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Guide and Walkthrough by 3vrB257A5gq3fg

Updated: 10/29/2020

Bunny Must Die - Chelsea and the 7 Devils
Walkthrough  (version 1.0)

Based on: PS4-version


        Items & Abilities
        Bunny's Quest       A01
        Chelsea's Quest     A02

- You get four save slots for each of the two quests.
- The Trophy set is shared between the PS4 and PSV versions. As such,
the official Trophy rates have been skewed due to the prevalence of
hacking on the PSV. The actual Platinum rate is likely around 2%.
- The game features two versions of the soundtrack: Original and Arranged
(plus an option to.choose between the two on a case-by-case basis). I
highly recommend Arranged (although I usually just have the music turned
pff. so I don't have to put up with the boss music).
- The red number next to your save file in the file selection screen
indicates the number of saves and deaths.
- The game may rarely crash on you.
- The original Japanese title of the game is 'Chelsea-san wa 7 [Nana]
no Majin Bukkorosaneba naranai.'
- If you enjoyed the game, I'd recommend also picking up Gundemoniums,
a shoot'em up by the same developer.


"In the year 1999X, a mewclear weapon utilizing the power of purrmodynamics
was launched, enveloping the world in furry flames and causing the outbreak
of Feline World War."

Er... Okay, I think that's enough for the story section.

              The Environment

- The game map is divided into 7 zones:

 White   | Devil's Dump
 Lime    | Forest of Fools
 Red     | Forbidden Purrmodynamic Power Plant
 Blue    | Palace of Folly
 Yellow  | The Dark King's Dwelling
 Green   | Floating Jade Prison
 Pink    | Septentrion

- Secret areas are gray.
- The in-game map makes no distinction between different power ups. It
only distinguishes power ups and Bunny Dolls / Elixirs.
- The game uses a crossfade when moving to another area. This makes it
difficult to react quickly to anything in the room.
- Areas that didn't scroll horizontally in the original version have
been slightly redesigned to accommodate for the new resolution. In the
original, a single screen area consisted of 20 by 14 tiles. On the Ps4,
they consist of 30 by 17 tiles. The difference in verticality is purely
- An area that's 2x2 map tiles is 40 by 32 tiles in size. Going beyond
that, it increases by 20x / 15y.
- Save points are frequent. Saving the game fully heals you and adds
30 seconds to the in-game play time counter. In Chelsea's Quest, it
claims to add 60 seconds, but this is incorrect. It's just 30.
- Enemies and torches don't leave behind any health drops. The healing
methods are:
 1. Saving the game.
 2. Picking up a Health upgrade.
 3. Beating a boss (excluding mid-bosses).
 4. Using Bunny's Recovery ability.
 5. Using a Bunny Doll / Elixir.
 6. Enabling HP regeneration in the Chronushop.
- Defeating enemies and destroying torches produces Time Crystals that
are drawn to you automatically. These crystals restore your TP/MP.
A single torch gives you 8 Time Crystals. Most enemies give you 12.
- In Bunny's Quest, specific torches drop a weapon instead of TC. They
do give TC if you already have the weapon in question.
- Your character is a typical 1x2 tiles in size.
- The two most common enemies are the little, stationary cannon and
the pumpkin grunt. The cannon fires three shots with different arcs,
while the pumpkin launches bouncing fireballs at a slow pace. You will
find that the level design often meticulously maximizes the threat
posed by these two seemingly trivial enemies.
- Unlike in pretty much all other platformers, your character can't
stand beyond the edge of a platform. Until you manage to internalize
this, you can expect to mess up a lot of jumps because of it.
- The destroyable blocks in the environment can be destroyed with almost
any attack. They respawn after 5,5s.
- Expect a lot of spikes. Spike damage is 90 HP. Spikes are destroyed
on contact and some spikes can be destroyed with your attacks. Either
way, they respawn after 5,5s.
- There are two kinds of switches: pressure switches that you need to
step on and flippable switches that are activated/deactivated by crouching
by them.
- In Bunny's Quest, there are a few gates that are removed by certain
event triggers.
- Each quest features 50 items, each giving you 2% towards your item rate.
- When a boss is dying, they can still do body contact damage.


- The Time Crystals you've accumulated can be used to purchase enhanced
abilities. The game may feel frustratingly difficult without them. If
you just don't have the time and patience to become more familiar with
the game, you can always use these to give yourself a boost.
- You can freely adjust the levels up to the highest level purchased.
- You don't necessarily have to save the game to keep the crystals you've
collected. They're also saved when you return to the title screen.
  Bunny Doll / Elixir: 500 each

             ATP                        DFP                        HP

Lv0 |       0 |            Lv0 |       0 |            Lv0 |       0 |
Lv1 |    1440 |   1440     Lv1 |    1980 |   1980     Lv1 |     880 |     880
Lv2 |    4320 |   2880     Lv2 |    5940 |   3960     Lv2 |    7920 |    7040
Lv3 |    8640 |   4320     Lv3 |  11 880 |   5940     Lv3 |  31 680 |  23 760
Lv4 |  14 400 |   5760     Lv4 |  19 800 |   7920     Lv4 |  88 000 |  56 320
Lv5 |  21 600 |   7200     Lv5 |  29 700 |   9900     Lv5 | 198 000 | 110 000
Lv6 |  30 240 |   8640     Lv6 |  41 580 | 11 880     Lv6 | 388 080 | 190 080
Lv7 |  40 320 | 10 080     Lv7 |  55 440 | 13 860     Lv7 |         | 
Lv8 |  51 840 | 11 520     Lv8 |  71 280 | 15 840     Lv8 |         | 
Lv9 |  64 800 | 12 960     Lv9 |  89 100 | 17 820     Lv9 |         | 
Lv10|  79 200 | 14 400     Lv10| 108 900 | 19 800     Lv10|         | 
          etc.                       etc.

          HP Regen                   TP Regen                   MP Regen

Lv0 |       0 |            Lv0 |       0 |            Lv0 |       0 |
Lv1 |    1120 |    1120    Lv1 |    1380 |    1380    Lv1 |    1380 |    1380
Lv2 |    5600 |    4480    Lv2 |    6900 |    5520    Lv2 |    6900 |    5520
Lv3 |  15 680 |  10 080    Lv3 |  19 320 |  12 420    Lv3 |  19 320 |  12 420
Lv4 |  33 600 |  17 920    Lv4 |  41 400 |  22 080    Lv4 |  41 400 |  22 080
Lv5 |  61 600 |  28 000    Lv5 |  75 900 |  34 500    Lv5 |  75 900 |  34 500
Lv6 | 101 920 |  40 320    Lv6 | 125 580 |  49 680    Lv6 | 125 580 |  49 680
Lv7 | 156 800 |  54 880    Lv7 | 193 200 |  67 620    Lv7 | 193 200 |  67 620
Lv8 | 228 480 |  71 680    Lv8 | 281 520 |  88 320    Lv8 | 281 520 |  88 320
Lv9 | 319 200 |  90 720    Lv9 | 393 300 | 111 780    Lv9 | 393 300 | 111 780
Lv10|         |            Lv10|         |            Lv10|         | 


                             Items & Abilities



- There are two different jumps (by default): a standing jump, performed
by pressing jump without pressing left or right, and a spinning jump,
performed by pressing jump while you're also pressing left or right.
Both jumps give you at most about 4,5 tiles of height and 5 tiles of
- If you're not spinning, you can jump on enemies to bounce on them and
damage them. Hold Jump to bounce higher. Many projectiles can be jumped
on as well, and some of them are destroyed in the process (mainly the
smaller ones).
- A running jump only gives you about 2,5 tiles of height at most. Max
distance is 10 tiles (on an even level).
- If you hit the ceiling during a jump, you lose your momentum.
- If you land from a fall and aren't pressing left or right, your character
will bend her knees to break the fall. You can't attack during this time,
although you can easily cancel it by moving or jumping.


- Turning has a slight delay that you'll have to get used to. And I'm
not talking about the animation or input lag. As soon as the animation
begins, you're considered turned. There's just a very brief delay before
the animation begins.
- You can't turn in the air (unless you wall-jump).
- In the original version, you actually had to get a power up in order
to be able to turn, and it was technically possible to finish the game
without it. This power up does not exist on the PS4. However, there is
still an option to disable turning in case you'd like to try this
particular challenge.
- Chelsea seems to turn a little faster than Bunny.


- Press and hold down to crouch. Crouching takes a bunch of frames.
- Crouching is mainly used to place orbs, activate switches and to read
- Press Jump while crouching to perform a back dash, which covers 2,5
tiles. There's hardly any use for it.

        Air Recovery

- Press Jump in the air after getting hit to recover and start spinning.
Otherwise, you won't regain control until you land.


- If you press in any direction right before getting hit, Bunny will
evade and avoid damage. Doing it while jumping allows you to jump higher.
Sometimes it might not work with certain directions, so try different ones.
- Only Bunny has the ability to evade.

        Normal Attack

- Bunny's normal attack depends on which of the five weapons she's carrying.
These weapons can be found in specific torches. Picking one up makes you
drop your current one. Once on the ground, a weapon despawns after 10s.

     Knife (Self Shooter) (K)

- A rapid, ranged attack that does minimal damage. Hold the d-pad
diagonally to shoot at an angle or up to shoot up. Attack while spinning
to shoot knives in (roughly) all directions.

     Sword (Faust Samurai) (S)

- A powerful close range weapon with 3 tiles of range. Easily the
best weapon in the game, with both superior offensive and defensive
capabilities. It does have trouble hitting enemies that are 3 or 4
tiles directly above you, though.
- You can interrupt a ground swing by jumping.

     Boomerang (Black Wing) (B)

- A medium range weapon. Fairly underwhelming.

     Chain Flail (Spiked Hammer) (H)

- A slow, but powerful, medium range weapon. You can make the ball spin
around you, but it's kind of difficult to control.

