: FREAKY B_]

 We need to head down to the first floor now and make our way to the central
door. This actually puts us into zero gravity!

  Central Data Repository
 Down here, our objective will update:
 o OBJECTIVE: Find the Drive

 There are some Cystoid Nests down here, so take them out from a distance and
be wary of the cysts! There's more further on, and to the left. Take them all
on until you are looking into an abyss. There's a WEAVER down here, the big
threat. Make him come to you from a distance (the pistol is good here) and
then kill him. Then wipe up the cysts from a distance (again, the pistol will
really help here).

 Once the area is more or less secure, you can find [_FRIED HARD DRIVE x2_]
floating around. The center computer here wants a computer module, and it is
down in the abyss. Head down and get it, then bring it back to the computer at
the start of this area (note you can visit a toolbox on the way for a [_BROKEN
COOLER FAN_]. Use the console and then we'll have our objective updates (note
that I skipped an objective, because they are starting to get tedious with us).

 o OBJECTIVE: Download the Plan

 This means we need to head back to Danielle's office. Not hard to do, but note
that there will be a new Phantom once you head back up to the main floor (so be
ready!). Head back to Danielle's office, watching out for a mimic on the way and
use the computer to the right of hers to download the "YU_M_ARMING_KEY".

 The power will take a hit now as our objectives get updated. More importantly,
we will get a call from Danielle Sho on how we can possibly get out of here
(The same way she did! Jettison ourselves!).

 o OBJECTIVE: Escape (Deep Storage)
 o OBJECTIVE: Fabricate your Arming Key
 It looks like we've got TWO main quests now, but we'll hold off on that second
one for now until we make our escape from Deep Storage. We still need to get out
after all!

 Use the PC and open "Data Vault B" with it. Head out of Danielle's office and
go straight ahead, back to the large room where the Weaver was. The "Data Vault
B" is in here, to the left. It is unlocked now, so head in and you'll find an
access panel you can use to jettison yourself out. Do so and watch the scene.

                               ___ ___ _____   __
                              | _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /
                              |  _/   / _| \ V / 
        ______________________|_| |_|_\___| |_|_______________________
O==<                       CHAPTER 8: This Side Up                        >==O

 Well then... we're out in space, so we're going to need to head back in.
Go ahead and exit the the container to get a call from Sarah Elazar and get
the first objectives of this chapter:

 o OBJECTIVE: Get to the Cargo Bay

 If you remember, we have the "Locate Grant Lockwood" quest to that is on
the "Talos I Exterior", but we're ignoring that for now (we need a security
PC to put a mark on his body...). I recommend also turning off your "Who is
December" side quest too. Also, as we move around out here, don't be surprised
if the cook contacts you for a chat...

 As Sarah told you, Alex has locked all of the air locks. He's straight-up
trying to kill us now it seems. We have to go to Cargo Bay. Head down and to
the right to get there. As you get close, you'll get another call (to all
frequencies) and an objective:

 o OBJECTIVE (Doctor Igwe): Dock Dr. Igwe's Container
                            Discover Dr. Igwe's Container Number
 We also get a call from Sarah who lets us know the place is pretty much
destroyed, but we can still get in with a container:

 o OBJECTIVE: Dock a cargo container
 Sounds like we're about to kill two birds with one stone...
 We are TIMED on this, but trust me: you have PLENTY of time so do not
stress. Head to Dr. Igwe's container (likely below you, but it's the big
container floating out in space) and note the number on the side of it (which
should be 2312). Now, head towards the open Container Bay area.

 (-NOTE-) If you wanted to, you could kill Dr. Igwe by letting the timer run
          out or opening the container (hacking level 1). I'm going to assume
          your not out to do that though...
 As you approach the Cargo Bay, note the body floating nearby (we're going
to loot her, but leave the other floating items for now). This is "Tana Vale's
Corpse", which has a [_FRAYED WIRE_], [_EMP CHARGE_}, a [_WRENCH_] and [_GLOO
CANISTER x23_]. She also has a [_GLOO CANNON_] floating by her, so be sure to
grab it and approach the Cargo Bay, where you'll have to take out several
Cystoid Nests that are blocking the way. Use your pistol here to take them out
and clear the area, then enter the cargo bay.

 Up to the right up on a ledge is a console that  we can interact with. What
you need to do is go put in Dr. Igwe's CONTAINER CODE (2312) into the machine
and it will automatically come in to port, saving Dr. Igwe and getting us an
updated objective and trophy:

 o OBJECTIVE (Dr. Igwe): Meet Dr. Igwe
 (-NOTE-) You should have just gotten the "Adrift" Bronze Trophy for rescuing
          Dr. Igwe from the cargo container. Congrats!

 After that, there's a bit of exploring. Right underneath you is a docked
container you can loot for a [_FRAYED WIRE_], [_PSI HYPO_] and [_SUIT REPAIR
KIT_]. Another broken one near the entrance has some floating [_OLD SARDAR
supply crate near the bottom also has a [_NULLWAVE TRANSMITTER_] in it.

 There's also a crate near the top of the area. Head up and loot it for a
DISH SAMPLE_] and [_ASTEROID FRAGMENT_]. Now, go check out the crate against
the other wall for ammo: [_9MM BULLETS x7_], [_Q-BEAM CELLS x36_], [_FLEXIFOAM
BOLTS x2_] and [_GLOO CANISTER x24_].

 Head outside back into open space now (watch out for any cysts that may be
hanging around) and get the items floating around (there may be one just before
you get into space). You should find [_CORRODED COIL x2_], some [_BIOHAZARD
[_FRAYED WIRE_] floating around.

 Next up is the room to the RIGHT of the cargo room. The one that looks like
it has a purple-ish outline. It's a rather small area, but there's some items
floating around: [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_], [_OLD SARDAR BOURBON_] and some
[_SHOTGUN SHELLS x4_]. There's also a corpse: "Riley Butler". RIP. Loot her
they were READY! There's also a safe here you can get into if you have the
"Hacking III" skill (which you definitely should have!). Hack it open for

 OK, that's all the exploration we're doing out here, so head back to the
Cargo Bay and go to the back. Dr. Igwe's container is to the left, but if
you look to the right really quick there's a [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_]. There
is also some [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] down near the floor area. Grab them up
and enter Dr. Igwe's container now (he gave us the code) and from there you
can enter the Cargo Bay proper, bringing an end to this very short section
of the guide...

                               ___ ___ _____   __
                              | _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /
                              |  _/   / _| \ V / 
        ______________________|_| |_|_\___| |_|_______________________
O==<                  CHAPTER 9: Shipping and Receiving                   >==O

 As we get into this area, we get a new objective:
 o OBJECTIVE: Find Chief Sarah Elazar
 Head forwards a bit and someone named Austin Cool yells to us from up above
(and to the right), telling us to get up to the catwalk to meet up with them.
Huh, ok... just as soon as we take out these enemies!

 There's three foes very close to us! There's one Voltaic Phantom below the
upper walkway and two Phantoms up above. If you've got sneak leveled up, you
can likely use your shotgun and sneak attack the Voltaic Phantom, then go up
and kill the Phantoms, making the room safe.

 OK, before we go up to the catwalk, lets explore a little bit. Down on the
lower level, near where we came out, is a toolbox with [_FRAYED WIRE x2_].
Head down the bay and see the lighted slope? It has crushed a body. We can
find "Ash Lasair's Corpse" here with [_SISKAK UNAGI ROLLZ_], a [_BANANA PEEL_],
and [_WRENCH_] on the ramp too.

 Behind the ramp is a [_CORRODED COIL_] and a box nearby with [_USED PLASTIC
TUBING_] and [_FRAYED WIRE_]. The only other thing down here is all the way
in the back: [_SYNTHETIC MATERIAL 1.0_].

 From here, climb up the back wall. There's a locked door up here (you can
scan an Etheric Phantom through it if you got good timing), but there's a
tool case nearby with [_SPARE PARTS_], [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_], a [_WEAPON
UPGRADE KIT_] and the [_[O] FEAR REACTOR 0322SI_].

 There's a "Power Control" room nearby as well, but we'll get to that in a
bit. Head back up the way we came from, nabbing a [_BURNST CIRCUIT BOARD_]
on the way. There's a [_WRENCH_] and [_FRAYED WIRE_] by the powered-down
recycler and fabricator (and a broken turret by Austin to the left). Keep
doing on the right though for a [_CORRODED COIL_] and the "Fuel Storage Bay".
  Fuel Storage Bay
 Wow... this place is on fire... Before you go down the hallway, look to the
raised platform to the left to see a body. This is "Diane Washington's Corpse"
and she's got a [_FRAYED WIRE x2_], [_SPARE PARTS_] and a [_WRENCH_]. Now, head
down the hallway and climb the shelves on the right (you'll find a [_CORRODED
COIL_], then jump past the fire (you can't stop THIS fire with your Gloo Gun

 In this second section, the shelves on the left have another [_CORRODED COIL_]
and a [_SYNTHETIC MATERIAL 1.0_]. There's a tool box here with [_CORRODED COIL
x2_] and a corpse. This is "Gus Magill's Corpse_]. He has [_FRAYED WIRE_], an
GUS MAGILL_]. He's also got a [_MEDKIT_] by him. That audio log is pretty good!

 As you head forwards past the second fire spout, be ready for a Greater
Mimic in the doorway. Finally, note that the shelves here DO go up higher than
two levels. You can climb this area with your Gloo Gun (I shoot the fire pipe
to get higher...) and explore to find a [_SPARE PART_], [_FRAYED WIRE_] and a
[_CORRODED COIL_] spread throughout this area on various levels. Also, do NOT
let the "Corroded Pipe" here hit you (you can Gloo Gun it shut).

 Once you are done exploring, enter the next room!
  Cargo Power Control
 Grab the [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_] in front of you and go around the corner
for a [_FRAYED WIRE_]. There's a console here that you can interact with to
turn the power back on. The door nearby opens up to!

  Cargo Bay
 Exit the door and look for the console just to your right. Use it to make
all the lifts raised, then go use the recycler and fabricator if you need to
(I definitely needed to!). Head left now towards the main walkway and jump up
to the lifts to the left.

 Since they are all raised, we can open the cargo containers. Explore each of
them on this left side for [_SPARE PARTS x4_] and [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_], a
[_TYPHON LURE_] and a [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_]. There's a turret here (closed)
as well.

 (-NOTE-) Be sure to use the fabricator to make "Morgan's Arming Key". You
          can also make TURRETS now too, so fortify this lower area if you

 Now, let's get up to that catwalk. There's two ways to do this. The first is
a PC by the recycler that raises a container. You can use it, jump on the nearby
crate, and ride it up. You could also go past the "Power Control" room and to
the right-hand corner, climbing a stack of crates there and using those to get
higher, jumping from strut to strut to get to the catwalk. The choice is yours.

 Head up to the catwalk and enter the room. LOOK! Real live people! This is
pretty rare. Go talk to Dr. Igwe to complete his side quest and have him give
you a [_NEUROMOD_] as thanks (he may walk off). Rani Chaudhary from the garden
(if you saved her) and Ekaterina Mulsaev are both here as well, so feel free
to talk to both of them.

 (-NOTE-) There is a SMUGGLING RING LOCATION in here! The Alarm Panel on the
          far wall (on the right) is a hidden point. Smack it three times to
          open it up for a [_WEAPON KIT FABRICATION PLAN_], a [_NEUROMOD_]
          and an [_EMP CHARGE_].
 o OBJECTIVE (Talos Smuggling Ring): Find three more Drop Points around Talos
                                     and recover the stolen goods hidden in

 Let's loot after that. On the table is a TON of food reserves... but this
stuff is supposed to be for the survivors (there is a [_FOOD & SUPPLIES NOTE_]
here stating such). Still there's a ton of food here:

 o [_UDON NOODLES x3_]
 o [_RANDOM DIM SUM x2_]
 I actually left all of this food here for them (I have more than enough
still from the garden area...).

 The other desk has the [_ACCIDENT REPORT NOTE_], a [_WRENCH_], the "Starbender
Cycle: Book 3: Spatial Delivery" book, some [_FRAYED WIRE_], the "Pioneers of
Space Industry" book, a [_USED CIGAR_], and a [_SUNBURST BANANA_].

 After that, check the PC for two new emails:


 Head to the exit now (there's a [_USED CIGAR_] right before the door in a
cabinet) and look down for [_TRANSCRIBE: ALFRED ROSE_] and a [_BROKEN COOLER
FAN_]. After listening, head down the walkway to see the typhon in Cargo Bay
B. Alfred and another survivor will mention a Weaver making a Phantom out of
Enoch's corpse here. Wow. There's a LOT of Typhon in that area!

 Continue past them and look for a med bay up here. Enter to find an [_EXPIRED
PLASMA BAG_], a medical operator machine, a [_PETRI DISH SAMPLE_], [_BIOHAZARD
WASTE x2_], [_PSI HYPO x2_], another [_EXPIRED PLASMA BAG_] and another [_PETRI
DISH SAMPLE_] (those last two are in the trashcan).

 Head outside and left into the "Quartermaster's Office" now to finally meet
Sarah Elazar. She'll give us a summary of the situation, asking us to get the
fabrication plan for the turrets (which she sees we already have). Good on us
for exploration! Still, our objectives update here:

 o OBJECTIVE: Open Cargo Bay B
 o OBJECTIVE (Cargo Bay Defenses): Place turrets in the loading zone of
                                   Cargo Bay B.
 Oh, this will be fun... Note the "Survivor's Account" book up here (read it,
even though we've read it before) and then search this room. You should find
another [_FRIED HARD DRIVE x2_] (there's another one in a back row and the
third one up on a tape cabinet) and the [_POSITIVE DEPARTMENTAL REVIEW NOTE_].
There's also a security PC here you can get the AREA MAP from.

  Disgruntled Employee
 This is the PERFECT time to do this side quest. With the security PC you can
find "Grant Lockwood" on the personnel tracker and then go back to space once
you have marked him. There MAY BE a Weaver out here, so be ready for one!

 Grant is WAY THE HECK out in space. Seriously, he'll be about 600 meters away
once you get out in the open, but just keep going towards his marker and you
will find him eventually. There is radiation where he is at (likely what he
died from), so loot him quick! He has [_FRAYED WIRE_], [_EMP CHARGE_], and
a [_ARTX PROPULSION GEN 2_] chipset on him (it gives us a jet boost in space).
He's also got a briefcase with a [_SILENCED PISTOL_] and a [_NEUROMOD_] on him.
Once you've got the goods, get out and pop a radiation tablet, then head back
to the Cargo Bay area. Our "Disgruntled Employee" quest is now done!

  Cargo Bay A
 Head back to Sarah's office area and to the right of it is a little storage
area. Loot it for some [_SPARE PARTS_], [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_], [_CORRODED
the "Starbender Cycle: Book 5: Crown of Tumbleweed" book. Be SURE to read this
one if you've been reading them all, as this should pop the trophy for these!

 (-NOTE-) You should get the "Prism Master" Bronze Trophy at this point for
          reading all of the "Starbender Cycle" books. Congrats!
 Go out and take the elevator down to the main floor. The area straight in
front of you has [_FRIED HARD DRIVE x2_] and a [_MEDKIT_] but note the door
on the right that  just leads to an empty hallway. Go back and interact with
the survivors here. One of them, Kevin Hague, has a sidequest for you:

 o OBJECTIVE (With This Ring...): Look for Nicole Hague (Crew Quarters)
 Bah, we were just there! I suspect it isn't good news...
 By these survivors (behind them) is some [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] and Gus'
PC we can check out (we found the password earlier). He's got two utilities
that can open the cages nearby (use them both) and three new emails:


 OK, with the cages open lets go loot them! The left one has a [_WEAPON
UPGRADE KIT_], [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] and [_Q-BEAM CELLS x2_] in a toolbox,
[_GLOO CANISTER x36_] in the supply crates and a [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_] and
[_GLOO CANNON_] in the back (along with a turret and [_FRAYED WIRE x2_].

 The right cage is blocked with crates, so either use Leverage III or a
recycler charge to get in. You can claim a [_CORRODED COIL_], [_FRAYED WIRE_],
finally a [_Q-BEAM_] weapon.

 Now, we need to prepare to open the doors to "Cargo Bay B". This is war.
It took me a bit to figure this out, but you have to have THREE TURRETS ~IN~
the "Loading Zone" area. I did four. Once you get three, everyone automatically
comes downstairs, including Sarah, where you can get the code from her to open
the doors.

 Be sure to SAVE and then open the doors. Stand by the doors with your
shotgun to make SURE nothing even comes close to hurting anyone. Kill all
of the typhons and you will have completed the "Cargo Bay Defenses" AND
the "Shipping and Receiving" quests, as well as have gained the trophy down

 (-NOTE-) You should now have "The Gates of Hell" Bronze Trophy for opening
          the Cargo Bay Doors and not letting a single human die! Congrats!

 We're now onto worrying about Alex's "Arming Code" and getting the station
back online in general. We'll change chapters here...

 (-NOTE-) The game makes you play a little bit with "The Keys to the Kingdom"
          objective, but soon will revert you to another one. Instead of just
          switching chapters back and forth, I'm going to (preemptively) have
          us running under the next chapter.

                               ___ ___ _____   __
                              | _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /
                              |  _/   / _| \ V / 
        ______________________|_| |_|_\___| |_|_______________________
O==<                          CHAPTER 10: Reboot                          >==O

  Cargo Bay B

 Now we get to LOOT Cargo Bay B. Get all the corpse dropping and then go
behind the central container for a button to open it for a [_BASEBALL GLOVE_],
from the front of it and look at the next container. Behind it is a lock that
you need "Hacking I" for. Unlock it for [_9MM BULLETS x16_], a single [_SHOTGUN
SHELL_] (weird...), [_Q-BEAM CELLS x36_] and [_DISRUPTOR BATTERIES x57_].

 In the corner nearby you can open another container for a [_PSI HYPO_], then
head out and look for a crate on the shelves nearby for a [_SILENCED PISTOL_].
Head forward to the other corner to find "Christopher Smith's Corpse". Damn.
Loot him for [_9MM BULLET x4_], [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_], [_NEUROMOD_] and a single

 To the right are two containers. The left one has a crate past it for some

 Head forwards now and look up to the right. See the red crate up there? Get
up there and open it up for [_MEDKIT x2_] and a [_PSI HYPO_]. Jump down now
and note the two large crates here. The right one is open and has nothing in
it, but the left one by the wall is locked with "Hacking I". Open it up for
a crate with a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_], [_EMP CHARGE_], [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_] and

 Head forwards now for another container you can open with a button, but
there's nothing in it. Hang a right now to see another "Hacking I" crate and
and a [_SHOTGUN FABRICATION PLAN_]. The container in the corner has a button
that opens if that has some [_OLD SARDAR BOURBON_]. Heh, someone was hiding
out here!

 From here, head to the computer nearby for [_TRANSCRIBE: ASH LASAIR_]. Give
it a listen and note the PC here. We can open containers with this (although
our hacking has been just fine).

 Once you're done, go to the back left corner and use the door here to
continue on.

  G.U.T.S. Loading Bay
 First things first: there is a Phantom in here we need to kill. Check it
and see if you need to scan it, but go sneak up on it and blast it away once
you get the chance.
 After you've killed it, head back to the entrance and go straight to the
shipping container in front of you and open it up. It takes "Hacking II" (or
you could just memorize the number and use that PC to open it up). Either way,
this is the container we needed for "The Whistleblower" sidequest, and once
you open it up you'll find Quinten Purvis' Corpse.

 Loot him for a [_BROKEN COOLER FAN_], [_SPARE PARTS_], [_NEUROMOD x2_] and
[_ANNALISE GALLEGOS' THUMB DRIVE_]. Picking this up will show you HOW the
neuromods are made... oh wow...

 There's a lot of food here too: [_RANDOM DIM SUM x5_], [_SISKAK UNAGI ROLLZ_],
CHARGE_]. The poor guy never made it. Picking up that thumb drive though will
complete "The Whistleblower" side quest! Congrats!

 Once you're done with that, head to the left (the upper walkway). There is
a door on the left over here but I'd recommend keeping it locked unless you
need to get over there (less chance of typhon infiltration). There is also
another container over here. Open it up with a button to find some crates.
Loot them for [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_], an [_EMP CHARGE x2_], [_SPARE PARTS_],
and a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_].

 There's also an update to the TREASURE HUNT here!

 Time for our second TREASURE HUNT! number. This one is for "Rosalyn's Map".
 Be sure to look at it right now and then just past the container we just
 looted, on the wall, is the number "5". IMPORTANT! Make sure you look at
 your map and THEN the number! Two more to go!

 There's access to G.U.T.S. here, but Alex has it locked down. That means
that "Life Support" is the only place we can go to.

 (-NOTE-) I went ahead and made THREE NEUROMODS (giving me 16 in total) and
          then bought "Toughness I", "Toughness II", and "Toughness III".
          This gave me a TON of health as you can imagine (300 compared to
          150... which helps a ton).

  Life Support
 As soon as you enter this area, we'll get a call from Mikhaila about
rebooting the station (and her medicine... which you likely have already
if you've been following this guide). We get the "Reboot" objective here
officially now:

 o OBJECTIVE: Access the Reactor Control Room
 There's also an Etheric Phantom patrolling around. Go forward and get the
toolbox on the left for some [_SPARE PARTS_] and then sneak up and kill the
phantom. A second one will come down from the upper area to investigate, so
be ready to kill him too.

 Gather up their loot and shoot your Gloo Gun on the junction box to the left
down here so we can repair it and make the place safe. There's an operator you
can loot here and "Penny Tenyson's Corpse" with some [_BIOHAZARD WASTE_] on it.
Turn around now and see the broken door? You can break the window to the left
to get into this room.

KIT FABRICATION PLAN_] and a [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_]. The last item is on top
of a reel cabinet. There's also one new email here:

 Head up the stairs to the right now and hang a right. This leads to a med
bay but there's a Cystoid Nest here. Take it out and jump into the room for
a medical operator machine (this has a [_RECYCLER CHARGE_] TRAP on it, so be
careful and disarm it!), a [_MEDKIT_], [_NEUROMOD_], "The Neural Horizon III"
book, a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_], [_PSI HYPO x2_] and yet another [_ANTI-RAD PHARMA
FABRICATION PLAN_]. So many of these...

 Head out and to the far hallway now, which... shows signs of a massacre...
Break the bathroom door open for a [_GLOO GUN_] and "Alton Weber's Corpse".
PLAN_] and the [_TO WHOEVER FIND THIS... NOTE_]. There's a book in one of the
bathroom stalls, but open up the access shaft here once you've looked at it.

 Inside is some [_FRAYED WIRE_], [_SPARE PARTS_] and, to the left, the corpse
of "Tobias Frost". He has a [_PETRI DISH SAMPLE_], the [_TRANSCRIBE: TOBIAS
FROST_] and the [_PSYCHOACTIVE PARTICLE INJECTOR_]. Exit the shaft at the end.

 (-NOTE-) Be sure to listen to Tobias Frost's TranScribe, as it gives us the
          quest I document below... no idea on if this is a good idea or not
 o OBJECTIVE (Psychic Water): Install the Psychoactive Partical Injector in
                              the Water Treatment Facility.

 Out into the bloody hallway. Let's get this over with. You can find FOUR
different corpses here. Loot "Carol Sikes" for a [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_],
[_SPARE PARTS_] and a [_POPSTAR_]. Past her on the right is the [_TRANSCRIBE:
ERICA TEAGUE_]. "Erica Teague's Corpse" is nearby with [_9MM BULLETS x6_], a

 Next up is "Augusto Vera's Corpse". Loot him for a [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_],
[_SPARE PARTS_] and [_SHAKER LEMON PIE_]. Lastly behind a barricade is "Ari
Liudnarht's Corpse" with a [_SPIRALITE COOKIES_], [_LEMON PEEL_] and a whopping
[_SPARE PARTS x5_]. Huh. Note that the "Security Door" nearby is trapped, so
take the [_RECYCLER CHARGE_] off of it. There's also a drink machine in tthe
corner by the bathroom with [_COLD MOUNTAIN GREEN TEA x2_] and [_KAFE KARSK_].

  Atmosphere Control
 Head back down the stairs now and into the "Atmosphere Control" room. You
will be sprayed in here. As you enter, go right into the "Locker Room". The
trash can here has some [_CRUMPLED PAPER_] and [_LEMON PEEL_]. There's nothing
else here, but there's a maintenance panel behind some boxes. This is a great
time for a note and a trophy!

 (-NOTE-) We can get the "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" Bronze Trophy here fairly
          easily. What you want to do is put all of the towels, shoes and
          shower equipment by the access panel by the wall. Stack them up.
          We need TWENTY of them. After that, SAVE and use a recycler charge
          on it all. If you get twenty objects in the charge, you will get
          that trophy!
 Head through the tunnel and you'll be in Atmosphere Control. We have some
hunting to do. There are Two Operators and Two Thermal Phantoms in this area,
so sneak around the area and find them (I found that the phantoms like to
patrol around). Kill them all to make the area safe.

 From the access panel, head forwards and look to the left cubby area. There
are some goodies here, on top of a cabinet. Grab the [_FRAYED WIRE x3_],
[_USED PLASTIC TUBING x2_] and a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_] here (note the shelves
and small cabinet nearby). Past that in the corner is a [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_]
and [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_]. Head past that to an area you have to duck under
to find another [_FRAYED WIRE_] and [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_].

 OK, lets explore a bit now. Head up to the second floor on the upper left
(left from the main entrance of course). There's fire blocking access to this
room, but you can stop it with your Gloo Gun. There's also a POLTERGEIST in
here. Be sure to scan him if you haven't (these enemies are few and far between
it seems... I failed to scan the last two!).

 Still, they are pretty harmless. Ransack the room for some [_SUN-DRIED TOMATO
JERKY_], "The Starbender Cycle: Book 4", the [_TRANSCRIBE: JEAN FAURE_] and a
[_FRIED HARD DRIVE_] in the trash. Note the locked door here as well. This room
is... a bit weird. The PC here regulates the room's air supply and you can do
the "Decontamination" command here. This removes all oxygen from the room,
which puts out any fires (which may be good, after the fight with the Thermal
Phantoms). You can try it out if you wish, it is up to you. There's an email
here you should read though:


 Go ahead and leave the room now and take a right. Go around to the back of
the room and you'll find"Alan Bianchi's Corpse" over here. Loot if for some
[_FRAYED WIRE_] and [_SPARE PARTS_]. The PC here has the ability to shut off
the nearby fans (WARNING: If you touch the fans, you WILL die!). I have NO
idea if there's any point to this (and you should QUICKSAVE before doing
this...), but you can shut the fans down and jump down there to pull a PIPE
out of one of the middle fans, unclogging it. Get out quickly afterwards! Who
knows, maybe this will pay off later?

