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by Daight90

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FAQ by Daight90

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 04/07/17


This guide is mainly for beginners who just started playing Atelier Firis, and doesn't know what to do.

About unlocking recipes

Always gather items in the map, most recipes are tied to gathering items, fighting monsters, and of cause, crafting something.

Basically, follow this:

Loot everything you see,

Crush all rocks, hit all trees,

Fight with every monsters,

But not with every boss you see,

Lastly, craft everything using whatever you have.

And you should be fine with unlocking most recipes.

Managing your LP

  • If you press Square/X (depending on controller) and attack monster before they touch you, your LP will be reduced fewer compared to touching monster without attacking them first.So attacking monsters before they touch you and fight every time can save you tons of LP in the long run, good for the first part of the game where you only have time limit of 1 year.
  • Craftable beds gives you higher LP restored/Time Ratio compared to the bed you start with, so craft them when you learn their recipe, so you can spend lesser time sleeping to restore your LP back.
  • Synthesizing items takes time, but it restores your LP and character's HP/MP too, abeit lesser compared to using bed.
  • A good Time saver is that when you have low LP, start with synthesizing items, you can level up your alchemy and synthesized item level, and restore some of your LP/HP/MP too, then use the bed for the remaining.

Leveling Alchemy and Synthesizing

Alchemy level affects what you can and cannot synthesize, and Synthesizing level affects how well you can synthesize that items.

Red circle

  • shows your current alchemy level.

Blue circle

  • shows the item at alchemy level which you can craft.

Black circle

  • shows the item synthesizing level, every item's synthesizing level are separate from each other.
  • It is differentiated by 4 stars, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, with Bronze being lowest and Platinum being highest.
  • The higher the level, the easier it is at crafting that item, and more bonus when craft that item too.

You gain most Alchemy EXP when crafting new item for the first time, so whenever possible, craft that item ASAP.
After you unlocked 'Synth' Items, level them up to as high as possible,possibly to gold or even platinum star.

You will need these Synth items more than you could possibly imagine, so level them up as soon as you can,

Get these to as high level as possible when you unlocked their recipe,

  • They can easily get to 999 quality,
  • Their component bars can be maxed easily, giving them more component points and possibly more colors.

and in turns, can get other items and/or equipment to 999 quality with simple set up.
Items and some traits scales with quality, so you'd want items with 999 quality or at least quality as high as possible.

Really Important ones are:

  • Neutralizer of all colors,
    • Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, Purple, Rainbow.
    • Rainbow Neutralizer is a little bit special,
      • Red component for it has 2 stars,
      • If you max out green and yellow component, and keep red component bar at 1 star, you get color of Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow.
      • If you max out every component bar of red, green and yellow, you get color of Blue, Green, Yellow, and Purple.
      • So it's recommended to keep Rainbow Neutralizer of 2 different versions, 'Red, Blue, Green, Yellow' and 'Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple'.
  • Liquid Catalyst,
  • Zettel,
    • Use Snow Queen as Catalyst, and place your patterns at the spot with -4 purple to get Zettel with more component points.
      • Snow Queen can be found by hitting trees in both South and North Auoro Snowfield.
  • Distilled Water,
    • You can use Distilled Water as one of the components for Distilled Water, effectively making this item the easiest to get 999 quality as you can keep on cycling them.
  • Polish,
    • Good to have both polish, with maxed-out component and non-maxed component at 999 quality
  • Reactive Catalyst,
  • Alchemic Clay.
  • Core Crystal.

These items are the next important in line which should be maxed as they help makes your items and equipment have 999 quality or as high quality as possible:

  • Pure Oil,
  • Globe Ball,
  • Gravicrystal,
  • All metal bar
    • Ingot, Silvalia, Golt Aizen, Harmonium.
  • All Cloths
    • Cloth, Mofcott, Flugel, Velvetis.
  • Most Ores
    • Smaragd Ore, Granate Ore, Rubinite Ore, Sapphias Ore, Jette Ore.Black Tree Stone (Diamond Ore is NOT in ore category.)
    • Jette Ore and Black Tree Stone should be considered more important than other ores as they are in two category, Ore and Plant.
  • Crimson Stone
  • Philosopher Stone

Reason I placed both Crimson Stone and Philosopher Stone as second important is because,

  • They both have extremely long Synth Time, you should only really level them after exam where you have no more time limit.
  • It is harder to get them with max component and 999 quality compared to other materials.
  • They only shine through when their synth level is at max, which is platinum star.

