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Can anyone help me beat all the eggs on spaceland zombies?? Side Quest
Does anyone think Activision can pull off an open world Call of Duty? General
Does this game have 4 Player Multiplayer in local mode. 1 TV 4 Controllers? Tech Support
Help me out plz? General
How do I unlock the diamond camouflage? Side Quest
How to double pap on any map? General
How to get Dominion trophy? Main Quest
If I download IW free trial event on December 15th will i have to download it again when I buy the full game? General
In infinite warfare how can you play 3 players on the same screen? It only gives me options for two players? Main Quest
Is a two-player splitscreen available? Side Quest

Answered Questions Answers Last Answer
Does the game need internet[ps4]? Tech Support 2 1 month ago
How do I get the codes? Main Quest 1 7 months ago
Does Cod: IW Require WiFi? Tech Support 1 8 months ago
Is COD: IW worth it without wifi? Plot 1 8 months ago
If i buy a pre-owned version of Cod IWF Legacy edition will i still be able to download Cod 4 remastered? Tech Support 3 1 year ago
Last hidden Target for dischord? Side Quest 1 2 years ago
Where do I view my equipment upgrades? Tech Support 1 2 years ago
Anyone for CoD Infinite Warfare zombies parties? Side Quest 1 2 years ago
Not receiving rewards from bounties? Tech Support 2 2 years ago
I am a returning player (from MW3), is this an easy game to transition to? Thoughts? Build 1 2 years ago

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