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?Legendary super Saiyan raid rewards Enemy/Boss
A raid just ended and received gift, went to receive items and got error.backed out to try again, not there anymore? Tech Support
Anyone have a Day One DLC code? Tech Support
Anyone willing to help me with the endless battles trophy? Side Quest
Buying the Japanese digital version of the game in the Hong Kong PS Store? General
Can i change my server from r1 to r3? Tech Support
Can I fix it if I chose fu by accident at the start of the extra missions? Plot
Can I get help for the endless battles on Xenoverse 2 on PS4? General
Can Someone Help Me Get the Online Trophies? Plot
Can someone help with "won endless battles 7 times " trophy ? Side Quest

Answered Questions Answers Last Answer
how much zeni do need for tosok to get me to lvl 80? Build 1 1 week ago
Howcan i get beerus clothing ? Side Quest 1 2 weeks ago
How do I cross play? General 2 3 weeks ago
Can someone help getting online trophies? Main Quest 1 3 weeks ago
Help with online trophies? Side Quest 1 3 weeks ago
when is the first frieza mission level requierment??? Side Quest 1 4 weeks ago
Is there anyway to rewatch the dlc stories in this game? Main Quest 1 4 weeks ago
How do you get the Time Patroller Emblem? Main Quest 1 1 month ago
How to get legendary pack 1? Tech Support 1 1 month ago
What are all the kamehameha supers and ultimates and whats there damage 2020? Build 1 1 month ago

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