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World1 Traveler
Clear world1
World2 Traveler
Clear world2
World3 Traveler
Clear world3
World4 Traveler
Clear world4
World5 Traveler
Clear world5
World1 Master
Clear world1 with all rabbit dolls
World2 Master
Clear world2 with all rabbit dolls
World3 Master
Clear world3 with all rabbit dolls
World4 Master
Clear world4 with all rabbit dolls
World5 Master
Clear world5 with all rabbit dolls
The Happy Ending
Clear the 51st level
The Real Ending
Complete the game
Die 100 times
Zombie Killer
Kill 100 zombies
Zombie Hater
Kill the zombie in level 0
Rabbit Collector
Collect 74 rabbit dolls
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Clear 3 hidden stages

Originally Contributed By: KeyBlade999

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