     Missile (Roppongi Missile) (M)

- A rapid missile that homes in on a target. Might not be the target
you want, though.

        Empty Essence  (Utsuro no Utsuwa)

- Aka. Life Up. Increases max HP by 30. Your max HP is 60 by default.
With all 8 Life Ups, you'll have 300 HP.

        Royal Yellow Powder  (Yamabukiiro no Kona)

- Aka. Time Up. Increases max TP by 30 and grants you a new Time Power.
With all 10 Time Ups, you'll have 300 TP.

        Bunny Doll

- Allows you to respawn upon dying, in which case the room is reset
and play time reverts back to what it was when you entered the room.
You can dismiss the prompt by pressing Confirm. It'll automatically
be dismissed after 10s.
- There are 23 dolls to be found in total.

        Fleetwood Sandals  (Idaten Geta)

- Allows you to run. While running, you move (roughly) 2,624 times
faster than walking.
- It's technically possible to beat the game without the sandals. You
should probably do that once at some point (such as when getting the
Orion trophy) if you really get into the game. It doesn't really
complicate things all that much.

        Flame Kick (Deadly Bird Kick)

- Press Attack while running to perform the flame kick, which covers
9 tiles and during which you can press up/down to ascend/descend. The
kick is very powerful and quickly kills most normal enemies. When used
on bosses, however, you are at high risk of taking body contact damage,
which tends to be pretty heavy.
- Aside from offense, you can also use the flame kick for movement. An
ascending kick allows you to cover a distance of 13 tiles. The height
you get is 2 tiles, although if you're actually trying to reach a plat-
form that's 2 tiles above, you need to hold Attack to slightly extend
the duration of the kick to actually make it.

        Orb of Brilliance (Red)  (Shakunetsu no Houju)
        Orb of Depths (Purple)   (Shin'en no Houju)
        Orb of Qilin (Yellow)    (Kirin no Houju)
        Orb of Vitality (Green)  (Houjou no Houju)

- The four orbs are used to open gates of the corresponding color by
placing them on a nearby pedestal.

        Hyper Heels

- The Hyper Heels triple stomping damage and allow you to stomp torches.

        Hopping Shoes  (N Hakase no Kimyou na Kutsu)

- Allows you to wall-jump by pressing Jump when facing a wall in mid-air.
In some spots, you may want to or need to do consecutive wall jumps.
Note, however, that it takes a little while before you can do another
wall jump. If the other wall is close enough, you have to wait a little
or your input is ignored.
- There are two other types of wall-jumps in addition to the basic one.
You can perform these by pressing the d-pad either in the direction or
the opposite direction of the wall immediately after starting a basic
- Pressing towards the wall results in wall-climbing, where Bunny spin
jumps back towards the wall, albeit with limited altitude gained. This
is more like the wall-jumping you might be accustomed to if you're
familiar with the adventures of a certain intergalactic bounty hunter.
- Pressing in the opposite direction launches Bunny away from the wall,
with almost no increased altitude and while still facing the same
direction. This one has *very* little use.

        Dynamite Body

- A mode that increases damage dealt and halves damage received. Your
jumps will be limited to 3 tiles in height, but you can still reach
normal height if you jump consecutively.
- While in Dynamite Body, jumping on destroyable blocks destroys them
(stomping damage is still the same, though).
- If you're at 0 TP, you won't be able to activate or deactivate Dynamite
Body. I'm not sure why this would be intentional, seeing as neither of
those actually consumes any TP. The game does claim that Dynamite Mode
consumes TP when you obtain it, but this is incorrect.

        Supersonic Gears  (Akuseru Gear)

- Removes Dynamite Body's jump limitation.

        Time Powers

  1 - Freeze Lv1    10 TP/s
  2 - Rewind        30 TP/s
  3 - Recall
  4 - Freeze Lv2    30 TP
  5 - Booster       22,5 TP/s
  6 - Recovery       7,5 TP/s -> 7,5 HP/s
  7 - (Nothing)
  8 - Expose
  9 - Smile Bomb    30 TP
 10 - Aurum Call     7,5 TP/s

     1 - Freeze Lv1

- Freeze time. Timed gates and some enemies are unaffected. You can't
damage enemies while time is frozen, while any hazards can still damage
you. Blocks can still be destroyed, but you can't pick up any items.
Hitting anything with the flame kick will cause time to unfreeze.

     2 - Rewind

- Rewind time by holding down the Time button.

     3 - Recall

- Allows you to use Bunny Dolls.

     4 - Freeze Lv2

- Upgrades Freeze so it lasts indefinitely while consuming a fixed amount
of TP.

     5 - Booster

- Slow down time by pressing Time while running. Slows down Bunny as well.

     6 - Recovery

- Recover HP at a slow rate by pressing and holding Up + Time. Once
you start, there's no need to keep holding Up anymore.

     7 - Alternative

- Triggers the alternate ending, which then unlocks Chelsea's Quest.

     8 - Expose

- Show points of interest when using Dynamite Body.

     9 - Smile Bomb

- While in Dynamite Mode, press Down + Attack to drop a bomb that
explodes after 5s. The bombs can destroy normal gates. They also have
friendly fire, so try to stay at a safe distance.

     10 - Aurum Call

- Allows you to turn into the Golden Bunny by pressing and holding Down
+ Time. While in this form, you attack by throwing huge swords and
automatically evade all incoming damage.


- In contrast to Bunny, Chelsea has to manually select an item (called
'experiments') in order to use it. Four of these are used by pressing
Up + Attack.


- Chelsea has a standing jump and a spinning jump, just like Bunny.
The standing jump gives you 4 tiles of height, but the spinning one
only gives you 3,5. Accordingly, there are quite a few platforms Chelsea
can't reach with the spinning jump.
- You can stop spinning by attacking in the air. Technically, any attack
will do, but, generally, you'll want to use the downward shot.


- Hold Jump in mid-air to slowly float down. You can try to reduce or
increase your horizontal speed by quickly tapping left or right, In
particular, there are situations where you'd want to come to a halt
so you'll float straight down. It requires pretty precise input, so
you'll need to practice that if you want to get consistent.

        Normal Attacks

     Single Shot
     Double Shot  (Pyoa)
     3-Way Shot   (Catte)
     Triple Shot  (Baron)
     5-Way Shot   (Alice)

- Chelsea's normal attack is a rapid fireball shot. The shot gets
upgraded upon defeating certain bosses.
- You shoot faster when you're either crouching or on the ladder.
- In the air, you can do three attacks: a horizontal shot (d-pad on
neutral), a downward shot (hold Down), or an air blast (hold Left or
Right when spinning). The air blast is a powerful short range attack,
although it can't destroy blocks. Shooting in the air pushes you back
slightly due to recoil.

        Empty Essence  (Utsuro no Utsuwa)

- Aka. Life Up. Increases max HP by 30. Your max HP is 60 by default.
With all 8 Life Ups, you'll have 300 HP.

        Golden Soul Orb  (Koganeiro no Kontama?)

- Aka. Mana Up. Increases max MP by one block. There are 10 Mana Ups to
be found in total.
- Chelsea natively regenerates 1/10 of a block per 1+(1:3(x-1)) seconds,
where x is the number of Mana Ups. In other words, with 1 block of MP,
she'll regenerate 1 block in 10s, and the time increases by 3 1/3s per
block, up to 40s with 10 blocks. When crouching, the rate is increased
four fold. If a single block is 100 MP (not sure what it is), then Time
Crystals recover 30/(2+x) MP per crystal. Put simply, to recover one
block, you need just as many crystals as you need seconds.


- Allows you to respawn immediately on the spot upon dying.
- If you actually want to use it, try not to accidentally dismiss the
prompt by pressing Confirm (or by waiting 10s).
- There are 20 Elixir to be found in total.

        Ladder  (Hashigo)  (1 block)

- Set a ladder that's 10 tiles long. Jumping from the top allows you to
reach platforms that are at most 12 tiles above (you're *this* close to
13, but, no). You can only set one ladder at a time. You can retract the
ladder by pressing down while over the ladder or by trying to set another
ladder or by activating VL.
- The ladder also deals damage to anything in its path when deployed.
- To shoot on a ladder, you need to press Left or Right + Attack. Once
you've started attacking, you don't need to hold the direction anymore,
nor do you need to press the direction again if you stop firing and want
to start firing again. You can also change directions without having to
hold the d-pad.
- If you have 0 blocks of MP, you can set the ladder freely, but you
can't retract it from a distance.

        Orb of Depths (Purple)
        Orb of Vitality (Green)
        Orb of Brilliance (Red)
        Orb of Qilin (Yellow)

- The orbs allow you to destroy gates of the corresponding color. You
don't need to select these, though.

        Vermilion Lord  (1 block)

- Freezes time for a while during which you're invincible, but you can't
attack. The bar at the bottom indicates how much time is left until the
effect wears off. It goes down when you move or when you're touching a

        Grenade  (1 block)

- A short range attack that can destroy regular gates.

        Eizen Boots

- Wearing these makes you immune to spike damage. They also triple
stomping damage and allow you to stomp torches.

        Eye of Truth  (Shinjitsu no Hitomi)

- Reveals points of interest.

        Space Pinwheel  (Uchuu Kazaguruma)  (1 block)

- Space Jump. Almost unusable due to the heavy MP cost.

        Wrath of God  (Kami no Ikari)  (3 blocks / 2 block min)

- Power Bomb, basically, although not all that powerful. While using
it, you're invincible to most damage.

        Force of Will  (Ishi no youna Buttai)

- Allows you to perform the Zero Burst by pressing Down + Jump and also
reduces damage by half when it's selected. Zero Burst is a quick dash
that covers 12 tiles and during which you're invincible to most damage.


