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My level still won't go past 80 even after Gurus boost. Bug? 4
How to easily do the 50-hit combo? 9
PQ 100 Big Bang Kamehameha x100? 4
What PQ do you get Vegito's clothes from? 1
Are there more vehicles? 1
How do i get divine lasso ? 4
Where is Future Gohan and Bardock? 2
How do I get Distorted Time Eggs number 3 and 4? 2
Can you unlock other vehicles? If so how? 2
How to get Saiyan Spirit? 1
Recent Questions Answers
What is wrong with saiyan and human males? 2
How on gods green earth do i beat ui goku in the final battle of fu's missions? 1
How do i, or is it even possible, to make a 5< 5< 5< 5> 5> 5> QQ bang? 1
Why is my partner not giving me my outfit? 1
Super Soul for a Super Saiyan? 0
Is it just me or is it stupid that the hero colosseum is 70% based on luck? 0
What do I need to do to buy gifts for mentors in DBXV2? 1
Do I need to/should I max out my created character from XV1? 1
Lvl 99 Best Build ? 0
Can't equip supersoul? 0
Unresolved Questions Answers
Blue scroll? 3
How do I get past level 80 even after talking to guru? 6
I can't level up past 85 guru won't call me back to his place? 3
How to get the new costumes like the Swimsuits for CaC from DLC 6 and 18's and Videl's Swimsuit costumes? 1
Anyone have a Day One DLC code? 0
Super Black Kamehameha? 1
DLC 6 outfits? 1
I cant access dlc?!?! 1
Which female voice number is Erica Lindbeck's? 0
Future Trunks clothes? 1

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