Is there a stash?

  1. Is there a stash to transfer guns between characters like previous games?

    User Info: Dante1792

    Dante1792 - 1 month ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Yes, your player bank and stash are the same thing this time around.

    User Info: Knuxman

    Knuxman - 1 month ago 9   0

Top Voted Answer

  1. it's in your room, on the ship, sanctuary 3. it's the room to the right, pretty much right after the machine that saves items, right in front of you when you teleport to the ship.

    User Info: leeman3104

    leeman3104 - 4 weeks ago 5   0

Other Answers

  1. I have to add that as of 9/18/19 there's a bad bug across all platforms where the stuff you put in the bank can randomly disappear. I would highly suggest not storing anything in there until they get their act together and fix it in a patch!

    User Info: Black_Crusher

    Black_Crusher - 4 weeks ago 2   1
  2. @Black_Crusher - What platform are you playing the game on?

    User Info: AngraXx

    AngraXx - 4 weeks ago
  3. Hi. A regular PS4, though it's been happening to guys on the PC and Xbox too. There's a few mentions on it in the big reddit bug megathread too.

    User Info: Black_Crusher

    Black_Crusher - 4 weeks ago

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