                              Bunny's Quest                         A01

        White Zone

           WW90            Life Up: W1
           8               Time Up: W2, W11
           -W7|            Doll: W2
       (L)    W(B)         Upgrade: Dash (W6), Red Orb (W10)
              |            K: W1, W4           M: W12
          6W54|W           S: W2
               1           B: W3, W8, W10
            (P)1           H: W3, W11

- W1: You can't go west until you have two Time power ups.

- W2: The first Time Power allows you to freeze time. I suggest setting
L1 as the Time Power button.
- You can get the Bunny Doll once you have dash.
- Like I said, the Sword is easily the best weapon in the game. Start
getting used to wielding it.

- W3: Trophy note: Stand behind the statue and press Start.

- W5: [Boss: El Bobonboi]. The first boss shouldn't give you much trouble.

- W6: With the Fleetwood Sandals, you're able to dash and also perform
the flame kick.

- W7: Freeze time to deactivate the beams.

- W9: [Boss: Pyoa]. The second boss provides a substantially greater
challenge than the first one. Here's my preferred method of dealing with
him: Go all the way to the left. Once he gets close, freeze time and jump
over him. Now activate a laser and he'll get stuck behind it, allowing
you to attack him unopposed for a while. Once the laser is about to
deactivate (they last 4s), move forward to activate the next one.

- W10: With the Red Orb, you can reach W11.

- W11: The second Time Power allows you to rewind time by holding down Time.

- W3: Trophy note: Keep placing the orb on the pedestal and picking it
up, and a Trophy should be triggered.


        Lime Zone

          |                Life Up: L2
          |S               Time Up: Ls1
      S2L2L                Upgrade: Hyper Heels (Ls2)
          |                K: L2          H: L1
       (R)|                S: L1, Ls1

- Manipulating time in most areas of the Lime Zone will spawn ghost
- L2: You can destroy some of the spikes to reach the secret area.
When using the sword, face left when jumping for the best results.
When coming back, you need to do a jump attack in order to destroy
the last set of spikes. Either that or you can just tank it. The second
Life Up you get here conveniently allows you to take one spike hit
without dying.
- Entering L2 removes the gates in W12 and W3.
 - Ls2: The Hyper Heels increase stomping damage and allow you to
 destroy torches by falling on them.

 - Ls1: Careful with the spikes. You can get on the first lift by simply
 running when it's on the left.
 - The third Time Power allows you to use Bunny Dolls to respawn upon

        Red Zone

      |-R1(L)|             Life Up: Rs1
      |      R             Time Up: R6, (Rs2), (R11)
      |    111             Doll: R1, R2, R4, R6, R10
      |      0S2(P)        Upgrade: Purple Orb (R8)
     SR  R8|9|
      2    R               K: R1, R2, R4, R6, R9
      |    7               S: R2, R4, R6, R10
      |    R6              B: R3
      3R4R5R6              H: R6

- R1: The beam tank is one of the toughest enemies in the game simply
because they have an invincibility period. Thankfully, this is the only
one in the entire zone.

- R2: The cat girls can also be a nuisance thanks to their evade habit.
You need to hit them while they're attacking.

- R4: [Boss: Endymion]. This guy should go down pretty easily. Before
you kill him, though, you should try to score the Bunny Doll in the
ceiling on the left end. You have to use evade-boosted jumps from the
boss's fireballs to reach it. If you can't pull it off, then you'll
just have to come back with the Wall Jump. In that case, you'll have
to use a throwing knife from the fire pit in order to reveal the doll
without destroying the torch.

- R5: [Boss: Catte de Maron]. The paws mostly use an attack where they
shoot two large fireballs. Well-timed jump attacks allow you to avoid
them while also dealing damage. You could also use the flame kick. If
you deal enough damage to a paw, it will retreat. A quick flame kick
will cause it to retreat before it even gets to attack.

- R6: The Bunny Doll is hidden from view in the corner of the ceiling
left from the lift. Reach it by using a flame kick from either the lone
gray block or from the lift.
- The fourth Time Power upgrades Freeze to Lv2 so that it always costs
30 TP instead of constantly draining it. This does mean that freezing
time for short periods will consume more TP, but all in all, it should
do more good than harm.

- R8: With the Purple Orb, you can explore the rest of the Lime Zone
and also access the Blue Zone.

        Lime Zone

           9               Life Up: Ls3
         |-L5L67           Doll: L3, L4, L5, L8, (L1), (Ls4)
       S3L    |            Upgrade: Wall Jump (L7), (Dynamite Body (L10))
         4    | 
         ||   LS           K: L2
          |S  84           S: L1, L4, L8
      S2L2L   |            B: L4, L5
          1(W)W)           H: L1, L5
          |                M: Ls4


 - Ls3: Bounce on the enemy to reach the item. You need to do a limited
 dash jump to reach the nearest block.

- L7: Time to start practicing that wall-climbing.

 - Ls4: The gate will be gone once you've activated two switches in the
 Blue Zone.


        Blue Zone

            (G)|           Life Up: Bs1, B7
               |           Time Up: (B8)
        8B3B4B5B           Doll: B2, B3
       S|B3    67
        B   (Y)|           K: B3           B: B4
      B12(Y)               S: B4, B6       H: B2, B3, B6

- B1: There's a hidden gate right of the bottom switch. You can get
through that way as well.

- B2: This is the first area where you'll find walls that either materialize
or dematerialize when you freeze time.
- The regular, gray pillars on the left actually have two holes in them,
so it's difficult to use them for wall-jumping.
- The switch to open the gate to the secret area is hidden from view on
the opposite side of the screen.

- B3: The Bunny Doll is hidden from view under the mini-tank.
- There's a switch near the green gate that you can activate by crouching.
The normal gate is fake, so you can go right through it. The switch opens
a gate in B6 leading to another switch.
- You can't pass through the area or use time powers until you take out
the floating rabbit. You can only do so with the chain flail. There's
one conveniently right below him.
- There's a hidden lift block right of the save point (under a breakable
block) and a hidden switch left of the save point that opens the gates
just like the switch at the right end. The switch at the bottom on the
right just closes the gates.

- B4: [Boss: Selena]. The sword doesn't work too well here unless you
manage to get on the ledge behind her. It's kind of risky, though. You
need to use a flame kick (and possibly also bounce off her) or ride her
beam attack. If you fail, you could easily end up in the spikes. Even
if you do get there, you could still get knocked into the spikes, so
you better make it quick. Do your best to destroy the sickles and don't
use jump attacks during her beam attack.
- If she's off-screen for a while, she'll regain full health.
- Careful when entering the area from B5. If you're running, the bridge
won't appear fast enough to prevent you from falling into the spikes.

- B5: [Boss: Baron Bramedo]. He'll appear and use a random attack, then
disappear for a moment. He has four attacks:
 1. Launches a single, big fireball. Heavy damage, but easy to avoid.
 2. Launches numerous small fireballs. Minimal damage, but difficult to
 avoid if you don't move behind him.
 3. Summons three pillars of flame from the ground.
- His fourth attack is used after attacks 1 and 2 and instantly kills
you if you're facing him. It's still safe to use air attacks so long
as you were facing the other way when you jumped.
- Only his head actually causes collision damage (which is incidentally
lethal), so you can safely run through him and stand where he's standing.

- B7: Bounce on the torches to reach the Life Up.

- B6: You can do the Yellow Zone and Green Zone in any order. I'd recommend
the Yellow Zone first. There are two Life Ups there that will likely
help you out with the bosses in the Green Zone.
- The torches and enemies here don't give you any TC.
- There are three beam tanks here. When going down, you can manipulate
the tank to get out of your way by staying close to it on its right
side. When going up, you should just freeze time. If they're in your
way and you need to jump over them, note that their hitbox is smaller
than what you might think.
- There's a hidden switch at the bottom that you can reach if you hit
the switch in B3. This one opens up the gates in two areas: in L1
(allowing you to reach the mailbox and mail the maid's letter that you
can find in the Yellow Zone) and Ls4 (Bunny Doll). It also opens up the
two small shafts with hidden spikes in this area. If you're crazy enough
to skip the wall jump, you'd have to use those shafts to get up this
area (by evading the spikes).
- Trophy note: Wait a while at the top and a UFO will appear. Stand
under it to get abducted (results in a game over).

        Yellow Zone

      (B)-S5|              Life Up: Y4, Ys2
            Y12            Time Up: Y12
          Y32              Doll: Y3, Y5, Y7, Y10, Ys1, Ys3
         4Y3|Y5Y           Upgrade: Yellow Orb (Y11), (Supersonic Gears (Ys5))
    (W)S       6
       S3Y-Y7--|           K: Y6, Y7
         8                 S: Y3, Y6, Y7, Y10
         |Y9Y              B: Y3, Y8, Y11, Ys2
            1              H: Y7, Y10
            0              M: Y3

- Your visibility is limited here. Destroying torches will limit it
even further.
- The enemies here are very annoying due to their homing projectiles.
Trying to kill them without breaking the torches only makes it worse,
so don't bother avoiding the torches.
- Hit the light switches in Y1, Y2, Y3, and Y5 to open the gate in Y2
(the switch in Y2 is hidden near the top).

- Y2: The path to Ys5 will open up once you've been to the Pink Zone.

- Y3: A hidden switch opens the gate to Y4. Just nearby the gate is
the hidden path up to the Bunny Doll. The path is only a single tile
wide, so it could take a while before you manage to squeeze in.

- Y5: Either stomp on the rampaging bunnies or play it safe and use
- When you're passing through the upper level, a time skip occurs. At
this point, you can trigger an event in W5 which will open the path
to the final boss. The time skip also removes the purple gate in Y6.
 - The time skip will not occur if you haven't fought El-Bobonboi yet.

- Trophy note: You'll find more switches you can activate in Y6, Y7,
Y8 and Y10. You'll need to activate them for two trophies. Otherwise,
you can ignore them.

