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Move List and Guide by codebreak1337

Version: 27C | Updated: 06/09/2017



Playstation is the exact same setup.

Injustice 2 is a new fighting game created by Netherrealm studios and published by Warner brothers interactive. The lead director is none other than the genius Ed boon, creator of the Mortal Kombat franchise. This game is pretty good and I have barely touched the tip of the iceberg on it. It has some rough competition as Tekken 7, and the new marvel vs capcom fighting game on the way. Also, we still have Zelda lingering in the air from it's march release.

I will be at least attempting to put out a decent strategy/faq on this title. I will still be at least giving Tekken 7 a shot to compared which game I like better. This guide may take a little bit of time and may be aborted completely. Coming from a huge Ed Boon, and mortal kombat fan I would be bias towards choosing this game over Tekken 7. You never know though with games so once again this is subject to change.

I would like to cover certain things in this game:

  • Full Analysis on all characters including the DLC characters
  • Information on the games modes, Multiverse, Story mode, etc
  • Gear information, with original artwork, or official pictures.
  • Flash art, and digital art, created by either myself, official art, or other users ( email me if you wish to submit ).
  • Finally, i would like to get as In-depth and competitive as I possibly can.

With that being said, I hope it works out and hope you all enjoy the guide. I will still be doing Zelda - Breath of the Wild, to at least finish up the missing parts. I also have several other guides on games I would like you all too check out! One more note, I am going through the game randomly working on characters for this guide. If sections are incomplete that is my apologies for now. I will be going back to them, I just get bored focusing on one character for too long.

- Americanhardcoregames@gmail.com -

Guide Created by: - Codebreak
Hosted by: Gamefaqs.com

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Game Modes:

Story Mode:

I will attempt to go through this as quickly as possible, for the time being. There is a story mode and I may be getting too that sometime in the near future. I am not sure what it entails, but I would guess it just gives a background on what is going on in the game. You may also receive some rewards for it. I will be keeping you guys updated. In story mode it is similar too Mortal Kombat X, you will be changing characters as you progress through the story.


This is a unique way to play single player. It's actually quite confusing how too explain how the story implies the Multi-verse. The best way I can tell you guys and girls here, is it is similar to Mortal Kombat X towers. There will be difficulties at certain earth's of the Multiverse. Augments and Modifiers may change. The armor and gear of you're opponent and more. In the Multi-verse there is a boss battle at the end, and this is how you will acquire each characters ending.

Character Analysis:

Wonder Woman:

Wonder Woman was my first pick and I had her in mind before I even purchased the game. I just love the lasso of truth and her weapon set mainly. She is also pretty cool because I do like the whole Goddess and greek mythology behind her. Wonderwoman in the game seems to be a little luck based. However, a good player with Wonder Woman can confuse an opponent. This is mainly due too Wonder Womans Character power, Hippolyta's Light.

Character Power: Hippolyta's Light

Hestia's Gift:

I love this character power because like I mentioned before it is a little luck based. It is also random in the fact that you get one of five blessings. The skill comes involved when knowing what each buff does and how to use it in combat. For example, Hestia's Gift increases the attacks of all Lasso of Truth based moves. This includes even the basic ones. Essentially, you would want to get in as many Lasso of Truth attacks landed as possible while this buff is active. However, a good opponent will see this coming and try and counter you're lasso moves. If a certain buff is getting you beaten down badly, you may want to play more defensively while that buff is active. In this case you have no choice but to deal with the bad luck. Once again, this would only be against a really good player. Furthermore, an excellent Wonder Woman would find use of all the buffs in any situation.

Demeter's Spirit:

Alternatively, I mentioned how Hippolyta's Light can confuse enemies. This is especially true if they don't know or play Wonder Woman well or at all. The better you are knowing Wonder Woman, the more effective Hippolyta's Light will be. So say you get the defensive buff which is Demeter's Spirit. The opponent uses a Super Move, planning too finish you off and not knowing about the defense. He/she was planning on killing you, however the defensive buff kept Wonder Woman alive. You in turned finished them off landing you're super move. In a nutshell sometimes it is not always skill that wins, but "Knowledge is power" can overcome many a difficult situation.

Artemis Strength:

First you should know how too use Bracelets of Submission. To use this special move, it will only work on projectiles or basic attacks. You can not just input the command and have the damage buff take effect. Get used too using it as the damage buff is quite potent when combined with Artemis Strength. This special is the potentially most dangerous of all the Hippolyta's Light enhancements.

You're opponent if knowledgeable should go defensive at this point and avoid being parried by the bracelets of submission. If you can follow up with a huge combination or even Super Move after this you are pretty golden. The downside is that this is probably the hardest of the Hippolyta buffs too get good with. Also, if you're opponent knows Wonder Woman it's going too be even harder. However, if you are a pro and really want to know Wonder Woman well, get good with the Bracelets of Submission. It not only parries attacks but even gives that damage buff for a few moments. This works double once again when Artemis Strength is activated.

Athena's Power:

This buff of Hippolyta's Light will increase all shield based attacks. It will also allow the shield to absorb other projectiles when thrown into them. This buff is too my liking as I enjoy bashing things with shields. This buff will apply too certain moves such as, the heavy shield smash. The heavy shield smash is a power attack that almost all characters have. With Wonder Woman, this counts as a shield attack, so it will be buffed when Athena's Power is active. It also serves as a knock up and you can land in an easy uppercut after use. Furthermore, this is a great way too continue a combination into other shield specials or smaller combos.