 Continue around the higher-level catwalk (you have to jump a gap at one
point) to the right side of the room. The "Oxygen Control Room" is over here,
which needs "Hacking IV". Yikes. We can do this though. There is a corrupted
operator inside, so go ahead and hack the door and take out the operator.

 Once it's destroyed, check the right side of the room for a [_CORRODED COIL_],
[_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] and a water cooler. The middle area has the [_SUPPLY
CODE NOTE_] (5118). Good to know! The left side of the room has some [_SPARE
PARTS_] plus a [_CORRODED COIL_], [_[O] AGGRESSOR AMP 1337SI_] and [_SPARE
PARTS_] in the cabinet, plus a [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_] in the trash.

 Also, note the right side has some cabinets you can jump up onto to find an
access panel. This just leads back outside though (to quite a drop). Pretty
useless to us, but another way in nonetheless.

 Head back now to the main area and right to the Grav Elevator. BEFORE you
go down it, do a quicksave as the NIGHTMARE Typhon may be down here (he was
for me... not a threat thanks to Combat Focus and my shotgun).

 There is a fabricator down here as well. Sweet (I re-upped by Shotgun Ammo
here, as I was getting pretty low on it, especially after that Nightmare).
Look around the room to see there is a supply room nearby and two pathways,
one leading to the Escape Pods section. Huh...

 First things first: duck under the platform near the Supply Room for a
[_PSI HYPO_], then head into supply room (we got the code earlier thanks to
our exploring). You can find a turret in here (I put it out in the main area)
and a BUNCH of goodies: [_FRAYED WIRE x3_], [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_], [_FRIED
BOARD x6_], a [_MEDKIT_], [_NEUROMOD x3_], the "TranStar Uniform Guide"
KIT_], and some [_TYPHON LURE x2_].

 Well, that was a good haul. Let's head out and explore the "Escape Pods"
area now.

  Escape Pods

 (-NOTE-) I should point out that NONE of these pods actually work... so
          don't bother. Lots of stuff to loot though...

 This area has a couple of enemies patrolling around, so let's take care of
them first before any looting. There's an Etheric Phantom roaming around and
a Phantom named "Kirk Remmer". Kill them both off (try to ambush them or even
repair the turret near the start of the area). Of special note here is the
fact that you can get the [_TRANSCRIBE: KIRK REMMER_] off of his body, so be
sure to give that a listen.

 OK, let's explore this area now. The middle platform has "Umi Isaka's Corpse"
with [_VEGGIE BLEND_] and a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_]. Let' s go check out the left
pods now. You can open the pods when you get to them via the button out front.
First though is "Anong Lao's Corpse", which has some  [_FRAYED WIRE_], [_SPARE
PARTS_], and a [_SILENT PISTOL_]. The first pod here has nothing. The second
pod has "Emily Carter's Corpse" with a [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_], [_EMP CHARGE_],

 (-NOTE-) Be SURE to listen to that TranScribe for a new side quest!
 o OBJECTIVE (Drunk Tank): Search for Price Broadway (Life Support)
 Well then... back out on the walkway is another corpse. This time it is "Hank
Majors's Corpse". Loot him for a [_BURNST CIRCUIT BOARD_], a [_WEAPON UPGRADE
KIT_] and [_9MM BULLET x1_]. The third pod has nothing for us.

 Let's move over to the other side now. The pod on the end here had a broken
pod control. You can repair it with the repair skill, but be ready as there is
a Greater Mimic inside the pod, so be ready to kill it. There's also "Angela
Diaz's Corpse", with [_BIOHAZARD WASTE_], the [_[O] PSYCHOACTIVE CHARGER
S-I286_] chipset and a [_RECYCLER CHARGE_]. The next pod over has a [_FRIED
HARD DRIVE_] and a [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_], with nothing but an O2 canister
in the third pod.

 And that's all that is in this room. Note that you can drop down off the
catwalk in this area, but there's nothing really down there for you. Head back
to the hub area now and we'll head down the only other path down here.

 Watch out for the fire in the hallway and kill the corrupted operator's up
ahead. There's "Raya Leiruat's Corpse" here with a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_], so be
sure to search her. Head left afterwards towards the "Water Treatment Plant".
Note that the door is locked here. Even if you do have "Leverage III", you
can't open it (the Technopath is keeping it closed... scan it if you need get
him still, though). You can try to go right as well, to the "Reactor Control
Room", but the door is corrupted (you can actually scan this for an entry on
"Corrupted Devices"). Note the toolbox nearby with [_USED PLASTIC TUBING x2_].

 Well... damn. We can't seem to progress. Go to the hallway and look up.
There is a walkway up there! I got up there by using my Gloo Gun to make my
way up to the first steel beam to the left of the split in the hallway. From
there you can to a pipe behind you and go left, then make another Gloo path
on the left wall up to the catwalk.

 There is a maintenance hatch up here you can open with some [_FRAYED WIRE x2_]
and some [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_]. Continue on to another hatch and the room we
need to free...

  Water Treatment Facility
 Drop down and take out the Technopath here (you should be able to sneak up
on him pretty easily). There's an operator here too you need to take out, but
with the drop you get on the technopath, he will die pretty easily.

 Once he's dead, go to the door and find the "Power ON" switch nearby to turn
the power on in this place. There's the [_EXPERIMENTAL WORK PERMIT NOTE_] by
the power switch and the "Too Far, Too Fast III" book nearby. Cynthia Dringus'
Corpse is here too, with a [_BANANA PEEL_] and the [_[O] PSYCHOSHOCK SHIELDING
(*) 21.4GHZ_] chipset, which is actually one we already have.

 Note that there is a RECYCLER in here, in the back to the left. Boy, did I
sure need to use it!

 From the left of the entrance is also a panel that you should repair. Once
you repair it, you can get the [_GLOO GUN_] underneath it and find "Roger
Meir's Corpse", which has some [_FRAYED WIRE_] and a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_]. On
the right side of the room (right from the entrance), there is also some fallen
crates under a catwalk. Look under them for "Kane Rosito's Corpse" (gah!) for

 Time for our third TREASURE HUNT! number. This one is for "Hordinbaffle's
 Map". Be sure to look at it right now (just in case) and you'll see it has
 three circles on it. That is this room! If you go past the recycler machine
 (past it to the right) and look at the right wall, you will see the number
 "3"! IMPORTANT! Make sure you look at your map and THEN the number! Just one
 more to go!

 OK, now, take the stairs to the left of the entrance (where the broken
junction box was) and it will lead to a "Monitoring Station". Be ready to
kill a "Voltaic Phantom" inside (you can sneak up on him if you have good
timing). Once he is dead we can explore the room.

 There's [_USED CIGAR x4_] in the trashcan, [_OLD SARDAR BOURBON x4_], some
which just says v0dka... and [_POMEGRANATE MOONSHINE_]. Yeah, this guy is a
drunk. This is that "Price Broadway" guy.

 Check out his PC (you have his password) for the "Unlock Eel Tank Controls".
A bit weird, but unlock it. He's got two emails here too:

 o [_EMAIL 137: I CARE..._]

 The next cubicle has some [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] and another "Too Far, Too
Fast III" book. This is Abigail Foy's PC, so use if for one more email:


 her supply crate has an [_ASTEROID FRAGMENT_] and the [_RADIATION SHIELDING
(*) 19.4GHZ_] chipset. There's also [_BIOHAZARD WASTE x3_] in the corner in
here. Grab it and exit the room.

 We're on another catwalk, but the door straight ahead is ruined. Go up the
stairs here to find "Pabol Meyers' Corpse". He has a [_LEMON PEEL_] on him.
Loot him and head up to a dead-end with a [_WRENCH_] and some [_OLD SARDAR
BOURBON_]. You can climb over the tank here to reach the other side of the
room and the circular catwalk. Head to that and look for a gap to the left
you can jump past that leads to the "Water Quality Lab" room.

 Inside is an operator, so take it out. Grab the [_MEDKIT_] by the door and
look for "Johnny Brungen's Corpse" for a [_LEMON PEEL_] and [_METHUSELAH
APPLE_]. There's [_BIOHAZARD WASTE x2_] in here, [_ORGANIC MATERIAL x5.0_],
[_MINERAL MATERIAL x1.0_] and [_NEUROMOD x2_] as well.

 There's also the "Psychic Water" Objective in this room! If you've been
following the guide, you have this quest! The green machine here is the
machine you want to put the vial in. Do so and you will complete the quest.

 (-NOTE-) As far as I know, all that this does is let water restore your
          PSI POINTS as well as health. Not a very good perk, but hey, it
          is free and we're right here!
 Head back down to the lower floor now and head to the back, to the elevator
that's labeled "Waste Processing". You undoubtedly heard the Phantom down
below, so be ready!

  Waste Processing
 Kill the phantom down here and then we can explore. There are a LOT of Eel
Scraps down here! [_EEL SCRAPS x9_] in fact! Grab them all as well as the

 Now, near the beginning of the room is a console. Go ahead and use it to
"Harvest the Eels". A bunch will drop down and a Greater Mimic will fall out
as well. Kill it and go examine the eels. Price Broadway's Corpse is here!
You can loot him for a [_BROKEN COOLER FAN_], [_SPARE PARTS_], [_NEUROMOD_],
NOTE_]. Heh...

 This also completed the "Drunk Tank" Side Quest! Very nice! Head back up
the elevator when you are done.

 We just need to head to the Power Plant area now, which we can do since the
Technopath is dead and the power is back on. Go ahead and head there now to

  Power Plant
 As soon as you enter this area, you'll get a call from Mikhaila, which will
give us a side quest. Well, while we are here...

 o OBJECTIVE (Assist Mikhaila Ilyushin): Meet Mikhaila in the Coolant Monitoring
                                         station in Power Plant.
 Head forward and check the right crate for [_FRAYED WIRE_] and a [_SUIT REPAIR
KIT_]. Up ahead is a security station with three Cyst Nests in it. You can use
your shotgun to blast them apart fairly easily. Enter for a [_WEAPON UPGRADE
KIT_], [_GLOO CANISTER x33_] and the "Starbender Cycle Book 5" which you likely
don't need. There's a PC here too. Hack it (Hacking II) and download the area
map and open the door here to continue. Note there's a personnel list here as
well. Be sure to grab the [_KAFE KARSK x2_] and [_COLD MOUNTAIN GREEN TEA x3_]
here before going into the next room.

 You'll be greeted by "Brenda Cabrera's Corpse" here, with a [_BURNT CIRCUIT
on her. Beware of a Greater Mimic in here as well! On the right side of the room
is "Lan Nguyen's Corpse" with [_FRAYED WIRE_], a [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_], some
[_SHOTGUN SHELLS x3_] and [_TRAHNSCRIBE: LAN NGUYEN_]. Listen to it for a report
of some repair work. Huh...

 Well, the "Engineering Offices" nearby look out of order, but there is a
"Grounding Resistor" nearby we can repair. Do so and carry it to the sparking
resistor nearby to turn the lights on in the offices. Hmm...

 Head forwards and break the glass on the right for [_AGAVE PLANT CLIPPINGS_]
and [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_], then be sure to QUICK SAVE! The room on the left
is dangerous, with electricity everywhere. Get your Gloo Gun out and enter,
then jump forward, turning left and shooting the junction panel, then repair
it to have a safe landing.

 It's still not safe in here though. There's a Poltergeist in the back area
along with Cyst and a Cyst Nest. The best way to get back there is to make a
little bridge with your Gloo Gun. I recommend (from the entrance) just making
a base near the right corner and shooting over blobs to the far wall. We can
use this later (you can alternatively just the ceiling to get over there, as
there's lots of hanging lights and monitors).

 Once you get over there, find and kill the Poltergeist and Cysts to make
this area safe.
 Once they are dead, you can loot the area! "Duncan Krassikoff's Corpse" is
over here, with some [_FRAYED WIRE_], [_SPARE PARTS_], the [_TRANSCRIBE: DUNCAN
and the [_POLYSHIELD CRU[v2]_]. There's a [_SILENCED PISTOL_] and another
[_GLOO CANNON_] nearby too, with a [_Q-BEAM FABRICATION PLAN_].

 Nearby is a PC (partially covered by Gloo, so clear it up). There's the "Mal
Championship" book nearby too. Check the PC for FOUR new emails:

 o [_EMAIL 143: RE: DOME TAKER_]
 This "Rory" guy seems to be bothering him a lot! Heh. Well, let's go check
out another PC. It's in the water, so you'll need to make a little safe area
to check it. It's in the right corner (right from where you enter) and has
two supply crates nearby too (loot them for a [_BROKEN COOLER FAN_], some
[_SPARE PARTS_], and a [_PSI HYPO_]). The PC belongs to Duncan, but you can
hack it with Hacking Level I and get in for two new emails:


 Head back to the front area now. There's a body on one of the sets of stairs
here (Miguel Lopez), so be sure to search him for [_9MM BULLETS x6_] and
[_SHOTGUN SHELLS x3_]. Up in the center console area is the [_TRANSCRIBE:
EMMANUEL MENDEZ_] which is worth a listen. The "Engineering Control Systems"
book is here too, by Mendez's PC, which has two more new emails:

 o [_EMAIL 146: RE: THE ESCAPE PODS..._]
 o [_EMAIL 147: RE: DUNCAN_]

 Head out of this room and into the Grav Elevator now, which will take us
to a GINORMOUS ROOM (technical term) further in!

  Coolant Chamber
 This area is huge, but first things first: Head down to the bottom of the
area and help the turrets down here fight off the enemies. There are several
mimics down here (Greater and Normal) as well as two Phantoms moving around
down here and one more Phantom on the upper ledges. There's FOUR turrets down
here: two on the right and two on the left. Help them kill everything down

 Once it is safe, you can head right from the stairs down here to find the
corpse of "Matthew Connolly". He's got a [_BASEBALL GLOVE_], [_SUN-DRIED
TOMATO JERKY_] and a Gloo Gun nearby. In the back is a giant door that is
locked. We'll get a call here, but the key isn't far from our location. See
the fire broken out nearby? Use your Gloo Gun to put it out and you'll see a
corpse. "Talia Brooks". Loot her for some [_FRAYED WIRE_], a [_SUIT REPAIR
TALIA BROOKS_] and the keycard we want: the [_COOLANT CHAMBER KEYCARD_].

 From here, head to the middle of the area. Check the concrete slabs down
MATERIAL 1.0_]. Enter the nearby hole in the wall for a [_BURNT CIRCUIT
BOARD_] and a [_CORRODED COIL_]. You can go around either way you wish now
(watch out for mimics!) and on the other side is a passage that leads to a
dead end with a [_NEUROMOD_].

 I say "Dead End", but really there's some cargo right above you that you
can move with "Leverage III" or just use a recycler charge to get inside.
You will find some [_SPARE PARTS_] in here and another turret (you can also
unlock the door). There's also an entry into the room above you that you can
use. It's a bit tricky, but regular jumps should do it and you'll make it.
This is the "Parts Storage" room, and there are EIGHT mimics in here so be
ready to kill them (the "Mimic Detection Chipset" is worth every penny in

 Loot the room now for a [_CORRODED COIL_], [_WRENCH FABRICATION PLAN_],
and finally some more [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT x2_]. Note that there's also some
"Grounding Resistors" you can use to fix the broken one in the hallway up

 Leave the parts storage now. For the record, there's not much up on this
second level that's worthy of you, so head down again and make your way to
the back where we can use the keycard to open the door.

 Be ready, as there's a phantom in here we can kill (he walks around the
corner, which lets you ambush him). There's two Greater Mimics around the
corner as well, so be ready for them. Kill them all and unblock the Grav
Elevator here. Let's explore a bit. Go back and down to the lower area that
is nearby, then right into the "Med Bay".

 Ok, that SHOCKED me. Got me good (I hit the wall with a wrench). This is
the corpse of "Anthony Aquilante". He has a [_BROKEN COOLER FAN_] and an
[_EMP CHARGE_] on him. There's a broken operator you can fix here. Grab the
check the cabinets for [_BIOHAZARD WASTE_], some [_PSI HYPO x2_], and some
[_PETRI DISH SAMPLE x2_]. This lower area also has an airlock (that your
brother locked down) and some shelves with [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_], some
[_FRAYED WIRE_] and a [_FRIED HARD DRIVE_] on them.

 Now we need to get into the room nearby. You have the keycard already to
do so, so enter and go talk to the woman in here (Mikhaila). She'll tell us
what we need to do next. After you talk to her though (again... if you have
been following this guide...) you can give her the medicine we picked up MUCH
earlier in the guide (her "Booster Shots"). We got those all the way back in
Chapter 4!

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "A Friend in Need" Bronze Trophy here for helping
          out Mikhaila with her medicine.

 She does give us a [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_] for our trouble and we will also
complete the "Assist Mikhaila Ilyushin" Side Quest. Very nice!

 Let's loot this area now. There's a "Hands-On Electronics" book here, the
[_SPARE PARTS_] and a [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_] in some shelves, and a locked
PC you will need "Hacking I" for. Hack it to find two new emails:

 o [_EMAIL 148: YOU WANT IN?_]

 Read both of them for some gee-whiz info, and even more importantly, a rare
silver trophy!

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Press Sneak" Silver Trophy here, for reading ALL
          of the emails on Talos I! This seems like it came too early, but...
          hey, I'm not complaining!

 Let's continue on. Use the Grav Elevator to continue down. You'll have a
call from January here, but soon you'll be past the large door to the reactor.

  Reactor Core
 This area is HUGE. Probably the biggest in the game so far (as long as you
don't count the Exterior Area I suppose). So... there's stairs to the left
(and a broken Grav Elevator that we can fix from the bottom, because go figure)
and to the right is a cargo lift that is out of commission.

 There's actually "levels" to this area as well. Walkways that span the room
every few floors. I'm going to label them, from top to bottom, B1 - B4. There's
no notable items on the first couple of levels, but on the third level (B3) you
can go down the walkway and find a [_NEUROMOD_] and, in the back, [_GLOO
CANISTER x34_] and a [_MEDKIT_]. Note that, in my game at least, this particular
neuromod was STUCK in the floor and I couldn't actually pick it up (grrr...).

 Down on the next level (B4) you can find a toolbox with [_SPARE PARTS_] and
[_USED PLASTIC TUBING_]. Over by the maintenance lift you can find a "Divertor"
part. I recommend you throw it down to the lower level (we'll need it later, so
just remember it for now). You can also find "Nicholas Stillwater's Corpse",
ACCESS KEYCARD_]. Ol' Nicholas has made things very easy on us!

 Down on the bottom level, you may encounter the "Nightmare" again. Lord knows
I did. I guess I just have too many neuromods. Take it out if you do (my maxed
Shotgun and maxed Combat Focus are still serving me well... I have no doubt they
will carry me through the game). Once the area is "safe" we can get to work.

 There's a number of things we can repair. First up is the Grav Elevator, which
is very handy and worth repairing. You can find some [_SYNTHETIC MATERIAL x2.0_]
by the Recycler machine, which you can also repair to use if you wish. You can
find a Fabricator down here as well, so you can offload all your junk and re-arm
yourself as needed. The central reactor also has some Cyst Nests you should take
out (open the door with the button). You may take radiation damage, but clear
the place out. Trust me, it's best to get this over with. There's also a very
important, story-based note I want to add here:


 There is a maintenance access panel on the floor, near the Fabricator Machine.
 We don't really need it right now, but if you do open it up it will open up a
 large, circular area underneath the reactor. THIS is where you put your arming
 keys. Note that there's two spots to put the arming keys (one for yours, one
 for Alex's key). We don't have Alex's key, so this is just a giant "FYI" for
 right now...


 Next up, go find that "Divertor" that you threw down earlier. Set it out in
the middle of the area so you can see it clearly.

 The main attraction here (we'll get to the side rooms in a minute) is the
"Reactor Room" in the middle and across from it is the "Reactor Control Room".
You can enter it through the door thanks to the keycard (you can also get in
from the ceiling with your Gloo Gun if you really wanted to, although that's
more trouble and takes "Leverage II"). Inside is quite a few goodies: [_BURNT
to check the book on the console here as well:

 "Reactor Emergency Procedures"
 (1) Magnetosphere
 (2) Substation Power Grid
 (3) Photovoltaic Rings
 (4) Gravity
 (5) Life Support
 (6) Main Reactor

 This is the "how to restart the station" booklet we need, with the order of
things that need reset (I typed it in list form to make it super easy). You
can open the hatches in this room and, once you're ready, go ahead and turn
these systems off one by one. You will get various effects as you do this, but
eventually the reboot process will STALL and we'll have to go fix it!

 This next section requires you to go out the door (whee..) and go pick up
your "Divertor" that you set nearby. Head into the reactor room and go to the
back. You will see a broken piece of equipment on the floor back here, as well
as [_TRANSCRIBE: NICHOLAS STILLWATER_], which tells us that we need a Divertor.
Go figure! You will need to put down the good one, remove the bad one, and then
replace the new one. Problem solved! You can now go back and resume the reboot!

 And just like that, power is back on. Airlocks are unlocked. The lift is fixed.
A lot of good stuff has happened. A lot of messed-up stuff has happened too. The
walkways in this area are just... destroyed and there's a lot of typhon out and
about (I had to kill a Technopath with turrets and a Weaver... I let my Q-Beam
do the work).

 One more place to explore before we leave. In the back right is the "Secure
Storage Room". It was locked up before the power reboot, but it should be wide
open now. You can raid it to find a [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_] and a toolbox with

 We've also technically completed the "Reboot" objective, which means we'll be
moving on to the next chapter. Look at it this way: The station is WIDE OPEN to
us now... and we're going to take advantage of it!

                               ___ ___ _____   __
                              | _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /
                              |  _/   / _| \ V / 
        ______________________|_| |_|_\___| |_|_______________________
O==<                 CHAPTER 11: The Keys to the Kingdom                  >==O

 After the reboot, you got a call from Alex (huh... I didn't mention this
earlier... oh well, it happened). He's come to terms with our tenacity it
seems and wants to talk to us, giving us an objective:

 o OBJECTIVE: Go hear Ales out in his office (Arboretum)
 Let's get out of here. Watch out for enemies if you haven't taken them out
and use the Grav Elevator for an easy way out (the stairs are just DESTROYED).
We have a path choice here on how we get out of here: we can go the way we came
(there's all sorts of new phantoms) or the airlock. Personally, I'm going back
the way I came in (I missed a side quest and area, so due to hindsight, keep on
following me!).

 Of note is the Hydrogen Room. As we pass Mikhaila, she'll tell us that some of
the tanks are leaking and using a firearm in this area WILL kill us (be sure to
quick-save!). In the room is two phantoms patrolling up above and one down
below. DO NOT USE FIREARMS here. If you have the repair skill (and you really
should...),  you can repair THREE Hydrogen Tanks in this area to resume use of
firearms. Just follow the wrench icons to find them and avoid the patrolling
phantom in the meantime, then kill the phantoms in the room. The stairs here are
destroyed, so use your Gloo Gun to make new ones or just jump up through the
hole in the storage room. You may also find a mimic on your way back. Other than
that though, continue on to "Life Support".

  Life Support
 As you enter this area, you may get a call from "Will Mitchell", taunting us
a bit. Bah. Fight your way forward to the left side of the map (the main area).
You'll fight a number of mimics and some phantoms here, so be ready for them
(the station rebooting shaked a lot of things up!). Also, an important note:

 (-NOTE-) I broke down and bought "Leverage II" and "Leverage III" here. I made
          do without them for so long, but its time. It will come in handy soon.

 We're going to get something I never got us earlier (my bad, everyone). Head
into the bathroom and look for the grate in the back. You can actually pick this
thing up and set it aside, then drop down to the floor underneath (no wonder I
missed this thing!). You can find the [_SECURITY OFFICE KEYCARD_] down here,
which is what we need to get to that locked room nearby.

  Security Office
 OK, now it's time to loot this place, thanks to that well-hidden card we found.
The lockers here have a [_USED CIGAR_], [_ASTEROID FRAGMENT x2_], [_FLEXIFOAM

 Go further into the room for a [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_] on top of the safe, which
we have the code to (9716) or you can hack it with "Hacking III". Go ahead and
[_SHOTGUN SHELL_]. A single shell! Further in the back here is the "Survivor's
Account of "The Evacuation" Day 3" book and a security station PC. This PC has
three new emails on it, and you definitely want to read these:

 o [_EMAIL 150: PRIORITIES..._]

 The last email here will give us a NEW Side Quest: the "Missing Engineer" Side
Quest, as well as an objective:

 o OBJECTIVE (Missing Engineer): Locate Jean Faure

 Let's do it in the section below!

  Missing Engineer
 Use computer here to track "Jean Faure", which shows that she is... back in
the Power Plant area. Gah, we were just there! Wait until you see where she is
though! Head all the way back to the giant Reactor Room (this should be a
breeze since you killed the enemies on the way here...).

 In the giant reactor room? Good. Go right to the maintenance lift and look
up the shaft. See the hole up there? Yeah... we need to go UP. Be sure to
quick-save here and then use the corner (I used the far right corner) and
your Gloo Gun. You can literally just shoot a blob to stand on and climb
upwards wall to wall until you get up there. This may take some practice,
but that's why we quick-saved!

 Once you get to the opening, be ready for a Phantom and a Mimic up here.
You will find Jean Faure at the end of this small pathway. Well hidden
indeed (the game keeps getting me with these!). Search her for a [_NEUROMOD_],
ROOM KEYCARD_]. The crates nearby have a [_NEUROMOD_], [_FRAYED WIRE_], [_GLOO
CANISTER x16_], [_RECYCLER CHARGE_] and [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_]. This isn't the
end of this side quest though, as we get another objective since we picked up
that keycard:
 o OBJECTIVE (Missing Engineer): Access the air filtration control room.
 Head back to "Life Support" now and head back to the main hub area. We want
to then go to the Air Filtration area (the room with the fans). If you didn't
go here during our last visit, there are likely a couple of Thermal Phantoms
in here (be ready to clear the room again). Our goal is to go to the upper
left room. Remember, it had a control room that was locked before! You can
open it now with this keycard. As soon as you enter the room, the "Missing
Engineer" quests will be completed. It's a fairly meager reward. Inside here
BOARD_] and a [_NEUROMOD_]. That's it.

 Let's continue on. We're going to wrap up some more side quests. Go back out
to the hub area and take the stairs up to your left. This door leads to the
"Talos I Lobby". We've never used it before, actually. Let's head in.
  Talos I Lobby
 As you enter this area, you will likely get a call from Mikhaila stating she
made it to your office, where she should meet Igwe and January. This actually
pops one of the game's trophies:

 (-NOTE-) You should get the "Brain Trust" silver trophy here for having
          Mikhaila, Igwe and January all in your office at the same time.

 We also get a new side quest for Mikhaila  here:
 o OBJECTIVE (Mikhaila Ilyushin): Meet Mikhaila Ilyushin in your office

 Sounds good! You should be near the lift now. WATCH OUT for a Recycler Charge
Trap on it! The cook has been here! Go ahead and use the lift to go to the Lobby
Area proper. There may be enemies out in the main area. Cyst Nests, a Weaver,
Phantoms... it's random what you may or may not encounter. Just be ready to
fight and clear the area (check on your turrets here as well).