- Y7: Lots of spikes here. Do be careful. The last gap can barely be
cleared with a precise dash jump. You should play it safe and just use
a rising flame kick.
- The bunny doll is right before the last gap, in the slightly elevated
area with destroyable spikes. Flame kick from the right to reach it.
- Trophy note: Grab the maid's letter by crouching near the maid's body.
No need to get in the spikes. Just get near her.

- Ys3: The Bunny Doll is in the ceiling. The sword is barely able to
reveal it, but to reach it, you need to either bounce on the beam or
use an evade boost. You can't get it while time is frozen.

- Ys4: This is a one-way path to the White Zone (one-way for now).

- Y11: With the Yellow Orb, you can reach Y12 and L10.
 - Ys1: Don't try to jump directly on the switch. Instead, jump at the
 block then wall-climb.

- Y10: The Bunny Doll is hidden below the switch near the top.
- The gate to Ys2 will open once you've taken out all nearby light sources.
- Trophy note: The Leafians will start appearing once you've hit all
the switches and the screen is fully illuminated. You need to kill 64
of them. These guys self-destruct when they get close to you, so you
need to be a little careful.

- Y12: The gate closes if you take a hit. Freezing time will only slow
down the dolphin things, but you need them to get across anyway. Using
Rewind is of course an option. If you get hit while beyond the gate,
quickly use Rewind to avoid being trapped. If that happens, you'll have
to reset the game.
- The fifth Time Power allows you to slow down time by pressing Time
while running. From now on, if you want to freeze time while running,
you'll have to press Time while jumping.


        Green Zone

         0-G9|             Time Up: Gs1
             G             Doll: G2, G4
           |78             Upgrade: Green Orb (G10)
           65|             K: G2, G4
           S G             S: G2, G4, G8
           |34             B: G2, G4, G9
           G               H: G8, G9
           21              M: G4

- G2: You'll immediately face off with a bunny girl knight, the toughest
enemy in the game. Their swords give you a taste of your own medicine
should you get too close, and you're not safe at a distance either,
since their sword swings also generate a shockwave that travels on the
ground and off any possible ledges. They're immune to Freeze and, like
the beam tank, they have hit invincibility.
- The first one starts off facing away from you and attacks once in that
direction. Use this opportunity to run and jump over her. The second
one can be safely taken out with jump attacks once she reaches the edge
and is above you.
- There's a hidden lift after the conveyor belt on the level where the
second bunny knight was. Go down the hole to find the Bunny Doll.

- G3: [Boss: Pope Cucurbita]. Nothing special here. Watch the breakable
- In the original version, it was possible to skip the bosses in G3,
G5 and G7 by using Rewind. If you try to do it now, you'll just get
auto-fragged (or pushed back by the gate if you're not running).

- G2: Grab the knife here after the first boss.

- G5: [Boss: King Pumpquiche]. Wall-climb up to the hole on the left and
just fire away with your knife (you'll get hit by some of the pumpkins
in the right hole). If you're using the sword, this becomes one of the
hardest bosses in the game. Learning to avoid the pumpkins consistently
takes quite a bit of practice. If you want to spare yourself from the
chore, just use the knife method.
- Trophy note: Freeze time in the boss room to get killed.

- G4: Grab the sword again after the second boss.

- G6: Another potentially annoying area. You can start by taking out
the bunny knight, but it's not strictly necessary. Either way, freeze
time as you start your climb, so you don't have to worry about the
spinning beam cannons. There are two mini-cannons on the right. If you
keep time frozen, you can just jump over and take a hit. If you'd prefer
to avoid getting hit, do a flame kick.
 - Gs1: Don't try this one unless you've just saved your game. When you
 fall down from G6, you're supposed to use a wall launch to reach the
 item, but the crossfade makes it rather difficult to get the timing
 right. A safer method involves just taking a spike hit (which you can
 always try to evade), then jumping to the left and wall-climbing up.
 - The sixth Time Power allows you to slowly recover HP by pressing Up + Time.

- G7: [Boss: Choker Joker]. I'd say the sword is optimal here. This guy's
pretty tough in any case, though. You're looking at a lot of small fire-
balls. They don't do much damage, but they can easily push you into the
spike pits. The boss moves in a similar way as the previous one, so you
need to time your attacks well to avoid body contact damage. The second
phase features large fireballs going horizontally, but they still deal
only minimal damage. When a fireball is on the ground level, attack the
boss as you're bouncing off the fireball. The third phase is similar to
the first one, but this time it's a bit more intense. Stay focused and
avoid anything too risky. Once you reach phase four, the boss descends
and unleashes a massive hail of fireballs. The only (relatively) safe
place is above him, so it's time to start stomping. So long as you have
the Hyper Heels and manage to carefully ride him without hitting the
fireballs flying upwards, this phase should be over quickly. If you get
knocked down, you should probably try to end it with a quick jump attack
instead of trying to resume stomping.

- G8: If you grab the hammer from one of the torches, no need to panic.
You can grab the sword again at the top.
- You need to ride the second beam on the left to reach the top.

- G9: [Boss: Halloween Alice]. In phase 1, the boss's attack mode depends
on your vertical position. If you're at the bottom, she'll bob around
tossing fireballs while waves of fireballs also come out of the floor
and the ceiling. In the second part of the attack, she'll warp around
and spawn pumpkin goons that shoot fireballs horizontally. Her top attack
mode is pretty much the same, only she bobs around near the ceiling
instead of the ground. Her middle attack mode has her moving back and
forth while shooting four fireballs, the fireballs alternating between
cardinal directions and diagonals. At the end, she shoots small fireballs
in a 360 spread. After finishing an attack pattern, she'll start another
one, and it's once again be based on your vertical position.
- The middle attack is the one that lets you stay on top of things most
easily so long as you can consistently avoid the fireballs, as they do
hurt a lot. Also, if you use jump attacks when the attack ends, you need
to watch that you're not too close to the ceiling so you don't trigger
the top attack.
- You'll enter phase 2 once she's at 1/8 health, although she has to
finish her current attack pattern first, and she won't take any further
damage until phase 2 actually begins. Phase 2 is pretty much just the
two phase 1 attacks combined (minus the goons). Things are going to be
hectic, and she moves around quickly and erratically. She's no longer
affected by Freeze in phase 2, but you could use Booster instead.
- As soon as phase 2 begins, she moves up and to the left. A well-timed
jump attack can take out most of her remaining health, at which point
one more hit should be enough to end it.

- G10: With the Green Orb, you can (1) get the Time Up in the Blue Zone,
(2) fight Golem XV (for a Time Up) in the Red Zone, and (3) access the
Pink Zone.

- B8: The seventh Time Power is... nothing, really.


        Pink Zone + Clean up

            PP1            Time Up: P5
      (R)|  2              Doll: Ps1, Ps2
         S  |P3P 
         1     45          K: P7, Ps2       M: P7
         |S2PP6|           S: P7
            7              B: P7
            |P8-9          H: P7, Ps2

- P1: Entering this area will (1) remove the gate in Rs2, (2) allow you
to enter the Blue Zone without using the Purple Orb, and (3) allow you
to access the Force Gear chamber (Ys5).
- Trophy note: The switch here should be the last one (if you haven't
missed anything).

- P2: Trophy note: As the elevator moves, the sections of the shaft that
you've passed will be closed off. Get trapped in one of these sections
to get fried.
- Don't try to skip ahead of the elevator when going down. There's an
invisible barrier that won't disappear until the elevator is all the
way down.

- P3: Another annoying room unless you freeze time.

- P4: Don't go to P5 right away. Go save your game in P6 first.

- P6: You need to have enough TP to freeze time three times to get through.

- P5: Freeze time then flame kick to the first platform. Wall-jump up
to the second platform then do a rising flame kick to the Time Up. You
don't necessarily have to freeze time, but it's highly difficult without it.
- The eighth Time Power allows you to see breakable blocks and other
secrets when using Dynamite Body.

- P7: If you fall down and need to get back up, flame kick to the gray
block then just wall-climb / wall jump.

- Grab the Bunny Dolls in Ps2 and Ps1, then head all the way back while
recovering all the orbs. The doll in Ps1 is near the gray block.

- Ls4: The gate should be open if you activated the two switches in the
Blue Zone.

- L10: When in Dynamite Mode, you deal more damage and take half damage.
Your jumps are limited to 3 tiles, although you can still reach normal
height by jumping consecutively.
- Don't forget: The purple gate in L1 hasn't gone anywhere (in case you
went up L8 to get here).

- L1: Trophy note: Likewise, activating the Blue Zone switches allows
you to reach the mailbox and mail the maid's letter.

- Rs2: The ninth Time Power allows you to use bombs by pressing Down +
Square while in Dynamite Mode. You can destroy normal gates with these

- R11: [Boss: Golem XV]. A pretty tricky boss. When he's up high, it's
difficult to damage him. It's still possible with evade-boosted jump
attacks or by freezing time when he's next to either wall and then
doing a precise jump attack just as you unfreeze. He'll come down after
a while or after taking a good bit of damage. When he does, you should
break the floor and stand in the fire, from where you can attack him
without taking heavy body contact damage. If you have enough health,
you can probably just tank it and end it with a couple of quick jump
attacks instead.
- The tenth Time Power allows you to turn into the mighty Golden Bunny.