Hermes Blessing:

This buff of Hippolyta's Light will increase the mobility of Wonder Woman. It will allow her too do a forward air dash or a back air dash. The back air-dash is great for escaping certain projectiles and dangerous situations. The forward air-dash can be used the same way, although I find that both can be used effectively too line up with some offensive tactics. For example if you foward Hermes air-dash and get behind you're opponent, it may confuse them a bit. It should also leave them open too an attack or first strike after the dash if you are fast enough. It's quite an interesting buff too add to a bunch of already cool ones, be sure too mess around with it and other specials too you're liking.


Lasso of truth:

I may have stated before that this is one of my favorite items in the game. I also love it when combined with Hestia's gift. I just love the look, shine, and feel of the combinations/moves when it's used. Furthermore, if you like the weapon and Wonder Woman it can be pretty useful. You can enhance the basic lasso toss with the meter burn button, this will deal extra damage and hold the enemy into a knock-down after it is over. There are also a few interesting combinations that you can go into, especially during the Hestia's Gift buff.

  • League of One
  • Challenge of the Gods
  • Lasso Slam
  • Whip Lash
  • Lasso Strike

The first two of the five moves in the bullets list are combinations. These are nice too learn as they both utilize the Lasso of Truth. The lasso slam is a basic move that can be used too apply a hard knockdown on you're opponent. Whip Lash is the uppercut attack and it can double hit, if you time it right. It also utilizes the lasso and deals extra damage with Hestia's Gift activated. Finally the lasso strike, which is the jump lasso attack. It is also a nice mix-up and can knock opponents out of the air with the truth lasso.

Bracelets of Submission:

This is the hardest Wonder Woman special move to get used too in my opinion. The player must get the timing down and know what moves can be parried. Usually most basic attacks from opponents can be parried as well as projectiles. You will also gain a short damage buff after parrying with the Bracelets of Submission. Furthermore, you should be going for this special move when Artemis Strength if activated. However, it is wise to mix it up and use it whenever you deem necessary. I will be updating this section with more information as I progress my Wonder Woman skills, so stay tuned.

Shield Toss:

The shield toss can be applied in various ways and increases in damage with not only certain gear types, but Athena's Power buff from Hippolyta's Light. I love the shield of Wonder Woman and it is applied with excellence in Injustice 2. The shield attacks are also pretty powerful and one attack in particular may be the most powerful pound for pound attack in the game for Wonder Woman.

The basic shield toss, throws out the shield like a projectile at the opponent. This can be enhanced with the meter burn button and it will hit the opponent twice or in the back if you miss. It acts somewhat like a returning boomerang in this case. Honestly the shield toss is very similar too Kung Jin's chakram too a lesser extent in mortal kombat x. You can also shield toss in the air. Furthermore, you can upward shield toss with the correct input and downward shield toss from the air. Note that all of the shield tosses and it's variations can be meter burned.

Finally there are no combinations with the shield, there is one major basic move that is very nice. This is the Heavy Shield Bash. The Heavy Shield Bash can be charged, delayed, and even canceled. It can also be meter burned. Furthermore, you can knock down an opponent hard with this move, as well as pop them up a bit too lead into an easy two hit combo. More combinations can be applied too this move or finished at any and too several extents. Finally, the Heavy Shield Bash is effected by Athena's Power, so test it out with a without the damage buff. Once again Athena's Powers shield toss can eat a projectile from an opponents only when active.

Amalthea Bash:

This is a dashing shield attack that can be enhanced. It seems to be a great way to close into you're opponents and possibly pin them into the corner. It would be effected by Athena's Power and you can meter burn the special move as well. There are some decent combinations I have been trying to come up with utilizing this move in particular. First I would like to have Athena's Power buff from Hippolyta's Light active. Next attempt and be successful with a Heavy Shield Bash, knocking the opponent into the ground then up into the air. Finishing off with a possible 1,1, into Amalthea Bash with a meter burner. It's hard too pull off but I think I can get it too work. I will be updating the analysis with statistical information soon enough.


This section will cover the basic combo's of Wonder Woman, afterward I will go into advanced combinations and creative ideas by myself or others. The other combinations that have been spoken of above will be primarily left out of this basic combination section. In the case of Wonder Woman, since we covered the Lasso of Truth combinations, they will be less described here if at all.

  • Paradise Lost
  • The Hiketeia
  • Gods and Mortals
  • Spirit of Truth
  • Paradise Found
  • War Killer
  • Eye of the Gorgon

Paradise Lost is a basic sword slash with Diana or Wonder Woman's sword. It can be useful and should or will be primarily the first combination you will test out. The Paradise Lost combination on a side-note would be more fitting at the end of a juggle combination. The Hiketeia is a nice light attack combo with the sword of diana. However, it mixes things up a bit rather then two mids, it will come at the opponent with an overhead as well.

Gods and Mortals is a nice move that will start off with some light-mid sword strikes and go into a swift uppercut that can knockdown you're foe and lead into some other special moves with combinations. The Spirit of Truth is a nice little low combo that can catch you're opponent off guard and can also be used too finish off a combo when you're opponent is close too hitting the ground. Every extra % or hit too a combo counts and also makes you look cooler right?

