?Legendary super Saiyan raid rewards

  1. Reward
    <Participation fee>
    Satan badge common 1 piece, TP medal 50 pieces
    <Individual target compensation>
    Damage 5,000: 50 medals of 50 medals, street name "intense"
    Damage 15,000: 50 medals 50, street name "Berserk", super soul "I feel like rising ... ... overflowing ..."
    Risk Damage 30,000: 50 Medals of TP Medals, Complete Brolly Costume
    Damaged 50,000: 50 medals of 50 medals, the street "final weapon"
    Damaged 100,000: 50 medals of 50 medals, the street name "Avenger"
    For super-soul, it is possible to acquire up to one even in the game.

    User Info: Thuumking

    Thuumking - 1 year ago

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