- Ys5: [Boss: Force Gear]. Place all four orbs to initiate the fight.
This can be a very tough battle, as you need to beat all four without
dying. The order in which you place the orbs determines the order of
the bosses, like so:
        Green      Yellow      Red       Purple
        Reiki      Ouryuu     Houou    Shin Kirin
  (aka. Genbu     Seiryuu     Suzaku     Byakko)

 - Shin Kirin: This guy runs back and forth and jumps off the walls
 while shooting fireballs. It's simply impossible to avoid taking
 damage (without ridiculous evading skills), so there's no room for
 finesse here. Take a hit and use a quick jump attack. It should die
 right away. Some parts of his body deal massive damage, though.
 - Houou: This guy stays still for 5 seconds while shooting fireballs.
 Then it'll fly off and try to ram you. You'll want to kill it before
 that happens. Just stand below it and keep swinging.
  - Sometimes killing Houou ends the battle prematurely, but this
  doesn't cause the power up to appear, and you can re-trigger the fight
  by placing the orbs again. If the orbs are already in place when you
  enter the room, you have to run to pass the gate; otherwise, you'll
  get killed.
 - Ouryuu: This is the hardest one by far. This guy squirms around while
 occasionally breathing fire. Until you get more familiar with his
 movement patterns, your odds are rather low. To spare yourself from
 the trouble, you can just use Golden Bunny.
 - Reiki: This guy bounces about while shooting small fireballs. After
 a little while, it'll try to ram you before continuing the bouncing.
 He takes massive damage from the sword, and a single jump attack is
 enough to take him out.
- For your efforts, you will obtain the Supersonic Gears.

- P8: [Boss: Chelsea]. Chelsea has seven 'forms,' so to speak. Using a
Bunny Doll allows you to retry from the last form you've reached. This
also gives you a chance to return to P7 and switch weapons.

 1. In the first form, Chelsea uses her regular fireball shot. Once
  below 50% health, she'll start using Undine Stream, which doesn't
  really do all that much damage (15), but it does trap you and hit
  you multiple times (up to 7). It can also bend and home in on you
  a little if you're not in her direct line of sight. Chelsea will
  interrupt the attack if she's hit after she's started firing.

  - The best way to manage this one is to keep her close the left wall.
  When the battle begins, run all the way to the left. When Chelsea
  reaches the first platform, wall jump up to the first platform and
  she should end up on your left side. Jump down from the right when
  she jumps up to the platform. Move a little closer while staying on
  her right side. When she jumps down, it's generally safe to approach
  her and attack once. It varies depending on your timing and distance,
  so you'll likely need to practice to get a feel for it. In any case,
  a single jump attack with the Sword will do about 24% damage  After
  attacking, walk away and wall jump off the second platform to get
  back up on the first platform. Now you just repeat the process until
  she's below 50%. At that point, quickly get right in front of her
  so you can jump on and ride the Undine Stream. Once it's over, do
  a few more jump attacks to quickly end the round. If you're hit with
  US, rapidly press Jump to escape from it.

 2. In this form, Chelsea tries to crush you with a huge hammer thing.
  If she lands in one of the gaps, fireballs will rise up from the
  ground while Chelsea herself also shoots spreadshots of fireballs.
  If she lands on one of the platforms, four fireballs will shoot down
  from the bottom of the platform. There's just enough room between
  the fireballs to avoid damage, but it's tricky to position yourself
  correctly. Once below 1/3 health, she'll start bringing down additional
  hammers. If you stay below one of the platforms, you can stop the
  additional ones from coming.
  - If you're standing on the hammer as it rises all the way up, you'll
  die (yet another way to get the Inside a rock Trophy).
  - This form is skipped if you have fewer than 7 Time Power ups.

  - This one shouldn't give you much trouble. Just have her aim at one
  of the gaps, then quickly wall-jump up to the platform before she
  comes down. It's harder to get an opening in the second phase, but
  you can just skip it. Get her close to 1/3 health, then just wait for
  the next cycle, so you can finish her off. Although if you attack her
  with good timing and avoid getting hit, you can take her out in a
  single cycle.
  - It's possible to damage her slightly even when she lands on one of
  the platforms. The bottom of the hammer isn't actually solid, although
  the middle part does damage you. You need to wall-jump inside the
  hammer, then do a well-timed jump from there. You may need to resort
  to this if you were unable to skip phase 2.

 3. In this form, Chelsea throws exploding Dr. Mario pills at you while
  two plasma clouds circle around her. You'll also be regularly shot at
  by a sniper (about every 2 seconds), who aims at your head and will
  instantly kill you with a successful headshot (you get a Trophy for
  it). If it doesn't hit you in the head, you'll just take some damage.
  Once below 30% health or so, Chelsea calls in another sniper. You can't
  skip this phase, as her health is restored to the threshold point when
  the second sniper becomes active.

  - Chelsea stays on the ground level, so you're relatively safe up on
  the platforms. Once again, the goal is to keep her against the left
  wall. Getting on her right side can be a little tricky, though, what
  with the constant threat of instant death. The best way is to do a
  dash jump when she jumps forward. In any case, once she's next to
  the wall, you need to jump down and attack with fairly good timing
  so you don't get a pill in the back of your head. The goal is to hit
  her when she's at the height of her jump, as she can't attack until
  she's on the ground, and hitting her suspends her for a moment. You
  should get the best results if you jump down just as Chelsea's landing
  from one of her jumps. It doesn't have to be all *that* precise,
  though. So long as she doesn't immediately attack you, that's good
  enough. If your timing is bad, then you indeed need to make a run for
  it. And do watch out for those plasma clouds. If everything goes
  smooth, you can just walk away and wall-jump off the second platform
  to get back up and repeat the process. However, wall-jumping leaves
  you vulnerable to sniper fire. To avoid issues with the sniper(s),
  jump down just as the sniper is about to fire so that the crosshair
  doesn't move. If it moves a good bit, then you're setting yourself
  up for likely getting shot during the wall-jump.
  - If you can keep the rhythm and stay on her right side, then nothing
  really changes in phase 2.
  - The quick kill method involves pinning her against the wall and
  then just attacking her non-stop. It's fairly easy to pull off until
  the second sniper comes along.
  - Better not use the Golden Bunny here. The headshots can still kill
  you, and if they do, you won't be able to use a bunny doll.

 4. Chelsea floats in the air and shoots bursts of fireballs in your
  general direction. She's surrounded by numerous plasma clouds, but
  these don't do any damage this time. However, she'll periodically
  send them to the ground, where they'll cause small explosions that
  deal massive damage. You can either stand between the clouds or quickly
  destroy one to prevent the explosion. You can avoid the fireballs
  by running past Chelsea in the same direction she's moving. That's
  also your time to attack.
  - As if this form wasn't easy enough, you can make it even easier
  by continuing to attack Chelsea when form 3 ends. You can get a good
  amount of damage in before she takes flight. Try not to be in her way
  when she does.

 5. Chelsea flies in the air, surrounded by swords. There are also 12
  swords standing up from the ground. When Chelsea is right above you,
  she'll try to crush you. Afterwards, she'll move in the opposite
  direction from you. The swords on the ground will damage you if you
  touch the blades. There are also exploding snowballs slowly coming
  down. Take them out with your sword.
  - You can't damage Chelsea directly here. Instead, you're supposed to
  stomp on each of the swords three times to push them in the ground.
  You can't do it while in Dynamite Mode, though.

 6. This is Chelsea's bullet hell form, and it might seem pretty over-
  whelming at first, but it's really not that bad. She has five different
   1. A rotating fireball sprinkler. Rotates 180 degrees in either
   2. A rotating beam cross. Rotates 360 degrees in either direction.
   3. A 360 spread shot. Just stand in either corner and swing your
   sword to erase the shots.
   4. Chelsea shoots large fireballs downwards while small fireballs
   rain down. Again, stay in a corner.
   5. A 270 degree spread shot aimed away from you. The spread shot
   then stops, and she shoots a load of fireballs at you. She does
   this three times. It's usually possible to erase the shots with the
   sword, but it would be safer to just avoid them. Assuming you're in
   the corner, as soon as the attack begins, dash towards the middle.
   then dash back to avoid the second shot, then dash to the middle
   again to avoid the third shot, then back to the corner as the next
   attack begins.

  - What you want is attacks 1 and 2, as these allow you to ride up and
  attack her (without fancy evade jumps). You can only really do it with
  the sprinkler if the rotation is favorable to your position: clockwise
  on the left, counter-clockwise on the right. Also, instead of going up
  in the gap you start off at, you should erase some of the approaching
  shots so you can get in the next gap. This way, when you ride the shots
  up, you can continue stomping on Chelsea as the attack ends and the
  next one begins. At best, you'll end up taking her out. If you don't
  optimize it like this and ride up in the first gap, you can still do
  a good amount of damage (by doing some stomping and finishing off with
  a spin attack), but you're more likely to get hit. Either way, the
  damage will be minimal (at least from a single hit).
  - The beam cross is pretty quick, so you can't really do more than a
  few of stomps if you just follow it along. The sword doesn't erase the
  beams, so a spin attack will result in getting hit (not that the damage
  is much). However, if you evade some of the beams at the beginning,
  you can be at the top just as the attack ends and then continue stomping
  on her, just like with the optimal sprinkler.
  - This form is also skipped if you have fewer than 7 Time Power ups.

 7. In her last form, Chelsea uses four attacks: a jumping rapid fire-
  ball launch, a slightly different jumping rapid fireball launch, Undine
  Stream, and Hammer. She may also use Vermillion Lord before either of
  the jump attacks to create a time skip. This is what she always starts
  off with. You've also got snowballs.

  - You know what to expect from Undine Stream, although this time it
  can't bend. She tends to jump in place before using it, but not always.
  She may use the move at any time, but she'll always use it after VL.
  If you interrupt the move by attacking her, she'll move forward a
  little, although not when she's close to either wall.
  - The time skip attack might be confusing at first, but it really is
  just a time skip where time moves forward a bit in an instant. That
  means, if you're moving to the right, you'll skip to the right. If
  you're moving to the left, you'll skip to the left. This really
  wouldn't be dangerous at all if she didn't always follow it up with
  Undine Stream. If you're inside the arc of her jump, you need to
  quickly take out the fireballs above you with a sword swing to stand
  any chance of avoiding the stream. Being smack in the middle of the
  arc is the worst possible spot, so don't be there.
  - When VL is not involved, you can easily erase the fireballs from
  her jump attacks with your sword.
  - The Hammer will cause fireballs to shoot up from the ground. Once
  it's down, the bottom part has no collision and does no damage. Try
  not to let her drop the hammer right next to the wall, as she might
  end up jumping at the wall and then using VL while on top of the hammer.
  This results in the fireballs being higher than usual, making it
  harder to avoid the US.
   - It's possible to get on top of the left wall if you ride the hammer,
   but it doesn't really help you much. While you're there, Chelsea can
   only hit you with the hammer, but that could happen at any time.