Paradise Found is the heavy hitting version of Paradise lost and a little bit of the Hiketeia. War Killer adds in the Paradise Found combination and finishes off with a huge punch that will knock you're opponent about mid-way across the map. Finally, Eyes of the Gorgon is a tricky low attack that goes into a mid upper kicking attack. The finishing kick will knock you're opponent up into the air leaving him/her susceptible too several followups.



Batman is pretty iconic if that's for a lack of an even stronger word. In Injustice 2 Gods Among Us, I would say Batman is pretty much as tactical as he is lore wise. I personally like too get a feel for a character especially in fighting games. For example Ermac in Mortal Kombat X was a tricky character with high risk and high reward. If you knew how to be tricky and a manipulator you would do better with that character. I hope the same goes for Injustice 2 and Batman seems to fit the role of Intelligent Tactics. He has several cool and useful moves at his disposal, as well as a series of combinations and of course the Bats character power.

Character Power - Wayne Tech:

Wayne Tech is basically a bat summoning ability. Batman has a cool-down in which up too three bats can be summoned at most at one time. The cool down time is long, even for each bat in particular. Despite me thinking this ability was kind of weak, it more obviously is extremely useful and fun too use. Thanks too my friend Eclipse on xbox one for pointing out how too use the bats more properly. Once you start learning how too use Wayne Tech effectively and tactically, Batman will become easier and more fun too use in combat.

You can once again summon up too three bats at a time. You can then release from 1-3 bats at an opponent for very low damage. This seems rather weak and off-game at first glance. The next move is only available when Batman has a full stock of three bats. He can then bat swarm. Bat Swarm is more powerful and the mechanical bats will swirl and surround Batman. It is a guaranteed pop-up if the bats connect on you're opponent. The bat swarm is also much more powerful than even three shots from the very weak base bat summon. However, I am still learning and don't know too much about the bat swarm just yet, so stay tuned for updates here.

The mechanical bats is tricky to use but very potent if you are good and tactical with Batman.The thing you should know is that the bats can actually extend air-time after a pop-up on an opponent as well as deal damage and land in more hits too you're combination. Even one bat if timed correctly can chain a combination nicely. Know that all bats are released if you press the character power button once no matter what.

For example, and thanks too eclipse once again, here is a short combination with mechanical bats. Note, that it is much easier too do with three bats than one, however it can work with 1-3 bats. Please see our video section at the bottom of this guide for some tactical videos and tutorials.

  1. Summon Bats ( 3 at once for beginners )
  2. Stay Down combo
  3. Release the 3 mechanical bats
  4. Enhanced/Meter Burn, Straight Grapple
  5. Kryptonite Strike
  6. Uppercut

Choose the "stay down" combo from Batmans combination tree in the main menu. Memorize the the input. Also, make sure you know you're bats command and hit practice area first. Afterward, make sure too know Batman's Kryptonite Strike which is his power heavy punch attack. This attack has a delay, charge, and can be canceled. Afterward you can or should know how too do the famous Ed-Boon uppercut.

Let's get into the combination! First make sure too have three bats. Summon the three bats and go into stay down combination on you're opponent. Immediately after release the three mechanical bats by pressing the character power button. After and you must get you're timing down well, go into Straight Grapple, but be sure to Meter Burn/ Enhance it. This will bring you towards you're stunned foe. Next, use the Kryptonite strike in a well timed manner. To end the combination uppercut or use a 1,1, or possibly Batman's injustice combination. This is a good first combination utilizing the Mechanical Bats with Batman, to help get you started.


Straight Grapple:

Batman will extend his grappling hook at an opponent and follow up with a flying kick that will knock the foe backwards. This can be enhanced by using the meter burn. When you enhance the special it will instead bring Batman towards the enemy and leave them dazed for a few moments. This is a good way to chain together more combinations like the mechanical bats combination mentioned above.

This move is a high and is therefore easy to block with the back button input. The damage is 8.80 on the base grapple when it connects. The block damage is 1.250 and these numbers are affected by Batman's ability statistic. The start up frame is 21, The active frame is how long the attacks animation last is at 31. More importantly is the attack's recover time in which you can block again at 27.

I would say 27 is a pretty high number for recover, as tons of moves can counter this after a block. However, this is a special move and you should really be firing it at a range and not too often. This will be a problem to cast against enemies like Dr.Fate or even Darkseid. This is because Dr.Fate has tons of great magical projectiles to toss quickly at Batman. These projectiles have a faster Start-up so you will lose most of the time. It seems the same with Darkseid's laser attack. However, using batarangs are different story.

The block advantage on this move is -35 which means after you're opponent successfully blocks you're grapple they have 35 animation frames to follow up with another attack or combination. -35 is pretty high but once again you are a good distance away from you're target when usually using straight grapple. The hit advantage is 11 and this stat is for you're opponent. This means that the opponent has 11 frames to act before you can follow up with another move after using basic straight grapple. Finally, the cancel frame time is 40, which seems mildly high too me as well.

Sky Grapple:

Sky Grapple is the anti-air version of the straight grapple and can be meter burned. Use this special too take enemies directly out of the air for a little bit more damage. This is great if you're opponent is a jumper. It can be used sparingly as well too catch you're opponent into a jump off guard.

