is the Teen Gohan Super Soul returning?

  1. last week, when it came out, i bought the “I said don’t go easy on me!” super soul from the TP Medal shop, but the day after, my save data got corrupted so i had to start from scratch and i lost it. does anybody know if it will be returning, and if so, when?

    User Info: bigsteve69

    bigsteve69 - 1 month ago


  1. The store items are on a randomized rotation. Every other weekend or so the TP medal shop special items, including souls, may be switched around. They do this to force you to keep checking every day as an artificial way of promoting activity in the game. Some items you can force a change by changing the date/time on your game system, but some items are coded purely by the server so changing your machine's time may not effect some items, as it instead is reading the date/time from the server.

    User Info: xSHEPERDx

    xSHEPERDx - 2 weeks ago 0   0

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