  - Chelsea's final form can easily feel completely overwhelming, since
  she moves around a lot while also attacking relentlessly. Without
  intimate knowledge of her attack patterns, you will likely struggle
  to attack her without getting hit in the process. I can't really
  blame you if you just opt for Golden Bunny or Chronushop abilities.
  - If you're determined not to lower the bar, then it's time to start
  practicing. Undine Stream, especially when used after VL, is what's
  going to do you in more often than not. If you don't react to it
  quickly enough, you're toast (unless you manage to escape). Her other
  attacks are rather mild in comparison.
  - Undine Stream does, however, also present you with the best opportunity
  to attack, as it's the only time she actually stays still. You could
  get her during the pre-stream jump if you're actually next to her when
  she does it. If you have the space, one way to do it is to run ahead
  of her when she does a jump attack. Generally, though, you'll want to
  attack her during the stream as you're bouncing on it. If she's not
  close to the wall, you'll want to move towards her as you attack in
  order to avoid a body contact hit.
  - If you're next to the wall and she does a jump attack from the right
  distance, you could try jumping on her as she lands. If she does US
  with a jump, you'll end up doing a lot of stomping damage. The risk
  is, of course, that she'll end up doing the Hammer instead, in which
  case you'll take a hit.
  - And that's about it. If you can just capitalize on those Undine
  Streams, the battle should be over quickly.

- Completing Bunny's Quest with at least 7 Time Ups unlocks Chelsea's
Quest. In Chelsea's Quest, the game world is slightly different, and
the character abilities are completely different.


                            Chelsea's Quest                         A02

        White Zone

           8W7|            Life Up: W1, Ws1
       (L)    W(B)         Mana Up: W2, (W11)
   (L)12W1-W2-3            Elixir: W2, W3, (W12)
              |            Upgrade: Ladder (W6), Purple Orb (W10)

- W1: Start getting used to Chelsea's moves (especially her jumps and
the lack of the Sword).

- W5: [Boss: El Bobonboi]. Once she comes down, hit her with air blasts
for massive damage.

- W6: The Ladder is... a ladder. Chelsea's Quest has no lifts, and
Chelsea has no wall jump, so this'll have to do. In some ways, it is
better, though (eg. it does good damage to enemies above you). It does
consume 1 block of MP per use, though, so mind your MP.

- W3: The Elixir is in one of the lone gray blocks at the top.
- Don't forget that you can regenerate MP faster by crouching.

- W7: Use the ladder to get on top of the ceiling. Use a downward shot
to break the block at the other end.

- W8: Don't miss the secret area on the left.
 - Ws1: Check the floor.

- W9: [Boss: Pyoa]. Once the first two lasers deactivate, get to the
left end and start shooting at it while crouching. Getting shot slows
it down, so you can easily rack up damage this way.
- Defeating certain bosses will upgrade Chelsea's shot. Defeating this
one gives you the double shot.

- W10: Having the Purple Orb allows you to destroy purple gates with
your normal attacks.

        Blue Zone

           S   |           Life Up: B2, B7
        8B3B4B5B           Mana Up: (Bs2)
       S|B3    67          Elixir: (B6)
        B   (Y)|           Upgrade: Vermilion Lord (Bs1), (Yellow Orb (B8))

- B2: Careful when jumping over the spike pit. Don't forget that you can
cancel a spin jump by attacking.

- B4: Set a ladder next to the left wall to reach the secret area above.
 - Bs1: Use your shot to find the invisible block, so you can reach
 Vermilion Lord. VL is similar to Bunny's Time Freeze. It costs 1 block
 of MP and wears off after you've moved a certain amount.

- The bosses aren't here yet.

- B7: Just tank a spike hit so you can set a ladder.

        Yellow Zone

         4Y3|Y5Y           Mana Up: Y11
    (W)S       6           Elixir: Y8, Y5, Y4, Ys2
       S3Y-Y7--|           Upgrade: Grenade (Ys1), (Space Jump (Y12))

- There are few spots where you can set the ladder here, since the ground
is apparently not level enough.
- You know the deal. Hit the four switches to open the gate in Y2.

- Y5: Either set the ladder in the one spot you can or use VL to deal
with the bunnies.

- Y7: Careful with your jumps.

- Y8: Set the ladder in the one spot you can to get the Elixir.

- Y9: [Boss: 13 Sages]. Nothing special here. The eyes will appear in
random spots and shoot fireballs at you. Just set a ladder and fire away.

- Y10: Destroy all sources of light to open the gate at the bottom.
The gate will not open if you haven't picked up a single Mana Up yet.
 - Ys1: The Grenade allows you to destroy normal gates (takes 1 block
 of MP), although you can't use it in the air. You have to use L1 and
 R1 to select the item you want to use.
 - Ys2: There's no MP regeneration here, so you can't get the Elixir
 until you have 4 blocks of MP.

- I'd get the Elixirs in Y4 and Y5 later, but, hey, it's your call.

- W12: There's an Elixir in the ceiling.

        Lime Zone

         L S  |            Life Up: Ls1
         4    |            Mana Up: L2, L5, L8
         ||   L            Elixir: (L1)
         S|   8            Upgrade: Eizen Boots (L7), Eye of Truth (Ls2),
        L2L   |             (Force of Will (L10))

- L1: You can't get the Elixir until you've got the Green Orb.

- L4: Check the floor to reach the secret room.

- L6: The way to L8 is one-way only.

- L7: When you equip the Eizen Boots, you won't be damaged by spikes.
They also triple stomping damage.

- L5: Check the spikes to find the second secret room.
 - Ls2: You'll have to feel your way through here. There's a hidden
 gate you need to destroy at the end.

- L3: Don't miss the hidden Life Up.

- Chelsea can access the Pink Zone through the back entrance before
she's able to use the main entrance.

        Pink Zone

      (R)|  2    
         S  |P3P           Elixir: P4, P3, P2
         1     45          Upgrade: Green Orb (P5)

- P4: Use a ladder near the lift at the bottom.

- P5: If you didn't get the Eizen Boots yet, make sure you have enough
health to tank one spike hit. With the Green Orb, you can fight Golem
XV and get the Yellow Orb in the Blue Zone.

- Forget about the Elixir in P3 for now. You'll most likely just die
trying to get it.

- Ps1: Climbing the shaft can be tricky. There's no way to destroy the
little cannons, so you'll just have to persevere.

        Red Zone

      |      R   
      |    111             Life Up: R11, R6
      |      0S(P)         Mana Up: Rs1, R8
      R  R8|9|             Elixir: R9, R2, R1
      2    R               Upgrade: Red Orb (R2)
      |    7     
      |    R6    

- R11: [Boss: Golem XV]. You can take him out with two grenades. Once
he comes down, take a hit then use a grenade during your invincibility.
The damage varies depending on how clean the hit is. The first grenade
may damage him enough to take him to phase 2, in which case you need to
wait a while before he comes down again.

- R7: Use a ladder here to reach the Elixir in R9.

- R8: The actual item is hidden in the ceiling.

- R6: You can shoot the beam cannon from the left. Afterwards, use a
ladder below where it used to be.

- R5: [Boss: Catte de Maron]. Beating Catte upgrades your shot to a
3-way shot.

- R4: [Boss: Endymion]

- R2: Break the gray block on the right side to reach the Elixir.
- The Red Orb allows you to access the Green Zone. This also activates
the bosses in the Blue Zone.

- R1: Another ceiling item.

- Bs2: Grab the Mana Up here if you already haven't.

- B8: With the Yellow Orb, you can get Space Jump. And don't forget about
the two switches in B3 and B7 (if you want the Elixirs in L1 and B6).

- B4: [Boss: Selena]. Set the ladder just behind the third platform, so
you can use it as cover. Alternatively, you can use the boots to take
out the spikes and then hit her with ladders.

- B5: [Boss: Baron]. Try to get behind him so you can set a ladder and
shoot him in the head at point blank range.
- Beating the Baron upgrades your shot to the triple shot.

- Y12: As I've already mentioned, the Space Jump is not very useful
because of the heavy MP cost. Oh, well...

- Go grab the Elixirs in Y4, Y5, Ys2, P2 and P3 while you're in the
neighborhood. Maybe Force of Will too (and the mailbox Elixir)?

- P2: The Elixir is at the bottom. When the lift starts going up, get
off and you can get to it.

- P3: The Elixir is in the little alcove below the right door.

        Green Zone + rest

           |   G
           | |78
           | G             Mana Up: G4
           S 65|           Elixir: G2, G6, Gs1, Gs3, Gs2
           1   G           Upgrade: Wrath of God (G10)
           | |34
        S3|| G  
          S  21 

- G2: Just avoid the bunny knights (although it is a little easier to
take them out with Chelsea).
- Shoot the bunny to make the wall de-materialize.

- G3: [Boss: Pope Cucurbita]. Ladder shots make quick work of this guy.

- G5: [Boss: King Pumpquiche]. Just use the ladder or space jump into
the left alcove, where you're perfectly safe.

- G6: Get to the left side and take out the bunny knight, then destroy
the lower beam cannon with ladder shots. Alternatively, if you went
back to save, then you'll have enough MP to space jump your way through.
- You need to use a ladder on the left side to reach the Elixir.