This special move is a High attack, it deals 9.60 damage if it lands. The block damage is 1.250 which is the exact same amount as a blocked straight grapple. The start up for this move is 15 frames which is a bit faster than the straight grapples 21 frames. This move will be active for nearly half of the duration of straight grapple at 16 frames. However you are left wide-open after a sky grapple with the recover time being 44.

You're block advantage is also high at -43. So if this move is blocked and you will usually be mid range when using this move, you are in trouble. However, if you do land this somewhat risky special the Hit advantage for you're opponent is at 49 frames. You will have plenty of time to follow up with attacks after landing this against several foes. Finally the cancel is a large number at 59 frames to cancel the move.

Finally for the meter burn statistics, Hit advantage is a huge 74 frames! So once again after casting this if you miss you're opponent has a big advantage. The recover time on a meter burn is 12 however so you can follow up with a block after 12 frames. Overall it's a risky move but any special is useful in the hands of a skillful Batman.


With this move Batman will launch a 16 start up projectile that can be exploded for more damage when enhanced or meter burned. It is a tactical weapon, but one of the only true projectiles batman has at his disposal. There are a few Batman combos that utilize the batarangs as well. However, they don't count as the special move. The basic batarang is a high move. It can be blocked by standing and hitting the back button. Personally I feel the start-up is slow, but the game menu states it's 16, which may not be that bad. The base damage is 6.00 and the block damage is 1.750 which may be able to kill an enemy in critical condition with a final blow.

The startup frames for this special move as stated above is 16, I personally feel it's pretty slow. The active time is N/A or non applicable, this is probably because the weapon is a fast throwing projectile and doesn't count towards Batmans animation frames. This goes the same for recover time which is also N/A. The block advantage is good at -5 which makes this move pretty safe to use if you are planning on following up with a block. You're opponent only has 8 frames too act after being hit by this move, based on the games Hit advantage statistic. Finally the cancel time is 49.

A meter burned batarang will explode and knock back an enemy if it hits. It deals less damage at 5.00 but once again has more radius than the basic batarang. The block damage is 1.620, which is lower than the base but not by much. In-fact this attack deals lower damage in general. You still have the knockdown and radius bonus though. The start up is much faster here at 7 frames. This one will have an applicable active time. This is due too having to trigger the explosion at a given window with the meter burn button at 9 frames. The recover is still N/A or non applicable.

The block advantage is +25 frames which should be extremely useful if you have to block after using this special. This means you could pretty much block as fast as you input the button. The hit advantage on a miss for you're opponent is 58 frames this is pretty dangerous and finally this move can not be canceled so thus the N/A in cancel section.

Up Batarang:

This move is the diagnol anti-air toss with the batarang it is similar to the straight batarang toss except it is used for opponents in the air mainly. There are some different frames on it so let's get into that. First, this move is a high with 6.00 damage if it connects and 1.750 on a block. The move is affected by Batman's ability statistic.

Next the start-up is at 14 frames, while active and recover are both non applicable. You're block advantage is -4 frames make the move close to being safe and the Hit advantage of you're opponent low at 9 frames. Finally the cancel is 46. I honestly don't use this one much so I have little say about it at the moment but it does seem like one of the safer batman moves, based on the frame data.

The meter burn version deals 5.00 damage and is a mid attack, with a 1.620 block damage. The start up is 7 on the meter burn and the active is 9. Recover is non applicable, while you're block advtange is +25 frames. Hit advantage of you're opponent is huge at 81 and there is no cancel here.

Scatter Bombs:

Scatter bombs are a nice looking air attack that batman will use while in the air. He will however, come down on an opponent so this attack doesn't really do anything against highly air-borne combatants. The special move is a mid with 9.00 damage and 2.130 block damage. The startup is 8 frames which is pretty fast too me and the active is really flashy coming in at 2 frames. Recover time is 42 frames, before you can make another move, other than a block. You're block advantage is -27 before you can block again after using the special. The opponent's hit advantage is horrible at a -2. Note it would be very hard to miss with this move and when the opponent is hit they are blinded. The cancel for the move takes 27 frames.

If you meter burn this move it will deal no damage but you can follow up with more combinations or attacks afterward. I haven't tested out the meter burn enough just yet, but it's probably a good one. It has a 1 in start-up, 59 in recover and 42 too cancel the move. The rest of the statistics are non applicable ( N/A ).

You can also follow up with an air-drop kick or an air-elbow which counts as an overhead. This can be done directly after casting Scatter bombs. I will pickup the frame data for you guys and girls soon enough.

Slide Kick:


Deadshot is the highest ranking character in the terms of character tiers around the world wide web. Deadshot ranks in at #1 and after playing a little bit of Deadshot I can see a few valid reasons why. First he has an amazing 2nd combination. This is called Checkmate, it is a three-hit combo at it's base. When you hold down the 1 or "X" button on xbox one, you can extend this combination. Deadshot will fire off more shots and the three combo, turns into a six-hit combination.

Deadshot, also has the obvious range from not only his wrist cannons, but his long range high-tech rifle. He can close in with his power knee special and fills the gap with strong combinations like checkmate mentioned above for close quarters. I am not the best player in the world by far, I would say I am quite average. However, I can tell why at the moment deadshot seems to be extremely viable and will be hard to be counter-picked when two pro players go at each other.

