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Master Courier
Achieved all trophies
Baby steps
Walk 1000 steps
Troubling Toddler
Walk 5000 steps
I will walk 500 miles
Walk 100,000 steps
Kill a survivor
Loose Cannon
Kill 10 survivors
Last Man Standing
Kill all survivors
Sort of Finished
Finished the game
Finished the game after saving everyone and clearing all rooms
Speed Runner
Finished the game in under par time
Sign Here Please
Deliverd the package to Derrida!
Close Call
Escaped just as the tower is being destroyed!
Bombs Away!
The tower came down on top of you!
2nd Place
The DGen stole your jetpack!
Biological Warfare
The DGen killed you and then escaped!
Joining Genoq.
Swallowed by an A-Gen
Crushed by a B-Gen
Toxic Waste
Touched by a C-Gen
Not So Lucky
Murdered by the D-Gen
Explosion Magnet
Shot by a worm!
Ooo Tingly
Electrocuted 10 times
Are you enjoying this?
Electrocuted 100 times
Killed once on your delivery
Are you even trying anymore
Killed 100 times on your delivery
Pest Problem
Killed an A-Gen
Out of the frying pan
Killed a B-Gen
What was that?!
Killed a C-Gen
Piece of Cake!
Killed the D-Gen!
Fire in the hole!
Throw 10 grenades
Well that was smart
Killed by your own bomb
Used your gun for the first time!
Ice Cold
Used your freeze ray for the first time!
You Shall Not Pass!
Activated your shield for the first time!
Making Friends
Saved one person. Its something I guess?
Saved an Entire floor!
No Man Left Behind
Demolition Man
Destroyed everything on a single floor
Breaking Toys
Destroyed everything within the tower
Lazy-mans Lockpick
Picked up one security key!
Collected all the items!
To boldly go where no man has gone before
Entered Virutal Reality!

Originally Contributed By: KeyBlade999

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