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Life of a Consulting Detective
Collect all possible in-game trophies
The Hunter Becomes the Prey
Finish Prey Tell Case
The Golem Awakened
Finish A Study in Green Case
Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Detectives
Finish Infamy Case
Solve Mary Sutherland's Case
Disaster Strikes
Finish The Case of the Chain Reaction
Madame Destiny
Finish Fever Dreams Case
The Drawn Curtain
Complete the game
On the Trail
Don't let the suspicious man out of your sight
At Gunpoint
Become prey, to trick the hunter
Hermit's Lair
Locate the hideout
Back Against the Wall
Experience a hearty welcome
Phantasmagorical Journey
Escape the perils of your imagination
Mechanical Art
Find a way inside a secret room
Lawn Bowls Champion
Win a tournament of local interest
Agent 221B
Become a shadow unseen
Tavern Tangle
Come to fisticuffs, but for good reason
Exorcism 2.5
Banish devilry
Unwanted Attention
Deal with a gift from a secret admirer
Ace of Spades
Let the cards fall where they may
Breathe Easy
Breathe life into one in need
Domino Effect
Reconstruct a deadly chain of events
Pump It Up
Find a way to control the water
The Greatest Test of All
Have the last dance with "Madame Destiny"
It's All in the Stars
Let the stars lead you out of danger

Originally Contributed By: KeyBlade999

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