Character Power: Living Weapon

Deadshot's character power is called living weapon. You can enhance your wrist cannon to shoot three types of ammunition. This special has a mid-high cool down ratio and it doesn't last more than about 6-7 seconds. It is very awesome looking and fun to use as well as it can be effective in combat. This special will only work on special moves created by the wrist cannon. You can not shoot poison rounds if you are firing off the rifle, or on a checkmate combination. Even basic moves that use the wrist cannon will not fire any enhanced ammunition.

  • Poison Ammunition
  • Incendiary Rounds
  • Explosive Ammo

Let's talk about the poison ammunition first. Poison ammunition can be used after using the correct button input with the character power button. I apologize for not listing the moves here, but you can see them in-game at anytime by using the menu screen. This guide is too give the readers and fans, what the menu does not tell you and a little more for everybody's enjoyment.

Back to the poison ammunition, this will not only deal some damage to your're opponent, but it will deplete some of their super meter bar. This may be the least useful at first glance. However if you are an advanced Deadshot player, and you are keen to someone beating you badly with too many super meter specials, this one is wise too choose more often. The less meter someone has, generally means the less damage they can do. It also means the less amount of combinations and chains of combo's they can throw at you. Always keep an eye on not only your super meter, but your opponents as well.

Incendiary rounds are very awesome to not only see graphically, but too enjoy using in the heat of battle in Injustice 2. These rounds are what I first thought poison rounds would be. They deal damage overtime. The rounds will ignite the opponent when struck for a bit and deal extra fire damage for a few brief moments. It also causes the opponent to attempt to extinguish the flames, giving you a few more frames to escape or attack again.

Explosive ammo, is the powerhouse of the three ammunition groups for the Living Weapon character power. Explosive ammo turns you're bullet icon glowing blue and will deal additional damage too your enemy. As an extra, a hit by an explosive wrist cannon special attack, will also knock-back the opponent and it is great for giving you some time too think out you're next move during a fight. It is also ideal, to stop overly aggressive fighters, that are always coming at you. Knock them back a few times with this ammo choice, to force them too change up their strategy against you.


Wrist Cannon:

This is you're basic projectile attack with Deadshot. He will shoot a bullet in a straight line that can travel across the entire screen. This move is a High hit, it deals 6.00 damage when it connects and deals 1.750 damage on a block. This move will be affected by Living Weapon character power. You can meter burn this move and when metered burned several more options too enhance the Wrist Cannon become available.

When meter burned, Deadshot will fire off a few extra shots with the wrist cannon. Each should do 5.85 damage if they connect. this combines with each bullet fired I am pretty sure. If you have extra damage from the DoT ( damage over time ) of Incendiary rounds, or explosive damage those counters will stack and apply.

When you use the advance or retreat command input, ( meter burn only ) you can advance or retreat while still dealing the same amount of damage. It is a bit harder too use because of the extra input, but other than that you should probably always be choosing too advance or retreat after meter burning wrist cannon.

Finally, we have the air wrist cannon. This is the same shot with the same damage as the ground wrist cannon. The only difference is that you will fire from the air, in a direct line just like the ground version. I personally like it, as if you are good at mixing this up with trick shot, you can zone a weaker opponent all day long.

Trick Shot:

Trick shot, is going to deal a mid blow on you're opponent and may have some frame data errors. When I read the attack damage, the base trick shot attack reads 13.55 on xbox one at least. The move really does around 5.00 on an estimate. This could cause a little confusion so I just wanted to make the error clear. You can do a close and far trick shot as well as the base trick shot. This move can be used with Living Weapon character power of Deadshot. Furthermore, it is effected by the ability statistic and can be meter burned. All versions of the special, count as a mid and the meter burn block damage has a decent chip at around 3.750 power.

Bullet Barrage:

This is a go too move for me, and I like pairing it with the incendiary rounds. You will also burn more of an opponents super meter, with more hits so poison rounds are nice too. Finally with explosive rounds you will deal more damage, but the knockdown and knock back effects, may make you lose precious time too cast more living weapon attacks. Whatever way you look at it, it's a good all around move.

This special is an easy input too pull off and is always a High attack including when meter burned. Each bullet will deal 7.42 damage on each connection, without one of them being blocked. Even when blocked, the chip damage is 5.000. It has a slower start up at 24 frames so if you are using this one at close range, it is probably a bad idea. You can get poked out of this move quick and then attacked into a vicious combination by your opponent if applicable.

The cancel is 12 frames, this is nice if you have the range too cancel and you catch your opponent coming towards you quickly. The meter burn can deal huge amounts of damage with all shots connecting. Going by frame data it deals 13.00+ with each bullet fired from the bullet barrage. This is a great move/special just try and avoid using it at close range or you will be punished by even a rookie player with some Injustice knowledge.

Assassin Knee:

I really would like to test this move out more, It seems to be a good way too lock someone into a deadly combination. The cool thing about the move is that when enhanced it changes from a mid too an overhead attack. It will deal more damage, but the complete switch up can really throw you're opponent off. I also think you can gain a little bit of armor when this move is meter burned.

This move deals a good amount of damage at around 7.00 base. It can be deadly but has a bad recover time and can leave you wide open too brutal retaliation by you're opponent. I would save learning this move for a bit later on, start messing with the wrist cannons and the character powers first, in my opinion. Your going to want to mix those in after meter burning the overhead of the assassin's knee most likely.

