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by Itokiri-Tevi

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Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by Itokiri-Tevi

Updated: 06/28/2019


Here is the list of everything you will have to do to get 100%.


  • Complete all the story missions (The big prank is not required)
  • Complete A little help II through VI to unlock new moves
  • Complete at least 31 errands
  • Complete the prep challenge to unlock the beach clubhouse
  • Complete the greaser challenge to unlock the greaser hangout
  • Complete the nerd challenge to unlock the nerd clubhouse
  • Complete the jock challenge to unlock the jock clubhouse
  • Complete the townies challenge to unlock the townie's hangout


  • Complete all the classes
  • Fail five classes to unlock the dunce cap


  • Complete lawn mowing : park 1 through 3
  • Complete lawn mowing : house 1 through 3
  • Complete paper route intro and 2 more paper route


  • Win the 5 go-kart races
  • Ride the big canyon railway
  • Ride the big squid
  • Ride the ferris wheel
  • Win strike out at least once
  • Win high striker at least once
  • Win splish splash at least once
  • Win shooting range at least once


  • Win the 7 bike races of Old Bullworth vale
  • Win the 4 bike races of Bullworth town
  • Win the 2 bike races of New coventry
  • Win the bike race of Bullworth academy
  • Win the 2 go-kart races of Old Bullworth vale
  • Win the go-kart race of Blue skies industrial park


  • Win keep-ups at least once
  • Win penalty shots at least once
  • Win boxing challenger 1 through random challenger
  • Beat the high score on Nut shot
  • Beat the high score on Monkey fling
  • Beat the high score on ConSumo


  • Buy all the clothes of the School store in Bullworth academy
  • Buy all the clothes of Aquaberry fashions in Old Bullworth vale
  • Buy all the clothes of Worn in used clothing in Bullworth town
  • Buy all the clothes of The final cut in New coventry
  • Buy all the clothes of the Souvenirs' tent in the Carnival
  • Unlock the gold suit outfit


  • Collect all 6 transistors
  • Destroy all 19 tombstones to unlock Edna mask
  • Destroy all 25 gnomes to unlock the gnome outfit
  • Destroy all 27 pumpkins to unlock the pumpkin head
  • Collect all 40 "G&G" cards to unlock the grotto master outfit
  • Collect all 75 rubber bands to unlock the rubber band ball
  • Unlock the viking helmet


  • Pull the fire alarm 20 times to unlock the firefighter helmet
  • Travel 41.80 km on foot to unlock the running shorts
  • Travel 100 km on bikes to unlock the spandex bike shorts
  • Buy 100 sodas to unlock free soda
  • Drink 500 sodas to unlock the two-can hat
  • Beat up the pirate to unlock the pirate hat
  • Complete the yearbook to unlock the black ninja outfit