I did not place them as 3rd important is because,

  • Once you maxed them out, you can get them to 999 quality a lot easier,
  • They have huge component point value once you max their component bar.

These are third important to be maxed once you get them, when you maxed them up and got them to 999 quality or maxed, you could practically craft any items and equipment with 999 quality, if not, highest quality the items or equipment can get:

  • Apcol,
  • Tanning Fluid,
  • Leather,
  • Multicolor Dye,
  • Hay,
  • Remaining Ores
    • Diamond Ore, Spirit Stone, Ripple Stone, Magnet Stone, Kimber Ore.
  • Gems
    • Smaragd, Granate, Rubinite, Sapphias, Jette, Diamond, Malmore Comet.
    • Jette is in both Gem and Plant Category.

Managing Time

Once you started out, you might feel that one year time limit is short, in a sense, it is both short, and not at the same time.
You won't have enough time doing every single quest,exploring every map to 100% with a single year.
Good news is, except that main quest which you only have 1 year of, every other quest have no time limit, you can take them whenever you want,
so keep them for after your exam.

Exploring maps are the same, don't try to get 100% map completion before exam, just continue on to the next area once you are done with the current area.
Some quests from your characters or NPCs are only unlocked after exam, same with maps too.

Now if you skip most quests and exploring maps to 100%, you'll have plenty to time to get recommendation letters, even all 5 of them, whereas you only need 3 at the minimum.
You'll even have plenty of times to craft items too.

Managing Money

Before Exam:

  • Just craft and gather everything instead of buying from merchant.
    • The only few thing good from merchant are the books which teach you recipes.
    • or something you can't gather/craft yet,and you need it, for example, leather, when you first get to Faave Hills and learns backpack recipe.

After Exam:

  • You won't have to worry about gold as you will have plenty of them from farming end game traits from level 70 bosses, if you farm for end-game traits, you will have so much gold that it will never run out.

Checking for all the traits on items you have in your container.

  • In your house, open up your container, press 'Share/Back' depending on your controller, your screen will change, then press 'Triangle/Y' depending on your controller, choose Filter, and select the traits you want, choose complete setting, and you will be able to see which of your items have that trait you want.

About Merchant NPCs

  • Some of you might not know, Atelier Firis is about gathering and synthesizing stuffs, so equipment sold by merchants are pretty much mediocre or useless no matter how good or overpowered they look, buying equipment from merchant is waste of gold when you are starting out.
  • Some Merchant sells books which you can buy and unlock some recipe with.

Example of some books which you can buy from merchants

  • Merchants are really good for end game, when you need a lot of trash material(materials which you don't care about it's quality, traits, or component amounts) for synthesizing something you want.
  • Item's selling price are influenced by their quality, so when you are starting out, most items are only going to be worth 1 gold if you sell it to merchant.
  • Some merchant sells useful objects for you to place in your atelier, which benefits you when you are synthesizing items,

Items are your best friend.

  • Items are your best friend, especially offensive items.
    • They are easy to craft, you can easily craft tons of bombs.
    • They will probably deal (way)more damage than what your character does.
  • Effects of items are influenced by quality, higher quality items will always outperform items with lower quality.
  • You have to equip your items before you can use them.
    • Go to Menu, select 'Item Equip', all items placed there are usable on the field, and in battle, as you continue exploring, your inventory will be increased as well.
  • There are some Items which cannot be used by certain character, you can view which character can use it by selecting that item in menu, press 'Share/Back' depending on your controller, and select the item name, a window will open up and show you the item's information.

  • There is a guide on item synthesizing on the FAQS by Replekia, so I won't write about it here, read his FAQs on synthesizing and how to get items with 999 quality.

About 999 Quality(again) + minor component tips

If you are synthesising an item with Quality Up++, Pro Perfection and Super Quality, you'd want your 'total quality' to be 476 as the bare minimum as shown in the spot where the red circle is below, any number below 476 wont get you 999 quality.

In the Blue circle, you'd want your number on your components be high enough(note: High enough, don't have to be extremely high) to fill up the stars on the right side as most of them gives your items a boost in effect, or component qualities.

For example, using Reactive Catalyst with maxed component on distilled water to fill up the stars is overkill, as it alone fills up ALL the stars, where you can use tons of other cheaper alternatives to fill up the stars.

Do not do this, you are just wasting your precious materials.

I suggest wearing Alchemist's Dress as it gives you 'one extra line' in synthesis.

