Is there a list of side missions in alphabetical order?

  1. Every site I find has the side missions listed by planet. But once you complete the missions they are no longer sorted that way in game. Even changing the filter only affects the ones still in progress. Is there one in alphabetical order like it is in the game menu so you can just go down it and see what your missing?

    User Info: Dante1792

    Dante1792 - 3 weeks ago


  1. Missions
    1 Baby Dancer This one bugged out on me
    2 Bad Reception
    3 Bad Vibrations
    4 Boom Boom Boomtown
    5 Buff Film Buff
    6 Cannonization
    7 Capture the Frag
    8 Childhood's End
    9 Discover the Trial of Cunning
    10 Discover the Trial of Discipline
    11 Discover the Trial of Fervor
    12 Discover the Trial of Instinct
    13 Discover the Trial of Supremacy
    14 Discover the Trial of Survival
    15 Don't Truck with Eden-6
    16 Dump on Dumptruck
    17 Dynasty Dash: Eden-6
    18 Dynasty Dash: Pandora
    19 Dynasty Diner
    20 ECHOnet Neutrality
    21 Fire in the Sky
    22 Get Quick, Slick
    23 Golden Calves
    24 Head Case
    25 Healers and Dealers
    26 Holy Spirits
    27 Homeopathological
    28 Invasion of Privacy
    29 Irregular Customers
    30 It's Alive
    31 Just A Prick
    32 Just Desserts
    33 Kill Killavolt
    34 Let's Get It Vaughn
    35 Life of the Party
    36 Malevolent Practice
    37 Maliwannabees
    38 On the Blood Path
    39 Opposition Research
    40 Pandora's Next Top Mouthpiece
    41 Porta Prison
    42 Powerful Connections
    43 Proof of Wife
    44 Raiders of the Lost Rock
    45 Ratch'd Up
    46 Rise and Grind
    47 Rumble In The Jungle
    48 Sacked
    49 Sell Out
    50 Sheega's All That
    51 Skag Dog Days
    52 Swamp Bro
    53 Technical NOGout
    54 The Demon in the Dark
    55 The Feeble and the Furious
    56 The Homestead
    57 The Homestead (Part 2)
    58 The Homestead (Part 3)
    59 The Kevin Konundrum This one also bugged out on me
    60 Transaction-Packed
    61 Under Taker
    62 Welcome to Slaughterstar 3000
    63 Wildlife Conservation
    64 Witch's Brew

    User Info: Riata

    Riata - 12 hours ago 0   0
  2. No, there isn't. Compare your completed missions to the sites w/ alphabetical order and edit the page to take off the missions you have done so you can see what you haven't done and need to do.

    To edit text(put in bookmarks bar and press on site; javascript:document.body.contentEditable = 'true'; documentdesignMode='on'; void 0;

    If code doesn't work, PM me and I'll fix it, free of charge(not like I could charge you). I'm only human.

    User Info: Definitelyhuman

    Definitelyhuman - 3 weeks ago 0   1

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