What is an overflow bag and where do I find it on my screen?

  1. I cant use the invoke blessing because it tell me I have items in my overflow bag.

    User Info: akorn40205

    akorn40205 - 4 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Press L1 plus left arrow to open your bag.
    At the bottom of this menu you will see a separate area with items in, this is your overflow bag.
    Press square on these items so you can move them to your regular bag above.
    Make sure there are spaces in your regular bag to move these to.


    User Info: Prince_Gorrimin

    Prince_Gorrimin - 4 years ago 11   2


  1. Look directly under your first bag slot. There are like 8 overflow inventory spaces. Items are put there when all your bag spaces are full. You will have to clear some inventory spaces and move the items in "overflow" to regular bag spaces

    User Info: SinisterG

    SinisterG - 4 years ago 7   2

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