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Are the Ninja Assassins' swords made of rubber? Side Quest
Can the Riddler's physical challenges be completed in his challenge maps? Side Quest
can you go back and collect the ra's al ghul character profile? Side Quest
how do i solve riddlers 3 dot puzzles in return to arkham ? Enemy/Boss
How do i solve the penitentiary riddle when there is no secure door above it? Side Quest
How do I unlock Clayface Joker character trophy? Side Quest
Is anybody else having trouble downloading Batman return to Arkham Arkham City on their PS4 like I am? Tech Support
Why is the return to Arkham Platinum trophy not unlocking? Tech Support
Why won't Harley's revenge start? Tech Support

Answered Questions Answers Last Answer
Why does the game not let me move once i get to the level 3 catwoman during arkham city? Tech Support 1 1 year ago
Does the dlc come with it for free or do i still have to buy it ? Side Quest 1 2 years ago
Can someone help with combat challenges? Main Quest 1 2 years ago
Costume equip? General 1 2 years ago
How to unlock the outside entrance to the Iceberg Lounge? Side Quest 1 3 years ago
How can I get a platinum quick on arkham asylum return to arkham ps4? General 1 3 years ago
When should I start collecting trophies? Side Quest 1 3 years ago
Arkham Origin? General 2 4 years ago
Will there be the armored edition of arkham city, costume? General 1 4 years ago
When is episode 2 of telltales batman come out on xbox360? General 1 4 years ago

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