Deadly Assault:


Secret Six:

I don't use this one much, it has a 20 recover time and I always find myself being left open to it. Even if an opponent is popped up into the air, this may be viable, but I had better luck just throwing out "1" punches at the opponent to juggle them mainly in the corner and most easily tested out after a Deadshot uppercut.

Checkmate: *

This is my current favorite combination in the game. It is a low and the awesome part about this sweet three hitter is that you can extend it. Unfortunately, even though you can fire off wrist cannon shots with this combo, it does not apply to living weapon attacks. The low combination is still really sweet and can come in at 12.700 damage on an estimate if not more when finished. It is also easy too use and a nice switch up, just don't overuse it.

You also are left open if you miss this combo, with a 27 and 28 recover times on both the base and extended versions. The hit advantage is at 12 when you extend the move. This gives you're opponent 12 frames before they can act again after being hit. This is in comparison too the very small 1 animation frame from the basic checkmate combination.


Triggered is a move I have not tested out enough just yet, but it is an overhead, and Deadshot, doesn't seem to have way too many of these. I will mark this one for later analysis.


This move can be used too chain into other combinations with special attacks being a pop up combo. It deals 5.00 damage. You could go into some easy moves or while you're opponent is in the air quickly pop into your character's living weapon power.

Killer Elite:

This combination will deal 5.00 damage and 0.380 on a block, however it is a low and can be used as a nice switch up with the triggered overhead.

For Hire:

This might be the move you want to keep chopping away at when your opponent is popped up into a corner. It can also be useful when the enemy is on it's way down from a pop-up mid screen just to land in a few extra hits.

Bad Mewes:

This move is very good in my opinion and it has Non applicable statistics on four sections of it's frame data. I have a feeling it is going too be a popular stringer into other moves and main be the key of combinations for Deadshot. ( more to come )


A low attack that deals 3.00 damage on a two button input, can also deal very low block damage at 0.230. The move has a 12 start up, 2 active and a 22 recover time. It also has -7 too block advantage, and 15 too hit advantage with a 19 in frames too cancel.

Dead to rights:

This is nice combination that stands out a bit more too me than most the other ones. It has a high hit advantage at 42 frames. So after being hit by this combination it's going to take a little bit for the opposing player too recover from it. The start up is 12 which goes kind of in hand with the hit advantage, so I am pretty sure it is an all around good combo.

Collateral Damage:

Belle Reve:

Task Force X:

Taking the shot:

Deadshot Tactics:

Doctor Fate:

Doctor Fate is a deadly character from a distance. As a matter of fact the majority of Doctor Fate's moves are made to keep enemies away from him. He is a pure zoner and many people that like casting spells and keeping their distance from an opponent may love to use Doctor Fate. He is currently one of my favorite characters to use in Injustice 2. Fate has a great variety of spells or specials to use. His combinations are fun and magnificent to look at. Power of Apep is also really cool and adds even more power to the already very well developed character that is Doctor Fate.

Character Power - Power of Apep:

First off, before using the power of apep I would like to state that I found using it rather difficult. This is mainly because Doctor Fate has a large amount of specials to memorize. The specials increase or at least change a bit when the Power of Apep is active. This results in having to take more time to learn the specials and how they work with Doctor Fates character power.

With this being the case I suggest first as always to learn the basic moves of Doctor Fate. They are a little different than most other fighters in the game. Many of them are also used to keep range from you're opponent, simply with one press of a button, even on a basic move. Once you get the feel of Doctor Fate and if you want to consider learning him then I suggest jumping into his basic "ANKH" special moves. I would still hold off until using the character power until you learn the basic specials of the Doctor Fate.

Finally, once you are ready to start using the Power Of Apep, quickly scan the combinations before hand to get a feel for them. At this point, also know there are other sections of this character below in this guide. They are in a bit random of an order, so you may want to go back and forth between segments and read them over or again.

The power of apep is basically a damage enhancer to many of Doctor Fates special abilities if not all of them. There are a few interesting twists and turns other than the damage buffs and name changes. This goes mostly with the Spell of Judgement/Spell of Punishment. Secondly, Breath of Life/Nabu's curse have a pretty big twist. We will talk about all of the twist and turns here in this section of the guide.


  • Amon Ra Blast ----------------> Apophis Blast
  • Displacer Orb ----------------> Chaos Orb
  • Glyph of Osirus ----------------> Glyph of Anubis
  • Spell of Judgement ----------------> Spell of Punishment
    Breath of Life ----------------> Nabu's Curse
  • Sharidum's Lock ====== Sharidum's Lock


Amon Ra Blast <----------------> Apophis Blast:

This move can be meter burned and is pretty much you're primary spell casting move. I personally know spamming could be annoying and (B.M.) Bad manners. However, this is you're basic and easy to use primary casting spell. You got to use it when the need arises. If it fails, switch to something else or if you feel you are being too cheap to you're opponent. When this move is empowered by Apep, it will cause additional damage and turn red. This move can be meter burned and in both it's forms will cast 3 bullet's at once in a timely succession. This can be used to juggle opponents a bit or deal damage and chip damage.

Displacer Orb <-----------------> Chaos Orb:

The basic displacer orb and even the chaos orb are nice looking animations and a more advanced projectile special than the previous Amon Ra Blast attack. This move is a bit more powerful as well as a little more complex. It deals more damage and can OTG ( Off the ground ) the opponent with it's meter burn. The coolest thing about the special is that it acts very similar to Liu Kang's yin/yang attacks in Mortal Kombat X. Dualist was the name of the tree and those awesome dark orbs, have been corrected for the better with Doctor Fate. If you liked Dualist Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat X, I highly suggest checking out this move and giving Doctor Fate a chance.

