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by Shoukry

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Shoukry

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 04/10/17

version 1.0.2


This guide is not intended for a first-time player.

If this is a first playthrough through Stardew Valley, I recommend wandering around and figuring everything out. Do not worry if you are playing the game wrong or incorrectly, because there is no incorrect way to play this game.

Its purpose is to make the most difficult month of the game a profitable, productive season for a second (third, fourth, etc.) playthrough. I composed it with the intent on being flexible so you can start deviating from the guide wherever and whenever you want to shape the Farm according to your own vision. Having said that, Spring will be a busy month where there is little interaction with the villagers unless they happen to be in the way. It is not a make-as-much-gold-as-possible guide. (If you want that, get down to Level 80 in the Mines and find and exploit mushroom floors when they appear on Mines Levels 81, 91, 101, and 111, or fish from 6:00 AM until 2:00 AM: your profits will be great!) It is a relatively balanced guide although it may not initially seem like it since it focuses on one aspect at a time, for the most part.

It is long. The daily outlines are guidelines for how I prefer to play that particular day, but personal improvisation on a daily level is necessary since no two people will want the same thing from their farms. Daily outlines are the I-don't-want-to-think, quick and dirty, trust-me instructions; the section containing "A Note On . . ." goes in-depth into why I do some of the things I do. Several of the notes get lengthy, as well—too much number-crunching and rambling.

Finally, here is a link to the original guide I published on the official Stardew Forums on February 22, 2017, if you are so inclined:

  • http://community.playstarbound.com/threads/year-1-spring-guide-how-to-make-money-and-underwhelm-people-tl-dr-fish-and-then-plant.130615/


Summer 1 Expectations

100,000 Total Earnings
25,000 Available
Farming 6, Mining 6, Foraging 6, Fishing 10, Combat 4
Quality Sprinkler (40)
All Steel Tools
The Stable
Lightning Rod (10)
24 Size Backpack

I have hit much higher numbers for all applicable benchmarks and 3 out of 4 gold tools in various playthroughs. However, I believe these 8 benchmarks are the minimal attainable for a person first trying out this guide.

Player Expectations

  • Deposit unnecessary tools and items for the day into chests before leaving an area
  • The Hoe is mandatory except for in the Mines
  • Full inventory? Go back to the Farm or the nearest chest and deposit nonessential items
  • Artifact spots (worms) and foragables on the way will be hoed and picked up, respectively
  • Artifacts will be taken to the Museum whenever passing nearby
  • Talk to villagers who are along the way, check the "Help Wanted" poster when it is on the way, and finish quests when the item is in the backpack and the villager is on the way
  • Do not redeem Quest rewards until the money is needed
  • Maintain a 0 balance
  • Constantly smelt: the Furnace goes to the fishing spots and into the Mines
  • Fish the river if it rains
  • Stay out until 2:00 AM except for Spring 1 and 2
  • When trying to descend in the Mines, go down staircases immediately when they spawn
  • Fill up the backpack just before 2:00 AM

TL;DR: Milestones

Spring 1Plant Parsnip Seeds (15)
Spring 5Farming 1, Mining 1, Mines Level 10, and Copper Ore (45)
Spring 6Upgrade Axe to Axe
Spring 7Mines Level 25
Spring 8Upgrade Watering Can to Watering Can; Mining 2 and Mines Level 40
Spring 9Mining 3 and Iron Ore (75)
Spring 10Upgrade Axe to Axe
Spring 12Upgrade Hoe to Hoe
Spring 13Buy Strawberry Seeds
Spring 14Upgrade Pickaxe to Pickaxe; build Stable; Foraging 5
Spring 15Beginning of Salmonberry Season; hoe and plant seeds
Spring 16Upgrade Pickaxe to Pickaxe; begin watering seeds
Spring 18End of Salmonberry Season; Fishing 10
Spring 21Mining 5 and Mines Level 80
Spring 23Upgrade Hoe to Hoe
Spring 27Upgrade Watering Can to Watering Can; Foraging 6
Spring 28Farming 6


  • Community Center-exclusive instructions will be italicized in Green like this
  • JojaMart-exclusive instructions will be italicized in Blue like this
  • Links to notes with more detailed information about pertinent information for the day will be italicized in Red like this
  • Click Wooden Arrows—located at the top right of most sections—to return to the Introduction header for easy Table of Contents access
  • is Base-quality
  • is Iron-quality
  • is Gold-quality
  • is Iridium-quality
  • is Gold Coins
  • is Energy

Week 1

Spring 1 (Monday)

Overview: Chests (2), 27/28 villagers greeted for Introductions quest

Spring 1 will not make or break the playthrough. Nothing is mandatory today, but getting the Chests (2) makes things easier from a storage standpoint. Because today is somewhat unimportant, I prefer to get the Introductions quest as complete as possible today since every other day is busier. Also, completion of Introductions leads to How to Win Friends, which rewards 100 that can be used to help purchase the Fiberglass Rod and Bait on Spring 3. The first chest is for the Farm and the second is for fishing tomorrow on Spring 2.

