How does 7 days to die difficulty system work on ps4?

  1. So listen I've always wondered if the horde nights on PS4 are randomly generated or if they actually have some sort of ranking because I'm on day 50 and all I can get are regular zombies and occasionally a spider zombie could somebody please explain this to me?

    User Info: Kmarty22

    Kmarty22 - 3 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Im Going To Give You Alot Of Technical Information, If You Want The Straight Forward Answer, Skip To The Bottom Of This.
    The First Horde Night Is Rather Easy Compared To The Horde Nights To Follow, Think Of It Like A Ranking System. It Gets Harder As You Go On In A Sense.

    A Day Or Two Before The 7th Day You MIGHT Be Approached With A Small Animal Horde (Hornets, Dogs, And Bears. Its Got A Small Percentage Of Happening, But Still, It Could Happen.)

    There Are Roaming Hordes That Go Through The Map At Night. Its Random Where The Zombies Path Is Generated, But They DO Sweep Across The Map. They Are Easily Avoided, Just As Long As You Arent Spotted. These Roaming Hordes Are Done Nightly Guaranteed. During The Day, Its Possible You Could Have A Run In With A Roaming Horde, But Every Night There Is A Roaming Horde. Thats Why You Would Occasionally Hear Dogs Barking In The Distance During The Night, Because Thats The Game Telling You There Is A Hoard Near Your Location. They Run/Crawl In One Direction During The Night, And From My Observations, During The Morning Hours They Would Return From Their Expedition. I Havent Figured Out Why They Do That, But Be Wary If A Horde Passes Your House During The Night, Expect Them To Return During The Day.

    There Is A Heat Map, And It Kinda Determines The Difficulty Of An Area. Think Of It Like The Popular Game, "Fortnight" Where Tilted Towers Is Super Difficult. Its Kinda Like That. The More You Do In An Area (IE, Building A Base And Doing Literally Anything In Your Base) The More Zombies Spawn In That General Area. The Heat Map Is Based Off Of A Percentage Scale. If You Even Stand Still, Doing Nothing At All, It Adds To The Heat Map. The Higher The Percent, The More Zombies Spawn. Note That The Higher The Map, The Harder Zombies Tend To Spawn, AT RANDOM, So Its A Little Tricky. Once The Heat Map Reaches 100%, The Game Will Spawn A Screamer To Investigate And Destroy Whatever Is Creating The Most Heat. Which is One Of Three Things. Your Forge. Your Fireplace, Or You. The Screamer Will Stay In The General Area Until You Either Kill It, Or Whatever Spawns Heat The Most, Is Destroyed. The Screamer Will Emit A VERY Different Noise, Alerting You Of Its Presence Once Its Within... I Dunno, 30 Feet? If You Spot A Screamer, Try To Eliminate It With A Headshot, As Once It Locates A Player, It Will Scream And Spawn A Average Sized Horde To Your Location, Like A Mini 7th Day. If You Manage To Kill The Screamer Before It Even Finds The Heat Source, The Game Will Likely, MORE Than Likely Spawn A 2nd Screamer From The Same Spawn Point As The First To Investigate. (Example, If You See A Screamer Coming From Over A Hill To The North, And Manage To Kill It, The Second Screamer Will Spawn Once The First One Has Been Killed, Just Behind The Hill To The North. Just A Helpful Tip) If You WANT To Spawn A Screamer, The Best Way Is By Using The FIreplace. If You Place About 20 Fireplaces, And Turn Them All One (They Have To Be In The Same General Area) You Will Spawn A Screamer Per Minute (Roughly)

    Now, The Reason Why You Facing A Weak Horde On Night 50 is Because After Seven 7 Days, The 7 Day Nights Restart. After Night 49, The Horde Nights Difficulty Will Reset Back To The Difficulty As If It Were The Very First Day 7. So. Hope That Helped (I Got 70% Of My Info By Spending An Hour Or Three Reading Through 7 Days To Die Wiki, You Should Really Check It Out, Very Resourceful On Info)

    User Info: Underscore6311

    Underscore6311 - 3 years ago 4   0

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