 Since we are so close, go back to your office. You'll complete the "Mikhaila
Ilyushin" Side Quest doing this (and she'll give you a [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_],
although that may be a random item... she tends to give you things when you
visit her).

 Talk to Mikhaila now (this may require multiple talks to trigger) to get a
new Side Quest to trigger with her. This side quest is "Mikhaila's Father":

 o OBJECTIVE (Mikhaila's Father): Access the Volunteer Archive Terminal in
                                  Deep Storage
 Well, it is a bit out of the way, but not bad. We may as well grab the goods
they've gathered on the desk: [_GLOO CANISTER x68_], [_SKYKING POMEGRANATE_],

 BEFORE we head off, we can get a trophy pretty easily here (we should have
got this a long time ago, to be honest). Do a Quick Save here and then kill off
January. Doing this will net you a trophy:

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Suicide by Proxy" Bronze Trophy here for killing
          off January, the Operator you created to act for yourself.

 Reload once you got the trophy of course. No harm, no foul! Now, let's leave
the office after loading up on ammo and items and get our smuggling on!

  Talos Smuggling Ring (Finishing It)
 This area is all about finding the remaining Smuggling Ring locations, which
won't take too long. This fourth and fifth ones are in the Talos Lobby, so let's
go get them!

 Talos Smuggling Ring 4/6:
 You can find this one on the bottom floor of the lobby. Go over to where the
bathrooms are (face them) and go down the left hallway, looking to the right
for an alarm on the wall. Whack it three times (like normal) to open it up for
some  [_PSI HYPO x2_] and a [_NEUROMOD_].
 We're going to bypass the updated objective and just continue on to the next
mark already (we're not stopping until we get them all after all!).
 Talos Smuggling Ring 5/6:

 This one is also fairly close. It is over in the "Transtar Exhibit" on the
other side of the ground floor. Approach the exhibit from the north (north
according to the map...) and look IMMEDIATELY to your left to see the alarm.
Smack it three times for some [_NEUROMOD x2_] and [_RECYCLER CHARGE x2_].

 Talos Smuggling Ring 6/6:
 Time for the last one! The final smuggling spot is in the "Hardware Labs",
which unfortunately means we're going to have to face a few phantoms and mimics
as we haven't been here in awhile! There may be some poltergeists in the wide
open areas as well. Where we want to go is to the "Atrium" section. Up on the
second floor (you may need to turn the power back on in this area again...).

 Remember the statue up here? The alarm panel you are looking for is behind
that statue, on the right. Whack it three times for a [_NEUROMOD_].

 Since this is the last one, we will also complete the "Talos Smuggling Ring"
Side Quest and get the trophy down below!

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Black Market" Bronze Trophy here for finding all
          of the smuggling ring locations in the game. Congrats!

 There's another thing we can do here... but if you've been following this
guide, it is largely unnecessary. Still, it is interesting and involves a
trophy so I'm going to make a note about it below:

 You can do a side quest called "Mixed Signals", but it seems to be highly
dependent on us having a significant number of Typhon Abilities. As you know,
this guide has been human abilities only up to now (I tried saving, buying a
ton of Typhon abilities and still couldn't get it to trigger after running
around and fighting Nightmares.

 The general gist is this: you accumulate Typhon Abilities and fight the
Nightmare at some point to obtain the quest. Then, you come to this area in
the Hardware Labs (head next to the Airlock). Here, you can repair the "Moon
Door" in the back (we were too low level earlier - this requires "Repair III").
The machine nearby picks up a satellite, which lets us drop down and check the
supply box for [_EXPIRED PLASMA BAG x2_] and [_PETRI DISH SAMPLE_] and on the
floor a [_THERMAL SHIELDING (*) 19.4GHZ_] chipset.

 The important thing here though is on the satellite: take the [_SATELLITE
PSYCHOTRONIC TRANSISTOR_]. You can use this thing by going out into space,
following the "Mixed Signals" quest path, and putting it on a satellite that
is orbiting around the station. From there, you gain the power to call or
dismiss the Nightmare creature as you wish (up to four times I've read).

 Again, I haven't done this personally, but will try it on my Typhon
Playthrough. For the trophy, of course...


 OK, now it's time to head to the "Arboretum". On the way back, I just want to
note that I went back to the office and made some more shotgun shells. While I
was there, Igwe gave me a [_[O] OPTIMIZER (ENERGY) 00100Z_] Scope Chipset. Awful
nice of him!

 The best way to get back to the Arboretum is to use the main lift. Fo ahead and
head there now.

 We're going to do some more side quests while we are here (don't worry, Alex
can wait). Head towards the area / entrance to "Crew Quarters" (killing whatever
enemies you may have to) and you'll get a call from Dr. Igwe. He'll make a
personnel request of us to go pick up something for him from his personal
quarters. This comes complete with a musical recording, which is nice:

 o OBJECTIVE (Gustav Leitner): Retrieve Gustav Leitner's Connectome from Dr.
                               Igwe's Quarters
 Well then, we actually have two quests in the Crew Quarters, so let's do this!

  Gustav Leitner / With This Ring...
 Head to the Crew Quarters area and be ready to fight any re-spawns here. You
are likely facing a couple of patrolling phantoms and mimics everywhere (I
sneaked up on the phantom to the upper left right away).

 (-NOTE-) I did the treasure map for this area (Captain Stabfello's Map) portion
          here, as I didn't get it earlier. If you are following the guide, you
          should already have it. Hindsight is 20/20!

 Once the area is relatively clear, head to "Crew Quarters A". You're looking
for Dr. Igwe's room, which is the second to last on the right. Head inside and
look for the poster here. What you need to do is to play the "Leitner Music
Sample" inside his room. This opens up the poster to reveal a safe. Loot it for
[_PSI HYPO x3_], [_NEUROMOD_], [_[O] KINETIC AMP +6QW5_] and the main item we

 o OBJECTIVE (Gustav Leitner): Return Gustav Leitner's Connectome to Dr. Igwe

 One more thing to do here. Go up to executive suites. Nicole Hague is up here.
She is likely in the guest room, across from Alex's bedroom. And sure enough...
damn it... she's a phantom. Go ahead and kill her (nothing else we can do), then
loot her for a [_NEUROMOD_], [_WEDDING RING_] and other random phantom items.

 o OBJECTIVE (With This Ring...): Return the Wedding Ring to Kevin Hague

 That's all we need to do, so go ahead and go back to Arboretum...

  Best Served Cold...
  Ok, now onto more side quest business! You should be in the Arboretum now.
Head up the slope on the right (you'll probably fight some mimics and phantoms
if you didn't explore up here again) and take the right exit to the "Talos I
Bridge" area. We've got a score to settle...

  Talos I Bridge
 This... this is actually our first time here. It's a (purely incidental)
perfect time to explore it though. We're being very efficient exploration-wise
right now!  
 There's two mimics in this starting area, so be careful of them as you
enter. To the right is a trashcan with a [_BANANA PEEL_] and right across
from that is a crate with some [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_]. Head forwards (but
watch out for mimics) to find "Matt Cothron's Corpse". He has some [_9MM
PLAN_] on him. Take it all.

 Now, go and jump over the ledge. See the Grav Elevator? To the right of that
are some boxes blocking an opening. No need to get down there though: it leads
below the floor in the bridge area, which is not needed (just another way to
get there...) and there's no items of note under there. Take the elevator to
the Escape Pods.

  Escape Pods
 Save when you get down here and grab the [_MEDKIT_] to the right. We've seen
a room just like this before. To the right is a briefcase with the [_EMP CHARGE
FABRICATION PLAN_] and [_[O] SHOTGUN CRITICAL ++_]. There's some bodies here as
well: "Sadie Hall" who has a [_BASEBALL GLOVE_] and [_LEMON PEEL_]. And then
there's "Gordon Bitz" who also has a [_LEMON PEEL_]. Further on is "Stone
Blanchard" who has some [_FRAYED WIRE_] and an [_EMP CHARGE_]. None of these
pods have anything in them, by the way (feel free to check).

 (-NOTE-) Be SURE to QUICKSAVE here!
 Now, cross the bridge and look into this last pod. "Will Mitchell" is here
and he's trying to get us to come inside with him. See the recycler to his
right? If you DO go inside, he will use it and try to kill you. Honestly, it
is best to use your pistol and just shoot him in the head to kill him.

 (-NOTE-) Shooting the cook DOES NOT count as killing a human. For some
          reason. Hard to believe, but yeah. Go wild. It won't void your
          "Kill No Human" trophy.
 Once you kill him, the side quest "Danielle Sho" will be complete and you'll
get the following trophy:

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Best Served Cold" Bronze Trophy for avenging Abby
          and killing Luka, the "Imposter Cook".
 Let's loot him now for [_EXPIRED PLASMA BAG x3_] and [_SISAK UNAGI ROLLZ x3_].
You can get that [_RECYCLER_] and check his briefcase for [_JELLIED EELS x4_],
a [_MEDKIT_] and [_NEUROMOD x2_].

 That's it for down here, so go back up the elevator and get the trashcan right
in front of you for [_USED CIGAR x2_]. There's a [_TYPHON LURE_] and [_SILENCED
PISTOL_] here too. Go up the ramp and left, down the hallway we haven't been
down yet to reach the Command Deck.

  Command Deck
 There's a Voltaic Phantom in here, so be ready to take him out. To the right
is "Spencer Ogden's Corpse". He has a [_BANANA PEEL_], [_KAFE KARSK_] and the
[_LEVERAGE ASSIST CRU Q1_] chipset. To the right is an [_EMP CHARGE_] and the
[_TRANSCRIBE: MATT COTHRON_]. Interesting listen. Further in is "Izumi Minami's
Corpse". Loot her for a [_LEMON PEEL_] and a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_]. There is also
the [_TRANSCRIBE: ALIKA JAMES_] just past her on the shelf.

 (-NOTE-) This actually completes a side quest called "Where is Kirk"... as
          we've already found him and thus don't need to do this.
 Head out and take a right, up to the command area. There's two mimics in here
so be ready to kill them. The captain is up here too. There's a [_SILENCED
PISTOL_] and the [_TRANSCRIBE: JADA MARKS_] by her. Loot her for a [_NEUROMOD_],

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Psychometry" Silver Trophy here, for listening
          to all of the game's TranScribe recordings.
 Now, nearby is a computer about a shuttle being sent off... This is supposed
to be a test. Do we risk those people being affected or leave them alone? Well
this is really your choice, but read the note below and make your call...

 (-NOTE-) If you SCUTTLE the shuttle, you kill the humans but... your "Killed
          Human" counter does not go up. Yeah... I ended up destroying it.
          Just an FYI.
 Go loot the back of this place now for some [_DUCK BEER_], [_SISKAK UNAGI
ROLLZ x2_] and a [_MEDKIT_] from the right cabinet. There's some [_GREEN
BEETLE GIN_] and [_OLD SARDAR BOURBON_], the "Flight Log: Scott Parker" book
and [_RANDOM DIM SUM_]. By the couch is a bookcase that has the [_[O] PISTOL
CRITICAL ++_] chipset and "Bill Nixon-Greene's Corpse". He has a [_BURNT

 We're done up here, so go back down the stairs. Head to the outer walkway
here and break the mirror-looking glass. It is just a PC window. You can get
behind to a work area. Back here there's not much but crates, but you can
find some [_SPARE PARTS_] and a [_BROKEN COOLER FAN_]. This is also where
the vent that goes under the floor back in the entrance comes out (you can
explore down there, but again, there's nothing to find).

 Head to the end of this area to find an "exit" door. This leads to the
"Briefing Room" via a back door. Crafty! Kill the phantom and mimic in here
to make it safe.

 To the right is some [_OLD SARDAR BOURBON_], [_KINGS & WAY SPARKLING WINE_]
nearby desk has a TON of food: [_RUSSIAN BLINIS x2_], [_SPIRALITE COOKIES_],
(one of those is in a waste can by the podium), the corpse of "Skye Braxton"
which has a [_BROKEN COOLER FAN_], [_SPARE PARTS_] and the [_[O] PSYCHOSHOCK
SHIELDING (*) 21.4GHZ_] and finally a [_KAFE KARSK_] by the podium.

 There's also a [_SUN-DRIED TOMATO JERKY_] in the corner. Grab it and head
to the upper area to find "Perry Fullbright's Corpse". He has a [_BROKEN
COOLER FAN_] and a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_] on him. He's next to a safe... that
we can hack with "Hacking I". Too easy! Open it for a [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_],
a [_NULLWAVE TRANSMITTER_] and [_NEUROMOD x2_]. There is a cabinet on the way
out that has a [_PSI HYPO_] and [_MEDKIT FABRICATION PLAN_]. Exit the briefing
room now.

 (-NOTE-) I decided to spend some Neuromods here. I had 26 of them (I made 6-8
          at one point between the last time I spent any, so that accounts for
          some of them).
          I bought Sneak Attack II, Mobility II, Stamina I and Stamina II,
          Neurostimulant I and finally Neurostimulant II. My human abilities
          are nearly maxed out at this point.

 Take a right to the work area for... not much, honestly, but there is a PC
here with three new emails for us:

 o [_EMAIL 153: WHERE ARE YOU?_]

 Head out to the middle area nos and grab the [_FRAYED WIRE_] and [_BURNT
CIRCUIT BOARD_]. There's not much in the lower circular area. You can change
the LG cameras here if you want, and "Omar Bolivar's Corpse" is down here,
KEYCARD_]. There's a PC with another email on it:

 o [_EMAIL 156: NEW PEOPLE_]

 And that's all we really have to do in this area. Rather eventful, overall.
Head back to the Arboretum once you are ready.

 Beware! The Nightmare is almost guaranteed if you used as many neuromods as
I did in that last area! If you're following me, be ready to take him out!

 We're not going to stay long in this area. Our next little objective is going
to be in "Deep Storage". It won't take us long and we are RIGHT HERE, so we may
as well help out Mikhaila...
  Deep Storage
 As you enter this area, you'll get a call from Dr. Igwe about the information
Mikhaila wants. He's warning us, as he knows that we have no idea what this
info really is...

 Since the reboot, there are phantoms and mimics in this area. Kill them if you
wish. I killed any mimic that surprised me, but otherwise I took a quick right
up the stairs and to the second floor, then straight into the small little safe
room (where the objective marker guides you).

 The PC in here is the special volunteer tracker PC. Go ahead and enter the
volunteer ID and we'll be faced with a moral choice. Go ahead and LISTEN to the
file. Yeah... old Morgan is an accomplice, that's for sure. Our choice here is
to DELETE the file or TRANSFER it.

 You can of course make your pick, but I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you go ahead and
"Transfer Audio File". By doing this, we will get a trophy later on, and that
trumps, well... making Mikhaila feel a bit better.

 Go ahead and head back to the Arboretum. As we head there though, we're going
to switch chapters here. A bit early, yes, but it feels like good timing!

                               ___ ___ _____   __
                              | _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /
                              |  _/   / _| \ V / 
        ______________________|_| |_|_\___| |_|_______________________
O==<                CHAPTER 12: Before I Give You The Key                 >==O

 OK, head up to Alex's office now and once you enter you'll see he's not
here at all, but we do get an objective.
  o OBJECTIVE: Watch the video in Alex's office
 Go ahead and grab the [_NEUROMOD x2_] on his office desk (a gift, I guess)
and then watch the video from his PC (his comment about us hacking it is spot
on of course.

 This video is quite telling. Another version of us, it seems... a version
that Alex is hoping he can appeal to...
  o OBJECTIVE: Get the chipset for scanning coral from Alex's desk and
               install it.
 Well... since he's going to ultimately give us the choice and isn't going
to fight us, I suppose we can go along with this. Even January will agree
that this is likely the easiest way to get his arming key.

 Grab the [_[O] CORAL DETECTOR 64SI_] that pops out of the desk and equip it.
This will let us scan and see the coral we need:

 o OBJECTIVE: Scan the Coral in the Exterior (Talos I Exterior)
 Good. We're ready to continue now. Head back to main left and go back to
the Talos I Lobby.

  Talos I Lobby
 Go back to your office now and talk to Mikhaila Ilyushin. She'll have been
waiting on us to listen to the record we found. This isn't going to be good,
but it will net us a trophy at least:

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Self-Incriminating" Silver Trophy here for showing
          Mikhaila the truth about what you did...
 Yeah, she is beyond pissed at us and Dr. Igwe will likely have some dialog
with her as well (January may have some dialog as well). We'll have completed
the "Mikhaila's Father" side quest though! Nice!

 Once your done with that, go give the item to Igwe for another trophy (and to
complete his "Gustav Leitner" side quest. This gets us another trophy! We're
racking them up here!

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Gift to the World" Silver Trophy here for giving
          Dr. Igwe Gustav Leitner's Connectome. Very nice!

 We need to head to the Cargo Bay now and return the ring we found. We can
knock out two birds with one stone though and head there through the Talos I
Exterior and do what Alex wanted (I recommend taking along a lot of pistol
ammo for the Exterior section).

 Head to the Hardware Lab and use the Air Lock there to get to the Exterior
of the ship easily. Since you were just there, it should be pretty easy to do.
Let's pick up outside!

  Talos I Exterior
 This is a bit weird, but pretty fun. Head to the "Coral Node" location. The
nearby one from Hardware Labs is north, by a small hole guarded by a Weaver,
so be ready to kill him off (I used a pistol and it ran away when it got low
on health) and enter the small hole.
 Go straight inside here (there's a path to the right you can note) and kill
off an Operator and Weaver (try to hang back and kill them), than another pair
of Operator and Weaver up ahead. This thing is well guarded!

 When you've killed those four enemies, head inwards and scan the Coral Node
(Coral Node 1/2). The next one is nearby though, so we don't  have to go far.
Go straight (note the hole in the wall) and then look to the right for a
Cystoid Nest. Take it out (and wipe out the cysts) and just past it is a
second Coral Node (Coral Node 2/2).

 Once you've scanned this one, you'll see a vision and then we'll have our
objective updated:

 o OBJECTIVE: Upload the scan data with Alex's terminal (Arboretum)

 Head to the Cargo Bay area now and be careful of any enemies hanging about
the area (I fought a Technopath in the outside area). I also found the body
of "Jessica Wiley" out here. Not sure if I just missed her before, or... well,
you should loot her for some [_FRAYED WIRE_], [_SPARE PARTS_], [_GLUCASSIST!_],

 Head into the Cargo Bay when you are done.

  Cargo Bay
 The enemies in here should be fairly suppressed. Well, to be fair, I left 3-4
turrets out in the first area and that cargo hold area should still have 4 more
turrets guarding it.

 Go ahead and give Kevin Hague the ring you found. With this you'll finish the
"With This Ring..." side quest. We're slowly finishing them all! We can start
another one though, one we've had for awhile. Let's do this one next!

  The Blackbox Project
 Use nearby security computer in  Sarah's room to look for Josh Dalton in the
G.U.T.S. system. We've explored a bit of it already, but there's still a section
of it we need to get to, and being in the Cargo Bay is the PERFECT place to do
this from (It's almost like we're following a coherent guide or something... er,
yeah, this is all planned!).

 Once you've got the "Personnel Tracker" going, head down to the cargo room down
below and go to the last room. There is a way to get to "GUTS" from here. Wind
around to the Zero-G area and enter.

 Now, do a 180 degree turn, head up, and look for maintenance hatch above you.
You can follow this to the "GUTS" area, grabbing a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_] on the

 We've never been to THIS part of the GUTS, and we've even got an objective
on our side! This area has no enemies, but there's a storage area to your
right. It's locked up. There's a trick for getting this open: pull out your
Huntress Bow and go past the gate, taking its corner to see an opening. Twist
your camera around and shoot the button to open the storage area.

 This lets you get the [_PSI HYPO x2_] in here. The walls have six safes as
well. Loot them for [_9MM BULLETS x7_], [_Q-BEAM CELLS x90_], [_FRAYED WIRE_],
some [_FLEXIFOAM BOLTS x3_].

 Exit now to fight some Operators and a Technopath. Take them out and explore
a bit below. "Edward Douglas' Corpse" is down here. He has a [_BURNT CIRCUIT
BOARD_] and [_SPARE PARTS_]. There's another [_SPARE PARTS_] past him and a PC
about Cargo Processing here. We can activate it to restart it? Huh, don't see
why we need to though... It has an email though:

 o [_EMAIL 157: ARE YOU READY?_]
 There's also something that requires "Hacking IV" nearby (I'll level with
you guys, no idea where, but it should be nearby... that's what I get for
taking quick notes and not playing for a few days). Inside it should have
some [_RECYCLER CHARGE x3_].

 You want to head upwards now. There's two paths. One "main" one on the
outside, and one to the side that's covered up most of the way (you can get
to either pretty easily). There are Cystoid Nests in the big path, so take
those out as you head up.

 On the way upwards, you'll come across the "Shuttle Bay" exit. This is
actually one of the final areas we have yet to explore. Go ahead and take
it. To the left here is a storage area, where you can find a [_WEAPON UPGRADE
a [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_]. Grab it all and go forward into the next room.

  Fuel Storage
 Jump down and kill the Thermal Phantom and mimics in this area. Once they
are dead, we can explore a bit. There's "Brittany LaValley's Corpse" down
here with a [_LEMON PEEL_] and the [_FUEL STORAGE KEYCARD_]. You can fix the
junction box by her if you want and loot the toolbox nearby for a [_USED
PLASTIC TUBING_] and [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_]. To the upper left, you can turn on
the power with a small console and get a [_MEDKIT_] nearby.

 There are Recycler and Fabrication machines here you can fix if you wish.
The upper right area has the "Too Far, Too Fast I" book and the [_GLOO CANNON
FABRICATION PLAN_] on the floor and there's a [_FRAYED WIRE_] and a [_USED
PLASTIC TUBING_] in the toolbox. The lower right area also has [_RECYCLER
CHARGE x2_]. Go back to the area by the fabricator to see a PC with a new
email on it:


 Finally, before we go just past the corpse is a storage area we can now get
into. Go inside for [_NULLWAVE TRANSMITTER x2_], [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] and
a whopping [_NEUROMOD x3_]. Use the Grav Elevator now and head up, but STOP
and read the note below!

 Time for our last TREASURE HUNT! number. This one is for "Melindra's Map".
 Be sure to look at it right now (just in case) and you'll see it is rather
 layered, but pointing in the corner. Look at the right corner as SOON as
 you get out of the elevator and you will see the number "1"! IMPORTANT!
 Make sure you look at your map and THEN the number!

 o OBJECTIVE (Treasure Hunt): Use the numbers from the maps at Abigail's
 Wow! Well, we'll have to do that at some point. For now though, let's go
explore this "Shuttle Bay" area. We'll get back to G.U.T.S. and Josh Dalton,
don't worry! This will be the last new area we'll explore (besides what we
have left of G.U.T.S. of course)...

  Shuttle Bay
 This area (for me at least) had a NIGHTMARE in it. It had a hard time in
actually moving here, but out and to the left it was moving around. It even
tried to come at me but couldn't really fit into the starting area here.
Either way, be ready for it just in case (especially if you've been following
my neuromods intake).

 After that's done, let's explore. Head straight ahead and explore the right
area. There's not much here, but there are a couple of storage units straight
ahead. The second one is open. You can hop over some crates to find a body in
the back for a [_DISRUPTOR STUN GUN FABRICATION PLAN_] and "Anastacia Uriegas'"
corpse. Loot her for a [_LEMON PEEL_] and a [_BASEBALL GLOVE_].

 Head back the way you came and hit up the toolbox by the segregated room
for a [_FRAYED WIRE_] and [_CORRODED COIL_]. The door of the room is nearby,
so stop the fire if you need to and open it up. To the left is [_SYNTHETIC
MATERIAL 1.0_] on the machinery and [_GLOO CANISTER x59_] under the stairs (on
the shelves). In the back (to the right) is a toolbox, but nothing in it, but
there is some [_MINERAL MATERIAL 1.0_] on the machinery to the left. In the far
back is another toolbox with some [_SPARE PARTS_] and a makeshift table. Loot
ANNIE NOTE_] and "Scott Parker's Corpse". He has a [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_],

 Turn around and use the door to the right. This pops you right by the "Shuttle
Control Room", which has a Phantom in it (there is a [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] in
front of the door as well). Get ready and open the door, then take it out. The
room to the left also has a few mimics in it, so be ready to clear them out as

 (-NOTE-) You can also enter that left room from breaking the windows, which
          makes this keycard... pretty worthless. Oh well, good to have it
 From the main door, loot the vending machine for [_COLD MOUNTAIN GREEN TEA x3_]
and [_KAFE KARSK x2_]. There's [_SPARE PARTS x2_], [_CORRODED COIL_] and some
[_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] on the shelf nearby. Be sure to stop the fire nearby if
you need to.

 Head into the locker room on the right and explore it. To the right is a seat
that's just... sitting out there. There's an [_EMP CHARGE_] and a "Starbender
Book 2" book over here. Go across the hallway now into the "Tooling Room" where
the mimics were. The toolbox here has a [_FRAYED WIRE_] and [_CORRODED COIL_].
The drawing on the wall is... a bit concerning. In the back of the room is
another toolbox with nothing in it and "Mary Stevens" corpse. Loot her for a
single [_LEMON PEEL_]. Loot the rest of the place for [_SPARE PARTS x2_], some
[_RECYCLER CHARGE_] on a nearby table.

 There's also "Scott Parker's PC" here. The "Utilities" tab has a way for you
to activate the Grav Shaft (go ahead and do it). There's a couple of emails
here as well:

 o [_EMAIL 160: [DRAFT] HELP_]

 Well, that last email wasn't good! Head out to the hallway and left to the
"Maintenance Access Only" room. The supply crate by the doorway has nothing
in it, so go straight for a [_GLOO CANNON FABRICATION PLAN_] and a [_NEUROMOD_]
on a desk. To the left is a [_MEDKIT_] and the right has a toolbox with some
[_FRAYED WIRE x2_] and a [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_]. The Fabricator here also has
the [_WE NEED TO PUT A STOP TO THIS! NOTE_]. Feel free to fabricate anything
you may need here.

 Head back outside to the big area and go left. This door here likely has
some fire spitting out on the other side, so be ready to jump over it and
plug the fire up. There's a recycler here with a toolbox. Raid it for some
[_SPARE PARTS_] and [_FRAYED WIRE_] then recycle your junk. Past that is a
lot of empty space, but go unlock the airlock here for 6/6 Airlocks Opened!

 Just past that is a toolbox with [_FRAYED WIRE_], a [_CORRODED COIL_] and
some [_GLOO CNISTER x28_]. There's stairs going down as well. Head down there
but be ready as the only thing down here is surrounded by radiation. In the
corner down here is "Lloyd Thompson's Corpse". QUICKLY loot him for some
[_FRAYED WIRE_], [_SPARE PARTS_] and a [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_]. Get away after
you loot him and use Anti-Rad if you have to.