  1. Farm chores
    • Collect Parsnip Seeds (15) from Lewis
    • Chop down 3 trees
    • Craft a Chest
    • Clear debris, hoe, water, and plant Parsnip Seeds (15)
    • Save 90 for more chopping tonight
    • More clearing can be done tonight
    • Leave the Farm by 9:00 AM
  2. Go to Cindersap Forest: forage Spring Onions near the Sewer Pipe
  3. Work on Introductions quest
  4. Go to the Farm
    • Chop down 3 trees
    • Craft a Chest—leave it in the backpack for tomorrow
    • Clear debris from the north and south exits with any leftover Energy—do not eat any Spring Onions to do this
    • Get into bed before 2:00 AM

A note on . . . FORAGABLES


Spring 2 (Tuesday)

Overview: Wood (85), Bamboo Pole, Complete Introductions and How to Win Friends, Fishing 2, Ship all fish

The Bamboo Pole becomes available today and fishing will be the primary source of income for upgrades, seeds, and the Stable in the first two weeks. Chopping down trees for the next few days is geared toward reaching the Wood (300) to rebuild the Tidal Pools' bridge. More trees are chopped on Spring 2-4 than on Spring 5 because Energy is easily replaced while fishing. It is not easily replaced while mining. Fishing today is done with the goal of earning 1,800 to buy the Fiberglass Rod tomorrow and Bait (50+) for better fishing returns for the rest of the month.

  1. Farm chores
    • Check the mailbox
    • Water crops
    • Chop down 5 trees
  2. Go to Cindersap Forest: forage Spring Onions
  3. Go to the Beach for a cutscene with Willy
  4. Go to the Fish Shop: talk to Willy to complete Introductions
  5. Go to the Mountain
    • Talk to Linus and give him a Spring Onion to complete How to Win Friends
    • Place a Chest next to a preferred fishing area—I like the southern tip of the second island, facing south
    • Fish until 12:50 AM—as in, if it turns 12:50 AM and the fishing line is in the water, pull it out, and run back to the Farm immediately
      • Move to hotspots if they are accessible
      • Eat Chubs to replenish Energy instead of Green Algae or Spring Onions
  6. Go to the Farm
    • Shipping Box: ship all caught fish from today
    • Get into bed before 2:00 AM

A note on . . . CHUBS AND FOOD

A note on . . . THE MOUNTAIN LAKE

Spring 3 (Wednesday)

Overview: Wood (85), Fiberglass Rod and Bait, Fishing 4

Rain today means no crop watering, saving a little bit of time and a little bit of Energy, which is great because rainy days are more profitable than sunny days. However, 2 potential problems for today are (1) not being Fishing 2 so Willy will not carry the Fiberglass Rod or (2) not having enough money to buy the Fiberglass Rod. Not being Fishing 2 is a big problem; not having enough money is no problem. If the latter is the case, on the way from foraging for Spring Onions to the Fish Shop, stop and fish due south of 1 Willow Lane (Jodi's house) for however many fish to reach 2,000. Since the Fish Shop is the next stop anyway, these fish can be sold to Willy as well as any foragables on the Beach with little time lost. Remember, too, How to Win Friends can be redeemed for 100 and another 250 if Archaeology has also been completed for turning in an artifact to Gunther. Buy all of the Bait possible. Stopping by the Fish Shop as infrequently as possible is the best-case scenario.

  1. Farm chores: chop down 5 trees
  2. Go to Cindersap Forest: forage Spring Onions
  3. Go to the Fish Shop: purchase Fiberglass Rod and Bait
  4. Go to Pelican Town / the Mountain: fish until 2:00 AM

A note on . . . SPRING 3 FISHING

Spring 4 (Thursday)

Overview: Wood (85), Fishing 5—Fisher Profession

Simple day of fishing at the Mountain today. Stop by the Fish Shop and sell some fish or Beach foragables if more Bait is needed, but hopefully Bait from Treasure Chests and what was purchased yesterday is enough to last through today.

  1. Farm chores
    • Water crops
    • Chop down 5 trees
  2. Go to Cindersap Forest: forage Spring Onions
  3. Go to the Mountain: fish until 2:00 AM


Spring 5 (Friday)

Overview: Ship 2,000, Harvest, Wood (34), Mines Level 10, Copper Ore (45)

Joja clears the rubble blocking the path to the Mines. Today's mining will set the tone for the rest of the month so it is imperative to at least reach Mines Level 10 in addition to getting the Copper Ore (45): this is the minimum amount needed to craft a Furnace (the blueprint will be delivered by Clint the first morning after mining Copper Ore) and smelt Copper Bars (5) needed for the upgrade. The Copper Ore (45) is more important to accrue than reaching Level 10, but it should not come down to choosing between one or the other. If, for some reason, the Axe is unable to be upgraded tomorrow then every other upgrade will be delayed by a day until the Egg Festival on Spring 13, and then they will be delayed by 2 days because of the Blacksmith being closed for the holiday. Copper Ore (45) is crucial today.