- G7: [Boss: Choker Joker]. More ladder fodder. The last phase shouldn't
be an issue so long as you have the Eizen Boots. Even then, you should
probably be careful and take it slow. If you're having trouble stomping
him, you could instead set a ladder on the left end of the platform.
Climb all the way up and you're largely safe from the fireballs. When
the boss moves right, you can descend and shoot him for a while or maybe
try and pull off an air blast. Even before the last phase, you could
use ladder shots. At the right height, you can shoot at him without
getting bumped, although you do have to spend some time shooting down
the fireballs.

- G9: [Boss: Halloween Alice]. If you set a ladder between the lower
platforms and climb as high as you can, you should be able to fire at
her without getting hit by the cardinal direction fireballs. You may
need to climb down a little to avoid the diagonal fireball, and she
might also just fly into you. I like to set the ladder right between
the second and third lower platforms.
- Defeating Alice upgrades your shot to the 5-way shot (still a triple
shot when crouching or on the ladder).
- If you're going for 100% items, go save the game after the boss.

- G10: The Wrath of God (or power bomb, if you prefer) allows you to
reach the final boss.

- Gs1: This is a long, vertical, downward only shaft with floating fire
traps in the upper half (well, technically, they're not floating, but
rather they're attached to the grid you see in the background, but either
way). There's an Elixir below the very first fire pit. You can reach it
either by carefully floating there or by using Space Jump. Getting there
by floating is a little tricky. You can safely bump the side of the fire
pit when it's not shooting out a pillar of flame.

- Gs3: Either use Space Jump or jump on the torches to reach the Elixir
without getting hit.

- Gs2: There's an Elixir hidden on the right, on the second ledge.
- The way to B3 is one-way only, so if you missed anything, you'll have
to go through the entire Green Zone again.

- B6: The Elixir is at the top, on the right. You need to use a ladder,
wait for the blocks to respawn, use a power bomb, then space-jump up.

- L1: You should now be able to reach the Elixir behind the mailbox.

- L10: Use your MP sparingly to reach the Force of Will. You need at
least 5 blocks of MP, and there's no MP regeneration here. If the last
bunny knight gets too close to the gate, you'll have to set up a ladder
so you can shoot her through the little gap at the bottom of the gate.
In any case, don't expect to get much use out of the item, not even if
you got it earlier.

- P8: [Boss: Subaru & Bunny].
- The final battle starts off with Force Gear, who you probably already
fought in Bunny's Quest (their names are different for some reason).

 1. Suzaku (Vermilion Bird): This guy stays still for 5 seconds while
  shooting fireballs. Then it'll fly off and try to ram you while leaving
  behind a trail of snowballs. After that, it'll rise up from the ground,
  and the pattern repeats.
  - Start with ladder shots. Once it flies off, jump and float without
  getting too close to the ceiling. Hopefully, the boss will come in
  from the right. You're supposed to hit it with a ladder as it flies
  over you. A good hit will kill it. If the boss flies in from the left,
  you have to be much faster. If it survives, do your best to take it
  out before it flies off again.

 2. Genbu (Black Tortoise): This guy bounces about while shooting small
  fireballs. After a little while, it'll try to ram you before continuing
  the bouncing. Stay near the right wall and shoot at it. Crouching
  allows you to do more damage, but you should do some standing shots
  as well so you can take out the fireballs. When it rams you, jump and
  hit it with a ladder when it bounces off the wall. That should finish
  it off.

 3. Byakko (White Tiger): This guy runs back and forth and jumps off the
  walls while shooting fireballs. Set a ladder in the middle (the middle
  point is just a little over two Zero Bursts away from the wall) and
  just shoot at it. Killing him on the left should result in Seiryuu
  giving you the good pattern right away.

 4. Seiryuu (Azure Dragon): This guy is much less trouble with Chelsea.
  You're looking for the pattern where it flies high and to the right
  and then turns to approach you low and stops to breathe fire. Fill
  its face with fireballs, then as it flies over you afterwards, hit
  the fat part with a well-timed ladder to finish it off.

 5. Kirin (Giraffe): This one slowly approaches you while shooting
  fireballs at you. Fireballs also shoot up from the ground. So long as
  you start off with enough space, this one is nothing to worry about.
  Shooting it will make it back away, so that helps. Do pick your side
  quickly, though, at the beginning. If you don't, you might end up
  behind it, at which point it'll dash backwards before turning.
  - If you're on the right side, jump and float left when the boss dies.
  This allows you to start the next round in the optimal position. Not
  a big deal if you don't do it.
  - You're fully healed after the battle.

 6. Possessed Bunny - Phase 1: First off, if you didn't do the trick
  above, move all the way left. This is the position you want to stay
  at, and you should only move what little is needed to avoid incoming
  - Bunny does jump attacks with the five weapons from Bunny's Quest:
  knife, sword, boomerang, missile and hammer. She'll use one for a
  varying amount of time, then switch to a random one (hopefully not
  the hammer or missile, since they're the most dangerous ones). She
  can also do her trusty flame kick. When she does, crouch and shoot
  until you're close to getting a heel in the face. Jump, but don't
  move forward until she hits the wall, as this results in her wall-
  climbing. If you move forward too early, she won't wall-climb, thus
  leaving her dangerously close to you. Avoiding a body contact hit
  after the flame kick is a little tricky. Start moving forward as soon
  as you can and float a little and you should be ok. You'll usually
  stomp her once in the process.
  - How quickly she jumps off a wall when wall-climbing of course varies.
  If she's high enough (ie. above the halfway point), she'll reach the
  bottom of the opposing wall when she jumps. If she's jumping right at
  you, then, yeah, you're going to have to move. You can either jump
  over her or move forward and let her jump over you. If she lands right
  in front of you instead, she's going to jump at the wall. In this case,
  you can just stay put, although you may need to crouch.
  - Sometimes a knife will approach you from such an angle that you won't
  be able to shoot it. Crouching usually allows you to avoid it, though.
  - Aside from just shooting at her, feel free to hit her with some
  ladders when she's wall-climbing. Save a couple of blocks of MP for
  the last phase, though.

  - Phase 2 (40%): Bunny moves in a very similar way here, but her only
  only attack is dropping bombs when she jumps. You mostly just have to
  worry about avoiding Bunny herself rather than the bombs. Once again,
  you can jump over her or let her jump over you with either the wall
  jump or the subsequent jump. Whenever you move forward to avoid her,
  you should crouch in case she wall-jumps immediately, although if she's
  low enough, it won't help (these cases are pretty rare, though).
  - Whenever a bomb goes off, your ladder, if deployed, will be destroyed
  regardless of distance.
  - Her speed after wall-jumping now varies, and she can jump from wall-
  to-wall even below the halfway point. Accordingly, learning to predict
  her jump trajectories takes quite a bit of practice. Unless you're
  planning on doing a 14% run, you really don't need to bother.
  - There are two (uncommon) situations that are noteworthy. One involves
  her wall-jumping from pretty much the highest possible spot. In this
  case, if she wall-jumps from the other wall immediately, you'll end
  up 'boxed in' by the bombs. A well-timed ladder might save you from
  a hit. The other situation involves an unusually short wall jump after
  which she'll drop a single bomb right next to the wall on the subsequent
  - Using an Elixir in this phase may result in a bug where Bunny reverts
  back to her phase 1 attacks.

  - Phase 3 (20%): Bunny jumps around and shoots 12 swords in a 360
  spread. Coming in contact with either Bunny or one of the swords will
  result in instant death. Avoiding the swords shouldn't be much of an
  issue, but predicting Bunny's trajectory can be difficult. If you're
  lucky, she won't do anything too dangerous.
  - You're fully healed again after the battle.

- P9: [Boss: DeChronus]. DeChronus slowly approaches you while shooting
large, indestructible fireballs at you. His rate of fire is slow at first
but increases as you damage him. After moving for a while, he'll jump
and launch some homing missiles at you. When he hits the ground, he'll
create a quake that will hit you if you're anywhere on the ground
(occasionally might miss even if you're on the ground) and also destroy
the ladder. If you end up behind him, he'll turn around, launching a few
missiles and creating a quake while doing so. There are also snowballs
coming down the whole time. You might be tempted to take them out with
a power bomb, but more will come so quickly it's not really worth it.
If you damage him enough before he jumps, you'll force him to retreat a
little and cancel the jump. When he retreats, he does still launch some
missiles and also create a quake. If you can't damage him enough to make
him retreat, you'll soon run out of space. Instead of using a ladder and
jumping over him (which can be tricky, because of the snowballs), wait
for him to jump and then move so he'll jump over you. And watch out for
those quakes. Taking a missile hit is very much preferable to a quake hit.
- I suggest you start off with the ladder, then switch to air blasts or
normal shots once his rate of fire goes up.
- After taking out his health, he'll power up and become seemingly
unbeatable. After he takes out Chelsea, Bunny shows up to finish the job.