 Head back up the stairs and act like your going back to the recycler and go
up the stairs here for a [_PSI HYPO_]. To the right if a toolbox with some
[_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] and [_GLOO CANISTER x20_]. The desks nearby have a
locked PC and a [_RANDOM DIM SUM_]. Grab it and hack the PC here (you will
need "Hacking II"). Hack in for three new emails:

 o [_EMAIL 161: ESCAPE_]
 o [_EMAIL 162: RE: LUNCH?_]

 Keep going up the stairs and on the next landing to the left there is a
[_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] on the ground and another [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] in
the toolbox to the right. A technopath MAY attack you from here. He's up above
moving around. I killed him off with my Q-Beam. Probably a good idea to take
him out from here anyway (or you can sneak up there and bum-rush him with the
shotgun if you can stay sneaky).

 From here, continue up to the next room to find "Tom "Buzz" Cooper's Corpse"
on the ground. Loot him for a [_FRAYED WIRE_] and [_EMP CHARGE_]. Enter the
nearby "Information Booth" and you'll find "Blaine Cooly's Corpse". Loot him
for [_SUIT REPAIR KIT x2_] and a [_SHOTGUN SHELL_]. There's a [_SHOTGUN_],
[_NEUROMOD_] and a [_9MM BULLETS x5_] on the ground. Inside there's also a
[_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_] and "Survivor's Account" book in the inside. Finally,
there's a broken PC. Hack it (you'll need "Hacking II") and you can get in.
Use the utilities tab to download the area map and check the email here:

 o [_EMAIL 164: HELP!_]

 Head out of the room and right, pushing the button to get to the main entrance
area (if you came from this area, you'd face the Technopath and two turrets, so
we had it a bit easier, I suppose...

 Go left first though so we can check out the bathrooms. Go into the right one
first, killing a mimic waiting for you and checking the trash for a [_BASEBALL
GLOVE_] and [_CRUMPLED PAPER_]. That's all that's in here. The other bathroom
has a [_LEMON PEEL_] in the trash and [_TULIP FLOWER CUTTINGS_] nearby.

 That's it for the bathrooms. Head out and into the waiting area on the left.
Some luggage here has a [_METHUSELAH APPLE_] and [_DISRUPTOR BATTERIES x52_].
Another one has [_COSMOS FLOWER CUTTINGS_] and [_BIG BANG CANDY_] in it. In the
back of the area is David Simmonds Corpse. He has some [_POPSTAR_] on him and
just past him is some [_OLD SARDAR BOURBON_].

 Exit the waiting area and look at the over-turned cart for some luggage. Loot
them for a [_METHUSELAH APPLE_], [_9MM BULLETS x6_] and some [_TAMIZDAT VODKA_].
To the left is the entrance. The trash over there has [_CRUMPLED PAPER x2_] and
the luggage to the right has [_SPIRALITE COOKIES_] and a [_SUNBURST BANANA_].

 Left of the entrance is a blocked door, [_CALADIUM PLANT STEMS_] and on a cart
some [_OLD SARDAR BOURBON_]. Ignore the blocked door for now and focus on the
room ahead. There's THREE mimics in here, so be ready to take them out. Inside,
you can find "Eddie Voss' Corpse" with a [_GLOO CANNON_] nearby. Loot him for
VOSS_]. This one is about the Smuggling Ring, but we've already done it. The
only other thing in here is a [_SILENCED PISTOL_].

 Exit the room and hang a hard left. There's [_COSMOS FLOWER CUTTINGS_] and
[_TULIP FLOWER CUTTINGS_] here, and the luggage up ahead has a [_SUNBURST
BANANA PUDDING_], [_BIG BANG CANDY_] and [_9MM BULLETS x8_]. There's a ton
of flowers out here too: [_COSMOS FLOWER CUTTINGS_], [_AGAVE PLANT CUTTINGS_]

 To the left is a door you can open leading to the elevator we turned on from
down below (go recycle again if you need to). Go down the hallway now for a
To the left is the "Pilot's Lounge", which we have the code for (you could get
in with Hacking III too if you want). Go ahead and enter.

 To the right in here are some lockers with [_GLOO CANISTER x29_], [_Q-BEAM
x51_], [_CRUMPLED PAPER_] and a [_FELXIFOAM BOLT_]. The center desk is also
just full of items: [_RANDOM DIM SUM_], the [_SUIT REPAIR KIT FABRICATION
PLAN_], another [_SHUTTLE CONTROL ROOM KEYCARD_] and a [_NEUROMOD_]. Past that
is a [_PSI HYPO_] as well.

 Look at the corpse nearby now. "Galel Seif". Loot her for a [_BROKEN COOLER
FAN_], [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_] and the [_TRANSCRIBE: GALEL SEIF_]. Listen to it
while looking at the supply crate for a [_SUNBURST BANANA_] and by the time it
is done you'll have a new side quest:

 o OBJECTIVE (Derelict Shuttle): Find out what happened to Hunter Hale and
                                 Shuttle Exalt.
 The only other things in here is the drink vendor for [_COLD MOUNTAIN GREEN
TEA x3_] and [_KAFE KARSK x2_]. The trashcan also has a [_LEMON PEEL_]. Grab
it and head back to the hallway. Up ahead is an [_AGAVE PLANT CLIPPING_], but
the left hallway just leads back to the entrance (and none of the suitcases
have anything in them).

 Continue on and pick up the [_SILENCED PISTOL_], then head onwards to go
down the stairs. There is a mimic at the bottom, so be ready to kill it and
as you approach the escape pods, Frank will send you a message, which starts
another side quest:

 o OBJECTIVE (Escape Attempt): Blow the Shuttle Bay escape pod hatch from the
                               station exterior.
 We can probably do that, but only after we explore. This area is very similar
to the other escape pod areas we've explored. There's two mimics in the area,
so go kill them before we explore (the head back to the entrance).

 The first thing here is "Nils Kjaergaard's Corpse". Loot him for a single
[_SHOTGUN SHELL_] and [_TRANSCRIBE: NILS KJAERGAARD_]. The nearby stairs have
"Donald Hall's Corpse". Loot him for a [_BROKEN COOLER FAN_], a [_SUIT REPAIR
KIT_] and a [_SHOTGUN SHELL_]. Explore this nearby walkway for "Todd Matsuyama's
Corpse" for a [_BURNST CIRCUIT BOARD_] and  a [_SPARE PARTS_]. The middle pod
must be the one Frank took. The other two pods have nothing in them.

 The middle walkway has a crate with [_CRISPY FRITES_] and [_METHUSELAH APPLE
x2_] in it, with "Drew Springer's Corpse" nearby. Loot him for a [_BROKEN
Note the maintenance hatch here. We'll come back to this...

 The next escape pod here has two mimics inside, so be ready for them (or just
leave them trapped... I'd kill them). "Leon Woods' Corpse" is after that. Loot
him for a [_BASEBALL GLOVE_]. The pod he's by is so small you can't get in.
Maybe if you are using Typhon Powers, but sadly I'm not (it's got a Psi Hypo
and a Chipset in there...).

 And that's all there is. Do a QUICK SAVE here and go to that maintenance
hatch. THIS is how you launch the pods. If you try to launch pod 2, you can
get some flavor-text from Frank and Emmanuella. You can cancel this to keep
the quest or let it go to FAIL the quest. Feel free to see the flavor text
and cancel the launch if you wish...

 Head back to the security room and put a marker for "Hunter Hale" for that
"Derelict Shuttle" quest, then let's go use the airlock. We're going to go
after that quest and the "Escape Attempt" quest. Let's do it!

  Talos I Exterior
 Head towards the "Hatch" marker first out here, but you'll have to take 
down a few Cystoid Nests before you leave the airlock. Do so and watch for
a Technopath when you leave (I used the Q-Beam to take it out). Near the
hatch there's two more Cystoid Nests. Take them out as well and then shoot
off the FOUR RED CAPS on the hatch to "release" it.

 o OBJECTIVE (Escape Attempt): Activate the manual escape pod launch.

 After that, look out to the distance to find the shuttle that Hunter Hale's
personnel tracker should be tracking. It should be 400+ meters away, so it
will take awhile to get to. It's pretty clear this shuttle was attacked by
a Weaver... but there's none nearby as you approach. Get behind it to find
the open entrance...

 Right in the entrance you'll find "Hunter Hale's Corpse". Well then. Loot
[_9MM BULLET_] and the [_TRANSCRIBE: HUNTER HALE_]. Listen to that to complete
the "Derelict Shuttle" side quest...

 There's more to see though. To the left are two dead people and the "Starbender
Book 5" book. Loot "V-071855-21" for a [_POPSTAR_] and "V-110655-27" for some
[_JELLIED EELS_]. Note the broken panel and unpowered door here too... If you
can, open it up (Leverage III) and you'll gain access to a cargo area. There's
luggage in here with a [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_], [_RECYCLER CHARGE x2_] and lastly

 Head back past Hunter Hale to see some more corpses: "V-060155-05" and past
him "V-011155-17". Neither has anything. There's a crate past them with stuff
In the cabin in a briefcase with some real goodies: [_TYPHON LURE FABRICATION

 Head back to the Shuttle Bay airlock to get back inside.

  Shuttle Bay
 OK, we need to head back to the Escape Pods section to continue. head back
and open up the maintenance hatch by the window and launch pod 2. Emmanuella
will thank us and tell us she's going to send us something that can help.

 o OBJECTIVE (Escape Attempt): Find what Emmanuella left for you.

 To get the reward, head down to the bottom area and go into the locker room.
Climb up to the ceiling area and you'll find it. Read the [_URGENT EARTH
DELIVERY NOTE_] and then the [_MOM NOTE_]. Your reward is [_NEUROMOD x2_],
which Emmanuella was going to smuggle out. Oooo, naughty! We will use them
though! That completed the "Escape Attempt" quest.

 Head back to the security station and put "Josh Dalton" back on the
personnel scanner (I haven't forgotten about him!), then exit the room and
take a look at the nearby Grav Shaft. Grab the [_LIFTS SHUTDOWN NOTE_] from
it and go up to the "Control Room" and left to Mia Bayer's office.

 Inside are two mimics, so be ready to kill them, then loot the room. There's
19.4GHZ_] chipset on the desk. Finally, hack Mia's PC for three new emails:

 o [_EMAIL 165: RE: CUT OFF_]
 o [_EMAIL 166: RE-STOCK_]
 o [_EMAIL 167: WINDOWS_]

 After that, let's hack her safe (Hacking III) for a couple of goodies: some
[_NULLWAVE TRANSMITTER x2_] and [_NEUROMOD x2_]. Head out now to the open area
and note the flower display to the right. You can go THROUGH it to a maintenance
area under it for some [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_] and a way down below. Head back
up and use the engineer operator machine if you wish (you'll need Hacking II),
then go into the Flight Control room past that.

 In here you can get [_SHOTGUN SHELL x2_] from the first console and some more
goodies from the second console: "Flight Log: Scott Parker", a [_NEUROMOD_],
NOTE_]. "Mia Bayer's Corpse" is here too. Loot her for a [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_]
and some [_SPARE PARTS_]. The next console has a [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_] and past
that is a little smoke-break area.

 And that's all there is to this area! We got a few side quests done and we've
explored the final area (minus the rest of GUTS). Speaking of GUTS... we need
to get back to that and the "Blackbox Project" / searching for Josh Dalton.

 Let's do that. Head back down to the bottom area and enter the "GUTS" area
that we came from so we can continue our trip up the GUTS...

 Continue upwards, checking the boxes for some [_USED PLASTIC TUBING_]. As
you go north, you'll see Josh Dalton's marker by the bend up ahead, but just
ignore it for now and kill the Technopath you find. Past him you may (may...)
also have to fight Corrupted Operator's and a Weaver.

 Keep checking the boxes and crates in this area as you go for a box with
[_PSI HYPO x3_] in it (there's radiation as well... one has some [_FRAYED WIRE_]
by it, but I like to recycler charge any radiation in this area.

 Between the first radiation cart and the next there is just a glut of items
you can find: [_EMP CHARGE_], [_CORRODED COIL x2_], a [_MEDKIT_], some more
[_FRAYED WIRE_], [_USED PLASTIC TUBE_], [_Q-BEAM CELL x36_] and some
[_NEUROMOD x2_]. Another crate past that has [_BIOHAZARD WASTE x2_], some
[_PSI HYPO x2_] and another [_MEDKIT_]. Past that you'll run into some more
radiation carts (I recycled these as well).

 What this all leads up to (and why you skipped Josh) is that you should find
your way back to the "Psychotronics Maintenance Tunnel". If you remember, this
is where we took the path split the FIRST time we were in G.U.T.S. (I didn't
have the ammo to fight those enemies down that path when we first got here and
found that path too hard).

 Now that we've FULLY EXPLORED the station (that was the last bit of exploring
we needed to do), go back to where Josh's marker is. He can be a bit hard to
get to.  He's BEHIND the big grey pipe. The key is to go where the bend is in
the wide-open area (where the pipe and tracks bend) and look for an area you
can get behind the pipe.

 Follow this to a bunch of junk and watch out for cysts. Behind the junk you
can find Josh Dalton's Corpse. Grab the [_Q-BEAM_] weapon here and loot him
and the [_TRANSCRIBE: JOSH DALTON_]. Give it a listen to hear his little secret.

 o OBJECTIVE (The Blackbox Project): Find information on the Blackbox project.

 Looks like we have to return to the Hardware Labs, now that we have that key.
But first a note! Looks like I over-looked something... somehow...

 (-NOTE-) I was listening to audio records and found two from out time on the
          "Talos I Bridge" that I didn't listen to? Look for one called "The
          Golden Gun" and give it a listen for a new side-quest that wants us
          to go back to Crew Quarters. I have no idea how I missed this (or
          rather didn't listen to it). But at least we caught it!
 o OBJECTIVE (The Golden Gun): Find Captain Marks' Golden Gun
 Well, we have to go to the Crew Quarters for Abigail's "Treasure Hunt" quest
so two birds, one stone I suppose. Since we are in GUTS, just continue through
it to the Arboretum.

 We'll get a call from Alex when we get here. He thinks we care about the 
main quest or something, but "Crew Quarters" is our goal. I ran into the
NIGHTMARE again here. He doesn't give up. Kill him off and make your way
to the Crew Quarters.

  Crew Quarters
 In here, head to "Crew Quarters A" first to find the captain's quarters (we
couldn't explore them earlier, if you remember... but now we have the key).
Enter and search the room for a [_USED CIGAR_] in the trash and [_9MM BULLETS
x15_] on the floor. After that, check the safe here (you should have the code
already - it is 1472) for a [_WEAPON UPGRADE KIT_] and the big prize here: an

 (-NOTE-) This Golden Pistol IS better than your normal one, just FYI. It
          has a higher damage cap. That and the bling!
 And that's the end of the "Golden Gun" quest.
 Next, head to "Crew Quarters B" and into Abigail's room. We have the numbers
we need for her combo, but... just the numbers (1, 3, 5, 6). We're never really
given the ORDER the numbers are in!

 This means, unfortunately, that you have to try combinations of those numbers
until you get it right. As in "1356". No? Damn, "1365", "1635", "1653", "1536".
So on and so forth. I can't help you get it right or do it fast, as THIS IS
RANDOM (seriously, blame the game, not me!), but keep on trying numbers (write
them down somewhere so you know you don't repeat them) and you'll get it with
enough tries.

 When you do get it, you will get the [_ADVENTURER'S TOOLKIT V1.X_] as a reward
for your hard work. This needs to be built at a fabricator, but it does several
things for you (more recycler yield, wrench critical hit chance, gives you a
better flashlight, lets you crawl faster).

 OK, with that done, head back to the Arboretum, back to the Talos I Lobby,
and then onto "Hardware Labs" so we can finish the Black Box side quest!

  Hardware Labs
 Head to the Atrium area (killing whatever may be in your way... for me it
was a Poltergeist in the first big area and a Weaver in the Atrium). Now that
we have the keycard, we can get into the small room where the Phantom is.

 Get in there and take "Lane Carpenter" out. Loot him for the [_Q-BEAM CELL
FABRICATION PLAN_] and various Typhon spoils, then let's loot the place. On
the first desk you can find [_Q-BEAM CELLS x139_]. There's [_Q-BEAM CELLS x188_]
behind the monitor of the second desk as well (a ton of this stuff). You can get
a [_NULLWAVE TRANSMITTER_] in a box in a corner and some [_SHOTGUN SHELLS x12_]
in the metal shelves nearby.

 The big thing here though is to download the "Blackbox File" from the PC here
which will complete "The Blackbox Project" quest. It doesn't state too much:
just that these Operators are going to be sold to the military. Lovely.

 Go ahead and head back to the Arboretum to continue...

 Head up to Alex's office now (we're finally progressing the Main Quest)
and once you get there loot his desk for the goodies he said would be there
for us: a [_TYPHON LURE_], [_NEUROMOD x3_] and (another) [_ANTI-RAD PHARMA
FABRICATION PLAN_]. Interact with his PC after that and choose to upload what
you have to "Coral Management".

 As you try to do this, the upload will stop and the message "KASPAR intercept
protocols in operation" will show up. Alex will message you and tell you that
"Commander Dahl" has arrived and is taking over. Looks like our parents had
a backup plan of their own in place. Hmm...

 Be ready for an attack once the chapter switches over. Kill the three
"Military Operator's" that attack (note that you can scan one) and soon the
next chapter will begin!

                               ___ ___ _____   __
                              | _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /
                              |  _/   / _| \ V / 
        ______________________|_| |_|_\___| |_|_______________________
O==<                       CHAPTER 13: The Repo Man                       >==O

 Well, this isn't good. We need to stop Dahl, which means we need to get to
his shuttle, which is in Shuttle Bay.

 o OBJECTIVE: Access Dahl's command shuttle

 Leave now and pay attention to the note below. As you leave, you'll get
another objective as Dahl can see where we're at thanks to our tracking
bracelet (and that is very bad, as you can imagine. This gives us another

 (-NOTE-) Operator Machines are making new "Military Operators" as you kill
          them, so don't bother fighting!
 o OBJECTIVE (Ghosting Dahl): Deactivate your Tracking Bracelet (Deep Storage)
 Getting rid of our tracking bracelet sounds marvelous, so let's go do that
first, especially since we're near Deep Storage...

  Deep Storage
 As you enter, Doctor Igwe calls to tell you that he is on your team and has
an idea on how to incapacitate Dahl, asking you to meet him in his office:

 o OBJECTIVE (Incapacitate Dahl): Meet Igwe at your office
 OK, but first we get him off our back. You may also be contacted by Dahl as
you progress through this section. Head up the stairs on the right and go onto
Daniella Cho's office in the back. This office likely has 2-3 Operators in it,
so thin them out and use the PC on the left in here once you can to deactivate
yourself. You can find your code (0913) in the mission objective.

 After you do that, you'll also get a message from a "Luther Glass" that
starts a side quest called "Help Luther Glass".
 o OBJECTIVE (Help Luther Glass): Meet Luther Glass (Talos I Lobby)

 Well, let's go ahead and make our way back to the "Talos I Lobby" then. It
isn't far from the Arboretum, so head back to the main elevator and head back
to the lobby (we have a couple reasons to go back).

  Talos I Lobby
 Our first reason to go back is to go talk to Dr. Igwe, so head back to your
office and talk to him about the Dahl situation. He has an idea on what to
do with Dahl (and what Neuromods he comes with) which will update our objective
on how to deal with Dahl...

 o OBJECTIVE (Incapacitate Dahl): Subdue Dahl without killing him.

 That shouldn't be that hard, honestly. Let's look into this "Luther Glass"
quest now (NOTE: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU QUICKSAVE). Head to the "Medical Bay"
area under your office and go inside...

 To learn this was an AMBUSH! There are a TON of Military Operators in here.
Six plus. I recommend kiting them around for a bit so you get them all together
and then using an EMP CHARGE > RECYCLER CHARGE combo when they are all in the
same area as each other to take them out quickly.

 Taking them out completes the "Walter Glass" quest, by the way. This isn't a
total lost trip though, as we can explore a bit here. Namely, we can look in
to "Dr. DeVries' Office", which we were locked out of before (we have his
keycard now).

 Enter and check the trashcan by the door for a [_USED CIGAR_] and a [_BANANA
PEEL_]. There is another [_USED CIGAR_] on the ground nearby, and in the back
there's some [_CRUMPLED PAPER_] in another trashcan. In the corner there's also
THREE pieces of luggage with [_SPIRALITE COOKIES x6_].

 The key item in here is "Dr. DeVries' Safe" (you can get into it with "Hacking
II"). Do so for [_PSI HYPO x2_], [_SUIT REPAIR KIT_] and [_NEUROMOD x3_]. Not
too bad. Now, check the PC here for two new emails:
 Now that we've got those two things done, let's head to Shuttle Bay. At least
getting there is super-simple, even if we do have to go in through the front
door nearby...
  Shuttle Bay
 We need to make our way into Dahl's Shuttle here. There's a ton of ways you
can do this, but what I did was head UP to the top area and kill the Military
Operator by the Engineering Operator Dispenser (there was still a friendly
Engineer Operator here to give me full armor, which is ultra nice) and then I
went to the control room and killed the two operators there as well.

 From there, I quick-saved and jumped to the shuttle down below and entered...

 o OBJECTIVE: Search Dahl's Shuttle for clues to his tech officer's location
 Well then... I was hoping to zap him! There's a lot of stuff in this shuttle
though. On the first desk is [_GREEN BEETLE GIN_], [_OLD SARDAR BOURBON_],
tables nearby have [_SUN-DRIED TOMATO JERKY x2_], a [_NEUROMOD_], [_BIG BANG
and some more [_GREEN BEETLE GIN_].

 Go up towards the cabin for some luggage with [_UDON NOODLES_] and a [_SUIT
REPAIR KIT_]. Dahl's PC is here too. Check the "Files" for a copy of Dahl's
"Mission Parameters", which will update our objective:

 o OBJECTIVE: Disable Dahl's Tech Officer who is  hiding somewhere on the
              exterior (Talos I Exterior)
 (-NOTE-) I've read the the location of the "Tech Officer" can be random. If
          it is, you may have to go find it yourself, which is a pain, sure,
          but it should just be following the marker and ready to fight your
          way to it.
 You can also find a new email here:
 o [_EMAIL 170: CAMAZOTZ_]
 From here, jump down to the bottom of the area and go outside to the "Talos
I Exterior", which is where the Tech Officer is located.

  Talos I Exterior
 Head outside and we'll get a call from Dahl. He's going to flush us out,
counting on our basic sense of goodness as he delivers an ultimatum:
 o OBJECTIVE (Dahl Ultimatum - Cargo Bay): Find a way to restore oxygen to
                                           Cargo Bay (Life Support)
 Oh wow, he's serious. We've got FIFTEEN MINUTES before everyone in the Cargo
Bay area suffocates. We've got to make our way down to Life Support ASAP if
we want to save them...

 Make your way down to the Power Plant Airlock and enter it. ASAP!

  Power Plant
 Nothing here. Go right and into the tank room. Use the stairs here (hopefully
you made gloo stairs earlier) and go up to the entrance, making your way onward
to Life Support.

  Life Support
 You want to make your way to the Air Filtration area here (the room with
the fans). It is heavily patrolled by Military Operators, but once you get
to it, go right and to the upper room (take out the Operators here... EMP
charges and then your Q-BEAM make short work of them).

 QUICKSAVE now. Dahl is inside the room, having a conversation with one of
his operators. I was able to sneak in and listen for quite awhile, but you
will want to zap him with your Stun Gun, which will update your objective:
 o OBJECTIVE (Incapacitate Dahl): Wait for further instructions from Dr. Igwe
 Go ahead and loot him for [_DAHL'S CARGO HOLD KEYCARD_], [_9MM BULLETS x7_]
and a [_SILENCED PISTOL_]. To his right is a panel that is broken. Go ahead
and repair it and replace it to complete the "Dahl Ultimatum - Cargo Bay"
side quest.

 Well, so much for Dahl. That was pretty easy. Let's go back to the Talos I
Exterior for that operator...

  Talos I Exterior
 We'll get a call from Dr. Igwe when we get out here:

 o OBJECTIVE (Incapacitate Dahl): Meet Igwe in Neuromod insertion room

 OK, but first we're going after Dahl's little partner here. Follow the
marker out here and it will lead you to him. He is inside a hatch out here,
but is also guarded by a couple of Military Operators, so either rush him
(recommended if you have Hacking IV) or fight your way to him.

 Ideally you can hack "Kaspar", which will stop his operations. If not, just
destroy him. Pretty easy. Be sure to check the supply crate nearby (on the
wall) for some [_FRAYED WIRE_] and a [_PSI HYPO_].

 This officially completes "Repo Man", but... I'm going to drag this section
out just a bit. Our next objective:
 o OBJECTIVE: Alex is ready to meet in the Arboretum
 For now, head to the "Hardware Labs" Airlock to get back inside. We're 
headed to the "Neuromod Division". We're doing the "Incapacitate Dahl"
objective here, so follow the marker. You'll see Dr. Igwe in a container
with Dahl (remember this place?):

 o OBJECTIVE (Incapacitate Dahl): Activate the Neuromod removal process.
 Time to make ol' Dahl forget why he's here. To do this thing, we have to
use the PC from the outside. Do so and select "Engage Surgical Harness",
then "Neural Scan", then "Perform Neurotomy".

 Yeah, and now the acting...

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "This Never Happened" Bronze Trophy here for giving
          Dahl an apto-regressive neurotomy.

 The door will open up soon and we now have our own personal pilot! On the
table nearby is a [_NEUROMOD_] and [_NULLWAVE TRANSMITTER x3_]. Grab them and
Dr. Igwe will finish explaining the plan to Dahl and we'll be just kind-of...
forced to wait...

 o OBJECTIVE (Incapacitate Dahl): Wait for Dahl to contact you from the shuttle.

 OK, time to progress the story, so lets head for the Arboretum.

 Head up to Alex's office now, but go LEFT when you get up there. Follow the
marker and you'll see it leads to a panel on the side of the house. Ooo, it
was hidden! Hit the "Open" button and Alex will come out.

 Watch the scenes here and take the plan that Alex hands you. This updates
our "A Mind Without Limits" objectives:
 o OBJECTIVE: Get Nullwave Device plan
 o OBJECTIVE: Fabricate the prototype Nullwave Device
 The craziness doesn't stop though, as the coral is done sending its message
and... the Phantom Overlord will arrive! This thing is HUGE and is hugging
the outside of Talos I, making the Arboretum go ZERO G!

 QUICKLY grab Alex and head back to his bunker. Lock the door and he'll be
safe (although he is unconscious).

 o OBJECTIVE (Save Alex): Get to Alex before he dies
 Well, we saved him at least. Our "Perdition" objective will be updated as
well here:

 o OBJECTIVE (Perdition): Access self-destruct consoles. (Power Plant)

 Well then... before we continue, go ahead and QUICKSAVE, then kill Alex off.
Hey, it's for a trophy! You can load after the trophy pops, don't worry!

