Is my Job and Esper combo good?

  1. I use:

    Shikari/Red Mage with Cuchulainn, for extra black magic, Exodus for access to heavy armor, Zeromus for extra buffing and Zalera for HP.

    This is the Best tank in the game + access to black robe and yagu darkblade combo. I love this combo.

    Knight/Bushi with Mateus and Hasmal.
    Great Damage dealer vs undead using the Excalibur and white robe combo, better still with a khumba and Zodiac escutcheon. The esper allocation makes for a solid backup healer too. Yes please!

    Monk/Time Battlemage with Addramelch for Cura and Raise, Chaos for high level white magic and Zodiark for renew. People love the time mage/whitemage combo as it gives a strong support charachter. Give this Combo to Fran and you have the exact same thingas Fran has inate cure, she also has the highest combo rate with poles, so now your support charachter can get it's hurt on...

    Uhlan/Machinist: with Famfrit. Foccus and Addrenalin on a Berserk bot that eventually gets access to some support spells... Give this to Bashe with a Brave suit and watch him go to town on enemies.

    Whitemage/For Breaker with Belias (I give this Combo to Ashe, Ultima for 3rd swiftness :). Healer with some serious hurt capabilities and the breaks for the big bads of Ivalice. If you like trial mode it's possible to set this combo up with the wyrmhero blade and white robes...

    Lastly Black Mage/Archer with Shemhazi for the top heavy armor. Give this charachter lordly robes and a grand helm and you have a hard hitter even when your MP gets low. A great option for your nihopaloa and rememdy combo since it has remedy 3 and best of all the Achilles technik. Set up your gambits to use Achilles on for 100% after all your elemental spell gambits and watch this thing go to town :)

    This was my set up anyway, Uses all 12 Jobs. All charachter have 3 swiftness, 4 charachters have access to curaga, and at least 2 with Bubble, Faith, Bravery, Protectega, Shellga and Hastega. This combo gives you incredible versatility, a wide variety of weaponry meaning you can adjust your 6 man team as needed for every specific fight.

    User Info: BewtweenNames

    BewtweenNames - 9 months ago

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