The meter burn of either the Chaos Orb ( power of apep ) or the displacer orb will make the player have to press the same button input as the Displacer orb travels. If the orb gets hit by the opponent or something else it will despawn. You will have to be very quick or knowledgeable with you're button inputs to make good use of this special. If done correctly the displacer or chaos orb will stay in place and you can use it in several ways.

You can use the displacer or chaos orb meter burned orb as a barricade. This is useful if you want to keep you're opponent at bay and a distance. You can also use breath of life too heal up quickly if the time allows it or the opposing player makes a mistake. This move can also be used to OTG ) off the ground opponents and is much more viable when used in Power of Apep form ( chaos orb ). Finally, remember the chaos orb deals more damage and this can also be used to trap enemies than cast a Nabu's curse and crush them while they are scared in the corner.

Glyph of Osirus <--------------------> Glyph of Anubis:

The Glyph of Osirus is an excellent move, this is especially true due to not only it's nice damage, but also the moves knock-back affect, The knock-back is huge, deals damage, and knocks the opponent far away from Doctor Fate. This is ideally the go to move and is even more useful when the player is advanced with Doctor Fate. The Glyph of Anubis is even more potent and when enhanced can deal excellent damage. It can also off the ground opponents ( OTG ). Finally the move in general is simple to use and input and is great against those that are poor or mild at jumping and air attacks.

Spell of Judgment <------------------------> Spell of Punishment:

This was a selling point of studying Doctor Fate for me. For a small input you can gain 3 spells of judgement, which are ankhs that float or orbit around the Doctor Fate. If you use the spell of Judgment when all three ankh's are active you can attempt to have final judgement take affect. To have this occur you must land all 3 ankhs into the body of you're opponent. If successful an automatic bolt from the heavens/sky will crash down on you're opponent and knocking them down. This move is hard to master but will be a fan favorite and a crucial aspect to good Doctor Fate players I believe.

The Spell of Punishment is the same idea as Judgement. The second have however is different. Final Punishment will instead launch the three ankh's into the ground one by one. They all tick off in the order they hit the ground. You can essentially juggle up to three times with this special. Beware as this is probably used in the most advanced combinations in the game for Doctor Fate, albeit still an amazingly awesome special!

Breath of Life <-------------------------> Nabu's Curse:

Breath of life is the healing move that is nicely worked in combination with keeping an enemy at a distance, utilizing certain specials and basic combos. Also, this is used nicely if you can form a wall wither either a displacer orb or a chaos orb. The Power of Apep version Nabu's curse will drain life from the enemy standing in it's vicinity. It has no far cast which would probably be too overpowered thus N/A ( not available ). There may be an ability that changes this, such as the dark ankh. Dark ankh makes both of these special moves explode on contact.

Sharidum's Lock:

Pressing this input will pause any interactions only by you're opponent. This means throwables/ arena "RB" stuff in general. Doctor Fate if the caster can still use arena objects and it's interactions. If this move is enhanced it will possibly stop all interactions as stated. This may include even arena transitions. However, it must be meter burned in this case for the full "all" effect to chime in.

Doctor Fate ------ Combinations:

  • Immortal Inza
  • Tower of Fate
  • Guidance of Nabu * [ advanced ] *
  • Lords of Order
  • Blinding Fate
  • Time Immemorial
  • Evoking the Gods
  • Blood Price
  • Solving the Mystery

Immortal Inza:

This is your basic start two-hitting/slap/punch attack. It's got some good frames be sure to check it out! I still find some of the basic moves more go to then this one, but this is a good easy way to corner juggle if you are lucky. Also being the first move on the combination list for Doctor Fate, you may be checking it out early/first.

Tower of Fate:

This move will be good to mix things up a bit, as it is one of the very few overheads at the arsenal of the Doctor Fate.

Guidance of Nabu:

I got to admit, I do love the easy combinations Doctor Fate has, at a first glance. Chaining these together from basic combinations into full strings or long combinations if going to be tough. The first thing I would like to get started with here is that The Guidance of Nabu is a rocking combination! It is very easy to use for beginning players. However, for the pro players utilizing the cancel takes precision and speed, but it is an excellent cancel. It is the current most interesting cancel move I have seen on a combo. This is actually rare to have a generic combo cancel as well. At a base, this is an easy input combo with great knockback.

Lords of Order/ Binding Fate:

These in my opinion are starter combinations on the Lords of Order and then you can link ( special, character power, etc ) into something special and finish with a combo such as binding fate.

Time Immemorial:

Evoking the Gods:

Blood Price:

This is the best looking of all the Doctor Fate's combinations. It is also easy to pull off and you can finish with this combo or possibly even start early with it. Further testing needs to be done, but it deals nice damage with some decent frame times and causes tons of hits. It is rather stylish but the time of testing is to continue I can't say just yet if it is up there with classic moves such as Ermac's slap combination!