In the case of not using any catalyst at all, the options are +10% Quality, Size+1 and Trait Transfer +1(From Alchemist Dress). You can really save on catalyst because some items only transfers 2 traits at most, and alchemist dress lets you transfer 3 traits instead. e.g. distilled water, Liquid Catalyst, Tanning Fluid.

If you are Synthesizing trash items for use as components for your items, example, synthesizing cloth with whatever quality/traits for your 'distilled water', always look at the material traits, you don't want to accidentally use the material with the traits you want to save on.
Example, you only have 1 item, with 'hammer of justice' trait which you want to save for your weapon, you wouldn't want to accidentally use it for cloth without knowing, it happens, be careful.

Component Placing Order + Material with multi colors.

Want to craft something you want, but when you selected all your material, you found out you can't really get that 'max star' for some of your lines as shown in the red circle?
Don't worry yet, try to continue first, as the order of your placement affects the stars, as well as materials with multi colors.

The material which you place in the later order, will usually have 'more value' compared to the material you place first, or before, this especially hold true if you have material with multi colors as they value is increased more if they are placed as 'behind' in the order as possible.

From the picture, I'd name the materials from 1 to 4,
if I place those materials in this order of 4,3,2,1, with rainbow neutralizer as the first, and stahl ice bomb as last, you'd get the bar like this.

Firstly, did you realize all the blue bars are filled to the max, and before, at material selection screen, it's not?
It's because multi color materials fills up bar more than they are shown at item selection screen, especially if they have high component value.
And if you look at the yellow and red bar, they are't filled to the maximum too, now, what if I place them in different order, going from 1,2,3,4 this time, with rainbow neutralizer as the last material placed?

Lo and behold, even the yellow bar is filled, and red is even closer to being filled too!

But wait, what? why is the yellow bar at maxed 'None'?!

Yeah, some items like Einsof Ice bomb(or maybe only this item) has 'none' as max bar option, so you have to be careful and look at what the bar shows before you continue.

So if you want a 'maxed option Einsof Ice Bomb', you gotta keep red and yellow at 2nd star, to get Speed Down M and Inflict No Heal M.

You just have to mix and match the order before you really 'give up', if it fails, you still have 'catalyst option'.

For example, General Catalyst gives you 'Alchemy Component +10%'. which if you fill up the pattern with that option,
all the remaining components you placed will get 10% more value!

Lastly, Stacking them all over, on top of each other will diminish the value of your components too,

Do not do this, unless you are planning on crafting trash items in which you don't care about it's quality,component and traits!

About special items.

There are other items which are useful to you, besides offensive items and defensive items.

Have to equip to Firis to use it:
  • Pickaxe
    • You can use it to break rocks and trees faster compared to using wand.
    • Monsters will still move when your character is swinging the pickaxe
    • Bombs is generally better for breaking rocks because during the time you use it, monsters won't move.
      • Higher quality bombs will deal more damage to rocks
  • Fishing Pole
    • You can only use it at fishing spot.
    • There's 3 different poles
    • you unlock the better versions by fishing more.
  • Spare backpack
    • Enable you to gather more items on the field
  • Air Drop
    • Lets you travel to underwater map
    • Unlocks from quest(After Exam)
  • Schatz Flame
    • The edge of your screen will turn light blue when you are near hidden treasure chest, and the chest will appear once you are nearer.
    • Unlocks from Kald's or Sophie's questline.
  • Sky Flicker
    • Enables you to travel faster, and fly on water.
    • Unlocks after Exam.
These items have to be equiped in 'Item Equip' page to use.
  • Wind God's Bag
    • This does the same as bombs, except it's for trees, not rocks.
  • Special Nutrients
    • They increase the quality of the items on the field.
    • They semi reload the map, as in new rocks will spawn on the map without needing you to re-enter the map.

Item Hoarding

  • Always keep everything, even weapons you don't need, at 1 minimum
    • Some items are needed by NPCs for quest.
    • Some items have great catalyst effects.
      • One of the many example is Dragon Elixir, with 'Elixir or Weapon' as catalyst.

Guess what, remember that berserk blade which you have no use of, and it's in the box getting rusty and dusty?

It can be used as catalyst, and what's more, it has the option of 'number made +2', which you can get 2 more dragon elixir in return of you fill up the blue pattern with blue components!

What about the sunny bird staff which you find it so useless and tempting to throw away?

Look, there's even 'Number Made +4' option to it!

