My damage is abysmal, why!?

  1. I'm playing a lvl 63 warden ranger, and as the levels had gone up since level 1, I found my damage went from good to unserviceable. Some encounters it seems My companion almost does more damage than I do from what I've seen. I heard rangers were one of the best dps in the game at high level, but I struggle to fight single low tier enemies in higher level areas without dumping every encounter power into one. My melee and bow at-will attacks seem to fo NOTHING, maybe being 300 per second. It says my base damage for my attacks is 1,218...yet I can only do a little over that with each of my offensive encounter and daily powers. I have proper gear for my level, enchantments, a companion or three and two mounts...what's wrong??? PlumSalesman96 - 11 months ago - report
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