Solving the Mystery:


Atrocitus is a power character that has a slight mix up of zoning when his character power is activated. Without the character power, I would expect most players to be close range fighting with this guy. I am not the biggest fan of the characters design, on second playthrough I realized he did have some cool stuff about him. Life drain comes to mind and I especially like it's impulsing meter burn move. He has a very simple and strong damaging attack combo. One of which is talked about on the boards here as being overused. I would have to slightly agree. I am pretty sure that combination is either five inversions or the Ysmault combination. Either or, would still go kinda easy into the blood nado special move.

Character Power: Power of Rage ( Dex Star )


  • Blood Ball
  • Blood Wall
  • Hate Pounce
  • Crimson Red
  • Burn All
  • Massacre

These moves can only be used while Atrocitus' cat dex starr is called out by using your character power. Dex Starr is probably the reason why many novice players can win with Atrocitus. This is mainly because of some easy combinations that are rather powerful. Combining the Dex Starr to just zone and finish off opponents with ease. In this case, Attrocitus may be one of the easier characters to at least win with in the game.

Blood Ball:

This move will shoot a projectile with Dex-Starr, it has a pretty slow start up and slow active time. The recover is also not the best as it takes several frames to be able to cast the move again. However, the ability to do zone with Dex-starr and this move has major prowess. You may also cast this from the air, increasing deadliness.

Blood Wall:

This is a good defensive move and has nice active and start-up times as well as good recovery frames. This is very useful in a zoning battle. It may even be considered a spam battle and I hope I don't offend anyone with those words. This move can block the opponents projectile attack and with a nice recovery time, give Atrocitus the ability to follow up with Dex-starr's blood ball. Possibly afterward, closing in with a charge into a melee combination.

Hate Pounce:

I haven't tested this move out too much just yet. I think i remember dex-starr launching out at the opponent. The game also states it deals damage overtime. I apologize for now, but I will be doing a bit more testing on this one.

The rest of the moves are combinations with the assistance of Dex-starr the cat. These are pretty powerful as well and can link/chain into other specials and combinations.


  • Rage Charge
  • Blood-Nado
  • Napalm Vomit
  • Life Drain
  • The Butcher [ supermove ]

Rage Charge:

Rage charge is a pretty powerful move that can be meter burned for around 182.00 damage and OTG ( off the ground the opponent ) slightly. This moves packs a ton of power and is a great way to get your opponent into the corner.


Blood-Nado is probably the go to special move for Atrocitus. This move is going to deal some damage as well as OTG the opponent always. It's just a bread and butter move if I am not mistaken and will Link into just about anything. If you don't like this move you should probably avoid playing as Atrocitus.

Napalm Vomit:

Napalm Vomit is an excellent chip move that I would suggest using sparingly against an opponent. The reason being is that it has short range and you can set yourself up to get comboed to death rather quickly. If you act tricky with the move you can catch your opponent off guard. This move deals damage overtime and in some cases the opponent will be dead before they know what hit them!

Life Drain:

This is my favorite move in the special and entire move-set of Atrocitus. It's just awesome, the life drain effect looks great and it can silently kill an opposing player. Very much like napalm vomit, this move can sneak up on the opponent. The major difference is this move can pack a punch when meter burned. On top of the meter burn you will actually gain health back from the move if you are within range. Don't forget still damaging the opposing player. When meter burned this move will send an impulse attack. However, you must be glowing for it to do so from draining enough blood from your enemy.


  • Blood Tears
  • Heartless
  • Simple Betrayal
  • Five Inversions
  • Sector 666
  • Blood and Rage
  • Freshly Dead
  • Instrument of Vengeance
  • Empire of Tears
  • Return to Ysmault
  • Blood Ritual
  • Blood Bath

Most of these moves are pretty simple to pull of and I would like to talk about a few of them. Blood tears is your basic 1,1, or punch punch. Not all characters in the game has this 1,1 as a combination so once again this makes Atrocitus a bit easier to start with and overall better in general. Further more, heartless is a 1,1,1, combination. If you are on XBOX 1 = X if you are on Playstation 1= Square. Correct me if I am wrong everyone! Heartless is a go too combination if you are stuck. It is also great to juggle enemies that are OTG with heartless.

Simple betrayal is kinda the half of the more complete Five Inversions. Five Inversions is a pretty nasty combination, that many players may find overused of "cheap" It is nasty as it switches or mixes up with the "highs and lows" very nicely. If you want to pummel a noob this is great combination to use on them. Next time you have your buddies over get the new guy to play as Robin for double the fun!

Return to Ysmault is the only other combination that really stands out to me. It does a grab at the end and has pretty good frames from what I noticed. It actually might have better frames than five inversions. Double checking, I am pretty sure it does have better frames but doesn't mix it up as good as the evil Five Inversions. More to come, stay tuned daily for updates.

Cat Woman:

Cat Woman is a heavy combination based character. Even her character power is technically an instant combination. She has some great kick moves and cat stance can be rather interesting. She is also pretty fast and has a bit of range when she uses her whip attacks. Overall I would select cat woman if you like lots of options with your combinations.

Character Power: Cat-Lateral Damage

This is a cool move that you can gain up to five stacks before unleashing the combination on your foes. You may release the combo at even one stack. However, it is more powerful with each stack. To gain stacks you must use claw type attacks, kicks will not work. This combo at maximum does around 250.00 damage with no other buffs or augments from gear. You can also chain or link this character power into other moves. It's quite interesting and I don't know why cat woman is so low on the tier ranking. I guess she is really weak at a range. The only true range attack she has is her whip and that doesn't go full screen.