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Push the Fat Guy" Bronze Trophy here for killing
          your brother. Hey, we saved!

 Loot Alex now for the [_TRANSCRIBE: ALEX YU_], the [_CHERISHED FAMILY PHOTO_],
some [_NEUROMOD x2_] and a [_PETRI DISH SAMPLE_]. On the desk in here is some
more good stuff: the [_TRANSCRIBE: MORGAN YU_], a [_BURNT CIRCUIT BOARD_], a

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Dear Future Self" Bronze Trophy here for listening
          to all the messages you've left for yourself.

 Check the couch for a [_SILENCED PISTOL_], "An account of Fermi's Question"
and a [_POPSTAR_]. The shelf nearby also has some stuff: [_OLD SARDOR BOURBON_],

 We're getting close to the point of no return. For now though, head to the
Talos I Lobby to continue.

 (-NOTE-) You can scan the "Tendril" that appear now that the massive Typhon
          organism is here. You can also shoot them to make them disappear,
          but there's really no reason to (they will just keep on showing up
          after all).

  Talos I Lobby
 Make your way to your office and use the recycler / fabricator as you wish.
We're at the last push of the game, so make all the ammo you need (you are
already likely good on health).

 For our objectives though, make the:
 This updates one of our objectives:
 o OBJECTIVE (A Mind Without Limits): Place the prototype Nullwave Device
 Now... we need to decide what path we want to do:
 OPTION A: "A Mind Without Limits"
  We follow Alex's plan and try to zap the Typhon with the Nullwave Device.
  This path is one where we think we can control the Typhon and grow to be
  a bigger shark in the pond than they are...
  OPTION B: "Perdition"
   We follow Morgan's original plan (and follow what January was designed to
   accomplish). We use the two arming keys and blow this entire place to hell.
   Thanks to incapacitating Dahl, we may even  have a way out...

  The next two chapters cover both of these choices. You can only do ONE though
  so be sure you want what you pick. Remember: you can save RIGHT NOW and reload
  from this save point if you wish. It's all up to you. This is a great save
  opportunity though.

  Miscellaneous Objectives
 OK, a couple of trophy opportunities here. The first is pretty easy. Quick
SAVE here and eat everything / drink everything in your inventory. That alone
should be enough to get you the trophy for consuming one of every type of food
in the game:

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "TranStar Gourmand" Bronze Trophy here for consuming
          every type of food and drink on Talos I.

 You can reload after that to save the goodies!
 The next trophy we can get is the "Missing Persons" trophy. As you know, the
trophies in the game state things like "Read Every Email" and "Listen to ALL
TranScribe recordings", but the truth is... you only need most of them.

 This applies to "Locating ALL employees on Talos I". In fact, I only had to
find TWO MORE people to get this trophy (and it was a little buggy... but I
will explain).

 First, go down to the security room. Here's the two humans I had to look up:
the first I did was "Max Weigel-Goetz". He was down in Life Support. If you
go find him, he's by the Grav Elevator outside of the Escape Pod room. He is
up on the pipes on the ceiling (use your Gloo Gun to get up there). You can
find him dead up there, with a [_LEMON PEEL_], the [_AIR MIXTURE REGULATOR

 From there, go to the security room nearby and look up "Guy Croal". This one
I have no idea how I missed, but he's in the Power Plant. On my way there, the
trophy popped WHILE I was in the loading screen... yeah. A big buggy maybe, or
maybe I only needed one more person? Either way, this is one Silver Trophy you
should be able to get easily if you've been following the guide!

 By the way, Guy Droal is above the reactor in the Power Plant. You can loot
him for some [_FRAYED WIRE_], [_SPARE PARTS_] and the [_REACTOR ACCESS KEYCARD_]
from his corpse.

 And now! Pick which one of the following chapters you are going to follow!

                               ___ ___ _____   __
                              | _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /
                              |  _/   / _| \ V / 
        ______________________|_| |_|_\___| |_|_______________________
O==<                  CHAPTER 14: A Mind Without Limits                   >==O

 So... you've decided to try and control the Typhon, huh? Well, let's do this!
Load up at your office and then go down to Psychotronics to continue!

 There's likely a lot of new enemies in here (we haven't been back in quite
awhile) so fight your way forwards and head up to the Second Floor.

 Head around the circular hallways on the right (go past the "Live Exam" area)
to the middle area, then go into middle area (where the Weaver used to be) and
on the structure in here deploy the Nullwave Transmitter.

 o OBJECTIVE: Activate the prototype Nullwave Device (Talos I Bridge)

 Now we need to get to the Talos I Bridge. Just head back the way you came
and then go to the Talos I Lobby, then to the Arboretum, and then to the
onwards to the Talos I Bridge.

  Talos I Bridge

 You will get a call from Mikhailia about Dahl on the way. Good to know,
although we don't need him on this path. Inside the bridge, you will meet
up with January, who won't let us go down this path unless you destroy him.

 o OBJECTIVE: Destroy January
 Well... that is easy enough. You want this, right? Good, then go ahead and
destroy January and hit the button close to him to continue.

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Do No Harm" Silver Trophy here for completing
          the game while killing no humans. Congrats!
 And just like that... we get the credits. Stick around though, because
there is one more thing to witness...

  Hidden Location
 Watch the scenes here as you learn the truth... try looking down at your
hands by the way, to see who "Morgan" is. Listen as Alex has the operators
each give us their impressions on us. This is heavily based on what you did
throughout the game of course...

 If you've been following the guide, you will get one of the rare (very rare)
gold trophies here:

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "I and Though" Gold Trophy here for completing
          the game in the most empathetic manner possible. Congrats!
 After that, you will get one more choice. There's really no consequences
here, but it will either confirm Alex's beliefs or destroy them. Make your
choice and enjoy the end of the game!

(-NOTE-) I hope you've found this guide helpful. Be sure to give the guide a
         recommend using the link up at the very top if you've enjoyed it.
         Also, be sure to swing by my Facebook page (Facebook.com/Bkstunt)
         and say Hi, or shoot me an email!

                               ___ ___ _____   __
                              | _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /
                              |  _/   / _| \ V / 
        ______________________|_| |_|_\___| |_|_______________________
O==<                         CHAPTER 15: Perdition                        >==O

 So... you've decided to blow up the entire station and be rid of the Typhon
presence... OK, whatever you say! Load up at your office and then make your
way to the Power Plant section of the station (Life Support > Power Plant).

  Power Plant
 Make your way to the Reactor Room and go down to the bottom floor. You
have to open up the Maintenance Hatch on the ground to open up the path to
where you need to put the arming keys.

 Go and put them both in and activate both of them. That will prime the
self-destruct. Now, you need to make your way back the way you came and head
for the Talos I Bridge (Power Plant > Life Support > Main Lift > Arboretum >
Talos I Bridge).

  Talos I Bridge
 Head up to the Captains Chair in here (we have to go a little higher than
the previous chapter it seems) and you'll find January waiting for you. Are
you ready for this? Activate the Self Destruct sequence and you'll now have
8 minutes before the explosion...

 o OBJECTIVE: Talos Self Destruct Activated
 January will talk about you not having any Typhon Abilities and will slyly
suggest that you should escape (if you've been following this guide, of course).
Go ahead and destroy them and let's make our way to the Shuttle Bay!

 o OBJECTIVE: Get to the shuttle to escape Talos I

  Shuttle Bay
 Quickly make your way back here. You will get a call from Dahl on the way,
but you should still  have more than enough time to make your way back to
the Talos I Lobby and then to the Shuttle Bay.

 Once you get here, jump over to Dahl's Shuttle and enter. Everyone you
saved up to now will be sitting down, with more people in the cargo hold
(you can't see them, but you can see their number on the display screen...
we saved over 20 people all together it seems...).

 To continue on, get in the cockpit and sit down. That's all there is to do
before the credits roll!

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "Do No Harm" Silver Trophy here for completing
          the game while killing no humans. Congrats!
 And just like that... we get the credits. Stick around though, because
there is one more thing to witness...

  Hidden Location
 Watch the scenes here as you learn the truth... try looking down at your
hands by the way, to see who "Morgan" is. Listen as Alex has the operators
each give us their impressions on us. This is heavily based on what you did
throughout the game of course...

 If you've been following the guide, you will get one of the rare (very rare)
gold trophies here:

 (-NOTE-) You will get the "I and Though" Gold Trophy here for completing
          the game in the most empathetic manner possible. Congrats!
 After that, you will get one more choice. There's really no consequences
here, but it will either confirm Alex's beliefs or destroy them. Make your
choice and enjoy the end of the game!

(-NOTE-) I hope you've found this guide helpful. Be sure to give the guide a
         recommend using the link up at the very top if you've enjoyed it.
         Also, be sure to swing by my Facebook page (Facebook.com/Bkstunt)
         and say Hi, or shoot me an email!

                               ___ ___ _____   __
                              | _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /
                              |  _/   / _| \ V / 
        ______________________|_| |_|_\___| |_|_______________________
O==<                           Email Transcripts                          >==O
 This section has all of the email transcripts in the game. Why would I take
the time to write all of this down? Good question! "I'm Crazy!" is the likely
answer. These are cool to read after the fact and give you a chance to look
into the story that much deeper, but pay heed to the note below and don't go
spoiling anything for yourself!

 (-NOTE-) These EMAIL TRANSCRIPTS are sorted by chapter and are ordered in
          the order I found them in! DO NOT SKIP AHEAD! You may spoil something
          for yourself otherwise!

 ___ ___ _____   _____________________________________________________________
| _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|  _/   / _| \ V /     CHAPTER 1: First Day on the Job        |   EMAILS!
|_| |_|_\___| |_|_____________________________________________'_______________

 From: Thomas Tucker
 To: Morgan Yu
 Cc: Alex Yu
 Hello Morgan!
 So glad to hear you'll be coming aboard soon. Your first official work day
is Monday, March 15th. But first we have a series of training exercises we run
with all new employees. Just some stuff to clear you for life in orbit.
Exciting times ahead! Have a good flight and I will see you soon.

 Thomas Tucker
 Human Resources
 Talos I Research Facility


 Email 02: DELIVERY

 From: Alex Yu
 To: Morgan Yu
 Hey. I sent a package with everything you'll need for your first day. Uniform,
TranScribe, and a Neuromod. Install the Neuromod right away, as we'll be running
some tests first thing in the morning. Just follow the instruction. I'll be in

 - Alex


 Email 03: READY?

 From: Alex Yu
 To: Morgan Yu
 Hey. I just got off the phone with Mom and Dad. They won't be there when the
shuttle departs. They're in New York. Company stuff. But they send their best.
I think Mom's a little disturbed that both her children are going to be outside
her gravitational pull at the same time.

 She said you'd better behave and do everything your big brother says. Ok -
actually - she said the opposite. I'm supposed to behave and do what you tell
me. So there you go. That's Mom.

 Anyway, everyone's excited about your ideas up there, so get ready. I'll prob
call you in the morning to make sure you're up. See you very, very soon Morgan.

 - Alex



 From: January
 To: Morgan Yu



 From: January
 To: Morgan Yu



 From: January
 To: Morgan Yu



 From: January
 To: Morgan Yu



 From: January
 To: Morgan Yu



 From: January
 To: Morgan Yu


 ___ ___ _____   _____________________________________________________________
| _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|  _/   / _| \ V /           CHAPTER 2: Break Out             |   EMAILS!
|_| |_|_\___| |_|_____________________________________________'_______________

 Email 10: RE: DAILY TESTS

 From: Sylvain Bellamy
 To: Evelyn McCarthy
 If you've been on branches of our main product line you know that sometimes
we need to put in extra effort to hit our milestones, and any external risks
are fully taken into account when these decisions are made. The move to extend
indefinitely was a direct request from both Alex and Morgan.

Sylvain Bellamy

 From: Evelyn McCarthy
 To: Sylvain Bellamy
 Subject: Daily Tests
 Dr. Bellamy,
 At this point Morgan's exhaustion is inhibiting our ability to get any useful
results. That's to say nothing of the long-term damage we're likely inflicting
from the constant Neuromod installaion and removal. Tell me again why we've
extended the testing indefinitely?

 - Evelyn



 From: Alex Yu
 To: Neuromod Division
 I know this morning's incident has left people shaken. To prevent unnecessary
panic, please refrain from contacting people outside of your department. A
station-wide announcement will be made shortly. In the meantime, Ms. Elazar and
her security team are on high alert and will field any requests you have.

 I know some of you are worried about Dr. Bellamy. He's currently being
treated in the trauma center and is in critical but stable condition. Thank
you for your patience and dedication to this project.

 - Alex Yu



 From: Danielle Sha
 To: Marco Simmons
 Cc: Sylvain Bellamy
 T his is just a friendly reminder from the relevant portion of the policy

 2.7 Password Protection
 2.7.1 Do not share your password with anyone. Passwords are sensitive,
       confidential information.
 2.7.2 Passwords must not be inserted into email messages, transcribe
       conversations, or other forms of communication.
 2.7.3 Do not write down passwords and store them anywhere in your office.
 2.7.4 If you suspect your password has been compromised, report it to IT
       immediately. Users will be held responsible for any activity that
       occurs on a workstation that has been compromised and not reported.


 Email 13: BAD INSTALL?

 From: Alex Yu
 To: Marco Simmons
 The test results today were all negative. Did you install the correct
Neuromods? Touch base with Graves and figure out what went wrong. This
should be your absolute highest priority.

 - Alex



 From: Sylvain Bellamy
 To: Jiao-Long Heng
 Alex has requested all orders go through him after Morgan's outburst at the
debrief. Pending a psych evaluation, Alex indicated he doesn't want any more
"Surprises" from Morgan. Nor do we... granted, Morgan has forgotten everything
from the last test (as expected), but the aggressive response to the same set
of testing criteria was clearly a departure. My recommendation is we need to
start charting personality drift before future tests, in debriefings, and
within the test itself.

 - Bellamy



 From: Sylvain Bellamy
 To: Jovan Gravilovic
 Cc: Marco Simmons
 We'll need the room updated to the new test plan. Configurations are as

 Room A: Area of Effect.
 Room B: Copycat.
 Room C: Spooky Action
 Simmons, let us know if anything changes.

 Sylvain Bellamy


 Email 16: URGENT!

 From: Marco Simmons
 To: Jovan Gravilovic
 Hey - I think Bellamy's taken data related to mimicry and remote manipulation
out of the research department. Get to the trauma center and grab the keycard
to his cabin off his body. I'm sorry to be morbid but Alex will lose his shit
if someone else finds that data.

 Marco Simmons



 From: Jiao-Long Heng
 To: Sylvain Bellamy
 (-NOTE-) Answers are based on your playthrough! Which means... you get to
          see what BK answered. Very weird, doing this here in an appendix
 Dr. Bellamy,
 Here are t he results from today's personality test. I'm seeing some drift
over the last few trials, compared with previous results. This isn't the
first time. I'll let Alex know. Most recent test is pasted below for reference.

 You're planning a vacation. Go somewhere familiar you know you love, or try
 something new?
 (b) New
 You've been sentenced to death for your actions. How does this make you
 (a) Afraid I don't know what will happen.
 A runaway train is bearing down on five people who are tied to the track.
 You can cause the train to switch tracks, but there is one person tied to
 the second track.
 (a) Switch tracks

 A runaway train is bearing down on five people. You're standing on the
 platform next to an enormously fat man.  Pushing him into the track would
 stop the train.
 (a) Push the fat man.
 A runaway train is bearing down on five people tied to the track. You could
 stop the train by jumping onto the track, but you would die.
 (b) Push the fat man.
 Jiao-Long Heng


 Email 18: DAILY TESTS

 From: Evelyn McCarthy
 To: Sylvain Bellamy
 Dr. Bellamy,
 At this point Morgan's exhaustion is inhibiting our ability to get any useful
results. That's to say nothing of the long-term damage we're likely inflicting
from the constant Neuromod installaion and removal. Tell me again why we've
extended the testing indefinitely?

 - Evelyn



 From: Mathias Kohl
 To: Sylvain Bellamy

 Yes, I've noticed the same thing. You know I can't divulge names, but there's
definitely been a spike in staff from your department reporting instances of
acute anxiety. It's actually much worse with the Psychotronics staff. I'm
talking to Kelstrup about mitigating some of the stress there, but I'm concerned
these are not isolated incidents. Going to mention it to Alex at the next
director's meeting.

 Mathias Khol



 From: Marco Simmons
 To: Alice Aiken
 Hey Alice,
 I'll send you the white paper Alex and Morgan wrote. Here's the nutshell
version for now:
 Gaining a new skill from a Neuromod works similar to the way your brain
creates new memories. In fact, it's impossible (for now) to separate the
changes the mod makes from normal memory formation. So if I want to strip
the Neuromod that makes you play piano like Gustav Leitner, it'll reset your
brain back to the moment before you first installed it.

 They wanted Morgan's mind pristine to receive the prototype. Neuromods.
That means going waaaay the hell back. Hence the apartment sim. Yus are
dedicated to their science is all I can say.

 Hit me up for lunch later
 - Simmons


 Email 21: RE: IGWE'S TALK

 From: Hadley Dalton
 To: Caleb Hawethorne
 Tell me about it. I don't know what scares me more, the time Dr. Wiggy
spends in the lab or when he takes the stage. It's like listening to a

 From: Caleb Hawethorne
 To: Hadley Dalton
 Subject: Igwe's Talk
 I'd join you in the cafeteria, but Igwe's got a lecture scheduled. Here's
hoping he gets right to the Neuromod updates so we can do a proper eval on
the tech side, but you know Igwe, he'll go Zener on us for an hour until
we're all seeing circles and wavy lines. You'd think he would have learned
Earthside to stay focused.


 ___ ___ _____   _____________________________________________________________
| _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|  _/   / _| \ V /     CHAPTER 3: An Office with a View       |   EMAILS!
|_| |_|_\___| |_|_____________________________________________'_______________


 From: Alex Yu
 To: Sarah Elazar
 Cc: Marco Simmons
 I know you probably have your hands full right now, but we need you to send a
security detail to detain Demetri Bowser. He witnessed the incident and he's
pretty shaken. We're just not sure how stable he is at the moment. Make an
assessment and hold him indefinitely if necessary. Use direction.

 - Alex Yu



 From: Elias Black
 To: Sarah Elazar

 You know I went to the doctor about sleep and all that. I got pills but still
been seeing things. After game night I was cleaning up and a chair moved by
itself. I'm not crazy like you know who. I'm sending this cause just after the
alert I heard something in the vent over security. I thought I saw something
black up there. We need to check this out cause I'm starting to think there's
something on the station that we don't know about.

 Sec. Officer Elias Black


 Email 24: ILYUSHIN

 From: Alex Yu
 To: Sarah Elazar
 Please add Mikhaila Ilyushin to the watchlist. While she's currently
performing her duties, her condition makes for a potential security risk
and we may need leverage.

 Her access should be restricted to work and crew facilities. Please don't
let her anywhere near the labs.

 Also, flag any communications between her and Dr. Gallegos out of
Psychotronics. Medical is beginning to suspect she has White Noise, so the
fact she falsified her records may be enough.

 Normally, I'd advocate Neuromod removal, but her condition prevents this.
Keep me apprised.

 - Alex



 From: Alex Yu
 To: Sarah Elazar
 Sarah - I need your help tracking down a missing keycard. This should be
one of your highest priorities. It's labeled EP101. Let me know as soon as
you find anything.

 - Alex


 Email 26: HELP!

 From: Nils Kjaergaard
 To: Lobby Security
 Help! Help! Help! Now! Elias, anyone please!


 Email 27: HELP!

 From: Nils Kjaergaard
 To: Lobby Security
 Help! Nils again! This is not a hoax! Life or death! Help us please! Now!


 Email 28: HELP!

 From: Nils Kjaergaard
 To: Lobby Security
 Help! This is Nils. We are trapped here in shuttle bay! Please answer!
Urgent! Help!



 From: Martin Giroud
 To: Lobby Security
 Set up a reoccurring task for setting Morgan's keypad. We're getting code
change requests every month. It's the same pattern - Morgan asks us what the
current code is, asks if it was requested or if we chose it, then asks for a
new one. It's unusual. Last time he asked, I was right there - so I told him
the code and he gave me a blank look - a code we'd set less than a week ago.
Maybe he's testing our response time?



 From: Regina Sellers
 To: Alejandra Mata
 Weird... I can't pull those records up. They're not in the system. Still
want me to swing by?

 To: Alejandro Mata
 From: Regina Sellers
 Subject: RE: NSP Booster Shots?
 Alejandro, please come see me. Can you transfer her charts and family records
as well?

 Regina Sellers
 To: Regina Sellers
 From: Alejandro Mata
 Subject: RE: NSP Booster Shots?
 Sorry - should have informed you. NSP shot was for Chief Ilyushin, mild
Phsiognomic Fatigue. Should have logged it.

 To: Alejandro Mata
 From: Regina Sellers
 Subject: RE: NSP Booster Shots?
 Who is the NSP being administered to? Inventory shows a case of the booster
shots are missing.

 Regina Sellers



 From: Alex Yu
 To: Trauma Security
 Cc: Hans Kelstrup
 Attn all security officers in trauma. You have multiple people en route with
injuries, as well as a possible fatality. One of them is Dr. Sylvain Bellamy.
DO NOT TAKE HIM INTO THE TRAUMA CENTER. He must be taken to Psychotronics,
this is an extremely grave security and health issue. I repeat DO NOT ADMIT
DR. SYLVAIN BELLAMY TO THE TRAUMA CENTER. Take him to psychotronics immediately.

 - Alex Yu



 From: Sylvain Bellamy
 To: Mathias Kohl
 Hey Matt,
 Had another one of my people present a signed note from you for "fatigue".
I just want to make sure it's legit. Are there a lot of people coming to you
with stress-related complaints? Or is it my imagination?

 - Sylvain



 From: Hans Kelstrup
 To: Mathias Kohl
 I don't know what to tell you. He walked into an experiment without a
psychoscope and it went sideways. We couldn't contain it after that. They
controlled him.

 My suspicion is the Typhon can force other beings to empathize with them.
Maybe further down the road we can find a way to reverse engineer this, get
them to empathize with us.

 Please keep Mr. Young in quarantine for the time being. You have my thanks.

 Hans Kelstrup



 From: Hendrik Devries
 To: Anna Goldcrest
 Cc: Mathias Kohl
 Please keep staff away from the quarantine area. We have a potentially
contagious subject in there who is suffering from memory loss. At this time
only Dr. Kohl and myself should have access. Please set the new code to 9850.

 Hendrik Devries



 From: John Haskins
 To: Bianca Goodwin
 Cc: Sarah Elazar
 Ms. Goodwin,
 I'm going to  need more support. The volunteers are agitated. More than
usual. This morning 11 threatened to bash my head in if I didn't let him out
to stretch his legs. When you get up here the keycode is 9469, not the old
number on file. I'm pretty sure they've been watching me punch that in, so I
changed it.

 Sec. Officer John Haskins



 From: Daya Igwe
 To: Bianca Goodwin
 Okay. Thank you.
 From: Bianca Goodwin
 To: Dr. Dayo Igwe
 Subject: Re: Meeting Gustav
 Dr. Igwe, I relayed your  previous requests and we'll see what we can do
but there are no guarantees. The schedule for the visit is tight and may not
allow for a face-to-face.

 I'll let you know when I have more details.
 Talos I Volunteer and Guest Liaison
 From: Dr. Dayo Igwe
 To: Bianca Goodwin
 Subject; Meeting Gustav
 Ms. Goodwin,
 To follow-up on the previous request, I was wondering if there had been any
updates on Gustav Leitner's visit. Is it still taking place, and if so, would
it be possible to get a copy of his itinerary? I would love a chance to meet
him - before the neuromapping procedure, if possible.



 From: Helen Craft
 To: Bianca Goodwin
 Yeah - Igwe showed up, quiet and polite. He shook Leitner's hand like he
was afraid of breaking him. Asked him to sign an album he'd  brought. Leitner
seemed flattered, so that was a plus.

 We tried to make him comfortable. His condition hasn't stopped him from
craving a cigarette; fingers were twitching.

 It's too bad. Such a talent - no wonder he wanted to get scanned.




 From: Morgan Yu
 To: Sylvain Bellamy
 I'm trusting you with my brain. You do good work, so hopefully that continues
;) Listen, if the tests don't go well, if something happens, let Alex know that
I know it wasn't his fault. I signed up for this.

 Also, if the tests drag on, consider moving your office down to Sim. Less
hassle and you can always move back after we celebrate our success.




 From: Morgan Yu
 To: Jason Chang
 Jason, maint screwed the keypad to my office. had them set it to 0451.
I'll be in sim labs a while so if you need anything help yourself.


 Email 40: YOU MADE IT

 From: January
 To: Morgan Yu


 Email 41: ?

 From: Mikhalia Ilyushin
 To: Morgan Yu
 I still don't know what happened, I've put it behind me. But there's no
reason we can't still be civil. You passed me in the hall today,  and you
looked through me. If you're angry at something I did, tell me, and we can
talk about it. Pretending you don't even know who I am isn't going to help.
We still have to work together.

 - Mika



 From: Jason Chang
 To: Morgan Yu
 Morgan: As requested, your terminal logs are set to be automatically
forwarded to your suite in Crew Quarters and the supplies from Hardware
sent up. Let me know if they get to you a ll right and if not, I'll get it

 Like last week, I'll make sure you aren't disturbed in the interim. Let
me know if there's anything else I can do, I'll hold down the fort outside
your office.



 ___ ___ _____   _____________________________________________________________
| _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|  _/   / _| \ V /     CHAPTER 4: Through a Glass Darkly      |   EMAILS!
|_| |_|_\___| |_|_____________________________________________'_______________

 Email 43: EXPORTS

 From: Elias Black
 To: Yuri Kimura
 You can't ship it home.
 It's already been noticed.
 One month pay makes it go away.



 From: Nickie Tannar
 To: Hope Ellis
 I sent Larsen to the demo theater to see if he can sneak a bottle of Old
Sadar. Join us?


 Email 45: DEMO DELAY

 From: Franklin Goode
 To: Hope Ellis
 Just a heads up that the Artax Propulsion System demo will have to be
delayed. We're still working on a slight calibration issue in the Machine
Shop, but it's nothing to worry about.

 - Franklin



 From: Dayo Igwe
 To: Jorgen Thorstein
 Dr. Thorstein,
 I just wanted to write you personally and thank you for the new reployer.
I know some people have been on waiting lists to get one of these, and it
was a pleasant surprise to find a new one in my office this morning.

 It is this feeling of gratitude that makes it awkward for me to trouble
you further. However, if you could spare one of your engineers for a bit,
it would be great if they could swing by and show me exactly what it does.