 49 Trophies (38 B, 7 S, 3 G, 1 P)  |  1350 TP

    P|  1,5% | Ptolemaeus
                 Proof that one has conquered all the stars. You're
 B   | 13,6% | Lepus                             something special!
                 Completed Bunny Must Die mode.
 B   |  2,8% | Canis Minor
                 Completed Bunny Must Die mode in under 2 hours.
  S  |  2,5% | Canis Major
                 Completed Bunny Must Die mode in under 1 hour.
*B   |  4,2% | Crater
                 Completed Bunny Must Die mode with 100% of the items.
* S  |  2,4% | Centaurus
                 Completed Bunny Must Die mode in under 2 hours with
*  G |  1,6% | Corona Austrina                   100% of the items.
                 Completed Bunny Must Die mode with 15% of the items or fewer.
 B   |  9,1% | Bootes
                 Completed Chelsea and the 7 Devils mode.
 B   |  2,5% | Ursa Minor
                 Completed Chelsea and the 7 Devils mode in under 2 hours.
  S  |  2,2% | Ursa Major
                 Completed Chelsea and the 7 Devils mode in under 1 hours.
*B   |  3,6% | Triangulum
                 Completed Chelsea and the 7 Devils mode with 100% of the
* S  |  2,2% | Hercules                                           items.
                 Completed Chelsea and the 7 Devils mode in under 2 hours with
*  G |  1,7% | Corona Borealis                          100% of the items.
                 Completed Chelsea and the 7 Devils mode with 15% of the
 B   | 18,1% | Pegasus                                  items or fewer.
                 Got abducted by a UFO.
 B   | 31,7% | Perseus
                 Took a commemorative photo at the Macho Sign.
 B   |  8,2% | Auriga
                 Mailed the Maid's Letter.
 B   | 14,5% | Sagitta
                 Died instantly from a head shot.
 B   | 20,0% | Andromeda
                 *** Oops! You are in rock! ***
 B   | 10,6% | Eridanus
                 Used a microwave as a sterilizer.
 B   | 19,0% | Serpens
                 Died a hundred whole times.
 B   | 29,1% | Lupus
                 Tried out all the weapons.
 B   | 21,0% | Equuleus
                 Stomped 4 enemies to death in a row.
 B   |  4,2% | Cassiopeia
                 Collected 100,000 Time Gems.
 B   |  8,8% | Ophiuchus
                 Slaughtered 64 Leafians.
 B   |  7,2% | Lyra
                 Acquired every kind of item.
 B   | 18,7% | Cygnus
                 Manually warded off a 100 attacks.
 B   | 15,6% | Aquila
                 Made sure to close up.
 B   | 13,3% | Piscis Austrinus
                 Turned every switch on.
 B   | 59,9% | Aries
                 Made El-Bonbonboi, the First Devil, understand. [sic]
 B   | 52,1% | Taurus
                 Neatly disassembled Pyoa-ahawa, the Second Devil.
 B   | 38,1% | Gemini
                 Smashed Endymion, Moon's Shadow into space dust.
 B   | 36,3% | Leo
                 Got your fill of Catte de Maron, the Third Devil's warm
 B   | 27,2% | Sagittarius                       Purrmodynamic Power Plant.
                 Danced with the Grim Reaper, Selena Millfall, in the pale
 B   | 26,3% | Capricornus                                 moonlight.
                 Reported Baron Bramedo, the Fourth Devil, to the authorities.
 B   | 11,2% | Libra
                 Spoke at length with the Thirteen Sages' Eyes, the Fifth
 B   | 22,2% | Ara                                                Devil.
                 Received a baptism from Pope Cucurbita, Crimson Papa.
 B   | 20,1% | Cepheus
                 Was granted an audience with King Pumpquiche, Lord of Gourds.
 B   | 18,5% | Delphinus
                 Made Choker Joker, Clown of Ages, laugh.
 B   | 17,6% | Virgo
                 Played together with Halloween Alice, the Sixth Devil.
 B   | 15,6% | Argo Navis
                 Destroyed GOLEM XIV, Almighty Braincore. [sic]
  S  |  9,2% | Aquarius
                 Had a chance meeting at the end of time with Septentrion
  S  | 13,7% | Pisces                              Subaru, the Last Devil.
                 Floored Chelsea Mamange, fairy king-in-waiting.
  S  |  9,1% | Scorpius
                 Saved Bunny the Honeywhite.
   G |  9,1% | Cancer
                 Sealed away Nomos DeChronus, the ancient demon of calamity.
*B   |  3,8% | Orion
                 Slaughtered an ornery, unordinated Devil known as
 B   | 11,6% | Cetus                                 El-Bonbonboi. [sic]
                 Defeated Force Gear: Gui. [Reiki]
 B   | 11,3% | Draco
                 Defeated Force Gear: Fenghuang. [Ouryuu]
 B   | 11,4% | Corvus
                 Defeated Force Gear: Yinglong. [Houou]
 B   | 11,7% | Hydra
                 Defeated Force Gear: Qilin. [Shin Kirin]

- I've removed what I've estimated to be the amount of hacked Trophies
at the time of making the list (19,2%) from the official Trophy rates.
*: Can't be obtained when Chronushop abilities are enabled.

        Perseus - Took a commemorative photo at the Macho Sign

- Stand behind the macho statue in the white zone and press Start.

        Equuleus - Stomped 4 enemies to death in a row

- That's four in a row without hitting the ground. If you get the Hyper
Heels, you're quite likely to get this unintentionally at some point.
If not, you can just use the rampaging bunnies in Y5 or any enemy or
torch anywhere if you rewind time after stomping it.
- For some reason, you may also get this if you kill Pyoa with a flame kick.

        Cassiopeia - Collected 100,000 Time Gems.

- You don't need to have 100 000 currently. You just need to collect
100 000 in total. You'll get about 10k in a single playthrough. If you're
going for Plat, you could very well hit 100k organically. If not, you
can always farm. It's possible to auto-farm by killing the mudmen in
the blue zone, but they're only worth 3 each, so it's really slow.
You'll only get about 1500 in 10 minutes. I'd say the best place to
farm is in the upper left part of the Lime Zone (L4 & L5) in Chelsea's
Quest. Keep going back and forth between L4 and L5 and taking out the
nearby enemies with a power bomb. In L5, you don't really have to move,
but in L4 you should first shoot the two pumpkins and then float down
to use a power bomb. There are two sets of steps with cannons. I'd say
you should use the bomb on the third or fourth step on the lower set.
Getting there without getting hit requires some precise maneuvering,
although it's not the damage that is an issue (you've got your Elixirs),
but rather the fact that it costs time. Either way, this method will
net you about 7500 crystals in 10 minutes.

        Andromeda - Oops! You are in rock!

- There are a few different ways to get this one:
 1. Rewind time at the beginning of a boss fight and run to the other
 side of the gate that traps you in the room.
 2. Freeze time in the area where you fight the second pumpkin boss in
 the green zone (G5). Can be gotten even after killing the boss.
 3. When fighting Chelsea, stand on top of one of the hammers as it rises up.

- All of these result in a game over.

        Pegasus - Got abducted by a UFO

- The UFO appears in the last vertical area in the blue zone (B6). (Bunny's
Quest only) (Results in a game over.)

        Ophiuchus - Slaughtered 64 Leafians

- These guys appear in the yellow zone when the screen is fully illuminated.
They self-destruct when they get close to you, so you need to be a little

        Auriga - Mailed the Maid's Letter

- You'll find the maid's body along with the letter in the long horizontal
area full of spikes in the yellow zone. You can examine the body from
the safe spot nearby, so there's no need to get hit by the spikes. The
mailbox is in the lime zone. You need to go up a hidden path to reach
it. The path will be blocked, though, if you haven't activated the two
switches in the blue zone.

        Piscis Austrinus - Turned every switch on

- Blue Zone: 2. Yellow Zone: 8. Pink Zone: 1.

        Eridanus - Used a microwave as a sterilizer

- Get trapped in one of the sections that closes off when taking an
elevator down in the pink zone. (Results in a game over.)

        Argo Navis - Destroyed GOLEM XIV, Almighty Braincore

- You can fight this guy in the red zone once you have the Green Orb.

        Aquila - Made sure to close up

- Open and close an orb gate repeatedly.

        Sagitta - Died instantly from a head shot

- Stand still for a while in the final boss's third phase in Bunny's
Quest. (Results in a game over.)

        Canis Major - Completed Bunny Must Die mode in under 1 hour
        Ursa Major - Completed Chelsea and the 7 Devils mode in under 1 hours

- A one hour limit is *very* lenient. A moderate level of competence
is all you need. Chelsea is the harder one, so that one *might* take
two attempts instead of just one.
- While the speedrun Trophies require little effort, I do highly
recommend speedrunning the game somewhat seriously if you're confident
enough in your abilities. Here are my best times (real time):
 Bunny   | 26:25
 Chelsea | 34:24

        Orion - Defeated Enraged El-Bonbonboi

- To fight this version of El-Bo(n)bonboi, you need to use a damage boost
from the small tank's laser shots to get to the second devil without
fighting El-Bobonboi. You can then continue making progress as normal,
and you should, since Enraged El-Bobonboi is brutally tough with only
90 HP. Like I said, skipping dash doesn't really make things that difficult.
You can use back dash jumps, evades and wall-climbing to compensate.
- Once you've gotten all the Life Ups except the two in the Yellow Zone,
it's time to fight El-Bobonboi. Her attacks are still largely the same,
but her speed is *drastically* increased. Her ground attack still leaves
her vulnerable, but you'll likely need to freeze time to capitalize on it.

        Corona Austrina - Completed Bunny Must Die with <15% items
        Corona Borealis - Completed Chelsea and the 7 Devils with <15% items

- And, finally, we have the only two, real obstacles to the Platinum
Trophy: the low% runs. Beating the final boss in either quest with only
14% items is an arduous task, one that will likely require hours of
practice. In my case, I spent maybe 10-15 hours on each of them, and I
was *this* close to giving up on each of them. I did eventually pull
through, and while I don't really regret putting all that time and
effort into it, this is not something I'd ever like to do again. I'm
a slow learner, though, so maybe you'll have an easier time with it.
- So, if you think you're up for it, here are the 7 items you should get:

     Bunny            Chelsea
   Time Up          Mana Up
   Dash             Ladder
   Red Orb          Purple Orb
   Time Up          Grenade
   Purple Orb       Mana Up
   Wall Jump        Red Orb
   Green Orb        Wrath of God

- And, yeah, there's really not much else to say. You just practice,
practice and practice, until you get the results you want. You should
practice the final bosses in a normal save file so you don't die so
easily. Even after getting enough practice, you still need some luck.

"Into the caverns of space and time."

Written by 3vrB257A5gq3fg.
This work is public domain.

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