PES2017 how to manually control when shooting ?

  1. i used to play PES2015 for 2yrs. Now i go for PES2017 which i have found it has been very difficult to score.

    My fave is to score the crossing balls from wingers ( in PES2015 it was so simple to head home from crossing balls ). In PES2017 crossing balls are mostly wasting and infertile ( forwards cannot precisely strike ). i guess this could be a need for "MANUAL SHOT" now.

    for MANUAL shots, i just know that "L2" button and "direction" button must be mastered, but ( my camera view chosen in games is " BLIMP" ) i don't understand that which direction of my " direction" button is which direction in the game on BLIMP camera view

    may someone helps me with this directional problem ? please

    User Info: skellpes17

    skellpes17 - 2 years ago


  1. Hold L2/LT, unless you have turned it off in profile settings (square/X on side select menu) it should show an arrow at the foot of the player showing where you are currently aiming.

    User Info: ToffeeJohn

    ToffeeJohn - 2 years ago 1   0
  2. Or use arrows to guide the shoot

    User Info: Adrian1404

    Adrian1404 - 1 year ago 1   0

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