 Dr. Dayo Igwe



 From: Clive Lawrence
 To: Jorgen Thorstein
 Wanted to clear a "Morgan request" (again). Morgan was down in Hardware
today (just standing there, as if not sure where to go) and when I offered
to help, Morgan asked for more operator parts. I asked if the last ones we'd
sent hadn't been sufficient, and I got a blank look. I mean no offense, but
Morgan's requisitioned enough to repair any Operator in the station five
times over now, and we have other Operators that need maintenance.

 - Clive


 Email 48: EYES AND EARS

 From: Jorgen Thorstein
 To: Thaddeus York
 Please keep an eye on Franklin. The man spends far too much time on personal
projects adn recreational pursuits. We're all human here - I get it - but I'm
worried he may try to use the propulsion system to access unauthorized areas.

 - Dr. Thorstein



 From: Gus Magill
 To: Thaddeus York
 Cc: Life Support Security
 Hey, this is Guns down in Cargo Bay,
 I found something curious in an outbound container on my shift. I think it's
a fabricator plan for an autonomous turret. It was stashed with a bunch of old
capacitor cells slated for delivery to the Pytheas facility.

 It might have been an accident, but I don't know. One of the officers put it
in a safe in the Life Support Security Station. If you want it back, talk to

 - Gus



 From: Jorgen Thorstein
 To: Thaddeus York
 Dr. Calvino isn't feeling well enough to present the latest Looking Glass
tech to our visitors, so I'll be away from the labs for an extended period.
I've left everything in working order while I'm out, but just in case I'm
sending you the keycode to my office. It's 0495.

 - Dr. Thorstein


 Email 51: YOU WIN

 From: Group: Small Scale Testing
 To: Group: Small Scale Testing
 To Whomever gave dear Mr. Glooey McGlooface arms,
 AKA, First Shift,
 I bow to thee. At first I thought the jellied eel hat could not be topped.
I stand corrected.  Your triumphant creation of baseball glove hands cannot
be equaled.

 - The Unworthy Second Shift



 From: Clive Lawrence
 To: Group: Small Scale Testing
 This is a reminder that if you need supplies from the machine shop, the
supply closet's keycode is 3769. If you take anything, please let me know.

 - Clive



 From: Group: Small Scale Testing
 To: Jorgen Thorstein
 Specimen FHJ89c ("Gloo") Adhesion Test
 3.1 > Test Specimen Preparation
 3.2 > The dimensions shall be optimized for small-scale test chambers (1m3)
       operating at 1-0.02 air change per hour to achieve the loading factor
       of 0.1-.9 ms.
 3.3 > Applied TBO79c to clean stainless steel sheet metal plate.
 3.4 > Thoroughly coated specimen on sheet metal plate successfully with
       occurrences of minimal waste.
 3.5 > Immediately transferred specimen to conditioning environment.
 Small scale test: Successful. Recommend moving to full scale.
 Note: GLOO is still vitreophobic.



 From: Group: Small Scale Testing
 To: Jorgen Thorstein
 I was testing the recycler charge and somethign peculiar happened. I placed
the usual source material into the chamber and set off the charge. Mixed in
with the result was something I've never seen before: a purple, almost organic
looking substance. Maybe something contaminated the source material? I'm
unsure how to proceed so I've placed the unidentified material in the safe
for now

 - Aime



 From: Jorgen Thorstein
 To: Lily Morris
 I've been informed you are in need of an updated recycler charge
fabrication plan. It just so happens I have a spare plan in my quarters.
Remind me before next shift, and I'll bring it down.

 - Dr. Thorstein



 From: Clive Lawrence
 To: Franklin Goode
 Don't sweat it. When the cat's away and all that. I think I have a few ideas.
I'll draw something up and send it to you and Mary.

 - Clive
 From: Franklin Goode
 To: Clive Lawrence
 Subject: Dart Effectiveness
 Hey Clive,
 Sorry for the bolts all over the Machine Shop. It's really the only place I
can try out the new gun. I think it's coming along rather nicely... still want
to help? I've already recruited Mary.

 - Franklin



 From: Jorgen Thorstein
 To: Franklin Goode
 The satellite presently in the repair bay of the Machine Shop is scheduled to
be decommissioned. However, Dr. Kelstrup has requested that we remove the
psychotronic transistor elements and install them in the new satellite. I don't
know what they do, so don't bother asking. Just get it done ASAP.

 - Dr. Thorstein



 From: Randall Wood
 To: Mary Malinaro
 As I'm sure you might've noticed, there's been an issue with one of the
tanks near the supply closet and it's now causing a bit of radiation. Please
stay clear and spread the word until I can get what I need to clean this up.

 - Randy



 From: Gary Snow
 To: Mary Malinaro
 Hey Mary,
 Gary Snow here. I work in Crew Services. I heard some scuttlebutt about a
new dart gun you guys worked up. Possibly something about an assassin-style
game in the Arboretum and Crew Quarters. I want in.



 From: Mary Malinaro
 To: Clive Lawrence, Franklin Goode
 Okay guys,
 I think it's ready to go now. I've dubbed it the "Huntress Boltcaster"!
Clive, I love your idea for capacitive tips on the bolts. Send me a
technical spec and I'll incorporate it into the ammo fabrication plan.
Those tips will activate any touchscreen they hit! I've gathered a lot of
trash for feeding the Fabricator so we can make some of these after work
and try them out.
 - Mary



 From: Clive Lawrence
 To: Danielle Sho
 Please do. It is not my responsibility - it's Morgan's.
 - Clive
 From: Danielle Sho
 To: Clive Lawrence
 Subject: Missing Operator Parts
 Have you looked into the Operator Dispensor logs and the missing parts?
Every Operator on the station needs to be accounted for. I'll bring it up
with Alex next.
 - Danielle



 From: Jorgen Thorstein
 To: Clive Lawrence
 Thank you for the update. I'll handle it from here.
 - Dr. Thorstein
 From: Clive Lawrence
 To: Jorgen Thorstein
 Subject: Possible Fabricator Malfunction
 Dr. Thorstein
 I checked the Neuromod stamps and the lattices in the Fabricator, and both
check out. There's no obvious failure in the components, I may need to
disassemble the machine.

 It's possible there's something in the specs Igwe is using that's causing
the failure rate? Hard to believe, Igwe's pretty thorough, but we all make
mistakes. I'll keep working on it.

 Maybe there was something specific about that batch - weren't there a few
scrambled ones last cycle, too?

 - Clive Lawrence



 From: Mathias Koh.
 To: Josh Dalton
 Mr. Dalton,
 Please do not confront Lane. Let's give it one more shot. How does 7:30 this
evening sound?
 - Dr. Kohl
 From: Josh Dalton
 To: Mathias Kohl
 Subject: Canceled Forever
 These mandatory sessions are worthless. My design was stolen! Someone else
got the credit. It's fraudulent. I need restitution, not talk therapy. I'll
handle it myself from here on out.

 - J. Dalton



 From: Thomas Tucker
 To: Josh Dalton
 Your previous twelve emails outlined all of your concerns well enough.
Please come to my office this afternoon at 2:00. We need to speak face
to face.

 - Tom Tucker
 Human Resources
 From: Josh Dalton
 To: Tom Tucker
 Subject: Workplace Grievance
 Is no one going to help me? I've presented ALL of the information needed
to prove Lane is t rying to sabotage my career. His promotions are the result
of my work. MY. WORK. There's no accountability in this company as far as I
can tell. I'll take this to Alex if I have to.

 - J. Dalton



 From: Hardware Lab Security
 To: Lane Carpenter
 Mr. Carpenter,
 We have received a report that there is an issue with some Blackbox equipment
in the G.U.T.S., as it never reached the cargo bay.

 We were unable to locate Josh Dalton for assistance. Please get back to us at
your earliest convenience.
 - Talos I Security


 Email 66: RE: FW: THIEF

 From: Thomas Tucker
 To: Lane Carpenter
 I'll speak with Josh soon.
 - Tom Tucker
 Human Resources
 From: Lane Carpenter
 To: Tom Tucker
 Subject: Fw: Thief
 See what I have to deal with? This needs to stop.
 - Lane Carpenter
 From: Josh Dalton
 To: Lane Carpenter
 Subject: Thief
 Enjoy your time at the top while it lasts, because it won't be long.
 - J. Dalton



 From: Mary Malinaro
 To: Lorenzo Calvino
 Dr. Calvino,
 Okay, I'll get right on that.
 - Mary
 From: Lorenzo Calvino
 To: Mary Malinaro
 Subject: Custom Travel Mug
 Mary, this is Dr. Calvino,
 I require you to fabricate a travel mug that weighs exactly 170 grams (empty
of course). My feeble hands need a lightweight container for my coffee. I'll
be sure to put in a good word to Dr. Thorstein for your assistance.



 From: Clive Lawrence
 To: Lorenzo Calvino
 Uh, sure.
 - Clive
 From: Lorenzo Calvino
 To: Clive Lawrence
 Subject: Scale Modification Request
 Clive, this is Dr. Calvino
 I need you to modify a scale so when it reads 170 grams, it sends an on/off
signal. Please let me know when it's ready.



 From: Jorgen Thorstein
 To: Lorenzo Calvino
 I've had a look at the specs you sent me. I see a few problems. I didn't
realize you'd offloaded so much of the processing and storage. What if someone
took a wrench to the main server? The whole system goes down? Anyway, come by
when you get a chance and we'll go over the details. I have a few suggestions,
if you're amenable.

 - Jorgen



 From: Alex Yu
 To: Regina Sellers
 Dr. Sellers,
 I know what Paraplexis is. The records are sealed by government order, not
TranStar. My hands are tied.

 - Alex  Yu
 From: Regina Sellers
 To: Alex Yu
 Subject: RE: Patient Access Request
 She claims she needs a bi-weekly booster shot of Neurostimprexen to offset
mild Physiognomic Fatigue, but NSP is a treatment for many ailments, including
White Noise (Paraplexis, muscle paralysis due to neuronal disorder).

 If it is late-onset White Noise, then this sould explain why Ilyushin has no
Neuromods, not simply because she has refused them, as she has claimed.
Ilyushin's brain has never been scanned, which I also find unusual, especially
for a TranStar employee. I requested her files to see if any member of her
family had a history of the disorder, but those of her parents are also not

 From: Alex Yu
 To: Regina Sellers
 Subject: RE: Patient Access Request
 Dr. Sellers, Engineer Ilyushin was cleared Earthside. What exactly is the
problem here?

 - Alex Yu
 From: Regina Sellers
 To: Alex Yu
 Subject: Patient Access Request
 Dr. Yu,
 I'm writing for permission to access one of the patient files: Ilyushin,
Mikhaila. I already spoke to Nurse Mata, then Dr. De Vries, and both indicated
that not all the medical reports were available, notably the ones at the
Petersburg operations. All my requests have been denied, and I was hoping you
could help me with this matter.


 Email 71: GOOD NEWS

 From: Thomas Tucker
 To: Applicant SC3-125-35
 Hello Sandro,
 It's my pleasure to inform you that your application has been accepted! We've
shipped you a packet of documents. Please review and sign by the end of this
week. Once the paperwork is done I'll send travel instructions. We'd like to
get you up here next month if possible and begin orientation.

 It's always challenging to reserve travel but you'll be booked for an
exhilarating ascent on one of our shuttles.

 Please accept my welcome on behalf of the TranStar family. We look forward
to bringing you aboard!

 - Thomas Tucker


 Email 72: HUNTER HALE

 From: Alex Yu
 To: Thomas Tucker
 I appreciate your concern and understand you don't want to be held accountable
for discrepancies on the books. Hunter Hale's compensation package stands out
because he negotiated it with me. Consider the matter settled. Even if we paid
him six times what our other pilots make, our projections for this year would
support it.



 Email 73: YURI

 From: Demetri Bowser
 To: Elias Black
 Turns out Yuri Kimura's like everyone else. I'll tell you over lunch.


 ___ ___ _____   _____________________________________________________________
| _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|  _/   / _| \ V /             CHAPTER 5: Detour              |   EMAILS!
|_| |_|_\___| |_|_____________________________________________'_______________


 From: Bianca Goodwin
 To: John Haskins
 Thanks for reaching out! I've asked Chief Elazar to send a team to do a
quick once over of the premises to ensure that you are absolutely safe during
the next shift. Obviously the safety of both our volunteers and our security
staff is our number one priority! We unfortunately can't post any more
security personnel to this location at the time, but we're looking to expand
our security staff and may be able to revisit this issue in the future. Let
me know if you have any questions!

 Bianca Good
 Volunteer Liason
 Talos I Research Facility

 From: John Haskins
 To: Bianca Goodwin
 Cc: Sarah Elazar
 Ms. Goodwin,
 I'm going to  need more support. The volunteers are agitated. More than
usual. This morning 11 threatened to bash my head in if I didn't let him out
to stretch his legs. When you get up here the keycode is 9469, not the old
number on file. I'm pretty sure they've been watching me punch that in, so I
changed it.

 Sec. Officer John Haskins



 From: Helen Craft
 To: Halden Graves
 Well then where do you think it comes from? You're sitting on the station's
largest store of it, and you haven't wondered what it is they have us injecting
into our frontal lobes? You're brilliant Graves, but you have the mind of an
engineer. Good at answering questions, but not asking them. Second guessing the
Yus never struck you until you saw that report from Psychotronics, did it?

 - Helen



 From: Joshua Vanstry
 To: Halden Graves
 We have four neuromods here in the test labs. We received four, signed for
four, and there are four in our secured storage. If you're saying you shipped
seven, I advise you to take it up with security and your delivery personnel.
This isn't the first time neuromods have gone missing somewhere between
fabrication and testing.



 From: Rich Ivers
 To: Junior Bookman
 Another decontamination exercise. What do you think they've found?

 From: Hans Kelstrup
 To: Cory Richard
 At the end of second shift, as per Alex Yu's direct orders, you are to
escort Dr. Gallegos to the Security office in the main Lobby.


 Email 79: TIME TO TALK

 From: Alex Yu
 To: Hans Kelstrup
 Our esteemed colleague Dr. Gallegos is posing a problem. Let's talk via
Looking Glass ASAP.

 - Alex



 From: Elizabeth Bay
 To: Hans Kelstrup
 Dr. Kelstrup,
 Patient Tokaji insists she got her hand caught in a "piece of machinery," but
her wounds show evidence of bite marks - human bite marks. Someone bit her
finger off.

 When I asked security if they could find the fingers so I could at least
reattach them, they said the "machine" had ground them up. What is going on?

 Elizabeth Bay



 From: Sanjay Puri
 To: Hans Kelstrup
 Cc: Alex Yu; Morgan Yu
 Full report still pending concerning the last experiment with V-01655-37.
The Typhon Psychocratis initially evidenced interest in the subject, but
then failed to colonize subject's mind. Developed a strong aversion, in fact.
Experiment halted at 5:01:30 minutes at M.  Yu's request. 37 sent to recovery.

 While 37 has a history of psychological instability, the event seems to
have inflicted additional trauma. Both M. Yu and A. Yu have agreed that 37
should be held until we can determine the origin of 37's peculiar resistance
to the Typhon Psychocratis.

 - Sanjay Puri



 From: Helen Barker-Combs
 To: Hans Kelstrup
 Dr. Kelstrup,
 Per your request, Dr. Tokaji was sent to Trauma. Her fingers could not be
recovered. V-010655-37 is isolated and under continual watch. Security will
perform regular checks on his physical condition.

 - Dr. Helen Barker



 From: Hans Kelstrup
 To: Annalise Gallegos
 The volunteers TranStar sends us are irredeemable; sociopaths sentenced to
die for their crimes. We are neither judge nor jury. We only enable their
already ordained destruction to the benefit of all humanity.

 Read the file on 13 if you need assurance. It's unlocked in the extraction

 - Hans


 Email 84: I'M AN IDIOT

 From: Demian Linn
 To: Annalise Gallegos
 I managed to lock my morgue keycard... in the morgue. Kelstrup thinks I'm
an imbecile as it is. Have any ideas?



 From: Helen Barker-Combs
 To: Mitsuko Tokaji
 I need a report on 37's condition in my TranScribe asap. Either that psycho's
the luckiest prisoner in orbit, or worse, we've got some problem in what we're
feeding the Typhon - and that can't happen again. Morgan said something about
wanting to question 37, but that's a low priority - he was practically
unresponsive before. If nothing pans out I'm going prep 37 for an scephalectomy.

 Helen Barker-Combs



 From: Morgan Yu
 To: Mitsuko Takaji
 Sure. Alex will probably shoot it down. But say the idea gets off the
ground... still have two big questions to answer. What's the test environment?
And who's neurons are we talking about putting in them? Volunteers are a no go.

 From: Mitsuko Tokaji
 To: Morgan Yu
 Subject: Mirror Neurons
 I'm going to bring it up again. Next R&D meeting. Will you support me?


 Email 87: STATUS REPORT: 37

 From: Mitsuko Tokaji
 To: Helen Barker-Combs
 V-010655-37 has shown signs of further instability in the last 24 hours.
Subject demonstrated morbid curiosity in small objects around him, attempting
to place them in his mouth and consume them (nutritive and non-nutritive).
Initial diagnosis would seem to be rapid-onset pica, but there was no
evidence of this prior to exposure to the Telepath. We're not ruling out
suicide attempts, although the subject isn't making an effort to hide it.
I'll be performing an endoscopic exam next shift to make sure nothing is
lodged in the esophagus or intestines.

 - Mitsuko



 From: Christopher Smith
 To: Helen Barker-Combs
 Cc: Mitsuko Tokaji
 Dr. Helen Barker-Combs,
 37 is still under suicide watch. As requested, the prisoner hasn't been
given any sedatives to keep his system clean for upcoming surgery. No food,
either. Only water. He doesn't do much except rock back and forth, staring
at the same point at the wall and mubling to himself in Russian. Can't make
out what he's saying. He's made no attempt to hurt himself that we've seen.
This volunteer doesn't seem to be suicidal - he seems disoriented, like he's
sleep drunk.

 - Sec. Officer Smith



 From: Helen Barker-Combs
 To: Helen Barker-Combs
 I think we've gotten just about all we're going to get out of 37 by talking.
I want you to schedule surgery within the next few days. Let's get it out and
into analysis as soon as possible.

 - Hans



 From: Demian Linn
 To: Rory Manion
 After the last six months here, I'm going with:
 4. Magic.
 To: Demian Linn
 From: Rory Manion
 Subject: Mimic Theory
 Time to place your bets on how this actually works. My money is on #2,

 1. Hallucinogenic Field (mimics project a field that causes observers to
    think they see the object).
 2. Pocket Dimension (mimics swaps places with the object in a parrallel
    universe, stays connected via a wormhole).
 3. Transmutation (mimic reconfigures ita atoms and molecules, while
    maintaining its own subjective consciousness).

 - Rory


 Email 91: DOMETAKER

 From: Matthew Connolly
 To: Rory Manion
 Dometaker III: Pilgrimage to the Autarch of the Domed arrived with my last
drop. Let me know if you'd like a download. The caves are all handcrafted.


 Email 92: MYSTERY MAN

 From: Annalise Gallegos
 To: Rory Manion
 Does Lanzetta ring any bells? Dr. Gus Lanzetta? What if I told you he worked
with us for a week? One week. The week before the entire science staff had
last quarter's Neuromods removed. He left his badge in a locker. I had IT
look up his account, and it had all been deleted, all but his credentials.
Who the hell was he?


 Email 93: RE: I'M AN IDIOT

 From: Annalise Gallegos
 To: Demian Linn
 I'm indisposed, Demian. Kelstrup wants to discuss some "urgent" matter. The
science operator lets itself in the morgue by the half hour on the dot every
day. Shadow it and slip in.



 From: Rory Manion
 To: Demian Linn
 Remember how funny I found Alvin Broyle's movies up until I had that second
Cobinatorics Neuromod installed? Now they can't even elicit a chuckle. I'm
not imagining this am I? I did enjoy them, right? Hayley isn't happy about it.
Ever since, she's scrutinized my every move: How much hot sauce I use, where
I put my shoes before bed - shit - even my handwriting. You'd say you're
still the same person you were before your mods went in, wouldn't you?

 - Rory


 Email 95: RE: G.U.T.S. - SUBSECTION 19

 From: Clive Lawrence
 To: Eric Berger
 Parts are OTW.
 - Clive
 From: Eric Berger
 To: Clive Lawrence
 Subject: G.U.T.S - Subsection 19
 The electrical fault is still an issue in subsection 19. When will the
replacement electrical components be available so I can finally get this
repair underway? You understand I cannot leave this subsection offline at
all times, correct? Meanwhile, having to navigate around fan vents is NOT

 - Eric Berger


 Email 96: FW: JOST DALTON MIA???

 From: Thomas Tucker
 To: Anders Kline
 Josh Dalton's tracking bracelet has him in the G.U.T.s. Have you seen him?
 Subject: Josh Dalton MIA???
 From: Gregory Kepner
 To: Sean Larsen
 Cc: Thomas Tucker
 Josh Dalton hasn't shown up to his workstation for 3 days now. We're falling
behind on the Blackbox project due to his absence and Lane's uncooperative.
I'd rather not get Thorstein involved. Please let me know if you have any
information. Ccing Tom in HR.

 - Gregory Kepner



 From: Anders Kline
 To: G.U.T. Security
 Cc: Laurel Davis
 The scale and frequency of the Magnetosphere's plasma release pulses have
been steadily increasing to unsafe levels. We are currently investigating
potential causes and fixes. At their present scale the effects are interfering
with nearby electronics, and the stability of the station's shielding. All
personnel should consider G.U.T.S. to be in an emergency state until further

 - Anders Kline


 Email 98: SHUT IT DOWN

 From: Anders Kline
 To: Laurel Davis
 I'll be heading up tomorrow to work on the Magnetosphere generator during
second shift. Please be ready and have the machine shut down. Also, let's
remember to turn it back on this time... we don't need another radiation

 - Anders


 Email 99: RE: I'M FINE

 From: Eric Berger
 To: Laurel Davis
 I know you can. Just stay safe. Things are stirring more than usual around

 Subject: RE: For Your Protection
 From: Laurel Davis
 To: Eric Berger
 I found your gift in the crawlspace over my control room, but not before I
accidentally kicked it under some pipes... which means I can't reach it. It's
dark up there! Please don't worry about me. There is a security kit here. If
anything happens, I'll be ready.



 ___ ___ _____   _____________________________________________________________
| _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|  _/   / _| \ V /       CHAPTER 6: Gathering Echoes          |   EMAILS!
|_| |_|_\___| |_|_____________________________________________'_______________


 From: Sarah Elazar
 To: Alex Yu
 Alex - Found it. Neuromod Division. On top of a computer cabinet. I'd say
someone was trying to hide it, along with what looks like a bug out bag.
Should I be concerned about anything? It's still there btw.

 From: Alex Yu
 To: Sarah Elazar
 Subject: Missing Keycard
 Sarah - I need your help tracking down a missing keycard. This should be
one of your highest priorities. It's labeled EP101. Let me know as soon as
you find anything.

 - Alex



 From: Danielle Sho
 To: Alex Yu
 If it's shut down or on standby, it could be anywhere. Do I have permission
to begin a search?


 From: Alex Yu
 To: Danielle Sho
 Subject: RE Rogue Operator
 Are you certain of this? If this operator exists, where would it be?
 From: Danielle Sho
 To: Alex Yu
 Subject: RE: Rogue Operator
 Dr. Yu, an operator follows an owner's commands to the letter. Morgan may
have built an unlicensed model, and if so, it would have access to station
protocols. I'll take the matter to the board if I have to, but I won't have
Morgan's actions place the station in jeopardy.

 From: Alex Yu
 To: Danielle Sho
 Subject: RE: Rogue Operator
 Chief Sho,
 I doubt that accident has any relevance to what you're describing here. If
Lorenzo says an investigation is unnecessary, I believe him.

 From: Danielle Sho
 To: Alex Yu
 Subject: RE: Rogue Operator
 Dr. Yu,
 I spoke to Lorenzo Calvino and got no response, so bringing the matter to
you. There is evidence of an unlicensed operator aboard Talos I. If so, we
might be risking another TranStar North incident. I want to ensure the
station's safety and make sure IT protocols are enforced.

 - Chief Sho


 Email 102: NO SUBJECT

 From: Emma Beatty
 To: Alex Yu
 You've made it my duty to keep everyone on this station in good physical
condition. The last time I checked, sir, you are part of everyone on this
station. By my count, you've missed the past 5 scheduled fitness tests.

 If you're uncomfortable with some of the exercises and performing them in
front of the crew, I can schedule you time in the fitness center where it's
just the two of us.

 Remember, you souldn't just be doing t his to help yourself but to set an
example for the whole staff.

 Thanks so much!
 Emma Beatty
 Talos I Fitness Trainer



 From: Mathias Kohl
 To: Alex Yu
 Your sibling is indeed... different. I've sent the comparisons to you and
Bellamy for evaluation. As you'll see, there's noticeable personality drift,
more than I'd expect from heavy Neuromod cycling. It's even more prominent
because of the duration in which these behavior shifts have developed. As
requested, I did not discuss this with Morgan. Interestingly, Morgan seems
unaware of these shifts.

 As an aside, I believe this poses interesting questions for other applications
of the Neuromod - not solely therapy, but re-conditioning.


 Email 104: INTRUDER

 From: Argentena Pero
 To: Crew Quarters Security
 Please help me! There is someone trying to enter my room! I have nowhere
to hide! Hurry!



 From: Argentena Pero
 To: Crew Quarters Security
 Seriously? My quarters have no view of space? No windows at all? What is
the one thing that a visitor staying on a SPACE STATION might enjoy? Surely
you have better quarters for Argenteno Pero.



 From: Argentena Pero
 To: Crew Quarters Security
 I don't know what passes for sparkling wine on board Talos, but I assure
you the flat piss your concierge delivered does not qualify. I poured it
into the toilet where it belongs. I want a replacement as soon as possible.
Better yet would be a bottle of that Sardar bourbon I understand your CEO
likes. And more glasses as well. The others are broken.


 Email 107: NEW GYM CODE

 From: Emma Beatty
 To: Crew Quarters Security
 FYI, the code to the Fitness Center has changed. Too many people had given
out the code to employees that didn't have the service docked from their pay
stubs. The new one is 8119 in case anyone who's paid for it forgets it.



 Email 108: CANNED PEARS

 From: Will Mitchell
 To: Hans Kelstrup
 Greetings Dr. Kelstrup. Unfortunately we won't see another case of canned
pears until the next supply shuttle arrives. As always, Elliot will mark
them E.D.S. Thank you for your patience.


