"Where"is typhon log in meridean outskirts i found 2 on the right side of the map cant find 3rd help?

  1. I asked wrong question last request typhon drop in got the 2 on right side of map not sure if 3rd is on left thanks

    User Info: AngryGoldsmith8

    AngryGoldsmith8 - 1 month ago


  1. Not entirely sure which two you have gotten so I'll list them all. One is on the ground near the opposite wall from the purple hijack target vehicle. Another is on a small ledge/balcony at the bandit platform you reach by taking the elevator up for a side-quest, just go up the elevator and you can jump down to it. The third is somewhat near the bandit platform and the broken road/bridge seen in the intro cutscene, if you look at map it is between the two closest pillars. Don't forget to mark questions like this with the spoiler tag.

    User Info: Krinali

    Krinali - 1 month ago 0   0

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