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Anathema the Relentless mayhem 10, how to survive with fl4k? Enemy/Boss
Bounty of Blood: Dandy and Damsel side mission, how do I fix the lab 422 wall glitch? Tech Support
Can I get help to power level Scrapbot? Side Quest
Can you switch back to Iron bear from Iron Cub? Build
Dedicated drops have changed since mid-year of 2020. Have any updates been made as to the drop pools for farming? Tech Support
Did they ever confirm or deny that Kreig is Tiny Tina's dad? Plot
Do we get Experience Points killing Spectators? Main Quest
Gamma Burst Bekah request (PS4)? Build
How do I collect the rewards when playing Broken Hearts Day for the second year? Side Quest
How do I give away my guns? Build

Answered Questions Answers Last Answer
Base PS4 Major Input Delay Fix? Tech Support 1 4 months ago
How do I retrieve weapons I have in my bank? Main Quest 1 5 months ago
In bloody harvest, how do you get the chest and goodies behind we're you drop down to fight captain haunt? Side Quest 1 7 months ago
Bounty Blood DLC. How do I smash wall in side mission Dandy & Damsel? Side Quest 1 7 months ago
How do i defeat traunt? Enemy/Boss 1 8 months ago
Does damage reduction have diminishing returns? Build 1 8 months ago
How do I get the Door to open in the Drought to get to Typhon Log #3? Side Quest 1 1 year ago
When playing borderlands 3 on Xbox the sound cuts out and game goes silent? Tech Support 1 1 year ago
Does anyone have a one shotter shield there are willing to give me? Build 1 1 year ago
Why has my grenades disappeared. ? Tech Support 5 1 year ago

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