So never throw away the last piece of items you have, always keep them, they might even be needed for NPC quest as well!

Multi-Colour Items + Unexpectedly useful Items as materials.

Items like Rainbow Neutralizer, Velvetis, and Harmonium are certainly useful if you maxed out their bar,

There's so many component amount which you can't help but feel that they are the best,
But, don't forget about other items like Backpack,fishing rod and many more as well!

Backpack is listed as material for Magic Item and Cloth!
what's more, look at the component value if you maxed it out!

Now look at other besides this lovely high valued backpack,

Flying broomstick with 90 blue value,
pickaxe with 80 red value,
and even medium grade fishing rod with 80 red and green value!

So always keep extra copies of them(with maxed out component value ofcause), they might come in unexpectedly super helpful for you even.


Continue on if you want to know the location of every Examiner, missable(?) and Location of level 70 bosses.

Allheilmittel (Missable)

There is a recipe for Allheilmittel, when you first travel to southern part of Claudel Prairie, and encounter a man near a broken bridge,
you will not be able to learn this once the bridge is fixed automatically, I can't remember at which part the bridge will be automatically fixed though,
might be after exam, or when Annalies(The lady you met at traveler's Groove) reaches Weisslark.

I recommend doing these options

  • Saving 20 broken stones before you board the ship from Flussheim to Claudel Prairie so you can hand it over to the guy instantly when you talk to him.
    • You can collect broken stones from Parched Plains and Silent Library, from the stone piles.
  • traveling to Weisslark's institute first from Claudel Prairie to get a book for the recipe once you talked to the man near the broken bridge.

Going to that area from Claudel Prairie will get you to Fatalia Submit, and then going south will get you to Weisslark.

This is the place where you get the recipe for Allheilmittel, you need to talk to this person first,
then check for the shelves in that place to get it, I can't remember which shelves,

Artificial Sun

It is an Item which let you melts the snow in both Auoro Snowfield (they are considered different map in the library),
You need to get to this place in South Auoro Snowfield first, to get a quest and complete it,
which I can't remember the name, might be 'voice calling' or something similar,

Then this old lady will appear, and you can take a quest from her, and learn Artificial Sun recipe.

Examiner's Location

These are all 5 of the Examiner's Locations.

Do note that some of the map shown are incomplete.

1. Faave Hill

2. White Fog Forest

3. Flussheim once you get the ship, travel to Claudel plains, and move to the east from the dock, you'll get a scene where it tells you whether you want to travel back to flussheim or not, travel back to flussheim to get 3rd letter.

4. North Auoro Snowfield

5. Weist Plains
For this, you have to come from Claudel Prairie for the first time, else you won't be able to get to the town.

This is how you get to Weist Plains from Claudel Prairie

Black circle

  • the bridge, which you need to fix

Blue circle

  • is cave connecting north and south

Red circle

  • the exit to Weist Plains


During your first playthrough, exam might be hard,
There are 3 parts in the exam, you need a total of over 50 score to pass.

  • Multiple Choice Question
    • On your first playthrough, try to score as best as you can, each correct answer gives 2 points
  • Synthesizing
    • Synthesize any item (preferably high level alchemy item) with 999 quality and you'll pass for sure.
    • Depending on the item, your score is about quality divided by 2(varies depending on items).
  • Fighting
    • This part is where you fight a puni with super defend, use your best offensive item on the puni, you only have 1 turn.
    • This score is about your damage done to that puni divided by 10.
    • If you have Ori Bomb or Lightning Crystal with decent traits like No Attribute, Ultimate Destruction, Intense Destruction,
      you should be able to hit that puni for high enough damage.

You should be able to easily pass even with the first multiple choice question part at 0 score if you do these.

Blitz Crystal

It is one of the best offensive item, if not, the best at doing damage.
Blitz Crystals with these

  • 999 quality,
  • Full component bar option,
  • ideal traits.

wins over Peta bomb and Einsof Ice Bomb with same quality and traits.
Monsters with some lightning resistances and fire/ice weaknesses still get damaged the most with Blitz Crystal.
Here is an example.

Reason is because Blitz Crystals with max red component option has Piercing Damage L, which deals fixed damage which ignores defense.
And not just this, Blitz Crystal can be a multi-turn item with Call Tempest, which makes it able to hit more than once with just 1 use!

Berserk Blade and Sapphias are catalyst for Blitz Crystal which lets you craft 3 instead of 1.