 Email 109: ARN'S

 From: Alex Yu
 To: Hans Kelstrup
 Get them scheduled.
 - Alex
 To: Alex Yu
 From: Hans Kelstrup
 Subject: ARN's
 Deja vu has set in again. Retracting steps is going to be a little harder
this time. It seems that Mueller's staff was not properly recording data,
so all the progress they made since the last department-wide removal is in
jeopardy. We'll need to temper our expectation. Wiping the memories of the
entire department is a tremendous setback and I'm beginning to question the
practice versus the results we've seen. We should revisit the staggered
system we discussed last year.

 Hans Kelstrup



 From: Kevin Sabian
 To: Will Mitchell
 Sorry to contact you during your down time, but Alex has been working
through the 04:00 shift and has put in a food request at the front desk.
He says you know what he likes. Could you bring his meal to the executive
suites? The code to the grav shaft is 2645.

 Kevin Sabian
 Crew Facilities



 From: Morgan Yu
 To: Will Mitchell
 No problem. Don't worry about Danielle.
 To: Morgan Yu
 From: Will Mitchell
 Subject: EMOTE Upgrade
 Morgan, hey! I guess you must have shifted cafeteria visits or taking food
in your quarters now? But wanted to say thanks again for the EMOTE upgrade.
You should hear Skillet now, much better! Don't think Danielle liked it, so
hopefully that doesn't cause any trouble between you two? 

 Don't be a stranger! Still plenty of your favorite snacks in stock, just
swing on by whenever you get a breather.

 Appreciate the help,



 From: Bianca Goodwin
 To: Dayo Igwe
 Dr. Igwe, I relayed your previous requests and we'll see what we can do
but there are no guarantees. The schedule for the visit is tight and may not
allow for a face-to-face.

 I'll let you know when I have more details.
 Talos I Volunteer and Guest Liaison
 From: Dr. Dayo Igwe
 To: Bianca Goodwin
 Subject: Meeting Gustav
 Ms. Goodwin,
 To follow-up on the previous request, I was wondering if there had been any
updates on Gustav Leitner's visit. Is it still taking place, and if so, would
it be possible to get a copy of his itinerary? I would love a chance to meet
him - before the neuromapping procedure, if possible.



 From: Alex Yu
 To: Sylvain Bellamy
 Over the past several tests Morgan has used different solutions to the same
problem, even though we've been controlling every possible variable. Room A,
for example. In Test 9, he exercised precise control to move the boxes one at
a time. In Test 10 he simultaneously levitated them all straight up a few
inches, technically completing the test. Then, in 14 he incinerated them. If
not for the safety glass, you'd be dead. What is happening after reset that's
leading to this variance?

 - Alex


 Email 114: RE: MY PASSWORD

 From: Lorenzo Calvino
 To: Danielle Sho
 Ok, thanks.
 From: Danielle Sho
 To: Lorenzo Calvino
 Subject: RE: My Password
 Dr. Calvino,
 For starters, if you have any more questions about passwords please email
the IT department and don't use my personal address.

 Second, you should NEVER type your password into an email. Regardless of
how tight our security is, you never know.

 Third, the password guidelines are just that, guidelines.  You're all
grownups and can use whatever you want, but we have a list of recommendations
for keeping your passwords safe.

 Danielle Sho
 Chief Archivist
 From: Lorenzo Calvino
 To: Danielle Sho
 Subject; My Password
 My workstation said that it was time to update my password. I wanted to know
if it was ok to use KublaiKhan and whether that fit your requirements.

 Dr. Calvino



 From: Skye Braxton
 To: Danielle Sho
 Hey Danielle,
 I'm pulling a late shift on the Bridge tonight and I left my TranScribe in
my pod. Could I convince you to bring it for me on your way to Deep Storage?
BTW, I have some ideas for making our uniforms look a little more popstar for
our 'demonstration' at the Tulip. Don't be scared.




 From: Abigail Foy
 To: Danielle Sho; Emma Beatty; Elias Black; Zachary West
 Greetings adventurers!
 Each of you should have a map fragment by now. I managed to hand them to
some of you in person. Others might have noticed a new file on your workstations
after the last session. They are map fragments. Work together and figure out the
clues. Once you have, return to my quarters and you will be given your prize!

 Your humble Game Master,


 ___ ___ _____   _____________________________________________________________
| _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|  _/   / _| \ V /      CHAPTER 7: Restore From Backup        |   EMAILS!
|_| |_|_\___| |_|_____________________________________________'_______________

 Email 117: WHERE ARE YOU?

 From: Danielle Sho
 To: Abigail Foy
 I don't think this is a drill. Did you feel the vibration? Felt like a
blast in the lower decks.


 Email 118: ARE YOU OK?

 From: Danielle Sho
 To: Abigail Foy
 I've heard some people were hurt.



 From: Danielle Sho
 To: Abigail Foy


 Email 120: COME FIND ME

 From: Danielle Sho
 To: Abigail Foy
 I tried calling Emma at the Fitness Center. Something's seriously wrong
there. Get out of crew and I'll come find you.



 From: Emma Beatty
 To: Abigail Foy
 You're such a nerd, Abigail. :)
 From: Abigail Foy
 To: Emma Beatty;Danielle Sho;Elias Black;Zachary West
 Subject: Treasure Hunt
 Greetings adventurers!
 Each of you should have a map fragment by now. I managed to hand them to
some of you in person. Others might have noticed a new file on your workstations
after the last session. They are map fragments. Work together and figure out the
clues. Once you have, return to my quarters and you will be given your prize!

 Your humble Game Master,



 From: Kevin Sabian
 To: Emma Beatty
 As you know, Morgan's availability is going to be extremely limited in the
upcoming weeks. He'd like to schedule his personal training sessions tomorrow,
if possible. Could you possibly adjust your schedule to accommodate this
window? Morgan would greatly appreciate it. The keycode to the Executive
Suites is 2645.

 Kevin Sabian
 Crew Facilities



 From: Hans Kelstrup
 To: Alex Yu
 Your Chief Engineer just sent a flunky down here to install upgraded door
sensors. We took the sensors and turned the engineer away. Hudson disassembled
one of the them and there was something inside.

 A listening device!
 What the hell is this about? Recently she tried to request records from
Neuromod Div.

 Volunteer records, Alex.
 I don't think I can overstate the seriousness of this situation. You need to
get a handle on Ilyushin.




 From: Sarah Elazar
 To: Alex Yu
 I cannot find any camera footage of Chief Ilyushin leaving Morgan's quarters,
it either does not exist or it has been deleted. When questioned, Morgan said
it was an engineering matter and does not want it filed with human resources -
if you want to know more, I suggest you speak to Morgan directly. I will follow
up with Chief Ilyushin, as ordered.

 - Chief Elazar



 From: Sarah Elazar
 To: Alex Yu
 In speaking to Chief Ilyushin, she admitted the visit concerned a "medical
matter" and requested the visit not be minconstrued. Upon your orders, I
reminded her again if there has been any change in her relations with Morgan
Yu, she would need to notify HR. I consider the matter closed and would prefer
such inquiries be left off my duty roster in the future.

 - Chief Elazar


 Email 126: RE: FREAKY B

 From: Ivy Song
 To: Zachary West
 Mean! Akande's a nice guy and who can blame him for trying to get off
corrective? And wanting a real desk instead of a card table? He sits out
there all by himself with nothing to do. I feel sorry for him. You should
try to be nicer to him. I don't like mean people.


 Email 127: NO SUBJECT

 From: Alex Yu
 To: Danielle Sho
 Ms Sho,
 I wanted to remind you that we have some sensitive information regarding
the volunteers and I'd like you to make sure its secure. I've also included
fabrication plans for some charges that you should transfer to storage.




 From: Alex Yu
 To: Danielle Sho
 Are you certain of this? If this operator exists, where would it be?
 From: Danielle Sho
 To: Alex Yu
 Subject: Re: Rogue Operator

 Dr. Yu, an operator follows an owner's commands to the letter. Morgan may
have built an unlicensed model, and if so, it would have access to station
protocols. I'll take the matter to board if I have to, but I won't have
Morgan's actions place the station in jeopardy.

 From: Alex Yu
 To: Danielle Sho
 Subject: RE: Rogue Operator
 Chief Sho,
 I doubt that accident has any relevance to what you're describing here. If
Lorenzo says an investigation is unnecessary, I believe him.

 From: Danielle Sho
 To: Alex Yu
 Subject: RE: Rogue Operator
 Dr. Yu,
 I spoke to Lorenzo Calvino and got no response, so bringing the matter to
you. There is evidence of an unlicensed operator aboard Talos I. If so, we
might be risking another TranStar North incident. I want to ensure the
station's safety and make sure IT protocols are enforced.

 - Chief Sho


 Email 129: FREAKY B

 From: Zachary West
 To: Ivy Song
 Hey Ivy. Benin was snooping around my desk looking for rats again. He's so
weird. I mean, rats? In space? He was acting all big city cop. Newsflash: NO
CRIME IN ORBIT! They need to ship him home. I don't think you should talk to
him. I don't like the way he looks at you. And make sure you get the fab plan
I sent you. You have to play the game with me! Everybody's in!


 ___ ___ _____   _____________________________________________________________
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|  _/   / _| \ V /          CHAPTER 8: This Side Up           |   EMAILS!
|_| |_|_\___| |_|_____________________________________________'_______________

 N/A (No Emails!? Wow!)

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|  _/   / _| \ V /     CHAPTER 9: Shipping and Receiving      |   EMAILS!
|_| |_|_\___| |_|_____________________________________________'_______________


 From: Enoch Kouneva
 To: Gerald Wildman
 From: Gus Magill
 To: Enoch Kouneva, Ash Lasair, Diane Washington, Eddie Voss
 CC: Mikhaila Illyushin
 Subject: Hazmat Transfer Today
 Good Morning,
 The delivery shuttle arrived earlier with Chlorine Trifluoride aboard. It
has been offloaded and awaits you in Cargo Bay A. I need everyone involved
with the transfter to review procedures and protocols at the start of their
shift today, as you will be the lucky individuals that get to escort these
contents to fuel storage.

 I don't think I need to remind you what Chlorine Trifluoride will do if
you mishandle it. Just ask Enoch. Stick to procedures and everything will
be fine. Once it's secured I'll give you all the rest of the shift off.

 You're welcome
 Gerald Wildman



 From: Sylvain Bellamy
 To: Gerald Wildman
 Mr. Wildman,
 Dr. Dayo Igwe's assigned to your area temporarily. I've encouraged him to
stay out of your way and avoid interacting with Cargo Bay personnel. There
are some incoming materials I'd like him to handle directly. His work is
confidential and he answers directly to me, so if you have any issues please
contact my office.

 Thank you,
 Dr. Sylvain Bellamy



 From: Mikhaila Ilyushin
 To: Gus Magill
 Mr. Magill,
 As a safety precaution we have disabled critical machinery required to open
the exterior door in Cargo Bay B, and as added insurance the door has been
welded shut. If that bay is for storage only then we want to be certain
there can be no accidental opening.

 Restoring the bay door to full function will be practically impossible.
 Thank you.



 From: Sylvain Bellamy
 To: Gus Magill
 Yo. Find anything?
 From: Gus Magill
 To: Anders Kline
 Subject: Unresolved G.U.T.S. Incident
 Hey Anders,
 Got your message about the shipment failure. I dispatched an Engineering
Operator to check it out and something weird happened. Telemetry shows it
ran into some sort of... energetic latticework. The readings were unlike
anything I've seen. Side effect froma Psychotronics project?

 In any case, the Operator was able to move through it and investigate, but
shortly after it became unresponsive. I'm going to have to get  human eyes
on it, but all our people are tied up with a critical fuel transfer. When
that's done I'll send someone to check it out.




 From: Gerald Wildman
 To: Gus Magill
 There was a blast in Cargo Bay A. Exterior doors ruptured. All the bulkhead
doors automatically sealed, but several of my people are missing. Dr. Igwe
from Psychotronics was in there, and he's gone as well.

 Ekaterina said she saw a floating orb drift over to the Chlorine Trifluoride
container and detonate. Possibly some kind of static discharge, but all the
dampeners were activated. Secondary blasts went off not long ago in fuel
storage but I have that sealed tight and no one was in there.

 Something is going on. Nobody is calling me back. Let me know as soon as
you get this. I'm going to take the rest of my people over to Life Support
as a precaution.


 ___ ___ _____   _____________________________________________________________
| _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|  _/   / _| \ V /            CHAPTER 10: Reboot              |   EMAILS!
|_| |_|_\___| |_|_____________________________________________'_______________


 From: Jose Costa
 To: Ari Liudnarht; Roger Meir
 Cc: Johnny Brungen
 Consider this a friendly reminder that you still have department equipment
checked out. it was supposed to be returned at the end of your last shift
even if you intend to check it out again. You can't just keep it until you
are done. I know it's a pain but that's our process and if you don't check
that stuff in today there will be fines automatically applied to your next
pay cycle.

 Ari Liudnarht - Spare Parts (5)
 Roger Meir - Gloo Cannon (1)
 Jose Costa
 Atmosphere Engineer
 Talos I



 From: Max Weigel-Goetz
 To: AllAtmosphereControl
 Atmosphere Crew,
 Two quick notes. I know this goes without saying, but remember to take
extra safety precautions, especially if you've been awake for more than 20
hours. I don't want to see someone dozing off and falling into the turbines.

 Also, special thanks to Divya for maintaining the decontamination chamber
doors. We've gone 4 months without having to flush the air from this
sub-section. So great work!



 EMAIL 137: I CARE...

 From: Emily Carter
 To: Price Broadway
 Price, I have ALWAYS had your back but you are pushing things too far
right now. You have to get a grip. People are noticing, Price. People higher
up the chain than us. Quit avoiding Dr. Kohl and just go talk to him. I believe
you can get through this. Let me help.




 From: Mathias Kohl
 To: Price Broadway
 Cc: Mikhaila Ilyushin
 Hello Price,
 According to the information I've received, you pose a danger to yourself
and those around you. I cannot overstate the seriousness of attempting to
perform your duties on this station while under the influence of alcohol.
I've written a prescription for you. You must take the medication, refrain
from alcohol, and remain in Crew Quarters until we can meet. You are
temporarily suspended from duty and Chief Illyushin has concurred.




 From: Luther Glass
 To: Abigail Foy
 Please make sure your crew takes extreme caution when handling the harvesting
equipment. Recently, a bottle of Old Sardar Bourbon (empty) was found in a
batch of eels we sent up and I can only assume someone in our division
accidentally dropped it in the tank. No one wants to chew class when they bite
into an unagi roll. Or anything else for that matter.



 From: Franklin Goode
 To: Matthew Connolly
 Screw that, I would have asked for 75% if I knew you were going to name it
something so stupid.

 - Franklin.
 From: Matthew Connolly
 To: Franklin Goode
 Subject: RE: Shipment Ready
 OK, three things:
 1. It was a 35% cut, and you know it.
 2. Softshell is a magnificent name.
 3. Thanks.
 - Connolly

 From: Franklin Goode
 To: Matthew Connolly
 Subject: Shipment Ready
 I got your case of Operator parts ready to go. I put all the spare junk I
could scrounge out of the Machine Shop in there. It's in the usual spot.

 Just remember our deal: I get a 40% cut on any prize money your Operator
(did you seriously call it "Softshell"?) pulls in.

 - Franklin
 P.S. I also threw in that Gloo gun you asked for yesterday. You're our
unofficial guinea pig so let me know how it works out.



 From: Rory Manion
 To: Matthew Connolly
 Aww, cmon, Matty. Just for a little a bit.
 From: Matthew Connolly
 To: Rory Manion
 Subject: RE: SuiTwo Test
 Shit no.
 - Connolly
 From: Rory Manion
 To: Matthew Connolly
 Subject: SuiTwo Test
 Hey Matty,
 How localized is gravity generation? Is there any chance my private quarters
could go without it from say 1800 to 2100 hours tonight?

 - Rory



 From: Rory Manion
 To: Matthew Connolly
 No response means yes, right?
 - Rory
 From: Rory Manion
 To: Matthew Connolly
 Subject: A little help
 Hey Matty,
 I'm having some issues with my Transcribe. I think I dropped it or something.
I know you have the hookup with the guys in Engineering. Think you could help
me get it fixed? I'd rather not run this kind of thing by Danielle.

 - Rory



 From: Rory Manion
 To: Matthew Connolly
 From: Matthew Connolly
 To: Rory Manion
 Subject: RE: DomeTaker
 You're gonna brick your Transcribe playing that crap again.
 - Connolly
 From: Rory Manion
 To: Matthew Connolly
 Subject: DomeTaker
 Hey Matty,
 Dometaker III: P ilgrimage to the Autarchy of the Domed arrived with my last
care package. All the caves are procedurally generated, and there's even
multiplayer. I know you want a copy.

 - Rory



 From: Talia Brooks
 To: Duncan Krassikoff
 I don't know what kind of issues you have with Connolly, but you better get
over it quick because I'm getting sick of hearing you bitching about it.
Contrary to popular belief, ass-kissing will not get you on my good side.

 I'll speak to Connelly about the maintenance job.
 - Talia Brooks
 From: Duncan Krassikoff
 To: Talia Brooks
 Subject: Thought you should know
 I'm sure you read the report about  Ilyushin's office? I just wanted to let
you know that the maintenance request for the office was handled in a less
than... suitable manner. I'd be happy to go over it in detail.

 - Duncan



 From: Talia Brooks
 To: Duncan Krassikoff
 Duly noted.
 - Talia Brooks
 From: Duncan Krassikoff
 To: Talia Brooks
 Subject: Unauthorized Tech
 I'm not really comfortable bringing this up, but I feel it would be
irresponsible not to mention it. I have reason to believe Connolly has
been borrowing some of the experimental tech from hardware without
authorization. Just thought you should know.
 - Duncan



 From: Frank Jones
 To: Emmanuel Mendez
 It looks like I sent an email to you by accident. Just ignore it, please.
Also, what I wrote in the email was just a joke. I was pranking someone.

 - Frank
 Shuttle Bay Engineering
 From: Frank Jones
 To: Emmanuel Mendez
 Subject: The escape pods...
 I'm not supposed to tell ANYONE about this, but I wanted you to know since
you're someone I really care about. The escape pods DON'T work. If there's
ever an emergency on the station, don't try to use them. However, I'm
working on rigging one of them to work. DON'T TELL ANYONE.

 - Frank
 Shuttle Bay Engineering



 From: Matthew Connolly
 To: Emmanuel Mendez
 Eww, with Krassikoff? Come on Manny, you know I only have eyes for you.
 Besides, there's no way Krassikoff's blowing the whistle on BattleOps. He
helped start it too, remember? He'd go down with the rest of us. I think he's
more of a petty revenge kind of a guy, anyway. Give him a week. I bet he gets
over it.

 - Connolly
 From: Emmanuel Mendez
 To: Matthew Connolly
 Subject: Duncan
 Shit, Connolly. I think Duncan's really pissed this time. Did you have to
humiliate him like that? His Operator was already as good as done. If he
takes this to Brooks, we could all end up in the can. Can't you two just
kiss and make up?
 - Manny



 From: Matthew Connolly
 To: Lan Nguyen
 Hey Lan,
 Krassikoff just rage quit the BattleOps league so we have an open slot. Do
you still want in? Just show up at the usual time in the Reactor Room. I'll
have enough parts you can kitbash.

 And remember, not a word of this in front of Brooks or Ilyushin. They don't
know, and we want to keep it that way.

 - Connolly



 From: Talia Brooks
 To: Lan Nguyen
 Understood. I'll have some of the engineers inspect the stuff in storage.

 - Talia Brooks
 From: Talia Brooks
 To: Lan Nguyen
 Subject: RE: Faulty grounding resistor
 As stated in the official report, I replaced the grounding resistors in an
attempt to restore power to Ilyushin's office. This resulted in a powerful
electrical explosion and subsequent structural damage that exposed the
office to vacuum. Thankfully, the bulkheads sealed the breach. The faulty
resistors immediately melted into a sort of shapeless, smoldering, and
seemingly organic matter. Assume all parts in storage are suspect.
 - Lan


 ___ ___ _____   _____________________________________________________________
| _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|  _/   / _| \ V /    CHAPTER 11: The Keys to the Kingdom     |   EMAILS!
|_| |_|_\___| |_|_____________________________________________'_______________


 From: Erica Teague
 To: Alton Weber
 I know you think I screwed you over but I'm just doing my job. What am I
supposed to do? You tell me you're having nightmares and feel compelled to
hide out, well that's fine. But when you say you want to find a bunker, stock
it with supplies, and get your hands on a shotgun? Not cool. We were getting
along so well, but I guess we have to be all business from now on. Okay
 Officer Teague



 From: Sarah Elazar
 To: Alton Weber
 Officer Weber,
 I'm aware that you've made repeated attempts to requisition a shotgun, a
weapon that is clearly outside your duty description. That you didn't come
to me with this first is unfortunate. You've been a dedicated officer so I'm
not jumping to any conclusion, but as a precaution your access to the safe
in the Life Support security station has been revoked until we sort this out.

 I've been there Alton. This job can be stressful. I won't turn my back on
you, but I have to follow procedures. I'll contact you shortly to set up a

 - Chief Elazar



 From: Max Weigel-Goetz
 To: Alton Weber; Life Support Security
 Life Support engineer Jean Faure's last known duty was to repair life
support-related machinery in Power Plant. In addition, she has the one
remaining keycard to air filtration control Please find her ASAP.



 From: Peter Coleman
 To: Penny Tennyson
 Hello Penny.
 The Operator I sent to you is cycling now, unable to locate you. Is there
something wrong with your tracking bracelet? Did you leave Talos (LOL). I
heard there was an accident down in Cargo Bay. I hope you are okay. Let me
know when you get this.

 Peter Coleman



 From: Peter Coleman
 To: Penny Tennyson
 Hello Penny.
 We are running a variety of processes that may influence your data. I have
your itinerary, so I will dispatch a science operator with some tools to help
you get clean readings. Keep a look out for it.

 good luck
 Peter Coleman
 From: Penny Tennyson
 To: Peter Coleman
 Subject: Readings Around Talos
 Hi Peter,
 At last I have a free day to take solar energy readings from around Talos
to validate shielding efficiency. I'll be all over the place for the next
24 hours and will post my itinerary below. Please let me know if you will be
running any particle processes since it may influence my readings. Thanks!

 04:00 Crew Quarters
 08:00 Lobby
 12:00 Deep Storage
 18:00 Life Support
 22:00 Power Plant



 From: Skye Braxton
 To: Penny Tennyson ;Alika James; Marietta Kyrkos
 Cc: Jada Marks
 Hey everybody, I talked with Cptn. Marks and she agreed to give us a half
hour at end of shift tomorrow to celebrate Izumi's birthday. If you bring a
present put it in the small table in the Briefing Room. We'll all head in
there under the guise of a meeting and surprise her with a toast and presents.
I'm going to pester Will for a real cake. Fingers crossed!

 Remember, it's a surprise!
 - Skye



 From: Danielle Sho
 To: Skye Braxton
 Agreed (and I still can't believe you agreed to that extra Neuromod knowing
how creepy those psychos are), but worse, their lack of personality is
contagious - even Morgan's got glassy eyes now, hasn't smiled or made a joke
in, what, a month?

 A year?
 To: Danielle Sho
 From: Skye Braxton
 Subject: RE: New People
 I just pray there's no new folks in Psychotronics as part of the Earthside
rotation. Ugh.

 - Skye

 To: Skye Braxton
 From: Danielle Sho
 Subject: New People
 Can't wait for the new hires (and wipe that smile off your face, I know
you're smirking).

 - D


 ___ ___ _____   _____________________________________________________________
| _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|  _/   / _| \ V /   CHAPTER 12: Before I Give You The Key    |   EMAILS!
|_| |_|_\___| |_|_____________________________________________'_______________


 From: Skye Braxton
 To: Penny Tennyson ;Alika James; Marietta Kyrkos
 Cc: Jada Marks
 Okay Edward,
 I am in position here in Cargo Bay. Once I execute the Cargo Processing
command on this end we will have limited time to activate it on your side
in G.U.T.S. That should re-establish the cargo transit. Thank you for helping
me with this. Next time I promise I will not forget my TranScribe. I swear I
had it with me this morning. It's like it just grew legs and walked away or
something. The instant you ping me I will trigger this side.



 From: Edward Douglas
 To: Brittany LaValley
 Hey Britt,
 I must have just missed you. Please let me know when you're back so you
can let me into Shuttle Bay. Sorry to keep bugging you but Security hasn't
issued me a keycard yet. Thanks.

 - Edward



 From: Frank Jones
 To: Scott Parker
 I don't know what problems you got going on, and I honestly don't care.
Just get your work done on time because you're holding me back.

 - Frank
 Shuttle Bay Engineering



 From: Scott Parker
 To: Anastacia Uriegas
 I lied to you the other day when you asked if I was ok. I'm not. There's
something wrong with me, but I don't know what it is. I don't eat. I'm tired
all the time. I feel like shit. The only thing I want to do is sleep, and even
then all I get are nightmares.

 I went to see Dr. DeSilva, but she said there wasn't anything physically
wrong with me. Wanted me to see Dr. Kohl, but I said no. I know Frank would
just give me shit if he found out I was talking to a shrink.

 Anyway, I don't know why I'm telling you this. You've always been nice to
me, I guess. Maybe I just wanted someone to remember me after



 From: Frank Jones
 To: Emmanuella DeSilva
 I'm not mad about the HR thing, in case you're wondering. Word of advice: If
things ever go to hell here you'll want to come to the Shuttle Bay. Escape pod
E-33. That's all I'm saying. Trust me on this.

 - Frank
 Shuttle Bay Engineering



 From: Frank Jones
 To: Emmanuella DeSilva
 I don't like to be called "Em" or "Emmy" or "Manny" or anything besides
"Emmanuella,". And sorry, I'm working the lunch shift today, so I can't
eat with you.

 - Emmanuella
 From: Frank Jones
 To: Emmanuella DeSilva
 Subject: RE: Lunch
 Hey Em,
 How about today?
 - Frank
 Shuttle Bay Engineering
 From: Emmanuella DeSilva
 To: Frank Jones
 Subject: RE: Lunch
 Sorry. Busy.

 From: Frank Jones
 To: Emmanuella DeSilva
 Subject: Lunch
 Hey Em,
 I switched up my shift hours today so I could have lunch with you. What
do you say?

 - Frank
 Shuttle Bay Engineering



 From: Alex Yu
 To: Frank Jones
 I need you to halt any work on the escape pods. The parts you're using
aren't rated for those systems. You'll be informed of a new shipment when
they arrive. Keep this to yourself unless I tell you otherwise.

 - Alex Yu



 From: Nils Kjaergaard
 To: Shuttle Bay Security
 Help! Anyone still there? We're trapped by the escape pods.



 From: Scott Parker
 To: Mia Bayer
 I've taken the grav shaft offline, but I'm not leaving you behind. I'm holed
up in my office, and I have a pistol. If I see a chance for you to make a
break, I'll turn the grav shaft back on and let you know.

