Where is Pandora missing quest and location?

  1. The planet overview says I have 32/33 missions, and 77/78 locations. When I click on each individual zone, they all say all missions/locations are completed. I've completed all the proving grounds. I dont know what or how!!! Anyone with a suggestion?

    User Info: Enix120

    Enix120 - 1 month ago
  2. Edit: Same exact situation with Promethia

    User Info: Enix120

    Enix120 - 1 month ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Have you guys found and done the circles of slaughter for them? its also possible that one of the bounty rare spawn missions hasn't popped up for you. I'm not sure why they structured those the way they did but its a possibility

    User Info: Breach

    Breach - 1 month ago 6   1
  2. It was indeed the circles of slaughter. I had the slaughterstar 3000 or whatever and was unaware there were 3 separate locations.

    User Info: Enix120

    Enix120 - 1 month ago

Other Answers

  1. To help anyone else pops in for this question. Yours worked but sometimes that circle of slaughter number glitches. I too had the 32 33 and went to arena. The numbers didnt change but trophy popped for all pandora locations. So even after getting platinum for game pandora tracker still says 32/33 places and 77/78 missions

    User Info: EVApunk4

    EVApunk4 - 1 month ago 0   0

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