How to make ideal Blitz Crystal

You'd need these items with 999 quality, traits doesn't matter, they can have 'Super Quality, Pro Perfection and Quality Up++).

  • Lightning Crystal
    • Traits doesn't matter.
  • Diamond
    • Traits doesn't matter, need to max component points.
    • Craft Diamond Ores with 999 quality, or as high as possible, to easily make Diamond with 999 quality.
  • Harmonium
    • Traits doesn't matter, need to max component points.
  • Rainbow Neutralizer with Red/Blue/Green/Yellow color.
    • You place the 3 traits you want on this material, for example, 'One Hit Kill, Half Critical, Twin Power'.
    • Max out green and yellow component bar, and keep red component bar at 1 star.

How to get Rainbow Neutralizer with Red/Blue/Green/Yellow color?

You will need these materials with 999quality:

  • 1 Distilled water
    • Traits doesn't matter, need to max component points.
  • 1 Distilled water
    • You place the 3 traits you want on this material, for example, 'One Hit Kill, Half Critical, Twin Power'.
  • 1 Globe Ball [Magic Item]
    • Traits doesn't matter, need to max component points.
  • 2 Core Crystals [Hidden Power]
    • Traits doesn't matter, need to max component points.
  • 1 Alchemic Clay[Elixir]
    • Traits doesn't matter, need to max component points.

Other Bombs


A usable item which is Firis-only, which needs Blitz Crystal, Peta Bomb, and Einsof Ice Bomb to combine, gets outperformed by Blitz Crystal too, so don't bother making N/A with 999 quality and maxed option, it is useless, you could use this to erase buffs on the target(maxed red component bar), but at the same time, it erases debuffs on the target as well.

Peta Bomb

In terms of usefulness, Peta bomb gets outperformed by Einsof Ice bomb as well, the only reason you use Peta bomb is when monster or boss have high Lightning and Ice Resistance but normal/weak to fire, and if you are going to get Peta Bomb, max the blue component bar to get Pinpoint Flare, so it will change it's area attack into single target attack, and deals more damage.

No point using Peta Bomb without pinpoint flare to clear groups of normal monsters as it gets outperformed by Mining Bomb(with one hit kill) and Einsof Ice Bomb (for damage and delays)

Mining Bomb

It is one of the best item you can get,

The reason I say it's one of the best is because

  • It needs Ore, Fuel, Gunpowder and Neutralizer to craft, which you can get it to 999 quality easily as all these material are craftable.
  • It has this component effect named 'Expand Effect Area ++'.
  • It's casting animation is fast.
  • Pair this Mining Bomb with traits like 'One Hit Kill', with 'Expand Effect Area ++' at high quality and you'll have a death machine which you can easily kill lower level monsters with, and fast.

It is possible to get Mining Bomb to 999 quality with maxed component bar with traits you want, however, it it not recommended, as you will need all these at 999 quality:

  • Kimber Ore (Ore)
  • Zettel, Pure Oil, or Reactive Catalyst (Fuel)
  • Crimson Stone (Gunpowder)
  • Whatever neutralizer,preferably neutralizer having yellow color would be good. (with traits you want)
  • Broken Stone (Catalyst to increase count usage)

But it's not recommended because

  • Crimson stone is kinda 'hard' to get to 999 quality, especially with maxed component value, because you'll have to cycle crimson stone with crimson stone to get 999 quality, meaning you'll have to farm for high quality black star stone and dragon blood stone, lots of them, and if you want it with maxed component value, you'll have to cycle a 999 quality crimson stone with 999 quality philosopher stone, meaning that you'll have to farm for high quality cinders as well.
  • For Kimber Ore, You'll have to farm for Kimber Ore Shards with as high quality as possible, and 'by as high quality', I mean quality with over 200, which only drops from certain level 70 bosses.

Unless you are going to start a New Game+ with tons of extra materials lying around, I don't really recommend getting a maxed out mining bomb with 99 quality really.
Mining Bomb(with few hundred quality) with those traits and Expand Effect Area ++ is enough actually, you don't even have to max the red component to get Fire Damage L, since your main purpose is to use it to one shot monsters.

One Hit Kill Probability scales with your level and monster's level, if your level is same or higher than monster's, the probability to one hit kill them is higher,
If your level is lower than the target monster(s), the probability will get reduced.
E.g. The higher your level is to monster's, the higher your chance of one hit killing them, the lower your level is to monster's, the lower your chances are to one hit kill them.