  1. Farm chores
    • Check the mailbox
    • Shipping Box: ship 2,000 of items
    • Harvest Parsnips
    • Chop down 2 trees
    • Make a Chest—leave it in the backpack
  2. Go to Cindersap Forest
    • Check the Traveling Cart
    • Forage Spring Onions
  3. Go to Pelican Town through the Bus Stop for a cutscene with Lewis (as long as it is not raining)
  4. Go to the Community Center: interact with the note in the bottom-left room (Crafts Room)
  5. Go to the Mines for a cutscene with Marlon
    • Mine until 2:00 AM
    • Place a Chest near the elevator
    • Rapid descent to Level 10 is the goal—Level 15 is preferable
    • Copper Ore (45) is needed for the Axe upgrade tomorrow
      • Not close to Copper Ore (45) by 10:00 PM? Return to Level 0, take the elevator to Level 10 and then the stairs to Level 11, and mine only Copper Nodes
      • Note: if no Copper Nodes are immediately visible, then leave and go right back down to Level 11

A note on . . . THE MINES

A note on . . . THE SHIPPING BOX

Spring 6 (Saturday)

Overview: Wood (85), Copper Bars (5), Upgrade to Axe, Build the Tidal Pools bridge, Weekly foraging

Smelt Copper Bars (5) while chopping down trees to save some time. I recommend going to the Blacksmith to get the Axe upgraded directly from the Farm to free 2 slots in the backpack, and then going to the Beach to free 1 more slot from building the bridge to the Tidal Pools. It is likely a return to the Farm will be necessary after foraging the Beach for due to the varying qualities of everything foraged at the Bus Stop, Pelican Town, and Beach. Not as much fishing can be done today, but arriving around 6:00 PM to the Mountain fishing spot is typical, and that is still 7 hours, which is ~25 casts with Bait.

  1. Farm chores
    • Check the mailbox
    • Craft a Furnace
    • Smelt Copper Bars (5) while chopping
    • Chop down ~5 trees—enough to get to Wood (300)
  2. Go to the Backwoods: forage everything
  3. Go to the Bus Stop: forage everything
  4. Go to the Blacksmith: upgrade Axe to Axe
  5. Go to the Beach
    • Fix the bridge to the Tidal Pools
    • Forage everything
  6. Go to Cindersap Forest: forage everything
  7. Go to Wizard's Tower for a cutscene with Wizard: talk to Wizard
  8. Go to Pelican Town: forage everything
  9. Go to the Mountain
    • Forage everything
    • Fish until 2:00 AM

A note on . . . THE AXE


A note on . . . SATURDAYS

Spring 7 (Sunday)

Overview: Ship 2,000, Birthday: Lewis, Mines Level 25, Copper Ore (25)

No crops to water and no trees to chop today. If the stacks of Green Algae and Spring Onions are each over 30, skip Cindersap Forest and go straight to the Mines to pick up a few more hours of mining time—if the Community Center is being restored then the Traveling Cart may have useful, difficult-to-obtain items for bundles. Tomorrow's mining goal is Level 40 and at least Iron Ore (25), so any extra elevators reached today makes for easier mining tomorrow. Mining Copper Ore (25) today is the minimum for tomorrow's upgrade, and Copper Ore (50) will eventually be necessary for the final two tool upgrades. Additionally, more may be needed for the various crafting stations (e.g., Tappers, Mayonnaise Machines, etc.). There will never be enough Copper Ore in stock during the Spring. . .

  1. Farm chores
    • Watch "The Queen of Sauce"
    • Shipping Box: ship 2,000 of items
  2. Go to Cindersap Forest
    • Check the Traveling Cart
    • Forage Spring Onions
  3. Go to the Mines
    • Mine until 2:00 AM
    • Rapid descent to Level 25 is the goal—Level 30 is preferable
    • Copper Ore (25) is needed for the Watering Can upgrade tomorrow
    • Smelt Copper Bars each time returning to Level 0 before descending again
    • Level 21 is a great level to farm Copper Ore
    • If enough Copper Ore has been mined, if Level 30 has been reached, and if there are several hours left before 2:00 AM, then go fish

A note on . . . FARMING ORE

Week 2

Spring 8 (Monday)

Overview: Upgrade to Watering Can, Mines Level 40, Iron Ore (75)

The mining requirements for today are formidable, but not impossible. Starting from Level 30 will make today's goals more likely to be accomplished, compared to trying to descend 15 levels and mining Iron Ore (75). Similar to yesterday, if the mining food situation is solid, consider skipping Cindersap Forest and come straight to the Mines. Two extra hours may be exactly what is needed. Finally, the Copper Ore mined yesterday and the Copper Ore that will be mined today should be enough, at least, for the final two tool upgrades.