 - Scott Parker
 From: Mia Bayer
 To: Scott Parker
 Subject; Cut off
 It's hopeless. I don't think there's a way to get through those monsters.
I'm going to hole up in flight control and hope they don't spot me. Just
shut down the grav shaft before you go. Keep those things from getting up

 - Mia Bayer



 From: Regina Sellers
 To: Mia Bayer
 Hey Mia, We sent you some pharma fabrication plans so you can start
re-stocking your supplies without going through any red tape. Let me know
if you need any others.

 - Regina



 From: Galel Seif
 To: Mia Bayer
 Those windows in the flight control room are done. You should have much
better visibility on the Shuttle Bay. You can even watch Loyd smoke cigars
by the fuel manifolds now. Keep in mind they're not made of the same grade
as the station exterior glass - it's tough stuff, but you can still crack
it. I've seen you pound your desk when you get pissed at Nils. Just saying'.

 - Galel


 ___ ___ _____   _____________________________________________________________
| _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯.¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
|  _/   / _| \ V /           CHAPTER 13: The Repo Man         |   EMAILS!
|_| |_|_\___| |_|_____________________________________________'_______________


 From: Alex Yu
 To: Hendrik DeVries
 I need you to remove all sensitive material regarding the psych evals
immediately. Of special importance are Morgan's log sessions. I need those
materials in my office. From this point forwardd only speak through an
encrypted transcribe. I've sent you the decryption key, you should be able
to download if from your workstation.

 Alex Yu



 From: Alex Yu
 To: Hendrik DeVries
 Trevor Young is one of our scientists. He was exposed to our inner containment
area without proper protection. He's gone through observation in Psychotronics
and had his most recent Neuromods removed as a precaution, but we'd like to keep
him under more standard quarantine until we can be certain there are no
lingering psychological effects. Work with Dr. Khol on this. Thanks.

 - Alex Yu



 From: [Unknown]
 To: Walther Dahl
 For Commander Walther Dahl. Message copied to all known points of contact.
INITIATE CAMAZOTZ PROTOCOL. Wheels up and orbital inside the hour. Mission
orders will be transmitted en route.


                               ___ ___ _____   __
                              | _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /
                              |  _/   / _| \ V / 
        ______________________|_| |_|_\___| |_|_______________________
O==<                              Food Items                              >==O

 This section is... well, just a list of food items in the game. I only had
it written down initially to help ME keep track, but here it is. It isn't

 You COULD use it for what I did, which is to keep track of what food there
is in the game. Eat and drink all of it and you get the "Gourmand" trophy, so
there's that I suppose...


  o Big Bang Candy
  A bag of Big Bang Candy.
  Restored 5 health points.


 o Captain Spree's Fish Sticks
 A box of Captain Spree's Fish Sticks by TranStar Kitchens. Made with
 100% Skeksis Eel meat.
 Restores 5 health points and 5 Psi points.


 o Cold Mountain Green Tea
 A refreshing can of cold-brew green tea by TranStar Kitchens.
 Restores 5 health points.


 o Crispy Frites
 A box of crispy freeze-dried frites sprinkled with spicy 'cosmic dust'
 by TranStar Kitchens.
 Restores 5 health points.


 o Dr. Howard's Superfruit
 An experimental fruit produced by Dr. Howard's growth formula.
 Restores all health (Game doesn't tell you this).


 o Duck Beer
 A can of Duck brand beer shipped to Talos I from Earthside.
 Restores health by 1. Cures fear.


 o Glucassist!
 A bag of emergency glucose.
 Restores 5 health points.


 o Green Beetle Gin
 A bottle of dry juniper-flavored vodka in disguise.
 Restores health by 1. Cures fear.


 o Jamon Tomato
 A tomato engineered to taste like Iberian cured ham and thrive in conditions
 abord Talos I.
 Restores 5 health points.


 o Jellied Eels
 A tin of jellied Siskak Eels.
 Restores 5 health points and 5 Psi points.


 o Kafe Karsk
 A can of Kafe Karsk by Transtar Kitchens.
 Restores 5 health points.


 o Kings & Way Sparkling Wine
 A bottle of sparkling wine shipped to Talos I from Earthside.
 Restores health by 1. Cures fear.


 o Methuselah Apple
 A shiny and crisp red apple engineered to thrive in conditions aboard
 Talos I.
 Restores 5 health points.


 o Moonshade Lemon
 A lemon engineered to thrive in conditions aboard Talos I.
 Restores 5 health points.


 o Old Sardar Bourbon
 A bottle of barrel-aged American whisky shipped to Talos I from Earthside.
 Restores health by 1. Cures fear.


 o Ossetra Caviar
 A tin of fine Caspian caviar shipped from Earthside.
 Restores 5 health points.


 o Pomegranate Moonshine
 A bottle of TranStar Pomegranate Moonshine liqueur distilled on Talos I
 from Skyking pomegranates.
 Restores health by 1. Cures fear.


 o PopStar
 A can of PopStar energy drink by TranStar Kitchens. 
 Restores 5 health points.


  o RanDom Dim Sum
  A bowl of randomly selected dim sub by TranStar Kitchens. Every bowl is
  Restored 5 health points.


 o Russian Blinis
 A box of traditional Russian Blini Cakes by TranStar Kitchens.
 Restores 5 health points.


 o Shaker Lemon Pie
 A slice of Will Mitchell's homemade shaker lemon pie.
 Restores 5 health points.


 o Siskak Unagi Rollz
 A box of frozen unagi rolls by TranStar Kitchens. Made with 100% Siskak
 Eel meat.
 Restores 5 health points and 5 Psi points.


 o Spiralite Cookies
 A box of galaxy-shaped Spiralite cookies by TranStar Kitchens.
 Restores 5 health points.


 o Skyking Pomegranate
 A blue pomegranate engineered to thrive in conditions aboard Talos I.
 Restores 5 health points.


 o Sun-Dried Tomato Jerky
 A bag of vegan jerky made from Jamon Tomatoes.
 Restores 5 health points.


 o Sunburst Banana
 A pristine specimen engineered to thrive in conditions aboard Talos I and
 that never defelops unsightly brown spots.
 Restores 5 health points.


 o Sunburst Banana Pudding
 A bowl of creamy banana pudding made from Sunburst bananas by TranStar
 Restores 5 health points.


 o Tamizdat Vodka
 A bottle of vodka triple-distilled from potatoes grown in lunar soil and
 shipped to Talos I.
 Restores health by 1. Cures fear.


 o Udon Noodles
 A bowl of dehydrated udon noodles by TranStar Kitchens. Read your fortune
 at the bottom of every bowl.
 Restores 5 health points.


 o Veggie Blend
 A bag of Veggie Blend instant powdered drink mix.
 Restores 5 health points.


                               ___ ___ _____   __
                              | _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /
                              |  _/   / _| \ V / 
        ______________________|_| |_|_\___| |_|_______________________
O==<                         Trophy Information                           >==O
 In this section I'll list all the trophies in the game along with my best
description on how to obtain them. I'm sure that you Xbox 360 players out
there have the same exact "achievements", so this should help you out too.
(-NOTE-) Trophies are here in the order they appear in the PS trophy list.

   .———————————————————————————————————.                     .——————————————.
 __|   TranStar Employee of the Year   |_____________________|   Platinum   |__
    Description | Acquire all other trophies
  How to Obtain | This will quite simply be the last trophy you get in the
                | game. Once you have all of the other trophies, this one will
                | unlock. The ultimate reward for the ultimate fan. (PS4 ONLY)

   .————————————————.                                           .——————————.
 __|   I and Thou   |___________________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | You completed the game in the most empathetic manner
                | possible.
  How to Obtain | This basically means "pick the nicest option whenever
                | possible". This means letting old Aaron out from the test
                | chamber, saving Dr. Igwe and Mikhaila, doing their quests
                | for them, not purposefully killing anyone, "saving" Dahl
                | at the end, etc...
                | The guide gets this trophy, so you could just follow what
                | I do and you'll get this trophy along the way. 

   .————————————————.                                         .————————————.
 __|   Do No Harm   |_________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | You completed the game without killing any Humans.
  How to Obtain | Pretty self-explanitory. Don't kill anyone. More importantly,
                | EVERY TIME you encounter a mind-controlled human MAKE SURE
                | you take them down non-lethaly (use your Stun Gun). This is
                | another trophy that this guide gets if you follow it
                | (with a lot of saving to make sure people don't die).

   .——————————————.                                           .————————————.
 __|   I and It   |___________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You killed every Human on or around Talos I.
  How to Obtain | This is one of a very few trophies I haven't done yet.
                | Killing everyone means YOU kill them though, not any telepath
                | or enemy. Make sure you are the killing blow, to the point
                | where you are keeping track in the "Stats" tab and saving
                | on successful kills.

   .————————————————————.                                     .————————————.
 __|   Mimic Massacre   |_____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You killed (5) mimics in 5 seconds.
  How to Obtain | Another trophy I actually haven't gotten yet. The best place
                | I can think for this one (that I didn't think of at the time)
                | is the storage room in the Power Plant area. The first time
                | you visit it, it has to have 5+ Mimics. I need to try going
                | there with combat focus and an upgraded shotgun...

   .———————————————.                                          .————————————.
 __|   Dead Calm   |__________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You killed an enemy while using Combat Focus.
  How to Obtain | This is a very easy trophy to get. Just buy the Combat Focus
                | ability and use it (and a shotgun) to take care of a mimic
                | or phantom. Pretty easy.

   .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
 __|   Mimesis   |____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You mimicked a Mimic.
  How to Obtain | Another pretty easy trophy to get on your Typhon power only
                | run. This is one of the easiest ones to get actually. Just
                | remember to mimic the Mimic before you kill it! Old habits
                | and all that...

   .——————————————————.                                       .————————————.
 __|   Shapeshifter   |_______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You mimicked (20) or more unique objects.
  How to Obtain | This is a bit of a grind, but not too bad. I just waited
                | until the end of the game and then went to Morgan's
                | "apartment" from the beginning of the game. From there,
                | just go a bit mimic crazy and keep trying to mimic new
                | objects. You may have to down 4-5 Psi Hypo's or so, but
                | this will pop after awhile.

   .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
 __|   Know Thine Enemy   |___________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You acquired a Typhon power.
  How to Obtain | Very easy, simply buy a Typhon Ability with your Neuromods
                | at some point during the game (you can even buy and reload
                | if you need to).  You need to play through the game and scan
                | Typhons in order to do this of course.

   .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
 __|   Know Thy Self   |______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You acquired a Human ability.
  How to Obtain | Very easy, simply buy a Human Ability with your Neuromods
                | at some point during the game (you can even buy and reload
                | if you need to).

   .————————————————.                                           .——————————.
 __|   No Needles   |___________________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | You completed the game without ever acquiring any Typhon
                | power or Human ability.
  How to Obtain | I haven't personally done this one yet, but it is probably
                | the "Challenge Run" of the game. You can't acquire any
                | ability WHATSOEVER. Ugh... Roll on easy and speed-run the
                | game I suppose.

   .————————————————————.                                       .——————————.
 __|   Split Affinity   |_______________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | You completed the game once acquiring only Typhon Powers
                | and again acquiring only Human abilities.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is pretty self-explanitory. Play through the
                | game once using only human abilities (what this guide is
                | designed for) and then on your second play-through you can
                | only use Typhon powers. Do that for this trophy.

   .——————————————.                                           .————————————.
 __|   Engineer   |___________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You repaired at least (20) objects on and around Talos I.
  How to Obtain | This will come in time as long as you get the repair skill
                | and keep using it. You'll have plenty of chances with the
                | turrets, junction boxes and various other things.

   .——————————————.                                           .————————————.
 __|   Operator   |___________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You hacked at least (20) object on and around Talos I.
  How to Obtain | Another trophy that will come in time, especially on the
                | "Human" route. There are SO MANY things to hack. PC's are
                | the main target here and there is way more than 20 of them.
                | Safes and turrets can be secondary targets.

   .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
 __|   Deprogramming   |______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You used Mindjack to free a mind-controlled Human.
  How to Obtain | This ability is pretty easy to get on your Typhon power run,
                | and is very very handy to free mind-controlled humans (you
                | don't even really need a Stun Gun on this run). Try it out
                | on any mind-controlled human (save the one in the Medical Bay
                | for later in the game) and you'll get this trophy.

   .————————————————.                                         .————————————.
 __|   Tee One Up   |_________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You killed an enemy while they were Lifted.
  How to Obtain | Pretty easy to get near the end of the game. You can
                | re-visit any area, buy this ability, use it on any mimic
                | you find and then just shotgun in down to get this trophy
                | pretty easily.

   .—————————————————————.                                    .————————————.
 __|   Escape Velocity   |____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You blasted yourself as an object for at least 20 meters
                | in normal gravity.
  How to Obtain | Another trophy I haven't done yet... although it seems like
                | it should be pretty easy (with Typhon powers). Need to look
                | into this one more!

   .—————————————————.                                        .————————————.
 __|   It's Alive!   |________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You created a Phantom using Phantom Genesis.
  How to Obtain | You will get this ability during the game with enough Weaver
                | scans. Once you do, just buy it and find any corpse (pretty
                | easy) and use this ability on it for this trophy.

   .———————————————————————.                                  .————————————.
 __|   Thoughts Can Kill   |__________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You used Psychoshock on a Human.
  How to Obtain | This is pretty easy. Learn the Psychoshock ability and
                | once you have it, use it on a human (I used it on Mikhaila
                | in my office once I got it). Bam, the trophy will be yours!

   .————————————————————.                                     .————————————.
 __|   Ball Lightning   |_____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You used Electrostatic Burst to drop two or more Operators
                | at once.
  How to Obtain | The best time to do this is late game, when you've had a
                | chance to scan and learn this ability. During the "Help
                | Luther Glass" quest late in the game, you can (will) be
                | ambushed by a TON of Operators. Kite them and group them up
                | together and use this ability to get this trophy fairly
                | easily.

   .———————————————————————.                                  .————————————.
 __|   TranStar Gourmand   |__________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You consumed one of every type of food and drink on
                | Talos I.
  How to Obtain | This is a good trophy! You have to eat and drink everything!
                | I've got a list of all the food and drink items in the guide
                | so you could use that as a guide. This will take some time
                | to get, as well as thorough exploration, but you can get it
                | in time. Upgrading your inventory is recommended!

   .—————————————————————.                                    .————————————.
 __|   Cold Dead Hands   |____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You fully upgraded a weapon.
  How to Obtain | You should get this trophy before the end, if you try. For
                | me personally, it was upgrading the shotgun all the way
                | to max for an awesome weapon and this trophy.

   .————————————————————————————.                             .————————————.
 __|   Reduce, Reuse, Recycle   |_____________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You used a single Recycler Charge to recycle at least
                | 20 objects.
  How to Obtain | I actually had to try for this trophy. By "try" I mean I
                | found and piled up 30+ objects (go overboard) and then put
                | a recycler charge in them and set it off for this trophy.

   .—————————————————————.                                    .————————————.
 __|   Intrinsic Value   |____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You recycled yourself.
  How to Obtain | This is one of those self-killing trophies. Get to low
                | health and then put recycler charges at your feet. Say
                | goodbye, cruel world!

   .—————————————————————.                                    .————————————.
 __|   Missing Persons   |____________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | You located all employees on Talos I.
  How to Obtain | Like the trophies below, you don't need to find ALL of the
                | employees. Just most of them. Follow the guide to find the
                | vast majority of employees and you'll get this trophy in
                | time. Note you can also use security PC's to track and locate
                | employees (although I would say just follow the guide).

   .—————————————————.                                        .————————————.
 __|   Press Sneak   |________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | You read all the emails on Talos I.
  How to Obtain | Once again, you don't have to read ALL emails. Just most of
                | them. I point them all out in the guide though, so you should
                | get this trophy just by following the guide and making sure
                | you invest in the "Hacking" skill.

   .—————————————————.                                        .————————————.
 __|   Psychometry   |________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | You found and listened to all TranScribe Recordings.
  How to Obtain | Another trophy where you have to listen to MOST of the
                | TranScribe recordings. These are usually by dead bodies.
                | Once again, I highly just recommend following the guide, as
                | we get this trophy naturally by thoroughly exploring every
                | area we go to.

   .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
 __|   No Show   |____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You died to helicopter blades on your first day on the job.
  How to Obtain | This is a fun trophy. On your way to TranStar for the first
                | time near the beginning of the game, go jump in the
                | helicopter's blades for this trophy. Not what we'd call a
                | great employee...

   .———————————————————————.                                  .————————————.
 __|   Awkward Ride Home   |__________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You escaped Talos I aboard Dahl's shuttle with only Dahl.
  How to Obtain | This trophy is a bit involved. Basically, you want to kill
                | EVERYONE in the game EXCEPT Dr. Igwe. Let him get to your
                | office (don't kill Cargo Bay until he gets there... then go
                | back and kill them). Kill everyone but Igwe until Dahl comes
                | then go see Igwe about taking him down non-lethally. Do that
                | and after the surgery, kill Igwe. Then complete the game as
                | normal (use the Perdition ending), go to the shuttle and
                | BAM! It will just be you and Dahl. Awkward...

   .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
 __|   Push the Fat Guy   |___________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You killed Alex.
  How to Obtain | This is another pretty easy trophy to get. You'll meet
                | Alex at some point in the game's story (late in the game)
                | and when you do, you can save and kill him off for this
                | trophy (reload though... if you wish, of course).

   .——————————————————.                                       .————————————.
 __|   Abandon Ship   |_______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You fled Talos I aboard Alex's escape pod before
                | completing your mission.
  How to Obtain | This is a trophy you get for... finishing the game a bit
                | early. I highly recommend you just search for the trophy's
                | name in the guide as I outline how to do it as soon as you
                | can. You'll need to progress the game to the "Arboretum"
                | before you can do this though...

   .————————————————————————.                                 .————————————.
 __|   Self-Incriminating   |_________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | You found out what happened to Mikhaila's father and let
                | her know.
  How to Obtain | After helping out Mikhaila, she will give you this quest if
                | you return to her in your office and keep talking to her.
                | Just complete the quest she gives you (it's called "Mikhailas
                | Father") and BE SURE YOU TELL HER THE TRUTH instead of any
                | other option you may have.

   .————————————————.                                         .————————————.
 __|  Brain Trust   |_________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | You helped Igwe, January, and Mikhaila meet in your office.
  How to Obtain | You'll get this trophy for helping Igwe out of his container
                | during the story (use his container to get back inside) and
                | for helping Mikhaila get her booster shots (follow the guide
                | or CTRL F "Booster Shots" to get them. Help them all and they
                | will all meet in your office later and you'll get this
                | trophy.

   .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
 __|   Dear Future Self   |___________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You found and listened to all the messages you left for
                | yourself.
  How to Obtain | This is a trophy that you mainly get naturally. You want to
                | listen to your messages for the story and also listen to
                | the messages on Alex's computer. One last thing to do: near
                | the end of the game when you get access to Alex's secret
                | hiding spot, be sure to find the TranScribe inside that you
                | made for yourself and listen to it!

   .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
 __|   Best Served Cold   |___________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You killed Luka and avenged Abby.
  How to Obtain | When you get to Crew Quarters, help out the "Cook" and do
                | favors for him until he runs away. After that, do the
                | "Danielle" quest until she asks you to kill the cook. Keep
                | playing through the game now until you can go to the "Talos
                | I Bridge" area and you can find him in the escape pods area
                | where you can avenge poor Abby.
                | We do this in the guide normally, so you could also just
                | follow the guide and you'll get this in time.

   .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
 __|   Suicide by Proxy   |___________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You killed January.
  How to Obtain | Another pretty easy trophy to get. Once you meet January,
                | you can save and kill him for this trophy, then reload.
                | January often just hangs out in your office, so you can do
                | this trophy at nearly any time.

   .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
 __|   Open Says She   |______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You used Danielle's voice samples to access Deep Storage.
  How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy, so just keep playing the
                | game and you'll get this trophy in time.

   .—————————————————————————.                                .————————————.
 __|   This Never Happened   |________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You performed an apto-regressive neurotomy on Dahl.
  How to Obtain | This trophy requires that you save Dr. Igwe and then go see
                | him when Dahl arrives to get him to ask you to take down
                | Dahl non-lethally instead of otherwise. Now, just hit Dahl
                | with your Stun Gun and carry on the story. Dr. Igwe will
                | contact you when its time to perform the procedure on Dahl,
                | so head to him when he calls and complete the procedure for
                | this trophy.

   .———————————————.                                          .————————————.
 __|   Facsimile   |__________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You met January for the first time.
  How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy, so just keep playing the
                | game and you'll get this trophy in time.

   .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
 __|   A Friend in Need   |___________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You recovered Mikhailia's booster shots and healed her.
  How to Obtain | You can find Mikhailia's Booster Shots well before you find
                | her. They are a key item floating out in space that we
                | acquire during the guide (follow the guide and you'll get
                | them, or just CTRL + F "booster shots" to go get them. Later
                | on in the story you are bound to run into Mikhailia. Give
                | her these shots that she needs and this trophy will be yours.

   .——————————————————.                                       .————————————.
 __|   Prism Master   |_______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You read the entire Starbender series and don't regret it.
  How to Obtain | To get this trophy, you have to read all of the Starbender
                | series. I point these books out throughout the guide and
                | they appear in numerous places. I don't have a definitive
                | list of where they all are though. Chapter 5 seems to be
                | the last one people need all the time though. Worse comes
                | to worse you can CTRL + F "Starbender Chapter X" and look
                | up where chapters 1-6 are, then go find and read them.
                | A pain, but very do-able.

   .———————————————————————.                                  .————————————.
 __|   The Gates of Hell   |__________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You completed the Shipping and Receiving objective and no
                | human lives were lost.
  How to Obtain | The "Shipping and Receiving Objective" is story related.
                | Once you get to it, set up the turrets and save, then help
                | with the defense objective. Make sure no one dies and this
                | trophy will be yours.

   .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
 __|   Adrift    |____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You rescued Dr. Igwe from a cargo container.
  How to Obtain | You'll encounter Dr. Igwe's cargo container as you play
                | through the story naturally. To get this trophy, just
                | remember his number on his container and use his container
                | to enter the Cargo Bay area. Easy as pie!

   .—————————————————.                                        .————————————.
 __|   Black Market  |________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You found all the smuggler's dead drops.
  How to Obtain | There's six of these throughout the station and we cover
                | them in the main guide (so if you are following the guide,
                | you will get this trophy). I recommend just using CTRL + F
                | to search for "dead drops" in the guide to see where they
                | are (in case you missed any). It may be easier to find a
                | YouTube video for these, honestly, as the visual will
                | actually help.

   .———————————————.                                          .————————————.
 __|   You Rang?   |__________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You used the Psychotronics satellite to dismiss or summon
                | the Typhon Nightmare.
  How to Obtain | Best done on your Typhon power playthrough. At some point,
                | you'll learn enough Typhon abilities and "The Nightmare"
                | will start to stalk you. This leads to a side quest called
                | "Mixed Signals" in the game. Go to the "Moon Door" in
                | Hardware Labs to pilfer the part you need and put it on the
                | satellite out in space. Now you will get two recordings to
                | either dismiss or summon the Nightmare. Use one to get this
                | trophy.

   .—————————————————.                                        .————————————.
 __|   Makeup Exam   |________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You returned to the Simulation Lab and completed the tests
                | in Rooms A, B, and C.
  How to Obtain | This one is pretty easy once you are near the end of the
                | game. Return to the testing chambers in the Neuromod Division
                | and reset the tests using the guard computer, then go through
                | the tests. You need Kinetic Blast, Mimicry, and Remote
                | Manipulation to complete the rooms (use the powers in that
                | order). Once you get through them, the trophy is yours.

   .————————————————————————————.                             .————————————.
 __|   A different Side of Yu   |_____________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You scanned your Phantom Shift duplicate with the
                | Psychoscope.
  How to Obtain | Another easy trophy to get on your Typhon power only run.
                | Keep scanning enemies until you unlock this (not hard,
                | pretty sure it comes from Phantoms) and then use it alone
                | in a safe space. Have your scanner on and "Speed Scanning"
                | as a chipset, use the ability, and turn around and scan
                | yourself. If you need to, buy the second ability for more
                | time to scan.

   .—————————————————.                                        .————————————.
 __|   Coffee Break  |________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | You found Dr. Calvino's secret stash.
  How to Obtain | This is close to being a story trophy. When you are repairing
                | the "Looking Glass" early in the game you'll be using Dr.
                | Calvino's workspace. Watch his optional videos to discover
                | his secret stash. You need to grab his personal mug from the
                | workspace and put it across the room on the scale to do
                | this (follow the guide).

   .———————————————————————.                                  .————————————.
 __|   Gift to the World   |__________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | You found Gustaf Leitner's Connectome for Dr. Igwe.
  How to Obtain | This of course requires you to rescue Dr. Igwe but later on
                | in the game he'll ask you to recover his Connectome from Crew
                | Quarters, giving you a tune to find it. Very easy, just go to
                | his room in Crew Quarters, play the TranScribe, get the item
                | and return it to him for this trophy.

                               ___ ___ _____   __
                              | _ \ _ \ __\ \ / /
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O==<                           Version History                            >==O

 Version 0.40: January 14th - March 13th 2018

 Now THIS is a special guide. Financed by members of my fan page, this is a
guide that the fans truly voted for! I don't think any writer has ever had
such dedicated fans!

 I've written a good chunk of the game already. I suspect I'm around the
half-way mark or so, but I'm still calling this version 0.40 nonetheless.
Really digging this game. It's pretty much "Bioshock in space" and quite
fun. Look forward to the complete version!

 Version 1.00: March 14th - March 29th 2018

 OK, finally got the guide done! This ended up being a very fun game with
some story-choices for the ending which was pretty good. I kind-of feel the
ending was a bit weak though. The journey was fantastic at least! Solid 8/10
game, easy.

 This is a pretty solid 1.00. Maybe an enemies section and some more enemy
pointer boxes (I don't think I did the nightmare, for example), but a solid
1.0 still I think. I hope you guys agree! Plus I totally just ordered some
mexican food and just got up from a great nap! Good day all around!

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 o My generous patrons! Skyler Clerf, Steve De Leon & Anthony Kerr for
   helping me purchase this title and voting for this guide to be written!
 o PS4Trophies.Org for help on the trophy info section.
 o Power Pyx (from YouTube) for showcasing some of the trophy info.
 o GameFAQs boards and Reddit boards for info on the "Treasure Hunt" and
   the "Black Market" info.

 o Big thanks to Vinheim, A Backdated Future, Absolute Steve, Krystal109,
   BacterX, Thnikamanl33t, noz3r0, and Haeravon. All of my past and present
   FAQING brothers (and sister) in arms. I appreciate you guys!

 o Thanks to my family for giving me the time to work on this. Love all of
   you girls!

 o Thanks to the people who make GameFAQs what it is. The contributors who give
   of their own time to try and enhance and help others. Unsung heroes of our
   time that truly make gaming better.
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