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?Legendary super Saiyan raid rewards Enemy/Boss
A raid just ended and received gift, went to receive items and got error.backed out to try again, not there anymore? Tech Support
Anyone have a Day One DLC code? General
Buying the Japanese digital version of the game in the Hong Kong PS Store? General
Can i change my server from r1 to r3? Tech Support
Can I get help for the endless battles on Xenoverse 2 on PS4? General
Can Someone Help Me Get the Online Trophies? Plot
Can someone help with "won endless battles 7 times " trophy ? Side Quest
Cannot purchase any dlc of dbxv2 not even 12345or 6? General
Did I miss out on Frieza(Final, Full Power)'s Super Soul? Build

Answered Questions Answers Last Answer
Can't equip supersoul? General 1 2 weeks ago
Does names start farther in the story or no? Main Quest 2 3 weeks ago
Any tips for fighting Frieza? Side Quest 4 3 weeks ago
After finish the story, at the end of credit, i get an error. Can someone solve this? Tech Support 1 3 weeks ago
Anybody interested in farming pq/expert missions? Build 2 3 weeks ago
Guys, how to unlock the Goku Ultra Instinct kindly help? Tech Support 1 4 weeks ago
how do i get parallel quests over 100 on xbox one.I cant manage to figure how to do it.Is it even free? Side Quest 1 1 month ago
Is Xenoverse 2 going to get ultra instinct skill ? Tech Support 1 1 month ago
How to transform as an earthling? Main Quest 2 1 month ago
Where is Android 13's Hat? Build 1 1 month ago

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