  1. Go to Cindersap Forest: forage Spring Onions
  2. Go to the Blacksmith
    • Receive Axe
    • Upgrade Watering Can to Watering Can
  3. Go to the Mines
    • Mine until 2:00 AM
    • Rapid descent to Level 40 is the goal
    • Iron Ore (25) is needed for the Axe upgrade on Spring 10, Iron Ore (25) is needed for the Stable on Spring 14, and Iron Ore (25) is needed for the Pickaxe upgrade on Spring 16
    • If Iron Ore (75) is mined today, the Mines can be put on hold until Spring 18; otherwise, a half-day will be needed before Spring 14 to get the rest of the Iron Ore

Spring 9 (Tuesday)

Overview: Ship 5,000, Hardwood (16), Fishing 6

Priorities for today depend on what was accomplished yesterday. Head back to the Mines if the Iron Ore quota was not met. Now is the time to really ratchet up the income from fishing. Spending on Spring 13 and 14 will be in excess of 20,000 for Strawberry Seeds, the Stable, and Pickaxe upgrade—29,700 is optimal. Strawberry Seeds are not necessary, but they are the best crop in Year 1 for 2 harvests in both profitability and Farming XP. To reiterate, fishing must take precedence over everything else for the next 4 days.

  1. Farm chores
    • Shipping Box: ship 5,000 of items
    • Chop Large Stump (8)
  2. Go to Cindersap Forest: forage Spring Onions
  3. Go to the Mountain: fish until 2:00 AM

Spring 10 (Wednesday)

Overview: Hardwood (16), Birthday: Vincent, upgrade to Axe, Fishing 7

Once again, today might be a day to ignore Cindersap Forest's siren song for Spring Onions. No mining needs to be done for more than a week, which has been the primary reason to check for Spring Onions. Once the mining operation begins anew, Salmonberries will replace any spent Energy and Spring Onions will become irrelevant. Reach Fishing 10 as soon as possible: the 25% bonus to selling fish from Fisher is nice; the 50% bonus from Angler is nicer since it makes all of the caught fish and future catches that much more profitable.

  1. Farm chores: chop Large Stump (8)
  2. Go to Cindersap Forest: forage for Spring Onions
  3. Go to the Blacksmith
    • Receive Watering Can
    • Upgrade Axe to Axe
  4. Go to the Mountain: fish until 2:00 AM

A note on . . . UPGRADES

Spring 11 (Thursday)

Overview: Ship 2,000, Complete Robin's Lost Axe, Fishing 8

Unfortunately, after one day, I renege on my opinion of skipping Cindersap Forest since Robin somehow misplaces her axe down by the Spring Onions. The quest reward is 350, which is not amazing, but, coupled with potential Spring Onions to pick up, it's an overall win in resource management. Although no faults will come from me if Cindersap Forest is again skipped today, regardless, or in spite of Robin's plight, to pursue fishing preeminence.

  1. Farm chores
    • Check the mailbox
    • Shipping Box: ship 2,000 of items
  2. Go to Cindersap Forest
    • Forage for Spring Onions
    • Collect "Robin's Axe" for Robin's Lost Axe
  3. Go to the Carpenter's Shop: talk to Robin to complete Robin's Lost Axe
  4. Go to the Mountain: fish until 2:00 AM

Spring 12 (Friday)

Overview: Ship up to 18,000, Upgrade to Hoe, Access the Secret Woods, Hardwood (20)

Tomorrow is the beginning of an enormous spending spree. Do some basic math and figure out the current amount of liquid assets available from mining and fishing. Figure out how much is likely to be earned fishing today (e.g., 3,000) and then set aside enough fish, minerals, or whatever to reach 12,000 coupled with today's fishing profits. Everything else can be sold for Strawberry Seeds. 'Can' is a meaningful word, because buying several hundred Strawberry Seeds might be possible but it does not mean it is a good idea. Please save 12,000 of items to ship tomorrow for the Stable and the Pickaxe upgrades!

  1. Farm chores
    • Shipping Box: ship up to 18,000 of items
  2. Go to Cindersap Forest
    • Check the Traveling Cart
    • Forage for Spring Onions
  3. Go to the Blacksmith
    • Receive Axe
    • Upgrade Hoe to Hoe
  4. Go to the Secret Woods: chop Large Stump (6)
  5. Go to the Mountain: fish until 2:00 AM

A note on . . . THE EGG FESTIVAL

A note on . . . STRAWBERRY SEEDS