Special Mentions(Offensive Items)

These items have special animation when used:

  • Bursting Gift (Firis)
  • Holy Crystal Weight (Firis)
  • Flame of Origin (Sophie)
  • Flame of the End (Sophie)

End game traits

You can farm end game traits from level 70 bosses, difficulty has only a little bit of difference from amount of drop, so setting difficulty to easy is the best to go for farming.
Somebody mentioned that all level 70 bosses drops all traits, you just need luck to get the trait you want, try changing to other area for a change if you can't get the trait you want.

These bosses spawns in order of timing,
Using the red circle spot in Traveler's Grove for example, after certain timing, first boss will disappear, and change to 2nd boss, and after certain timing, 2nd boss will be gone, and change to 3rd.

Or you can defeat them and the next will spawn instantly, or a little bit while after, depending on the time,
So it can go like, Defeating Trickster Ghost > Flower Incarnation will spawn, and defeating it, flower guardian will spawn.

Level 70 bosses Location

They only start to appear after your exam, so no, you can't get end-game trait before your exam.

Traveler's Grove:

Red Circle - 3 bosses here, spawns from 6am to 4pm, trickster ghost, Flower Incarnation(Has a chance to spawn a chest which contains Bicolor Corundrum), Flower Guardian

Blue Circle - 3 bosses here, spawns from 4onwards to 12am(?), Death, Gold Hair Demon, Yggdrabbit

Black Circle - 3 bosses here, spawns from 6pm to 8am Dark Tusker, Black Reaver, Magmacius

South Auoro Snowfield:

Red Circle - Magmacius, spawns at 6am, if you are only farming for dragon bloodstone, good way is to teleport to frozen lake campfire, go inside your house, sleep till 5am, rush to Magmacius' spot, kill Magmacius, teleport back to frozen lake campfire, enter house, exit, rush to Magmacius, kill it, teleport back to frozen lake campfire, enter house, sleep till 5am, repeat.

Blue Circle - Ice Spirit Hyrule, you can farm for spirit rock with her too

Black Circle - 2 bosses here, from 6pm to 4am, Dark Tusker, Black Reaver

Green Circle - 2 bosses here, from 8am to 4pm -, Trickster Ghost, Flower Incarnation.

Weist Plains:

Red Circle - West Cave, there's Trickster Ghost, Flower Incarnation, Gold Hair Demon, Death, Yggdrabbit, and Dark Tusker here, spawns at all time, but the cave is small and narrow, becareful of fighting them near a wall, their chest may spawn behind wall and make it unable to be opened or seen.

Blue Circle - East Cave, there's Black Reaver and Magmacius at the end of the cave.

Silent Labyrinth Under:

Red Circle - 4 bosses here, Yggdrabbit, Death, Dark Tusker and Gold Hair Demon, each of them takes 1/4 of a day to spawn, for a full whole day for all of them.
I recommend only coming here to farm for them if you can't get Super Skill trait, since you have to run from entrance to here and back every time, it's troublesome.
(One of the bosses, has a chance to spawn a chest which contains Deep Core too)

Blue Circle - Jump scare(?)

Bosses with super high defend

This is normal, these bosses needs you break them first, then you can do high damage to them.
Flame of the end is one such item with super high break value, but can only be used by Sohpie.

You can only hit broken boss once before they are cured from break, or when the boss gets his turn.

A good method is that, if you know this character of yours(A) will definately break the target with that one attack, and the next character(B)'s attack is bad, use potion/items which doesnt hit the boss, for both character A and B, then break it with character A when their turn is here again, or another character once you know your next character can do high or decent damage.

Replekia's google spreadsheet

Here is link to Replekia's google spreadsheet if you are interested.
His google spreadsheet contains information about traits in detail, be sure to check it out!


Patch Notes

Version 1.5

  • Added About 999 Quality(again) + minor component tips
  • Added Component Placing Order + Material with multi colors.
  • Added link to Replekia's Google spreadsheet.

Version 1.4

  • Expanded Mining Bomb explanation.

Version 1.3

  • Added how to make Ideal Blitz Crystal

Version 1.2

  • Added some information in 'Level 70 boss location' and 'Other Bombs'

Version 1.1

  • Expanded tips on Leveling Alchemy and Synthesizing.
  • Added Time Management.

Special thanks:
Replekia - For encouraging me to make this guide
shinjiro - For clarification on Trait Super Enhance
AlexIskandar - For reminding me Sapphias is another good catalyst for Blitz Crystal, and asking some questions about Mining Bomb.